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Ruminations of a New Hampshire Republican with decidedly libertarian leanings
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Lockdown Protests

Sun, 2021-11-21 11:35 +0000
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Our Ever-Accelerating Goalposts

Sat, 2021-11-20 18:17 +0000
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Rittenhouse Not Guilty on All Counts

Fri, 2021-11-19 18:35 +0000
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2020 Election Explained, Part II

Fri, 2021-11-19 18:30 +0000
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The 2020 Election Explained in 2019

Fri, 2021-11-19 15:44 +0000

A December 2019 article by J.E. Dyer called for a commission to look into what the 2016 election had wrought.  We were headed into 2020 when the nation was gearing up for the Trump impeachment trial over a phone call between Trump and the Ukraine President.  The Mueller investigation had failed to conjure a charge of obstruction against Trump. So Intelligence Community whistleblower rules were altered to allow for hearsay testimony about the impeachable phone call.  John Durham was in the early stages of his investigation into the origins of Crossfire Hurricane, the FBI's attack on the Trump presidency.  Also at that moment, the public was unaware that a virus had been let loose from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China and that the world was about to change in unimaginable ways.  With the economy humming, illegal immigration largely under control, and unemployment at historic lows, Trump seemed in position to coast to re-election.  Then the SHTF.

I don't think a commission would have been effective.  I can't imagine such a commission escaping the control of "deep state" actors, and I suspect by now, two years down the road, Dyer feels the same.  But her insights into the nature of the threat to America were on the money.  And that, after all, is what it's about — the money.  And, of course, the power to control it.

What is called the “deep state” consists of people who are so invested in the current scope and course of government that they cannot endure seeing it change – no matter how lawfully and constitutionally the change is brought about.


It’s not because Trump might finally expose and lock up Hillary Clinton.  It’s not because Trump might undo Obama’s legacy.  Early on (i.e., back in 2017), those were popular theories.  But even then, they missed the mark.  No one who has been desperate to get rid of Trump cares that much about Hillary Clinton or Obama’s legacy.

What the anti-Trump “resistance” can’t accept is losing the power tool and source of sustenance that big government is today.

The question about that is what exactly the “deep state” of 2016 had in mind, when it surveyed what it would lose if Trump became president.


But it highlights a very important aspect of the problem, which is that the anti-Trump campaign is about fighting off the threat Trump voters pose to a preexisting effort – by the groups that form the “deep state” – to transform the structure of governance and power on a transnational scale.

My own view is that it’s this threat from Trump and his voting base that has caused the anti-Trump forces to fight so hard.  They’re not fighting just for situational relief (e.g., to keep Hillary out of prison), or for principle or symbolic affirmation.

They’re fighting to avoid losing ground they think they’ve already taken: territory gained in a campaign to change the political landscape for America and the world.

In 2016 Trump caught them by surprise.  He was not supposed to win that election.  In 2020 the anti-Trump "resistance" caught most of America by surprise.  Time Magazine, unable to keep from gloating, published The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.

Time Magazine's article is an implicit admission of fraud.  A secret band of "heroes" stole the 2020 election, then bragged how they "saved democracy."  The release of the coronavirus gave the cabal a pretext for changing election laws in unconstitutional ways in key states.  Public health was at stake, they said.  Mail-in ballots were widely adopted, election hours changed, private money was poured into select Democrat counties to provide for ballot harvesting and selective ballot correction.  And with all of that, the anti-Trump "resistance" still came up short on election night.  Vote counting in key swing states was halted, observers were cleared from election centers, and counting resumed away from the prying eyes of election monitors.  What happened was previously unimaginable, in-your-face corruption, and all of it yet to happen when Dyer wrote her article.

As Dyer said back in December 2019, the anti-Trump forces were not fighting for situational relief in 2016.  Before election 2020, Democrats at least pretended to honor the will of the voters.  But in 2020, the will of the voters was overturned.  Since then, the unpopularity of Democrat power grabs has flipped the state of Virginia from Blue to Red.  (Do you remember when the left, AKA communists were the Reds?  In the decades since then, they've rebranded and adopted Blue.)  How will Democrats overcome Virginian and American voters in next year's midterms when they are captive of Joe Biden's nearly historic unpopularity?  They have a year to plan. 

To what ends with the anti-Trump forces go if their Democrat puppets lose control of the U.S. House and Senate?  When do the riots start?  Will the "pandemic" continue for three more years?  Or perhaps we'll have a new one.  How long will it take for today's illegal immigrants to become tomorrow's registered voters?  What is the optimum rate of illegal immigration to guarantee Democrat electoral victories?

Is there anything the cabal won't do to "save democracy?"  But then, what happens if a generation of children, now 5 to 12 years old, begin to develop health problems from the experimental coronavirus shots that are being foisted upon them?

Read the whole of Dyer's article here.

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Our FBI at Work

Wed, 2021-11-17 14:39 +0000

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It's Not as if We Don't Know Which Side Twitter Is On

Wed, 2021-11-17 13:40 +0000
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Allowing Snobbery to Override Judgment

Wed, 2021-11-17 13:29 +0000

Conrad Black:  In allowing snobbery to overcome their better political judgment, NeverTrumpers punish themselves along with the rest of the country with their delusions. 

There is some justice in the terrible embarrassment that now afflicts the country. All the elites banded together to produce this horrifying result: Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the sports industry, the political media and Washington commentariat, the oligarchic social media cartel, the academy. They all joined hands, defamed the president far beyond what his frequently embarrassing utterances justified, outspent him to 2-1, de-platformed him from social media, and under cover of COVID, elaborated ballot harvesting into monstrous vote-counting irregularities in six swing states, and intimidated the judiciary at every level from examining the voting and vote-counting problems seriously. They even tried to impeach Trump after he left office, and falsely claimed that, when he addressed hundreds of thousands of his understandably aggrieved followers on January 6, Trump was trying to incite an insurrection. 

In fact, what occurred was minor-league hooliganism at the Capitol which Trump did not incite or condone and the negligence of the speaker of the House and the mayor of Washington, D.C. was responsible for inadequate Capitol security. Hundreds of alleged trespassers were rounded up and sweated in solitary confinement for months, in the normal operation of the corrupt American plea-bargain evidence-extortion system, that has still failed to produce anything damaging to Trump. This is what Will and others have styled “1/6” in order to bring 9/11 to the public’s mind, as if there is the slightest comparison between them.  

The only justice in this is that the American elites, in gaudily demonstrating their complacency, mediocrity, and institutional dishonesty on a monstrous scale, have punished themselves before the entire world; unfortunately the whole nation shares in the collateral damage of this exposé of gigantic failure and usurpation. No further puppetization of Joe Biden, as George Will proposes, will achieve anything.

Read the rest here.

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No Known Cases of Naturally Immune Transmitting COVID-19

Wed, 2021-11-17 11:44 +0000

CDC has no record of COVID-19 transmission from anyone who has recovered from it.

“You would assume that if the CDC was going to crush the civil and individual rights of those with natural immunity by having them expelled from school, fired from their jobs, separated from the military, and worse, the CDC would have proof of at least one instance of an unvaccinated, naturally immune individual transmitting the COVID-19 virus to another individual. If you thought this, you would be wrong,” Aaron Siri, the attorney who sought the records on behalf of the network, said in a blog post.

The CDC’s disclosure drew responses from several medical experts, including Johns Hopkins Dr. Marty Makary, who said it underlined how little data the agency has released concerning the recovered. Makary called on the CDC to make data on any reinfections that have resulted in hospitalization or death public, including information on the patients’ comorbidities or lack thereof.

Read the rest here.

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Walking Back

Mon, 2021-11-15 12:41 +0000
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Brookings Institute — Ground Zero for Russian Collusion Fantasy

Sat, 2021-11-13 07:37 +0000

Margot Cleveland:  Why Special Counsel John Durham Subpoenaed The Brookings Institution

According to the indictment, in February 2016 a Brookings Institution employee, Fiona Hill, introduced Danchenko to Dolan. Danchenko knew Hill, as he had also worked for the think tank as a Russia analyst from about 2005 to 2010. During that time, as the inspector general’s report on FISA abuse would later reveal, Danchenko was under investigation for being a potential Russian agent.

Significantly, Hill also introduced Danchenko to Steele, a longtime friend of hers, in about 2010. Following Hill’s introduction of Danchenko and Steele, Steele’s firm Orbis hired Danchenko as a contractor for various work, ultimately resulting in Danchenko serving as the “Primary Subsource” for the Steele dossier.

Hill also communicated with Steele about his work on the dossier, meeting with him in October 2016 while she still worked for the Brookings Institution. Hill continued to speak with Steele into 2017, after she had left the Brookings Institution and accepted a position in the Trump administration with the National Security Council.

Hills was not the only Brookings employee connected to the Russia collusion hoax. As Chuck Ross detailed for The Daily Caller more than a year ago, testimony by Steele in the defamation case filed against him in the United Kingdom by Aleksej Gubarev, a Russian tech executive, established that the president of the Brookings Institution at the time, Strobe Talbott, called Steele “out of the blue in August 2016,” asking about Steele’s anti-Trump project.

Like Dolan, Talbott’s Clinton-crony credentials were impressive: He served as a deputy secretary of state under President Clinton and on the State Department’s foreign affairs advisory board at the time Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state.

Clinton’s top friend at the Brookings Institution would speak with Steele again. The lead lawyer in the U.K. defamation case against Steele stated that Steele “telephone[d] Mr. Talbott on 2nd or 3rd November 2016, and Mr. Talbott asks for copies of the memoranda to discuss with John Kerry and other officials at the State Department.” Fusion GPS later provided a copy of the dossier to Talbott.

Read the rest of Margot Cleveland's article here.  RealClearInvestigations has more about Fiona Hill.

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This Was Always the Point of Passing ObamaCare

Fri, 2021-11-12 13:05 +0000

ZeroHedge:  Singapore Cancels Free Healthcare For Those "Unvaccinated By Choice"

The ploy to squeeze unvaccinated people by frightening them with medical bills if they get sick is to scare them into being vaccinated. We exposed this type of ploy by governments in a piece titled "COVID-19: The Weaponization Of Fear & The Loss Of Freedom." 

COVID has been a godsend for governments as a convenient pretext to expand power over the people using fear-based strategies. Politicians have even more leverage and can easily sway people's behaviors in any which direction they desire. 

Singapore's exploitation of the virus to punish unvaccinated people is the latest example of how governments worldwide are sliding into authoritarian regimes.

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The CDC Has No Interest in that Information

Fri, 2021-11-12 12:41 +0000
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Why Didn't Mueller Charge Danchenko?

Thu, 2021-11-11 10:10 +0000

Shipwreckedcrew asks a good question.  If the FBI Knew Danchenko Was Lying From the Start -- And They Did -- Why Didn't The Mueller SCO Charge Him?

This story is about that Danchenko’s escape from accountability by the Mueller Special Counsel’s Office is the second instance where that happened. Danchenko is the second Trump-Clinton-Russia connection that went unpursued by Mueller SCO in terms of prosecution when the facts underlying Durham’s indictment were squarely in the “purview” of the Mueller investigation. It was a second instance where Mueller’s decision to not pursue a line of inquiry avoided going down a road at the end of which would have been Fusion GPS and Perkins Coie — and Brookings Institute.

The first episode was the topic of my most recent piece, looking into what possible reason there could have been for the Mueller SCO to completely ignore the bogus Trump Inc.--Alfa Bank internet communications story peddled to the FBI and CIA by Michael Sussman and the Clinton Campaign. As noted, the Mueller Report includes no substantive mention of the allegations themselves, or anything related to an inquiry into them after the Mueller SCO took over the FBI’s investigation in May 2017.

In a nutshell, the Mueller SCO overlooked anything that might put an end to its investigation of Trump.  

Read the rest here.

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NYT Reporters as FBI Informants?

Wed, 2021-11-10 13:12 +0000
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Democrats Push to Make Local News an Arm of Government

Wed, 2021-11-10 12:56 +0000

Just the News:  Washington Sen. Maria Cantwell leads push to send taxpayer support to news organizations

Tucked into President Joe Biden’s proposed nearly $2 trillion social spending bill is a provision to boost local media through tax incentives meant to help an industry battered by the COVID-19 virus.


The Joint Committee on Taxation estimates the cost of the legislation at $1.67 billion over 10 years.

“Journalistic standards, local newspapers and broadcasters play a critical role in holding our elected officials accountable, shining a spotlight on important news and challenging the issue of our community to come to light,” said U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell of Washington state, author of several portions of the local journalism bill, during a floor speech Friday.

“The Local Journalism Sustainability Act is essential to maintaining that trust, that diversity of voices and that local perspective,” said Cantwell, who is quarterbacking the effort in the Senate as part of the budget reconciliation process. “The tax incentives in this bill will help local newspapers and digital-only news journalists, and broadcast newsrooms remain financially viable to retain and hire local base journalists to cover local news stories.”

"Essential to maintaining trust," says Senator Cantwell.  Sure.  News outlets that have squandered the trust of their audiences need propping up.  The likely result of subsidies through tax policy is not objective reporting but reporting that satisfies Democrat political objectives.

Read the rest here.

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Change Passwords Immediately

Wed, 2021-11-10 12:36 +0000

Just the News:  State Department urgently tells employees to change passwords 'immediately'

The directive, which was viewed by Just the News, came in the form of a "Cybersecurity Notice" from the Department of State, instructing employees to change the passwords on all OpenNet user accounts from 12 to 16 characters.

The text messages were sent out shortly before 3 p.m., according to the two recipients. The messages sent ripples throughout the State Department, they said.

"There's a greater sense of urgency on this than on previous password reset requirements," one recipient told Just the News. "It's very serious."

Neither recipient could speak on the record, because they work for the government and are not authorized to speak to the media. Just the News was not able to independently verify whether every State Department employee received the text messages. 

The State Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Read the rest here.

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Fiona Hill — Then and Now

Wed, 2021-11-10 11:17 +0000

In a glowing New Yorker 2019 article about Fiona Hill and her testimony to the House Intelligence Committee, John Cassidy wrote of her steely self-confidence, moral earnestness, and duty to testify despite harassment.  Hill testified:

“Some of you on this committee appear to believe that Russia and its security services did not conduct a campaign against our country—and that perhaps, somehow, for some reason, Ukraine did,” Hill said. “This is a fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services themselves. The unfortunate truth is that Russia was the foreign power that systematically attacked our democratic institutions in 2016.”

Hill was hailed as a feminist hero for her testimony, which committee Democrats held until nearly the end of their hearings because of its forceful impact. 

But with the indictment of Igor Danchenko, Fiona Hill's moral earnestness begins to look more like a talent for lying with great poise.  Yesterday, Eric Felten reported in RealClearInvestigations that Fiona Hill may have committed perjury when she testified about Christopher Steele during Donald Trump's Impeachment I trial.

As part of the impeachment proceedings, Hill gave closed-door testimony to House lawmakers and investigators for the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, the Committee on Oversight and Reform and the Committee on Foreign Affairs. During that testimony in October 2019, Hill answered many questions emphatically and apparently without leaving herself wiggle room. Hill did not express the sort of memory fog that often afflicts well-coached, evasive witnesses. Asked whether she was “aware of any interaction between Mr. Steele and Ukrainians,” Hill did not say “to the best of my recollection” or “I don’t remember specifically,” or even a simple “no.” Instead she expanded her answer to deny not only any knowledge of Steele and Ukrainians, but to deny any knowledge of anything Steele-related: “I have no knowledge whatsoever of how he developed that dossier. None. I just want to state that.”

Lawmakers are particularly interested in that statement. The Danchenko indictment states that Hill introduced Danchenko both to Steele and to an unnamed public relations executive, since identified as Charles Dolan Jr., a Hillary Clinton ally. Republican members of the House Permanent Select Committee are questioning whether Hill could have had “no knowledge whatsoever” of how the dossier was developed when she had a central role in connecting those key players. RealClearInvestigations was unable to reach Hill through her former attorney.

Read the rest of the RealClearInvestigations article here, and the New Yorker article here. 

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“Great Democrats” Popping Up in Durham’s Investigation.

Tue, 2021-11-09 17:33 +0000

Jonathon Turley:  Durham Exposes New Links To Clinton Campaign in Creation of Russian Collusion Scandal

Then there is Hillary Clinton herself. Steele also has testified that it was his understanding that Clinton was aware of his work and the development of the dossier. Yet during the campaign and long afterward, Clinton never admitted that her campaign funded the dossier, despite media and congressional inquiries about that fact. No less an official than campaign chairman John Podesta denied any connection in testimony before Congress.

More importantly, before the Steele dossier was given to the FBI and the press, then-CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Clinton’s alleged “plan” to tie candidate Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server.”

Now, with Danchenko’s indictment, Dolan’s name has been added to a seemingly growing array of Clinton associates whom Durham has referenced in the development of the Russia collusion scandal.

Read the rest here.

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