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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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Elon Musk and Starlink for the Win!

Mon, 2022-02-28 19:00 +0000

This South African turned American citizen is the richest person in the world – good on him as he has had the ideas that, turned into products, that people wish to buy.

From Tesla cars to home energy (solar energy and home batteries) to industrial batteries to SpaceX for private-sector space launch to StarLink (satellite).  It’s always a piggyback for him – establish a base with electric cars, extend the car battery capability to serve homes and utility storage to fund SpaceX, and now use SpaceX to service his Starlink space communication biz (offers Internet access to those that don’t have linkages due to being beyond land connections.

It will also aid his pushing out into space by being a “worldwide space-based “terrestrial ground station” will help with his deep space mission communications to the moon and beyond. Always layering one product set on top of another.

But it is the Internet comms that have come to the fore right now. Most satellites require ground reception stations and if a bird is out of range of one, it may as well not even exist for immediate purposes. However, Musk announced that if a ground station went offline, his latest versions can transmit to other Starlink sats, and then to others, and finally to those that can then downlink.

And sometimes, a ground station is going to be deliberately disabled and taken out of service. True, too, a single bird by jamming the signal.  But when you have dozens of birds over a single area, there’s no way to “stop the signal” as Russia is now finding out. One of the first things that are done in war is to eliminate your opponents’ communications capability. But what happens when you can’t – and in the case of Starlink, because of redundancies to the max? Reformatted, emphasis mine:

Starlink Activated Over Ukraine, Gives Citizen-Defenders Vital Tool in Fight Against Russia

As freedom-loving citizens do what they can for the people of hard-pressed Ukraine, SpaceX founder Elon Musk has answered a call from Ukraine for help that only he could provide. On Sunday, Musk announced that SpaceX’s Starlink satellite broadband service was active in Ukraine where the Russian invasion was vastly disrupting internet access, according to Fox Business.

On Saturday, Mykhailo Fedorov, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, begged Musk for help.

“[W]hile you try to colonize Mars — Russia try to occupy Ukraine! While your rockets successfully land from space — Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civil people! We ask you to provide Ukraine with Starlink stations and to address sane Russians to stand,” Fedorov tweeted.

“Starlink service is now active in Ukraine,” Musk tweeted in response. “More terminals en route.”

Like Dish and others, folks need devices on the ground. Seeing that Ukraine is all but surrounded by NATO countries, I’m betting that those user terminals will get smuggled across the various borders in short order as Fox is reporting “Internet service has been disrupted in several cities throughout Ukraine, including Kyiv, Mariupol, and Kharkiv, and Kherson, according to internet monitor NetBlocks. ”

In the comments on the Fox post, people reported watching Musk’s satellites being moved into position:

  • “It is startling if you haven’t seen it or were not expecting to see a string of 60 or so satellites streaming across the nighttime sky from horizon to horizon, evenly spaced and moving in sync.”
  • “Yes I saw and I was frozen sitting outside at night on my patio—-they kept coming like stars on a conveyor belt”

And when you have over 2,000 in low orbit, what’s 60 moved over an area that is definitely a “disaster” zone.

This IS going to give a lot of countries pause and consider what Musk can do basically on a whim.  How do you jam all those satellites?  How do you now stop those signals from all over a country?  Right now, Russia is trying hard to occupy the information war and was posing that it was easily winning.

Then, the Ukrainians started posting what they had on the ground with the funniest one being this:

Old-style war was kinetic in nature with disinformation on the side (think Tokyo Rose and Lord Haw-Haw in WWII) supporting that kinetic action.  Now, information has become almost as, if not more, important than war actions (differently, to be sure). With the ability of the Ukrainians to get their messages out it’s clear that Putin is losing.

His columns have stalled out, specialized troops have either not taken their objectives or been driven from them (like the airport just outside of Kyiv), and his version of the US’s “100-hour war” in defeating Saddam Hussain is in shambles.  No gas, no food, and no bullets. He’s having to call up reserves to get more material into Ukraine.

Meanwhile, Russians are hearing these reports – and the one about the mobile crematoriums that are following behind the troops – can’t have the pics of full body bags showing up on the Internet.

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Monday Memes

Mon, 2022-02-28 17:30 +0000

Not quite coming off hiatus but I need to get these “dumped” for amusement and, per Alinksky’s Rule 4, as weapons against the Left.  Enjoy.  With some luck, I’ll be back up and running full-time in a few weeks.

Though given the increased chatter about cyberattacks – whether Russian or Globalist false flags… and an inevitable response from Russia to whatever cyber response it gets with… we may not have a few weeks.

Got iodine capsules?

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The Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin Are Not a Direct Threat to the USA

Mon, 2022-02-28 16:00 +0000

Despite what the mainstream media and the Biden administration want you to believe, Vladimir Putin is not a warmongering despot run amok. Putin, as the leader of the Russian Federation, is doing what any good leader would do when backed against a wall and faced with hard choices.

Let’s go back in time, shall we?

1823…President Jame Monroe initiated the “Monroe Doctrine.” A United States foreign policy position that opposed European colonialism. It held that any intervention in the political affairs of the Americas by foreign powers was a potentially hostile act against the U.S. and would not be tolerated. The doctrine was central to U.S. foreign policy for much of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

1962…The Soviet Union (USSR) deployed a nuclear-capable missile system to the sovereign island nation of Cuba, 90 miles away from the US. Cuba was under threat of US invasion at the time. See “The Bay of Pigs” incident. As part of a determined US response, President John F Kennedy put conventional US armed forces in the way of USSR armed forces to stop this and was willing to and almost did start a nuclear war over it. The USSR withdrew the missiles. The USA later removed missiles from Turkey as part of a quid pro quo agreement with the USSR.

2014…Ukrainian civil war begins….Eastern and Western Ukraine split. Eastern Ukraine is supported by the Russian Federation. The Western Ukraine is supported by the USA and several NATO states. The Western Ukraine forces dominate the war and stabilize the region for a time. Western Ukraine runs itself largely as an independent nation, albeit with a ton of support from the west. Ukraine particularly used the influence of the Biden Crime family to gain US military aid and financial support. Can you say Burisma?

We want to thank John Cawthorn for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

The US administration (at the time Obama/Biden) sees this as a chance to gain energy resources for the west and to make a weak Russian Federation weaker. The Russians see Ukraine supported by and as potential a member of NATO as a direct threat. The US felt the same way about Cuba, with USSR support, in 1962.

Riddle me this…What if China or Russia built a military airport and naval base in the Bahamas? Would that go over well in the USA? I think not.

The Ukraine borders Russia. Just like Georgia, Belarus, Chechnya, Finland and many other smallish not so important in our eyes, countries. Russia is not going to allow them to join NATO or to fall under the direct influence of NATO. NATO is a direct threat to Russia. See article V of the NATO charter.

Just as the US is not going to allow Mexico or Canada to make a military alliance with China, Putin and Russia will not allow Ukraine to become a military puppet of the west, nor should he if he is using the same metrics that the USA has been using since 1823. See again the “Monroe Doctrine.”

Look up Putin’s interviews on the subject the past four years. Putin told every western leader in no uncertain terms that the “Ukraine will not be allowed to join NATO.” What did the western leaders do? They proclaimed that they wanted the Ukraine to join NATO and put in motions action to the end.

Like him or not, Vladimir Putin is a serious man. You do not become a colonel in the KGB by being an idiot or a bumbling fool. Even though most of the western media despises him, Putin is a true leader. He knows Russia’s strengths and weaknesses. He also knows the leadership of west strengths and weaknesses. #1 amongst the west’s weaknesses is greed.

Putin will always exploit this as should anyone in the world arena.

Putin does not want a return to the USSR and Russia may not be a democracy, but Putin does love his country.

He remembers what Russia went through in WW2 and he is not going to allow that to happen again.

He believes in a strong Russia, however, he does not want to take over the world or even attempt to dominate the world like the US has tried to do the past 60 years, but I digress…Let’s look at some facts.

The Biden administration has basically funded this war by killing US domestic oil production and buying Russian oil. 262 million barrels in 2021 year alone.

The Biden administration has made the Russian Federation billions of dollars in oil revenue since 2020.

That being said, how can sanctions work when the US has to buy oil every day from Russia?

They can’t or else the US does not get ANY Russian oil. Talk about a Catch-22 for oil spicket for you.

We’ll talk tough, we’ll say all the right things to the media about how bad you are, about how much the USA supports the Ukraine, etc. but when the time is right and we NEED a distraction, you invade Ukraine. We get our distraction, you get much needed US $$, we get Russian oil and you take our NATO offer off of the table yourself.”

Putin is likely getting more out of this that we’ll never know about. The sad thing is that Putin was going to do this anyway if NATO membership was a real offer.

If the NATO membership offer for Ukraine was withdrawn, the current state of affairs would not be happening.

Trump would have been smart enough to talk tough and end up with no war and no Ukraine NATO membership. Joe Biden is not that smart and in my opinion, whoever is running the Biden administration has other axes to grind that we don’t know about yet.

The next “deadly” variant maybe?? More wokeness in the military? 15 justices on SCOTUS? Reparations for all? Spanish as the official language of the USA? AOC for Chief Justice?…the crazier the better when it comes to this administration it seems…

History aside, after reading this feel free to call me a crazy conspiracy theorist, but three years ago if I would have told anyone reading this that you’d need a mask to go food shopping and a passport to go to dinner in Boston in 2021, you’d have said I was crazy as well.

I ask that you try to take and this in…

Despite what the mainstream media says, the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin ARE NOT a direct threat to the USA.

Joe Biden and whoever is running his administration has the USA going downhill on a rocket sled at warp speed.

That is the real threat to our nation.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine was brought on by the Biden administration and is nothing more than a needed distraction for them.

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Disqus Doodlings – Do Treehuggers Still Believe Climate Change Is Issue #1? Or Has Putin Changed Their Minds?

Mon, 2022-02-28 14:30 +0000

It never ceases to amaze me how dogmatic the Eco-Socialists are over at TreeHugger. The only problem that confronts us all is Global Warming, Climate Change,  Climate Chaos, Climate Apocalypse (and any other terms for it you can imagine).

Their outlook is that only a concentration on reducing CO2 in the atmosphere (regardless of measurements that it is a lagging indicator and not the only cause) must always be foremost. And like all Progressives, almost everything is a crisis that demands a War Footing! They lament that few others want to join their plan to form a Collective effort to fight back by making all of us lower our standards for a reason (Climate Change) that has yet to produce the dire results that have been predicted for 75% of my life (er, 50 years).

While they do go on about doing more with Renewables (“RE”, mostly rooftop solar), much is about “Demand Reduction“. They talk about higher efficiencies (like AOC’s Green New Deal where Govt will take over your home and “refurb it” for you energy wise – but never talk about where you’d stay while they do so and how much EXTRA that will cost you) and getting rid of private vehicle usage.

…Here’s why: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ignited a belated conversation about weaning Europe off Russian oil and gas. Yet while the conversation itself is important, official plans so far seem to focus either on investing in technological alternatives like electrification and renewables, and/or alternatively hoarding more reserves, building more pipelines, and importing more liquefied natural gas from other countries…

Yet as the recent history of pandemic-related lockdowns has shown us, there is one solution that can be implemented almost overnight: demand reduction. And by that, I don’t mean simply passing the buck and asking individual citizens to wear a sweater. But, rather, coordinated, society-wide efforts to make conservation—whether that’s choosing to telecommute or adjusting the thermostat—the norm.

  • What if Western governments got real about promoting cycling?
  • What if Western governments dramatically scaled up support for work-from-home policies?
  • What if Western governments invested in a mass mobilization in pursuit of simple, energy-saving measures for homeowners and renters alike?
  • What if Western governments accelerated shifts to the electrification of homes and offices?
  • What if Western governments undertook a serious communication effort asking citizens to conserve, and supporting those experiencing fuel poverty?

Why always the euphemism of “Government ‘asking’ ” for something?  It is rarely an “ask”, it is a demand. Just like we found out during the pandemic that “guidance” from some unelected agency full of bureaucrats automatically turns into despotic Law (as no Legislature process has been followed – only from Presidents / Governors turned into King and Kinglets (amirite there, Chris Sununu?).  That’s Point #1.

Two is that it’s out in the clear – they’re done with trying to persuade Individuals that their ideas are THE best and should be adopted by Individuals. Now, it’s ALL Government and it will be ALL Politics from this Special Interest Group to implement their demands over our lives. And that’s the only way that “coordinated, society-wide efforts to make conservation…the norm” is going to happen.  Totalitarianism for all!  And instead of economic redistribution, it is Energy Redistribution (that “and supporting those experiencing fuel poverty?” bit).   Take it away from those awful Rich people!

But the problem isn’t that they can’t persuade people to voluntarily change their lifestyles en masse – it’s always the Socialist bogeymen that are the problems:

The reason, of course, why governments are unlikely to really get serious about a push to consume less is simple: fossil fuel companies hold outsized influence over our democratic institutions, and our economy currently relies on the continued consumption of their products.

Simply: No and Yes.  No, I haven’t gotten a check from Exxon lately telling me to take the money but there’s that “string attached relating to your vote” (although Government does this all the time with little repercussions). And Yes, I buy them because I want to stay warm in the winter (propane) and be able to get where I want to go when *I* deem fit (gas for my vehicle).  I want a modern lifestyle and NOT that which they deem “sufficient” for me.  I’ll make my own decisions, thank you very much.

But even as Sami mentions Russia and Ukraine, notice how he sidesteps the idea THAT IT IS A WAR! And that the Greed of those in Government (Putin) shows that humans really haven’t evolved at all. The only subject he’s worried about is living and doing with less. Well, I’m betting that the Ukrainians are having to do that right now – and ain’t very understanding or happy about it, dontchathink? But, that weighs very little on Sami, the author. It’s all about how to safe Mother Earth from we parasites.

So, I left a comment (emphasis mine now):

One thing that THers blithely keep sidestepping is how political this whole thing is. Once you involve Government, that process is inherently political. You misunderstand the larger picture due to the “sustainability blinkers” that are being worn.

IF Ukraine can continue to stall out the Russian advances (who are being hobbled by their logistics fubars as well as severely underestimating the resolve of the Ukrainians to stop them), we may be all set in a larger geopolitical sense.

If not, however, will Putin then go after another country that he believes is part of the old “Mother Russia” – and is a part of NATO? And then Article 5 kicks in. And even though they are showing reticence, how would a Russia / China do (as Taiwan is in China’s gun sights with their almost constant entry into Taiwan’s airspace) play out as a threat?

I posit that a possible WW III is a far more immediate existential threat than John “Lurch” Kerry and beyond her-expiration-date singer / actress Bette Midler  in yelling and screaming that Climate Change is getting pushed off the stage.

Notwithstanding the fact that none having any of the dystopic Climate Apocalypse predictions of the last 50 years come true.

Notwithstanding the fact that none having any of the dystopic Climate Apocalypse predictions of the last 50 years come true.

And surprise, surprise, one of the folks that I normally butt heads with actually agreed with me!

Aside from your last 2 sentences, I would agree that the possibility of Nuclear suicide is a bigger threat at the moment, especially if you factor in Murphy and Chaos theory. Just as some of the best inventions in history come from accidents, so can the end.

Maybe there’s hope after all in that OTHER things matter more at times!

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Sun-King Sununu Shows (Yet Again) That He Is Fundamentally Unserious And Poll-Driven

Mon, 2022-02-28 13:00 +0000

So … five days after Russia invaded Ukraine … with the Russian advance bogged down, or at least not going as smoothly as Western pundits told us it would … and with public opinion having decisively swung in favor of the Ukraine … Sun-King Sununu has boldly stepped into the breach and decreed that his royal total liquor stores stop selling Russian vodka:

Have we ever before seen such personal bravery from any leader? Such inspiring leadership? Such personal sacrifice? Of course NOT! This … the banning of Russian vodka from the royal liquor stores … ranks right up there with the stand of Spartan King Leonidas and The 300 at Thermopylae!

We shouldn’t be surprised, however. The Sun-King … you may remember … changed his twitter-avatar to a masked selfie during COVID. And later that year … while the people of New Hampshire were still being deprived of their civil liberties, under the pretext of fighting COVID … announced a special exemption for BLM to hold protests throughout New Hampshire in the name of St. George Floyd. The Sun-King has never been one not to follow the polling … er, I mean lead resolutely.

The Sun-King should definitely award himself a medal for this measure. I suggest the medal be in the shape of a weather vane.



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Candidate for School Board – I Felt Compelled To Run…

Mon, 2022-02-28 11:30 +0000

I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself. I am Lisa Tremblay, and I am running for Campton School Board. I have lived in Campton for over 14 years with my husband and our two children.

I had no intention of ever running for the School Board, but after five individuals with zero medical education took it upon themselves to require my children and their peers to wear a mask for 7 hours every day, I felt compelled to throw my hat in the ring.

I spoke for parents’ choice at each school board meeting, and it was obvious my words fell on deaf ears. I have seen a campaign banner put up by the incumbents advertising “NO OUTSIDE INFLUENCE.”

This truly describes the prevailing attitude. Such disregard for parents’ opinions has been abundantly clear in all of their decisions. It led me to ask, “since when are parents of children in the elementary school “outside influencers”?

We want to thank Lisa Tremblay for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

As someone with children in the school system, I am looking forward to listening to and addressing parents’ concerns, the taxpayer’s unease with the budget, and being as transparent as possible with our community members.

I will try to bring fresh ideas to a School Board that is badly in need of them. I also want our parents to have access to classrooms and curricula, and have the opportunity to volunteer and observe classes in action.

We need our educators to know that we are involved and invested in our children’s academics. As a public servant, I will work for you and will be diligent in listening to parents, neighbors, and other taxpayers. I humbly ask for your vote on March 8th.



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So Much for President Trump being a has-been; CPAC attendees have their straw poll say

Mon, 2022-02-28 02:30 +0000

This weekend has been the annual meeting of the American Conservative Union: CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference).  With all kinds of races gearing up for both 2022 and 2024, CPAC had its famous straw poll.  Sure, it’s early for 2024 elections but it does give an indication where Conservative grassroots’ heads are at (or is that hearts?) for who should be the next Republican nominee for President as well as a few other issues.

Certainly, it is not a scientific poll – these people are the “hardcore of the Conservative movement” (with Netroots being the Socialist / Progressive version) who pay to travel and stay at the conference, they are “self-selected”.  However, given that they are “influencers and thought leaders” in their local communities, it does hold a bit of weight and will be followed by a humongous number of others all over the nation.

Aggregated from PJ Media:

  • Everyone in attendance at the conference — attendees, press, and participants — was invited to vote in the straw poll: over 2,500
  • 97% approve of President Trump.
  • 99% disapprove of President Biden, with 98% strongly disapproving.
  • Most important issues facing America: Election integrity and border security
  • 61% saw Biden’s incompetence as the greatest threat to America’s safety and national security (and the other 39%????).
  • Presidential primary if it were held today:
    • Donald Trump – clear winner with 59%
    • Ron DeSantis  – second at 28%.

If nothing else, people who like Trump LOVE Trump and are true loyalists.  That said, I thought this was interesting:

When Trump was removed from the ballot, DeSantis ran away with it with 61% of the vote. The rest of the candidates didn’t come close, with the next highest candidates garnering a mere 6% of the vote.

That’s a “wow!” moment – 6%, that’s it?  With a number like that, it’s giving that old saw “Second place is first loser” big time.

And there you have it. For all those, on both the Left and the Right, that think that Trump’s time was over the minute that Biden took his oath of office, this may be a wake-up call.


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Electronic Voting Machines Unconstitutional in NH

Mon, 2022-02-28 01:00 +0000

The Constitution of the State of New Hampshire was created in 1783. Just like the Constitution is the basis of all laws for the United States, a state Constitution is the law of the land unless legally amended.

There have been amendments to the Constitution of New Hampshire. But none concerning the handling of ballots in all elections in our state. Section 2 Article 32 governs the counting of votes, and it is specific:

[Art.] 32. [Biennial Meetings, How Warned, Governed, and Conducted; Return of Votes, etc.] The meetings for the choice of governor, council, and senators, shall be warned by warrant from the selectmen, and governed by a moderator, who shall, in the presence of the selectmen (whose duty it shall be to attend) in open meeting, receive the votes of all the inhabitants of such towns and wards present, and qualified to vote for senators; and shall, in said meetings, in presence of the said selectmen, and of the town or city clerk, in said meetings, sort and count the said votes, and make a public declaration thereof, with the name of every person voted for, and the number of votes for each person; and the town or city clerk shall make a fair record of the same at large, in the town book, and shall make out a fair attested copy thereof, to be by him sealed up and directed to the secretary of state, within five days following the election, with a superscription expressing the purport thereof.

In 1979, the state legislature passed N.H. RSA 656:40. to allow local towns to use electronic voting machines on a trial basis in direct violation of Part II, art. 32. This statute should never have been allowed. A statute cannot override the Constitution without first amending the Constitution. The fact that this statute was to be temporary has no bearing. The RSA is unconstitutional and could possibly render the election null and void if electronic voting machines are used in a particular city or town.

On February 24, a Memorial and Remonstrance signed by ten citizens of New Hampshire, one from each county, was served to the Governor, Secretary of State, and the Department of Justice in Concord. This document is a method provided for in the Constitution for the people to hold the officers of the state personally responsible if the state violates the Constitution.

By the “law of the land” the state legislature must be called to convene and must hear and rule on the claim spelled out in this document. If they do not, legal redress may be possible via the NH Supreme Court in the form of an injunction in place prohibiting the use of electronic voting machines in any election in New Hampshire.

This favorable ruling by the Legislators and/ or injunction will be a significant victory for the people of New Hampshire and hopefully motivation to other states to find similar ways in their states to stop the use of electronic voting machines and bring integrity back to our election process.

The good people of New Hampshire owe the ten signers of the Memorial and Remonstrance a sincere thank you and congratulations for their efforts. Convention of States is particularly proud that Al Brandano, our Assistant State Director, represented Rockingham County in this effort.



Ray Cardello writes at GraniteGrok and The Liberty

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Notable Quote – My Earlier Post Was a PERFECT Example of This!

Sun, 2022-02-27 23:30 +0000

Politically, there are few ideas more potent than the notion that all your problems are caused by other people and their unfairness to you. That notion was the royal road to unbridled power for Hitler, Lenin, Mao, and Pol Pot – which is to say, millions of human beings paid with their lives for believing it.

-Prof Thomas Sowell (“Contradictory Notions of Fairness”)


I wrote a post earlier today in which, according to Treehugger, everyone else should be blamed for someone’s bad outcomes in life due to “design” issues and the lack of Government regulation or laws. Accidents CAN be legislated, regulated, or designed out of existence. Or so say the SMAHT Progressive People.

I think not.

Sowell points out that even if such thinking is altruistic at times, it can also be a deadly trap set by those willing to exploit those that, because of bad decisions they have made, are all too easily convinced that they are not at fault but, by extension, certainly not responsible for their outcome. Going that next step, the morality is that it is then perfectly fine to take retribution against those people for harming them in some way.  THEY MUST BE MADE TO PAY!

Like with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that all his political problems were brought upon him by those pesky “FREEDOM!” truckers – and being the head of the Government, he certainly made them pay, didn’t he?  And just like with Russian President Putin who has been blaming NATO for his current issues with Ukraine (and now leveled threats against both Sweden and Finland if they decide to join NATO).

And we see it in regular life as well. After all, Black Lives Matter has taken to declaring that all Whites cause their problems (a lack of skin color fetish, IMHO). Antifa believes that anyone, not them are the Fascists.  And then the Democrats are already ginning up their election woes ahead of time in calling anyone on their Right “Extremists”.

Me?  I take full credit for my mistakes and when I do stupid things, like most, I get stupid results.  It seems like it’s an Adult thing – taking responsibility for oneself.

But that begs the question – why do so many people that appear to be Adults, don’t?

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)

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Look! Over there! A War!

Sun, 2022-02-27 22:00 +0000

American liberal media circles are going mad vilifying Russia over Putin’s “special military operation” in Ukraine.

What convenient timing, given that their narratives surrounding coronavirus, their petulant attempts to obfuscate their implementation and defense of voter fraud mechanisms, and the trucker convoys blockading capitol cities in open rebellion all risk the total collapse of the Build Back Better agenda, a.k.a. The Great Reset, a.k.a. The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Nobody is out there calling for peace. All of the media channels focus on casualties, troop movements, Zelensky’s heroism, Biden’s demented blunderings, Putin’s power positioning, and various countries’ uncoordinated haphazard responses. There is no global coordination towards peace. However, there is global coordination towards permitting a lazily meandering path towards chaos.

The invasion of Ukraine has been interesting in two aspects— first, English language news media has been overwhelmingly anti-Russian, and second, there haven’t really been that many casualties.

We want to thank Kensley Vitoria for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

It has been around 72 hours since the morning that hot war began to break out. Reports of explosions and gunfire in Donetsk and Luhansk turned into videos of Russian military aircraft and tank columns on the move. Social media, documented evidence of explosions on the horizon and burning wrecks circulated.

There was an apartment building or two that were struck by missiles, but was the building occupied? It seemed everyone had already fled the city or was hiding in subway stations. In a country of 41 million, estimated casualties reported ranged from 100 to 1000. What kind of war is that?

Russian forces, with all of their superiority in planning, preparation, and technology, seemed not very interested in achieving their objective. Except, just what was their objective? Was it to get caught in urban warfare on the streets of Kyiv and risk heavy casualties? Was it to dismantle the Ukrainian government and put in place an administration that would abandon NATO?

After all, for most of the past decade, Ukraine has been held in a state of constant simmering tension. This narrative of imminent Russian invasion has been almost entirely driven by a small cadre of media, government, and military elites.

And this is the crux. Putin’s line that he is “de-Nazifying” Ukraine seems really not that far from the truth. Western syndicated liberal media is all too quick to dismiss anything Putin says as the meaningless words of a lunatic tyrant. Except that’s not what Putin is. By and large, he is a very sophisticated leader who has been pivotal in bringing Russia from post-Soviet disarray to its modern position as a global superpower.

This is not to be pro-Putin. This is simply to not be dogmatically and idiotically anti-Russia, like basically everyone in the Western liberal media complex.

From Russia’s perspective, this situation has been building for years. How long has Ukraine been in the process of joining NATO? The USA acted strongly when Russia attempted to put missiles in Cuba. Now, when the USA attempts to put missiles in Ukraine, it is kind of silly for anyone to be surprised that Russia wouldn’t stop them. It would only take some idiot American politician, of which there are plenty, to threaten a strike on Moscow. That is ridiculous. Russian action in self-defense was always inevitable.

From a global standpoint, the “special military operation” serves the Western liberal media complex’s agenda. It permits them to be totally sensational and insanely outraged about something, without doing so in a way that undermines their position. If anything, it seems the situation is expertly engineered.

Not even all of these Western liberal media types can see it, although some may. Because they are being played. They are being given a temporary “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

The situation allows them to continue their stupid, nonsensical outrage over contrivances without addressing American trucker convoys, the end of coronavirus, or voter fraud plans being put in place for the 2022 midterms.

It is the perfect distraction.

These people in the Western liberal media complex are disgusting enough to not care if the price of their continued status quo is only several hundred lives. They are truly a rancid lot.



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Progressive Believes That All Accidents Can Be Eliminated – It’s Just a Matter of “Design”

Sun, 2022-02-27 20:30 +0000

Lloyd believes that all accidents can be eliminated. Except he lives in Toronto, Canada so that would make him either be Liberal or Socialist.  Either name still means the same thing – Big Government forcing decisions upon the rest of us to “make us safer.”

It’s that old British freedom sucking “Safety and Security” label in which Nanny Governments takes you by the hand and tells you “No, no, no – don’t do that!  You might hurt yourself.  Or worse, hurt someone else!”.  And he’s embracing this outsourcing of his own responsibility to faceless others and has no problem in demanding it of you because, well, you might hurt him:

‘There Are No Accidents’ Is a Groundbreaking New Book That Will Change How You Look at the World”

…I was shaken after seeing that tweet because whole sections of Singer’s book popped into my head. Being an architect, I have always described everything as a design problem: On Treehugger I have complained about the road design that encourages drivers to go fast, to the light truck designs with aggressive front ends that disproportionately kill and have terrible visibility. But Singer writes it is bigger than that.

“Accidents are not a design problem—we know how to design the built environment to prevent death and injury in accidents. And accidents are not a regulatory problem—we know the regulations that will reduce the accidental death toll. Rather, accidents are a political and social problem. To prevent them, we only need the will to redesign our systems, the courage to confront our worst inclinations, and the strength to rein in the powerful who allow accidents to happen.”

You can see where this is going, can’t you? And I’ve bolded the part that I go after further on down.  But it’s this next part that got my dander up AND proved that a large part of Progressivism is exactly what I’ve said for years: to force Society to mitigate all bad decisions and actions made by an individual.  This is “we will not allow you to blame the victim EVAH!”:

Understanding how blame is used and misused is a key part of this book; it has been the go-to excuse for hundreds of years. If a worker got their arm caught in a loom or was squished by a machine, they were sloppy, tired, or accident-prone. Car crashes were caused by “the nut behind the wheel.” Pedestrian deaths were due to jaywalking. Drug overdoses to criminals who couldn’t control themselves. Those experiencing material poverty have nobody but themselves to blame. It is all very convenient.

But it also lets everyone else off the hook. Singer writes, “The chief consequence of blame is the prevention of prevention. In finding fault with a person, the case of any given accident appears closed.”

,,,”Studies show that this simple act—finding someone to blame—makes people less likely to see systemic problems or seek systemic changes.

And it boils down to almost a Black Lives Matter issue (or if you prefer, “Equity” sorta sideways) in manipulating the BLM sense of Equity that victims are oppressed and everyone and everything is the oppressor and should be held to account for actions way out of their sphere.  Like families suing gun manufacturers after their gun-toting gangbanger son/brother/father goes toes up after involving themselves in activities known to end in such dirt naps.  And of course, just like the scream of the Progressive that “It’s SYSTEMIC RACISM”, it’s now being applied to everything.

After all, no one can suffer an outcome that is any worse than everyone else.  That would be “disparate outcomes” (Dontcha just love these Progressive word salads??).  Just another phrase that says “Equity” which is “equal outcomes” which, in the end “we all have to be the same” (Communism) and Government is their lever to make that happen.

Now, several others made pointed comments to the effect “Lloyd, you are eliminating personal responsibility”.  Yes, he is but nowhere in the comments does he stand up and take personal responsibility for removing personal responsibility as part of normal life (sorry, I take no personal responsibility in writing that line about personal responsibility as I now blame my fingertips – but it is amusing to read, eh?).

So I decided to go “stupid” and point out how stupid this premise is. Please also note that I left this 4 am in the morning so can I plead partial incoherence?

To prevent them, we only need the will to redesign our systems, the courage to confront our worst inclinations, and the strength to rein in the powerful who allow accidents to happen.”

This entire screed is a mass of scapegoating others. Accidents will happen and the only person responsible is someone other than the victim. Big cars, big SUVs, Big Corporations – all are the Oppressors. Never Big Govt, though – it is always the Savior here at TH even as it gets bigger and more intrusive.

So, tell me, how do you square the harm done when a little EV Prius hits a cyclist in a safe cycle lane at 20 mph and kills them because the driver fell asleep at the wheel?

Too many times, Lloyd and others make up these strawman arguments – so answer mine. Is it the city that didn’t make the bike lanes wide enough? Or shield them with concrete barriers? Is the car manufacturer at fault for not having a designed-in “cyclist alert” radar system? How about the bike maker by not having designed a “watch out! It’s coming right at you!”? And, obviously, the car manufacturer is at fault for a badly designed “distracted driver” system installed to pick up the fact that the driver slumped onto the steering wheel, right?

Let’s get even stupider – why didn’t the street light post get wrapped up in foam – after all, the bike helmet wasn’t sufficiently robust as the rider’s head was split in two when he hit the post after being launched off the bike?

Yes, my comment has gone ad nauseum and to the extreme over “design flaws”.

But it points out something that Lloyd won’t admit to – Life is inherently risky and one is full of hubris to believe that all risk can be designed, regulated or “Law-fully” out of existence. After all, there is no shortage of stupid people, careless people, distracted people, and people who just believe they are invincible. Or just oblivious.

And with Lloyd’s reliance on Government to do exactly that wrongheaded idea of making risk 100% mitigated, who wants to live under such a regime?

Having “fixed” all those things, how many other activities that people enjoy will be judged to be “too dangerous for you!” like skydiving, extreme snowboarding, free diving, hiking in remote areas without companions, parcoer, or taking care of overtired toddlers just before bedtime?

No thanks, Lloyd, the NFL (National Football League) also stands for the No Fun League. Thanks for wanting to do that to we folks that don’t watch the NFL because of that.

If Lloyd wants to blame others for design, I just thought of Alinsky and made him live up to his own rulebook on this.  ALL of it – which makes his premise is not much more than an accident already in progress.

(H/T: Treehugger)


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‘Subsidized’ is not ‘free’

Sun, 2022-02-27 19:00 +0000

Our local school board recently offered to let parents have their kids get weekly COVID tests at school ‘for free.’  Why?  Because ‘it doesn’t cost the district anything.

I continue to be amazed at how people seem to be incapable of understanding that something that is subsidized is not free.  In this case, the bill is being footed by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).

But where is DHHS getting the money?  From the people of New Hampshire.  Including the ones in our school district.

With subsidies, the most you can say is that ‘someone else’ is paying for what you’re getting.  Who wouldn’t like that?  But guess what?  You’re also paying for what someone else is getting.

Of course, this happens at the federal level, too.  Look, the federal government is going to give the state money! (For starting charter schools, or boosting COVID vaccination rates, or whatever.)  It’s free!  Well, no, it was either collected from the people in the states; or it was borrowed, to be paid back later by the people in the states.

As Frédéric Bastiat noted, government is the fiction by which everyone seeks to live at the expense of everyone else.

Here’s a thought:  What if we all pay for what we use, and leave the government out of it?  Instead, we pay bureaucrats to take our money, mix it up in a big pot, and give us back less than we gave them.

Why would even conservatives support a system like this?   Ultimately, it’s because although they claim to fear Marxism — ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’ — they actually like it when they think it’s working in their favor.

That is, if they’re going to pay $5 to get $1 in services, Marxism is bad.  But if they’re going to pay $1 to get $5 in services, Marxism is good… as long as we call it something else.  Like ‘public school‘.



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NBC 2022 Olympics Fail – Nearly 50% Fewer Viewers Than 2018 Games

Sun, 2022-02-27 17:30 +0000

My only awareness of what happened in the first two weeks of February was that either China or actual online interest in the Olympics suppressed our overnight traffic. I was not alone in my disinterest.

The 2022 Olympics, from a network standpoint, were a complete failure.


The games reached an average combined audience of 11.4 million people in prime time on NBC, the USA cable network and Peacock streaming service, the network said. That’s the lowest-ever American audience for any Olympics, and down 42% from the Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018.

For NBC alone, the prime time telecasts reached an average of 9.3 million viewers, or 48% down from South Korea, the Nielsen company said.


Our traffic bounced back the day “The Games” ended, and I watched not one minute of them in real-time of pre-recorded. I didn’t care. But NBC thinks,


Several factors contributed to the audience’s waning interest, he said. They included the lack of crowds because of the pandemic and “very harsh protocols in China” that kept family and friends out of the stands and limited the size of the network’s coverage teams in Beijing.

“We had 1,600 people in Stamford and 600 people in Beijing,” Bevacqua said, referring to the size of the network’s crew in Connecticut. “Normally that would be flipped for us.”

They also pointed to the time difference, but every moment of this thing was available to stream after the fact (as far as I can tell), and if people cared, they’d have made time for that on their own schedule.

Yes, being in China was probably a factor, but not entirely how NBC framed it. As Legal Insurrection reports, the AP had no illusions about the problem. “These Olympics were a disaster for the network: a buzz-free, hermetically-sealed event in an authoritarian country a half-day’s time zone away…”

Were any lessons learned?

Will NBC, looking at the level of control from the Chinese Communist Party, make any notes in the margins? Like, how they’ve been propagandizing this sort of centralized rule in America as an ideal way to manage a nation and what that would mean for NBC and what they do?

Or will they continue to blame COVID when totalitarianism is the problem?



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Judd Gregg … Enabler of Vladimir Putin

Sun, 2022-02-27 16:00 +0000

Do you remember Judd Gregg? Former Governor and Senator from New Hampshire … architect of the 2008 Wall Street bailout …. lobbyist for Wall Street. He was on CNBC recently, talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

What Gregg means by “fundamentally undermine their economy” is … my words, not his … go back to the energy policies under President Trump.

Of course, if President Trump had been reelected there would be no need to go back to those energy policies … they never would have been abandoned.

Anyone who actually listened to Biden’s pronouncements on energy during 2020 knew that Biden intended to cripple domestic fossil fuel production. Yet Judd Gregg openly and actively supported Biden. For example, an op-ed from March 2020:

Biden is decent, fair, substantive and well-informed. He has served with distinction in every office he has held.

He can draw into his orbit not only Democrats, but also the all-important moderates and independents.

Gregg and his NeverTrump ilk knew full well that Biden … the man who “Borked” Robert Bork … was anything but decent and they knew that, far from being “substantive and well-informed,” Biden was cognitively deteriorating and would be mere figurehead for Obama’s communist-coterie. Yet their hatred for Trump was such that they were willing to see this country wrecked in order to get rid of Trump.

Without the help of Gregg and his NeverTrump ilk … who spent four years undermining Trump … Biden would not today be President. Gregg and his NeverTrump ilk OWN the Biden-regime’s energy policies. And they also OWN the Russian invasion of Ukraine

By helping to elect Biden, they helped to finance Putin’s war machine as the United States now purchases a massive amount of Russian oil to make up for the domestic production that the Biden regime has, AS PROMISED, extinguished.

Putin never would have dared to invade Ukraine under President Trump. According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, 62% of Americans don’t believe Putin would have invaded if Trump were still President, and 59% believe Putin invaded because he believed Joe Biden was weak.

But no “mean tweets” and your Wall Street clients have the open borders they covet … eh, Judd?


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RadFems & Conservatives Agree: Protect Single-Sex Spaces

Sun, 2022-02-27 14:30 +0000

What do the radical feminist organization Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), Christian advocacy organization Cornerstone, and Republican candidate for the first congressional district Karoline Leavitt have in common?

They all gave testimony in support of New Hampshire bill HB1180 to help protect women’s rights to their own spaces and sports.

Related: Will the US Supreme Court Force Nashua to Fly the Save Women’s Sports Flag?

From WoLF’s testimony:

I am writing today to express our enthusiastic support for House Bill 1180
(HB1180), which would clarify that public entities are not prohibited from using
biological sex to separate men and women in sports, jails and prisons, intimate
spaces, and anywhere else it is relevant and appropriate for public entities to
recognize a person’s sex.

Inconsistency in definitions and in court rulings applying these concepts have led to endangerment and in some cases legal prohibitions against single-sex spaces, which was never the intent of Congress or of the state of New Hampshire in elucidating protections for women and girls in sex discrimination laws. As such, explicit statutory provisions such as those provided in HB 1180 are needed to clarify the terms of prohibitions against discrimination based on sex.

From an op-ed by Shannon McGinley of Cornerstone:

We should not confuse making practical distinctions based on biological sex with discrimination against a protected class. Considering biological sex is something that, in New Hampshire, we have historically done, and for good reason. For example, the police routinely incarcerate men and women in separate facilities. Because of the deep biological differences that exist between the male and female sexes, our state has a justifiable interest in differentiating between these two groups of people. The most important consideration is safeguarding women’s rights and the protection of women.

HB 1180 is important because, already, New Hampshire’s laws about gender identity are being abused and stretched way beyond the meaning which I believe the legislature intended. Last year, the Manchester School Board adopted a policy integrating biological males and females in both sports teams and bathrooms on the basis of gender identity.

What HB 1180 will do is clarify that laws regarding state identification do not mean that public entities are prohibited from differentiating between males and females in athletic competitions, criminal incarceration, or places of intimate privacy like bathrooms. In other words, “male” and “female” are real categories of people which the state can recognize. Why is that even a debate?

Watch congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt’s riveting testimony at the public hearing for HB1180 below.



WHAT YOU CAN DO: Contact the House Health and Human Services Committee and ask them to vote Ought to Pass on HB 1180.



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Another Treasonous J6 “Insurrectionist” Charged With … Misdemeanor Picketing.

Sun, 2022-02-27 13:00 +0000

As the media and Democrats continue to cry treason the Federal Government successfully prosecuted another “insurrectionist” from the January 6th, 2020, occupation of the US Capitol. But not for insurrection.


Imelda Acosta, who was described in court documents by her social media name—Mariposa Castro—was sentenced in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on one count of parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol building, a misdemeanor.


Did she get a parking ticket too?

They are going to jail a woman of color for exercising free speech inside the US Capitol that just happened to be on January 6th, for which she will serve 45 days behind bars.

Imelda was a bit worked up.


During one broadcast, Acosta said, “We’re breaking in! We are breaking in! We’re doing this. We’re breaking in, right? … We’re taking our house back. This is our Capitol. We’re taking it back. No more bull[expletive]!”


The Judge, a Bush appointee made a point of talking to Imelda about how she should not be blaming BLM or Antifa for what happened that day. And ‘grand scheme’ he’s right. She is responsible for her own behavior.

Whether she got baited by activists or FBI plants, overcome by the energy or the moment, or if she thought it was the just thing to do, she did it.

Having said that, what she did amounted to another case of nothingburger. The State spent gobs of money to successfully charge this woman with “protesting inside the US Capitol.”

This was, apparently, the best the Feds could do after a plea bargain agreement in which other charges were dropped. You mean the ones you could never get past a judge or jury? Those charges?

Rather than leave empty-handed they strongarmed a woman of color into admitting to a misdemeanor for which she could have easily been let off with no jail time. But the judge wanted to make a point.

Not that the idea that accusations in the press of insurrection are ridiculous but that she, Imelda, shouldn’t be blaming militant leftist groups (that burned neighborhoods, shot people, and in some cases laid siege or seized government buildings elsewhere) for how she ended up inside the US Capitol that day.

And because Imelda is not here illegally and didn’t kill anyone while driving without a license, and she is not a member of BLM or Antifa, the left did nothing to help her.

They may however trumpet her conviction to justify their narrative even if she was convicted of something far less offensive than what protesters and actual sitting US senators did during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.



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The New Colonialism

Sun, 2022-02-27 11:30 +0000

Covid tyranny is the new colonialism. The successors and, in many cases, descendants of the Western elites that imposed the original colonialism, couched in religious decrees, on unsuspecting populations worldwide, are at it again.

Some of the nations at the heart of the first wave of colonialism in the 15th century are now the most egregious offenders of Covid Colonialism – Britain, Portugal, Spain, and France.

The rulers of these and other nations have programmed millions of their loyal subjects to believe that the face mask is the new crucifix, demonstrating one’s loyalty to the true religion.

The jabs are a modern-day baptism, washing the evil inner self with the cleansing grace of the holy mRNA solution.

We want to thank bmw111 for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

The vaxxine passport is the updated Shahada, professing one’s devotion to the new religious faith. And, like the good old-fashioned colonialism of yore, these faiths must be promulgated and proselytized worldwide at any cost.

All one needs do is look at the incredible cognitive dissonance of the people in charge of the “pandemic” response and the people promoting that response (media, government agencies).

The evidence is literally all around them, staring them in the face –their own studies, publications, statistics, and government agencies admit that the vaxxines, the chemical baptism of faith forced on the unclean masses, are at best completely ineffective and at worst, horrifically deadly.

Either these “experts” have gone literally insane (ignoring reality and operating in a complete fantasy land), or they have filled the spiritual hole in their psyche with this new religion, their sacred purpose, of Covid Colonialism. Thus, when evidence, facts, and science that contradicts their newfound belief system is presented, they reject it outright without the slightest consideration, as all true believers of a religion are expected to do.

How many of the public health “experts” in the West that have been making these tyrannical decisions are truly spiritual or traditionally “religious” people or even simply believe in a higher power? No, they are Socialist-Marxist technocrats, who have been indoctrinated to unquestioningly push forward the “liberal” globalist agenda that dehumanizes and commoditizes human beings in an effort at eventual complete global control over every single person on this planet.

Covid Colonialism is simply another weapon in the arsenal of the elite that has – conveniently for them – become a religion for millions of brainwashed sheep.



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US and NATO Wash Their Hands of Ukraine

Sun, 2022-02-27 04:00 +0000

Over 2,000 years ago, Pontius Pilate “washed his hands” of judging Jesus Christ in order to appease his followers. All nonsense of course: Pilate was just virtue signaling.

Hours later the Romans’ scoured and crucified Jesus.

Today the feckless US and venal NATO are washing their hands of an entire country with their application of spineless sanctions. But it’s all for show, an attempt to virtue signal their disdain for Putin and stand with Ukraine.

The West will let Ukraine be crucified while the latter-day Pilates wash their hands of the whole affair in extra helpings of Russian oil.


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“Consent of the Governed” – Progressives always miss this next word.

Sun, 2022-02-27 02:30 +0000

“MEGALOMANIAC LEADERS’ PLANS BACKFIRING SEEMS TO BE BECOMING A THEME THIS WEEK: Did Trudeau Create a Dangerous Run on Canadian Banks by Freezing Protesters’ Bank Accounts?”

Progressives never WILLINGLY take history into context when it comes to the meanings of words. After all,  take the Second Amendment and look at its construction:

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Regulated” – the current crop of Civilian Disarmament Corp truly believes that their current definition is correct. They refuse to acknowledge that the original intent of “regulated” was not that of “lay on lots of Law and regulation” on top of any of a militia’s activities or armaments. Instead, the common definition and intent at its writing were “in good working order” (like the Regulator Clock Company in which the clock mechanisms are well regulated in doing their assigned function – tell time).

Let’s return to the Consent of the Governed. From the Declaration of Independence:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed . . .”

That was a radical idea back then – Government was by “The Right of Kings”, those being ruled had little to no say in HOW they were governed nor WHY that HOW was happening. It “just was” until our Founding Fathers had this insight – that those being Governed had the final say and if THEY weren’t happy, then the Ruling Class was going to have a heartburn nightmare. Or worse (as the French aristocrats found out during the Reign of Terror).

But before exploring that briefly, here’s a more concrete example from Totalitarian Northland (emphasis mine):

According to the Canadian financial blog Armstrong Economics, the emergency powers activated by Justin Trudeau to cripple the trucker protests have sparked panic among citizens, which could lead to a devastating financial crisis. On Feb. 14, Trudeau enacted the Emergencies Act, which enabled Canadian banks to freeze the assets of anyone who donated to protests against the vaccine mandates — without due process or any court action.

Trudeau then ordered the banks to unfreeze the accounts after the protesters had been cleared away. But what is reported to have happened after that is being ignored by the corporate press. Armstrong Economics says there was a stunning run on banks across Canada, as scared citizens are withdrawing their life savings and transferring it to foreign banks in the United States and elsewhere.

Personal anecdotes responding to the Twitter thread below also show that Canadians are having trouble removing their money from the banks, and that the feeling at the banks is very strange. One user said, “The bank TD; told me to come back Monday, my Daily cash withdrawal was denied Friday. I have taken out larger amounts everyday.” Another said, “It is absolutely true. The lines were out the doors and a bank teller told me at one branch not to visit a specific branch because they had run out of funds that day. It’s very real. The energy inside the bank was clearly not good.”

Consent?  When you put your money into a bank, you expect to get it back.  You know that they will use that money in making more money in which to pay their bills, make a profit – and give a bit back to you in the form of interest paid to your account.  You EXPECT that and you consent to the use of your funds in that fashion – and especially that you can get your money back upon demand.

YOUR demand and not just when the bank deigns to give you some.

Consent – for someone to give assent, they have to Trust those to whom they are giving that consent.  Another snippet from that Instapundit post that really points that out:

Even more than the rest of society, the banking system depends on trust. Break that trust and you break that system. People used to know that, but our leaders today are both much more feckless, and much, much dumber, than those of the past.

It is well known that Trust in American institutions across the spectrum has been dropping like a rock. The example that when the Canadian banks decided to become active surrogates in carrying out what Socialist Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau decreed is not surprising.  People expected the banks to protect their money.  They didn’t – they laid down like lapdogs and looked with plaintive eyes towards the government for that next little pat on the head. Anything for that next affirmative rub of their bellies.

And now they are reaping the rewards of becoming an unofficial part of Government – and how’s that working out for them now?

They forgot who they served, didn’t they? They forgot that they were in the Private Sector and serving private people. This, however, showed what happens when businesses lose their way.  Will those banks lose everything?  I have no idea but it is clear that these banks have taken leave of their senses in NOT thinking through the ramifications of gleefully following orders – without considering the potential (and now, actual) ramifications.

Their customers are leaving. They no longer Trust them to do the right thing. They no longer believe that banks will “play by the rules that the customers expected them to play by”.

Most of us watched in horror when the Truckers came to Ottawa and their Government called them (like ours) Extremists and Domestic Terrorists. Simply for making their dissent known. Government had many ways of dealing with it with the easiest being for Trudeau actually going out and talking with them to understand them and see how their demands of stopping the Vax and mask mandates.

Instead, Trudeau did what Socialists do – go against the Government and your roof will fall in. Trudeau arrested them, froze their bank accounts, and confiscated their trucks (and took their source of income and family support away). He went to Volume 11 right off.  Then he included that same punishment to those who merely supported them.

Do you think all those folks now Trust their Government?  I think not.

It would have continued except that the Canadian Senators gave Trudeau such a hard time that he gave up and revoked the Emergency Act and unfroze the accounts (the cars and trucks remain confiscated).

It hasn’t brought down the Trudeau government – yet.  I’m sure that there is a segment of the Canadian population that is all in with what the truckers did – upset the “wa” (as the Japanese hold; “harmony – peaceful unity and conformity within a social group in which members prefer the continuation of a harmonious community over their personal interests“). But what about everyone else?

And what about those that now see banks as mere extensions of Government?  Now they not only do not Trust the banks but the Government who made them do this is my thought.

And when you no longer have the Consent of the Government, how long will a Government stand?

Are we close to this point here in the States?  I hear many now using that phrase – FAR more than what I have in years past. Part of that is that, at least here in NH, people are going back to our nation’s foundational materials. They not only believe it, but they are also living it. They take it seriously – far more than most politicians I know.

Politicians – continue that at your peril.


(H/T: Instapundit)


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