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Parable of the Animal School

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-03-07 15:04 +0000

I saw this and thought to share it.

Parable of the Animal School - Reflection on Public Indoctrination Education

Would you rather be an average doctor or an excellent carpenter? Would you rather be a mediocre teacher or an outstanding landscaper?

Once upon a time, all the animals in a special advanced animal kingdom became very excited about the new public school that was being formed for all the animal children. Highly credentialed administrators and planners organized the school and adopted a curriculum of well-rounded animal activities that they deemed important for the animal public. These consisted of running, climbing, swimming, and flying.

The animal parents flocked to the school, eager to enroll their children in this new progressive school. After all, they wanted the very best for their offspring. A good education was considered key to success, and the leaders in the Department of Animal Education knew best and researched and planned the curriculums.

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What's been happening with the DP website?

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-03-07 06:54 +0000

In the three years I've been coming to the DP almost everyday without fail, but I've noticed problems lately. For the last month or two I have noticed the website being down at least three times (that I'm aware of). Is there something different with the server? Has there been more traffic than usual? Or is the website being hacked? Just have to ask because I've noticed again today that it says the server is down for maintanence, again.

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Rand Paul's Snow Day

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-03-07 03:54 +0000

Via Facebook:

The Washington Post reports:

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Central Banks Have Bankrupted the Financial System

Daily Paul - Sat, 2015-03-07 01:14 +0000

For six years, the world has operated under a complete delusion that Central Banks somehow fixed the 2008 Crisis.

All of the arguments claiming this defied common sense. A 5th grader would tell you that you cannot solve a debt problem by issuing more debt. Similarly, anyone with a functioning brain could tell you that a bunch of academics with no real-world experience, none of whom have ever started a business or created a single job can’t “save” the economy.

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$6 Billion Goes Missing at State Department

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 23:09 +0000

The Fiscal Times | By Brianna Ehley

The State Department has no idea what happened to $6 billion used to pay its contractors.

In a special “management alert” made public Thursday, the State Department’s Inspector General Steve Linick warned “significant financial risk and a lack of internal control at the department has led to billions of unaccounted dollars over the last six years.

The alert was just the latest example of the federal government’s continued struggle with oversight over its outside contractors.

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1909 NY Times Editorial Opposing the First Income Tax

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 23:07 +0000

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Cop Pulls Assault Rifle, Threatens Protesters For Their ‘Constitutional Bullsh*’

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 23:04 +0000
25:22 minutes

A Houston, Texas cop was recently caught on video illegally detaining protesters and threatening them with his department-issued assault rifle. His reason? Protesters were spouting what he called “Constitutional bullsh**.”

The video was recorded by Open Carry Texas and uploaded to their YouTube channel after a recent peaceful assembly where they advocated for “Constitutional Carry,” which is already legal in Texas when it comes to rifles of any sort (scroll down for video).

The group passed out flyers and pamphlets at the protest, in order to inform locals about the Constitutional and state-acknowledged right to carry firearms for self-defense. The group wants to see Texas allow open carry of handguns as well, and they are actively working to promote legislative changes to accommodate Texans who chose to carry openly.

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'Fiscally conservative' Republicans want to raise taxes on workers making less than $406,750

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 22:59 +0000

Senators Marco Rubio (R., Fla.) and Mike Lee (R., Utah)– lauded among Republican politicians as two of their more “fiscally conservative” members – want to raise income tax rates on workers making under $406,750 a year.

Their proposal creates two federal income tax brackets: 15% for earnings under $75,000 and a whopping 35% for earnings over $75,000. It also eliminates most deductions – notably state and local taxes and mortgage interest – while granting a larger credit for taxpayers with children.

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School Choir Director And College Professor Freak Out And Call The Cops On Man Legally Carrying A Gun

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 20:27 +0000

A Michigan man was not acting erratically or threatening other people at an Ann Arbor high school music recital, but he was openly — and legally — carrying a firearm.

That was enough for a school choir director to call police and for a music professor to publicly shame him at the event.

The incident happened Thursday evening at Pioneer High School when Steven Lorenz, the director of choirs at the school, spotted the man openly carrying a gun and called police.

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Rent-A-Chicken Hits Idaho!

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 17:29 +0000

And NO, dammitol, that is not me, I did NOT think of this!

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"A Horizon Is Nothing, Save The Limit Of Our Sight"

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 17:18 +0000

The title is a line from this song, please enjoy as background to this post.

How much is our vision limited by what we expect to see? I posted an article about "the 9 veils" recently, which is among many things that have had me really looking at, well, what I look at. And how, and most of all, what I do that limits my own ability to see clearly.

The first concrete example I can recall is a day last summer, I was watching the sunset through the leaves on my neighbor's plum tree. The rays diffracted into thousands of tiny rainbows. This is what was happening, I was not drunk, high, sleepy, or even meditating. I was just looking, as I had looked at lovely sunsets my entire life. Never before had I seen those rainbows, but that day I saw them and after that, I can always see them in similar situations now. The next evening, I had my husband step out and look at the sunset, and when it got to the tree, I said "Do you see rainbows?" and he exclaimed "I DO!" Repeated with my son a week or so later. No one saw until I directed them to look for it, and I still have no idea why I saw it that day. I assure you, if you find a setting sun, position yourself to view t through leaves of a semi-distant tree, you can see it too.

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‘The Daily Fraud’

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 16:34 +0000

JPMorgan to pay $50 million over improper mortgage practices:

Barclays Takes $1.2 Billion Charge in Currency-Rigging Probe:

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Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton could face jail time for emails

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 15:09 +0000

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Marco Rubio Listed Among Bush W & Cheney Banned From Venezuela

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 14:47 +0000

"Bush, and his vice-president, Dick Cheney, are accused of having committed “terrorist acts and grave human rights violations” in Syria, Iraq and Vietnam

The president of Venezuela has banned George W Bush from entering the South American nation, labelling him “a terrorist”.

Former US president Bush, and his vice-president, Dick Cheney, are accused of having committed “terrorist acts and grave human rights violations” in Syria, Iraq and Vietnam and are no longer eligible for visas to visit the oil-rich state."

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Liberal MSM Flips on Hillary

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 09:24 +0000

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Kent Hovind is NOT a Tax Protester. He's a Victim of a Terrorist Government - the bad ol' USA!

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 09:19 +0000

A good explanation of the government abuse of Kent Hovind provided by the able Coach Dave Daubenmire on News with Views.TV.

This needs to go viral, 'cause any one of us could be next!

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Hi, I'm Marissa...

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 06:02 +0000

...and I'm a transgender libertarian:

There seems to be a lot of confusion about just who and what I am, so I thought I'd put a face to it. I've seen a lot of assumptions thrown around about what it means to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, and/or transgender, so rather than assume, why not just ask? I'm putting myself out here to answer any questions you might have, and I invite others who identify as LGBT to join in. My hope is that we can all better understand each other, because without love, there cannot be liberty. All that I ask is that everyone please keep things civil.

To kick things off, I will ask myself a question:

Marissa, how did you become a libertarian?

It was actually due to many factors, which I'm sure is the case with most of you. It became quite obvious to me, around the 2003 time frame that if we continued to fight wars overseas, we would be facing serious financial difficulties, as a nation. I, obviously, felt quite alienated by social conservatism that dominated the republican party, at the time, but abhorred many of the stances of the democratic party. Most significantly was their willingness to try and take my gun collection (yes, this girl packs heat!) So, I went about considering myself some kind of hybrid of both parties, selecting what I thought were the best ideas from each, until I first heard of libertarianism. Turns out, my hybrid party fell perfectly inline with the libertarian philosophy, and I have identified as such, ever since.

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Cisco, Texas Police arrest man for recording them

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 02:07 +0000

A Texas cop arrested a man for video recording him as they were making an arrest, ordering the man to either delete the video or hand it over as “evidence.”
The Cisco police officer then stormed up to another person who was recording and tried to rip the phone out of his hands.
But that phone apparently ended up in the hands of a woman, who continued recording.

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Brooklyn teen charge with assault on Cops until video show cops were lying

Daily Paul - Fri, 2015-03-06 00:00 +0000

Prosecutors are dropping charges against 17-year-old Enrique Del Rosario related to assaulting a police officer after video contradicted their claims.

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Article By John Pilger: Why the rise of fascism is again the issue

Daily Paul - Thu, 2015-03-05 23:22 +0000

The recent 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz was a reminder of the great crime of fascism, whose Nazi iconography is embedded in our consciousness. Fascism is preserved as history, as flickering footage of goose-stepping blackshirts, their criminality terrible and clear. Yet in the same liberal societies, whose war-making elites urge us never to forget, the accelerating danger of a modern kind of fascism is suppressed; for it is their fascism.

"To initiate a war of aggression...," said the Nuremberg Tribunal judges in 1946, "is not only an international crime, it is the supreme international crime, differing only from other war crimes in that it contains within itself the accumulated evil of the whole."

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