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CANCELLED! T-Shirt Company Removes Liberty Block Shirts With No Warning

The Liberty Block - Sun, 2021-11-07 00:10 +0000

The Liberty Block designs and sells shirts and hoodies with pro-freedom phrases and images on them. The apparel is sold through our store on Teespring, one of the largest clothing design services in the united states. We have had no issues with them since we began working with the company in July. I actually found the products to be higher quality and more comfortable than I anticipated. On November 5th, 2021, Teespring sent the following email to The Liberty Block: 

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Pro-Independence Speech Given at Concord, NH Freedom Rally + Radio Interview in Salt Lake City, UT

NHexit.US - Sat, 2021-11-06 18:52 +0000

This morning the new President of the Foundation for NH Independence, Alu “Elliot” Axelman, gave a speech at the freedom rally at the state house in Concord, NH. Axelman is also an author and the founder of, a blog that has risen to prominence here in New Hampshire. You can see his full speech here:

In other media coverage of #NHexit, earlier this week NH-based, nationally syndicated talk show host Ian Freeman appeared for an hour on “Path to State Sovereignty” on K-TALK 1640 to discuss NH Independence:

Free Talk Live · FTL's Ian Interviewed on "Path to State Sovereignty" on KTALK 1640

Finally! Large Majority of Americans Agree On This ONE Thing!

The Liberty Block - Wed, 2021-11-03 05:05 +0000

Many people likely believe that the united states could be placed back on the right track if their preferred rulers are elected. However, an increasing amount of people are warming up to the idea of the united states breaking up into two, three, or fifty sovereign nations. A recent poll found that more than half of Trump voters support secession and nearly half of Biden voters support secession. 

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Breaking: Glenn Youngkin (R) Upsets McAuliffe in Virginia Governor Race

The Liberty Block - Wed, 2021-11-03 03:15 +0000

Still, the latest polls, pundits, and even this author all had McAuliffe winning this election. Until a few days ago, the millions of participants on the betting site also had the Democrat winning by a very safe margin. 

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Alu’s Review of Blue Dawn By Blaine Pardoe

The Liberty Block - Tue, 2021-11-02 00:00 +0000

Throughout the book, the main characters each face their own challenges surviving in a socialist republic with nearly zero freedom or privacy. As they try to develop a plan to remove the tyrants from office, they are repeatedly set back by the sociopathic politicians and their enforcers. 

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Holy Crap! Biden Reportedly Poops His Pants While Meeting With Pope

The Liberty Block - Sun, 2021-10-31 02:24 +0000

Later on Saturday evening, news began to break that Biden had reportedly lost control of his bowels and was rushed to the bathroom by his staff. The story has been corroborated by multiple sources, and there appears to be mounting evidence that the 78-year-old demented politician did defecate himself while at the Vatican. 

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What Does It Mean To Be American?

The Liberty Block - Sat, 2021-10-30 23:58 +0000

by J.G. Franklin 

If you were born on and/or in, and live on and/or in, any part of the three American continents –  namely North America, Central America, or South America – you are technically speaking – an ‘American’.  But what does that really mean? 

I have lived here in Brazil for the last ten years. When I first came to Brazil – spelled Brasil in  Portuguese – I learned a very important word… ‘estadunidense‘. It literally means ‘United Statesian’. I love that word because it is certainly much more precise and accurate than ‘American’.  

However, since the united States ARE – and have historically always been separate sovereign nations, in point of fact, I am a Washingtonian. Not in terms of referring to George Washington himself, of course, but rather to the State, the sovereign nation that is Washington State. In truth, I am very much more a Jeffersonian than I am a Washingtonian when it comes to political philosophy. 

So what does it mean to be ‘American’? Well, in my opinion, it is simply a geographical designation…and nothing more or less than that. Just like those from France, Italy, England, Portugal,  Spain, etc. are all ‘European’. I particularly love Dean Alfange’s description: 

“I do not choose to be a common man. It is my right to be uncommon. I seek to develop whatever talents God gave me – not security. I do not wish to be a kept citizen, humbled and dulled by having the state look after me. I want to take the calculated risk; to dream and to build, to fail and to succeed. I refuse to barter incentive for a dole. I prefer the challenges of life to the guaranteed existence; the thrill of fulfillment to the stale calm of utopia. I will not trade freedom for beneficence nor my dignity for a handout. I will never cower before any earthly master nor bend to any threat. It is my heritage to stand erect, proud and unafraid; to think and act myself, enjoy the benefit of my creations and to face the world boldly and say – ‘This, with God’s help, I have done.’ All this is what it means to be an American.” 

I believe that it should go without saying that this same sentiment SHOULD, more accurately, be called ‘A LIBERTY-MINDED CREED’ and that ANY human being from any place on Earth who has this mindset is a more evolved person; be they from any country – or no country – in particular. 

My point is simply this – we must stop thinking ONLY in terms of our differences. As I say here, “Our commonalities should unite us much more often than our differences divide us.”. I am reminded of the line from the film Jerry McGuire, “ Help me help you!”. It ties in perfectly with the immutable principle that Adam Smith talked about in his Wealth of Nations, “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest.” 

It is my deeply held belief that no-one is truly selfless. They are ONLY and either selfish in an ethical way OR selfish in an unethical way. Even Mother Theresa and the other saints were not truly selfless. They  DID, in fact, receive something in return for whatever they decided to do. And that thing, whatever it may have been, was more valuable to them than the suffering they had to endure to get it. It was NOT nothing. It had value and was quantifiable as such by each of them. Therefore, they made decisions that ultimately led to each of them getting more of what they valued in exchange for the effort that they believed was worth the sacrifice needed to obtain it. 

Both the united States and Brazil are at the same point of collapse – because of the tyranny of the COVIDiotas and a multitude of other irrational reasons – and both must stop fooling themselves. 

The united States must immediately return to their historic system of pure federalism and Brazil must accept its history and consciously choose the best path and take responsibility…and never again complain that a savior has not yet appeared. JUST BE INDEPENDENT!!! 

I am very passionate about this cause and I really want to meet with others who understand and hold A LIBERTY-MINDED CREED to create, institute, and publicize a program about the Brazilian States that can truly educate the people of each state about the need to stop depending on any “general”  government above them; to stop abdicating their responsibilities to others and TO BE INDEPENDENT!!! Please remember… 

1) NO government, of any level or size, has RIGHTS of any kind. AT MOST, they are temporarily allowed to use our rights for the SOLE PURPOSE of fulfilling their DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES. 2) THE SOLE DUTY AND SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY GOVERNMENT IS TO MAKE ITSELF  UNNECESSARY – through the empowerment of each citizen; which would help them achieve a level of self-sustainability and promote their independence from the government. 

What with the LEVIATHAN CRISIS, the mass psychosis, and the irrevocably corrupt and broken pendulum paradigm so prevalent around that world, I am trying to find other LIBERTY-MINDED souls with actual clout and resources here in Brazil to try to bring the very relevant and necessary topic of secession – 

a very AMERICAN (think continentally) idea according to Dean Alfange and me – to the fore. As I have previously quoted from Tom Woods, “We need to start thinking the unthinkable and saying the unsayable.” I truly wish that more people held and truly understood THE LIBERTY-MINDED CREED. Then maybe we would never have gotten ourselves into this mess. Either way, I am confident that SECESSION is the ONLY logical path to take now. 

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What Does It Mean To Be American?

The Liberty Block - Sat, 2021-10-30 23:58 +0000

If you were born on and/or in, and live on and/or in, any part of the three American continents –  namely North America, Central America or South America - you are - technically speaking - an 'American'.  But what does that really mean? 

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Alert Proposed Federal SORNA Regulations Moving Forward from the Office of Management and Budget.

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Sat, 2021-10-30 17:11 +0000

Please join CURE-SORT and ACSOL in urging AG Garland and the Biden Administraton to reject the latest federal SORNA registration regulations!

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has approved proposed SORNA regulations issued more than a year ago.  This is a significant step forward toward finalization of the regulations which are now under consideration by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland.

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Stop Saying The Pledge of Allegiance If You Believe In Freedom

The Liberty Block - Fri, 2021-10-29 20:28 +0000

On October 18th, the Laconia Daily Sun published a letter to the editor titled: “Leonard Witt: Belknap Reps. Sylvia and Howard betray pledge of allegiance”

Throughout the letter, Witt condemns the nine sponsors of the legislation which seeks to give voters an opportunity to control their relationship to DC politicians, god forbid. He predictably accuses the sponsors and other potential allies in the legislature of being ‘anarchists’, and ‘free staters’. A few representatives did move partly because of the Free State Project, and fewer identify as anarchists (though serving as an elected legislator essentially disqualifies a person as an anarchist). 

The panicking statist goes on to say that Now, when each of us says: “I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands,” we must think of these traitors in our midst. They would succeed where our foreign enemies have failed. They would break up these United States of America. They would trample on the graves of service men and women who died to preserve our one nation under God.”

Of course, anyone who knows a little history or anything about the Constitution knows that it is the DC politicians who have trampled on the graves of soldiers, the Constitution, and our natural rights. The soldiers going back to 1776 fought for the freedom of speech, property, self-defense, religion, and bodily autonomy. By leaving the union, we are honoring the soldiers who gave their lives for freedom while defending against tyranny. The authoritarians in political positions of power are the ones who are disgracing their memories. 

But the most ridiculous part of the letter is his accusation of ‘violating the pledge of allegiance’. It is almost too insane to take seriously. The pledge was written by Francis Bellamy, an avowed socialist, in 1892. Ironically, Bellamy did not include ‘under God’ in the pledge, despite being a minister. Perhaps even more ironic was that this socialist was really a capitalist, because he went around the united states selling his American flags and magazines to schools. Weirdly ironic was that Bellamy and his partners at the magazine instructed children to raise their right arms outstretched towards the flag while reciting their pledge of allegiance to the US government. 

Children performing the Bellamy Salute during the Pledge of Allegiance

Bellamy and the owners of the Youth’s Companion magazine wished to sell a flag and a magazine subscription to every school in the united states. That was their primary goal; the pledge, the flags, and the patriotism were just sales tactics. 

But politicians loved it. They took the gift of increasing worship of the government and ran with it. In June of 1942, the US Congress officially adopted the Pledge into the US Flag Code. Six months later, Congress officially abandoned the Bellamy Salute in 1942 once they realized that Hitler ruined it. They replaced the Nazi salute with the instructions to place the hand over the heart, to demonstrate true devotion to the government. In 1954, Eisenhower added ‘under God’ to the Pledge. Today, nearly every governmental event and many private events begin with all members pledging their lives to their Lords in DC. All government schools must have their students recite the pledge daily, except for California, Hawaii, Wyoming, and Vermont. 

Yes, the pledge and the American flag are only so commonly found in schools and other institutions because a socialist minister had a few brilliant ideas to help him make money. 

Still, the worst part of the disturbing pledge of one’s life to corrupt politicians is the word ‘indivisible’. I believe that this one word may have been one of the major catalysts that turned the general perception of the ‘united states’ as a union of independent states into ‘The United States, the one country that is amazing and ruled by saints in DC. That word did tremendous damage, and it has caused nearly every child in the union to grow up believing that the union cannot ever be divided, no matter how polarized its people may become, and no matter how harmful DC may be towards the states. Those sad fools like Witt truly believe that there could never be cause for splitting up the growing and failing union. 

Of course, I have written dozens of articles and several books about the crucial need for the union to split up. But many others still cannot imagine such a thing ever happening, largely because of this dystopian pledge that they have recited nearly every day for their entire lives. Brainwashing is often most effective when it is done to yourself. And telling yourself that you pledge your total and unwavering allegiance to the federal government – to people like Biden, Trump, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, and other totally corrupt “leaders” has made many people truly believe that we are forever bound to them as slaves are unconditionally bound to their masters. 

What can you do today? 

You can tell your school, your town council, and your friends and neighbors that they should stop reciting this disturbing pledge of allegiance. Let’s not brainwash the next generation into worshipping the union and its rulers. If you want to demonstrate your patriotism and emulate our founders like Washington and Jefferson, do what they did: Fight tyranny, oppose taxes, support freedom, educate others about personal liberties and individual rights. Stand strong against authoritarians. Disrespect DC; don’t pledge your eternal allegiance to them every day. Send them a clear message – make them realize that they are not our rulers and are not fit to even be members of our society. Tell them that you want more freedom, not more subjugation.

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Stop Saying The Pledge of Allegiance If You Believe In Freedom

The Liberty Block - Fri, 2021-10-29 20:28 +0000

Yes, the pledge and the American flag are only so commonly found in schools and other institutions because a socialist minister had a few brilliant ideas to help him make money. 

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U.S. on “Wrong Track” say over 68% of NH Young Voters, North Country, Republicans, Undeclareds

Free Keene - Fri, 2021-10-29 20:14 +0000


A recent post over at NHexit.US reveals some of the interesting demographic breakdowns of the St. Anselm College poll from this month, which showed 68% of New Hampshire voters think the United States is on the “wrong track”.

That number alone is impressive, but some categories of voters were even more likely to say “wrong track”, like younger voters, people in the North Country, republicans and the much-coveted undeclared voter.

Check out the details here at NHexit.US.

68% of NH Voters: Nation on Wrong Track – Scientific Poll

NHexit.US - Fri, 2021-10-29 19:40 +0000
Graphic Source: WMUR

In a scientific poll conducted by St. Anselm College this month, 68% of 1,323 New Hampshire registered voters said that they believe the country is on the wrong track. Only 21% said it was on the right track, which leaves 11% saying they have no opinion. While this question isn’t specifically about New Hampshire independence, it does suggest a ripe atmosphere for NH voters to accept and seriously consider the proposed constitutional amendment. After all, if it makes it to the ballot in 2022, it will pass with 67% – 2/3rds – of the vote.

The demographic breakdowns are more interesting. More younger voters are dissatisfied than older voters, with 73% of 18-34 year olds and 70% of 35-54 year olds saying “wrong track” compared to 67% of 55-64 and 63% of 65+. This falls in line with other polls specifically about secession, showing younger people are more favorable toward the idea.

Among the political parties, 95% of voters who identified as republicans said “wrong track” as did 74% of undeclared voters. Undeclared voters are the plurality of New Hampshire voters and they are the ones who decide every election. Even 35% of democrats answered “wrong track”, as did 39% of those who self-described as “very liberal”.

75% of those living in the North Country and Lakes Region said “wrong track”, with the other regions around 66-67%. Also, the more “educated” a voter was, the less likely they were to say “wrong track”: 76% of those with a high school-or-less education level, 72% some college, 67% college graduate, 58% graduate school. You can read the full poll results here.

It’s also worth pointing out the poll was only conducted among registered voters and presumably there are some unregistered voters who might get excited enough about the possibility of independence to register to vote, though the percentage of registered voters to general population of New Hampshire is very high.

There has been a lot of buzz about the proposed constitutional amendment, with loyalists to the Empire already writing letters to various newspapers attacking independence. However, the amendment has yet to be assigned a number and has yet to really receive any mainstream media attention as a result, since its difficult at this point to refer to it. Expect to see increasing coverage, interest, and discussion as the months approach the inevitable public hearing in front of a state house committee in early 2022. All bills in New Hampshire must have a public hearing, and this one could be very well attended. This is a conversation whose time has come and people are primed to receive the ideas of independence and an NHexit.

Did This Congressman’s Nephew Die From The Pfizer Vaccine?

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2021-10-28 23:20 +0000

When I heard of this extremely heartbreaking story of a 15-year-old male teen drowning in Bedford, NH, on June 20, 2021, I was surprised and saddened. The obituary clearly articulated the short but amazing life Charlie had. After reading almost every news story published to understand what happened to this bright, vibrant, healthy, athletic, and handsome young man, I, along with several other granite staters, some who know the grieving family personally, realized something didn’t add up. There were many logical questions surrounding his death such as: Why would a healthy teenager, who is a good swimmer, who rope-swung on dozens of occasions at the same pond, suddenly forget how to swim and die from drowning? Did he hit his head? Did he accidentally knock himself out? What really happened that day? Many Granite Staters are very confused and very concerned.

Here’s the story that was published and has been reported from multiple sources: 

“BEDFORD, N.H. (AP) – A 15-year-old boy who drowned in a pond after he used a rope swing to drop into the water was the nephew of U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas.

Charles Zink was found dead Sunday night in about 15 feet of water in Sebbins Pond in Bedford. Police said when he jumped into the water, he surfaced briefly, then went back under. Police requested help from the Nashua Fire Department dive team.”

Here is the “write up” from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS): “He was in his usual state of good health. 5 days after receiving the vaccine, he complained of brief unilateral shoulder pain (unclear to family which shoulder), which the family attributed to a musculoskeletal source. No chest pains, shortness of breath, or palpitations. He was playing with 2 friends at a community pond, swinging from a rope swing, flipping in the air, and landing in the water feet first. He surfaced, laughed, told his friends “Wow, that hurt!”, then swam toward shore, underwater as was his usual routine. The friends became worried when he did not re-emerge. His body was retrieved by local authorities more than an hour later.”

There is almost no doubt that Charles Zink is VAERS I.D. 1764974. There is little question from the autopsy results that Charlie suffered from acute heart injury at the time of his death. It is well known by medical experts that one relatively common sign of cardiac injury displays as unilateral shoulder pain. When Charlie surfaced and said “Wow, that hurt!” one can conclude he could have been referring to cardiac injury (myocarditis, myocardial infarction, etc.) while hitting the water or some time around the event. 

The governments of Sweden, Denmark, and Finland (the countries that the American left emulates most) have suspended the COVID “vaccines” in children. A judge in the UK ordered the government to provide evidence in court to justify theses jabs on children because of the injuries they are seeing. Maybe they are onto something?

Charles Arthur Zink was fascinated with numbers and patterns since birth. His potential and passions were substantial. He dreamed of becoming a world-famous roller-coaster designer and had grand plans over the summer to visit the biggest, boldest, fastest, and craziest coasters all across the united states. Charlie worked at the family restaurant (a Manchester, NH landmark.) He was an engaging and involved student whose memory was impeccable, with a knack for statistics, details, and tackling problem-solving puzzles. He loved geography, board games, cross-fit, and was a great athlete. Basketball was his passion and he played for many teams over the years and loved basketball stats and watching professional and college games. He had a competitive but incredible team and family spirit. 

Charlie’s family has a wonderful opportunity to share the gift and story of their son’s incredible tragedy with New Hampshire and the entire world. Their message can inform many parents with sons and daughters of the risks involved with these injections. Charlie’s beautiful life will not be in vain and his tragic story can help save many other families from the unimaginable loss or serious debilitating injury of a child. Charlie Zink’s legacy can be one of shedding light and truth in the deepest of this darkness.

If these conclusions about this story that broke a few days ago are even possibly accurate, where is the outcry? Why isn’t Congressman Chris Pappas testifying to Congress and on every news station and social media forum saying to halt all “vaccines” for young adults and children until the risks can be properly assessed? He was all over the news and social media with statements along with Senator Shaheen, Senator Hassan, Governor Sununu, and many more when Charlie died. I hope and pray the Zink family comes out publicly to share their tragedy. Their story could save children’s lives throughout NH and the united states. People are furious over Dr. Fauci and the sick atrocities that were done to dogs but remain careless about the thousands of children that are literally human guinea pigs on an untested, rushed-to-the-market, experimental gene therapy (by definition, this injection is NOT a “vaccine”?) It is criminal for health agencies to downplay myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clotting, severe head pain, seizures, loss of muscle control, severe menstrual bleeding, miscarriages, spontaneous abortions, premature births, infertility concerns, and more, instead of strongly cautioning and warning parents and adults of the many risks, INCLUDING DEATH, involved with these experimental COVID injections.

With Halloween coming, we also have the ridiculous news of the approval for jabbing 5-11 year olds that have a minuscule chance of dying from COVID. Do people realize that children are more likely to die from drowning and fires – and possibly from this experimental “vaccine” than from COVID itself? For the love of God and humanity, please protect your children and do not inject them with this great unknown. A good diet of lean protein, fruits and veggies, low sugar and low carb sprinkled with exercise and vitamin D, C, zinc, and a multivitamin is likely all your kiddos need to keep away illness and boost their immune system.

Turn off the mainstream media and educate yourself. And, no matter how uncomfortable these conversations may be, please make sure to share the information with your family and friends… it could, literally, save a life. 

From the 10/22/2021 release of VAERS data:
“This week’s U.S. data for 12- to 17-year-olds show:
  • 22,212 total adverse events, including 1,348 rated as serious and 25 reported deaths. Two of the 25 deaths were suicides.

The most recent death involves a 12-year-old girl (VAERS I.D. 1784945) who died from a respiratory tract hemorrhage 22 days after receiving her first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine.

Another recent death includes a 15-year-old male who died six days after receiving his first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. According to his VAERS report (VAERS I.D. 1764974), the previously healthy teen complained of brief unilateral shoulder pain five days after receiving his COVID vaccine. The next day he played with two friends at a community pond, swung on a rope swing, flipped into the air, and landed in the water feet first. He surfaced, laughed and told his friends “Wow, that hurt!” He then swam toward shore underwater, as was his usual routine, but did not re-emerge.

An autopsy showed no external indication of a head injury, but there was a small subgaleal hemorrhage — a rare, but lethal bleeding disorder — over the left occiput. In addition, the boy had a mildly elevated cardiac mass, increased left ventricular wall thickness and small foci of myocardial inflammation of the lateral wall of the left ventricle with myocyte necrosis consistent with myocardial infarction.

Another recent death includes a 16-year-old female (VAERS I.D. 1757635) who complained of fatigue and died one day after receiving Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

  • 58 reports of anaphylaxis among 12- to 17-year-olds where the reaction was life-threatening, required treatment or resulted in death — with 96% of cases
    attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
  • 539 reports of myocarditis and pericarditis (heart inflammation) with 531 cases attributed to Pfizer’s vaccine.
  • 125 reports of blood clotting disorders, with all cases attributed to Pfizer.”

The balance is repetitive in some form.

A member of our staff with 10 years of experience in emergency medicine spoke with Pappas’ office about these concerns and asked Pappas to consider supporting a pause for vaccinating children. He explained that children have nearly zero risk from COVID but have a larger risk from the “vaccine”, meaning that the risk outweighs the benefit. The congressional staffer insisted that Pappas is a “firm believer in the vaccine”, indicating that he would not even consider saying anything negative about administering the shots to anyone, including children who should not be receiving it. 

No one can imagine the pain of having to bury their child. It is not natural. We ask for your continued prayers for the loss that the Zink family is experiencing. Our deepest condolences go out to the Zink family, as the tragedy that they are going through is unimaginable.

Further reading:

Scientist Whose Wife Was Injured by COVID Vaccine Tells FDA: ‘Please Do Not Give This to Kids’

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Did This Congressman’s Nephew Die From The Pfizer Vaccine?

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2021-10-28 23:20 +0000

The most recent death involves a 15-year-old male who died six days after receiving his first dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine

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Why Word Choice Matters

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2021-10-28 03:41 +0000

By J.G. Franklin

Over the last ten years living in Brazil, I have come to the conclusion that word choice, when speaking, writing, or communicating in any language, truly DOES matter.  

“Why does it matter?”, you might ask. I would answer, “Because the most correctly-worded and well-crafted statements are usually the most impactful and the most persuasive.” 

Word choice, when correctly applied, demonstrates one’s true level of conscientiousness,  rather than simply one’s consciousness – especially since those two words are very, very different in meaning!! 

Conscientiousness is the personality trait of being careful or vigilant. Conscientiousness implies a  desire to do a task well, and to take obligations to others seriously. Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness, or, of being aware of an external object or something within oneself.” [All bolding and  underlining has been added for emphasis] 

That is to say that ‘conscience’ and ‘conscientiousness’ are nouns referring to the awareness that  one’s actions are right or wrong, as in one’s “guilty conscience“, while ‘conscious’ is an adjective meaning  “awake” or “alert.” If you were asleep, you would be “unconscious.” [All bolding and underlining has  been added for emphasis] 

This explains why being ‘conscious’ is NOT the same as being ‘conscientious’, nor is ‘consciousness’ the same as ‘conscientiousness’. 

I, and many others, are conscious of the words ‘freedom’ and ‘liberty’. However, seemingly,   very few people are truly conscientious in their use of those same words. The same goes for words like  ‘ethical’ and ‘moral’ as well as ‘rights’ and ‘privileges’

It is truly appalling that we as a human species have seemingly devolved so much as to be unable and unwilling to truly and consciously comprehend the difference in the true meanings of the aforementioned words and to consistently apply those same words conscientiously

The word ‘freedom’ connotates an immature version of ‘liberty’. Being truly ‘free’ is wonderful,  to be sure. However, as Frederic Hayek stated, “Liberty not only means that the individual has both the opportunity and the burden of choice; it also means that he must bear the consequences of his actions and will receive praise or blame for them. Liberty and responsibility are inseparable.[All bolding and  underlining has been added for emphasis] 

I would argue that the word ‘ethical’ is different from ‘moral’ – as in morals or mores – in the same way. The former is a higher or more evolved version of the latter. Morals and mores can be very subjective; they differ from culture to culture and region to region; they might be manifested, in practice, as an immature version of the former, that being ‘ethics’, because they lack the fundamental element which makes the former “better or more evolved”. That element is ‘informed consent’

I would like to clarify that I mean ‘informed consent’ much more broadly, as in all possible senses than just the apparently limited definition within the medical community. 

Whereas ‘morals / ethics’ and ‘freedom / liberty’ are connected – in that the first is an immature or less evolved version of the second – the words ‘rights’ and ‘privileges’ are absolutely antithetical;  that is to say that they are completely the opposite of one another.

So, one can NEVER be the other. Why is it then that so many people confuse them? 

The word ‘rights’ properly refers to anything that is universal among ALL human beings. The most well-known example of this would be those rights to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ as stated in the u.S. Declaration of Independence. 

But please keep in mind that those same ‘rights’ would STILL exist independently of the creation of the founding documents of the united states. That’s the point!!! 

‘Rights’ are never, and can never be, given or granted; they are simply recognized as being pre-existent!!! That is to say that they pre-date any form of government anywhere and at any time in human history!! 

Therefore, since they were never given or granted, they can never be taken away or infringed upon. Anything that any government at any level anywhere tells you to the contrary is nothing less than collectivist propaganda!!! 

‘Privileges’ on the other hand, can be and are, indeed, given or granted. They are not, by nature, universal. And, as such, they can, indeed, be more arbitrarily taken away. 

The recent “plandemic” is very illustrative of the extent to which we, the human species, have devolved. The vast majority of us seem to be only interested in continuing to talk at cross purposes,  having already determined the outcome we each want based solely on our own, respective, ‘truth’. 

However, as Richard Whately has correctly stated, “Everyone wishes to have truth on his side,  but not everyone wishes to be on the side of truth.” 

I phrased it another way when I wrote that there is a world of difference between being in possession of, or “owning”, a piece of THE TRUTH and being in possession of your “own” ‘truth’!! 

What we are both stating, emphatically, is that there is such a thing as objective and universal  TRUTH!! Consequently, the harmonization of the various objectively provable perspectives of what is true inevitably leads to the integral truth. 

The two most important truths, or principles, if you’d prefer, that have apparently been  forgotten, ignored, or were never bothered with in the past are as follows: 

1) NO government, of any level or of any size, has any RIGHTS of any kind!! AT MOST, they have temporary and limited access to the dispensation of OUR rights for the SOLE PURPOSE of fulfilling their DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES. 

2) THE MOST IMPORTANT DUTY AND RESPONSIBILITY OF ANY GOVERNMENT IS (and should be) TO MAKE ITSELF UNNECESSARY!!! This should be done through the empowerment of each citizen,  which would help them achieve a greater level of self-sustainability self-sufficiency that would, in turn,  promote their independence and their LIBERTY from the government. 

If we could all, each of us, truly perceive and focus on this indisputably and fundamentally objective level – at the beginning of every discussion and in every interaction that we have with anyone else – we’d all be much better off and the world would, indubitably, be a much better place!! 

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Why Word Choice Matters

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2021-10-28 03:41 +0000

Word choice, when correctly applied, demonstrates one's true level of conscientiousness,  rather than simply one's consciousness – especially since those two words are very, very different in meaning!! 

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New Hampshire Leaders Must Protect Citizens From Medical Discrimination

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2021-10-28 03:19 +0000

Currently, in the state of New Hampshire, private sector employers are permitted (and encouraged) to threaten their employees with termination if they don’t inject synthetic drugs into their bodies.

Many people are being fired while others are suffering in hostile work environments with constant rule-changing and nonstop discussion about mandates, testing, quarantines, mask-wearing, and other corona-fascist policies. 

These are blatant infringements on natural rights that should never occur in a free society, yet we see so few in our state government standing to defend the employees of these ‘private’ organizations. Few individuals in government want to offend private business or maybe it’s that they’re too busy taking handouts from private business to be concerned with the rights of the workers. You can explore such donations at

I do give credit to Representative Spillane who stood with the workers of General Electric in Hooksett during their walkout on October 20th. We thank him and request more of this sort of support. 

After Dictator Biden announced his mandate for the first time, some New Hampshire Republican representatives held a press conference at the State House on September 14th, where speaker Sherm Packard cried out that the reps are “trying to do everything they can” and then suggested we speak to our federal representatives for help.

Dictator Sununu on the other hand said he would not support a government mandate but later stated that controlling private businesses is beyond socialist and he would never do that – except for the millions of times he did control and even shut down private businesses.

See the October 13th Executive Council Meeting. 

I don’t care what word games the Dictator wants to play, but Governors are supposed to stop big businesses from discriminating against their employees for personal health choices. If Sununu is unable to end this barbaric work practice, then he is unfit to lead and must resign. 

After sabotaging our economy with a series of emergency orders, which I guess are not considered “socialist”, Sununu became concerned with economic recovery. However, the Dictator remains completely uninterested in New Hampshire’s private-sector workers losing their jobs because they choose not to undergo a reckless medical procedure. 

I want to hear from our government employees on how they think this debacle ends. Yes, it is the job of the people to stand up and push back on corporate tyranny, but we rely on our elected officials to help us facilitate this before it escalates. 

We’re trying to go through the proper processes and we’re trying to calmly redress our grievances, but the mandates are here and decent, hard-working people are being backed into corners. 

We’re not going to comply with health mandates of any sort in the workplace or in our state, so if the goal is 100% vaccination, I’m writing to tell you that this will not happen without great pain. This number can only be achieved by turning the barrel of a gun at tax-paying, God-fearing, New Hampshire, citizens and residents, and maybe this is the plan. Australia is going in that direction, and New Hampshire citizens will not tolerate such vicious tyranny. 

You start to think this way when the people that are supposed to represent you have nothing to say about you being fired for not taking an injection or nothing to say about you being arrested without a just cause. 

I wonder once we’re put out of work, will our emperors allow us to live peacefully on our homesteads while we create our own separate economies? Or will they just round us up and murder innocent civilians for not obeying their latest mandates?

I appeal to our elected officials and especially to our Governor! Stand up and defend us now, while we still have a chance at peace. If the governmental process fails, we will witness the worst human atrocities in our lifetime. 

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New Hampshire Leaders Must Protect Citizens From Medical Discrimination

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2021-10-28 03:19 +0000

We’re trying to go through the proper processes and we’re trying to calmly redress our grievances, but the mandates are here and decent, hard-working people are being backed into corners. 

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Alu’s Initial Thoughts On The Alec Baldwin Shooting

The Liberty Block - Wed, 2021-10-27 23:35 +0000

On Thursday, October 21st, Alec Baldwin reportedly fired a handgun accidentally while on the movie set. A projectile from the gun struck and killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and injured director Joel Souza. Baldwin has been an actor for decades and was producing the movie ‘Rust’, which was the setting for this Hollywood film tragedy.

Right after hearing the news, I began to have some interesting thoughts about this terribly sad and avoidable incident. As a very passionate firearms rights activist and shooter, I have been practicing and teaching the basic rules of gun safety since 2018. Anyone who ever comes near any firearm should know these rules as well as they know their own name: 

  1. Always treat ALL firearms like they are loaded
  2. NEVER touch the trigger until you are ready to fire
  3. NEVER point any gun at anything you do not wish to kill
  4. ALWAYS know your target, what’s beyond it, and what’s around it

Right away, I placed roughly 90-100% of the blame for this homicide on Alec Baldwin, because he pulled the trigger and killed a person. Telling a judge that you thought the gun was unloaded or that you didn’t mean to pull the trigger is not a serious defense. 

There were reports of the film crew being very upset at the producer (Baldwin) and contemplating walking off the set in protest. Could this be a potential motive for the killing if it weren’t truly an accident?

Why was there a real firearm on a movie set when Hollywood could easily get a realistic fake gun and use special effects to make the whole scene appear more realistic than the real world?

Who was responsible for loading the gun? I would have to assume that there was no ammunition anywhere on the set because that would be asking for trouble. Did somebody load the gun nefariously?

Alec Baldwin is famous for his bold leftist anti-gun rhetoric, which makes the tragedy ironic. Perhaps if he would spend more time actually training with real firearms and less time campaigning for gun control, he would not have made this terrible blunder.

Who was the armorer? This person had one job – to make sure the guns were safe – and she failed miserably. 

I have heard some reports that the gun was a revolver (which would make sense for this old western movie). In general, firing a revolver requires a very long and heavy trigger pull or the cocking of the hammer. This means that truly accidental discharges are extremely rare with revolvers. 

I have heard reports that there were two accidental discharges of guns prior to this incident. If this is true, I’d be okay charging every person involved in the movie with manslaughter or accessory charges. This is beyond reckless. Allowing 3 negligent discharges is insanity. 

If you’re into conspiracy theories… “Baldwin shot and killed Halyna Hutchins, whose husband Matthew Hutchins just happens to be an attorney for DC powerhouse law firm Latham and Watkins – a law firm that represented the Clinton campaign and the Clinton foundation in multiple litigations. Coincidence?” was posted to Reddit, along with sources. As far as I can tell, the story checks out. Latham & Watkins also represents Michael Sussman, who was recently indicted by John Durham, according to

If 60+ people associated with the Clintons hadn’t had tragically early deaths by freak accidents, maybe I would brush this theory to the side. 

I will try to update this article as more information comes to light. 

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