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US DOD Was Paying for COVID19 Research Three Months Before COVID19 “Existed”

Fri, 2022-04-15 15:00 +0000

DailyExposeUK has a report on US Department of Defense contracts in Ukraine. It involves global players, USAID, NIAID, Biolabs in Ukraine, MODERNA, bat coronaviruses, mRNA vaccines, and something called COVID19 – months before anyone called it that.

I’m not going to try and reinvent their wheel here. They did all the work, and it’s impressive – details that will annoy the crap out of people with their heads in the sand.

We’ve got a ‘virus’ that produced no increased mortality in any age group throughout the “pandemic.”  In the US, for example, the average age at COVID death was 81, in a country where people are not expected to live much past 78.

So, the only pandemic is the result of politics and policy. There was never any actual biological threat exceeding average life expectancy. The threat is what is happening to life expectancy due to masking, mandates, lockdowns, and (of course) the most dangerous ‘vaccine’ in modern history, the mRNA COVID19 ‘treatment.’

None of this can be disputed. State, federal, and international data all support it. But the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper.

The DailyExpose uncovered a trail of open source federal funding data that revealed some curious coincidences.


  • A novel coronavirus emerged in Wuhan in December 2019.
  • The world did not get to hear about this novel coronavirus until early January 2020.
  • The world did not know this novel coronavirus was called Covid-19 until February 2020, when the World Health Organization officially named it so.
  • The US Department of Defense awarded a contract for Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services to Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp‘, which is allegedly “a global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company specialising in infrastructure development.”
  • That contract involved a Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine.
  • As part of this larger contract, another contract was awarded to Labyrinth Global Health for ‘COVID-19 Research’ on 12th November 2019.
  • This was awarded at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19.
  • Labyrinth Global Health works alongside the ‘Eco Health Alliance’ and ‘Metabiota’ and participated in the USAID PREDICT program. All of these people and organisations have been working for at least the past decade studying coronaviruses and helping to set up Biolabs in Ukraine. All using US Department of Defense funds to do so.
  • Information found here points to Eco Health Alliance having a hand in creating the Covid-19 virus.
  • Information found here points to Moderna having a hand in creating the Covid-19 virus.
  • ‘Moderna’, alongside the ‘National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), agreed to transfer ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates’ developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna, to recipients ‘The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’ on the 12th December 2019.


That’s their summary. You can take a deeper dive into their deeper dive here.

You’ll find a money trail that ties all the groups mentioned above (and others) together, ending with what looks like “the US Government was funding Covid-19 research before Covid-19 was publicly known to exist.”

At a lab in Ukraine set up and funded under the Obama admininstration.



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Thought Splinters Part III

Fri, 2022-04-15 13:30 +0000

This builds on Part I and Part II, which mainly focus on my own past experiences, to introduce new concepts.  I use these.  Hopefully, these give you some conversational/rhetorical ammunition for your own efforts.

And please note – in the comments I will comment.  If you have added suggestions with links, reply to my root comment and if I get enough I’ll fold them into a fourth one.

Before I plunge in, let me relate two additional parallel events from my past – things that started to gel my objections to large numbers of immigrants into the US.  And I say this as the son of an immigrant mother, and the husband of an immigrant wife.



Whilst in college I told my parents I wanted to try scuba diving – something I’d always wanted to do since I became enamored with the ocean thanks to Jacque Cousteau.  Their response was to say it was dangerous.  I replied that it was that or skydiving, to which they said, “Enjoy the fish”.


So on a trip to the Florida Keys I flew to Miami, threw my gear in the rental, somehow took a wrong turn and got lost, and found myself in a foreign country.  Nobody, anywhere, spoke English – or would admit to it.  I also got quite a few looks that I interpreted as What are you doing on our turf, gringo?  (In retrospect I was probably in bigger danger than I thought at the time.)  After several convenience stores with no results a friendly clerk, who still didn’t speak English, took a city map and showed me where we were, and where I needed to get to road-wise, and that plus some sun-based navigation got me straight.

But it struck me then and there, and stuck with me, that the whole point of America was assimilation.  The melting pot.  And the need for a common language.

Years and years later I took my then relatively new wife to meet some friends back in the Midwest where I’d worked for years.  Now – understand that my wife is nominally a Muslim though, growing up in the USSR, she’s really an atheist.  But Dearborn shocked her, and me as well despite having worked near there and went there many times back when I did work in that part of the country.

Store signs in Arabic.  Men in Arab robes.  Women in burqas or niqabs.  My wife looked at me and asked if we were still in America.  I was not sure… I mean, I’d known it had a large Arab population but this was functionally a section of any Arab city transplanted to America.


(Image source)


Thought Splinter: Aren’t immigrants to America supposed to assimilate?  And if they don’t, what will happen to America?


Now, to some hopefully-useful Thought Splinters.


Trans children:



Let me be clear: if someone – as an adult – wants to do this, that’s their business.  I think they’re nuts, but they’re adults and can make that choice.  But when talking with someone who is in favor of young kids “transitioning” – which includes chemical and then physical sterilization through surgery:

Them: <Some form of support for this.>

You: I’m curious, what do you think of castration for rapists?

Them: Of course not!

You: Even just chemical castration or sterilization?

Them: Of course not!

You: So you’re willing to permanently sterilize children both chemically and surgically, but you’re not willing to sterilize or castrate a rapist?

(HT ballseyeboomers)



I had a column on my old blog about the whole “fair share” thing and raising taxes on those eeeeevil rich.  Speaking of the rich (by one of my long-time favorite commentators, Bill Whittle):



Anyway, two things flow from this ENVY.  First is that “the rich” need to (cue snarl) pay their fair share.  OK, so whenever someone spins this off, casually reply with this seemingly simple question:

OK, great.  What’s a fair share?

Odds are good that they’ll look at you funny.  Maybe they’ll repeat “You know, their fair share”!

Fine, great.  What is it?  What’s the number, what’s the percentage, what’s the formula that defines fair share?  What is a “fair share” aside from “more than they’re paying now”?

And assuming they haven’t stalked off in fuming fury, follow up with:

And since everything is relative, right, what makes your fair share right and mine wrong?

Just be prepared to have an answer to what your idea of fair share is.  Now if they actually name a number, one more punch:

If we raised taxes to that, will you commit to never coming back and wanting more?

Second, in parallel, I remember hearing adds for Imperious Barackus Rex and his tax plan that included this marvelous phrase (emphasis according to my memory) “… and the rich will be asked to pay a little bit more”.

If they’re being asked, can they say no?

“Of course not”!

Then they’re being asked to pay more the same way a woman with a knife at her throat is being asked to partake in a back alley romantic interlude.


Gun Control:

One of the standard arguments we use is “Look at gun-controlled Chicago”, to which they always say something to the effect of “But guns come in from places where there are lax gun laws and guns can be bought easily”.

Your reply is simple.  So guns are so much more easily available in other places?


So then why don’t those places have higher murder rates than Chicago if guns are so more readily available there?

You can almost see their brains lock up with this.


(Image source)


Then you hit them with these, rapid-fire:

Did you know that interstate sales of handguns by non-licensed people is a federal felony?  And that straw-man purchases of guns by one person on behalf of someone who can’t buy a gun is a federal felony?  Did you know that for a felon to even touch a firearm is a federal felony?  So you want to make these illegal things double-secret illegal and you think that’ll solve the problem?

If possible, refer them to this Bill Whittle video:



Also, regarding the recent shooting in California:

  • California already bans ghost guns.
  • California has required background checks for all gun sales since the 1990s.
  • California has banned “assault weapons” since the 1990s.
  • California bans “high capacity” magazines.
  • Additionally, California has a red flag law,
  • gun registration requirements,
  • A 10-day waiting period on gun purchases,
  • A “good cause” requirement for concealed carry permit issuance,
  • A ban on campus carry for self-defense,
  • A ban on teachers carrying on K-12 campuses for classroom defense, and a limit on the number of guns law-abiding citizens can buy each month.
  • California also requires would-be purchasers to pass a background check before acquiring ammunition.

So to the shootings in CA and NYC one could comment:

So you want to re-pass laws that already exist and didn’t work because… why?


Abortion (specifically from rape):

Let me be clear on my own position: I am pro-life and believe that the baby has nothing to do with the rape itself.  But I can also see – and in full disclosure still somewhat wrestle with – the argument that:

  1. For a woman to be forced to carry a rapist’s baby to term, as opposed to doing so voluntarily, I can see the cruel and unusual thing applying.
  2. Do we really want to let the rapist’s genetic legacy move forward into the future?

So this is a point with which I am still struggling.  Nevertheless, one can ask someone on this particular topic:

Do you believe in the death penalty?


Then why are you so eager to apply it to a person who didn’t even exist at the time of the crime?

Now if they say YES, ask:

So what crime did the baby, who wasn’t even alive at the time of the crime, commit that’s worthy of the death penalty?

And if they come back with “it’s just a clump of cells” – have them look at this picture (article linked, not shown, in case there are the squeamish about) and say:

This eight-week old “clump of cells” has arms, legs, a head, a torso, and a face.


On being called a racist/sexist/whatever-phobe:

I have two general approaches.  IMHO both work best when surrounded by people, especially people whose opinions they value.  By using these you’re costing them face.  Because to a Leftist what others think of them is often more valuable than what they think of themselves (link and bolding in original):

Liberals are constantly checking their views against those of their fellows because, deep down, they’re not sure of their own. I think that it’s one reason they slide to further and further extremes.

Ultimately, for the Leftist, it’s not about what they think, it’s about what others think about them. Read this essay by a psychologist whose work and essays I really like; alas, she’s gone dark after Obama’s re-election. And then READ IT AGAIN – it’s that good. They’re not strong enough to stand on their own convictions.

So, laugh and say sneeringly:

Is that the best you can do?  Gee, here I was expecting a cogent and reasoned argument backed with facts.  Instead, I get child insults.  What’s next, calling me a poopy-head?

Come back when you can have an adult discussion.


Giggling, almost child-like laugh laughter:

I win!

When they look at you oddly, and they will:

You threw the <racist/sexist/homophobe/whatever> card.  Which is what losers throw when they have no rational argument.  I win!

And walk away.



Again, if you have other suggestions, please reply to my comment and if I get enough I’ll fold them into a Part IV.


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If An Adult Kept Talking to You About Sex or Gender at Work …

Fri, 2022-04-15 12:00 +0000

The scenarios in which broaching the subject of sexuality without it being creepy are few. If you were at work and someone started talking about their sexual preferences, that might constitute illegal harassment.

If a man or woman was talking to someone else’s child in public and started offering details or asking questions about sexuality, they might get a good talking to by law enforcement if someone didn’t beat the crap out of them on the spot.

If a Disney cast member or an employee of any business did it, you’d expect or demand the same deal with a quick kick to the ranks of the unemployed.

If they got caught.

When a public school teacher gets busted after deliberately hiding it, we’re to believe that the parents are the bad guys?

Public schools are one of the most likely places to find child sex predators in America. And your kids were being groomed by pedophiles long before the LGBT agenda intruded on the academic experience.

Research from both 2004 and 2014 clarifies that sexual predation in public education is a big problem. The 2014 report was compiled during the Obama administration and focused on grooming.

Democrats, not all but many, after all the abuses of children during COVID19, have chosen this as the rhetorical hill on which to die.

My suggestion? As I noted in my remarks at the 2022 Women’s Defense League Rally two weeks ago, “never stop your opponent from making a mistake.”

If someone defends the grooming of any children in public schools, especially young children, say okay, groomer. Ask them why it’s okay for adults to talk to little kids like this, but if you did it to them right now, it would be sexual harassment (regardless of gender focus)?

Are they okay with random adults speaking to children about sexuality wherever they happen to be or just in the confines of taxpayer-funded institutions?

Schools are proven breeding grounds for the grooming and sexual predation of children, and you’re okay with this?

Please read up on what grooming looks like and where it happens. We shared a great resource earlier this week that you can use here.

And keep sending those Freedom of Information Act or Right to Know requests for curriculum, especially to schools and school boards that are dismissive, uncooperative, or belligerent toward parent concerns.

These are your kids, and it’s your money. And even if it weren’t, who wants to stand up and say they insist on paying for adults to engage in the sexual grooming of other people’s kids without parental consent.

Those people are out there too, so call it what it is.

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WARNING: Educational Resource for Kids in K-12 Schools Includes Access to Hard-Core Pornography

Fri, 2022-04-15 10:30 +0000

A representative from Ohio Value Voters gave the State Board of Education an earful the other day. Ohio Value Voters describes itself as an organization protecting faith, family, freedom, and the sanctity of life.

John Stover, who is listed as the president of Ohio Value Voters, presented a packet to each Ohio State Board of Education member that included information on how has been a resource for children to access hard-core pornography. is Ohio’s pre-K to 12 digital library that offers public schools access to digital materials that can be utilized in the classroom. The Ohio State Board of Education now realizes that some of that material includes hard-core pornography.

You can watch John Stover’s presentation to the State Board of Education in Ohio here:



You can see some of the reactions from the elected board members who go on to ask questions after the presentation. Charlotte McGuire, who is the current Board Chair, mentions something really important that you don’t want to miss. A concern that is being expressed across the country; the sexualization of children.

InfoOhio receives $2.5 MILLION in state (taxpayer) funding so that students can access their education resources. They are supposed to be providing educational materials that support the state academic standards but John Stover presented information on how children can also access hard-core pornography.

This is something that should have been vetted long before was accepted as a resource for public schools.

This may not be what intended for children, but that is no excuse for their dereliction of duty.

Is this happening in other states? Recently we read that schools in New Jersey promoted pornographyy to children as part of their comprehensive sex education.

The material Schepisi exposed includes a YouTube video on porn.

“Is it normal to watch porn?” the narrator, who sounds like a child, says in the video. “Yes. It’s normal. Lots of people watch porn. After all it’s right there and it’s free.

This not only disrespects families from diverse religious and secular backgrounds, it can cause young children to then go out and seek pornography at an early age.

Parents have been fighting sexualization in their local school districts across the country. There are laws that they should familiarize themselves with, and report the distribution of these harmful materials to their local county attorneys. Ask them to file charges against anyone in the school district who is exposing their children to this kind of content. You can learn more about that by reviewing an older article on reading material that suggests to Bedford students that pedophilia is ok.

Parents can start by opting their children out of objectionable materials, but they should also start reporting these incidents to local law enforcement. Maybe they will step in, maybe they will not. It’s still important to file a report so that if something does come up in the future, at least that teacher has been reported for their participation in this harmful practice.

Sexualizing and grooming children is becoming more prevalent in the local public schools. It’s up to the rest of us to address this and refocus our schools on quality academic content that teaches children to read, write add and subtract.



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A Restaurant Reccomendation

Fri, 2022-04-15 03:00 +0000

I’m publishing this off the typical schedule because it’s not the sort of content we usually share. While we can write about whatever we want, most of it is politics and culture. But I just had dinner here, and it was exceptional.

I took my wife to Ignite Bar and Grill/Hooked Seafood Restaurant on Hanover Street in Manchester. It might be one of the best meals out I have had in a while, and I am not hard to please.

I ordered the Asian Steak tips. My wife had the Haddock. Both were delicious.

We went early – easier to get a table, parking still sucked (there is a parking garage right there, but you know, not cheap – but the experience was excellent.

We eat dinner unreasonably early anyway, so it was no big deal to reserve a table for 4:30. You get to eat by 5:00 (I was driving around trying to avoid the parking garage, so that killed some time). And yes, I realize a lot of folks prefer 6 pm or later.

I eat again, later, almost every night, so don’t worry. I won’t be wasting away. It’s about portion size, and the portions were good. I brought some home to enjoy again – not long from now, actually – no, not midnight, I meant from now – when I’m writing this.

Enough about my dining habits, though we have decided to try a different restaurant every month, and Manchester could keep us busy for a while if that’s where we look.

If you have suggestions, please share them – anywhere near the greater Manchester Nashua area if you please.

And if you are looking for a place to try, we had a great experience at the Ignite Bar and Grill/Hooked Seafood Restaurant at 100 Hanover Street, Manchester.

They recommend reservations, especially around typical dinner hours.

I asked the waitress. She said they turn walk-ins away every night because there’s nowhere to put them.

And no, I was not paid to write this. I went there, and the food was terrific.



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“What if We Passed a Law Making it Illegal to Teach Your Kids About Religion?”

Fri, 2022-04-15 01:30 +0000

Someone traveling the interwebs under the handle Plastic Martyr has a question for folks opposed to grooming little kids in public schools. They want to know how you’d feel about this!


“I wonder how these conservatives would feel if we passed a law making it illegal to teach your kids about religion until they were adults.”


Show me a public school that “teaches” religion. I’m not aware of any. Not for at least 50 years, maybe more.  No one is grooming kids on the taxpayer dime to seek the salvation of Jesus Christ.

Maybe it would be easier if you showed me a public school that doesn’t lose its collectivist mind if someone dares to exercise their constitutionally protected first amendment right to religious expression in a public school.

Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

No luck there either, eh?

Government schools aren’t teaching religion. They weren’t doing it in the ’70s when I was in public school, and at no time since then unless we can count proselytizing Islam.

Publis School nazis lose their minds when you send kids to religious schools whether they teach religion to them or not. Just say the words in succession. Religious. Schools.

It’s like garlic or crosses to vampires.  There are all sorts of hisses and cursing.

So, no law is needed. It’s been the standard for close to six decades. Not that such a law would survive a constitutional challenge. So, I have to ask. Are you also admitting or suggesting that the practice of grooming children is a religion? That passing a law to prevent pedophiles from talking to kids about sex until they are(let’s say) nine years old is unconstitutional.

If that’s the case, then it violates the constitution for the government (in this case, public schools) to favor the establishment of your religion (LGBTQ Grooming) before any other. If you can’t or won’t teach my faith, you sure as heck can’t teach yours. And if you insist on teaching yours, you have to teach mine.

What’s more important to your cult? Keeping Christianity and Judaism away from children or letting sex predators groom them?

Pro-tip: we’ve been teaching our kids about church and God and stuff outside the school system. Sadly, it’s illegal if you groom kids outside public schools, and you’ll be arrested. And guess what, that’s what should happen to adults who do it inside public schools.

One more point. Do you also have a tweet or social media post somewhere in which you wish women had the same rights as guns? I get the feeling that maybe you do.

Update: I had one more thought that I neglected to add earlier. The question was, “I wonder how these conservatives would feel if we passed a law making it illegal to teach your kids about religion until they were adults.” 

While we may think of it as child abuse/Munchausen by Proxy for a parent to trans their kid at home, this isn’t about a law prohibiting them from “teaching” their kids that crap at home. It is about adults in public schools (on the taxpayer dime) grooming other people’s kids – and in most cases hiding it from parents.

Those two things are in a separate rhetorical universe.

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2020 Senatorial Campaign: Kevin Smith

Fri, 2022-04-15 00:00 +0000

I haven’t done much to capture candidates across the State this cycle. For the most part, I’ve let them come to me (not going out as much with a young family in the form of the Grandson). But last night?

It was the monthly Belknap County Republican Committee meeting at the Gilford Public Library and Kevin Smith was the Keynote Speaker.



Note: I’m still learning how to use my new phone (Samsung S22 Ultra for its fast process and proclaimed great video) as well as the new gimbal system (DJI OM 5).

Any “stuttering” or awkward-looking shots is me not understanding that if I “do this,” it may not be “what it actually does.”

The phone and rig Bluetooth each other and the DJI App running on the phone control the gimbal as they interact with each other.

Most of the video was done in Tracking mode so that when Kevin would move forward, the gimbal would turn the phone automatically to keep him in the existing frame. Nice feature. I don’t have to keep moving the “camera” myself/

It would be nice if I can figure out how to configure the Tracking to “move only when he moves out of this smaller virtual frame” to stop some of that back and forth.  But hey, it’s only the second time I’ve used it.


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Movin’ Sounds like Groomin,’ Rawhide Rhymes with Gay Pride – So, I Just Rewrote the Lyrics …

Thu, 2022-04-14 22:30 +0000

Many people in “the community” object to the trans thing, grooming kids, and all of that. It revolts them, but I do not hear a lot of pushback there.

People are using ‘Gay Pride!’ as a crutch for the sinister sexualization of young children.

You will end up grouped into that wing of a movement that is happy to wreck whatever safe space you’ve found to advance that agenda.

Put another way, If an Anti-grooming Bill Is Anti-LGBT – Does That Make Pedophilia a Normal Feature of the LGBTQ+ Community?

Well? Does it? And what happened to see something say something? Not applicable?

You know, we get grouped with radical cliques all the time. Our response is to give back as good as we get, if not better than we get. We make enemies on all sides, but for us, it’s about the founding principles, not labels people attach or assign to themselves or a movement. Actions speak louder than labels, I guess.

And if we can have some fun in the process, that makes it more worthwhile

So, I hope you find a voice (ironic, yes?), and the adults who oppose that sort of thing take back the movement, though I’m not sure they can or even want to try. It reminds me of the so-called moderate Muslims. They’re out there, but where? And what influence are they having on Islamofascist “grooming,” if you catch my drift?

Anyway, per the headline, my rarely idle mind coughed up the theme to Rawhide this morning (for no reason), and things started clicking. Movin’ sounds like groomin.’ Rawhide sounds like Gay Pride.

I wonder how many people it would piss off if…well, here you go.


Groomin,’ Groomin, Groomin’,
Groomin,’ Groomin, Groomin’,
Groomin,’ Groomin, Groomin’,
Groomin,’ Groomin, Groomin’,
Gay Pride!

Keep Groomin,’ Groomin, Groomin’,
Disney’s Gay Cartoonin’
Keep them teachers Groomin, GayPride!

We’ll get help from the unions,
School Boards are all tuned in,

Hide that curr-ic-ulum, Gay Pride!,

Cuz’ Johnny won’t need that penis
At school we call him Venus
So what if he commits suicide!

Bring ’em in, groom ‘me up, gender swap, move ’em out, Bring ’em in keep it up, Gay Pride.
Parents don’t, like it much, if they fuss, shut ’em up, shut ’em out, – after all   Gay Pride!



It’s not perfect, but neither am I or any of us. But we should be willing to draw some lines, and how about we protect some kids? Public schools were the number one place for sexual assaults on kids before this crap, but if we can’t stand up against openly grooming children (more on that here), then these kids are going to end up messed up and dead.

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DISQUS Doodlings: “EAT THE RICH” – There’s Always a Problem with Going after the Richest 1%

Thu, 2022-04-14 21:00 +0000

Back to Treehugger and Lloyd’s post, “Individual Actions Can Reduce Emissions Up to 70%, Says IPCC Report.” Where two Liberty-minded folks (such thorns in their socialist sides) decide to zero in on another part of Lloyd’s outing of himself.

First, the Setup:

Changes in diet are a particularly interesting example because small-scale changes can add up to big carbon savings. The report states: “Current literature on health, diets and emissions indicates that sustainable food systems providing healthy diets for all are within reach but require significant cross-sectoral action, including improved agricultural practices, dietary shifts among consumers, and food waste reductions in production, distribution, retail, and consumption.”1 It can all add up to as much as 5.8 gigatonnes per year—a big chunk of the emissions gap.1 That’s all through eating and raising less red meat and dairy, not wasting food, and not eating more than we need.

The report also points out that “implementation of these solutions requires combinations of institutional infrastructural, behavioral, socio-cultural, and business changes.” We have to change the way we live, work, buy, and eat. But all of this is doable with the right mix of incentives and disincentives, using what they call “choice architecture,” which “describes the presentation of choices to consumers, and the impact that presentation has on consumer decision-making.”

And of course, much of the problem has to do with inequality—how the top 10% are responsible for half the carbon, with the average carbon footprint of the richest being 175 times that of the bottom 10%. The bottom 50% contribute just 15% of emissions.

…Readers must think that I have lost it completely, suggesting we have the problem solved—that we can get the 10% and the 1% to change their way of life so radically in a couple of years. I preemptively respond by noting it is actually not that radical at all, especially for the richest people who have the most choices.

Sure, if EVERYONE suddenly decided to change their ways, go vegan, downsize to Tiny Homes or live in micro-apartments in an overstuffed, crime-ridden, smelly city and consumed little, the above might meet the “individual action” bit of the posts title. That’s about as real as me winning the lottery or becoming the next POTUS. Which is to say, nil. And the higher up the economic food chain you go, I would imagine the less apt it would be for a voluntary change.  Why throw everything away after spending years of time and talent to live a better life for oneself and family?

Once again, Socialism shows that it is completely ignorant of human behavior – unless it is forced upon someone. With his EAT THE RICH manifesto, he makes it clear, like all eco-socialists, that choice isn’t going to be part of the 1%’s future.

Vindaloo Bugaboo agrees:

Readers must think that I have lost it completely, suggesting we have the problem solved—that we can get the 10% and the 1% to change their way of life so radically in a couple of years.

Not at all, Lloyd. It’s merely a suggestion, same as I suggest to my girlfriend that we should have chinois potato puree with truffle cream, foie gras, and Wagyu ribeye for dinner tonight. But getting the 10%, let alone 1%, to change their standards of living (face it, that’s really what you’re talking about here) in a couple of years is ludicrous.

Yes, he was being sarcastic (like me). Some might – most won’t. And VB points out that it is the West that forms almost all of that entire 10%. From the World Inequality Database: (abstracted):

  • An average adult individual earns USD23,380 per year in 2021
  • The average adult has assets of USD102,600 [their wealth – Skip].
  • On average, an individual from the top 10% of the global income distribution earns USD122,100 per year
  • On average, an individual from the top 10% of the global income distribution has assets of  USD771,300.

Note: the people behind that database are also all about having Governments, like Obama, “spreading the wealth around” but it at least has some data.

But the real question isn’t why doesn’t everyone earn the same income and have the same wealth in this case for me, it’s “what are the limits”? Obama famously said “at some point, you’ve made enough money”. Nice for the rubes but his wealth has kept on climbing since leaving the Presidency – apparently he has wealth limits for everyone except himself (and his pals, I guess). But that’s on the upswing.

My question is “what is the limit on the downswing – unless the whole exercise of Lloyd is to downsize everyone (probably):

Lloyd’s already shown his Socialist face with his “EAT THE RICH” line (a coupla/few times here on TH). In this, his solution may be quite easy – just follow the suggestion made by Nelson6666.

Now, I think Nelson6666 is aiming for that final solution that’s been tried before. Problem is, there’s a ready-made replacement set of Rich right behind them.

Socialism is a governmental form that recognizes no limits on itself (even as Lloyd et al is demanding limits on the rest of us – do with that line as you wish).

But I don’t put Lloyd in the same category as Nelson6666 as far as process – Lloyd’s more of the kind of regulators that will “legally” steal that wealth and leave them destitute. You know, like Govts are taking over the Russian oligarchs superyachts even if they’ve had no connection to Putin’s “little military incursion”.

But he still has the same problem – what to do when the next 1%ers rises up into view?

So what’s the limit you have in mind – that the current 50% will become the new 1%?

Remember this: in capitalism, the rich become powerful. In socialism, the powerful become rich. So which is your poison, Lloyd? Where does your balance beam stop (or is it like a teeter-totter like when the fat kid gets off the other end?)?

Where do you end it?

For context, commenter Nelson6666 is all about reducing the world’s population from its current level to 2 billion – or was that 200 million?  Either way, he’s happy to kill everyone else off. He doesn’t like it, though, when I keep reminding him that he should be leading from the front by example.

Such a humorless guy, he is.

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Biden Issues Order to Ban Automobiles

Thu, 2022-04-14 19:30 +0000

Joe Biden will issue an Executive Order banning all gas and electric automobiles and will issue free Electric Bikes to replace them. Okay, so that is a parody and carries a lot of satire, but I am just following the logic Biden uses with increasing crime.

Joe is slated to sign an executive order to ban “Ghost” guns to counter the rise in crime. He is going after the tool used by evil people to harm or kill a person. If the gun is to blame in a fatal shooting, isn’t the car to blame in fatal car crashes?

Crime has been on a dramatic trajectory for the last two years. The increase corresponds with the attack on Police forces, emptying of prisons, District Attorneys who refuse to indict criminals, the Border eliminated, and record amounts of Fentanyl and illegal guns coming in from Mexico. For Democrats in power, these problems are too difficult to resolve, so they urge Joe Biden to go after “Ghost” guns.

The Biden Administration has become a series of random thoughts. There is no plan, just a reaction. Joe was in Iowa this week, and when in Iowa, you need to pander to corn growers. He decided it would be a great idea to tie corn, ethanol, and the elimination of the fossil fuel industry into one sentence. He proclaimed that he was relaxing restrictions on ethanol, which would reduce fuel costs by ten cents a gallon. Two immediate problems here. Ten cents does nothing to lessen the two dollar a gallon increase in the Biden Era. The second is that only 2% of gas stations in America even offer ethanol-based fuel. This decision by Joe will do nothing to reduce the cost of gasoline, but it got applause from the good folks of Iowa he was addressing.

The media shows the sound bite for every newscast, and not a soul calls him on the facts. Even when these announcements are fact-checked, there is no equal time given to the facts. Thus we have millions of people who see the spot, believe it, and move on being lied to and accepting it. The President’s approval rating dipped this week to 33%. The perception is that this President is too old, does not work enough, and has terrible instincts. This perception is why 54% outright disapprove of Biden’s effort. There is no indication that anyone feels he can right this ship.

In the short term, we do not have good options. Impeachment efforts are a non-starter with the Democrat control of both chambers. The outcome of any effort, impeachment or Article 25, does not appeal to either side of the aisle. Nobody wants to see Harris at the helm. That leaves us praying for the President’s health but keeping him in check on any major issues. The Republicans have to clog the Congress and force Biden to go the Executive Order route. At least EOs can be easily reversed.

We always have a President who some people don’t agree with or don’t like. This President is different. Even diehard Democrats cannot point to good decisions from Biden. The facts will not allow that folly. We have to contain him and minimize the damage. Not an easy process because we have not been here before. Carter harmed the country but nowhere near the damage inflicted by this President. I wish there were something positive to opine about with Biden, but he cannot or will not deliver.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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One Minute Read – Call it What it is: Bidenflation

Thu, 2022-04-14 18:00 +0000

Ben Shapiro has a great piece at The Daily Signal exposing the BS of the Putin Price Hike narrative being aped by the poo-flinging media monkeys. The key evidence? Where things were and were headed before Russia invaded Ukraine. Up ⇑ !

Take it away, Mr. Shapiro!


In February 2021, the month after President Joe Biden took office, the inflation rate was just 1.7%. In April 2021, it spiked to 4.2%. By May, the inflation rate was 5%. It remained in that range until October, when it spiked to 6.2%. It then spiked again to 6.8% in November and 7.5% in January. …

It also doesn’t supply chain issues alone. The core inflation rate in Europe has remained well below that of the United States. The harmonized index of consumer prices was 5.9% in February in the Europe area, compared with 7.9% in the United States.

So, what is the problem? The problem lies in loose monetary policy from the Federal Reserve for years on end, combined with wildly irresponsible economic policy from the Biden administration. …

In 2020, the government spent approximately $6.6 trillion in federal outlays. In 2021, the year of recovery, the government spent $7.2 trillion.


No one wanted to pay the piper and the piper has come to call. And his name is not Vladimir Putin.



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BLM Co-Founder Who Made Millions from Donors Thinks Reporting it to the IRS is … Racist?

Thu, 2022-04-14 16:30 +0000

Remember when BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors dropped over a million on a mansion (in a mostly white neighborhood) in California. Well, her ‘Non-profit’ has raked in at least 90 million, and inquiring minds want to know what they did with the money.

What they are doing.

Neither Cullors nor BLM ever filed any 990s, and now she’s saying that requirement – the transparency – is a being used against her people or something.

Asking for that level of transparency makes her uncomfortable. She doesn’t feel safe. The people in the movement don’t feel safe. It feels like some sort of weapon.


“People’s morale in an organization is so important. But if their organization and the people in it are being attacked and scrutinized at everything they do, that leads to deep burnout. that leads to deep, like, resistance and trauma,” Cullors said.

Cullors, who left BLM without a leader after she resigned in May 2021 amid scrutiny of her personal real estate purchases, said media scrutiny of the charity is an “experiment,” that, if successful, will be used to take down other black-led activist groups.

“They know what they’re doing: how to create the infighting, how to create the distrust,” she said. “We have to stop it before they do it. We have to shut it down. We have to be showing up against it.”


Just say it. The IRS and form 990 are racist.

Not that Cullors needs to say it (she never goes quite that far). And she’s not in charge of BLM anymore, but that’s not going to protect her. “Authorities” want to know what’s up with the millions.

The report at PJ Media suggests that the mansion is not being used for the purpose stated by the so-called non-profit. Were millions more dollars were appropriated for taxable uses because the greedy folks running California and at the IRS (is the ‘R’ for racist?) will want their piece.

BLM could stand for Black Laundromat Millionaires, but they/them don’t care.

The FBI will happily raid your residence at 5 am and perp walk you in front of CNN’s conveniently present cameras to get their slice of your action.

In other words, if the form doesn’t make you feel safe, just wait. You’re about to feel a lot less safe after a Grand Jury Indictment. Or did you forget? And you cry racism or whine about safe spaces and weaponized bureaucracies all you want. Those are also your people, and you are only useful to that regime while you are useful.

The moment any advantage tips away from you and toward them, your usefulness evolves.

There is not a single victim class face on the Identity politics totem poll that makes you immune to that.

And your movement spent an entire summer burning down minority neighborhoods and looting minority businesses, even ending black lives, to advance the sort of government that does that. It is a state that inevitably ignores the law when it suits them because it does not apply to them.

The way you claim that the 990 reporting rules do not apply to you. Ironic, right?

I guess you should have converted your little group into an LLC, paid taxes on the donations, and then you could have kept that privacy to which you now claim to be entitled.

But you didn’t.

Say hi to your lawyers for me, and you’ll need to pay them too, but at least you can claim that as a legitimate expense.



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New England Plaintiffs Condemn CDC for 5th Extension of Transportation Mask Rule

Thu, 2022-04-14 15:00 +0000

UXBRIDGE, Massachusetts — Numerous Americans Against Mask Mandates members suing the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Transportation Security Administration, and 10 airlines to strike down their face-covering dictates expressed outrage today at CDC’s announcement it will extend the Federal Transportation Mask Mandate for a fifth time, from April 18 to May 3.

“The Biden Administration’s announcement today that it’s extending the Federal Transportation Mandate another 15 days is ridiculous and has nothing to do with science,” said Lucas Wall of Washington. D.C., chairman of Americans Against Mask Mandates and plaintiff in three federal lawsuits seeking to declare CDC, TSA, and airline mask rules unlawful.

“COVID-19 cases are as low now as they are ever likely to be. If the administration can’t lift the mandate now, when will it ever? And this is all a charade since the science overwhelmingly shows that masks have been totally ineffective at reducing COVID-19 spread but harm human health in dozens of ways. Not to mention the chaos in the sky the mask enforcement has created as oxygen-starved passengers and flight crews battle with each other over one’s ability to breathe freely.”

The AAMM coalition has 14 active lawsuits challenging CDC, TSA, and airline mask rules. Another five cases are in the works to be filed in the next couple weeks.

Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases for consideration
to Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

“We will keep these cases coming until science and common sense prevails,” Wall said. “It appears President Biden will never let go of his pacifier despite the fact all 50 states have ended mandatory masking. Looks like it will take a court to declare these mandates illegal and unconstitutional. I’m glad that briefing in my CDC case completed yesterday and it’s now in the judge’s hands ready for a decision.”

Earlier this week, a group of 13 flyers from nine states and the District of Columbia who brought six lawsuits challenging the TSA’s legal authority to continue extending a requirement that all public transportation passengers don face masks filed a 94-page brief urging the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to strike down the mask mandate.

Janviere Carlin of Uxbridge, Massachusetts, a pilot for JetBlue Airways, leads the lawsuit filed against CDC last month by 10 aviators in Washington, D.C. She’s not surprised by this decision to extend the mandate yet again.

“Instituting it in the first place, without going through the proper procedures, was an abuse of power by an unelected government agency,” Carlin said. “They are still ignoring the same studies that were available to them prior to COVID that show the ineffectiveness of masking and the long-term harms they do to our health. Why would they stop now? Our lawsuit will continue. I pray that the judge will rule on the merits of our arguments that masking is contrary to the Constitution and the laws, including forcing pilots to obstruct our oxygen intake, which impacts our fitness to fly and creates a danger to us and passengers.”

Coalition members involved in the 14 cases argue the FTMM must be struck down because it violates the Air Carrier Access Act; the Fifth Amendment right to due process; the constitutional guarantee of freedom to travel; the 10th Amendment; TSA and CDC’s statutory and regulatory authority; the Administrative Procedure Act; the Food, Drug, & Cosmetic Act; and two international treaties.

“The FTMM remains in effect today despite the fact that all 50 states have eliminated their mask requirements; CDC currently recommends that Americans in 99.53% of counties do not don face coverings; and 228 studies, articles, and videos compiled by petitioners demonstrate that masks do not reduce COVID-19 spread but harm human health in dozens of ways,” according to the brief filed Monday night with the Court of Appeals. “TSA’s mask orders exclude millions of Americans (including 11 petitioners) with medical conditions who can’t safely wear face coverings from using any mode of the nation’s public-transportation system.”
Kurt Schuster, a pilot from Hopkinton, New Hampshire, said it’s lunacy to extend a policy that has created chaos in the sky.

“The lack of science in favor of masks ignored. The actual science of physical and mental damage the masks create ignored,” he said. “The risks to the safe operation of aircraft by masked flight & inflight crew ignored. The one thing they can’t ignore: All the lawsuits piling up challenging this mandate around the country”

Jennifer Rarrick, a disabled passenger from Maine barred from flying because she can’t wear a mask, described the today’s decision to continue the FTMM an unconstitutional assault against medical freedom.

“Even with congressmen, states, and many individuals suing to end this mess, Biden and his cronies continue to ignore the will of the people,” she said. “Not only is the mandate unsafe medically, but not once has a scenario been done to find out what would happen should a plane depressurize with everyone wearing a mask. No one has ever done any testing to prove that masking in the transportation sector is necessary or safe.”
Beth Ellis, a pilot from Blackstone, Massachusetts, said she fears the mandate will never end. That’s why she’s among the 10 aviators suing to strike it down.

“The masks don’t work. The FTMM is about control and tyranny,” she said. “Forcing us to use an emergency medical device is abusive. There needs to be court rulings and legislation (actual law) to be sure this ends and never happens again. People are responsible for their own healthcare decisions, not the government. My heart breaks every time I see a child in a mask. There is nothing more heartwarming than to see a child smile or hear his laughter. I haven’t seen that in nearly two years.”

Americans Against Mask Mandates members are involved in the following lawsuits:

Wall v. TSA, Abadi v. TSA, Andreadakis v. TSA, Eades v. TSA, Faris v. TSA, and Marcus v. TSA (consolidated), No. 21-1220, U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit (Washington)

  • Andreadakis v. CDC, No. 3:22-cv-52, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia (Richmond)
  • Carlin v. CDC, No. 22-cv-800, U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia (Washington)
  • Faris v. CDC, No. 3:22-cv-23, U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky (Louisville)
  • Marcus v. CDC, No. 2:22-cv-2383, U.S. District Court for the Central District of California (Los Angeles)
  • Seklecki v. CDC, No. 1:22-cv-10155, U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts (Boston)
  • Trocano v. CDC, No. 22-cv-727, U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado (Denver)
  • Wall v. CDC, No. 6:21-cv-975, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida (Orlando)
  • Wall v. Southwest Airlines, No. 6:21-cv-1008, U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida (Orlando)

Read more statements from plaintiffs and find information about the 14 cases at

CONTACT: Americans Against Mask Mandates Chairman Lucas Wall at 202-351-1735 or


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Made In China

Thu, 2022-04-14 13:30 +0000

It’s difficult to find things not “made” in China and not for lack of trying, but I get excoriated now and again for the mugs in the GrokStore. They are printed by a US company in America, by Americans, but the mug itself is from China.

That’s what the sticker says.

China gets small change for the mug, the US vendor gets more for their added value and service, and then we – if you buy one – make a few bucks too. The fact that there is a made in china sticker is, however, a hill to die on for some -which I get –  but it made me wonder.

Is the device you just used to scold me free of Chinese products? How about the network infrastructure that carried the message? The offices and equipment of the company that made and maintains the messaging platform. Your ISP or Telecommunications provider? The trucks they send out to repair equipment in the field. The devices they use.

We can probably bet that the college many of the professionals working for these companies graduated from was compromised in some way by China – UNH certainly is.

So, what does that mean?

China had a plan and executed it, and we’re standing here wondering what to do. Part of the response was to elect Donald Trump. He single-handedly made it more desirable to make things in other places, including America but the Global Ruling Class took him and that from us.

But Trump or not, the problem of Chinese influence or products is a lot like the Left’s green energy utopia. Even if it were greener (it’s not) and better (nope) or desirable (ehhhh…), it can’t happen overnight or even in several years.

I am investing some time weekly to find alternatives, but that’s time I’m not using to blog or run, so is that the best way to address the problem? Both the American company and GraniteGrok make more money on the mug than China. TeeSpring is employing Americans, and we’re blogging about political corruption and who is bought and paid for by globalists influencers, including China (among other things).  So, who is using who?

If I said hey, I found a way to use China to finance a transparency project to uncover political corruption, including Chinese influence, folks might cheer. They might even buy more GrokGear from the GrokStore to support us.

At least until they got the mug with the sticker that said Made in China.

And as I have said more than once, I’m still looking, but please do not punish us for the lack of options if at all possible. At least until you can be certain the devices and networks you are using are equally free of Chinese products and influence.

In other words, we all have a lot of work to do, and the first order of business is replacing the Chinese Product in the Oval Office which we’d like to think we do daily.

And if you’d like to help without the mug, you can donate or subscribe – but I can’t promise you the infrastructure used for that isn’t muddied up with Chinese products as well.

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The Kulaks Were Folks Like You and Me

Thu, 2022-04-14 12:00 +0000

The movie, “Alien,” directed by Ridley Scott, is a tour de force about the unchecked onslaught of an alien organism that is allowed aboard an outer space mining ship despite warnings by other members of the crew.

It proceeds to have the run of the place as it grows geometrically.

Just one crew member escapes from the alien. She then discovers that the alien has even boarded her escape pod. She finally blasts the alien organism into outer space and survives. But, my NH friends, this is a simple portrayal of our future.

Today, Biden’s escape pods are landing all over our nation, purposefully flying in the dark of night, carrying a cargo of illegal aliens, nope, not from outer space but from south of our ever deeply porous southern border. These are folks who were just given smartphones so that ICE, despite being ordered not to, can track them. But we all know that in this mug’s game, if you don’t turn the phone on, you don’t get tracked. How expensively inane an idea Old Joe has found to flog us with.

Democrats, including our own federal representatives, our liberal coterie whom I’ve never met anyone who voted for them in this our year of great discontent, hold the current view that while we are dreadfully concerned about Ukraine’s borders, we should have none at home. That only those with the critical skills we desperately need, because our education system has failed us so, like physicists, engineers, and software designers, must wait those years of penury for legal entry while the red tape is spooled and unwound, while those devoid of any needed skills, those who cannot speak English and those without the abilities needed in our increasingly technical workplaces, are all immediately welcome in our “big tent”.

We want to thank John Burtis for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

These masses are called freedom caravans and they are led by folks called “coyotes”, in the current vernacular, as they wind their way towards our border, set up camp, then mob their way across. It has become so bad that a stuttering “Blue Collar” Joe Biden has asked for “volunteers” to police this non-existent border.

Title 42, a CDC order issued under that president who must not be named unless it is to prosecute him and try to hound him from the nation he led to unparalleled heights of economic success for all, which protects us from those carrying pandemics like, oh, smallpox and Covid-19, things Old Joe promised to vanquish.

Psaki ‘splains’ that Old Joe Biden refuses to renew it on May 23rd this year! Even gaggles of liberal pundits from CNN to CBS say that this activity will result in a greater tsunami of unvetted future Democrat voters than the one we already have and our southern ranchers’ experience.

Where we once had stable population growth, we now operate a national Bedlam. Where the taxpayers once paid for their own projects, they are now paying for the federal infrastructure demanded as a result of this almost totally unchecked Krakatoa of illegal immigrants. And today, where English was once the proud language of our land, the White House operates a second, third, and how many different websites in foreign tongues. Who can say how many?

We were once able to openly discuss this problem anywhere we pleased. But today we are cowed by an inimical political system, craven base politicians of the ilk of Joe Biden, Dick Turban, who has called US soldiers “Nazis,” and Nancy Pelosi and her darlings, and the draping of all constructive conversations on immigration with the invidious and highly abrasive asbestos curtains of “political correctness,” which precludes all mention of certain topics and which creates the illusion that we, the honest law-abiding citizens of the United States of America, are the problem.

We, honest working God-fearing folk, are the eye winker of the southern invasion, and yet we fail to recognize that the lawless bandits invading our nation are the answer to all of our economic and social woes and will lead us to a sun-filled upland resulting from their income taxes and their gardening. However, our survival can only be tempered by the application of national ballot “harvesting” methods to ensure that idiocies like proffering a driver’s license, checking a voter against his or her precinct, ensuring that some sap doesn’t vote a half dozen times and the use of paper ballots are forever discouraged.

I am so like, tired of hearing about a racist America which does not appreciate foreign culture. That American citizens were suffering from the pains and headaches of a feckless nationalism following our westward expansion, the horrors of its accompanying genocide, and a US Constitution, wept over and valued by previous generations who saved us from the incursions of Emperors, Kaisers, and fascists, which is viewed today as a scrap of paper endowed with a racist construct to prolong slavery, debase women and eliminate the overarching rights of our transgender population. Sadly, the conversation always includes our, mine, and your, eternal lack of Haute sophistication.

The world would be a better place, globalists like John Kerry and Bill Gates whine, if our nation was simply transmogrified to a backwater squat where they would cruise above us, leaving only the contrails from their private jets to mar a clear blue sky, using the same fuels we are to be denied.

Those of us schooled in adherence to the following of real laws are viewed as dinosaurs, white supremacists, and oppressors of the people. Even black conservatives are publicly berated for being “white” or, if they don’t vote for Joe Biden, “…you ain’t black,” in Joe’s high falutin’ vernacular.

Today, the idea that the legal American taxpayer is always at fault in all matters is the common theme, save for the emptying of our pockets to bankroll the onrush of crooks, and the children, always “the children”, born of this unchecked yet beckoned invasion.

This view is reinforced by the leveling of our forefathers, where men like Washington, Jefferson and Madison are routinely denigrated, vilified, and hung out to dry on a laundry line of fictional ills, from fathering half-caste children to being bloodthirsty and brutal savages for defending our nation’s right to survive in a world filled with bloodthirsty and brutal savages. Today these murderers simply have different names like Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, and Putin.

These same forefathers would have gazed with stultified awe at the military horn of plenty we just bequeathed to the Taliban, those murderous thugs whom President Biden just rearmed through his sage idiocy and said to gentlemen he could del with.

This is the existential threat to the survival of the country we cherished and died for growing among us. And this problem may fully wreak our downfall and determine the pace of our accelerated descent into barbarism quicker than a few nukes tossed our way by Vlad Putin, bless his heart, whose war machine we now support through the daily purchase of his oil, Jed Clampett’s black gold. And we must not forget the Biden family’s friends – Red China where Hunter Biden cruised, hat in hand, for a bit of Beijing specie.

Congressional and presidential failure to acknowledge that the perils of this encouragement of illegal immigration by the liberal cognoscenti, Democrats one worlders, and deep staters is a cancer on our national character which will affect our future survival and lead to our downfall, a decline as sure as Rome’s if left unchecked.

But it is ever more apparent that this ongoing flood, bereft of any federal law enforcement levees or dams, is designed to destroy us just as surely as Iosef V. Stalin destroyed Russia’s kulaks.

You may have a slight inkling of who the kulaks were. They were folks just like you and me.



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Time for a Media Blackout: Brooklyn Subway Shooter ‘Person of Interest’ Doesn’t Fit the Narrative

Thu, 2022-04-14 10:30 +0000

Someone shot up a subway platform in Brooklyn, New York. The initial media response was exciting. Another opportunity to spin the approved narratives. It was probably a disgruntled white Christian Trump supporter. It wasn’t.

It wasn’t even a disgruntled military-aged lone-wolf Muslim man.

Authorities are looking for Frank R. James, a 62-year-old retired male (though one can never truly know) who has expressed concern online about the coming race war.  James, (Language warning)

“…ranted in a YouTube video about how the war in Ukraine could bring about a race war to exterminate black people.

“They’re white, you’re not. They’re doing that to each other? What do they think they’re going to do to you?” he said. “It’s just a matter of time before these white motherfuckers say, ‘Hey listen, enough is enough, these n*****s gotta go.’ What’re you going to do? You gonna fight. And guess what? You gonna die.”


Frank is a black man. Frank is not white.

He is also unhappy with NYC Mayor Eric Adams, the homeless problem, and he is the alleged shooter. But nothing he said was being considered a threat against the mayor or the homeless. But he might have just shot ten people.

The media has to either drop the story or look for ways to bring it back to their preferred narrative without talking about the alleged shooter.

Was it a ghost gun? Casper the unfriendly AR-15. But they won’t say anything about the gun being black. That might lead us to the race of the alleged shooter. What to do, what to do!

Putin did It! And he’s white. And he invaded Ukraine. And people in NYC are concerned. Mayor Adams is concerned. There may even be some lone-wolf Muslim man of military age who is concerned.

Just don’t talk about the subway shooter being a black man unless you can blame it on whitey in which case they deserved to get shot. It’ll be all over CNN+.


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