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Dominating the Political Bandwidth in New Hampshire
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Next Tuesday, Vote Out Dowd and Kelly

Sat, 2021-10-30 21:00 +0000

I have been a critic of the eight BoA members who voted against the City Charter Amendment for the appointment of the police commissioners for failing to engage in educating the public to vote no on Ballot question #2. Seven weeks of silence and finally a letter.

At the last possible moment, there was an op-ed by Lori Wilshire, Mike O’Brien, and June Caron pushing a vote of NO on Ballot question #2.

Eight members of the Board of Alderman voted against this proposal. Why only three names behind this letter?

Lori Wilshire – President                                                          Shoshanna Kelley – At Large

Mike O’Brien – Vice President                                                 Elizabeth Lu – Ward 6

Dave Tencza – At-Large Member                                            Rick Dowd – Ward 2

Ben Clemons – At Large Member                                           June Caron – Ward 7

Elizabeth Lu, a registered Democrat, has fallen out of favor because of her independent positions which don’t always fall in step with her Democrat colleagues and has been a voice against this change posting weeks ago on social media to vote No.

Why the silence from Attorney Tencza, Ms. Kelley, Mr. Dowd?  Simple.  They are perfect modern-day politicians.  Their political boss (Mayor Donchess), their source of campaign funding and party clout, told them to.  And it’s probably not a coincidence that two of the three are running for re-election.

Much of what is wrong with our local, state, and national politics can be attributed to two things. Democrats and Republicans.  It just so happens that Nashua politics is brimming with the former.  But more specifically, what has earned each party their reputations is the willingness of those climbing the ladder to place their own needs and aspirations above doing right for their constituents.

The party chaos continues because some aspire and rise to the level where they can be bullies (Mayor Donchess) and others such as Kelly, Tencza, and Dowd consent to be bullied.

It is rare that the public is handed an opportunity like the Police Commission Charter Change to bring to light the true character and priorities of our politicians, without it being interspersed with other things.  But, thanks to Mayor Donchess, we now have a pretty good read of what we have in the Chamber.

What Kelly, Tencza, and Dowd know is that the public has a short memory, and walking the party line or at least “not opposing” the Mayor’s Charter Change is more in their interest than opposing it.  It appears that doing the right thing doesn’t factor as strongly into their calculations.  Kelly, Tencza, and Dowd are classic go-along to get along modern-day politicians.

Fortunately, two of them are up for re-election on November 2 and the community can send them packing, which I strongly recommend.  Please bring balance and integrity to our elected government. Please vote incumbents Dowd and Kelly out of office and support Donald Scott for Ward 2 and Laura Colquhoun, Don Whalen, and Kristin Wilson for your at-large seats.

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The Accidental Marxist, Part 2

Sat, 2021-10-30 19:30 +0000

A former state representative responded to my recent post about the Marxist nature (those who have more, pay more, simply because they can) of many of our taxes.  He justified the existence of rate-based taxes by quoting a bank robber:

‘That’s where the money is.’   And he surmised that we won’t be returning to uniform taxes (everyone pays the same amount for the same thing) anytime soon.

It wasn’t clear from his reply whether he thinks that Marxist taxes are a good idea or a bad idea that we’re just stuck with.

But ‘where the money is’ is just another way of saying ‘from each according to his ability.’  Similarly, having a minimum below which no taxes are collected is just another way of saying ‘to each according to his needs.’

In the end, if you’re being taxed at a rate — escalating or flat — instead of a fixed amount, it’s an admission that your money and property don’t really belong to you, but rather belong to everyone.

That is, once it’s been established that the government can take x percent of your income or property, there’s no principle that keeps it from being able to take any other percentage, up to and including 100 percent — if ‘that’s where the money is’.

The legislature can pick any figure it wants, as a way of letting you keep, as a commission, the money and property that you’ve acquired on behalf of everyone (in much the same way that an employer might let you keep some percentage of sales that you generate). Any limits on that figure aren’t theoretical, but practical, in that at some point, people will start remitting lead, at very high speeds, in lieu of silver and gold.

Certainly, a return to uniform taxes won’t happen as long as people try to dismiss the Marxist nature of our current taxes, instead of owning up to it.  As Confucius noted, the first step towards wisdom is to call things by their right names. Until we start being open about the Marxist nature of our tax systems, we won’t ever take that first step.

Remember how a generation ago, the idea that most people should be able to carry guns in most places seemed ridiculous?  Now, after a long conversation about the proper nature of the relationship between citizens and their government, nearly all states have ‘shall issue’ permits, and at least 20 states have ‘constitutional carry’ laws.  That’s the kind of conversation we need to start having right now, but about taxes instead of guns.

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“It’s a Tricky Business, This Thing the Political Left Calls, ‘Progress.'”

Sat, 2021-10-30 18:00 +0000

Even the casual observer can’t help but notice that the progressive’s version of progress looks a lot like that dreaded backwardness of which they accuse everyone else.

Their preferred form of government is as old as governments, if you can call them that—a cabal of experts represented by a titular god-king that manages everyone’s affairs. Dissenters are harangued into silence (obedience), jailed, or killed.

The sham of elections is only a recent feature mastered by despots and Marxists years ago. Pandering to the idea of choice when none is possible. Everyone knows it but refusing to pretend is another form of dissent and not to b tolerated.

Their plans for energy and transportation are no different. They use as much as they need, and you should thank them for the crumbs. These days it’s marketed as climate change.

Education has been on a downhill slide for decades.

Race relations are in planned systemic decline.

The economy, and well, everything, even women’s rights, has been throttled back over a century, with men pretending to be women getting more status and affection from our political overlords than actual women.

J. B. Shurk, American Thinker, summed it up nicely – good enough to inspire the title of this piece.

It’s a tricky business, this thing the political left calls, “progress.”  It only has room for a small number of ideas, is very worried about how many people should be allowed to live and have them, and elevates Earth over man.

Nothing is so important as them, and they will concoct any scenario to affect it and then fund an army of pencil-pushers to push their pencils, first into your wallets, and then into your carotid, needs depending.

It’d be a real shame if the people they mean to rule discovered their evil plan in time to stop it and did to them what they have all along had planned for us.

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WAKE UP: The Villains Are Not Alec Baldwin and Brian Laundrie’s Parents

Sat, 2021-10-30 16:30 +0000

I did not cover the Gabby Petito/Brian Laundrie saga except for a single time, and that was to comment on how a national news blitz over self-proclaimed social media influencing losers represents the decline in the American public.

Most people would rather pay attention to the disappearance of an above-average-looking young woman than to the disappearance of the middle class’s financial independence and individual freedom. This probably isn’t a new phenomenon in any society, but it’s unfortunate nonetheless.

The same goes for the Alec Baldwin story. I haven’t said much about it so far if anything. Most of the coverage on the right has been on the irony of a pompous, gun-grabbing buffoon shooting a person to death after a life of making stupid comments on gun control. It has made for great memes but glosses over the tragic loss of innocent life. Most of the coverage on the left has been a lame attempt to provide cover for one of “their” guys. This too glosses over the tragic loss of life.

Either way, between the two stories a lot of oxygen has been sucked out of the room. It seems safe to say that more cameras are trained on the residences of Baldwin and his incompetent (and likely criminally negligent armorer) as well as of the elder Laundries than are on the homes of real-life villains like Joe Biden, Anthony Fauci, and Janet Yellen.

Alec Baldwin played a role in a woman’s death as both the actor and producer of the film. Brian Laundrie looks to be a killer based on currently available evidence. However, I refuse to jump on the bandwagon that either Baldwin himself or Laundrie’s parents, by proxy, are the real villains. For one, they’re just not. For another, let’s keep things in perspective.

American obsession over trendy news items makes Nero’s fiddling look like sincere grieving.

As it pertains to their specific cases, while Baldwin may be legally culpable and is certainly guilty of arrogance, hypocrisy, and violating basic gun safety, how is it possible a loaded gun made it into his hands at all? An entire chain fell apart. And, while the Laundrie family indeed raised Brian, until more information comes out, how is it that the parents of a killer are roped in? Honestly, if Brian said goodbye and told them where they could find him, is that unreasonable? The guilt of knowing he not only took the life of another, but then proceeded to take his own is an un-erasable pain that no parent should bear. It looks as if they were left in an impossible situation.

Again, though, let’s say Baldwin and Laundrie’s parents are both found guilty of something. I still don’t care. Is this news? People die in one-offs everyday.

Let’s remember that:

Joe Biden has declared a mandate for vaccination (even if he never releases a formal document, companies will use his early-September speech) and decided he has lost patience with us selfish unvaxxed types. More recently, he said “freedom, shmreedom” at a CNN town hall event as it pertains to vaccination programs. This guy is as anti-American as it gets – he sold out our country for his family, has a train wreck of a son that rakes in millions on his name, and has a grotesque penchant for young girls – and I am supposed to be mad about a confused and aggressive girl getting strangled?

Anthony Fauci funded endless campaigns of morally dubious and inhumane “research” on a host of subjects. For starters, he is as responsible for Covid as anyone else. How many people has that killed? Then, he certainly knows about vaccine ineffectiveness and mortality and refuses to back down on first, second, third, and now fourth rounds of jabs. He has upset a whole new group of people over the unconscionable experiments on dogs, wherein they had their vocal cords cut so scientists wouldn’t hear them howl in pain as tiny little bugs ate them alive from inside and outside their head. Fauci is an absolute monster, but parents trying to reconcile their son’s life choices is supposed to outrage me more?

Janet Yellen is equally contemptible. In fact, she might be the first to deserve a spot on the proverbial wall. She has long rigged the economic game for regular people, but her latest defense of a tax on unrealized games is completely indefensible. I don’t doubt her intelligence, so it is obvious she knows the impact of this policy. It spells nothing short of economic ruin and the crushing of individual liberties. She knows the calamity and wants it anyway. She is pure evil.

So, before we get mad at Alec Baldwin for violating principles of gun safety or the parents of Brian Laundrie for trying to piece together their lives, let’s all take a moment to recognize what’s really happening out there.

We are being ruled by tyrants. What was John Wilkes Booth’s famous phrase?


Republished with permission. For more from Parker visit The Blue State Conservative

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Contact Tracing Done Right: Parent Group Creates Database to Track “Equity” and “Diversity” Consultants

Sat, 2021-10-30 15:00 +0000

The war on parents started long before they took notice. But having discovered the assault, they are pushing back, asking questions, filing RTKs, and pressing school boards. In response, they want parents tracked, so one group of parents has decided to track them.


An anti-critical race theory (CRT) group is providing parents with tools to track equity consultants, warning that families face a formidable and well-funded opponent in the “woke industrial complex.”

Launched this week, the “Consultant Report Card” details findings from thousands of pages of public records requests that were reviewed by Parents Defending Education (PDE).


“So far, PDE has uncovered $19,575,169.45 worth of contracts with 249 documented in 29 states and 95 districts.”

It’s like Discover the (another great resource) but for DIEJ toolbags.

You can peruse the pages looking for something familiar or search their database by company name or school district. I didn’t find anything after a few attempts, but that means there are more that can be added.

If you find a group or a consultant not on their list, I imagine you could email that to them with your evidence. Maybe it gets added to the list, and growing the resource is important.

The fact that it’s getting done is brilliant.


Parents Defending Education is a national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from activists imposing harmful agendas. Through network and coalition building, investigative reporting, litigation, and engagement on local, state, and national policies, we are fighting indoctrination in the classroom — and promoting the restoration of a healthy, non-political education for our kids.


A parents group created a database to identify and locate the players. This is how school districts are spending your money. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

They have no idea what they’ve done and what parents are doing to expose it. Or maybe they do. They did ask the US AG to create a task force to investigate potential domestic terrorism by parents demanding transparency from their school boards. And he did.

And it turns out the White House to whom he answers was behind it.

I think we need a bit more investigating into that as well.

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Lincoln Project Takes Credit For Hate Crime Hoax In Virginia (To Protect Democrats?)

Sat, 2021-10-30 13:30 +0000

Terry McAuliffe is in trouble. His race for governor has hit a few bumps in the road. All of them were put there by Terry McAuliffe. His Republican challenger, Glenn Youngkin, has been making strides, so what does the left do?

They hire political actors to pretend to be white supremacists supporting Youngkin at one of his rallies. In Charlottesville. It was all a lie, staged by the left, that began to unravel when a VA Young Democrat was identified as one of the “white supremacists.”

Then it all unraveled.

The whole thing was a fraud perpetrated by lying Dems, or was it? Everyone is running away from it. The Democrat state party. Everyone, except the creepy, lecherous, lying Lincoln Project. This so-called “republican” organization – I’m surprised “republican” Neil Wetherbee isn’t a member, has accomplished much to besmirch itself.  And it has been good at making Republicans look bad, especially the ones running the Lincon Project.

Could this be their work?



This Never Trump organization was the final waypoint for former NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn before she came out of the closet and publicly transitioned to a registered Democrat. And if this admission is valid, then the Lincoln Project recruited Democrats to do their dirty work?


If it was just political theater, why did they maintain the deception all day long? Why did they only confess their role when the actors were being identified?

If the memory of Charlottesville is so painful and so terrifying as the North American Man-Boy Lincoln Association says they believe — what are they doing instilling racial fear into a terrorized minority population by paying actors to recreate a tableaux of Charlotesville?


Would Democrats do that? Work for the Lincoln Project? Even Democrats have standards, low though they may be. I think they would. Democrats don’t care about anything but politics and power. If they thought this stunt would save McAuliffe from himself and saddle Virginia with him for a few more years, they’d do it.

They’d do it without any help from the Lincoln Project. But until we have all the names of the faces pretending to be white Supremacists, almost all of whom are most assuredly young VA Democrats, we’ll have to let the speculation simmer and hope it helps the Republican, Youngkin either way.

The election is next Tuesday.


HT | Ace

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CDC Says Delta Variant Did Not Lead to Worse Outcomes But I guess That Depends on What you Mean By ‘Outcomes’

Sat, 2021-10-30 12:00 +0000

It is difficult to trust anything that foams from the mouth of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), so how do we take this news? Delta was fast spreading but not more dangerous. How about, so you are admitting it is like other Flu viruses?


An analysis by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at data from 14 states and “found no significant increases in the proportion of hospitalized COVID-19 patients with severe outcomes during the delta period.”


A period nearly identical to the ‘initial vaccination period.’ A time when we discovered that The Jab was more political theater than a beneficial pharmaceutical product. Sorry, it was worthwhile for Big Pharma and a long list of politicians and bureaucrats. Money has flowed freely like suds on wash day at the laundromat.

But nothing ever gets clean.

The Unvaccinated

The CDC report does make time to insist that Delta affected more unvaccinated people than not. This is a distraction from the failure of the vaccine, statistical gimmickry.


The report found the proportion of hospitalized COVID-19 aged 18 to 49 significantly increased, from 24.7% of all hospitalizations before the delta variant’s dominance to 35.8% afterward.


So, according to you, we have a lot more naturally immune young people? More naturally immune people, period! A better solution than yours.

In New Hampshire, even after Delta, no one under 20 has died from COVID, not something we can say about your vaccine.

Another fact. Pre-vaccine and post-vaccine NH COVID statistics (as an example) show no meaningful shift due to Delta, any other pseudonym, or from The Jab. There’s no visible detriment or benefit attributable to vaccination. We did have a flu-spike in the summer. A spike that occurred in parallel to ramped up vaccination. A data point that should not be ignored.

Here’s another. The experts’ meddled with the details such that testing positive after vaccination rarely qualifies as being vaccinated and COVID positive.

Positive cases appear to have been counted as positives without vaccination before a “vaccine” was available.

The CDC and most if not all the state-level Public Health Ministries perpetuate information fraud. Adjusting the terms to suit the narrative instead of engaging in honest reporting and science. A problem exacerbated by their heel-dragging or refusal to come clean on the data they espouse and addressing serious issues with the failures in their response.

No one wants to talk about how many people are getting sick and dying due to what they have done in the name of public health. Illness and death as a result of shutting down the health care world to everything but COVID. The mental and physical burdens of unemploying people or closing their place of business. The long list of side-effects (including death) associated with their cure.

Until we can have an honest conversation about collateral damage instead of being ignored or shut down, the frothing and panting are not much more than that.

As for Delta not leading to worse outcomes, tell that to the people you frightened with it who lined up only to be harmed or killed by your vaccine. Tell it to people who ar losing their jobs because they don’t want or need the Vaxx. Tell it to the millions losing their rights as the pall of the Public Health Police State descends upon them. Tell that to the people who can’t get necessities, including food, because of logistics snafus (making inflation worse) as a result of vaccine policy facilitated by the Delta scare.

No, Delta had nothing to do with any of that, but people did. People at the CDC and in positions of power are instituting policy detrimental to tens of millions who will never even catch COVID.

That’s all on you.

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Tucker Torches Neocon Karen #LyingLiz Cheney

Sat, 2021-10-30 10:30 +0000

If you have read my recent post, Was the January 6th “Insurrection” an FBI Operation … WHO IS RAY EPPS?, you know that Tucker is planning to release, on November 1st, a three-part series on Fox Nation on the January 6th “insurrection.”

Here is the trailer:

That triggered Liz Cheney, who based just on the trailer went to REDCON1:

And while the word is overused, Tucker’s response is EPIC:

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Happy Cyrus Day

Sat, 2021-10-30 03:00 +0000

October 29th has been designated as the international day of Cyrus the Great, king of Persia, who declared the first charter of human rights in the world, also known as the Cyrus Cylinder.

In 539 BC, Persian troops entered the city of Babylon, without encountering any resistance. On October 29th, Cyrus himself entered the city, assuming the titles of “King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, King of the four corners of the world.” The Cyrus Cylinder was placed under the walls of Babylon as a foundation deposit, following a long Babylonian tradition.

Cyrus the Great proclaimed more than 2500 years ago: “Today, I announce that everyone is free to choose a religion. People are free to live in all regions and take up a job provided that they never violate other’s rights.” Cyrus the Great declared himself not as a conqueror, but a liberator and the rightful successor to the crown.

In the book of Isaiah, Cyrus, the King of Persia, a non-Jew was called the “mash’aka” God, according to Isaiah when he wrote: “Thus said the Lord to his ‘mash’aka (anointed), to Cyrus” (Isaiah 45:1). Jeremiah also told that Cyrus was commissioned by God to go to Jerusalem and build the Second Temple.


Happy Cyrus Day

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Non-compliance with Vax Mandate Protects Us Now and in the Future

Sat, 2021-10-30 01:30 +0000

Today is the deadline in New York City for municipal workers to take the jab or face unpaid suspension. Enforcing a medical mandate for a treatment whose short-term side effects are known to be injurious and fatal to some and whose long-term effects are unknown is inhumane, both to the workers facing suspension and to the residents they serve.

Here in New Hampshire, evidence of the national labor shortage is everywhere. “Hiring” signs are ubiquitous, and I’ve talked with workers burnt out from all the extra hours they’ve endured.

Employers say they don’t have enough staff and have to turn customers away at times.

Hospitals are diverting patients to other facilities because they don’t have enough nurses to care for them, as it is. New Hampshire hospitals cannot afford to lose more workers forced to choose between their livelihood and getting an experimental jab.

The federal vaccine mandate is reaching this state through Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, among other strategies, which depend on compliance with rules set by The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Taking a step back, it’s not hard to see where this is all headed. While many people may have to do without medical attention, much as they did during the 2020 shutdown, a lack of adequate emergency service personnel would also give the federal government an excuse to send in troops.

Firing qualified, experienced and trained medical, firefighting, ambulance and law enforcement workers can only lead to one thing: a police state.

That means curfews and armed guardsmen patrolling streets in big cities. And in less densely populated areas, folks could see long travel distances for services if we do not halt this dangerous course.

Already supply chains for goods are in doubt, many due to the chaos wreaked by responses to the so-called “pandemic.” I say so-called because the pattern of death does not fit the criteria for a pandemic, as established by the medical community before 2020.

All of this is diverting the public’s attention and, if services and goods are not readily available, the focus will shift entirely to supplying one’s basic needs. When there’s no time for anything but survival, who will maintain checks on government?

The time to halt this disturbing trend is now.

It’s clear that the shot does not prevent the spread of the coronavirus, nor does it prevent serious illness. Breakthrough cases are largely unreported in mainstream media, and when they are, they are downplayed. So read between the lines, do more research, and draw your own conclusions. It’s your body, your choice.

So, how will the mandate to vax serve we, the people? The answer is it doesn’t.

Several states are suing the Biden Administration over vaccine mandates, New Hampshire announcing it is officially joining the suit this week. Indeed, lawsuits demanding a stop to the mandate abound from all sectors of the country. So far, many of them have failed.

The purposefully contrived division between the vaxxed and non-vaxxed will not serve any of us. It’s time to wake up, unite, and recognize the real enemy – federal overreach and the pharmaceutical companies that control them.

Every citizen in this country has a duty to refuse compliance with this mandate, regardless of whether you got The Jab or not.

Think of the precedent it will set if we don’t.


Priscilla Morrill worked in journalism in the Monadnock region for 12 years.

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A Reminder About Those Nondemic Numbers

Sat, 2021-10-30 00:00 +0000

As the CDC, the NIH, and other government agencies continue to churn out ‘data’ from ‘studies’ that support various claims about the COVID-19 nondemic, here’s something to keep in mind before paying attention to any of them:

Dr. Anthony Fauci claimed that he vaccinated Santa Claus.

That is, the public face of the government’s response to COVID-19 demonstrated that the government is perfectly willing to tell a politically correct lie if it thinks that will make people less fearful — or more fearful if that would better suit its purposes.

Listen at your own risk.

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Friday Night Poll Question: Will Sleepy Joe Make It To 2024?

Fri, 2021-10-29 22:30 +0000

Since the elevation of F. Joe Biden to the Oval Office (or the fake one across the street), millions have wondered, will he make it? Don’t look at me like that, Progs; even you are wondering when?

We’re coming up on a year, and that was a popular choice early on, but is that it? How long before they perp walk his addled ass out the back door into a “home” somewhere?

If you want to bet on it, you can get the latest odds here, (as one example). People are wagering money on it. When will Biden be gone?

We’re not taking bets, but we will ask the question and allow you to answer. Will Joe Biden complete his first term, or will he get so bad that even Kamala Harris is viewed as an improvement? Will he make it to 2022, 2023, 2024, or all the way to January 2025?

Pick his year of departure and how he goes out (from our limited list of choices.).

You can choose up to three responses so pick a year and a means or one or the other. Whatever you like.

This poll runs for 24-hours, from 18:30 EDT on 10/29/21 until 18:30 EDT on 10/30/21.


Joe Biden Will Exit The Presidency
  • In 2021
  • In 2022
  • In 2023
  • In 2024
  • In 2025 (Jan when New President Takes Office)
  • After being Abducted By Aliens
  • Via the 25th Amendment
  • Abdicating for Health Reasons
  • After dying From COVID19 (the Hillary Clinton Variant)
  • Other (explain in comments)
VoteBack to vote


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How Many Kids Have to Die Before You Stop?

Fri, 2021-10-29 21:00 +0000

I am about to share what I am told was presented to the FDA panel before it approved injecting COVID19 pharmaceuticals into young children even though the evidence tells us they do not need them.

Even before I saw this presentation I was confident that more children have a greater statistical risk of harm or death from these vaccines than from COVID.

This is undoubtedly true here in New Hampshire, where after 19 months, very few residents under 20 years of age have tested positive in a hospital, and none have died.

Given that 100% of them survived (in New Hampshire) and the data tells us that these injections can kill kids, there’s no reason for any of this. And the unfortunate part, tragic really, is that some kids will die mysteriously. And the Medical establishment will probably make excuses if hiding any correlation is impossible.

That is what passes for Public health. That is why we are so frustrated with Republicans (Like Chris Sununu) who adopt a culture that will kill some kids. We are teaching them they have no choice as parents are threatened with unemployment or unable to participate in every part of society or culture.

Paint that picture and then look at this presentation. At the whim of the government, we are teaching generations to accept a chemical injection that might kill them. It won’t kill all of them, not even most of them, but some of them.

A culture that also shames them pr their parents for daring to ask questions that any scientist worth a fraction of their degree would feel compelled to ask.

How many deaths are acceptable when any child who is not already high-risk has zero risk of dying from the Rona. What’s the number?

Do they even care? It doesn’t look like they do. They do not care how many adults are harmed or die. They hide that truth, and this will be no different.

And that is their vision for our future. A government that hides the harms and deaths it perpetuates through policy. In America.



VRBPAC-10-26-21 presentation to FDA



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Reminder: NH Dem Chairman Ray Buckley Was Accused of Sexual Assault and Possession of Child Porn

Fri, 2021-10-29 19:30 +0000

Digging up the dead is all the rage, and depending on who and what, rage isn’t just a fad, fashion, or desire; it is actual rage. And not bodies, but skeletons. Coming out of the closet, as it were.

All dressed up but with someplace to go because it is not just Republicans who should endure this scrutiny.

The current NH Democrat State Party Chair and sometimes National Democrat Party Vice Chair Raymond Buckley has a colorful past that deserves to be dug up now and again.

Why? Why not? He’s just your average, privileged racist white guy (according to the book of Progressives, every chapter and every verse). He has rested comfortably for years atop the state party machine in New Hampshire despite a controversial past littered with accusations of sexual assault and an alleged penchant for child porn.

Never proven, you’ll say, (perhaps) but we live in a world where investigations are always ongoing. As in, until we find something.

Then there’s the hearsay standard which earns serious Democrat congressional level scrutiny until they’ve manufactured something tangible. The mere allegation is enough to justify an investigation at any point after it was made.

Related: Hey Democrats, If Hearsay is “Better Evidence” Charge Ray Buckley for Possession of Child porn

If it was good enough for Juge Kavanaugh and President Trump, Ray Buckley can’t possibly be beyond scrutiny.

So, what the hell are we scrutinizing?

Back in 2007, not yet Chairman Buckley was flopping at Steve Vallaincourt’s place. Steve, also gay, claims Ray snuck kiddie pron into the country from Europe. He also alleged that Ray liked to use the internet to search for more. No evidence was found unless you call giving Ray a few days to hide it between the time the accusation was made and when anyone showed up to “investigate.”

Rumor has it Ray was tipped off with adequate time to do a bit of “housecleaning.”

GraniteGrok -as it turns out – was around then, and there are more than a few links to the news of the day if you feel like digging in. Our own Ed Mosca had a bucket-loader full of links here.  And Ed Naile also revisited the details of the sexual assault allegations here.

Then NH Democrat Congressman Paul Hodes was so disturbed (at the time) he un-endorsed Buckley for state party chair.

“I have just reviewed a video on YouTube involving Ray Buckley, and found it highly disturbing. The proper authorities should look into the matter to determine the best course of action,” Hodes said in a statement. “Under the circumstances I cannot support Ray Buckley for New Hampshire Democratic Party chair.”

Plenty more here, including this video, so let’s think of them like ‘past’ tweets.

More famous people have been canceled for less.

Yes, Democrats and Rabyo will be dismissive. Insulted. They may even feign outrage or just rage. Old news, never proven, dead and buried.

Nothing is ever dead and buried. You never know when the past will come back to bite you in the ass, even when it’s a Democrat ass like Ray Buckley. And if the Democrats continue to insist on the guilty until proven innocent standard, regardless of how many years it has been, well, the past (alleged) antics of a State Party Chair should have to rise that same low standard.





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Another Inclusive University Language Guide For Dummies

Fri, 2021-10-29 18:00 +0000

Deconstructing language is at the center of unraveling culture. Teach them to speak as you do, and before long, they are you. But why would you want to be them?

There’s no good reason, so they took over government and education. Now, if you want to ‘Pass,’ they expect you to bow down to whatever ridiculous nonsense they concoct. An infection that has made its way into public health, but let’s not go there again quite yet.

We’ll stick to the topic at hand. Langauge. Words.

U Pitt, as in the University of Pittsburgh, is the latest school of high(er) learning to embrace a reimaging of the language on a voluntary basis.

Voluntary, my ass.

They are creating a culture which you will be required to appropriate, and your embrace of the new language is part of the initiation. And I’m going to have to take issue with how shortsighted it is.

For example, instead of using the word Chairman, they recommend Chairperson. That has the word son it, genius. That means boy, male child, an apple with a stem on it if you catch my drift, and it’s offensive.  If you want to emasculate the language, you go big or stay home, rookie.

They make the same mistake with Ombudsman. Ombudsperson is their replacement. Disregarding how uncomfortable it is to say and how stupid it sounds, the thing you claim to have gutted from the language remains. Your locution is flawed. Fix it.

Other suggestions – remember this is (cough-cough) voluntary – include replacing mankind with humankind.

Human has the word man it!

What a disaster.

Let me guess, the Mao suits you ordered are in colors instead of the approved shades of gray or the more appropriate funerary black?

It is no wonder you are such failures politically. Your common-sense gun laws create more gun crime. The anti-racism screeds are racist. You bitch about debt and then spend us into multi-generational poverty.

This at least explains your obsession with a pharmaceutical treatment that doesn’t work. Unless by work, you mean it allows you to print money and launder it through big tech and pharma back into your political campaigns.

What’s the word for that again?

Oh, yeah, fraud which is the only possible explanation for how or why you people continue to have success at the ballot box.

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Breaking: Court Bars Feds From Firing Any Federal “Employees” Seeking Vax Exemptions

Fri, 2021-10-29 16:00 +0000

I don’t want to overuse the “breaking” headline, but news keeps breaking. This time a judge has temporarily barred the Biden Administration from firing federal employees seeking vaccine exemptions.


A Washington, D.C., district court judge issued a minute order Thursday asking the Biden administration to agree that both civilian and active-duty military plaintiffs will not be terminated while they await a ruling after they sued the administration over religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccines.

“None of the civilian employee plaintiffs will be subject to discipline while his or her request for a religious exception is pending,” read a minute order from District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly obtained by Fox News.

The court is waiting on Biden, Inc. to respond in the affirmative. There are no terminations and no disciplinary action while the case runs its course, and I doubt they are happy about it.

This covers all military personnel and Federal public employees seeking religious exemptions. Apparently, there’s some concern that religious conscience might be protected in that Constitution thingy.


Jenna Ellis has the Good News Tweet.

The lawsuit that led to this Minute ruling is available here.


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New UK Medical Study Exposes the COVID Vaccine Passport Fraud

Fri, 2021-10-29 14:00 +0000

The study is titled, in part, “Community transmission and viral load kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 delta (B.1.617.2) variant in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals in the UK.”

And while it clings to an idea that the vax is the answer (with boosters forever), it reinforces the fact that The Jab and its mythology are a fraud.

It does not, nor could it ever flatten a curve. It is like the rest of the political theater—something they do for reasons other than those stated.

And here’s the kicker. After being injected, you can still catch and transmit pathogens as if unvaccinated, so nothing about it justifies awarding passports or privileges to anyone who has received it.


“By carrying out repeated and frequent sampling from contacts of COVID-19 cases, we found that vaccinated people can contract and pass on infection within households, including to vaccinated household members,” Dr. Anika Singanayagam, co-lead author of the study, said in a statement.


That’s their cure. Vaccine Roulette. An ineffective chemical formulation that can harm a measurable number of people (no matter how small) to a degree the health establishment is suspiciously trying to hide.

A product that has been found in many instances to produce more infections among the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. A combination of factors that should be troubling to scientists and experts.

Dr. Ryan Cole explains why this is such a serious matter. (1 min 14sec.)

“We have seen more death and damage from this one medical product than all over vaccines, combined, in the last several decades…”




It is a conversation we’re not allowed to have. That’s how confident they are in this cure. Actual scientific evidence of fraud is inadmissible in the court of public opinion.

The goal continues to be to plow trillions of dollars we don’t have into Big Pharma for something that doesn’t work. Money that will filter back to the politicians demanding vaccination, boosters, and silencing evidence

To pump this juice, risks and all, into children who are not a risk and would do better long-term acquiring natural immunity, if they ever even come into contact with it (though, that is increasingly likely to be from a vaccinated person).

And to deny access to people who may have superior natural immunity or at little to no risk who are not inoculated as a way to pressure them into getting something potentially dangerous, no matter how small the percentage risk, that they do not need.

All to massage (downward?) a mortality threat of less than half of one percent.

The passports are a lie. The vaccine is a lie. And the FDA just approved injecting it into your kids, and we have no idea what it will do to them now or years from now. But the political and medical establishment can’t wait to find out.

I guess they are hoping that whatever harms come, they will remain hidden or unmeasurable until long after they are gone, and no one can prosecute them for their crimes against humanity.

In the meantime, we need to keep useless vax advocates out of positions of power.

It is a mission that to date, has been about as effective as this so-called vaccine.

We need to do better.


HT | Epoch Times

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Was the January 6th “Insurrection” an FBI Operation … WHO IS RAY EPPS?

Fri, 2021-10-29 12:00 +0000

In the video contained in Representative Massie’s tweet (below), there is a man instigating pro-Trump protesters on January 5th “to go into the Capitol” on January 6th. His name is Ray Epps.

Thanks to reporting by the Revolver, we know that Epps is on tape encouraging the crowd to go into the Capitol the evening before 1/6. That very same individual is seen throughout 1/6 corralling people toward the Capitol “where our problems are.” And that very same individual is on camera whispering into the ears of the men who committed the very first illegal acts of 1/6 by breaking down the barricades. And yet, just like Oath Keeper founder and head Stewart Rhodes, this individual, whom we now know to be Ray Epps, so far has enjoyed an inexplicable protection from prosecution.

Even more damningly, Revolver has confirmed that the FBI scrubbed Epps from their public Most Wanted database just one day after Revolver News’s damning investigative report on Epps’s fellow Oath Keeper Stewart Rhodes.

Here is the Revolver’s Darren Beattie, the author of the article linked to above, on Tucker discussing his article on Epps:

I hope that you read the full article, but at least listen to Beattie on Tucker.

AND … on November 1, Tucker will be releasing a series on January 6th:

So … the answer to the question was the January 6th “insurrection” an FBI operation is quite apparent and simple … Who is Ray Epps?

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Wake Up and Laugh: Dating Over 40

Fri, 2021-10-29 10:30 +0000

I don’t have this problem and hope I never do. Being older and single and trying to find someone. After a few decades with my lovely wife, I can’t imagine the horror show of trying to have a new relationship. But this guy can, and he’s making us laugh.

Well, I laughed. There’s some good stuff in here, and starting with a bit of humor is a recipe for a good day.

Agree or not, but give it a shot.

This (by the way) is a bit longer than the last one I shared. The Dating bit is mostly in the first 8-9 minutes so you could watch that as a warm-up. If you like it enough, watch the rest. There’s some great stuff about your health as you age.


Update: I just finished the last 15 minutes, and it is worth making time to watch it all, in my opinion. Wake up and laugh, and laugh some more!

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Life With Liz – Once again, on the radio!

Fri, 2021-10-29 01:30 +0000

Once again, I joined Liz Gaert for a segment. Some rapid-fire questions from her and then a bit longer discussion.

As always, it’s fun and I appreciate the opportunity. Tune in at WMSW on Monday, Nov 15, for my next time!




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