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Cheshire TV Hosts Debate for NH Senate District 10 Candidates

Tue, 2018-10-02 18:50 +0000

I had the pleasure last week of being part of the Cheshire TV debate featuring two of the three candidates for NH Senate District 10. Incumbent Jay Kahn was unable to attend so it was a two-way debate between me, the libertarian and Dan LeClair, the republican. We covered multiple issues. Here’s an HD version of the same debate that will be airing on Cheshire TV channel 8 through the election on November 6th. I hope you will vote Libertarian wherever you see them on your ballot!

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BREAKING: Auto Dealership Accepts DASH Cryptocurrency for Cars in Tax-Free New Hampshire

Sun, 2018-09-30 16:55 +0000

The first car purchased at a dealership directly for Dash | AutoFair Nashua

Something big happened this week.

The famous “Bitcoin Pizza” story was overshadowed by a punky, lesser-known cryptocurrency quietly occupying the number 12 spot on CoinMarketCap. The implications of this week’s event will be felt for decades and change the way the mainstream views cryptocurrencies forever.

One question plagues cryptocurrency users everywhere. Whenever you talk with doubters about the numerous advantages of using digital cash over fiat, invariably the response comes:

“But what can I buy with it?”

This question drives you nuts. You explain that at first, there was nothing you could buy with it. Then, there was pizza. Then coffee shops and yoga studios started accepting it. Then you could use a handful of janky websites to buy some (sometimes expired) digital gift cards. But now there is something much more real. More tangible. More serious.

A brand new car.

Yeah, you read that right. This week, the largest chain of auto dealerships in New Hampshire, AutoFair, sold a vehicle off one of their lots in exchange for DASH (digital cash).

The event took place with no fanfare, no trumpeting of horns. Just the sound of jingling coins hitting the digital cash register app Anypay on the car dealership’s iPad. A smile and a handshake from the salesman, Doug Weisberg, sealed the deal, and I was off to sign the paperwork.

Easy. Just like cash. Because it is cash. Nowhere is that better understood than New Hampshire, where everybody knows cash is King. NH is first for many things. First to secede from England. First to vote in the primaries. First to legislate gay marriage. And now in the 21st century New Hampshire is the first to fully embrace cryptocurrency, to the point where per capita, it is the most crypto-dense place on earth.

So when are YOU going to buy your car with Dash in tax-free New Hampshire? Or maybe you prefer using a privacy coin like ZCash? The dealership uses Anypay to process its crypto payments, and Anypay supports multiple cryptocurrencies, so it is possible that if you ask, they will say yes. Reach out to the resident AutoFair expert in crypto, Doug Weisberg ( He is the salesperson who sold the first DASH car. He said this about the transaction:

“What we did was demonstrate how easy and good using crypto is. It is no longer strange. Now it is: ‘Yeah, we can do that!'”

Steven Zeiler, CEO of ANYPAY, the world’s most popular DASH payment processor, said of the historic transaction:

“Buying a vehicle with Dash signifies the next phase of digital currency adoption as we transition to a world where permanent, durable, expensive capital goods can be purchased with private digital cash. Contrast that with the bitcoin pizza of infamy or restaurants, theater tickets — ephemeral, low-price goods. The next phase is access to financing with cryptocurrency. Financing homes, apartment buildings, cars, and other capital equipment.”

In a time when many accuse dinosaur Bitcoin of losing its way, DASH throws down some serious competition for the world’s best money.

Video of the historic transaction:


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Will this car dealership actually accept magic internet in exchange for a shiny vehicle? New Hampshire man does it again! Announcing a first major auto dealership (and the largest In NH) to accept digital cash for cars on their lot. What crypto car will you choose? #anypay #dash #bitcoincash #digitalcash #bitcoin #carsforsale #cryptocurrency #fintech #freestateproject #fordfusion

A post shared by Steven Zeiler (@stevenzeiler) on Sep 27, 2018 at 12:19pm PDT

ANYPAY CEO Steven Zeiler and AutoFair sales rep, Doug Weisberg


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A+ Liberty Rated NH State Rep Sued by Town Gang Over “Zoning” Violations

Sun, 2018-09-30 03:03 +0000

Mike Sylvia takes a photo with supporters outside court.

State Representative Mike Sylvia is the liberty “Legislator of the Year” for 2018 according to the NH Liberty Alliance. Of course, because he’s a peaceful threat to the legitimacy of the state, he will inevitably be targeted by state violence. Hence, the people calling themselves the “Town of Belmont” have forced Sylvia into court and are threatening to hit him with $275 a day in fines for allegedly violating the town gang’s arbitrary “zoning” rules.

The town gang’s zoning thug, Steve Paquin, testified under oath that the town selectmen had sent him to target Sylvia and even admitted there had not been a single complaint against Sylvia or his property by any neighbors. The only complaints came from within the town gang’s “selectmen”.

What’s all this about? The gang is alleging Sylvia is living on his property in an RV or the garage. Yes, that’s right. They are threatening him with violence because he’s allegedly living… on his property.

Apparently the main house burned down in 2009 before Sylvia bought it in 2011. The zoning goon claims that because he’s seen Sylvia exiting the door of the RV, observed shoveled walkways during winter, and smoke coming from a chimney on the garage, that he believes Sylvia is living on the property. Apparently living on one’s own property is not allowed within the gang’s territory, unless one has begged for permission from said gang first.

It’s an outrageous case and another example of how zoning is used to target people the town gang doesn’t like and further proof that one doesn’t actually own their property. If another group of strangers can come along with armed men and tell one what one can and can’t do with it, it’s clearly the property of the gang.

Below is the full court hearing on the town gang’s request for a preliminary injunction against Sylvia. Judge James D. O’Neill III took the evidence and testimony under advisement and will issue a ruling on whether or not to grant the town their preliminary injunction before the full trial in civil court. Thanks to Bill D. for the video:

At one point the town attorney tries to call Sylvia to testify and he smartly objected based on the NH Constitution’s Bill of Rights Article Fifteen, which says “no subject shall… be compelled to accuse or furnish evidence against himself”. The judge sustained his objection and he did not have to take the stand, though the robed man didn’t sustain any of Sylvia’s other objections while sustaining nearly all of the town’s attorney, in a typical hearing that favored the state.

Sylvia also cited the NH Constitution’s Bill of Rights Article Two which says:

All men have certain natural, essential, and inherent rights among which are, the enjoying and defending life and liberty; acquiring, possessing, and protecting, property; and, in a word, of seeking and obtaining happiness.

Zoning is not only unconstitutional, it’s also immoral and should be abolished statewide. Property owners should be free to do what they want, so long as they don’t infringe on their neighbors’ similar rights to do as they please. That would be live free or die. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this outrageous property rights violation.

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After Public Hearing, Keene Councilors Vote 3-1 For Nicotine Prohibition for Under 21s

Fri, 2018-09-28 03:16 +0000

Photo of the audience at the start of the meeting.

Last night a committee of four Keene city councilors met to hear from the people on an awful proposal by a group of busybodies to prohibit the sale and possession of nicotine-related products by people under the age of 21 in Keene.

At least, that’s the summary of the proposal the city clerk had prepared for the council and was plastered at the top of the comment cards available in the room. But wait, was that actually their proposal?

Kate McNally, program manager for “Cheshire Coalition for Tobacco Free Communities”, despite being the person who started this awful political process spoke first and explained that her group was NOT asking the city to prohibit the use of nicotine, just the sale. She seems to realize that criminalizing possession would allow police to target young people for harassment and spoke against that clearly. In a perfect example of how you don’t control the government once you set it in motion, the majority of the committee voted 3-1 to ask city staff to write up an ordinance that would prohibit both sale AND possession of nicotine by people under 21 in Keene. That includes tobacco and all vaporizing products like vape pens and nicotine juice.

Congrats, Ms. McNally – you started this hoping to control just the merchants and you got more than you bargained for. The ban hammer is going to swing much farther and harder than even you wanted.

The council members ignored the pleas of various people including downtown merchants, industry associations, and individuals. No amount of logic and persuasion worked. The history and continued failure of prohibition meant nothing to them. It didn’t matter that the lady from Keene Middle School admitted the failure of nicotine prohibition on their campus. Despite the fact that it’s ALREADY illegal for them to buy and possess, even middle schoolers are using nicotine.

Here’s the full hearing including all testimony minus a quick battery change:

Though the owner of Monadnock Vapor, Daniel Cavallero, pointed out they’d just be creating a black market, the councilors still believe in the failed, authoritarian, sick dream of prohibition and voted to move ahead with drafting the ordinance. Next, the full city council will vote on the committee’s recommendation at next week’s Thursday meeting. Presuming that happens, city staff will draft a prohibition ordinance which will then receive a public hearing in front of the same committee.

Only one councilor, Bob Sutherland, heroically voted against the proposal. He also asked some good questions of McNally toward the end of the hearing. Sadly, he’s the only councilor on the committee who has his sanity.

Live free or die, unless you’re in Keene. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on this madness.

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Libertarian NH Senate Candidate’s Letter to “School Choice for NH”

Tue, 2018-09-25 21:06 +0000

Logo for School Choice for New Hampshire

As you may be aware, I’m the Libertarian candidate on the ballot for NH Senate District 10.  Today I received a letter from “School Choice for NH” inviting me to send a statement to their members that they say will be published unedited. Since I’ve been posting all my replies to candidate inquiries from organizations online, here is my letter to the supporters of School Choice for NH:

Dear Supporters of School Choice for NH,


As a libertarian, I believe in choices. Real school choice isn’t just choosing where to direct some tax money, which is typically what is considered “school choice” when talked about politically. Real school choice is being able to choose whether or not to support the government’s “education” programs entirely.


Government forces you to pay for its awful monopoly system, even if you want to unschool, homeschool, or send your children to private school. If you don’t pay their school taxes, the people calling themselves “the State of New Hampshire” will steal your home from you.


The best solution for real school choice is to end the government’s monopoly control of education. Let the current staff have ownership stakes in their schools and have to raise their operating money through consensual, voluntary means like charging tuition, holding fundraisers, or whatever peaceful means. Allow parents to decide whether to fund or not fund those schools.


Freedom means the ability choose to say no. Please vote Libertarian this November.


Thank you for reading and for your consideration,
Ian Freeman
Libertarian Candidate for NH Senate District 10

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Hypocritical “Free State Project” Quietly Dumps Cody Wilson from Upcoming Convention

Sat, 2018-09-22 16:28 +0000

The FSP’s Announcement of Cody Wilson’s Now-Canceled Speech at Liberty Forum 2019

UPDATED @ 20:31 Eastern 2018-09-22 – I contacted a source within the FSP about this last night, long before going to press. The takedown was confirmed by the source but they would not speak publicly about it.
UPDATED @ 18:10 Eastern 2018-09-22 – See bottom of story for FSP’s response.

Cody Wilson is a libertarian hero who has made countless international headlines in the last several years, first for releasing plans for the world’s first 3D-printable gun, the “Liberator”. After that, he created the “Ghost Gunner” hardware, which makes machining a gun from scratch almost as easy as pressing “start”. All the while, he has bravely thumbed his nose at the oppressive state and federal governments and recently won a major settlement from the federal government that illegally tried to stop him from engaging in the free speech of sharing his 3d-printable weapon files.

Wilson’s a free speech and gun rights champion, no doubt. No wonder the Free State Project had asked him to speak at their 2019 Liberty Forum convention they’ve held in the wintertime here in New Hampshire for over a decade. It wouldn’t be the first time Wilson’s spoken at the Liberty Forum. Here’s a Forbes article talking about Wilson’s speech from 2014’s Liberty Forum. Here’s a video interview of Wilson at the 2014 Liberty Forum by Free Keene blogger Garret Ean.

Sadly, this week an arrest warrant was issued from Austin, Texas police alleging Wilson had met a sixteen-year-old young lady on a website called, took her to a hotel room, had sex with her, gave her $500, then dropped her off at a Whataburger. In Texas the “age of consent”, is apparently 17, which means they are charging Wilson with felony “sexual assault” for the consensual act he committed with his “victim”.

Within a couple of days, the Free State Project (FSP) quietly removed Wilson’s photo and bio from its place on the front page of their NH Liberty Forum website. Wilson’s photo had occupied the top left speaker’s position on their list of expected speakers. That pretty much means he was their top billed keynote speaker.

Wilson’s still caught in Google’s cache of the FSP’s Liberty Forum site.

Poof! Just like that, he was gone. It’s not the first time they’ve tried to memory hole something – there was also the time when they tried to suppress video of a well-produced awards ceremony from Liberty Forum 2016 featuring me as a recipient.

Oops! Turns out the FSP forgot to cleanse their Twitter of their announcement of Wilson’s speaking gig which I included as the top graphic here, in case they take the tweet down.

The Free State Project used to be the reason many of us libertarians, voluntaryists, and liberty-loving anarchists moved to New Hampshire. They were known for throwing two great yearly events, including the previously mentioned Liberty Forum and the Porcupine Freedom Festival in the summertime. However in recent years, the FSP has taken a strong turn away from the principles of liberty by jettisoning any people they can associate with any uncomfortable ideas of sexual liberation. Namely, the crazy idea that teenagers could possibly make decisions for themselves.

The first indicator of the public shift in the narrative direction of the FSP was the public uproar from some FSP participants regarding New Hampshire State Representative Kyle Tasker who was set up by police for allegedly trying to meet a fourteen-year-old for sex that turned out to be an undercover cop. While the FSP officially didn’t take any public stance, the same prudes within the FSP who later crusaded against me, first turned against Tasker. They targeted anyone who dared stand up and point out that Tasker’s “crime”, even if the allegations were true, didn’t actually involve a victim. In any other circumstance that didn’t involve teenage sex, these ostensible libertarians would have agreed that any accused person should be considered innocent until proven guilty and that the police couldn’t be trusted. Not in Tasker’s case! They threw him to the wolves before he was even arraigned. Tasker was cool with them when he sold them pot and mushrooms, but not after they found out his sexual preferences.

My then-teenage girlfriend Renee with our dog Jazzy Girl

Shortly after Tasker’s arrest, I was banned from the FSP’s two yearly events because I have been open for many years about my libertarian views on “age of consent”. I even had a teenage girlfriend at the time – horrors! Some astute observers thought it was interesting the FSP waited until reaching their goal of 20,000 people pledging to move to New Hampshire, before they kicked me to the curb. I politely resigned from the organization and continued my activism including recruiting liberty-loving people to move to New Hampshire, without joining the Free State Project.

In a bizarre and likely unintended reversal, the FSP then invited John MacAfee to keynote their 2017 Porcfest summer camping festival. Porcfest used to be a blast of an event featuring fun traditions like Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Party until all that ended in 2016, the same year they booted me. To the glee of the haters who had complained to the FSP for years about things like women walking around the campground topless and open cannabis use, the festival was unofficially re-branded as a “family” event. It seemed like a hypocritical decision to make such a fuss over “age of consent” and then invite MacAfee to keynote the “family” event when it’s public knowledge MacAfee had a sixteen-year-old girlfriend when he was in his fifties.

MacAfee curiously canceled his appearance, citing scheduling conflicts.

John McAfee, Libertarian Badass and Ephebophile

What must it be like to be the people running the FSP? Surely they are aware of their blatant hypocrisy and pandering to what they think the masses want while all around them their respected libertarian heroes like Wilson turn out to share similar sexual interests. By that I mean the historic tradition of men of all ages being attracted to young women. You know, the way of the world since, oh, at least Jesus’ time. A quick google reveals Mary was no older than fourteen and perhaps as young as twelve when the Christian god decided she was ready to bear his child.

The schism in the FSP ultimately seems to divide the “libertarian” parents who believe their children are their property and those parents who believe their offspring are individuals whose decisions should be respected. The former group appears to be sexually repressed, or perhaps they had a bad sexual encounter with an older person while they were a teen, so they project their experiences and feelings onto every young person.

This group of prudes, for lack of a better term, has always been loudly complaining about the social activism that has happened primarily in Keene, such as the long-controversial topless open carry and Topless Tuesday events, that are now about a decade old but nonetheless live on in their whining about how we’ve “ruined the movement”.

Topless Tuesday, 2010, complete with a teenage girl!

Now their crusade continues as they flush Cody Wilson, the formerly top keynote speaker at the 2019 Liberty Forum, down the memory hole.

All the while, the FSP continues to invite the mother of Ross Ulbricht, Lyn Ulbricht back year after year to speak at FSP events. Ross is the heroic and sadly jailed-for-double-life-plus-forty-years operator of the world’s first underground online drug marketplace, the Silk Road.

The message is clear. The Free State Project is totally cool with embracing two of the most controversial freedoms – the right to self-defense and the right to put whatever chemicals you want in your body. But the right to do what you want with your own body sexually? “WHOA NOW! That’s crazy talk – better disassociate! Issue a statement! No, don’t! Just delete him from the website!”

It’s sad. The FSP board surely know better, don’t they? Why are they and others in this movement so afraid to talk about what non-aggression means when applied to respecting the decisions of ALL individuals, even young people, to do what they want with themselves? How can one possibly claim to support the non-aggression principle and believe in the state’s completely arbitrary and dangerous “age of consent”, which has ruined countless peaceful people’s lives, as it now threatens their now-former hero, Cody Wilson?

No matter that Wilson’s only been charged, not convicted of anything. “Minor detail – kick him aside! No way we’re standing along side that PERVERT! My god, he was attracted to a young woman, that sicko! String him up from a tree – skip the trial! All young women should only have sex with teenage boys so they know how awful the experience is supposed to be!”

The FSP still rightfully considers Ross Ulbricht a hero for creating the drug marketplace Silk Road.

The good news is, there are still plenty of real libertarians who have moved to New Hampshire, who are consistent about liberty on all issues, no matter the social costs. We’re not hiding and we’re not ashamed to stand up for the freedoms of all individuals, including the right to emancipation from one’s parents.

Cody Wilson’s still a libertarian hero. The police haven’t alleged he used force against the girl. She wanted a “sugar daddy” and she found one. I doubt he was her first. Wilson is the actual victim in this case. He doesn’t belong in jail for one minute, let alone the maximum twenty years he is facing.

Too bad Wilson didn’t join the NH Freedom Migration and move to New Hampshire. The arbitrary “age of consent” here is sixteen. In Texas the same sexual act that’s legal here could get him decades in prison and and got the US Marshals activated to track him down. All because some politicians in that arbitrary political geographic area decided a sixteen-year-old can’t consent. “Age of consent” laws are insulting to the intelligence of young people and this “sexual assault” where the “victim” is a willing participant is an insult to all victims of REAL sexual assault – where consent is NOT given and force IS used.

Let individuals decide for themselves. That’s the libertarian way. Support for “age of consent” statutes is support of violence against peaceful people. If one supports these laws, one is not a libertarian.

UPDATE 9/22 @ 18:10 Eastern: A few hours after this story ran, The Free State Project has posted a tweet saying: “Cody Wilson (@DefDist) is no longer listed as a speaker for @NHLibertyForum bc recent legal proceedings make it unclear he will be able to attend. Mr. Wilson was invited to speak about the intersection of the first & second amendment and is still welcome to do so. More to come.”

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Back Pain? You Have the Means to Change

Sat, 2018-09-22 00:02 +0000

“If one takes care of the means, the ends will take care of itself.” You may recognize this quote from The Voluntaryist where it reinforces a discourse of non-political, non-violent strategies. Yet it is equally applicable to all facets of one’s life, including health. Because if you’re not feeling good, not too much else matters. That’s the purpose of this post — to share a bit of information (that is, some means) that can bring about an improved quality of life.

I am now 38. Not an-old timer, but not the youngest cat around. Like yourself, I’ve had my share of bumps and injuries along the way. While most of them were temporary, one problem has been with me a while and will be something I deal with until I move on from this reality: back pain. Perhaps you, too, have been similarly afflicted. If so, I encourage you to check out Stuart McGill and Esther Gokhale.

Before I delve deeper into these two individuals and what they offer, let me share a bit of background on why I was motivated to find them.

In school, I was never too keen to participate in team sports. The rigidity of rules and practice schedules simply weren’t appealing. But in 10th grade I had a weight lifting class, which was exciting. So I kept at it. And my body tended to respond favorably.

By the time I graduated high school I weighed a lean 165 pounds. A few years later I was up to 195 pounds. I was eating clean. I was getting sufficient sleep. I wasn’t boozing. I felt dialed in at my genetic potential. So I did a cycle of steroids. I stacked two injectables and put on another 10 pounds. At my height of 5’7”, 205 pounds was a lot of weight.

At my strongest, I squatted 575 pounds, did a one-rep max of 385 pounds on the benchpress, and curled 70 pound dumbbells for sets. I could lift my Celica’s rear wheels off the ground by the car’s bumper. That was 17 years ago.

Little did I know that the extreme strain I was putting on my body was exacerbating — and was potentially even the cause — of my back pain: spondylolisthesis. In layman’s terms one of my vertebra has slid forward.

I believe I set the stage for this condition when I wrestled my first year of high school. Most of my opponents had wrestled for years and knew fancy moves, while I relied on strength to break holds or throw them. This approach netted me more wins than losses, but one morning I woke up in pain. It took me a while to roll over and plant my feet on the ground. Trying to shower, I had to wrap a towel around myself and ask my mom to help me to lift my leg over the side of the tub.

After a few days I went to a man in a white coat who assigned me some “physical therapy.” What I realize now is that I should have been put into a back brace for four to six months to allow my broken bone — part of the vertebra called the pars interarticularis — to heal. Since that didn’t happen, the fracture was later exacerbated by the extreme weight lifting described above.

By my mid-20s I started to experienced lower back pain. I went to another white coat. This time I was told to: 1) never get a gut, 2) never do heavy squats, and 3) never sleep on my stomach. That all sounded just fine, but a simple list of prohibitions left me wondering if there was more that could be done.

I thought, if my lower back has issues, I should just strengthen it! Perhaps my vertebra will realign itself. So I proceeded to incorporate exercises into my regime that targeted the core, such as the cable axe chop.

Still, I felt lower back pain.

I reached out to my good friend Dan, a lifelong health and fitness guru. He put Stuart McGill on my radar. McGill spent three decades at the University of Waterloo where, at his lab and clinic, he focused on low back pain and rehab.

According to McGill, doing heavy rotational exercises was not only not helpful, but detrimental to folks like me who have lower back issues. From his book Back Mechanic: The Secrets to a Healthy Spine Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You:

Spondylolisthesis – a slippage of one vertebra on another… Usually a bone in the neural arch, behind the vertebrae, is fractured allowing the slip to occur. . . These fractures are the result of excessive bending and twisting through the spine, pushing it to its maximum range. Spondylolisthesis is common among gymnasts, cricket bowlers and some weight training individuals who repeatedly bend their spines while under heavy loads.

Rather than turn to surgery to address back pain, McGill encourages ‘spinal hygiene.’ In other words, he advocates consciousness of your movements, only doing those that are constructive and avoid the destructive. For example:

  • many exercises may not be good for spine, such as the standard sit-up or the superman (laying on your belly with your arms and legs outstretched and elevated off the ground)
  • a 10-20 minute walk at a good pace is probably the best thing you can do for your back
  • bird dogs, side planks, and curl ups create stability and endurance
  • the spine’s structure can accurately be imagined as a radio mast supported by guy wires connective tissues and muscles that together facilitate bracing, twisting, extension and flexion
  • the shoulders and hips should facilitate motion while the core is used to stop motion

In addition to McGill another person’s work I’ve found useful is Esther Gokhale (pronounced “go-clay”). Her main thrust is posture. Credit goes to my lady, Amanda B. Johnson, for putting Gokhale on my radar.

Gokhale did her own research after suffering from severe back pain and a not-too-helpful back surgery. She visited people in parts of Africa and southeast Asia who haven’t been severely influenced by Western furniture and fashion. She reviewed art and ads from a century ago. She looked at how babies sit. And she found some commonalities that, if integrated into your life, can bring about a pain-free back.

In her 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back, Gokhale suggests ways to achieve proper, healthy posture while laying, sitting, standing, or walking that accords with our autonomy. She points out how this has to be a conscious decision because most of us live in a culture that emphasizes bad posture.

Think about your car seat, or an airplane seat. They tend to be cupped, which encourages slouching. Your shoes? They likely have a heel, which impacts your body mechanics while walking. And many of us daily spend hours at a computer or behind the wheel, with arms forward, shoulders slumped. Gokhale suggests ways to surmount these situations.

I had bought an inversion table thinking that it could be helpful for my back pain. But as Gokhale says, such tools are used just for minutes a day. More important is to ensure proper posture while engaged for hours in other activities — sitting, standing, lying. It makes sense. And I can honestly say that after becoming familiar with Gokhale’s work I am much more mindful of my posture and am better for it.

These days I’m back to a healthy, functional 170 pounds. Having implemented McGill’s and Gokhale’s methods into my life has left me with more pain-free days than not. This has inspired me to share these methods with you, in case you may be similarly helped.

If you’ve experienced back pain I encourage you to invest in yourself. Don’t automatically turn to a white coat for a “solution” of surgery, which almost always just migrates the issue to other vertebra, without trying these non-invasive techniques. Learn about your back anatomy. Investigate the protocols suggested by McGill and Gokhale and find what resonates. You’re worth it.

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First-in-History Transgender Candidate Enters Race for Cheshire Sheriff as Libertarian

Sat, 2018-09-15 21:15 +0000

Aria DiMezzo files for Cheshire County Sheriff as a Libertarian

In what appears to be a historic first, the Libertarian Party of Western NH has nominated Aria DiMezzo as their candidate for Cheshire County Sheriff. DiMezzo says that her research shows that she may be the first-ever transgender candidate for Sheriff in United States history.

She’s a principled Libertarian who hosts a weekday afternoon talk show on LRN.FM named “The Call to Freedom“. She’s on the show daily from 4-7pm including the 5pm “Crypto Hour” which features her expertise on the subject of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. (You can watch it via the LRN.FM Twitch channel or listen at LRN.FM.)

The last-minute filing was thanks to the Libertarian Party of NH re-attaining major party ballot access on the level of the republicans and democrats for the first time in over two decades. That means that the party executive committee has the ability to appoint a slate of candidates to fill any races for which no one had yet filed or won enough write-in votes in the primary election. Parties have one week from the primary date to file such a slate.

It’s an interesting approach and throws a surprise libertarian challenger into a long-stale county sheriff’s race that has been a re-match for several terms between incumbent democrat Eli Rivera and longtime republican challenger Earl Nelson.

Aria DiMezzo, LPNH Chairman Chip Spangler, and Robert Call outside the NH Secretary of State’s Office

DiMezzo claims she’s going to be doing real campaigning and has already launched her campaign website which includes her opinions on ending the entire war on drugs. She admits to being a former opiate addict which means she’s got an insight into the world of drug addiction and the insane War on Drugs not shared by her republican and democrat competitiors. As she points out in her essay,

“Each addict has their own unique reason that they turned to drugs as an escape, and the only way to help any of them, if they decide they want help, will be individually and personally. There is no easy, convenient, one-size-fits-all answer. The folly of simplistic solutions like “Arrest them!” is that it allows us to feel like we are doing something about the problem, but we aren’t–at least, not anything beyond exacerbating it.”

DiMezzo, on her campaign site, also calls for the immediate release of peaceful, “victimless criminals”. She tells me she’s more than happy to do media interviews and appear at any local events to which she is invited. It’s refreshing to finally have a principled freedom-advocating candidate for which to vote in the upcoming Sheriff election this November 6th.

Robert Call and Aria DiMezzo standing outside the state house in Concord.

In addition to the surprise appointment of their first-ever candidate for Sheriff in Cheshire County, Keene’s Ward Four (Cheshire District Seven) has also received a libertarian challenger to democrat newbie Sparky Von Plinsky in the form of former Keene mayoral candidate Robert Call. Call is a free sofware advocate and programmer who lives in Keene. Curiously, his democrat challenger Von Plinsky is a former NSA agent. It should be an interesting race!

That gives the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire more candidates on the general election ballot in Keene than the Republican party who could only scrounge up one candidate for just the Ward 5 election. In order to help keep major party ballot access status, the libertarian candidate for Governor, Jilletta Jarvis must receive at least 4% of the vote. If you’re tired of government ruling your life and always growing more expensive and more demanding, you finally have a choice. You can vote for the multiple libertarian candidates that will be on your ballot in the general election on November 6th. Remember, if you’ve never voted before, New Hampshire allows same-day voter registration. Here’s a City of Keene webpage with information about where you should go to vote.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for interesting libertarian campaign news.

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Libertarian Primary voting recommendations

Mon, 2018-09-10 23:12 +0000

For the first time in over 2 decades, the Libertarian Party is having a primary in New Hampshire. While I would prefer NH to join the list of states that allows a party to opt-out of having a taxpayer funded primary, I will be voting in the Libertarian Primary and casting a ballot that looks like this:

Governor: Jilletta Jarvis
Congress: Justin O’Donnell
State Senate: Ian Freeman
State House Cheshire 16: Darryl W Perry
Sheriff: Aria DiMezzo (write-in)
Treasurer: Kenneth Kelly III
Register of Deeds: Darlene Lester

You can find your polling precinct, and a sample ballot here

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BREAKING: Founder Arrested For “Disorderly Conduct” of Trying to Leave Home

Sat, 2018-09-08 08:31 +0000

MPD patrolman Ryan Olsen prepares to assault software programmer and father Jeremy Kauffman.

Originally streamed to his social media profile live, Jeremy Kauffman of has been arrested for “Disorderly Conduct” by a Manchester police officer for simply trying to leave his home. The Manchester police state descended on Kauffman’s neighborhood to conduct a homicide investigation in a home at 332 Hanover St., which is apparently near where Kauffman lives. Apparently this included preventing all the neighbors from simply leaving their own properties, a lot like being locked down in a prison by the guards.

Kauffman, a respected software engineer and entrepreneur currently CEO and founder of the decentralized blockchain-based media protocol called recorded the threats and eventual attack by Manchester Police’s patrolman Ryan Olsen on his smartphone. In the approx two minute video, Kauffman is in his driveway and explains to the viewer that he is being kept in his property against his will by the arbitrary detention by MPD. He is not told he’s a suspect in the homicide investigation but is being prevented from leaving to pick up his son.

When he merely walks down his driveway to investigate what is happening near his own home, Kauffman is threatened by officer Olsen who tells him to “go back that way” and when Kauffman asks on what law he’s basing his orders, Olsen says “I’m not gonna tell you again.” When pressed to cite the statute, Olsen pulls out the old police catch-all, “Disorderly Conduct“. Seconds later, Olsen leaves his post across the street, shouting at Kauffman, then manhandles him after telling him repeatedly to “walk back please”. Please? Is this a request or an order?

Olsen arrests Kauffman, charging him with a “Class A” misdemeanor version of “Disorderly Conduct”, which means Kauffman will be facing down up to a year in jail for his heroic non-cooperation with the oppressive Manchester police state. He was released on PR bail pending arraignment in Manchester District Court.

YouTube Version:

LBRY Version:

Jeremy Kauffman, Founder of

Despite the awful arrest by the terrible Manchester cops – the worst gang in the state – it was refreshing to see some courageous activist video by a Manchester area activist. Kudos to Jeremy for doing a great job standing up for his freedom to travel and proving that when the police state comes down, we’re all just in a big open air general population prison cell. If only we had more activists like him. May his example inspire others to stand up to the police state. Freedom was never won by begging.

Related news: Keene Cop Block has just released our new updated-for-2018 know-your-rights flyer! It’s a simple rundown of individual rights when dealing with the police. It is intended for distribution across New Hampshire, but may also be useful to other areas. It’s informative and keeps-it-simple. 2018 Edition: Front Side / Back Side. I’ve handed out several hundred of these in just the last two weeks around Keene State College and the students really appreciate the information.

Stay tuned here to Free Keene for developments in this case.

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Liberty Activists Migrating from Twitter to Censorship-Proof “Mastodon” Decentralized Platform

Mon, 2018-08-27 20:00 +0000

Liberdon is the Libertarian/Voluntarist Server running Mastodon

There has been a lot of controversy recently over social media websites like Twitter swinging their ban hammer on personalities with opinions they don’t like. As a libertarian, I believe in property rights and so Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and the like should certainly be free to ban people for whatever reason they want. I also believe in the free market’s potential reactions to bad decisions by business owners, which include boycott and competition.

Thankfully, the competition has arrived! Mastodon is a decentralized social media replacement for Twitter and it does an excellent job. I recently joined the “Liberdon” server intended for libertarians and voluntarists. Not only is Mastodon decentralized, in that anyone who wants to can run a server, but it’s also “federated”. Federated means your server can be connected to all the other Mastodon servers, that is so long as the other servers want to be connected to you. Each server sets its own rules for which other servers they’ll federate with. So if the NAZIs or Communists start a server, no one has to link up to them – the market decides instead of a centralized corporation like Twitter. However, even if no other servers federate with, say Chris Cantwell‘s server (I don’t think he has one – just as an example), he can still run his server and hate-filled bigots and racists can join it and talk to each other. Of course, each server can be controlled and its policy set by its administrator, so intra-server censorship is still possible (most servers prohibit spam, for instance), but given you are free to start your own server and set your own policy, you can’t be censored if you start your own platform.

I do not know who is running it, but a Mastodon server called Liberdon recently popped up, so I decided to join it. I also deactivated my facebook account this week after basically quitting using it in January. Here’s my personal account on Liberdon, should you wish to follow my posts. Plus, I created an account for Free Keene, one for Free Talk Live, and one for LRN.FM – the Liberty Radio Network.

If you are a liberty-minded person, protect yourself from censorship and join Liberdon and the “fediverse” today! If If you aren’t liberty-minded, but want to get a Mastodon account, you can start by picking a server and signing up wherever you feel most welcome. Visit for their offical site.

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Announcing – Printable Bitcoin Cash & DASH Tips!

Mon, 2018-08-27 01:52 +0000

Printed Cryptotips – Great Outreach Tool!

A year ago, Bitcoin (BTC) was in pretty bad shape with its fees climbing to ridiculous levels due to some arbitrary network limitations. This caused a lot of problems in the marketplace with people not wanting to use their BTC to make purchases at local businesses around the Keene area who were accepting the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency.

Thankfully, Portsmouth-based Anypay came along to save the day at retail with the launch of their Point-of-Sale crypto merchant payment processing system that added DASH as an alternative to BTC. With the ability to choose what to accept at their POS for the first time ever, local merchants eagerly jumped onboard with Anypay and got set up to accept DASH in addition to BTC. As a result, customers were able to avoid the BTC fees by paying with the sane, fast, affordable DASH.

However, only retail’s problems were fixed by Anypay. Cryptocurrency activists in the area were still hurting because the BTC fees had killed one of the most effective forms of direct outreach – printable Bitcoin tips! We had for many months been giving away printed Bitcoin (BTC) tips to local restaurant servers and others with whom we wanted to gift BTC. These tips were made possible by an innovative site called Sadly, the insanely high Bitcoin fees at the time made using BCTip impossible to justify in late 2017. Since BCTip had at one time been an advertiser with Free Talk Live, my radio show, I reached out to the operator and asked if he were considering adding any other cryptos to the site and he said he was not but pointed out the site was open source.

Creating six $10 Cryptotips with Bitcoin Cash.

So, I teamed up with Michael Hampton of Ringing Liberty and he actually programmed a whole new site from scratch to do the same thing that BCTip did for Bitcoin (BTC), except do it for the alternative cryptocurrencies like DASH and Bitcoin Cash. We launched quietly with a public beta early this year with DASH as the only initial crypto available to print as tips. This month, I’m happy to announce we’ve now added Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to the site and it’s now the default option when creating new tips.

These printed, business card-sized tips are super-easy to use. Just visit and create a batch of tips in the US Dollar value of your choice (or international currencies including GBP, EUR, RUB, JPY). Choose which crypto you want to use to fund the tips, DASH or Bitcoin Cash, put in your refund address and print up the tips. Cut them out and then put your tips in your wallet so you can easily give them out wherever you go.

When your recipient visits the URL on their tip, they’ll be given a brief introduction to cryptocurrency and instructed on installing a wallet so they can redeem their tip into their crypto wallet. If they never redeem it, YOU GET YOUR CRYPTO BACK! When you create the tips, you choose the expiration time. THe default is one month. Once the tips expire, you get any unclaimed tips back in your wallet. Cryptotip is a killer app for crypto and a low-risk way to spread cryptocurrency to new people.

They make great stocking stuffers or other gifts as well. Maybe you can think of new, fun ways to give away your Cryptotips!

Don’t forget, a Cryptotip should only be given as a bonus on top of an already good cash tip. You want the server to take you seriously and look at the Cryptotip so be sure to be a good representative of crypto and leave your Cryptotip in addition to your cash. Visit to create and print as many tips as you’d like!

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Demonstrating Real-Life Cryptocurrency Purchase and Use in Keene, NH

Wed, 2018-08-22 04:57 +0000

Sadly, the very exciting DASH-Back promotion that had been mostly going strong for nearly two months in Keene and Portsmouth has become sporadic in recent days. I’m not sure if it’s technical difficulties or a planned change. I hope it’s the former and that it will return, but for the moment, DASH-Back is effectively over and is no longer providing consistent rebates, as it was over the past couple of months.

As a result of the loss of DASH-Back, I’ve re-edited and combined my recent how-to videos featuring Thomas Parisi of Cheshire TV’s NIGHTSVP visiting Route 101 Local Goods in Keene, NH armed with a cryptocurrency wallet called Coinomi on his phone and a $20 bill. Here’s the new video featuring both parts:

First, in under two minutes, Route 101’s proprietor Chris Rietmann showed Thomas how to buy crypto at the Cryptocurrency Vending Machine. Then, Thomas spends some of his newly-purchased DASH at the register, showing how easy it is to spend crypto at the point-of-sale, thanks to the NH-based Anypay merchant crypto payments processor. Anypay is the POS merchant system in use at nearly all cryptocurrency-accepting businesses in the Monadnock region.

You can also see a longer interview with Route 101’s proprietor, Chris Rietmann here on Thomas’ latest episode of his show, NightSVP.

You can see a map of local businesses that are accepting crypto and learn a lot more about why they are accepting it at In the area? Please join our local Meetup group, now with over 100 members!

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Paying with Cryptocurrency in Keene is Easy!

Tue, 2018-08-21 20:25 +0000

Thomas Parisi of Cheshire TV pays a visit to Route 101 Local Goods in Keene, NH to buy something in the store with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or DASH, to show you just how easy it can be:

Thanks to the NH-based company Anypay who provides Route 101’s Point-of-Sale system for crypto-acceptance, it’s super-easy and fast to pay with cryptocurrency in various businesses across Keene! Reasons to accept it at your business, and more can be found at

Before he paid for his DASH coaster, Thomas purchased $20 worth of DASH at the Crypto Vending Machine, also at Route 101 Local Goods. You can see that video here.

You can also see a longer interview with Route 101’s proprietor, Chris Rietmann here on Thomas’ latest episode of his show, NightSVP.

Sadly, the DASH-Back feature announced in this video is currently experiencing an outage. I hope it comes back soon!

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How to buy cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and DASH in under two minutes in Keene, NH!

Sun, 2018-08-19 21:25 +0000

Thomas Parisi of Cheshire TV visited Route 101 Local Goods in Keene, NH to buy some cryptocurrency from a Crypto Vending Machine that sells Bitcoin (BTC) and DASH. Rt. 101’s proprietor, Chris Rietmann gives him a full walkthrough in under two minutes!

Note, Thomas already had a multi-crypto wallet on his phone. If you want a wallet for your phone, I recommend “Edge Wallet” or “Coinomi“.

Please drop into Route 101 Local Goods at 661 Marlboro Rd. in Keene, NH Tuesday through Sunday if you have any cryptocurrency questions, or join our local meetup group, which has over 100 members and is one of the most popular meetups in the region!

After buying some DASH, Thomas used some to make a purchase at the cash register. You can see how easy it is to pay with crypto here.

For a longer, more interview-oriented version of this encounter, please watch the latest episode of Thomas Parisi’s NightSVP, which features Chris talking more about cryptocurrency in general and the soon-to-open Bitcoin Embassy in NH.

Information about other local merchants who accept crypto (there are a bunch!), reasons to accept it at your business, and more can be found at

The CVM in use here is the General Bytes BATMThree. However it is only one of three different CVMs available publicly in Keene, a true Crypto-Mecca!

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