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The Rising Number of Public School Vaxx Clinics And the Lack of Informed Consent and Privacy Rights Protections

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-01-09 01:00 +0000

My local school district is one of many promoting a vaccine clinic on school property to Jab as many 5+ residents as possible. But the injection is still EUA or emergency use only. It is. Stop lying. And absent proper informed consent, jabbing even one person is unethical and should be criminal.

My “School District” has partnered up with Rite Aid to deliver unnecessary pharmaceutical treatments to minors, and here’s problem number one (from a reader).


nowhere on that Rite Aid “consent form” does it mention the RSA we are fortunate to have in NH, prohibiting a person’s medical info from being sent to the state, etc, without OUR SPECIFIC CONSENT.  In fact, for many months, pharmacies and I’m guessing all jab agents automatically sent this info to the state and on to the Feds, without asking a single person if it was ok.


And while ignorance of the law is no excuse, every pharmacy in the state knows the law.


Related: Stop Lying to People about Their COVID19 Vaccine Being Approved.


[I]n August last year, every retail pharmacy got an email saying “oh, by the way, in NH, you can’t send private medical info of patients without their consent.” This was MONTHS after it had already been done by most pharmacies. In fact, many pharmacies had parents make appointment ON A STATE VACCINE WEBSITE.



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Privacy is also constitutionally protected in New Hampshire.

Before Rite Aid and the Merrimack School District jabs a single-arm, they need to attend a clinic on the legal requirements and the absence of not only informed consent as to the matter of the EUA drug but the privacy rights of the “patients.” But that won’t happen unless parents and taxpayers step in and not only insist but police the event to ensure these rights are explained.

And while we’re at it, someone should require them to include a reference to the more than 1000 studies published in peer-reviewed journals or papers that state that these vaccines are dangerous.


Here are the first ten papers from the link above.


Cerebral venous thrombosis after COVID-19 vaccination in the UK: a multicentre cohort study:

Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia with disseminated intravascular coagulation and death after ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccination: 3.

Fatal cerebral hemorrhage after COVID-19 vaccine:

Myocarditis after mRNA vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, a case series:

Three cases of acute venous thromboembolism in women after vaccination against COVID-19:

Acute thrombosis of the coronary tree after vaccination against COVID-19:

US case reports of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis with thrombocytopenia after vaccination with Ad26.COV2.S (against covid-19), March 2 to April 21, 2020:

Portal vein thrombosis associated with ChAdOx1 nCov-19 vaccine:

Management of cerebral and splanchnic vein thrombosis associated with thrombocytopenia in subjects previously vaccinated with Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca): position statement of the Italian Society for the Study of Hemostasis and Thrombosis (SISET):

Vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis after vaccination with COVID-19; a systematic review:


That’s ten of over 1000 – Medical science and a lot of it.

But they will not stop jabbing children or convincing parents they need The Jab unless you educate yourself and start asking questions and (in NH) not following the law.

These are not disinterested non-partisan actors. They have a significant financial interest, and informed consent and a clear understanding of the privacy laws in New Hampshire are barriers to the pursuit of profit.

Kids are not vectors until they get the Jab and potential health risks from this inoculation are significant and much more dangerous than COVID.

Stop the clinics.

Demand transparency.

Make them follow the law.




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Despite the Legacy Media Claims There’s Been NO Global Warming for the Past 9 years …

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 23:30 +0000

Greeting Planeteers, it’s time for an update. Bad news, I’m afraid. The UAHv6 dataset, one of the most reliable records, points to no statistical warming of the planet for nine years and three months. None.

(WUWT) The significance of the succession of long periods without any global warming, of which the current Pause is the most recent, should not be underestimated. It is legitimate to draw from the length of such Pauses the conclusion that, since the climate system is in essence thermostatic, the radiative imbalance inferred from satellite data is either exaggerated or may be exerting a smaller effect on climate sensitivity than is currently imagined.

No small part of the reason why some object so strongly to the fact that there has been no statistically-significant global warming for almost a decade is that it can no longer be credibly maintained that “it’s worser’n we ever done thunk, Bubba”.

In truth, it’s no worser’n it was at the time of the previous IPeCaC assessment report back in 2013. But the flatulent rhetoric must be – and has been – dialed up and up, with totalitarian administrations such as that of the UK whiffling and waffling about an imagined “climate emergency.”


Here is a plot of the data for you visual folks.



If you listen to the Boys and girls and girlboys and boygirls who cry climate wolf, you’d expect this plot to look more like a steady upward climb—no such luck. The nature of global climate is, well, global.

Here in the US, we are slaves to the El Niña – El Niño cycle, which is neither new nor confounding unless you sell solar panels and wind machines to replace coal, gas, and oil.

Now covered solar and frozen turbines fail when we need them most everywhere it gets cold. Any politician who runs on this in these parts of the US or the world should be run out on a commuter rail for such nonsense.

But they haven’t been, and that’s due primarily to their having the entire legacy media and the education system peddling their snake oil which never seems to freeze no matter how cold it gets.


There’s a lot more on this here.

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Tired of Your School Board Telling You to Go Pound Sand? DO THIS NOW… (Time Sensitive)

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 22:00 +0000

Many School Board Members believe THEY know what’s best for your children – and NOT YOU! They believe they can ignore you with impunity when making decisions that impact your children because of the advice they receive from their attorneys and organizations like the New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA).

Even though every elected school board member swears an oath to the Constitution, that states:

“All power residing originally in, and being derived from, the people, all the magistrates and officers of government are their substitutes and agents, and at all times accountable to them. Government, therefore, should be open, accessible, accountable and responsive.”

Per RSA 42:1, the penalty for violation of that oath is removal from office:

“…any such person who violates said oath after taking the same shall be forthwith dismissed from the office involved.”

The NHSBA and other organizations that are paid with your tax dollars, spend countless hours lobbying legislators in Concord to pass laws that further undermine your parental Right to be involved with your child’s education.

The NHSBA also writes proposed school district policies. Most, if not all, are subsequently adopted by the school districts. Those policies govern (mandate) how your school district is run. Some of those policies mandate compelled speech by your children, others undermine traditional American values, and others mandate that district employees keep important information regarding your child secret from you.

Last September, the NHSBA’s parent organization – the National School Board Association (NSBA) – requested the Biden Administration weaponize the FBI and other federal agencies against parents who raised concerns about CRT and masks at school board meetings across the country.

Related: School Board Association Asks Feds To Label “Angry” Parents as Domestic Terrorists

Per the Washington Times:

“On September 29, 2021, the National School Boards Association (NSBA), which claims to represent ‘90,000 school board members who govern our country’s 14,000 local public-school districts educating more than 50 million schoolchildren‘ across America, sent Joe Biden a letter. Their purpose was to warn our addled President that our nation’s schools are under the imminent threat of ‘domestic terrorism.’”

That is unconscionable. You do not need to continue funding the NSBA or the NHSBA with your tax dollars. It is clear that they do not place your needs and desires as parents above their agendas.

Click Here to Read the Rest of the Article and learn how easy it is to defund organizations that work to undermine your rights


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How to Smuggle Insulin

The Liberty Block - Sat, 2022-01-08 21:23 +0000

Anyone who follows Bernie Sanders on Twitter knows that he’s always ranting and raving about how expensive insulin is in the united states. But while he’s pushing a government takeover of all private businesses, 'Medicare for all', or some sort of price-capping regulation, I have a better idea. 

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UNC Med School to Teach That Organs Aren’t Gender-Specific… Er, What about Testes and Ovaries?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 20:30 +0000

UNC Med School moves ahead with plans to root instruction in DEI, teach organs aren’t gender-specific: Suggests instructors put equity stickers on their laptops to promote culture of diversity.

I have to admit, my undergrad in Biology was earned just after dirt was created so I THINK, on some facets of it, I may be a bit out of date.  That said, I do know, that gender is determined at conception and isn’t “assigned at birth.” That functional testes are solely for men and functional ovaries belong to the domain of women.

Didn’t we all learn that from way back in the Middle Ages? That women and men are different biologically? And for those of us that have even less than a standard IQ, that we can figure that out by visiting the beach, pool, or nudist colony in about, oh, 2 seconds?

Frankly, I want my doctor and other medical professions to specialize in, well, you know, taking care of my health. Isn’t that their primary duties?

Unfortunately, not anymore – the Left is still moving along with lie that there are no differences between any of us – just put on the grey knee-length smocks and shut up, will ya?  New mission:


“To meet the needs of a growing diverse state, a curriculum embedded in social justice and anti-racist components is essential to patient care, health equity, reduction of health disparities, and most importantly, social change,” the report reads.


The only thing that is essential to most healthcare PATIENTS is that they get cured – not to be preached at how every part of THEIR sense of Society must change before they can get better. And they have to both like and ENJOY Society being changed out from underneath them. Let me leave it as this:


Foremost among the recommendations is creation of a mechanism by which instructors looking either to be hired or promoted must demonstrate a “growth mindset as it relates to social justice.” According to this “goal” set by the report, professors and other teachers “will be assessed regarding their contributions in the domain of social justice and incentivized for such contributions.” The new requirement aims to make faculty “see work related to social justice or DEI as central to their work as faculty members,” and their commitment to “anti-racism” would soon be a requirement for advancement through the school.


Er, discovering new biological knowledge, creating new treatment protocols, fabricating new medicinals, creating new diagnostic tools – didn’t we value THAT from our medical industry?  Wasn’t that the value-added that they brought to the [operating / ER / doctor’s] table?

Hey, in many Democrat-run cities, I can almost randomly grab someone and they’ll be a superior Social Justice Warrior ready to give me an earful of nonsense than a newly minted doctor with this add-on bag of B.S.  The former will cost me nothing except the time I’ll never get back but the Doc will expect me to PAY to listen to him in not telling me how to lose more weight (although he was happy I had lost an additional 15 lbs), we’re changing the meds (call if a problem – which there is – with side effects), and keep up the good work.

Instead, I (and you) will have to listen to him/her that has nothing to do with why he’s getting the bucks to drive that new Benz / BMW.

And I’d end up paying more for a longer “appointment” because I wouldn’t be able to help myself in responding – longest appointment EVAH!

(H/T: Instapundit)



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Biden’s Wonderful World

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 19:00 +0000

The Amazing and Astounding Accomplishments of the Biden Administration are truly extraordinary. Let’s take a look.

1.) The great energy policy. On the first day in office, Biden managed to successfully shut down our pipelines and destroy our worldwide energy pre-eminence to the point where Joe is now begging Saudi Arabia and Russia to produce more oil. The price of a gallon of gas has skyrocketed almost 100%.

2.) While shutting down our energy supply and increasing gas prices 100%, Biden has allowed Putin to complete the Nordstream pipeline so that Western Europe’s energy supply will be completely dependent on our best friend, Vladimir Putin, who has now positioned 200,000 troops on the Ukrainian border with the apparent intention of guaranteeing Western and Eastern Europe energy supply at a price.

3.) Joe’s other best friend, Xi, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) premier has taken over Hong Kong and will probably invade Taiwan after the Winter Olympics, as the CCP currently invades Taiwanese Air space with numerous jet fighters on a daily basis.  Joe has failed to discuss the release from the Wuhan lab of the Covid 19 pandemic, which, according to some, has resulted in more American deaths than the 400,000 American soldiers killed in WW2 and $60+ billion damage to our economy. Most despicably, the CCP Concentration Camps of Uighurs ( Muslims) and Falon Gong followers are used to supply the world’s elite with much-needed organ transplants, resulting in the mass murder of these religious followers and silence from Joe and the rest of the world. Then again what’s that between friends!

We want to thank Charles Bradley for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

4.) The horrid international situation couldn’t  possibly be due to the colossally successful withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in gifting $85 billion dollars of the most advanced military equipment in the world, the $10 billion Baghram Air Force Base, strategically positioned to neutralize China’s nuclear weapons and hundreds,
if not thousands of American hostages to the Taliban.

5.) Our international successes under Joe have only been exceeded by our domestic. The misery index ( the inflation rate including food and energy plus the U6 unemployment rate) is currently 21% and has exceeded the remarkable and memorable misery index of the Carter Era.

Apparently, 40 % of the US hopes and prays this tremendous success continues. The rest of the US see this unparalleled success as a catastrophic failure, which may lead to the suicide of the greatest and most generous nation in the history of the world, as well as the end of Western Civilization.

Happy New Year to Bungling, Mumbling, Stumbling Joe.

Good luck to the rest of US.

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“COVID” … Forces School to Close for Two Days Due to Teacher Shortages

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 18:41 +0000

Reformatted, emphasis mine: SHOT: Teacher shortages to close Nashua schools Monday and Tuesday.

Nashua students will get an extra-long weekend after Friday’s snow day — but they’ll have to pay for it in June. Schools will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 10 and 11, according to a statement from Interim Superintendent Garth McKinney, because the district will not have enough teachers, staff or substitutes.

Staff shortages had been piling up all week, with more than 200 teachers and staff out on Thursday, many because of COVID-19. Student absenteeism has also been high this year, McKinney said. He hoped everyone could benefit from a little break.


Many does not mean all.  Does the above have anything to do with the below? I’ll say it: sick out (being able to blame it on COVID)?


CHASER: Nashua teachers, school district agree on $11 million in pay raises over four years, negotiations still stalled

The Nashua School District and the city’s teachers union have agreed to more than $11 million in pay raises for teachers over the next four years, but contract negotiators can’t agree on whether the union president should be eligible for health insurance through the district, even if the costs are funded by the union.

Contract negotiations between the school board and the union stalled last month. The two sides agreed to bring in a mediator this week, but announced their impasse Thursday. Teachers have spoken during school board meetings about the stress they have been under this year, with many saying they were thinking about retiring early or leaving the district, ratcheting up pressure on the board.


And that’s all between the city and the union.  You know, if I was on the School Board, I’d be taking the above as a threat upon Nashua students.  It just proves that Teachers Unions are about Power and that Unions are a Special Interest Group in and for itself.

And who is paying for it? The learning that students are NOT receiving but teachers are still being paid by the taxpayers.

And I shall repeat – NO ONE is entitled to a job anywhere.  If you don’t like it, leave.  Stop your complaining. Most of us are already tired of this same schtick of “we’ll leave” – it is the equivalent of a toddler’s temper tantrum complete with the tears, screaming, and kicking and pounding the floor.  The School Board ought to say WORK or “you’re fired.”

Hangover: and then there is this malfeasance by the reporter


The sticking point is a comparatively small one — the union president’s eligibility for health insurance and a state pension. The union president, whom teachers elect every two years, is a Nashua teacher who takes a two-year approved leave. For more than a decade, the president has stayed on the school district’s health insurance plan and remained eligible for a state pension, with the union reimbursing the school and the city for their contributions. The current plan does not cost city taxpayers.


Get that? With “the union reimbursing the school and the city for their contributions. The current plan does not cost city taxpayers. Again – the union reimburses the District and City.

Er, WHERE is that “reimbursement money” coming from, I ask?  Of COURSE it is coming from the taxpayers unless the Union is into counterfeiting US Currency or hacking the bank systems. To say otherwise is extremely disingenuous and misleading.


In a statement, the school board said they wanted the union to directly provide benefits for the president, instead of reimbursing the district.
The union, in a statement, said they thought the board’s stance was an effort to interfere with and weaken the union, by making it difficult for a teacher to serve more than one term as president.


I applaud the District in realizing that they shouldn’t be subsidizing or making it easier for the Union to screw with them come contract negotiations and work “environments”. They recognized that the Union ISN’T part of the District – why SHOULDN’T a separate entity take care of its own employee(s)?

And the union, full of “Highly Qualified teachers” really think that they can keep freeloading on the District / City?  That’s rather selfish.  Take care of your OWN employee (even if elected or not by the membership).

And what a statement – the District isn’t interfering, it is trying to SEPARATE from the union.  Forcing the Union to go and provide benefits to their employee is weakening the union?  My gosh, the chutzpah!

No, Nashua Teachers Union – that’s called “adulting”, taking care of your own.  Are you really telling everyone that you aren’t capable of doing that?  Or unwilling to do so?

Either one is a really bad look.  Er, why am I the only one willing to point that out?

Josie Albertson-Grove ought to be taken to the woodshed for misleading taxpayers AND her readers for sloppy writing. It’s pretty much akin to Biden saying “and it will cost nothing for this bill.”



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Excuse Me Bedford: Your School Administrators Need to Follow the Law

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 17:30 +0000

This is just an fyi to the parents in Bedford. Now that it looks like your school is becoming a mental health facility for your children, you need to be aware of federal law. Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires your consent on any assessment or treatment when it comes to the mental health of your children.

You might want to make sure that when they are dabbling in the mental health of your children, it is with a Child Psychologist–who holds a Ph.D. That way those who are treating your children’s mental health, understand the importance of data privacy, and your consent.

The American Psychological Association requires all licensed child Psychologists to follow a strict code of ethics.  You must consent for them to assess and treat their patients. Anyone who is dabbling in your child’s mental health should be licensed, and follow a code of ethics that requires your informed consent. Some of the counselors working in our public schools are not licensed and may not be subjected to following this ethical code.

You might want to also ask about the credentials of those dabbling in mental health within the school. Many teachers are not happy about this, especially since they have children in public school. Like many parents, they want teachers to focus on academics. Any child that needs mental health treatment should be handled by educated and trained professionals outside the school’s system.  They are the ones with the education and clinical training to assess and treat your child’s mental health.

Why is there no provision in this policy about parental consent?

What about all of that mental health data they will be collecting on your children. If it’s collected by a digital source, why is there nothing in the policy about data security? Where does this data go? Who has access to your child’s mental health data? Vendors almost never have a full-proof privacy policy. Go read them. You will see that under certain circumstances, they can share your child’s sensitive data.

Will this be a mental health dossier as described by this New Hampshire Physician? How will their mental health data be shared in the future? Will the data be shared with colleges/universities? How about the military, if your child decides to go that route? How will you even know if there is no provision that spells this out?

Now that the federal privacy rights law was gutted under President Obama, data on your children can be shared with the U.S. Department of Labor. President Obama’s Secretary of Education also set up a de-facto national database during his tenure. All states now have a State Longitudinal Data-Base because of the money that was given to the Departments of Education through Race to the Top money.  How about within this policy it says something about never sharing mental health data without parental consent? Or a policy that says you don’t want any mental health data collected, stored or shared on your children?

Federal law requires your consent. From Every Student Succeeds Act:

How can you opt your child out of this?

Teachers can certainly receive training on how to handle behavior issues that arise, but when it comes to their mental health, our children deserve to be assessed and treated by the professionals in that field.

There is a school board meeting next week. This might be a good time to start asking questions and request to shoot this policy down if you do not get the answers you ask for.

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COVID, the Vaccines, and Poor Ol’Joe – A Musing

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 16:00 +0000

It would seem clear and apparent to even the casual observer that after someone has gotten the full recommended doses of vaccine shots they would not be getting the virus; it’s just not the case. Around half of those tested and found positive have had their shots.

So this has to say that those vaccines do not prevent reinfection. Or, in other words, they do not work. How can that not be the conclusion drawn from that fact? But why are so many still clinging to the idea that everyone must comply and get their shots?

Same with the mask fetish. CDC originally said masks would be of little use but it seems that the Administration; pressure may have caused a rethinking on the subject. Now, we have outraged “Karen’s” assaulting old men on airplanes, getting themselves arrested and facing prison time, over another failed mandate. And Leftists say they are not extremists?

What’s going on here? Biden promised to end COVID but hasn’t been seen as doing anything to achieve that goal.  Nothing he’s doing is working but he’s bragging, anyways, without a fact to stand on. He issues a mandate but when it doesn’t work, he blames those who are non-compliant for its failure. He’s just following an old path: most politicians will try never to be seen as failing at anything. If failure happens,  it’s all smoke and mirrors to deflect that – someone else failed.

A master of this technique is Mr. Joe Biden. He’s one who has never met a failed policy he didn’t support but then tries to distance and excuse himself from when it all goes bad. I challenge anyone to give us an example of anything positive the man has ever accomplished. Keyword here is positive.

I hear and read many who are calling for the man’s removal. You may think it strange that I have not. The reason is that Mr. Biden has been the most positive help exposing extreme Leftist policies. His approval rating, down in the ’30s, is dragging his entire Party down with him. If anyone does remove the man, do not let it be we conservatives. Do not let the Leftist Democrats blame us for his dethroning after propagandizing him as the “moderate Democratic President”.

Let them do their own dirty work and be given the blame for doing so. If they carry out that removal, Republicans should express sympathy at how he was manipulated and then discarded like yesterday’s trash.

Yea’ poor ol’ Joe.

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NH Legislation Would Let Voters Decide Whether We Should Continue to Be Ruled by the US

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 14:30 +0000

A controversial and almost unprecedented piece of New Hampshire legislation faces its first hearing on January 20. Lawmakers are considering CACR 32, a constitutional amendment which – if passed – would result in a Brexit-style referendum on independence.

It would let voters decide whether we should continue to be ruled by the U.S.

We’re not sure, but we think this may be the first time independence legislation has made it to a committee hearing in any U.S. state since at least the 19th century. Demonstrations for and against are likely outside the statehouse…during the 90 minutes preceding this meeting of the State and Federal Relations Committee.


A historic time and date is approaching. Late last Summer, a bunch of heroic state representatives filed CACR 32, the NHexit constitutional amendment. That alone was historic, as CACR 32 is the first time ever that the people of any state will be given the opportunity to officially speak to their legislature on the topic of whether or not we should leave the United States empire as we once left the British empire. …

Mark your calendar now for January 20th, 3:30pm. The location is the Legislative Office Building in Concord, NH at 33 N State St, room 206. However, the room number is subject to change based on how many people show up. By default, bill hearings are held in small rooms with barely enough seating for the committee and perhaps a dozen attendees. However, if enough people pack the room, the committee will have to move the hearing to a larger room. Join our Telegram or Matrix chat rooms for ongoing updates from on-the-ground, or just ask at the front desk where the State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs committee is meeting – hopefully we’ll be easy to spot with a big crowd.


Dave Ridley
“Independence without enmity”


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Plymouth State University to Require all Faculty and Students to Wear N95 Masks

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 13:00 +0000

Plymouth State University sent out an email informing students and faculty of their COVID19 guidelines and requirements for the new semester*. Along with the usual garbage was a mask mandate notice requiring everyone to wear N95 respirators.

Mandatory masks indoors. Weekly mandatory PCR testing. And this.


Masks Will Be Required Indoors.​We are working to secure additional medical-grade face masks (KN-95) to be distributed to employees and students as they become available. If you have medical grade masks available to you please bring these to campus so you can use them during the start of the semester. Please note that cloth masks will continue to be accepted for use at this time but some classes may re​quire that medical grade masks be worn in the classroom.


Not for nothin’, but the N95 respirator is an OSHA-regulated piece of protective equipment. There are lots of regulations (here’s one example). That means there are conditions and guidelines for not just use but proper and effective use, especially when employers require them of employees.

Employers should reference this guide to help educate their employees on the proper use and limitations of this type of PPE. Teach them how to use it and for how long.

There are Respiratory Protection Guidelines and Compliance guides.


Both the filtering facepiece (N95) respirators and the surgical (N95) respirators must be fit tested to ensure that a proper seal exists between the employee’s face and the respirator. Both of the respirators provide protection from exposures to airborne influenza flu viruses. Whenever respirators are required by employees (e.g., N95 and Surgical N95 respirators), they must be NIOSH-certified and selected and used in compliance with OSHA


Oh, and by the way, same page – for all your cloth and regular mask mandating Karens out there…”Surgical masks are not designed or certified to prevent the inhalation of small airborne particles that are not visible to the naked eye but may still be capable of causing infection. “

There is a checklist for fit-testing, and several other goodies, not mentioned in the email to faculty and students.

And implementing the N95 without proper training or an understanding of proper fit would be pointless. The same guide also notes several issues that interfere with the effectiveness of the N95.


Conditions that can interfere with the seal or valve are specified in the standard and include:
• Facial hair;
• Facial scars;
• Jewelry or headgear that projects under the facepiece seal;
• Missing dentures; and
• Corrective glasses or goggles or other protective
equipment such as:
– Face shields
– Protective clothing
– Helmets
– Eyeglass insert or spectacle kit


What’s their plan for addressing any or all of these points? I’m sure they don’t have one. I suspect all they did was decide that N95 masks were better (regardless of other factors). Irrespective of any other factors.

N95 is better. Let’s make everyone wear those!

We could go on, but that’s probably enough to get things rolling in the right direction.

Wait, one more point.

Wearing the N95 “mask” can come with side effects.


Prolonged use of N95 and surgical masks by healthcare professionals during COVID-19 has caused adverse effects such as headaches, rash, acne, skin breakdown, and impaired cognition in the majority of those surveyed. As a second wave of COVID-19 is expected, and in preparation for future pandemics, it is imperative to identify solutions to manage these adverse effects. Frequent breaks, improved hydration and rest, skin care, and potentially newly designed comfortable masks are recommendations for future management of adverse effects related to prolonged mask use.


Those are just the physical ones. We’ll save the psychological effects for another time.



Note: *A linked PDF version was created from the forwarded email.

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Surprise! – Los Angeles Parents Show Us a Way to Push Back on School Vaxx Mandates

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 11:30 +0000

We’ve written off the left coast. At least the leftmost part of it. You know, the parts that would fall into the ocean if there was a massive quake or be swallowed by Poseidon’s rage when the seas finally rise from Global whatever it’s called these days. But something just happened in LA that made us do a doubletake.


In September, the nation’s second-largest school district imposed strict vaccine requirements on children 12 and older, with almost no exemptions. The district blinked at the last minute, however, as community activists and Gov. Gavin Newsom questioned the idea of moving more than 30,000 unvaccinated students back into distance learning.


That’s an impressive display, primarily when that represents only 5% of the students in the district. LA Unified propagandizes about 600,000 little humans, so if 5% of them can change a policy, that’s the way to go, people.

I know we don’t have as much of that to deal with here in New Hampshire. It’s illegal for public monied entities to mandate vaccination in the Granite State.

The Blue State’s are pushing the envelope of stupid COVID policy. And while we are vaccinating kids here, which will only turn them into vectors for COVID, no one can mandate that.

Governor Nuisance will probably have a cow, and they’ll find a way to jab the kiddies, so hope may still be lost. And 570,000 kids’ parents in LA Unified did not say they’d object though some number of them must certainly be the silent part of that minority. Folks who don’t want to ay anything and will comply if they have to but would rather not have their kid stabbed with the COVID juice.

That’s all speculation.

What we do know is that the Left never gives up. They keep looking for ways to get what they want. And they will do or say anything to get there from here.

It is why we can never sleep. Never give up. We know they will not.


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Friday Open Thread – So, How’s YOUR 2022 starting to turn out?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 02:30 +0000

Seven days in – enough to get a trend line for yourselves? Unfortunately, I’m draggin’ an anchor behind me – Murphy’s Laws and just keeps seeming that they believe that I never want to quit being the Quality Assurance guy for the clan for the new ones they keeping spinning up for me to test.  Or better put – testing them out ON me.

But I just keep smiling and truckin’ on (as the old 60s phrase goes): “Keep on Truckin‘ ” (and no, I’m not posting the copyrighted image)

So, share how things are going for y’all!

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Quick Thought: Do I Sense a Ripple in the (COVID Tyranny) Force?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-01-08 01:00 +0000

First the CDC and now NH is deciding that NH Gov. Chris Sununu’s anti-constitutional message of “Public Health trumps Everything” needs messaging itself (reformatted, emphasis mine):


As for testing out of isolation after five days, State Epidemiologist Dr. Benjamin Chan said that’s a decision left for individuals and business owners to make.

Those in isolation or quarantine should wear a face covering while around people for 10 days and avoid travel “if at all possible,” the state recommends.

Chan said these changes balance the need to control the spread of COVID-19 against avoiding more disruption to the economy.   “There is a need to maintain our education system, our workforce, address the mental and emotional health impacts of the pandemic,” Chan said.

“There is a need to find a better way to live with the virus.”


Well, gosh almighty – Government is starting to both realize and let on that the message that WE out here have known about and been saying for a while is right – that there is more to life than being constantly getting hectored, in only one dimension of our lives, that only our health, dictated by the COVID Tyrannicals, is the one and only guiding measure for living.  “Live Free or Die” has a corollary that says the same thing a bit differently:

*I* will determine the risk factors affecting my life and not you. If you don’t like my choices, just go away and leave me alone. And I’m not giving up that Freedom because of your Fears and Collectivistic worldview.

With Dr. Chan saying what he did, I hope that this is the beginning of the end of seeing him as he fades back into the obscurity he so richly deserves. But at least he is recognizing the face. However, we still have to deal with the “Anti-Individual Freedoms are trumped by Fausiscm Ego-Tyranny” as pronounced by that little aged self-important medical weasel.  Just retire to your “largest Federal Government retirement payout” and preach to your cat/dog/goldfish / <insert pet name here – if any pet can stand him any more, too>.

Final Note: Dartmouth-Hitchcock, keep on “ad-ing” that way – it’s a great turnoff.  You sound like my late nagging mother.

There was a reason why I moved out of my growing-up home…stick to delivering healthcare instead of being a healthcare nag.


(H/T: Union Leader)

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Elementary School Teacher: “Parents Deserve to be Investigated…Because They are Militant Terrorists”

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-07 23:30 +0000

This just surfaced. Someone sent me a screengrab from Facebook of an alleged comment by a Teacher at the Birch Hill Elementary School in Nashua. I don’t have a date yet for the remarks, but Karen Anne Costura-Hoffman appears to have a very low opinion of some parents whose children attend her school.

It all makes sense, though, right – her name is Karen!



And based on the note on the screengrab, her husband is the Vice President of the Nashua Teachers Union (NTU). And he is. Gary Hoffman is the NTU VP.

Excellent work.

And that might explain the love affair this couple has with the likes of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.




And Karen was proud to get her COVID19 vaccine.



And that’s great, and she should have the right to do that, but you should have the right not to do it or to mask your kids, which brings us back to what she appears to have written above.

She is also entitled to her opinion about parents being terrorists but then so are we entitled to share that opinion.

And it’s been a few years since I had any kids that young, but are there not many things that elementary school kids don’t mind of which their parents should disapprove?

It’s a very long list for most parents, to which we might be able to add thoughts of K-2 Special Ed Teacher Karen Anne Costura-Hoffman.

Karen thinks those “parents who say horrible and untrue things deserve being investigated by the FBI because they are militant terrorists.”

We’re working on getting the context and date of the remarks and any conversation around it because we’d love to know the “untrue things ” that Ms. Karen Anne Costura Hoffman believes worthy of labeling the taxpayers who pay for her salary and benefits as militant terrorists.

Maybe she’ll be a Karen and tell us. Or, more than likely, we’ll get accused of attacking a woman by repeating what she said on the internet. Probably by her NTU VP husband or some other Union flunky in anonymous comments or emails. We love those.

However it plays out, we hope to have more on this story in the next few days, even if the comment has been deleted.

Until then, assuming she’s not locked it down, peruse her Facebook page. It’s a liberal playground. Or not. Life is short, and Karens are, well, you know.


Anne Marie Banfield Contributed to this post.

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Thank Your Senator for Protecting Your Civil Liberties

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-07 22:00 +0000

In its first session of the year, the NH State Senate voted to restore the core structure of HB 440, the Civil Liberties Defense Act.

After the bill had most of its legal substance stripped out, strong support for a restorative floor amendment by every Republican Senator helped ensure the bill meets its intended purpose – to prohibit a New Hampshire citizen’s civil liberties from being suspended during declared states of emergency.

The vote today also underscores the importance of the balance of power in the legislature as every single Democrat senator voted to allow individuals to lose their civil liberties at the discretion of the governor.

We applaud Rep. Jim Kofalt, the bill’s original sponsor who worked tirelessly to not only sponsor HB 440 but promote and lobby for its protections in the legislature and across the state.

Today, we thank every Republican senator who spoke for and voted for their amendment to ensure HB 440 puts these critical protections in place. To personally thank Representative Jim Kofalt, please email him at

This bill initially encountered significant opposition, and it’s very important that we thank all of our Republican Senators for doing the right thing. We’ve listed our 14 Republican Senators and their email addresses below. Please take a few moments and thank them now for standing up for your civil rights. To find your senator, go here.

Senator Erin Hennessey, District 1:

Senator Bob Giuda, District 2:

Senator Jeb Bradley, District 3:

Senator James Gray, District 6:

Senator Harold French, District 7:

Senator Ruth Ward, District 8:

Senator Denise Ricciardi, District 9:

Senator Gary Daniels, District 11:

Senator Kevin Avard, District 12:

Senator Sharon Carson, District 14:

Senator John Reagan, District 17:

Senator Regina Birdsell, District 19:

Senator Chuck Morse, District 22:

Senator Bill Gannon, District 23:

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Did Self-Awareness Flee NH Senator Becky Whitley on HB307 – State Preemption of the Regulation of Firearms and Ammunition

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-07 20:30 +0000

Here is a quick thumbnail of what HB307 is about:

This bill provides state preemption of the regulation of firearms, ammunition, ammunition components, knives, and firearms components and accessories.

We are a Dillon’s Rule state which means that any other level of Government can only do what the NH Legislature has allowed by passing “enabling” laws.

Without such an RSA (as NH laws are called), those subdivisions can do NOTHING. But there are those Activists that clamber into Government that decided that they can ignore them (if they would only take their oaths to heart…). HB307 shuts them down Big Time in the area of guns – hands-off. Hat Tip to the Sponsors including MY NH House Representative (and Grokster!) Norm Silber for this.  Here’s the intent:

It is the intent of this subdivision to provide uniform firearms laws in the state; to declare all ordinances and regulations null and void which have been enacted by any jurisdictions other than state and federal jurisdictions, which regulate firearms; ammunition; ammunition components; knives; firearms components; firearms accessories; and firearms supplies; to prohibit the enactment of any future ordinances or regulations relating to firearms; ammunition; ammunition components; knives; firearms components; firearms accessories; and firearms supplies unless specifically authorized by this subdivision or general law; and to require local jurisdictions to enforce state firearms laws. Except as otherwise specifically provided by statute, no ordinance or regulation of a political subdivision, including, without limitation, any school district or school administrative unit, shall regulate the sale, purchase, ownership, possession, transportation, licensing, permitting, taxation, or other matter pertaining to firearms; ammunition; ammunition components; knives; firearms components; firearms accessories; and firearms supplies in this state.

Translation – The State passes laws on guns – obey it. Do not attempt to make your own or suffer the consequence of fines or even removal from office.

So, back to the story (reformatted, emphasis mine):

The Senate voted along partisan lines to approve legislation (HB 307) to render null and void local ordinances and school policies that limit the rights of adults to carry guns. The House-passed bill was in response to local regulations, such as one in Portsmouth that bans gun possession in public parks, and restrictions regarding the carrying of guns on some college campuses.

Heh!  While the Town doesn’t (hasn’t, at least, thus far) about carrying on its property, the Gilford School District does:


Policy KFA: 7. Possess dangerous devices or weapons unless otherwise authorized by federal or state law; …Any person who violates this policy or any other acceptable standard of behavior may be ordered to leave school grounds. Law enforcement officials may be contacted at the discretion of the supervising District employee if such employee believes it necessary. Additionally, the District reserves the right to issue “no trespass” letters to any person whose conduct violates this policy, acceptable standards of conduct, or creates a disruption to the school district’s educational purpose.

Policy JICI: Weapons are not permitted in school buildings, on school property, in school vehicles or at school-sponsored activities. This policy applies to students, staff and members of the public alikeMembers of the public who violate this policy will be reported to local law enforcement authorities.


Sorry but I think that not only will HB307 but the District has forgotten that the Federal “Safe Schools” Law allows concealed carry by those persons whose permits/license is signed by Law Enforcement – mine is by my local Chief rather, as NH law allows, the Selectmen if no LEOs are employed by that town (which some NH small towns don’t have police departments). Calling the cops on someone that is perfectly legal with respect to the actual Law is retribution – not to the Law but to their “sensibilities.”


Sen. Sharon Carson, R-Londonderry, said Senate amendments alter the bill to make it clear towns and schools can impose limits on discharging guns, but they can’t restrict the right to possess them since New Hampshire passed constitutional carry legislation in 2017.


Frankly, I just can’t help myself; I just don’t get this first part. I can HAVE the gun with me, but I have to either throw the gun at an aggressor or unload the mag and throw the bullets at them?  Why carry?  Yes, there are ordinances that limit discharges as there can be separation limits between houses building (e.g., 300 feet).

I’ll assume that’s what she meant.

That said, back to the whining part of the UL piece:


Sen. Becky Whitley, D-Hopkinton, said allowing unfettered gun possession on college campuses and other public settings is dangerous.

“This will make New Hampshire a campus carry state,” Whitley said. “This is very different than putting the gun in the hands of an 18-year-old soldier in a very restricted environment.”

The Senate passed the bill, 14-10, and it heads back to the House to consider the amendments.


Really BAD example to use. You defeat your own purpose because a LOT of civilians that age have firearms OUTSIDE of being in the military. And what about ME, whose college days are WAY in my rearview mirror – you wish to restrict me as well if I decide to visit a college that believes it can pre-empt State Law (be it public or private)?

This is the problem that HB307 solves.

Law must be evenly applied everywhere within that jurisdiction. I have no wish to earn the title of Felon simply because the local Law changes everything in just a few feet of an unknown border.

She also undercuts one of the other “wanted” items by the Left. If they aren’t willing to allow someone that has just reached the age of majority the ability to defend themselves, WHY IN GOD’S GREEN EARTH would you ever consider allowing a 16-year-old, whose higher-order reasoning ability is dwarfed by hormone-driven feelz exacerbated by their teachers who either are also feelz dominated or ideologically driven Left?  But I digress a bit.

Back to the Rights.

This has been the crie d’accord of the anti-gunners since forever. Any attempt to restore the original meaning of both the Second Amendment and Article 2-A that acknowledge our inherent Right to bear and keep arms gets this from the Left: “ITS DANGEROUS!”.

We’ve had Constitutional Carry here in NH, as Carson reminds us, since 2017.  Have we seen the “blood running in the streets” as no one has to do the “May I, Mummy Government” schtick of getting permission first? No, of course. Nor any other State that has returned to the actual intent of the Constitution.  Not a single one. We have not been turned into the Wild Wild West where gun battles happen all the time on every street corner unless you live in a Democrat-controlled urban area where they want to control the guns but have a revolving door for the criminals wielding those guns by arresting them, booking them, and then having Democrat-leaning/Soros financially sponsored District Attorneys that simply wave their hand and send them on their way out the door to recommit more violent crimes.

How about fixing THAT situation first?  A situation, again, that we don’t have here in NH – yet.  We will if the Democrats get the chance to make it so.


(H/T: UL)

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Jab-Clinics Are Popping up at NH Public Schools (For Students and Staff…)

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-07 19:00 +0000

Just after Christmas, or just before New Year’s Day – depending on how you roll – I began seeing emails from School districts encouraging students and staff to show up for Jab clinics on school property.


From Julie Deluca at SAU26 (Town of Merrimack)

Good Afternoon All, Please see below for the vaccination clinic sign up link and date change

The Merrimack School District has partnered with Rite Aid to hold an on-site COVID vaccination clinic

Who: Students and Staff of the Merrimack School District

What:  Pfizer vaccine: Ages 5+

Pfizer Booster vaccine (if eligible: COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Shots | CDC)

When*: Thursday, January 13, 2022, 4:00pm-7:00pm

  • Location: Merrimack High School Cafeteria
    • Please be sure to print a copy of the consent form and bring with you to help reduce wait times: Rite Aid Consent Form
    • The clinic is being pushed out one week so that Rite Aid is prepared with additional staff on site in hopes to reduce wait times from the previous clinic. I thank everyone who came out for our first clinic for their patience and understanding.

Happy Holidays!


Happy, indeed. Rite Aid and Pfizer are cashing in on jabbing people who probably don’t need it. Students, most certainly, have no use for the thing, but you can see it right there.  Pfizer Vaccine: Age 5+

Nowhere do I see the disclaimer that these injections are still experimental (they are) and that because they are emergency use only by consenting to the inoculation you waive all rights or ability to seek recompense in the result of injury or death resulting from them.

All true statements, conspicuously absent from a taxpayer-funded endeavor, that while voluntary in nature to avoid running afoul of the law, says nothing about how volunteering abrogates your rights.

You  may have seen similar emails in your districts.

If so, perhaps you can provide a bit of pushback about the lack of detail.

People have been pressured to accept these injections absent any serious explanation of the risks, probably because a lot of the folks deploying these emails and the programs themselves, are under the mistaken impression that the jab they are providing is not an experimental drug.

It is, and you would be required to say as much in clear unequivocal language.

While there can bo no liability resulting from consent of the Jabbed, what about the liability of misleading them before they get jabbed?


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Awe! Thin Skinned Wokester New Yorkers Get Their Widdle Feelz Hurt – Complain That’s A Crime

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-07 17:30 +0000

It’s just Floridians saying “We reject your culture – don’t bring it here.” They’ve realized that Culture matters and it matters a LOT. Don’t pull a Zandra Rice-Hawkins and bring your Progressive culture to our Free State.

I bet she HATES that sentence construction, given the white-hot hatred she has for Free Staters!).

And of course, the Left’s Latest Moaning appears “DEMOCRACY IS IN PERIL”! It seems that almost anything nowadays that the Dems see as a threat to losing Power or someone that they wish to keep from that Power (which they believe only THEY are entitled to hold) like Donald Trump are framed this way. Doubt me?

Just watch what they continue to do about FL Ron DeSantis in the runup to the 2024 Prez election as they see him as being in the “existential threat class” that they’ve put Donald Trump into.

Sidenote: I still think it would be funny as all get-out if Trump would run for the US House and then get elected to be Speaker of the House. But my mind wanders from time to time (TMEW pipes in: ONLY time to time, dear??)

So, with that “OUR DEMOCRACY IS AT RISK!” as background…

Sidenote II: maybe YOUR Democracy is, in peril but here in NH, it’s working just fine. Hopefully in 2022, I might be able to say that about DC if the Power switches to the Rs AND if they decided to actually Legislate with as much intensity (but Liberty minded) as the Socialists.

‘Woke’ New Yorkers told to leave Florida via note left on car windshields. Hand-wringing resident says ‘threatening’ note shows ‘our democracy is in peril.’

Some vehicles with New York license plates got unwelcoming notes on their windshields in Palm Beach, Florida, over the weekend, the New York Post reported.

“If you are one of those ‘woke’ people — leave Florida,” the note read. “You will be happier elsewhere, as will we.”

Of course, Wokesters can’t stand to be challenged. They can’t stand to be told that they are wrong. And they CERTAINLY don’t like being told to get out. So what did they do?

Yeah, called one of those “Defend The Police” police and wanted “Social Justice” justice done.  Just remember that for these SJW Wokesters, justice is spelled R-E-T-R-I-B-U-T-I-O-N.

The paper said the discovery of the anonymous notes was reported Sunday to the Palm Beach Police Department — but a brief investigation determined that a crime hadn’t been committed.

“Residents were concerned about the lack of civility and respect for personal property. We understood that concern, and that’s why we started to look into the matter, but we determined … it was non-criminal in nature,” Capt. William Rothrock, the department’s public information officer, told the Post on Wednesday. “As uncivil as it may be and not characteristic of our community, it is not a crime.”

Awe…no figurative Democrat lynchings today of people who like their current Cluture very much and don’t want something else forced on them by their “Moral Superiority” betters. But the reaction to this was typical:

Rothrock couldn’t confirm to the paper how many vehicles had notes left on them, but he did say only vehicles with out-of-state license plates received the note — and the “majority” of them were from New York state.  Believe it or not, one former New York resident who now lives in Palm Beach told the Palm Beach Daily News that the notes are “dangerous and threatening,” the Post noted.

Of course, he said that!  Anyone that varies from the Woke Narrative is a threat to their identity – and with these people, how they think about themselves is utmost in their minds. They also have no reservations in telling everyone else who they / what they are and we’re supposed to genuflect to their absurd outlooks.

I think, however, that most of us sane folks, could care less about our “identity” – we’re pretty comfortable in our own skins as Conservatarians and we don’t flaunt it much. In fact, we’re more interested in how you treat every one else without demanding that they “be you”.

Culture – culture is important and those already in a certain place value theirs as that’s why they are “heah” (where ever that happens to be) and get upset from those “from away” trying to “colonize” their new “heah” (see what I did there to one of “their words”?).  Good for them – fight that which would destroy what brought those “refugees” there in the first place.


(H/T: The Blaze)



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Human Health Is Being Destroyed by Big Pharma.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-01-07 16:00 +0000

Ya know, silly question here from a girl that worked in a nursing home for 10 years and watched the flu every year literally move from room to room down the hallway.

Who has decided that “Skyrocketing Cases” is not normal?

Have we all lost our minds?

The flu, colds, allergies, it ALL moves across the country in waves every single year- but in the past, no one was paying attention or measuring this stuff.

The masses were not getting swabs jammed into their skull to tell us what we all already knew- no one cared. Should we test to see if the water is wet?

Incidentally, we are really looking at Rinse and Repeat here.

There are MANY tests now that people get which are now controversial, such as the PSA test for men, that are leading to the *overtreatment* of things that we may have been just fine not knowing.

This raises the question: “Just because we can, should we?” This is just what is happening with this covid scam – this is now just another overdone test overtreatment because it’s a moneymaker.

Human health is being destroyed by Big Pharma.

Who is paying attention to this aspect of things?

Last I knew there were 23 strains of Coronavirus and they were all brand new at one point. No one cared until they decided to just “data mine” us with tests looking for things to cure for profit- at the expense of our good health.

You can look at anything under a microscope and decide an answer is needed- but is it?

Where does it end?

This scamdemic is a Government Jobs program– their version of “Capitalism” AND it’s all in bed with Big Pharma.

Where are my Opt-Out papers?

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