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Knucklehead Of The Week: Cackling Kamala …

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-06 14:30 +0000

With President Biden’s disastrous State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, a very strong argument could be made to declare our esteemed Commander-in-Chief as the week’s top knucklehead – again.

But that would be akin to beating a dead horse… with our apologies to dead horses. So, we’re going to cut Sleepy Joe a break this week and opt instead for that stellar sidekick of his: the one and only, Vice-President Kamala Harris.

Winner: Vice-President Harris thinks we’re all third graders and tells us, accurately, that we got what we voted for.

Kamala Harris hasn’t had many good weeks during her 13+ months as our Vice-President, but this week she outdid herself. It’s been difficult to take Harris seriously for a while now. Her 2020 presidential campaign in which she was polling fifth in her home state of California during the primaries was almost as laughable as that of Beto O’Rourke.

Her insistence of giggling awkwardly at inopportune moments has become legendary. And her efforts as President Biden’s border czar have failed to an extent seldom seen in modern politics. But this week she gave us even more insight into just how much of a knucklehead she truly is.

Appropriately enough, on Monday, in a scene straight out of an SNL skit, Harris was introduced by First Lady Jill Biden who mistakenly announced Harris as the “president.” Dr. Jill apparently forgot – like so many of us wish we could – that the actual president is that grumpy old coot to whom she’s married, and who happened to be sitting only a few feet away from her. After some chuckling from Dr. Jill and the audience, Kamala stepped forward and took to the podium.

Harris explained, “Elections matter. And when folks vote, they order what they want — and in this case, they got what they asked for.” And never have truer words been spoken, Madame Vice-President. The problem is, you weren’t supposed to say that out loud. We’ve got rampant inflation, a catastrophic situation brewing in Ukraine, and your boss is about as popular as herpes. Rubbing voters’ noses in it is something to avoid.

The following day, the Vice-President appeared on a radio show called “The Morning Hustle,” and was asked by the host to “breakdown in laymen’s terms for folks who don’t know what’s going on” with the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Harris then responded, “Ukraine is a country in Europe. It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine.”

This is how Kamala Harris thinks, apparently. ‘Laymen’s terms’ means that we assume everyone is about five years old. It’s worth noting that she really didn’t come across as if she was talking down to anyone, she seems to legitimately think everyone is just stupid. It’s also worth pointing out that she didn’t come across as sarcastic either. This is how Harris handles herself with people; she’s extremely clumsy. She has the social skills of a rock.

Only a few hours later during Biden’s State of the Union address, we saw one of the more terrifying scenes in recent memory. All in one screen, we saw our senile president stumbling through his speech, and behind him on the dais were his Constitutional successor: Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi… shutter the thought. During Biden’s speech, he struggled several times to make his points, and ultimately Kamala just couldn’t help herself.

As Biden was attempting to explain his position on Vladimir Putin and Ukraine, he stated “Putin may circle Kyiv with tanks, but he’ll never gain the hearts and souls of the Iranian people.” As far as Sleepy Joe is concerned, there’s no doubt his thinking was ‘Iranian, Ukrainian, whatever.’ But Kamala Harris picked up on the gaffe and could be seen mouthing the word, “Ukrainian,” obviously trying to correct Biden’s mistake. Vice-President Harris, you see, is very smart, and she knows all about that country in Europe called Ukraine, and she knows how you’re supposed to refer to the people who live there.

Finally, on Thursday, right around the time Russia was bombing and seizing a Ukrainian nuclear power plant, Harris turned her focus to what really matters – the so-called ‘Equality Act’ – when she tweeted, “Let’s send the Equality Act to President Biden’s desk. We must increase protections for LGBTQ+ Americans across the country. The onslaught of state bills targeting transgender Americans and their families is wrong.” Because when we’re on the brink of World War III, and when millions of Ukrainians are fighting for their lives without our support, we should really be focused on leftist gender ideology and dismantling fundamental human norms.

Being VP shouldn’t be difficult. During the State of the Union address, just sit there, smile, pretend you’re listing, and every few minutes stand up clap like all the other Democrats. When you go on a radio show with a  fellow leftist who throws you softball questions, just answer the questions like a normal person. And when you’re talking about your extremely unpopular administration, try not to remind everyone of the mistake they made in voting for you. But Kamala Harris couldn’t do any of those things this week because Kamala Harris is a knucklehead.

Honorable Mention #1: The Democratic Socialists confirm what we already suspected: they’re really not very bright.

Members of the Democratic Socialists of America include both Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and the inimitable Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), so we shouldn’t expect significant displays of brainpower when the larger organization releases statements. In a communication released by the DSA, they showed us that not only do they lack basic comprehension of macroeconomics, they also have a childlike view of foreign affairs.

After rightly condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the DSA added this idiotic notion, stating they “Reaffirm our call for the US to withdraw from NATO. and to end the imperialist expansionism that set the stage for this conflict.” This mindset undoubtedly comes from socialists’ unabashed affection for all-out communism, particularly the calamity that was the Soviet Union.  But, generally speaking, it’s not a good idea to suggest dismantling the primary deterrent keeping Vladimir Putin from channeling his inner Doctor Evil and trying to take over the world. You might want to rethink that position, DSA.

Honorable Mention #2: FEMA warns us if we’re under a nuclear attack, don’t forget social distancing and be sure to wear your COVID mask.

In preparing citizens for a hypothetical nuclear attack, we might expect a sane, rational federal government to offer recommendations on a variety of issues. How to access safe drinking water, or how to minimize radiation sickness, or even how to defend oneself against possible invaders with firearms. But in modern America, rational government officials are shown the door, and sanity is forbidden. Today in the US, our tax dollars pay for idiocy like this from FEMA.

In the unthinkable event of a nuclear attack on our soil, there will be plenty of things to worry about. Where will you get your next meal? How will you heat your home? From where will you get information about what’s happening? You heard it here first: If we do get nuked, exactly 0.00% of the population will be worried about COVID, including the morons at FEMA.


P.F. Whalen is a conservative author at

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How Many “Media” Outlets in NH Got Fed Money to Put a Positive Spin on the COVID19 Vaccines?

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-06 13:00 +0000

Through the Department of Health and Human Services, the Federal Government offered money to media outlets to advertise the positive benefits of COVID19 vaccines.

We knew this. Large sums were debated at length, right here in New Hampshire. Tens of millions in federal grants were accepted by the state to promote COVID19 vaccination. COVID Vaccine blood money that media outlets took for paid advertising.

Federal money paid for ads that are still running. I hear them on the radio all the time.

But what does that do to journalistic integrity with media outlets that claim to have some? Most media will not write negative stories about advertisers. And were ads the only money laundered into the media verse to create the desired echo chamber?

Emerald Robinson, writing on Substack, says she’s got personal inside knowledge that media outlets didn’t just take ad money, they were paid off as well.


I have been contacted by a whistleblower inside Newsmax who has confirmed the broad details of this story. That insider confirms: Newsmax executives agreed to take the money from Biden’s Health and Human Services (HHS) to push only positive coverage of the new COVID vaccines.

Let me add another personal detail: I was contacted by top Newsmax executives and told to halt any negative coverage of the vaccines in 2021. I was told that “it was problematic” for Newsmax. I was given some version of this warning multiple times by multiple executives. Obviously, I did not heed their advice.


You lived through it, so you know how deep this goes. Everyone was roping in experts or doctors or politicians, anyone who would look at a camera and say positive things about the COVID19 vaccines—COnversations on how to convince the vaccine-hesitant. The Biden Administration bought and paid for an all-out propaganda blitz to push an experimental pharmaceutical product that we know has pages of side effects, many of the serious, not the least of which is death.

It does explain a few things.

The absence of any reporting that questioned vaccine safety. Nothing about the VAERS body count. The lack of interest in the numerous government studies from abroad that identified the pandemic of the vaccinated, the sudden deaths of athletes, the long list of concerns, and injuries and deaths related to The Jab.

All the major networks are named, including Fox and Newsmax. So, who in New Hampshire got laundered federal money to promote the most dangerous “vaccine” in modern human history?

Who took the advertising dollars, and did they ever report anything negative about vaccines after that? Did anyone even dare to question their effectiveness outside the approved narratives?

If they didn’t run pro-COVID jab ads, did they do any reporting on The Jab that could be considered negative, or how about balanced? Look at NH Journal, for example. You might be able to say the reporting was reasonably neutral, but I could not find any negative stories or any evidence the mountains of research pointing to issues were of interest.

We’ll be doing this with every so-called media outlet, time permitting. Feel free to help us out, we could use it.

Check the traditional media like WMUR or the broadsheets. Then work down to sites like Seacoast Current and New Hampshire Bulletin, In-depth New Hampshire, or Manchester Ink Link.

Vaccine harms were real and a public health threat and low-hanging fruit.  Easy public interest stories. Their absences are not proof of payoffs but it is enough to raise suspicions.

I have a feeling about how that will all turn out, but I’ll wait for the evidence before we render a verdict.

Federal money was spent to control the message on the COVID19 vaccine, and people were injured or died.

Besides, Liberty Block, The Liberty Loft, and a few other activists with websites, did anyone else claiming to do reporting tell the truth?

Anyone with any actual reach?

We’ll get back to you when we know more.



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US Supreme Court Reinstates Death Penalty for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (Boston Marathon Bomber)

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-06 11:30 +0000

Not long ago we learned that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber, received a $1400.00 stimulus payment from Joe Biden. Lucky him. This past week, well, not so lucky.


The United States Supreme Court on Friday upheld the death sentence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, an Islamic terrorist who was convicted of perpetrating the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, which killed three people and injured hundreds more, including 17 who lost limbs.

The court voted 6-3 to reverse a lower court decision that had overturned Tsarnaev’s death sentence, with the three liberal justices dissenting.


The lower court based its decision on the matter of jury selection and evidence that was excluded from the original trial.


The Court of Appeals vacated Dzhokhar’s capital sentences on two grounds. First, the court held that the District Court abused its discretion during jury selection by declining to ask about the kind and degree of each prospective juror’s media exposure, as required by that court’s decision in Patriarca v. United States, 402 F. 2d 314. Second, the court held that the District Court abused its discretion during sentencing when it excluded evidence concerning Tamerlan’s possible involvement in the Waltham murders.


The Supreme Court, upon review, did not find anything of the sort and overturned the lower court ruling.

As to whether Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sentence is ever carried out, that’s another matter. I suspect if he has not already, he’ll have plenty of time to “spend” his stimulus payment.


20-443_m6ho SCOTUS Tsarnarev death penalty case


HT | Gellar Report

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Transparency, Integrity Has Been Missing from Gunstock Commission

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-06 02:30 +0000

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to Ruth Larson and her associates for being instrumental in leading the Belknap County Delegates to vote for Dr. David Strang as the new Gunstock Commissioner. As usual, Ruth and her smarmy Democrat friends ran several letters and full-page ads in The Laconia Daily Sun, demonizing the competition. It was once again, the perfect thing to do to show the hatred the Democrats have for anyone they cannot control and for anyone who has a difference of opinion than they do. Not surprisingly, it overwhelmingly failed again.

We want to thank Barbara Howard HERE for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

What so many failed to acknowledge is that the Gunstock Drama Trauma began because some of the rule-breakers of the Gunstock Commission were so outraged that the Belknap Delegation dared to call them out on their rule-breaking efforts. No outrage that they routinely broke the rules and may have broken the law. No. It was outrage because they were called out for their actions. One commissioner cried victim and stepped down, but in my opinion, he stepped down to avoid the consequences of his actions. From all this malarkey came the onslaught of misinformation (the delegates want to privatize Gunstock, a sure death to the mountain) and politicians began sticking their noses in only to fuel the flames in their effort to redirect the scrutiny away from their actions.

I am so thankful for those who saw through the Democrats’ vile use of the media to demonize a good candidate for Gunstock. I thank those delegates who voted for a Gunstock Commissioner who will help the Gunstock Commission to operate in full transparency and with integrity which in my opinion, has been missing for quite some time.

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Personal Endorsements: New Members Needed for Inter-Lakes School Board

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-03-06 01:00 +0000

We need new people on the Inter-Lakes School Board. The current board fails our children, it ignores parents, and it doesn’t deliver the quality education that the Lakes Region taxpayers fund. On March 8, please vote for these new school board candidates: Jamie Moore (Center Harbor), Mark D. Anderson (Meredith), Rachel C. Xavier (At-Large), and for Sandwich, please write in Andi Martin.

The Inter-Lakes school system’s educational results are mediocre, about the same as our state average. Yet our cost per student is significantly (about 40%) greater than the state average.

Our student population (about 950) has declined by about 10% since 2016, but the proposed budget ($29,446,576) is 20% higher. I don’t mind paying extra taxes to help our students, but taxpayers are funding much better educations than our students are getting. Why is our current school board satisfied with mediocre results?

At board meetings, school board members seem more interested in making sure that parents don’t speak longer than their allotted three minutes than in hearing what parents say. Our current school board seems to think that parents shouldn’t have a say in their children’s educations. I don’t believe that, do you?

Our school board objected to a proposed prohibition on teaching critical race theory. This prohibition was intended to stop teaching little white children that they are to blame for, and little Black children that they can’t prosper because of, the past sins of others. Do you want children taught that they are to blame for or can’t succeed because of the sins of mostly long-dead adults?

The Inter-Lakes system has funded “equity training”. “Equity” is simply a less obvious synonym for CRT.

Equity means everyone gets the same results. Equity requires that the more talented or harder-working get held back so that others end up the same. Equity can’t be provided without harming some students. All students should be helped to achieve his or her best result.

The current school board isn’t doing a good job for the students, parents, or taxpayers.

On March 8, please vote for: Jamie Moore (Center Harbor), Mark D. Anderson (Meredith), Rachel C. Xavier (At-Large), and please write in Andi Martin in Sandwich.

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You Heard the Man – Joe Want’s Us to Vote Democrats Out of Office (Including Joe)

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 23:30 +0000

Joe Biden says that all American businesses need to do to address inflation and bring down prices is cut costs – something he’d never dream of doing to the Federal Government. And this will sound weird coming from me, but let’s take his advice.

To its logical conclusion.

How do we cut costs?

First, Joe and his gang have made government both larger and more expensive and, by making everything else cost more, made that “more” cost even more.

To pay for that, Joe and his Democrat gang will have to raise taxes, which Democrats love to do. They don’t know any other way, but higher taxes impact every business and not in a good way, Joe.

Joe’s COVID policy undermined the supply chain creating scarcity that drove up the cost of everything.

Joe’s energy policies made many other things cost more (including the operating costs of the supply chain). How many other things? Well, everything. The cost to plant it, farm it, make it, move it, stock it, showcase it, sell it, and bring it home all increased, in some cases, exponentially.

Joe’s desire to make America dependent on Russian oil (after kneecapping our domestic production) is making all the ‘costing more,’ “cost even more,” especially as that war (he probably wanted) interferes further with that line of supply.

Oh, and Joe and the gang – many of whom (like Joe) have never had a job outside of politics – are spending trillions of dollars that do not exist, which makes the dollars you have worth even less, which…makes everything cost more, and more, and more.

That’s the shortlist, but I think we can see the problem, right, Joe? Joe? Wake up, Joe.

The Solution.

When you said in the State of the Union that the best way to fight inflation is to cut costs, did you realize that the quickest path to that solution is to replace Joe Biden? Maybe you did because we can’t replace you until 2024*.

But the next best thing we can do is replace your gang. Get different people between Joe and everything Joe does that makes things cost more, so we can, you know, cut costs and lower inflation.

The quickest way to do that is to sweep as many Democrats as we can out of Congress this November (and every November after that, naturally) and then replace Joe as well.

I like this idea, Joe. It’s is one suggestion of yours I’m willing to give a try. But for the record, you didn’t need to say it out loud like that.

But I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you did.



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NH HB 1682: Bill to Establish “Police Conduct Review Committee” Gains Steam

Free Keene - Sat, 2022-03-05 22:57 +0000

New Hampshire HB 1682 was introduced by Rep. David Welch (R – Rockingham13) on 1/5/2022, followed by a public hearing on 1/14/2022. The House Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety voted that the bill “ought to pass with amendment” and has been referred to the House Finance Committee for further review.

On the Surface It Sounds Great: Hold Police Accountable for Their Actions

The idea of this bill is to establish a committee that’s considered “independent” and separate from local police jurisdictions in order to ensure police officers are held accountable for their actions (or inactions.) According to Rep. David Welch, the aim of the bill is “to establish a single, neutral, and independent statewide entity to receive complaints alleging misconduct regarding all sworn and elected law enforcement officers.” – HB 1682 public hearing, 1/14/2022 – watch here

As outlined in the bill, officers could potentially face the new Conduct Review Committee for a number of reasons, including: if they’ve been convicted of committing a felony, any sentence of incarceration, excessive use of force, driving while intoxicated, moral turpitude (dishonesty, deceit, theft), acts of omission, lying in a police report or criminal proceeding, falsification of records, tampering with or falsifying evidence, racist conduct or statements, etc.

This all sounds great, because of course law enforcement officers should be held accountable for their actions! Which makes me wonder, why aren’t they now?

Policing the Police With Police

There’s already an established Police Standards and Training Council that handles internal reviews in New Hampshire. The new Law Enforcement Conduct Review Committee would fall under that umbrella, dealing exclusively with misconduct reviews. In recent years the public’s interest in holding police accountable has skyrocketed. Perhaps there are so many cases of police misconduct in the state that they can no longer handle the workload or process them quickly enough. 

Since the new Conduct Review Committee would fall under the already established Standards Council, the governor would (again) be appointing its members. The current Police Standards and Training Council consists of mainly a bunch of police officers appointed by Governor Sununu. Since it is the governor who will be appointing members here again, I’m not sure this bill will be as effective as it looks. A politician hand-picking members within the context of “maintaining absolute objectivity” is a farce.   

The Law Enforcement Conduct Review Committee would consist of:

  • Four law enforcement officers appointed by the governor
  • Three public members with no familial associations to a police officer, lawyer, or judge

It’s A Step in the Right Direction

Clearly the public is sick and tired of law enforcement officer misconduct and abuse. Many states are re-thinking how they pursue justice and hold officers accountable for their actions, and New Hampshire is right there with them.

HB 1682, although flawed, is at least heading in the right direction. We want police accountability, and we want it now! What do you think? Will the establishment of a new committee under the current council, all members of which are governor-appointed, get us on the road to accountability? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Video of the Public Hearing for HB 1682: (2:16:42 – 3:22:22)

Ben & Jerry’s Obsession with BDS and Why We Need to Divest Ourselves of Democrats

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 22:00 +0000

Ben & Jerry were self-hating Jews befoe they sold their little Ice Cream concern to Unilever. The left-wing activism runs deep, but the brand has gone all-in on the BDS movement in recent years.

We’ve been writing about it, but I just learned some new facts I wanted to share.

First, as a primer – if you’re behind the curve on the topic – you go here and catch up. You’ll discover how Jews in the US and Isreal have been pushing back against Ben & Jerry’s BS on (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) BDS.

It’s fun to watch real people reject work corporatism. This brings us to Avi Zinger.

Zinger is suing Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s) for breach of contract, among other things.


Zinger said he first learned about Ben & Jerry’s in the mid-1980s and thought it had the potential to become a popular brand in Israel. He met with Ben Cohen, the ice cream’s founder, at Cohen’s home in Vermont and spent time traveling around the state learning how to manufacture the product.

In 1987, Zinger said he signed his first contract to distribute Ben & Jerry’s exclusively throughout Israel, and the ice cream took off.


I didn’t know that. I also didn’t know this. Zinger says the ice cream is very popular with Palestinians in the West Bank (the disputed territory over which Ben & Jerry’s jimmies are so rustled. They are his biggest customers.

Here’s another thing I didn’t know. The BDS zombies wanted Zinger to halt sales in the West Bank.


Zinger said he refused and told Ben & Jerry’s that this would violate Israeli law. The country prohibits sales discrimination based on race, religion, and other factors, including residence, according to the lawsuit. Israel’s anti-boycott law also bars “any person from knowingly calling for a boycott against the state of Israel or any area under its control,” according to the suit.


Avi Zinger can’t discriminate. He has to make the product available to everyone, so Unilever (Ben & Jerry’s) says it is terminating his contract. If You can’t stop selling ice cream in the West Bank, then no one in Isreal shall have it.

I think that was the plan all along. I mean, seriously. If your goal is to end all business with Isreal, then end it, but you better be prepared to swallow this.


Alyza Lewin, president of the Louis D. Brandeis Center for Human Rights Under Law and one of the attorneys representing Zinger, said Unilever is “destroying a successful business that provides jobs for refugees, new immigrants, and the disabled; economic opportunity for Palestinians; financial support for Israeli-Palestinian peace and coexistence programs, and education and training for Palestinian students and farmers.”


The BDS movement will, by design, like everything the Left does, harm the people they claim to be helping because Democrats destroy everything they touch.

The only cure for that is to treat them like the children they are and child-proof the planet. I know, that sounds expensive, so how about this. Keep them away from positions of authority, and we can accomplish almost precisely the same thing.

Boycott, Divest, and Sanction the Democrat party everywhere it puts its sooty foot. That should do the trick.



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Bonds Most Effective Way to Protect Current Taxpayers

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 20:30 +0000

Once again this year, on many towns’ ballots, we will find numerous warrant articles asking voters to place monies in “capital reserve funds” — much coming from what is often referred to as “surplus fund balances” or “unexpended fund balances.”

These reserve funds are very often large amounts of taxpayer money put in reserve for future expenditures. While sounding seemingly good on its face (who doesn’t save money to make some future large purchase, right?), this method of “saving” most often ends up lessening the normal debate and scrutiny that might otherwise come when contemplating large spending items.

Very often it is claimed that “we already have the money so it won’t impact taxes.” While this may sound good at first blush, think about taxpayers paying this today that might not be living in the town when the expenditures are actually made. Or the flip side: a newcomer to the town gets the “fruits” (money) of previous taxpayers while spending nothing.

The best alternative is bonding major capital expenditures, or, for lesser costly things, simply raising and appropriating it with a vote that year. People that will be using “the expense” will pay for it.

As for using “surplus fund balances”, again, while the budget writers claim this doesn’t affect taxes, it does. These are various monies that are obtained or otherwise unspent in the previous fiscal year, in some cases the result of over-taxation. This is our money and it should be returned to us in the form of tax reduction in the coming tax year. Don’t be fooled — they just don’t want to return the money to those of us that paid it. In some cases, the amounts of tax dollars held in the “capital reserve funds” are staggering. I recommend that when you encounter these questions on your ballot, simply vote no.

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Zelenskyy Teaches a Lesson in Leadership

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 19:00 +0000

Before the ruthless and devastating invasion of Ukraine, hardly anyone in America knew the name, “Zelenskyy.”  Volodymyr Zelenskyy had spent most of his adult life as an actor/comedian in Ukraine but became associated with a new political party, called Servant of the People, in early 2018.

Many Americans snickered when this unknown, former comedian was elected to the Ukrainian presidency in 2019.  That election was quickly forgotten, though.  Back then, Americans were intensely focused on another contest between an unconventional president and a career politician.

But today, the whole world knows the name, Zelenskyy.  His defiance in the face of an unprovoked, devastating invasion by a vastly superior force has shown him to be a leader of historic proportion, deeply respected – loved by his countrymen.

There are, of course, many qualities that comprise leadership, among them are courage, commitment, and self-sacrifice.  Zelensky not only talks the talk, but he walks the walk.  His impassioned speech before the European Parliament concluded with a standing ovations and tears of compassion.  He proved his unparalleled courage and commitment to the people through his own self-sacrifice.  How many others in his position would remain with the people during these desperate and dangerous times?  It’s that genuine commitment that distinguishes Zelenskyy from other so-called leaders.

Our own president recently delivered a speech to Congress and to the nation.  As is customary, it was interrupted several times with applause.

During his SOTU address, Joe Biden talked about the problems facing this nation almost as if he happened to notice them while passing by.  From that perspective, his remarks might not have seemed so incredible.  At one point, he actually said, “We need to secure the border.”

Of course, he never mentioned the fact that his policies allowed more than two million unvetted immigrants to waltz across our border unchallenged, and countless others to be blocked from deportation.  Neither did he mention that those flooding into our country were allowed to enter without covid vaccinations, while untold numbers of Americans were losing their jobs due to the vaccine mandates imposed by Biden.

He talked about the need to end the drug epidemic. But he didn’t mention the fact that tens of thousands of American citizens are being poisoned every year by unprecedented amounts of fentanyl flowing through his open borders.

And he empathized with the hardship of rising gas prices and inflation but seemed unaware that his closure of our oil pipelines, his heavy restrictions on drilling and exploration, and his reckless spending all contributed significantly to rising prices.  And he failed to mention that his energy policy made us more dependent on Russian oil and that those oil revenues actually help finance Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

But when he proclaimed how important it is for us “to show the nation that we can come together and do big things,” half the country gasped.  For though he strategically avoided the phrase, “systemic racism,” in his speech, he and his acolytes used those very words, and words like them, countless times to divide Americans and to deride our country.  It was just a year ago that he proclaimed, “Systemic racism is a stain on the nation’s soul.”  Does that sound like someone who wants to unite the country?  Does it sound like someone who’s proud of his country?

Biden’s patter is continuously adjusted to suit his audience and the circumstances.  He has no concept of commitment and clearly no interest in the American people.  That’s one of the reasons he’s greeted with jeers of “Let’s go Brandon” wherever he goes, while his counterpart in Ukraine is venerated as a true leader – a hero.

Zelenskyy’s leadership also provides a lesson for Russia’s Putin.  Many believe that Putin has visions of grandeur, that he sees himself as the leader of a reconstituted Soviet Union.  But he’ll never be the leader that Zelenskyy is.  Putin will never be anything more than a butcher, a killer of women and children, a war criminal.

His growing desperation is palpable.

It’s an admission that he vastly underestimated the strength and tenacity of the Ukrainian people.  They’re not the same Ukrainians who once lived under Soviet domination.  They’ve lived in freedom.  They know what freedom is, and they’re determined to fight for it.  They will make any military victory for Putin a costly one, because they’re motivated, not by greed or expansionism, but by patriotism.  And they’re inspired by real leadership.

Watching the gut-wrenching scenes in Ukraine, we in the free world cautiously offer basic, limited assistance to the Ukrainians, delicately trying not to upset a madman as he decimates this peaceful nation, ever mindful of Putin’s nuclear arsenal.  And we find ourselves nervously hoping that Putin stops at Ukraine.  For if he should decide to move on any one of the NATO nations, we know he’ll still have that nuclear arsenal.

When we Americans are one day faced with the choice between liberty and tyranny, freedom and subjugation, let’s hope we haven’t forgotten the words of our own Patrick Henry.  Let’s also hope, when we’re forced to make that choice, we can emulate the courage of the Ukrainian people, and that we have a president with the leadership qualities of President Zelenskyy.

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Why They Are Still Wearing Masks in Maine.

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 17:30 +0000

The CDC changed its mask mandate guidance a few days before a letter to Biden from his Pollster became public. The letter said that mandates were bad for Dems re-election chances and how to spin the abrupt change in tactics.

The CDC’s part was to remove the substantial risk column altogether and tweak the “rules.” Suddenly 95% of America no longer needed masks. A flick of a switch. Just like that. And a few days later, Biden Joe in his SOTU did what the letter from the Pollster said.

No one who regularly reads these pages was surprised either that the original standard was crap or that the guidance change was also. It’s all crap. But even after the “tweak,” several counties in Maine discovered they were still supposed to mask up.


Thirteen of Maine’s 16 counties are considered to have high potential for health care system strain and residents of those counties are still advised to wear masks indoors, the CDC said. Those counties are home to about 84 percent of the state’s residents based on the latest available census data. …

“As the virus continues to circulate in our communities, we must focus our metrics beyond just cases in the community and direct our efforts toward protecting people at high risk for severe illness and preventing COVID-19 from overwhelming our hospitals and our health care system,” CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said.


I’m just throwing this out there, but what about the CDC tweak to mask efficacy a few weeks earlier. The one that said cloth masks and most medical masks are (more or less) useless for stopping a virus. It’s crazy, I know. The CDC said that about masks before COVID walked out of the Lab in Wuhan, and there’s been tons of data that confirms those facts.

The ones the CDC revisited a few weeks before it said, hey – you don’t need to wear masks anymore.

Unless you meet these criteria.

I’ve had the privilege of the company of the same lovely lady for over 30 years, but I remember dating. These tweaks feel like a relationship that might be dead, but no one knows how to end it?

Quick tip, backed by loads of peer-reviewed research. Those masks didn’t work before we named the flu COVID, and they did not work during or ever after. Their new guidance is nothing more than poll-tested politics. New public health guidance increasingly looks like their pre-covid guidance.

That’s bad, but it’s actually worse. If a meaningless piece of material makes someone feel safer, you, as public health experts, might want to warn them that it does not protect this virus, especially if they are genuinely at high risk.

Oh, wait. You can’t do that. You just spent the past two years lying about masks. Your only recourse is to pretend they work and lean on the CDC guidance.

All the harm caused by the useless mandates, pointless lockdowns, meaningless remote learning, dangerous vaccines, and death by hospital protocols you stood behind. You were even scaring people away from safe, effective, affordable early treatment options or preventions that would have kept many thousands out of hospitals and alive.

If the truth came out, someone might decide to pile all those upon your “professional” doorstep.

Do you know that your job is to protect public health, not bow down to bureaucrats in DC who promise your department buckets of cash if you toe their line?

Maybe it’s time to stop and reflect on the failures instead of acting like the public health establishment didn’t just screw the pooch for the past 24 months. And if you can’t do that, voters need to find politicians who will do the looking and replace them with talent that cares more about health than politics and payoffs disguised as policy.

It’s your state not theirs. Take it back.


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NH School Boards Association’s “Anti-Parental Rights Policy” — Being Challenged in Court

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 16:00 +0000

Most people do not know that The New Hampshire School Boards Association’s model policy JBAB is a direct attack against parental rights in New Hampshire. A parent in Manchester decided to challenge the school policy that withholds information from parents because it contains language which demands that District staff lie to Parents.

This is [part of] the policy that takes away our rights as a parent/legal guardian:


A. Privacy

The Board recognizes a student’s right to keep private one’s transgender status or gender nonconforming presentation at school. Information about a student’s transgender status, legal name, or gender assigned at birth also may constitute confidential information. School personnel should not disclose information that may reveal a student’s transgender status or gender nonconforming presentation to others, including parents and other school personnel, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure. Transgender and gender nonconforming students have the right to discuss and express their gender identity and expression openly and to decide when, with whom, and how much to share private information.

When contacting the parent or guardian of a transgender or gender nonconforming student, school personnel should use the student’s legal name and the pronoun corresponding to the student’s gender assigned at birth unless the student, parent, or guardian has specified otherwise. Any student who has a need or desire for increased privacy, regardless of the underlying reason, should be provided with a reasonable alternative to meet the need for that individual’s privacy, regardless of gender identity.

In other words, the NH School Boards Association model policy included a provision that requires school personnel to lie to parents about their children.

Back in September, the National School Boards Association, NSBA, came under fire recently when President Biden requested federal authorities investigate and prosecute concerned parents who were challenging their local school boards for controversial policies like Critical Race Theory, mask mandates, and pornographic books assigned to their children.

In October, the Biden administration then ordered the FBI to open an investigation. Parents and legislators across the country pushed back against the weaponizing of the FBI to go after parents who were exercising their free speech rights.

We have examples of the National School Boards Association and The New Hampshire School Boards Association waging war against parents. At what point is this going to stop? Parents are not the enemy of their children, and their right to due process is also being ignored. The current policy does not include any due process–parents are guilty and that’s it.

But in this case in Manchester, the parents are loving and accepting parents. They would accept their daughter and love her no matter what. They simply want to be informed in order to help her navigate her way through a difficult time.

In addition to this gross usurpation of parental rights, there is a federal law that also protects parental rights. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guarantees parents the right to inspect their children’s records.  So how does this policy not violate FERPA protections?

There are a few things you can do to stop these anti-parent organizations from trampling our most fundamental rights.

1) Contact your school board members and tell them you want them to stop paying dues out of the school budget to the NH School Boards Association. They do not represent all parents, and that money could be better spent on much-needed items in the school.

2) Contact your State Representatives, Senators, and Governor and tell them to support HB1033 which would prohibit recipients of state or local grants or appropriations from using such funds for lobbying. This way taxpayers aren’t forced to pay lobbyists to lobby against their fundamental rights.

There is no reason that school districts should be using your tax dollars so that a lobbying organization, that is hostile to parental rights, can lobby against you. This is a scam against good parents and may be violating a federal law that protects parental rights.

It’s good to see good parents standing up and fighting for their rights. Not only is this policy a direct attack on parental rights, parents are forced to pay the salaries of the lobbyists who are working against them. This is a gross violation of parental rights and it needs to stop.


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Information War in NH

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 14:30 +0000

I write to address the piece of information warfare published in NHPR and other outlets regarding supposed “extremists” in NH politics and policing, as affiliated (at any time) with the Oath Keepers organization.

First, we must address the nature of this piece, and the organization that published it. This is not a news article. This is a carefully planned, well-funded, and meticulous attempt to initiate social mass towards a campaign of “aufheben der kultur,” or “cancel culture,” aimed at broadly painting rightists, and anti-Communists, as dangerous extremists, and by slandering, and thereby making taboos of traditional American culture.

Second, this was published by the “Granite State News Collaborative,” which is a far-left organization funded by far-leftist organizations for the purpose of waging political information warfare, and it was written by a journalist with a history as a leftist activist, and a degree from the University that was home to the American Frankfurt School, and Herbert Marcuse: Columbia University has been bent towards an American Communist revolution for going on a century.

This “collaborative” is concerned primarily with the Woke Marxian concepts of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, forming something of a Woke Communist Trinity. If you haven’t read previous explanations (at length) of what this language actually means I’d advise you do so, but to summarize:


  • Diversity means accounting for broad intersectional characteristics (race, sex, etc) while maintaining an insistence that each person be an “authentic voice” for their particular intersectional mix by not straying from the theorized, socially-constructed, acceptable opinion. In other words, they don’t want “black faces that don’t want to be black voices,” to quote Rep Ayanna Pressley, or put another way, no freedom of thought that takes one outside their own standpoint epistemology is tolerable.
  • Equity is the adjustment of individual circumstances and characteristics (wealth, intellect, power) necessary to create a society in which absolutely no hierarchies exist, as there is nobody with anything more, anything better, or any difference at all from another. This conceptualization hinges on Marxian eschatology in which the 5th stage of History (Socialism) is marked by the use of violence to forcibly redistribute characteristics and circumstances until the 6th, and final, stage of History (Communism) is attained in which hierarchies naturally dissolve, the State ceases to exist (anarchy) as it is no longer necessary to use coercion, and all people are exactly as they “should be” as prescribed by the paganistic spirit conceptualization of diversity.
  • Inclusion is a simpler term in that it’s just an accusation thrown out in pure projection, as it ultimately means to marginalize those not toeing the Marxian line through the application of “aufheben” (cancel) campaigns by those included.


This collaborative, and its funders, are concerned with the Promotion of “direct democracy,” the Soros “restorative justice” project that sees criminals perpetually put back on the street by activist prosecutors, and justice continuously denied to victims, stirring up racialist controversies against NH police, keeping schools shut to children and amplifying covid panic porn, and promoting segregated learning and denying equal access to children based on skin color among other Marxist lines of effort.

The activist cited in this piece of information warfare, Grace Kendeke, is a prominent local Communist community organizer affiliated with such groups as Rights and Democracy (RAD), based in VT, which features positive references to Communists such as Angela Davis within their organization. Rights and Democracy exists to support the Marxist takeover of northern New England. A brief overview of one of their meetings can be seen here. Grace refers to herself as a “Black feminist, afro-futurist,” and roots her work in “justice and liberation.” The proper Marxian definitions for which can be found here.



Now, onto the subject of the hit piece, the affiliation of any persons with any such organizations is first and foremost an American right, as all of us have the freedom of association. There is (for now) nothing unlawful about being affiliated with such an organization. I’m not going to go into the depths of what, precisely, the organization is about, or what it has done. I’d point you to this piece in Revolver to learn more about their sketchy leadership.

What I will say is that we must not bow to the demands to cancel, disassociate, fire, or otherwise unperson these individuals. This is not a good-faith effort, and if we don’t hold strong next it will be NRA members, GOP registered voters, and you yourself, dear reader. And it will not stop at a public two minutes of hate. No, it will be your job, your bank account, your home, and your liberty next.

These names on the list were obtained through the unlawful cybercrimes most likely perpetrated by a state actor (hint: our own state), and fed to leftist NGOs, and “collaborations” to affect a Marxian campaign of perpetual revolution against wrongthink – forever narrowing the acceptable dissident discourse until none remains.

Now, I’m not sure it’s reasonable to classify the Oath Keepers as a “militia” group. Sure, they tend to be armed, but they don’t appear to conform to any strict organization or military structure. They are themselves made up primarily of first responders and military persons with the incumbent experience, but that does not necessarily make them militia.

That said, there’s nothing wrong with militia groups. It is the right of the American citizen, as outlined in the Second Amendment to the American Constitution, to belong to a militia group. In fact, all males of fighting age are automatically part of a militia group in the United States: the unorganized militia.

This was the founding vision of the nation that stands starkly against our current formulation of standing international armies and standing militarized police at home. I’ll end on that because I simply cannot do better justice to the militia argument than Security Studies Group does here, and I recommend reading it.

To those on the list (which may or may not include myself, I haven’t seen it, but I was briefly affiliated quite some time ago), take heart that to be hated by the enemy is no sin. Indeed, the hate of an enemy should be worn as a badge of honor. In this time of tyranny, when fascistic public-private government exists to exonerate the wicked and punish the good and decent, you have every cause to smile at their hate, for if you weren’t doing good deeds there would be none.

Learn to take their hate as a cause for great joy in the knowledge that you are a worthy opponent. Learn to be lonely without their hate and come to consider it a friend. Make friends with others who would also delight in it. I’d rather share a beer with anyone on this list than anyone who would come against them.



Reposted with the author’s permission.

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Look Out! Here Comes “Long COVID”

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 13:00 +0000

You may have heard it mentioned. A lurking and mysterious illness that never seems to go away. No, not Socialism, though they are connected. It’s called Long COVID!

Virginia Senator Tim Kaine says he’s got it.


Long COVID, which is sometimes called “post-COVID” by public health bodies, encompasses a broad range of lingering symptoms after a COVID infection. Some symptoms recorded include “tiredness or fatigue,” “brain fog,” “joint or muscle pain,” “cough,” “rash,” “heart palpitations,” “dizziness,” “diarrhea,” and “mood changes,” according to the CDC.


According to reporting at the Free Beacon, it was identified by Body Politic, a “queer feminist wellness collective.”

Kaine has a bill to throw buckets of money at more research, but the NIH has already laundered 1.5 billion on the idea of the “prolonged health consequences of COVID19.” Long COVID.

I have a better idea. Read GraniteGrok. We spent zero federal dollars reporting on the prolonged health effects of the COVID19 response. The policies and programs that are in my mind responsible for a lot of ills, including Long COVID.

Two years of fearmongering by politicians and the media created Long COVID. Politicians, the media, the Karens, the 24/7/365 mask mandates, vaccine chatter, passports, and all of it.

COVID was never the thing they claimed but saying it long enough and often enough makes it real in people’s minds, so their bodies make it true.


Jeremy Devine, a resident psychiatrist at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, argued in a Wall Street Journal editorial last year that long COVID is “largely an invention of vocal patient activist groups.” He says symptoms attributed to long COVID could be “psychologically generated” or “caused by a physical illness unrelated to the prior infection.”  …

[The] fear of chronic illness is likely the underlying problem.

“A central feature underlying many psychosomatic-symptom disorders is a fixed belief that one is ill and unlikely to recover,” Devine said. “By drawing attention to and legitimizing the ever-present threat of long COVID, medical authorities will lead a large group of impressionable patients to believe that their COVID-19 symptoms have not resolved and that they are helpless victims of an unrelenting sickness.”


Another manufactured victim group. A psychosomatic disorder found in “impressionable” patients legitimized by the political agenda of (primarily) the Democrat party. Helpless victims of an unrelenting [bigotry, racism, etc.] whose only friend is a vile, heartless behemoth of a bureaucracy that swallows everything to feed itself.

It’s in your head, put there by a political machine that controls media, social media, music, entertainment, and now – for the most part – the public health apparatus.

Long COVID is not a physical illness. You will never have a swab or blood sample test positive. It’s not something you can cure with another vaccine or a series of boosters – not that those looking for an opportunity to catch in on this fraud won’t try.

They will, and by those looking, I mean public-private partnerships, just like with COVID19.

But there is a cure and not just for Long COVID. And we don’t need to add billions of dollars that do not exist to the national debt. Just turn that stuff off. Tune out the political machine, legacy media, Big Tech social media, and filter your music and entertainment.

It’s like any toxic relationship. Step away from the ledge, and they won’t be able to push you off.

And then ask some fundamental questions. When will we invest time and effort into researching the harms caused by the political response, one of which happens to be Long COVID?



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Unchecked Power and Corruption in Nashua City Hall – An Affront to a Democratic Process

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 11:30 +0000

Mayor Donchess, As you are most likely aware, the legal office offered a settlement, minutes before my Right to Know trial was to begin on Monday, February 28, 2022.

This Trial covered a legal challenge for assessment help emails for the months of January 1, 2021, through March 5, 2021. I was seeking records coupled to my removal from City Hall by the police on January 22, 2021.

The City admitted on Monday to failing to meet its obligation regarding Right-to-Know law in delaying the response beyond 5 days (in this case 26 days) and failing to provide all records promptly. Late in the day on Thursday, February 24, 2022, the City sent a letter informing me that in the process of preparing for this litigation, they located many more records. The legal office provided the first batch redacted. The final batches are due on March 11, 2022.

At the trial opening, the City disclosed to the Judge that they offered a settlement and they admitted wrongdoing.

I did not accept the settlement because the City has demonstrated no ability to shift from the hostile and unsubstantiated responses to requests which continue to happen. The City’s Right to Know response to a request for downtown barrier data received in early January 2022, used the same bizarre and unclear language to describe my request as was used by the legal office a year ago for assessment help emails. Nothing has changed. The City continues to act in bad faith.

Additionally, the environment for me in City Hall has grown incredibly hostile. After 3 years of personal attacks, I now have resorted to wearing a police bodycam into City Hall to protect myself. The legal office and clerk’s letter dated February 3, 2022, threatening me with removal from the building if I spend too much unnecessary time in the Clerk’s office, described me as a COVID health hazard to other citizens for waiting in the customer service area. This letter was hostile, threatening, and unwarranted.

On Thursday, February 4, 2022, I was expelled from the building for the day because I asked for the Nashua Performing Art Center property record file located in the assessing office, and apparently, Jen in assessing didn’t like my tone. For the cherry on top, Tuesday’s evening Board of Alderman meeting on February 8, 2022, included a theatrical, defaming, unverified and untrue performance by Ms. Kim Kleiner, of which I have not received an apology.

Settling and negotiation with City Hall would be akin to negotiating with an organized crime syndicate. I will not do this.

This RTK lawsuit came about because I could not get the city to provide me with proof of an email I sent to the City assessing office address on Sunday evening, January 17, 2021, at 7:20 PM with the abatement applications signed and attached for two senior citizens I was representing for these properties. The Legal office claimed that on January 22, 2021, I came to City Hall for no reason at all, with no appointment, stormed into the legal office like the DC insurrectionists on Jan 6, was mentally unstable, hostile, and threatening. Attorney Bolton went on to tell the Union Leader, “we know she doesn’t tell the truth.” knowing full well, I had pending litigation with the property appeal and RTK lawsuit.

Perhaps he was trying to discredit me to the courts.

That email proved that I sent the information into assessment help on January 17, then followed up with another email on Jan 20th (of which the city was acknowledging) and I called several times to try to get help and no one answered the phone or responded. I was welcomed into city hall 5 days later as I did not need an appointment to get applications stamped. These were the applications for 2 Nashua senior citizens who wanted help and asked for representation.

The City finally provided the assesshelp emails as responsive records on April 27, 2021, but almost all the January assessment help emails were missing. There were about 5 emails sent by me to assesshelp there were not in the records provided by the City and, the all-important January 17, 2021, 7:20 PM email with attachments was missing.

The City could continue to propagate and promote their story of me as a violent, unstable, person who stormed the building for no reason at all. I wrote back to the City to alert them to the missing records, but they did not care and would not make the effort to locate the emails. At that time, with abatement applications coming into the City through email, I was concerned other citizen emails would be lost. Apparently, and unsurprisingly, I appear to be the only one.

On May 26, 2021, at a Nashua Zoomed Budget Committee meeting, the IT budget was presented. Alderman Dowd questioned Nick Miseirvitch, IT Director, about concerns he heard with emails being delayed or emails lost. Nick responded that an exchange migration with the email program may have caused delays. But with regard to emails lost, Nick suggested specific information on the email be forwarded to him to research and check the logs. (page 7-8) Of course, this caught my interest as I wondered if there was some kind of software problem or email corruption.

At the end of the May 26, 2021, Budget Committee meeting, I provided public input and asked Nick for help in locating the January 17 email that the City was claiming was not received. (page 17)

From my best recollection in the Monday trial, Nick testified, in cross-examination, that he pulled the backup tape in May 2021 to look for the emails sent into assessment help, checking the log and spam folder for accuracy. In the trial, he concluded that no emails were missing. Under redirected cross, Nick said that he did the backup retrieval for his own personal information. Nick could not remember if he located the January 17, 2021 email.

That evening I wondered what triggered Nick to pull the back-up tape and look at the assessment help log. I wondered if my public request in the May 26, 2021, Budget Meeting triggered the search and I wanted to see if data had been located with these missing emails and attachments.

After the trial, I submitted an RTK request to Mr. Miseirvitch asking for any record of the log(s) produced or information on the January assessment help emails. Attached is the log. This information is shocking. Mr. Miseirvitch on May 27, 2021, at 10:05 am sent an email to Kim Kleiner and Attorney Jesse Neumann with the log of all my January assessment help emails and no one forwarded the information to me. See attached. It would appear, my public comment the night before triggered Mr. Miseirvitch to send an email to legal and Kleiner highlighting the January 17, 2021 email was, in fact, received by the City.

More shockingly, on May 27, 2021, at 2:45 pm, I formalized my public comment into an RTK request to Kim Kleiner and Nick Miservitch, and Rick Dowd. I wanted to be sure my request was complete and clear with information. I ask Nick to search for my January 17, 2021, 7:20 PM assessment help email with 2 attached abatement applications. The City never provided the data. See attached.

Had the Assessing office treated these applications like other applications coming into City Hall and just stamped them, I would have never been in the building on January 22, 2021. I was escorted out of the building, later told by the police there would be no trespass charges, and 26 days later arrested, handcuffed, and put in jail.

In reviewing a dozen date time-stamped applications, I could not locate any that went 5 business days without the City acting and stamping the application. My application was sent in on January 17, 2021 and was stamped by Rick Vincent on February 3, 2021. I waited 17 days to have these senior citizen applications recorded. The City’s personal disdain of me and vindictive behavior appears to embolden the City to disregard the law and not provide records.

Mayor Donchess, I do not enjoy filing lawsuits. I just want records that should be made available under the law. My first lawsuit ever filed in February 2020, happened because of assessing record concerns in the Nashua Assessing office under your leadership. This lawsuit cost me over $150,000 and I think this is absurd. The City is running up the costs because you have endless taxpayer money.

I have filed 3 more suits, including 2 pro se suits. Two have been won and I feel good about this pro se case particularly given the city has admitted wrongdoing.

The Court will be stuck dealing with me on pro se cases now because I understand, first hand, the waste involved in legal battles with the City; you have made civil cases completely uncivil. Attorney’s take an oath and are bound by ethics to control costs for their clients. Sending three city lawyers to case structuring conferences and pro se trials is a blatant waste of money. You and Attorney Bolton have demonstrated a complete disregard for taxpayer money and your legal ethics.

Ms.Kim Kleiner has cost this city a great deal of money in RTK lawsuits by a willful failure to provide information with what appears to be an extreme disregard for the truth, has placed a risk burden on the City for a Federal suit, appears to create undue stress in employees and appears to collude with the Nashua legal office to deliberately hide records. Eventually, the lies catch up to you.

Ms. Kim Kleiner must be terminated effective immediately. Mr. Bolton must be terminated effective immediately. You are responsible for these appointments and to knowingly maintain these people in top positions in the City appears to be a willful and unlawful act. As an Attorney, you must use your ethics and legal training to address this matter.

I am beyond frustrated with the never-ending personal attacks and the information corruption coverup preventing me from my legal right to information. I will continue to fight back.

Laurie Ortolano Emails received by AssessHelp from Laurie Ortolano in January 2021


Laurie Ortolano 5-27-2021 Nick M. Gmail – Search for lost emails


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Ukraine-Russia: Look… SQUIRREL!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 02:30 +0000

Not sure if I’m back-back quite yet, but like my prior post The Next Pandemic I need to get this out there.

In my youth I became fascinated with war and read Sun Tzu’s classic work The Art of War, as well as Musashi’s book The Book of Five Rings.  I read Clausewitz’s On War and many others.  I never joined the military because I’ve always been an exceedingly rebellious-to-authority person – not an asset in a military environment.

I refer to my being Jewish and being one of a stiff-necked people; in parallel, I have multiple Revolutionary War ancestors as well.  Being ruled and controlled by outside agents does not sit well with me nor has it sat well with my ancestors.

Anecdotally, while in college, I was approached by the Navy but as it happened had a friend in the Navy who advised against it knowing my personality.  Hindsight being 20-20 I probably should have; I’d have gotten a lot more discipline in my life than I do now!  Regardless, I have found profound respect for the deep wisdom in the idea summarized by Sun Tzu:

“Know the enemy and know yourself; in a hundred battles you will never be in peril. When you are ignorant of the enemy, but know yourself, your chances of winning or losing are equal. If ignorant both of your enemy and yourself, you are certain in every battle to be in peril.”

― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Yes, know yourself.  But in knowing your enemy it is not sufficient to know your enemy’s capabilities, but one must also know their motivations.  Only by understanding what drives your enemy to be your enemy do you have any hope of truly defeating them.

Before I dive in let me be clear: I state, without any reservation, that I do not approve of Putin’s incursion into Ukraine.  Period, full stop.  We must grasp, however, that this situation did not happen overnight – or even just in the last few months.  More importantly we must understand that this did not have to happen this way.  So, my seeking to understand the actions does not mean I condone the actions.

And, of course, I hope the fighting can be stopped soon, and am deeply sorrowful at this loss of life.  Again, not approving of Putin at all… but in reality though, while Putin is a convenient target, there is another enemy…



But let’s understand the Russian mentality.


(Link to AZQUOTES per their policy.)


“History is bunk” went the phrase in Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel A Brave New World.  Yet Santayana applies, for many themes do repeat, or at least rhyme, throughout history.  Currently that amnesia applies to the whole Russia-invades-Ukraine calamity that is ongoing.  Distracted by Netflix or social media or whatever, Americans in particular are – IMHO – staggeringly disconnected from the depths of history that form the foundation for so many around the world in their own perspectives of the world and events.  So let’s review a little history mixed with some geography.

The formation of Russia as an entity traces back to the rebellion against the Tartars / Mongols.  Almost a millennia ago.  It’s common knowledge that Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812.  The winter, poor logistics, and the Russian scorched earth defense (plus some unfortunate metallurgy!) sapped his Grande Armée until he was forced to retreat – having reached Moscow itself and even occupied it for a short time



Let alone the Nazi’s Operation Barbarossa – discussed here by Bill Whittle (video, 15:01) – and again, the Russians were saved by their winter.  Had the Nazis been better prepared for that weather, with better logistics, Moscow might well have fallen (links and italics in original):

Operationally, German forces achieved significant victories and occupied some of the most important economic areas of the Soviet Union (mainly in Ukraine) and inflicted, as well as sustained, heavy casualties. Despite these early successes, the German offensive stalled in the Battle of Moscow at the end of 1941, and the subsequent Soviet winter counteroffensive pushed the Germans about 250 km (160 mi) back. The Germans had confidently expected a quick collapse of Soviet resistance as in Poland, but the Red Army absorbed the German Wehrmacht‘s strongest blows and bogged it down in a war of attrition for which the Germans were unprepared. The Wehrmacht’s diminished forces could no longer attack along the entire Eastern Front, and subsequent operations to retake the initiative and drive deep into Soviet territory—such as Case Blue in 1942 and Operation Citadel in 1943—eventually failed, which resulted in the Wehrmacht’s retreat and collapse.

In short, Russia has been invaded and even conquered multiple times over its history.  Geography is part of the problem here.  Russia has, objectively, few significant natural barriers to being attacked.  Contrast this with the US which, until the advent of planes and ICBMs. has two honkin’-big barriers to any substantive invasion, i.e., the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  Now, we’re not immune and are being invaded through our southern border as a part of the intentional demographic / voter base shift.  Not to mention Cloward-Piven.



But that’s something else entirely, and IMHO is a component of the Great Replacement Project by enemies domestic, not foreign.





So now let’s look at the end of the Cold War and NATO’s promise to not expand towards Russia.  Looking at the map just above, can anyone objectively say that promise was kept?  The answer is an obvious NO.  For years Russia has complained about – warned about – NATOs expansion:

Many predicted Nato expansion would lead to war. Those warnings were ignored

Ignored Warnings: How NATO Expansion Led to the Current Ukraine Tragedy

Ukraine war follows decades of warnings that NATO expansion into Eastern Europe could provoke Russia

And check out this Gab by Matthew Bracken citing Jack F. Matlock Jr., US Ambassador to the Soviet Union from 1987-1991, who – in 1997 – warned that NATO expansion “was the most profound strategic blunder, [encouraging] a chain of events that could produce the most serious security threat since the Soviet Union collapsed.”  More broadly, my reading and understanding, based on my amateur interest in history, indicates to me that the Russians are very fond of encirclement tactics.  Thus they are incredibly sensitive to such actions with NATO appearing to do just that to them.

And now, very convenient from the timing of wiping the failure of the Jab, its massively-greater danger than any other vaccine in history, plus its actual lethality of the Jab being greater than the virus off the front pages.  E.g., Ukraine as a deliberate distraction from the COVID-19 nightmare.

As reported in a December 2021 article, President Potato told Ukraine that its admission to NATO was in their hands.  That, to me, is a sub rosa invitation to apply to join – something that Russia had repeatedly stated was their line in the sand.  To wit:



Again, what “fortuitous”  timing.  One could be forgiven for some foil-hat thinking that knowing Russia’s clearly-stated line in the sand about Ukraine the between-the-lines invitation for Ukraine to apply to join NATO was deliberately made to prompt Russia’s promised reaction in order to distract the world from the Covid – and “safe and effective” Jab – narrative falling apart.

In parallel, here is a German politician speaking about the situation:



Which, IMHO, should lead to Ukrainians not just being – understandably – put out over Putin’s invasion specifically, but also broadly at the West for using them as a tool: a long-term tool against Russia, and a convenient LOOK, SQUIRREL! distraction from the Jab’s failures & human toll.  A distraction for the WEF, paid for by their blood.



Now what?

NATO and other countries are pushing back on Russia with military and financial support to Ukraine.  Ranging from understandable to utterly ridiculous, Russia is being hemmed in.  Nominally this is an attempt to push Russia to withdraw, something that is not likely – but while I suspect Russia did not anticipate the level of pushback being seen, they’re not fools.  Doubtless, they did expect a response and planned for it.  And while truth is the first casualty of war, the Russians do seem to be pushing forward.

More broadly, though, Russia is known for cyber-attacks.  The Globalists know this (and, interestingly, references to “Cyber Polygon” have reportedly been pulled from the WEF’s website – click on the first link and it’s 404’ed).  As I predicted here, this has the potential for false flags to be oh-so-conveniently blamed on Russia – thus constituting likely casus belli and possibly prompting an invocation of NATO Article 5.  Which would lead to cyber-reprisals that would go back and forth and inevitably transition to meatspace.  I repeat my warning from my predicting link just above:

The world is stacked with piles of dry tinder, and they’re all connected – when one goes, they’ll all go, and there are people out there playing with accelerants and matches, and deliberately.

And add another, which I’ve also stated in multiple places:

World War I started with the assassination of one man.  From there each nation took what were, in context of what was known at the time, perfectly logical steps.  Until the shooting started.

With Russia saber-rattling its nuclear arsenal, and the likelihood of cyberattacks that spill into real-world attacks, I fear this line from a movie may be grimly prescient.



But then, that’s the goal.  And thus, the 7.3 billion person question will be answered.  Remember, from a video embedded here, “there will be a need to kill many billions” and this will be because these people are doing so from a conviction they are doing good.

Hashem help us all.



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“Protect Women’s Sports”

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 01:00 +0000

I am a woman, a lifelong athlete, former Dartmouth College athlete, professional soccer player, mother, and lawyer. I have played sports competitively and successfully my entire life. That has shaped my identity and who I am. It has also provided me with opportunities I would not have had otherwise.  However, I would not have had this success if I had been competing against biological men.

When Title IX was signed into law in 1972, it guaranteed both equal treatment and equal opportunities under the law for women. Today, Title IX is being violated by every institution in New Hampshire that allows biological males to compete unfairly against biological females. It is being done in the name of “fairness” to the trans community, a group of people I have great sympathy for and who need a different solution to participate in athletics. While they deserve a path to competitive sports, they should not get to do so at the expense of biological females, whose athletic careers will be sacrificed unless Title IX is upheld.

This isn’t political. And it is not an exaggeration. This is happening right now, and the cautionary tales are overwhelming and sad.

We want to thank Melissa Roth for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

In 2016-2017, Cece Telfer, a biological male, competed on the men’s Franklin Pierce track team without success. In 2019, when competing as a transgender woman, Cece won the NCAA championship. Does that sound right to you?

I grew up in Connecticut before moving to New Hampshire.  There, two transgender track athletes recently won 15 state championships and broke 10 state records formerly held by 10 different biological girls. Those two transgender athletes also took away over 85 opportunities to compete at higher-level track events from biological female athletes. Chelsea Mitchell, a biological female sprinter who came in third behind the two transgendered athletes said “[w]ith every loss it gets harder and harder to try again. That’s a devastating experience. It tells me that I’m not good enough; that my body is not good enough; and that no matter how hard I work, I am unlikely to succeed because I am a woman.” Does that sound right to you?

At the Ivy League championships last month, Lia Thomas, a transgender swimmer competing for the University of Pennsylvania. won three events and set five League records. According to Swimming World editor-in-chief, John Lohn, Lia’s final 50 yards “’ appears to be the fastest in history,’ fueling speculation that Thomas held back until the end to avoid blowing the competition out of the water.” Despite being an average performer on the men’s swim team, Lia is now on track to break the records held by Katie Ledecky who won 7 Olympic gold medals, 15 world championships and is widely considered to be the greatest female swimmer of all time. Does that sound right to you?

It shouldn’t.

The women those biological men are displacing have worked just as hard, sacrificed just as much, and have every right to compete for a place on the podium with other biological women. This is their time to shine. But that’s not what’s happening. Just as many predicted, what is happening in the systematic displacement of biological females by biological males across the competitive sports spectrum.

The reason is simple and scientific. There are fundamental biological differences between males and females, and those differences impact athletic performance. Scientific studies prove the average male is bigger, stronger, and faster than the average female.  It doesn’t take a doctor or scientist to understand this. My 8-year-old daughter and my 6-year-old son both know this to be true – not because it is complicated but because it is so fundamentally obvious. A recent study found trans women retained their athletic edge after one year of hormone therapy, the current time period required to participate as a trans female athlete in the Olympics.

I think everyone can agree that Serena Williams is one of, if not the best, female athletes of all time. Her max bench press is 225 lbs. Amazing for a woman. Yet, my middle-aged husband can do 90 repetitions of Serena’s max bench. Serena said in a 2013 interview with David Letterman,

“If I were to play Andy Murray, I would lose 6–0, 6–0 in five to six minutes, maybe 10 minutes … The men are a lot faster, and they serve harder, they hit harder, it’s just a different game. I love to play women’s tennis. I only want to play girls, because I don’t want to be embarrassed.”

John McEnroe underscored that by saying, “Serena Williams would only be ranked 700th in the world ‘if she played in the men’s circuit.’” From the greatest of all time to 700th?  That’s quite a difference. Who can claim that an individual’s gender choice erases their biological advantage?

My children recently watched a special on Pompeii about the volcanic eruption that wiped the town off the map in 79 AD. They were fascinated by what scientists could learn from the human remains they found throughout the city. The first thing the scientists described was the biological sex of the victims.  Gender differences are one of the fundamental, elemental, immutable distinctions in all life on this planet and yet suddenly humans believe otherwise about their own species? That it is a matter of choice? It defies science, but most of all it defies common sense.

I believe trans people should be visible, accepted, and supported in society. I do not have the answer to how the trans community should participate in athletics, but I believe fair competition is the heart and soul of sports. I am heartbroken for the biological females forced to compete against biological males who will question whether their bodies are ever good enough to become champions. I am heartbroken for the lost self-esteem, pride, and confidence that comes with being the best on a sports team. I am heartbroken for the loss of biological female champions girls can look up to as role models.

Finally, it is concerning to contemplate what they might do to their bodies to compete against trans athletes. Please join me in fighting for what is just, fair, and right–restoring the protected right of biological women to compete on an even playing field against other biological women. It’s time for New Hampshire to protect Title IX by passing HB1180 and saving women’s sports, not just for today’s athletes but for our children.


Melissa Roth was drafted to play professional soccer by the Atlanta Beat of the Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA). She is a graduate of Dartmouth College where she was an All-Northeast and All-Ivy soccer player. She received her JD with honors from the University of Connecticut School of Law. She wrote this for

(Cross-posted from NHJ with permission from Melissa. Roth)

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Friday Open Thread – So Which Would You Choose Based on Courage Shown: NH Gov Chris Sununu or Ukraine President Zelensky?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-03-05 00:15 +0000

“Public Health trumps EVERYTHING!” or “I don’t need a ride, I need ammo!”

That pretty much sums up The Big Topic of the week for me.


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School District Lied* to a Mom About Turning Her Daughter Transgender So She’s Suing Them

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-04 23:30 +0000

Back in January, I wrote, “The Manchester School District Is Slowly Taking Away Your Rights as a Parent!” That has turned into a lawsuit. Mom is holding the District accountable for lying to her (*by deliberate omission).

The lawsuit is here:

Manchester Policy JBAB 2022-03-03 – Complaint w Exhibit signed

Once again, the results are bubbling up all over the nation where School Districts decided that THEY are the Parents, THEY know what is best for minor children better than their parents and force them in the School Districts “Morality” and Sexual mores – and deliberately hide it from the Parents.  And made it, just not a one-off, but a codified Policy. So, now we have a legal trifecta here in little ole’ NH over the New Hampshire School Board Association’s Policy JBAB (Transgender and Non-Conforming Students)?

Sidebar – so given that this Policy JBAB sprang from them, and I’m assuming that their legal team vetted it, when do the lawsuits go over the root cause – them???

We already had parts 1 and 2 of the worst of JBAB now in the legal system. My lawsuit over coercing Government speech of others: “a transgender student has the Right to be called their preferred pronouns and name” which mandates TWO beliefs:

    • The School District has the Power (Governments have Powers, Individuals have Rights) to crush and dismiss the Right to Free Speech of students and staff and mandating that students and staff WILL accept and believe that there are MANY sexes and that their Right to Religious Expression in believing that God only made two sexes is wrong and will be punished.
    • That School Districts can give themselves the Power to demand their staff lie to Parents about the transgender status of their child.  That THEY have the Power to deliberately separate Parents from their children on such an important issue (with the nuance that ALL Parents are just plain guilty of being willing to do “harm” to the child by the School’s Morality).

Mine is preemptive knowing that NO School District can overthrow Constitutional Rights of Free Speech and that Parents (as upheld by SCOTUS) have the complete Right to be responsible to raise their children and School District, in our Dillon’s Rule State, are NOT allowed to be Judge, Jury, and Executioners.

Then there is the Exeter SAU16 Lawsuit in which a freshman football player was punished for simply refusing to give up his Christian beliefs that God made us male and female OFF CAMPUS. And the School Administration punished him anyway.  Transgender beats Religious Faith – at least in Schools.

And now, that Manchester School District I mentioned at the top has now been unleashed  (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Manchester mom sues school district over transgender student policy

A Manchester mother is suing the city school district over a policy that prevents school officials from informing parents about their child’s “transgender status” at school without the student’s permission. “We think that’s outrageous,” said Concord-based attorney Richard Lehmann, who is representing the mother in the lawsuit filed Thursday in Hillsborough Superior Court North in Manchester.
The policy was adopted in January 2021 on a 10-2-2 vote “to create a safe learning environment for all students and to ensure that every student has equal access to all school programs and activities.”

Critics say the policy keeps parents out of the loop.

On the face of it, it’s completely bonkers! Since when does a minor child have the Right to tell a School District that Mom and Dad don’t count.  ESPECIALLY when school counselors and teachers (as we have seen all over the country – see Buena Vista as just one example) are the ones doing “the turning”?  They don’t.  But they are. Again, my previous post has Policy JBAB listed with my emphasis.

The UL piece outlines the really disturbing part:

According to the filing, “minutes later” Jane Doe received an email from the school principal saying, “while I respect and understand your concern, we are held by the district policy as a staff,” which “outlines the fact that we cannot disclose a student’s choice to parents if asked not to.

Here’s a question – who told this minor child of that?  And WHY did they say that? And what NH State Law, again I have to repeat myself, gives the School District this Power to cut Parents out of the loop?

Since receiving the email, the lawsuit says Jane Doe discussed gender expression issues, birth-name usage and pronouns with M.C.

“M.C. has advised Jane Doe that M.C. requested school personnel to use M.C.’s birth name and Pronouns,” the lawsuit states. “School personnel likewise have represented to Jane Doe that they are addressing M.C. by M.C.’s birth name and pronouns.

And the really EVIL part:

“However, the continued existence of the policy means that Jane Doe cannot know whether representations by district personnel are factually true, or whether the district personnel are simply following the policy by misleading and/or lying to Jane Doe about M.C.’s in-school gender expression and the district’s response thereto,” the lawsuit states.

So if this was happening to MY child (the Grandson that TMEW and I officially adopted) – we’d never know.

A Parent has the Right (based on previous SCOTUS decisions) to raise their child – not a School District.  Mine is preemptive – covering the taking away Free Speech, Religious Freedom, and Responsibility to Raise.  The Exeter SAU16 lawsuit is actual harm to a student. Now, this Manchester lawsuit is actual harm to a Parent.

The piece talks about “Discrimination” in trying to justify Districts enacting Policy JBAB. Those Laws NEVER gave Districts the Powers assumed in JBAB – it was spun up out of whole cloth, IMHO, in furtherance of the militant Transgender agenda.  And in part, that is to aid in the destruction of the nuclear family.

And the takeaway?

School Districts are already declaring Parents, potential or actual, are guilty of Discrimination against their own children.  Judge, Jury, and Executioners.

So, as with my Lawsuit, it comes down to this as I have had to say on too many occasions:

Which Laws did the NH State Legislature, in our Dillon’s Rule State, create to give District these Powers?

They refuse to answer that simple question – and then act like WE PARENTS THE BIGOTS. Again, I point out, these three Districts can’t even bring themselves to be sufficiently honest in saying: Oops, we went too far. We’re sorry, and we will drop those parts (or the whole Policy). They seem to truly believe that they are above the Law and can do whatever they want.

How many other Districts, having adopted this policy in part or in whole from the NHSBA, are being dishonest towards their Parents as well?

The sad thing is that this seems to be a national pandemic of such outlooks and actions.  They truly have gone to war against Parents.

(H/T: UL)



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So, about That Certain “Ad” Showing up in Posts…

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-03-04 22:45 +0000

I think most of you, by now, know what my Rule #1 is (and I only have a few):

We are an adult theme (politics intertwined with culture) but kid-friendly site. Never write or display anything that would cause little Johnny or Janie to go to Mommy and Daddy and ask “What does this mean” as then *I* get the nasty phone call or email.

Well, I am getting nasty emails over this “Ad” for “enhancement” (trying hard to not violate my own Rule here).  Deservedly so.  So, I sent a “not pleasant” email to the Ad Server folks stating exactly that:

From: “Skip” <>
To: <sales lady at Lockerdome / Decide>
Cc: <sales guy at Lockerdome / Decide>; “Steve Mac Donald” <>
Sent: 3/4/2022 3:04:51 PM
Subject: Re[4]: Decide (formerly LockerDome) <> Granite Grok, Q1 Updates

I have only a few rules here at GraniteGrok. Rule #1:

We are an adult theme (politics intertwined with culture) but kid friendly site. Never write or display anything that would cause little Johnny or Janie to go to Mommy and Daddy and ask “What does this mean” as then *I* get the nasty phone call or email.

Well, I’m getting nasty emails over this – one example: (one would be from Commenter Moe F. who took the time to comment on what he was seeing).

<image redacted>

I’ve put up with the ads but do we have to be but up with ads for sex aids? I’ve seen two in the last two days besides this one. One was an birth control device and the second was a female sex aid. These ads are not the new popups on the left hand margin but are ads that come up in the middle of the article. Steve, you’ve made money on this one. I “clicked” on it to find out what the hell it was.

My admonition to the Ad Server folks was the following:

Do NOT allow such kinds of sex toys (et al) be displayed on GraniteGrok again.  Please immediately remove such inventory slated for us.

I await their response – I’ll update this post when I get one. If they indicate that they don’t have the ability to do so, they will be down a site; we will no longer require their services.

Integrity counts for much for GraniteGrok. I’m always telling politicians that “Consistency breeds Trust yielding Votes”.  It also applies to us as well – YOU folks Trust us to be honest and tell you exactly what we think based on the object truths of our Constitutions and Conservative values.  What would you think of us if we blithely ignored our own rules simply to be handed money?

Sorry, Principles come first. We’ll just figure out another way to replace that revenue.  I will not sacrifice Principle for lucre.

I apologize to all you Readers that were put off / offended / dismayed / angered by that type of ad. We have no direct control over what an Ad Server presents. We CAN, however, tell them what will not be tolerated. We CAN, as well, hold them accountable by replacing them as needed.

This is a Big Deal for me – it will stop one way or another.

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