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New Narrative: The Vaccine Isn’t Killing Them it’s Post Pandemic Stress Disorder (PPSD)

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 20:30 +0000

The vigilant Steve Kirsch has uncovered a new narrative. And I guess this is in case blaming myocarditis on Omicron doesn’t carry the water. Someone has invented Post Pandemic Stress Disorder, a symptom of which is “heart-related illness.”

I’ve been playing this game for a few years, so my first question is, what do you mean post-pandemic? Are you saying the pandemic is over for these people because I read the news, and it’s not over. Not by any stretch. But let’s leave that there for now.

From Mr. Kirsch.



You can’t dodge COVID, top scientist warns.  Hmmm. About 80-90% of Americans have avoided it after close to two years. Over 99% who tested positive dodged death.  The thing they can’t seem to escape is the political response of which includes this narrative.


Note that the more common affliction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), doesn’t affect your heart at all.

But “post-pandemic” stress? Well now, that’s completely different!

Apparently, PPSD can cause myocarditis, cardiac arrest, etc. It seems only to happen to vaccinated patients, generally shortly after vaccination. Nobody knows why that is. The mechanism of action is unknown.


Well, I’m here to help, and yes, Mr. Kirsch was being facetious.

One hundred percent of the people suffering from PPSD are vaccinated, so the cure is to stop giving them this vaccination.

Oh, and we can’t call it “post” pandemic if the pandemic is never going to end and, as far as I can tell, that’s the plan. At least for a political response that has caused more harm to healthy people than any version of COVID, real or imagined.


Related: They Are Listing Serious COVID Vaccine Side-Effects as “Symptoms” of the Latest Variant





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Are You Ready for a 37% Increase in Your County Property Taxes?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 19:00 +0000

Are you ready for a 37% increase in your county property taxes? Belknap County Commissioners Peter Spanos, Hunter Taylor and Glen Waring have proposed a budget for county operations for next year that would raise taxes by 37%. No, that is not a typo.

That is actually what they are seeking.

The huge increase in taxes on our citizens, during a period of health crises that caused people to lose their jobs and many businesses to close, is in addition to projected spending by the county of over $9 million in so-called ARPA funds supplied by the federal government (from our federal tax dollars), would supposedly fund spending of over $33 million on county operations.

Fortunately, the county budget is examined in detail, is subject to modification, and must be finally approved by a vote of the entire county delegation, consisting of all 18 elected state representatives.

The process of severe overreach by the county commissioners is not something new. Last year, the county commissioners proposed a budget for this year that would have raised taxes by 12%, but after many hours of examination and study by the county delegation, the delegation finally approved a budget that actually lowered taxes by 11%.

As our late beloved governor, Meldrim Thomson, was wont to say, “Low taxes are the result of low spending.” It was true many years ago when he said it and it remains true today.

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After Almost Two Years The Only Thing COVID Policy Does Is Restrict Freedom and Inject Failure.

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 17:30 +0000

As Omicron fever ramps up, the unicorn variant is reportedly in 38 countries as of this morning. Don’t Panic. Remember that the real pandemic, the actual threat, continues to be the response.

The response and the reporting are incomplete at best, and deceptive at worst.

The latest VAERS numbers, while but a fraction of known harms, are startling.



The other startling fact, also not or underreported, is how NOT dangerous COVID is to most of us. I updated the data for NH yesterday, but you’ll find your states are not much different.



As we approach two years, nearly 100% of the population will have lived to tell even the misleading and manipulated tale. Some number of them continue to insist that we must submit to vaccination, but that has killed tens of thousands of us – another number they are hiding from the people.

All of that is concerning, but it’s not what truly matters.

I had two separate conversations on this topic yesterday. I know people who are vaccinated of various political inclinations. Why they got the shot doesn’t matter. What matters is why they still can’t see how (assuming they don’t) the evolving narrative is going to strip them of their liberty whether they participate in the scheme or not.

Two shots didn’t get you back to normal. Your passport is not real. You can catch and spread the virus. The NIH, CDC, WHO, and others all realized it early into the regime. It is why they told the vaccinated to mask up but to then pretend it worked.

It didn’t.

Some people were harmed or killed by the vaccine, including children, but you were told it was a price worth paying to get back to normal. But the new normal is more vaccines. A lot more.

How many boosters will you line up and get? One, three, five. Each round will introduce more vaccine-related harm, disability, and death. For what? So you can line up for another booster because that is the new normal.

A shot that does not prevent you from getting or spreading the flu. A flu that 99.9% of us will manage or could manage like any flu before they were weaponized by the state.

The only thing COVID policy does is restrict freedom and inject failure (including harms to public and individual health), but even that tragedy pales compared to this one.  At some point, you will say no more, and at that point, you will be denied your rights.

Did you even see it coming?

No matter how many times you roll up your sleeve, regardless of how much product you have allowed them to inject into your veins, the day you say enough – and the day will come – is the day you will be declared unvaccinated.

And they will take things from you. Mobility, access, whatever you previously allowed them to take from someone else, they will take from you for refusing a pharmaceutical treatment that could never do more than deny individual rights and liberty.

The shot is not your passport to freedom it is a ticket to slavery

It’s not good for anything else.

The only escape is to stop playing their game now because you can’t win. There is no scenario where you come out on top unless you are already there and even that is fleeting.




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Brentwood Selectmen – You Shouldn’t Have Deleted Those Emails! Part 2

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 16:00 +0000

So, Part 1 of this Brentwood Email Saga left off with this admission from Karen Clements, the Brentwood Town Administrator:

From: “Karen Clement” <>
To: “Skip” <>
Sent: 12/2/2021 3:51:25 PM
Subject: RE: Re[4]: RSA 91:A Right To Know demand

I’ll forward this to IT and see what they can do to help facilitate this more efficiently. I’ve let them know we are looking at Jon Morgan’s inbox only for now.  Jonathan Frizzell’s email box was deleted after he resigned.


Karen Clement, CPM
Town Administrator
Town of Brentwood

The Seacoastonline article mentioned previously set up the timeline; Frizzell quit within the last 3 weeks.  So, his emails became “excess baggage” and were quickly thrown overboard.

Or, were they deep-sixed because of their content?

When Government disposes of its “Governmental Records” in such a quick manner, one has to start thinking “Why?”  And, I did – why were Jon Frizzell’s emails sent down the Memory Hole (an Orwell’s 1984 mention there)?

With the above email to me, it was clear that the ball was now in my court – so I volleyed back.  Had to – this is now serious stuff that cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

NO Governmental agency or official can violate the Law. RSA 91:A was put into place with strict prohibitions to keep that from happening.

Note that I included the Chair of the Brentwood Selectmen

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
To: “Karen Clement” <>
Cc: “” <>
Sent: 12/2/2021 6:17:41 PM
Subject: Re[6]: RSA 91:A Right To Know demand

>> Jonathan Frizzell’s email box was deleted after he resigned.

Well, now you have a problem – RSA91-A:4:

III-a. Governmental records created or maintained in electronic form shall be kept and maintained for the same retention or archival periods as their paper counterparts. Governmental records in electronic form kept and maintained beyond the applicable retention or archival period shall remain accessible and available in accordance with RSA 91-A:4, III. Methods that may be used to keep and maintain governmental records in electronic form may include, but are not limited to, copying to microfilm or paper or to durable electronic media using standard or common file formats.

I am betting that since he just resigned, his governmental records (his emails) are still well within your paper retention procedures and times.  Make no mistake – I have requested ALL of the Brentwood Selectmen emails from the time period specified in the RSA91:A Right To Know document I submitted to the Selectmen.  That includes Mr. Frizzell’s government records categorized as “emails”.

You need to get them back, pronto – your IT department, if it is operating within industry norms, has backups of them extending back for months (at least).  What ARE your archival times and procedures?

After all,

91-A:7 Violation. – Any person aggrieved by a violation of this chapter may petition the superior court for injunctive relief. In order to satisfy the purposes of this chapter, the courts shall give proceedings under this chapter high priority on the court calendar. Such a petitioner may appear with or without counsel. The petition shall be deemed sufficient if it states facts constituting a violation of this chapter, and may be filed by the petitioner or his or her counsel with the clerk of court or any justice thereof. Thereupon the clerk of court or any justice shall order service by copy of the petition on the person or persons charged. Subject to objection by either party, all documents filed with the petition and any response thereto shall be considered as evidence by the court. All documents submitted shall be provided to the opposing party prior to a hearing on the merits. When any justice shall find that time probably is of the essence, he or she may order notice by any reasonable means, and he or she shall have authority to issue an order ex parte when he or she shall reasonably deem such an order necessary to insure compliance with the provisions of this chapter.

91-A:8 Remedies. – I. If any public body or public agency or officer, employee, or other official thereof, violates any provisions of this chapter, such public body or public agency shall be liable for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in a lawsuit under this chapter, provided that the court finds that such lawsuit was necessary in order to enforce compliance with the provisions of this chapter or to address a purposeful violation of this chapter. Fees shall not be awarded unless the court finds that the public body, public agency, or person knew or should have known that the conduct engaged in was in violation of this chapter or if the parties, by agreement, provide that no such fees shall be paid.
II. The court may award attorney’s fees to a public body or public agency or employee or member thereof, for having to defend against a lawsuit under the provisions of this chapter, when the court finds that the lawsuit is in bad faith, frivolous, unjust, vexatious, wanton, or oppressive.
III. The court may invalidate an action of a public body or public agency taken at a meeting held in violation of the provisions of this chapter, if the circumstances justify such invalidation.
IV. If the court finds that an officer, employee, or other official of a public body or public agency has violated any provision of this chapter in bad faith, the court shall impose against such person a civil penalty of not less than $250 and not more than $2,000. Upon such finding, such person or persons may also be required to reimburse the public body or public agency for any attorney’s fees or costs it paid pursuant to paragraph I. If the person is an officer, employee, or official of the state or of an agency or body of the state, the penalty shall be deposited in the general fund. If the person is an officer, employee, or official of a political subdivision of the state or of an agency or body of a political subdivision of the state, the penalty shall be payable to the political subdivision.
V. The court may also enjoin future violations of this chapter, and may require any officer, employee, or other official of a public body or public agency found to have violated the provisions of this chapter to undergo appropriate remedial training, at such person or person’s expense.

I take these kinds of matters very seriously.  Please, if you would, Follow The Law.

Kindest regards,

Co-Founder, co-owner

Just quoting my own email has put me way over Steve’s (the Editor!) nominal word count, so I think I will stop here. Besides, the ball is now back in Brentwood’s court.

What will they do?  Will the Selectmen decide to Follow The Law?  Only the Good Lord above knows – certainly, this lowly blogger does not.  I hope they do.

And readers?  I do hope that this just isn’t a story in which you think I’m just “crusading” here – if it is happening here, it’s most likely that something similar is happening in your’s as well.  My question to you is this: are you going to let it continue to happen in your name? Or tell “them” to knock it off and fly right?

To be continued.

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Medical Staff Shortage Can Be Traced Back to Dumbed Down Common Core and Next Generation Standards

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 14:30 +0000

I warned, that with the dumbing down of public education, one of the areas that would suffer would be, the medical profession. Granted the fuzzy math era hurt the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field too. Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards are contributing to the lack of medical professionals working in the hospitals because they do not prepare students for the STEM field.

Granted, firing healthcare professionals makes no sense right now, but professors educating college students in the medical profession have been warning of the nursing shortage for many years. This comes as no surprise that there are staffing shortages, to anyone who’s been paying attention.

It is critical that students receive a quality math and science education k-12. We all know now that Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards do not provide an adequate set of standards for the STEM field.

How will this impact you, even if you don’t have children in the public school system? Well, hopefully, you won’t receive inadequate medical care because of hospital and staff shortages. Hopefully, you can get in to see a medical professional if you get sick.

If you keep ignoring this problem, you may become a victim of it one day, even if your children have avoided the public school system.

It’s up to all of us to demand better of our elected officials and those who run our public schools.

Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards are still the state standards in New Hampshire.

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Reader Hate Mail

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 13:00 +0000

We love this sort of stuff because it makes for great blog content, and it’s already written. Badly, more often than not. And this is, well, something to behold.

Mick Marsden has lost it over our coverage of Alexa Firman, the Simply Delicious Baking Company owner, in Bedford.

Alexa was fined by the state for not mandating masks back when His Excellency was in the business of demanding things of private companies. Gov. Sununu has since taken a hands-off approach which is still consistent. Both the previous action and the current inaction infringe on individual liberty.

Mick was not happy with our coverage of Alexa or her remarks in the interview Skip did with her.

As for Mick, but I have no idea who he might be, but we appreciate his input so much that I share it with you in the hope someone can find whatever wisdom he hoped to convey.

He and his thoughts are yours to digest, dissect, or discuss at your leisure or pleasure.


Note: This mail has is published as received per our FAQ, unedited (except for the curse words of which there are several, and only then to add punctuation marks in place of a few letters as is our custom).


Dear Steve,

After watching that ridiculous baker Alexa Firman spew lies about where we are because Biden…i did a quick search for her and found your website. Wow…

While we have real global issues and an ongoing pandemic and need two functioning parties to talk about how to solve them…you morons are making people on the left as the enemy and trying to overthrow our constitutional republic is simply off base.

If folks don’t go along with your lies and conspiracy theories…even folks like Liz Cheney whom I’ve never agreed with, as also your enemies.

Wake the f*ck up you selfish idiots. Get on team American and f*ck this Trump sh!t. People like you Alexa Firman telling lies does us no good. Inflation isn’t about Biden it’s a byproduct of the pandemic.

Had you idiots under the orange assh*le been honest we’d not have such issues. Try the facts on sometime. Try reading books that tells all what happened.

Republicans are the party of lies and NO. As an lifelong independent I’ve voted for folks of all stripes. These days voting on the right is a vote to end the republic. I bet you’re one of the ass hats who don’t want the 1/6 commission to do their work and I bet you think it was not an insurrection. Your “About us” page is at least honest. You tell who reads it that you’re the idiots behind our troubles.

Republicans are rich(or wannabe), racist, religious, selfish and of course stupid. I know it is not possible to change minds. But if your free speech is ok for you to tell your garbage this email mine to tell you what an assh*le you are from where I sit.

Mick Marsden


No worries Mick, free speech has been preserved, exactly as you wrote it, and thanks so much for that.

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Biden’s Electric Car Bugaloo – The Single Point of Failure Theory

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 11:30 +0000

We’ve written a few articles about electric vehicles (140), electric cars (170), EVs, EV incentives, plots, plans, and more. There will be some overlap, but none of that reporting is favorable or glowing. But I’m not sure we ever covered this angle quite like this.

Jerold Levoritz at American Thinker notes not just that they can never deliver as promised but that maybe the promise is something else. This makes sense because Democrats never tell you what their policies truly accomplish for them politically, and they do nothing without this calculus.

Anti-poverty programs create generational poverty. Education programs create masses of uneducated. Anti-racism programs are themselves racist. Anti-violence laws beget more violence. And green energy is dirty. So, why would EVs be about anything but control?

We’ve covered it, and we’ve talked about engineered limitations but check this out.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to get Americans into electric cars.  However, those cars come with the risk of a serious loss of power — not just for the car, but for those who buy those cars. …

[nine paragraphs later]

By favoring a transportation system that can fail at a single point, we confer upon those in power the ability to shut down an entire civilization.  And even if they don’t completely shut it down, the price of electricity will be centrally controlled, allowing a chokehold on all the people all the time.

As Jerold points out, all batter cars are expensive, inefficient, dirty, dangerous, and a potential trap and the people setting this up are not stupid. They are accomplished, successful, and driven.

They are driven to trap America in an all EV landscape they control.

We’ve talked about the limitations and the control but viewed from 30,000 feet it becomes more apparent just how much control.

I’ve always said they want us in EVs to price many or most of us out of mobility (as a means of control), but did I ever take it to the civilization level?

Maybe, maybe not, but it’s with revisiting.

Hybrids were always a half-decent idea; EVs were never a good idea. But the people ‘in charge’ are pushing the latter over the former to the decline and fall of not just us but America.


Note: When I say ‘Biden’ in the title, it really means the Lefty establishment. He’s just the current frontman for the ongoing nightmare that is Leftist green energy policy.

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The Late Nite Link Dump or the Daily Dose? (It’s Massive)

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 04:00 +0000

Hat tip again to Laura for this mountain of links, and don’t expect this many in the future.  But we thank her for her ongoing commitment to the cause of enlightenment and this huge pile of links that she calls the Daily Dose.

I think we’ll start calling it that. Link dump has a park bathroom sort of feel to it, and we’d like to at least pretend at some sense of sophistication.

As always, these are presented as-is for your consideration. Their presence is not a validation of the content but an opportunity to read deeper into the side the media and the machine would rather you not.

Some topics we’ve covered, many we’ve brushed up against, a few we’ve simply not had time to explore.

Wait. ………What?!

In other news from around the world…that’s heading this way…

Nuremberg be damned! Who might be on the US’ short list? Interesting…..if they can now check on us (Thanks Annie!), can we check on them? Spike protein in vax -weakens immune system, cancer link – Swedish scientists say Global takedown of fertilizer And now a word from our sponsors… How about that weather you guys made….like chemistry class….but way bigger-er! Huh….enough said. Does laughing every day keep the globalists at bay? Caution: British humor School Daze… So let me see if I understand this…

Science 101- Batteries hate the cold….and this is just the tip of the iceberg… “Rebellions are built on hope!” Growing Numbers on the Right Calling For a Government Shutdown to Block Vaccine Mandates Omicron, Omicron, where for art thou Omicron Who remembers this one?  Omicron- A 1999 video game featuring David Bowie……foreshadowing at its best..

4th wave lockdown…

This article dovetails with that… RFK – VAERS Data off the charts and growing…


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Constitutional Republicans Public Meeting – Dec 4th 5-8 PM

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 03:00 +0000

The New Hampshire Constitutional Republicans will be holding a Public Meeting in Woodsville Dec 4th R. E. Clifford Building (Armory) 65 S Court Street, Woodsville, NH.

That’s tomorrow.

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Keene Sentinel Runs Major Story About NH Exit

NHexit.US - Sat, 2021-12-04 02:06 +0000
NH Independence Above-the-Fold

Despite the fact that the proposed constitutional amendment for New Hampshire independence from the United States has yet to be assigned a bill number, it has showed up as the front page feature story at the Keene Sentinel.

The story claims the proposed amendment is “Perhaps the most startling proposal at the N.H. Legislature”, quite a compliment! It also links here to NHExit.US. Of course, being a mainstream media piece, they have to trot out the standard issue claims about how seceding was supposedly settled by the Civil War, which is nonsense. New Hampshire is proposing peaceful secession, not firing on a federal fort.

NH seceded from the British and we can say goodbye to the abusive tyrants in D.C., too.

Thank you to Sentinel author Rick Green for the coverage.

Top 100 Reasons New Hampshire Should Be Independent

Foundation for N.H. Independence - Sat, 2021-11-13 01:28 +0000

Over the past few weeks, a group of pro-freedom activists in New Hampshire has been holding informal meetings to brainstorm how to best promote independence in the next legislative session. Predictably, progressive authoritarians have already begun to attack the concepts of independence and liberty. A few conservatives cling to hope that they can fix DC and all 50 states, convince all Democrats to embrace conservative liberty values, and ‘save America’. 


I have written dozens of articles, published three books, and produced hundreds of videos making the case for a national divorce from the authoritarians. Here are just 100 reasons why every New Hampshire citizen who supports freedom should support a bill and a ballot referendum on independence from DC. 


  1. Without the federal income tax, we’d each save around $25,000/year right off the bat.
  2. The IRS is corrupt, tyrannical, and about to grow by 80,000 employees and billions of dollars. Years ago, they were caught targeting conservatives. Now, they are surely much more polarized and hateful against us. I could live without them.
  3. The ATF is extremely anti-gun. They have been one of the biggest reasons that federal gun control laws have grown increasingly strict. The ATF passes laws and bypasses Congress. Once the murderous criminal, Dave Chipman is confirmed as the new ATF director, things will get much worse. I could live without the ATF. Once we divorce DC by declaring independence from the union, the ATF will no longer have jurisdiction over us. 
  4. The CDC is out of control, and the agency will only ever grow more tyrannical. This was before corona-fascism made the CDC into the most harmful agency to liberty of all 400 illegal executive agencies. By the way, did you know that the CDC took legal ownership over every rental property in the united states?
  5. I don’t trust Joe Biden to run my life or to do anything that could impact me. I have around 28 trillion reasons for distrusting that corrupt, evil, demented sociopath. 
  6. I don’t trust Congress to run my life. They have proven time and again that they support authoritarian socialism. Even with majorities in the House and the Senate and even with Trump in the White House, Congress did nearly nothing to expand liberty. But they did pass many laws that violated my natural rights. 
  7. The federal government benefits from terribly untrustworthy elections, such as the one in 2020. Once HR1 passes into law, all elections in the united states will be required to abide by the same insane rules that caused us all to doubt the legitimacy of the 2020 election.
  8. Once HR51 passes into law, DC will be a state, complete with two more hardcore socialist Senators. The Democrats will control the Senate forever.
  9. If you aren’t a big fan of sobriety checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  10. If you aren’t a big fan of immigration checkpoints, you’ll be happy to learn that they are federally funded and/or conducted. Once we divorce the feds, it’s unlikely that any local police dept. will spend the money on the checkpoints. 
  11.  Local cops only use tanks, drones, BEARcats, and other aggressive military gear against us because the feds give them those toys. Once we cut ties with DC, our local cops will return to their proper role as peace officers instead of acting as soldiers against us.
  12. One of the reasons that Dictator Sununu locked us down and derailed our economy involved pressure and money from DC encouraging him to do so. 
  13. If you don’t like being forced to pay for the DC politicians to wage futile endless wars in dozens of countries all over the world while veterans, women, and babies in our own communities starve on the streets, it means you want to separate from DC. 
  14. If you are ready to give up on the war on drugs and stop sending cops to homes to punish people for consuming a plant, separating from DC is the first step you must take. DC politicians STILL consider cannabis a schedule one top-tier dangerous substance that is 100% illegal to possess. 
  15. Do you love it when cops steal your property (car, house, money, guns, etc.) without convicting you of a crime? Well, federal law allows law enforcement to seize any property that could be involved in a past, present, or even future crime. And the feds have ‘extended’ that authority to state and local cops. Once we sever ties with DC, cops in NH lose the power of civil asset forfeiture.
  16. If you ever wondered why bad cops almost never receive any punishment, you should know that ‘qualified immunity’ is a federal doctrine. Without DC, local cops become much more accountable to their neighbors.
  17. The millions of federal regulations cost businesses over 2 trillion dollars each year in lost productivity. Once we divorce DC, our businesses will truly be able to unleash their creativity, making New Hampshire more prosperous than we could ever imagine.
  18. Who should decide whether NH accepts illegal aliens or Afghan refugees? Biden and Pelosi or our governor and legislature?
  19. Are you tired of being ruled by nine lawyers in long black robes who live in DC and have the power of Gods? If five out of the nine rule a certain way, that becomes the law for all 330,000,000 people in the united states.  
  20. The federal reserve and DC politicians have overseen a decline in 99% of the US dollar’s purchasing power over the past century.
  21. DC politicians have run up a debt of 28 trillion dollars and counting. And they claim that you and I are responsible for it. 
  22. Nearly every politician has ambitions and eventually wishes to be sent to DC. This affects nearly every decision they make. Once DC is no longer in their minds, they will focus on what is most important: you.
  23. Federal law enforcement (including the FBI) have shown themselves to be thoroughly corrupt. Even conservative commentators like Dan Bongino have called for their abolition. A few months ago, the FBI and other federal cops came to New Hampshire and violently kidnapped six of my friends. They are charging them with crimes that could result in them spending the remainder of their lives in federal prison. Their excuse? That my friends committed some victimless crimes by using and selling cryptocurrency. Once we leave DC, that will never happen again. 
  24. Want a suppressor so that you can save your hearing? They are only illegal because the feds prohibit them. Without the feds, NH would be totally free, and you could put a suppressor on your SBR without any worries. 
  25. Are you worried about increasingly strict EPA restrictions on vehicles, houses, and everything else? Once we divorce DC, they will have no jurisdiction over us.
  26. Are you sick of random federal judges issuing injunctions that overrule actual laws passed by Congress or state legislatures? An independent NH would not have to worry one bit about federal judges.
  27. The DC politicians are destroying the once-mighty American military. Their current secretary of defense and commander-in-chief continually insist that the #1 priority for their military is pleasing LGBT individuals. An independent New Hampshire could have a military with a top priority of defending us against hostile militaries. As it should be.
  28. Have you accumulated a respectable net worth? Soon, the federal government will tax your net worth each year in addition to all of the other taxes. 
  29. The US Congress literally does not represent you or me.
  30. The federal government hates you. Especially if you are white. 
  31. Multiple federal court rulings have declared that the first amendment does not protect any speech that is insulting, especially towards a government agent. 
  32. Right now, even policies that you think are set by state lawmakers are really controlled by the feds via extortion. 
  33. If the thought of Pelosi’s Capitol Police Force growing worries you …. You might support NH independence from DC. 
  34. If you would rather have your highway taxes spent on highways … You might be a NHexiter.
  35. Do you think that Facebook and Twitter are too powerful and too damaging to liberty? Federal law grants them effective immunity from lawsuits while also granting them the power to manipulate content. They get to act as both a publisher and a platform, whichever suits them at the moment. 
  36. If you support sound, free-market money like gold and silver (and crypto) ….You already support NHexit. It’s only a matter of time before the feds ban them.
  37. If you are afraid that Donald Trump might become President again …. You just might be a NHexiter.
  38. If you are afraid that Kamala Harris might become President…. You just might be a NHexiter.
  39. If you think that Title IX is a major reason that free speech and due process in colleges were destroyed, you support NHexit.
  40. If you believe that boys should not have a free pass to the girls’ bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers, you support NH independence. 
  41. If you can’t count the billions of federal laws….you might support independence.
  42. The FDA hurts and kills patients by stifling innovation and preventing people from using medications until the FDA spends decades of time and billions of dollars approving them.
  43. Cutting ties with DC would immediately and drastically cut prices and improve the availability of drugs like epinephrine, insulin, loperamide, and many others. 
  44. DC politicians use the federal department of education to brainwash your children to hate freedom. Once we are independent, that goes away.
  45. The federal government believes that showing online ads to specific cohorts is a crime.
  46. If you are not comfortable with the REAL ID becoming a dystopian federal identification card, you might be an NHexit supporter.  
  47. Support in Congress for a magazine ban is getting very close to a majority. In a few years, your magazines will be federally illegal. 
  48. Once HR127 passes Congress, every firearm will be effectively illegal. Hope you’re ready to turn in your guns to the feds! You are a patriot and not a criminal, so you’d never violate federal law, right? 
  49. It is very likely that Congress (or federal regulators) ban armor plates for all civilians very soon. Hope you’re ready to turn in your plates!
  50. Even the best ‘conservatives’ in DC are working with Bloomberg to take away your guns.
  51. Technically speaking…the federal government should not exist anymore. 
  52. Federal judges have ruled that police have no legal obligation to protect you. 
  53. The federal government thinks it can take your property by force, as long as it plans to use the property for anything that could benefit the government, including giving your property to companies like Pfizer. Without DC, states and localities have no power of eminent domain (AKA theft of property).
  54. Federal politicians from Biden to McConnell and everyone in between consistently sell us out to oligarchs like Putin and Xi to enrich themselves. 
  55. We can’t take power back from Congress, even with a Convention of States.
  56. The DC politicians incentivize single motherhood and discourage employment. 
  57. If you don’t believe that global warming is the biggest threat to our lives, you should not be in the same union as DC, the federal government, and the other states. 
  58. If you don’t appreciate being spied on by the NSA and other creepy DC agents and politicians, you should consider divorcing them. 
  59. If you don’t want to support the Taliban by providing them with money and military weapons and helicopters, you should leave the union and stop paying federal taxes. 
  60. The federal government considers people guilty until proven innocent – the opposite of how it was supposed to be. Peaceful protesters have been receiving punishments in prison for months despite never being convicted. If you support due process, you support NHexit.
  61. The federal TSA regularly violates our natural rights, despite literally missing 95% of actual threats. 
  62. DC politicians maintain a horrifically managed ‘no-fly list’, which mistakenly puts many people (including babies) onto the list, preventing them from flying. It’s also nearly impossible to get off of the list. 
  63. Conservatives from Candace Owens to Matt Walsh have spoken in support of state independence from DC. 
  64. Federal government leaders believe that if you don’t wear all the masks they recommend and if you don’t get all of the vaccines they recommend, you are just like the Taliban suicide bombers. 
  65. DC politicians prohibit beneficial pipelines that would have been amazing for our national security and economy while simultaneously supporting pipelines for nations that are hostile to us. 
  66. Who is arming the violent Mexican drug cartels? Federal agents from DC!
  67. The federal government has kidnapped innocent Japanese people and put them in concentration camps. New Hampshire has never done that. And they couldn’t ever do that. Because we all have lots of guns. 
  68. The US government banned firearms and ammunition from Russia. New Hampshire would never do that.
  69. The US government puts many kids in cages at the border. New Hampshire would handle immigration in a much more sensible and humane way. 
  70. Things will literally never change for the better. Even with Trump in the White House and Republicans controlling Congress and the SCOTUS, freedom only diminished and tyranny continued to grow.
  71. New Hampshire citizens are the hardest workers and earn the most money, which is demonstrated by our continent-leading median household income. We don’t need DC politicians to be wealthy.
  72. New Hampshire is the freest state. Nearly all of our issues are caused by federal laws. Once we are independent, we will be almost 100% free to live as we please!
  73. New Hampshire is the safest state. We don’t need DC or other states bringing violence to our peaceful paradise. 
  74. Half of the people in the united states believe that Biden was legitimately elected and that Republicans are all traitors, while the other half believes that Biden lost the election and progressives are traitors. How could one country be united if its people hate each other so much? 
  75. The DC politicians now feel so entitled to infinite power that they essentially ban medications that could help treat COVID, such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin. 
  76. DC politicians are so arrogant that they no longer feel the need to pass legislation in Congress; they now use executive orders to pass new laws, including the most recent one forcing all private companies in the united states with over 100 employees to vaccinate their employees or test them for COVID weekly. This will affect 80 million employees. If you don’t want DC sociopaths coming between you and your employer (or you and your doctor), you support independence. 
  77. When conservative states began having success treating COVID with monoclonal antibodies Biden and DC politicians began to BLOCK the life-saving treatments from getting to pro-freedom anti-Biden states like Alabama and Florida, potentially causing people to die.
  78. DC politicians have made it clear that they will continue to prioritize foreign nationals and illegal immigrants over American citizens like you and me.
  79. On the other hand, DC politicians have made it very clear that Cuban immigrants are not welcome here (because they tend to vote for freedom and against communism). 
  80. The Biden IRS is now going to monitor every bank account with over $600 in it so that they can tax all people who make any money in any way. Those who receive more than $600 in PayPal transactions in a year will also be subject to taxation, according to experts. Peaceful separation solves this IRS issue because the IRS would no longer have any jurisdiction over us. 
  81. When NH adopted federal food laws, it made selling mushrooms illegal, among many other prohibitions. Now, the only way to make it legal for anyone in NH to sell mushrooms is to create more regulation requiring ‘licenses’, which is somewhat counterproductive. The only other way to make mushrooms legal in NH would be to sever ties with DC. 
  82. Dictator Biden nominated an actual Soviet communist to be the comptroller of the currency. If you don’t want your country’s financial system to be run by an avowed communist, you support separation from DC.  
  83. On 10/8/21, the preliminary deal on a GLOBAL tax on businesses was officially agreed to. A total of 136 countries have signed onto the measure, guaranteeing that they will work together to stomp out businesses seeking to evade taxes by implementing at least a 15% tax on them, no matter where they come from. Once New Hampshire becomes a self-governing state, its low (or absent) tax on business could attract so much business to the state that it could cause the biggest economic boom in world history. 
  84. Dictator Biden’s OSHA implemented a vaccine mandate for nearly every worker in the united states. It is extremely unlikely that an individual could beat this in federal courts or via federal legislation. Separating from the union is actually the more practical way to nullify this mandate. 
  85. A federal law to require all new cars to have passive drunk-driving monitoring technology is about to go into effect, making all cars in the united states more expensive and much more intrusive. The law does not specify, but the new technology may be tantamount to perpetual breathalyzers and/or eye monitoring in every car. 
  86. The medical system and all medical institutions in the united states are becoming increasingly racist towards whites, and it all starts with DC politicians. 
  87. The Supreme Court is composed of 9 judges. The SCOTUS is perhaps the most powerful entity in the united states now. These nine judges are either evil or mentally retarded. They certainly do not believe in freedom. Is that who you want to be ruled by?
  88. The US House of Representatives passed legislation that would take over control of elections, taking the power that always resided with the states and granting it to DC politicians. Among the many measures in the legislative package was a law that prohibited any election in the united states from requiring ID in order to vote. New Hampshire citizens who would like to retain their voter ID law must either support secession or give up voter ID forever once this federal law passes. 
  89. DC politicians just passed a law mandating that all vehicles made after 2026 be equipped with perpetual monitoring systems to detect ‘impaired driving’. The vehicles must also have ‘kill switches’ that allow cops to turn them off at any moment. If you don’t like this policy, secession is the only solution. 
  90. In the summer of 2022, federal government will begin to require facial recognition/uploading pictures of your face in order to access tax/ documents on the IRS website.
  91. The President announced that the next US Supreme Court Judge he nominates will be a black woman. Upon joining the court, she will likely hear a massively important case involving ‘affirmative action’.
  92. DC politicians are literally stealing our organs. In 2021, a policy change at UNOS essentially caused nearly all organs from donors in New Hampshire to be sent to NYC, CT, and MA, harming New Hampshire’s patients who desperately need organs to live. DC is viciously fighting NH legislation that would allow Granite Staters to state their preference that their neighbors be granted priority over foreigners if they pass away with viable organs. 
  93. The brilliant experts in DC are using $30,000,000 in taxpayer funds to give out drug paraphernalia, including crack pipes, to drug users. The statement from the DC politicians specifically mentioned that they are being distributed primarily to minorities and that they are to be used for illegal drugs. 
  94. Our Lords in DC believe that they must force New Hampshire to build more housing projects so that our state could look more like the Bronx.  
  95. Our brilliant Lords in DC are destroying our savings and devaluing our salaries by printing so much money that annual inflation is now at a frightening 9.1% annual rate.
  96. DC politicians have been forcing you and me to pay for dangerous bioweapons labs in Ukraine for years. 
  97. Your federal tax dollars are being used to pay Tik Tok influencers to create and promote propaganda approved by Dictator Biden. If you don’t want to be forced to fund such endeavors, you may want to consider secession. 
  98. If you don’t enjoy paying $6 billion for the annual NIAID budget doled out by Anthony Fauci to fund foreign bioweapons labs and development and approval of ludicrously expensive patented pharmaceuticals and suppress use of cheap off-patent drug, you should consider supporting a vote of NH residents to leave the union.
  99. The federal government violates free speech in numerous ways. Leaving their jurisdiction solves these issues and restores freedom of speech, expression, press, association, and worship. 
  100. The federal government is increasingly racist. Most recently, Dictator Biden nominated a black woman to be a judge on the highest court because of her gender and skin color. Ironically, she will likely soon be ruling on an affirmative action case. 


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NHexit Debate – Full Video

NHexit.US - Tue, 2021-11-09 17:18 +0000

Recently, Alu “Elliot” Axelman took on Zach Hampl in a debate on whether New Hampshire should peacefully exit the United States. It took place at the SHELL liberty club on the Seacoast and Axelman – who was advocating NHexit – crushed Hampl in the debate. The audience overwhelmingly voted in favor of Axelman as the winner.

Though Hampl supposedly actually believes in keeping the union together, his defense of the Empire was floundering and unpersuasive with rambling answers. His perspective basically boiled down to some kind of affirmation of the good of the American people while acknowledging the federal government is not good, yet somehow he believes that can somehow be changed, despite generations of effort proving otherwise. That and fearmongering about federal military invasion.

You can watch the whole hour-long debate here on Odysee:

Pro-Independence Speech Given at Concord, NH Freedom Rally + Radio Interview in Salt Lake City, UT

NHexit.US - Sat, 2021-11-06 18:52 +0000

This morning the new President of the Foundation for NH Independence, Alu “Elliot” Axelman, gave a speech at the freedom rally at the state house in Concord, NH. Axelman is also an author and the founder of, a blog that has risen to prominence here in New Hampshire. You can see his full speech here:

In other media coverage of #NHexit, earlier this week NH-based, nationally syndicated talk show host Ian Freeman appeared for an hour on “Path to State Sovereignty” on K-TALK 1640 to discuss NH Independence:

Free Talk Live · FTL's Ian Interviewed on "Path to State Sovereignty" on KTALK 1640

68% of NH Voters: Nation on Wrong Track – Scientific Poll

NHexit.US - Fri, 2021-10-29 19:40 +0000
Graphic Source: WMUR

In a scientific poll conducted by St. Anselm College this month, 68% of 1,323 New Hampshire registered voters said that they believe the country is on the wrong track. Only 21% said it was on the right track, which leaves 11% saying they have no opinion. While this question isn’t specifically about New Hampshire independence, it does suggest a ripe atmosphere for NH voters to accept and seriously consider the proposed constitutional amendment. After all, if it makes it to the ballot in 2022, it will pass with 67% – 2/3rds – of the vote.

The demographic breakdowns are more interesting. More younger voters are dissatisfied than older voters, with 73% of 18-34 year olds and 70% of 35-54 year olds saying “wrong track” compared to 67% of 55-64 and 63% of 65+. This falls in line with other polls specifically about secession, showing younger people are more favorable toward the idea.

Among the political parties, 95% of voters who identified as republicans said “wrong track” as did 74% of undeclared voters. Undeclared voters are the plurality of New Hampshire voters and they are the ones who decide every election. Even 35% of democrats answered “wrong track”, as did 39% of those who self-described as “very liberal”.

75% of those living in the North Country and Lakes Region said “wrong track”, with the other regions around 66-67%. Also, the more “educated” a voter was, the less likely they were to say “wrong track”: 76% of those with a high school-or-less education level, 72% some college, 67% college graduate, 58% graduate school. You can read the full poll results here.

It’s also worth pointing out the poll was only conducted among registered voters and presumably there are some unregistered voters who might get excited enough about the possibility of independence to register to vote, though the percentage of registered voters to general population of New Hampshire is very high.

There has been a lot of buzz about the proposed constitutional amendment, with loyalists to the Empire already writing letters to various newspapers attacking independence. However, the amendment has yet to be assigned a number and has yet to really receive any mainstream media attention as a result, since its difficult at this point to refer to it. Expect to see increasing coverage, interest, and discussion as the months approach the inevitable public hearing in front of a state house committee in early 2022. All bills in New Hampshire must have a public hearing, and this one could be very well attended. This is a conversation whose time has come and people are primed to receive the ideas of independence and an NHexit.

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