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Some Much-Needed Inspiration and Motivation from Jordan Peterson

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 21:00 +0000


Sometimes you want to feel like things will be better, but part of that involves seeing where you are and planning to be better, even if it’s just a little bit at a time. And success, in whatever form, is what you make of it, not someone else.

That is the wisdom imparted by Jordan Peterson. That, and a great deal more. And it may not all ring true to you or for you, but I think there’s something in here for everyone.

Let me know if you agree (or disagree).


This video is 8 min and 41 seconds long.

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Trans Satanist She-Male to Mayoral Competitor Facing Stalking Allegations: “you’re a creep”

Free Keene - Fri, 2021-10-01 20:14 +0000

Aria DiMezzo to Mark Zuchowski: “you’re a creep”.

Normally, the Keene mayoral primary is pretty uneventful. This year, however, according to the Keene Sentinel, a major bombshell just dropped regarding one of the three candidates, 66-year-old Mark J. Zuchowski, a newcomer to Keene politics.

Zuchowski has been accused of stalking by city clerk office worker Heather Fitz-Simon. Though Zuchowski hasn’t been charged criminally in the matter, he has been no-trespassed from Fitz-Simon’s home and is facing a hearing on a stalking petition brought by Fitz-Simon on October 6th at 2:30pm in Cheshire Superior Court. According to the Sentinel story, Zuchowski spent inordinate time hanging around the city clerk’s office, rambling about his dead mother and shaking a seltzer bottle, then explaining to Fitz-Simon his habit of creepily watching a young woman who works near his home. Zuchowski allegedly emailed city staff about his observation of the woman, explaining he’s watching her daily to make sure she is able to get inside her workplace safely. He emailed Fitz-Simon inviting her – a married woman – out on a date, later claiming it was only to discuss his campaign.

If all Zuchowski did was make a awkward pass at a city employee, that wouldn’t be so bad. However he then showed up at Fitz-Simon’s house, blocked the driveway with his car, took photos of the home, and rung the doorbell, allegedly multiple times. When police were called, he was given a no-trespass order and still didn’t leave immediately. He tried to claim he was just looking to see if Fitz-Simon had received his email invite, bizarrely excusing his photographing the home by explaining he thought he’d been there before while apartment hunting in the past. He claims he wanted to give her a small pumpkin and a note complimenting her appearance and reiterating his invite to an antiques show.

Obviously, there are two sides to every story, but I can personally confirm the dude is weird. When I was filing to run for at-large city council in early September, Zuchowski was in the clerk’s office being overly-friendly with the city staff. He was acting like he belonged there. Since he’s relatively new to town, I only know it was him because he introduced himself to another person who happened to walk into the office at the same time. At the moment, I chalked his behavior up to being a little-too-enthusiastic about being the next mayor, though he did strike me as odd at the time.

Mark J Zuchowski, Alleged Creep

Plus, check out the rambling twenty-four page bio he submitted to the city clerk’s office regarding his campaign for mayor of Keene. On just the first page he explains he feels like he has a father-and-son relationship with current mayor George Hansel and excoriates Hansel for attending protests last summer during the governor’s “stay at home” order, then uses math formulas to calculate how protestors violated social distancing. Apparently, Zuchowski was an engineer prior to retiring to Keene from his original home in Massachusetts. He worked for defense contractors developing weapons for the military to murder innocents around the world, yet claims to be a lifelong Christian.

This year’s mayoral candidates are Zuchowski, incumbent mayor George Hansel, and trans Satanist anarchist she-male Aria DiMezzo. Last year, DiMezzo made headlines nationwide in a viral explosion of news coverage for her defeat of the longtime Republican candidate-for-sheriff in the primary, though she ultimately lost in the general election to the incumbent Democrat sheriff.

In a post responding to the news about Zuchowski, DiMezzo said, “Look, when you’ve made someone uncomfortable, you should notice that, and stop making them uncomfortable. The only misunderstanding here is that you’re a creep who is creepily creeping on some chick, and you refuse to recognize that. Stop being a creep.” Zuchowski claims the whole situation is a misunderstanding. The primary election is this Tuesday, October 5th. One of the three candidates will be eliminated Tuesday and two move on to the November 2nd general election.

Please come out Tuesday and vote for Aria DiMezzo. Polling place information is here on the City website. You can register to vote at the polls if you aren’t registered yet. Remember voting in a primary means your vote counts even more than normal, since almost no one ever bothers. You can get more information about Aria at the Reformed Satanic Church blog, of which she is the High Priestess and her official campaign website,

J.P. Sears – What is CRT (Critical Race Theory)?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 19:30 +0000

“Critical Race Theory is a movement that seeks to bring about racial unity by creating more racial division”

“Racism is present in ALL interactions.

Huh?  Is this the same kind of “unity” that Biden promised during his campaign and in the first day of his Presidency?  How’s that worked out so far for us all?  And yes, Sears is right to point out in that second quote the ridiculous notion that by setting people against each simply based on the topmost 1/1″ of their body’s immutable characteristic of melanin content is both a fool’s errand, a dufus outlook on life, and a totalitarian technique.

You need a break today – it’s Friday. Take 10 minutes to smile a little!

(H/T: Powerline)

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Here’s Our Message to the Executive Council Following Wednesday’s Meeting

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 18:00 +0000

This is the letter we emailed this evening to the Executive Council following their postponement of the vote on $27 million in grant monies on Wednesday. We expect them to vote on the matter on Wednesday, Oct. 13 at their 10 a.m. meeting, and we would suggest that you use our language as an example and send your own message to the councilors.

Here’s our letter:

Dear Councilors:

We are writing as the executive board of RebuildNH to urge your rejection of the combined $27 million in grants for the purpose of propaganda and implementation of the COVID-19 vaccination system and the vaccination registry. Accepting these funds would force New Hampshire to comply with the following untenable requirements as stated in the contract:

    • “Comply with existing and/or future directives and guidance from the Secretary regarding control of the spread of Covid-19,”
    • “In consultation and coordination with HHS, provide commensurate with the condition of the individual COVID-19 patient care regardless of the individual’s home jurisdiction and/or appropriate public health measures (e.g., social distancing, home isolation); and,”
    • “Assist the U.S. Government in the implementation and enforcement of federal orders related to quarantine and isolation.”
    • “Further, consistent with the full scope of applicable grant regulations … the recipient is expected to provide to CDC copies of and/or access to COVID-19 data collected with these funds, including but not limited to data related to COVID-19 testing. CDC will specify in further guidance and directives what is encompassed by this requirement.”

According to the very clear language in these terms, any reasonable person can see that accepting this money cedes Constitutional state authority to the U.S. Health and Human Services Department. Not only that, the terms of this contract violate Part 1, Article 2B of the N.H. Constitution, which protects the privacy rights of N.H. residents, including their private medical information.

Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases for consideration
to Submission is not a guarantee of publication.

It is critical for you to understand that New Hampshire cannot commit to a contract in which the state will not keep the terms and conditions and violates the state’s own state Constitution. If there are contracts in force that already commit us to these terms and we have no intention of abiding by them and in fact have already broken them, we must reverse course. Anything less is dishonest, fraudulent, and unlawful.

While we understand that other states may have accepted this contract, it is important to note that we do not have to be like other states. Our autonomy is important, and our freedom is critical. Our state is in a great position to set an example of how a hands-off government creates better outcomes for free adults who make their own informed choices.

We expected you to vote these items down at your meeting on Sept. 29, and were disappointed that you did not have that opportunity. We insist that you vote these grants down at your next meeting without hesitation.


Andrew J. Manuse, chairman
Melissa Blasek, executive director
JR Hoell, secretary/treasurer
Carolyn McKinney, grassroots coordinator
Leah Cushman, board member
Thomas McLeod, board member

P.O. Box 7
East Derry, NH 03041

Links to contracts in question:

  • #9B
  • #9D

EMAIL the EC and tell them to vote NO on #9B and #9D. Please copy and paste these email addresses into the “to” field in your email client. The links below do not work for some recipients:

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So, NH Governor Believes the $27 Million “Strings Attached” Legal Agreement Text “Doesn’t Hold Water”?? Try Changing Your Mortgage with That Thinking

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 16:30 +0000

Given that his alleged run for US Senate is going to be way late out of the blocks and his poll numbers are on a slide second only to Biden’s, Chris Sununu….“this is not a good look for someone that NEEDS NH Conservatarians to vote for him.

 It’s one thing to ignore us in a Primary – that won’t fly in a general election in what may well be one of the most contested (and expensive) political races in the country in 2022:

Wheeler said he objected to contract language that would commit New Hampshire to “assist the United States government in the implementation and enforcement of federal orders related to quarantine and isolation.”

He read that to mean that by taking the federal money, New Hampshire officials would have to enforce any future vaccine mandates from the Biden administration.


Sidenote: Given his waffling about when his decision to run will come, he’s starting to sound like his older bruddah John E Sununu whom I took to task for being lackadaisical in starting up his campaign as an incumbent while Jeanne Shaheen had been doing so for months. She cleaned his clock.

Is Sununu about to get his polished as Maggie “The Red” Hassan already has had TV ads up aimed at changing her persona – such that looking into her mirror, the Wick Witch of the West is no longer staring back at her? At least in the voter’s eyes? Why are ALL of the NH Democrat Federal Delegation polishing themselves as kindly Grandmas? Including you know who that can’t be?


Anyway, once again, here’s the clear black and white letter language of A LEGAL DOCUMENT which needs to be SIGNED to get that $27 million. There are LEGAL conditions in order to get that – that’s why they exist. It isn’t a matter of the NH Treasurer Monica Mezzapelle waking up one day and starts scratching her head going “er, where’d THAT $27M come from in our checking account?”

Legal agreements are covenants. You do this, we do that:



I’ve already brought this up twice: here and here where I asked “Will Republican Gov. Chris Sununu Sell out NH’s Sovereignty for a Bucket of Biden Bucks?” I generally try to take people at their word no matter how stupid they sound. And right now, our MIT trained Chief Executive is sounding mighty stupid, fer sure:

Sununu said those fears aren’t well-grounded, calling it “boilerplate language” and the state can still make its own decisions regarding vaccines.

“It’s incredibly vague … it really doesn’t hold water and doesn’t infringe on state sovereignty,” Sununu said.

Stick to your degree’s forte, environment, and running your snow operation at Waterville because THAT snow job ain’t flying at all. We’re not stupid – it says what it says and if you sign this, NH will be on the hook for this. And about this next thing?

Attorney General John Formella is putting together a written opinion to assure councilors the language doesn’t bind state actions, Sununu said.

So, he thinks that the Exec. Councilors are ALSO willing to put themselves at risk for this with their voters?


And I’ve been watching School Board lawyers for a while – the above contortion would give him entry into that SB legal clown circus any day. Everyone, however, has a Day of Accounting and some of the SB lawyers will be facing a tune of their own. I can’t wait to see Formella and Sununu get the “General Flynn” treatment.

The same language was in the state’s acceptance of the American Rescue Plan Act dollars, which also advised states they couldn’t take the federal COVID-19 dollars and then cut state taxes.

“We told the federal government to pound sand,” said Sununu, noting the state budget he signed cut state taxes on businesses, the sale of restaurant meals and hotel rooms, and interest and dividends.

There’s a difference between legal agreements and enforcement thereof (see our Southern Border lately) and when such legal agreements ARE enforced (like Westchester County, NY in their Obama’s Fair Housing / Agenda 21 “issue” a few years ago that meant the county had to keep spending and spending and spending because of a “legal agreement”). Which, I may add, the Sununu Administration effectively imported NY here into NH.

Sununu may be saying “pound sand” but he’s holding his breath that the Biden Administration’s Obama retreads don’t turn to each other with a smile and “here, hold my beer” on their lips.

Legal agreements matter – Sununu knows that but his “posing for the camera” won’t matter when those retreads come back to retrieve their beers after making NH a vassal state.


(H/T: Union Leader)

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Sen. Lizard Warren Hisses at Amazon for Daring to Sell a Book She Does Not Like.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 15:00 +0000

Democrat Senator Lizard Warren (Marxachusetts) has sent a chilling message to the world’s leading online retailer. “This pattern and practice of misbehavior suggests that Amazon is either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products.”

The Lizard is upset. Amazon has a book available titled “The Truth About COVID19.” She is accusing them (for the second time in six months!) of misleading consumers and peddling false information. She uses the weight of her office and that of the Federal government to intimidate Amazon into using its Algorithms to filter content to meet her demands.

That fits nicely with my earlier piece published just 90 minutes earlier. “What makes you think that a government with the power to inject chemicals into you because it says they do this or that (for whatever reason they can imagine) will stop there ?”

They won’t nad here is Lizard Warren to prove it.

What’s the recipe for resolution here, Liz? In the interests of consumer protection, are you asking Amazon to retain a board of censors approved by whom, you? Or are you suggesting that your office pre-screen millions of proposed offerings each month and tell Amazon which they can and can not offer to the public?

Here’s the Liz-Letter, if you want to feel the power of creeping despotism. It seeps from almost every line. Just make sure you grasp the length and depth of the potential for abuse inherent in Shaman Warren preaches.


“This pattern and practice of misbehavior suggests that Amazon is either unwilling or unable to modify its business practices to prevent the spread of falsehoods or the sale of inappropriate products.”


It’s not just about a book that challenges the government’s line on COVID or its treatment. She is proposing – and this is not new for Lizard Warren – using the notion of consumer protection at the federal level to control access to products and information. It’s fascism, a government that does not “own” the property but has nearly complete control over what it produces and ultimately how it does business (along with the creeping abuses of determining who it can hire, retain, and even serve in the interest of public health).

Always understand that failure to comply may result in the Feds giving you or your business an IRS/FBI/EPA/ ETC., enema. Care or be made to care.

It undergirds the intolerance of vaccine choice. The cultural or socio-political desanguination of natural rights is followed, inevitably by exsanguination (social then corporeal).

We talk a good deal about public schools replacing you as the parents of your children. This is the government treating you as children in perpetuity.

You gave them the nod when you caved on the COVID mandates and lockdowns. They’re not about to take their foot off the gas until they’ve crashed the country and left it wrecked and burning in a ditch with all of us belted into the backseat.

It is proxy censorship, and it’s not just coming from Warren. The Democrat Party is on board with the idea of a Corporatist Oligarchy that dances to the government’s tune. Which, by the way, is a standard description used by Marxist-Lenninsts, for fascism. Control of production without ownership.

And I know she is not banning a book, but if you get the retailer to willingly make it difficult or impossible to find out of fear of government retribution, what exactly is the difference?

There isn’t one.


| ZeroHedge

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New York State Tells “Frontline” Workers, No Jab? – No Job, AND No Unemployment Benefits

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 13:30 +0000

Those advocating mandatory vaccination are the problem. These people are dangerous. Yes, because they want you to introduce a chemical into your body you do not want but more so because they want the government to have the power to do it or wreck your life if you refuse.

As if it will stop at this.

I’m confident we’ve covered this before, but it keeps nagging at me. A narrative of sorts for folks who think the government would never mismanage this authority, not that THIS is not already that.

What makes you think that a government with the power to inject chemicals into you because it says they do this or that (for whatever reason they can imagine) will stop there – even if they did what it says?

It’s a simple problem with a simple answer. It won’t and sooner than you think you won’t like it.

Take New York State.

The State of New York has announced that you may not be eligible for unemployment benefits if you are fired for refusing to take a COVID19 vaccine.


Employees at New York state hospitals, adult care, and long-term care facilities who are fired or quit because they don’t want to follow the state’s vaccine mandate for health-care workers won’t be allowed to collect unemployment benefits in most cases.

“Absent a valid request for accommodation,” these workers won’t be able to collect unemployment benefits “because these are workplaces where an employer has a compelling interest in such a mandate, especially if they already require other immunizations,” according to the New York Department of Labor website.


“The State” is denying you bodily autonomy, terminating your employment, and denying you any means of financial support while you are jobless. You’d get significantly better treatment as an untested, unvaccinated, non-English speaking illegal alien in the Empire state than as a frontline first responder with a conscientious objection to forced inoculation.

Hey first responders and frontline workers and health care professionals, we love you take the damn shot or f**k off.

Wait, are you going to hijack their pension benefits too? How about Social Security, is that gone as well?

Are they going to make you wear yellow next, so everyone knows what you are? A Dhimmie, untouchable, outcast, unclean!

They turn on you quick, don’t they – and during a “public health” emergency.

There’s no COVID emergency. Well, not healthcare-related. We publish the numbers often. The Lady at most significant risk is Liberty. She’s tied down to a table, struggling to break free, but people keep piling on top of her to hold her down so they can take a hypodermic filled with tyranny and jab it into her arm.

It makes no difference what’s in it.

The act itself is the death of a once-great nation. Once encouraged, the State will never stop, and you will be powerless to prevent it.


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When the U.S. Secretary of Education Spreads False Information on Masks

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 12:00 +0000

I’ll let the expert speak for herself:



Now let’s hear more from an EXPERT:





I do not have her credentials, education, or skill set. Neither do your school board members, administrators, or social media warriors.

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Vote Would Make Masks Optional and the School Board Wouldn’t Be Able to Change That.

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 10:30 +0000

The town of Moultonborough has called a special town meeting to vote on a petition warrant article for the School District (SAU45) – and the School Board is pissed. If it passes they lose any authority to mandate masks in the school district.

Local residents gathered signatures to put the warrant forward and called for a special meeting to vote on it. Eligible voters must appear at the meeting to vote.

Passage would make masking a matter of choice. Parents and students who want to mask up can. Those that do not for any reason from medical to disabilities to personal choice do not.

And the school board, which opposes this Warrant Article (5-0) can never force a kid to wear a mask.


They do not want this so get yourselves organized and be sure to be at this meeting so you can vote to protect bodily integrity and the right to choose.

Here’s the official notice.

Moultonborough 10 13 21 Signed Warrant Articel - Masks optional

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Supreme Court Decides to Hear Camp Constitution’s Christian Flag Lawsuit

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 01:30 +0000

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court granted Liberty Counsel’s cert petition and will hear the case regarding the censorship of the Christian flag in Boston. The High Court will likely hear oral arguments early next year, with a decision expected by June 2022.

Although the city of Boston created a public forum for private speakers to raise a flag on one of its poles temporarily and never censored any of the prior 284 applications, it censored the Camp Constitution’s flag during its Constitution Day event because the application referred to it as a “Christian flag.”

Camp Constitution wanted to highlight the Christian Founders during the Constitution Day event. Without seeing the flag, Boston censored it solely because of the word “Christian” on the application. Boston took the position that it was permitted to censor the flag because it controlled the flag poles, so it was government and not private speech.

The lower court and the Court of appeals ruled twice in favor of Boston. This case will resolve the issue of government versus private speech.

Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit on behalf of Boston resident Hal Shurtleff and his Christian civic organization, Camp Constitution, arguing that the city of Boston had violated the First Amendment by censoring a private flag in a public forum merely because the application form referred to the flag as a “Christian flag.”

We want to thank Camp Constitution for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you want us to consider, please submit it to

Boston censored the religious viewpoint of Camp Constitution’s flag, which was to be raised for about an hour on September 17 in observance of Constitution Day, while supporters gathered around the flagpole. The flag was part of the ceremony to honor the Constitution and recognize the Christian Founders.

Never has Boston censored any flag until the Camp Constitution’s flag, which is white with a blue square in the upper corner and a red cross. The flag contains no writing. Under oath, the city official testified the flag would have been approved if the application did not refer to it as a “Christian flag.”

The word “Christian” on the application alone triggered the censorship. The official said he had never heard of a “Christian flag” until Camp Constitution’s application. Therefore, his testimony revealed that if Camp Constitution had not referred to the flag on the application with the word “Christian,” it would not have been censored.

The city refers to its flagpole as a “public forum” and allows private organizations to raise their flags on the flagpole temporarily. The city of Boston’s website even states the goals for flag-raising events include, “We commemorate flags from many countries and communities at Boston City Hall Plaza. We want to create an environment in the city where everyone feels included.”

The city has even attempted to argue its flagpoles are used for private flag raisings only “15% of the time.” However, since the city has designated it as a “public forum,” this argument is useless since the city’s documented “public forums for all applicants” policy has resulted in a 100 percent approval rate, or 284 flag raisings by private organizations over twelve years, except for the Christian flag.

Other flags raised on the city’s flagpole include the Turkish flag (which depicts the Islamic star and crescent) and the Portuguese flag (which uses religious imagery). City officials have also never denied the “messages” communicated by the “Chinese Progressive Association,” the rainbow flag of Boston Pride, and a “transgender” pink and blue flag.

The flags of private community groups include Albania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Italy, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Communist China and Cuba. No flag was denied until the city rejected the flag of Camp Constitution.

Shurtleff and Camp Constitution first asked the city in 2017 for a permit to raise the Christian flag on Boston City Hall flagpoles to commemorate Constitution Day (September 17) and the civic and cultural contributions of the Christian community to the city of Boston, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, religious tolerance, the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution.

The First Circuit Court of Appeals sided with the city of Boston, finding that the flags were government speech. The Court wrongly accepted the city’s argument that the Establishment Clause justified its censorship. However, (1) the application form designates the flag pole as a “public forum” open for private speech; (2) the city never censored a flag in the 12 years before Camp Constitution’s application; (3) the city approved 39 flags (averaging over three per month) in the year prior to Camp Constitution’s application; and (4) the flags of the foreign countries could not be government speech because under state law it is a crime to raise the flag of a foreign country on city property.

Liberty Counsel’s Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, “We look forward to the U.S. Supreme Court hearing Boston’s unconstitutional discrimination against Camp Constitution’s Christian viewpoint. The city cannot deny the Christian flag because it is ‘Christian’ and allow every other flag to fly on its flagpoles. There is a crucial difference between government endorsement of religion and private speech, which the government is bound to respect. Censoring religious viewpoints in a public forum where secular viewpoints are permitted is unconstitutional, and this case will set a national precedent.”


| Camp Constitution

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Books Promoting Pedophilia Found on the Shelves of a Public School Library

Granite Grok - Fri, 2021-10-01 00:00 +0000

No one wants to believe that normalizing pedophilia is a goal of the Gender-benders. It is. It always was. And it’s here. It may even be on a shelf in your public school library.


Holding up copies of “Lawn Boy” by Jonathan Evison and “Gender Queer: A Memoir” by Maia Kobabe — both of which [Virgina mom Stacy] Langton said she checked out from the school’s library — she told the board that “both of these books include pedophilia, sex between men and boys. … One book describes a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male. The other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy.”


Pedophilia is (still) illegal, but older gay men are notorious for pursuing younger flesh. Obama buddy and significant Dem donor Terry Bean has been in and out of trouble over his obsession with underage males for years. He’s not alone. Grooming is common, and the culture is open to the practice (apparently) in our taxpayer-funded public schools.

The question now has to be, are these books in your public school library, and what will it take to find out and do something about that?

There will be pushback.

Related: Pedo-Incrementalism: Gov. Signs Law Normalizing Adult Gay Sex with Children

In 2013 California Dems tried to hamstring the statute of limitations for sexual abuse cases in Public Schools (Not private) to protect teachers who had sexually abused students. A practice that far exceeds anything any priests ever did but rarely gets that sort of attention.

In 2020 California successfully softened the rules to protect child sex offenders.

California is the beacon of left-wing moonbattery. A leader in the decline of the culture and, I guess, the push toward normalizing pedophilia.

And there’s no shortage of stories about Dems and pedophilia. Jeffy Epstein was running a theme park for ruling class pedophilia. It’s not a secret, but yet it continues to go unpunished because they want it normalized.

Check your school’s libraries. If these books are in one, they are in others.


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Data Point – Is It That Teachers and Their Unions Are Driving This, at Least in Part?

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 22:30 +0000

Is it that teachers and their unions are driving this, and if so, will they drive this more or recognize that their behaviors need to be wound back?


Those are phenomenal growth rates in support in just over a year and the trend is continuing. Frankly, Education Freedom is good and should be seen as a higher value than “public schools.”

What might have been a public good when started, has become, given that public education is either failing or has turned away from its primary responsibility, a public detriment.

Oh, to be sure, there are those teachers and schools that still concentrate on academics but a sufficient number have shown the rest of us through watching our kids Zoom classrooms in-home or their utterances in the media have shown us how bad things have gotten.

(H/T: Powerline)

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Positive COVID Case Outcomes Pre-Vaccine (Last December) Compared to Post-Vaccine (Today!).

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 21:00 +0000

In early December 2020, pre-vaccine, people were losing their minds. We had a peak positive test COVID event in NH, so ‘Grok crunched the State’s data, and the news was actually quite good. But no one was reporting it.

Today is not much different.

The reporting focuses on fear and intimidation. Positive COVID outcomes in the data do not see the ‘mainstream’ light of day. And we’re here trying to lift the veil, this time with a twist.

We have the old data and the new, so can we see if the vaccine tyranny made things better? 

Let’s look at the public health outcomes before vaccination and then how things look post-vaccine hysteria.

The Old Fear

By mid-December 2020, the grim reapers in the media had been milking the positive case spike in the previous weeks for all the clicks and eyeballs they could. We looked at the data and said, well, take a look. (Here’s the relevant NH Covid Summary for this data.)


NH COVID 12-17-20 Survival Rate


We even waited a few more weeks ‘cuz they said so, and here’s where we were then. (covid case summary data).



Somehow, with no vaccine, your odds of being hospitalized or dying improved during peak positive COVID. Crazy, right. And yes, that trend continued, more or less, until we got the magic COVID juice that would allow a return to normal.

People lined up and what happened. Here’s the latest data from a few days ago.


NH Covid data chart 9-27-21 NH Covid data chart 9-27-21


Did you see that? Your odds of dying from COVID, while still obscenely small (except for those over 70), actually went up post-vaccine for every age group in NH except 0-19 (zero deaths, no change).

And these numbers do not include anyone who was hospitalized or died from the vaccine. A truth we tried to unearth here.



We found 3,018 reported adverse reactions in New Hampshire, 297 of them severe, with 55 vaccine-related deaths (so far). For what?

Nothing, probably, and while I still maintain there are few if any reasons to get The Jab, and plenty of safer, less invasive treatments, we will continue to leave that decision (either way) up to you.

But the data is not in its favor.



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Paging JFK…

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 19:30 +0000

I have watched many video clips of protests against Jab mandates globally, and see growing numbers of instances of police behaving like actual brownshirts, not the admirable men & women in blue that I’ve respected in the past – Australia being a most notable example, one video:

The use of force to resist Jab mandates and lockdowns and other Covidianism is being increasingly discussed in multiple venues I read.


I am also seeing this Solzhenitsyn quote more and more (bolding added):

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat.

Now, again and again I state I do not want to see violence.  I do not want to see politicians hunted.  I do not want to see police gunned down or ambushed.  I do not want to see power lines taken out, or roads sabotaged, or anything else that would cause massive damage and shortages and death, mostly in cities.  No, no, no.  I just want to be left alone.

But considering the near-obsessive push to force The Jab into every living person, with so many taking to the streets globally and being – not just ignored – but harassed, arrested, even jailed, it’s coming.  E.g., to get to President Post Turtle’s 98% they’ll have to use force.  There are only two reasons why I think that outright violence against government officials, who have names and addresses, is not being seen yet.

First, unlike the bolded part of Solzhenitsyn’s quote, most people still respect the police.  Most people still believe that we need police, local police are known to the community because they live there, and that most police and military are good people who have, as yet, not understood that Just following orders was and will not be a legitimate defense.  They, like everyone, are concerned with feeding their families.  But in the face of pictures like this it’s becoming harder to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Second, anyone getting angry understands that – unlike Solzhenitsyn’s situation where both leaders and enforcers were clearly understood to be bad people.  We still have faith that the police (and soldiers) we see doing these things are aberrations, not the norm.  So here’s another video, also from Australia which is looking more and more like a globalist dry run:


The above video from this post; If we come to this, flip the switch.


And that’s the third reason, to wit, people understand that once IT starts, it won’t stop until the Carthage solution has been applied to the Covidians and their globalist puppeteers.



No sane person wants violence.  I don’t.  But… we protest, and nothing changes.  We write letters to newspapers, we call in to talk shows, we petition our elected officials for redress of grievances, and nothing changes.  We vote harder and harder and even harderer, and nothing changes.  (And the Left cheats, and nobody bats an eye.)  The mandates are still on, the Jabs are being forced, and the coercion is being dialed to “11”, e.g., this example from Italy.  Doctors outright state people should be denied all medical care if they are not Jabbed:

(Source tweet)


Doctors are being taught psychological persuasion techniques to brainwash / gaslight people into accepting the Jab.  (Source: post by Surak.)

Overt deception is used, like a woman who thought she was getting the flu shot and was give the Jab instead (I can’t find the article – if I do I’ll update with the link, but consider that they had a COVID card all filled out and handed it to her right after telling her she needed to come in to get the second shot… so this was no accident).  As an aside, consider the righteous and correct anger at “stealthing”, in which a male secretly removes his c*ndom during s*x while the woman believes he’s still wearing it… an anger that is absolutely justified – and now cross-compare it to the idea that people are gleefully lying to push the Jab into people unknowingly.

Streets are filled in city after city across the world in protest of mandatory Jabs.  France:


More broadly, Europe:


And elsewhere.  And nothing changes.  These people are LOCKED on pushing this Jab into every living person.  They’re cultists, Jab missionaries.  And missionaries do not associate with infidels.

I fear – I dread – the day that people make the irreversible calculation that, channeling JFK, since peaceful action no longer results in anything changing, it will take violence to do so.  On that day, the politicians that give the orders and the police that have followed them will become targets.  Targets with names and addresses.  Nor – and may Hashem forgive me for saying this – will their families be immune.  They target our kids, that range turns hot both ways.



I hate-hate-hate saying this, I do not want to see this, but… at Nuremburg not only was “Just following orders” not accepted as an excuse to avoid a trip to the gallows for the soldiers, but it was also not an excuse for the medical people who pushed this, and for the media who propagandized to help advance the Fascists.

We hanged those people too.


When “spicy time” is over, and I mourn and weep that I believe it’s inevitable, it will be politicians.  And police.  And doctors and nurses.  And school boards.  And our Covidian neighbors.

I’m old school though; I don’t want hangings.  I want impalements.  I want to see forests of skeletons glistening in the sun as their gleaming bones serve as a reminder to the next ten generations that selling out to Big Pharma and the globalists – who also need their impalement appointments – carries a high price.  Because they’re willing to have you pay the ultimate price, by the billions, so they can depopulate the world (see the NWO conference video from 2015 at this post) and line their pockets doing it.  They want you impoverished, and then they want you dead.

I don’t want this.  I don’t want this.  I don’t want this.  But since they do, when it’s over, I want to look up into their lifeless eyes and wave, like this:



Featured image from AZQuotes; linked per their policy.


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After 15 Months Of Controlling Private Business, Sununu Says He Can’t Control Private Business

The Liberty Block - Thu, 2021-09-30 18:47 +0000

Throughout 2020 and part of 2021, Dictator Chris Sununu ruled over New Hampshire with the iron fist of a typical corona-fascist. In March of 2020, he shut out the legislature and assumed full control over the state. Over the next 15 months, he would go on to pass a multitude of laws without any input from the elected legislators. 

Among the 86 emergency orders that Sununu passed into law with a stroke of his pen were many brutal mandates that took over control of private businesses. Some of the most impactful orders included:

Emergency Order #4 prohibited landlords and rental businesses from evicting tenants, even if they did not pay their rent. 

Emergency Order #17 forced all non-essential businesses to shut down indefinitely. 

Emergency Order #65 seemingly authorized law enforcement agents to enter any property without a warrant or consent of the owner, as long as it was for a reason related to corona-fascism. “We’re going to have our enforcement teams out there”, said Sununu.

Emergency Order #74 mandated that all people wear a mask, with a few exceptions. 

In October of 2020, Dictator Sununu mandated that all restaurants begin contact tracing on all patrons. This forced restaurants to pay staff to violate their customers’ privacy by asking them to write their names and phone numbers on sheets that remained in public view. Sununu justified this by claiming that the information could be used to contact all of the customers who may have been exposed to COVID if they ever hear that a customer tested positive. We cannot find the actual emergency order number.

In June of 2021, after crushing the red-hot economy of New Hampshire, putting thousands of people out of work, and causing thousands of children to be needlessly abused with masks, isolation, and fear propaganda, Dictator Sununu ended the 15-month long ‘state of emergency’. This allowed the legislature to once again legislate. 

Late Tuesday night, in comments with citizens concerned about Sununu’s support for corona-fascism, the Dictator repeatedly told the exasperated commenters that he could not help them fight against the discrimination in workplaces because he does not have and should not have the power to do anything that could influence a private business, even if the private business was funded by and controlled by the government. The citizens wanted Sununu to commit to opposing vaccine passports and mask mandates by private businesses. 

Sununu told commenters that controlling a business would be ‘communist’, and distanced himself from that type of governance. Sununu claimed that the state has zero regulation on hospitals, although the state website indicates that they have tremendous amounts of them. He claimed that he would never tell a business what they can or cannot do. 

When China’s public-private partnership economy was mentioned, he suggested that one constituent moves to China to experience real communism. When asked what set the united states apart from China, Sununu repeatedly failed to answer. Screenshots are attached below.

The post After 15 Months Of Controlling Private Business, Sununu Says He Can’t Control Private Business appeared first on The Liberty Block.

The CDC Wants to Use Your Kids To Convince You to Get The Jab™

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 18:00 +0000

If ever there was a material representation of the Democrat Parties’ Unity and Civility ‘Let’s all get along’ Narrative, it is their obsession with 100% vaccination. Just Do It. Resistance is futile (The Borg) or Resistance is Useless (The Vogons). In other words our way or no highway.

Do what we ask or we’ll take things from you until you are forced to comply. Unity by force, civility at the point of a needle.

This is not how the Constitutional Republic works, neither is it a feature of a healthy Democracy (If you think America is one of those). The words we want for this are Despotism, Fascism, Communism (Marxist-Leninism), Tyranny, Totalitarianism.

No matter, this is what they want and they mean to have it, and the CDC is formulating a plan.


The latest weapon in the fight against vaccine hesitancy… children.  … They say there is evidence of how well it worked with getting people to wear their seat belts and quit smoking.


They are working on talking points that will be pushed out into social media for children to use to convince the aduls in their life to get The Jab.

What do we call them, CDC- Youth?  Jab-Rats? Do they get an armband or a pin or a special colored shirt? All of the above? Maybe a pair of jackboots and an app that allows them to snitch on their parents?


Nice country you have there, it real shame what they’re doing to it.

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Some Evidence That Mark Connors Might Be Trying to Help Elect a Democrat as a Republican in Derry

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 16:30 +0000

Early on in the fake-Derry-republican Neil Wetherbee saga of deception, we mentioned Mark Connors once. An apparent “nobody” on the Derry Planning Board whom someone in town felt deserved our attention.

They sent us a lot of stuff.

Mark is wondering how we could have possibly linked him to an apparent plot to get Democrats registered as Independent in time to (maybe) vote (for fake republican Neil Wetherbee) in the Republican primary.

I’m glad he asked. I wasn’t sure what to do with all the stuff they sent me, and now I do.

It may not rise to the level of a conspiracy – that’s for you to decide – but let’s get the context right before I present any new evidence. Here’s what I originally wrote.


And Mark Connors and Jim Morgan are coordinating a massive head-fake by convincing voters to register as independents who can then vote for the Democrat Wetherbee in the Republican Primary.


Here’s Mark’s “response.”



Connors is an “independent.” He publicly supports Wetherbee in the “Republican primary” ‘cuz reasons. And we’re dumbasses. Got it?

Dumbasses we may be; after all, this is how we fill our spare time. I can’t say he’s wrong there, but we’ve been at this a very long time, and we’re not blind.

As for Neil “representing Derry,” he is a Democrat, and if he’s such a catch and boon to the community, why isn’t the Bernie and Buttigieg supporter running as a Democrat?

Why did he change his party registration to Republican in 2021 to create a three-person Republican primary instead of running as a Democrat in what would have been a two-person primary?

Is it because a Democrat probably can’t win an R+4 NH House seat running as a Democrat?

Asking for a friend.

The question now is this. Is there evidence that Mark Connors is trying to get people to register as independents to vote in the Republican primary? And please remember that existing Republicans and Independents could already vote in this Republican primary. The only people who would need convincing to change registration would be Democrats.

In this first screen grab, they are talking about Neil Wetherbee.



Elizabeth Dickerson knows Neil Wetherbee, and she was confused when “I saw him on the Republican ballot.”

Had she realized she would have changed to Independent to vote for fake republican Neil Wetherbee in a Republican primary. She’s sorry; she did not realize it mattered.




Mark is on the ‘Planning Commission.” But he didn’t plan any of this. And hey, he thought Neil Wetherbee was a Dem or maybe an Indy.

Mark must have missed the bit where Neil was giving shout-outs for Bernie in 2016 or when Jon DiStaso and WMUR News 9 reported on Derry Town Councilor Neil Wetherbee publicly endorsing Pete Buttigieg.

There are other examples of Mark talking up the whole change your registration thing but let’s keep moving Forward!





Mark Connors suggests that Democrats change to Indy to “effect change.” Derry is an R+4 Republican town, so he wants to change it to what? Something other than Republican, obviously. And in this case, he is replying to a message from David Clapp about the Republican Primary on Oct. 19th.

Let’s say it’s just a coincidence.

Happenstance, like this screengrab, where Neil Wetherbee’s wife, a well-document Republican bashing Trump-hater (rumor has it), said,



Sorry, that’s fake republican Neil Wetherbee and his wife being happy about Rush Limbaugh being dead. I meant this.




Wendy would rather stay home than vote for her own husband (running as a fake republican) in the Republican primary because he is running as a Republican.  She can’t even stand that.

And Mr. “there’s no change to indy to vote conspiracy” Mark Connors is again insisting she must (and she’d have to change her party registration to do that).

Not for nothing, but Donald Trump was impeached by a Democrat House on less evidence than this about a phone call, but it’s not up to me to decide.

Is Mark part of some head fake to get Dems registered as Independents to vote for Dem running as a Republican? Is it to trick Republicans into voting for a Democrat running as a Republican?

That’s your job to decide, Derry voters, and the public at large.  I’m just here sharing the evidence and giving you my dumbass opinion, as always.

The verdict is, and always is yours but one more point. We also have a pile of screengrabs of our “conspirators” crapping all over Republicans in town and in this primary (but not Neil Wetherbee).

Maybe we’ll share those next.

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CARTOON: The Oldest Sacrifice Made Anew

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 15:00 +0000

My latest cartoon.  Next week I’ll probably re-run something from “a while ago” as – at $150 a pop – it’s starting to make a dent in the budget.



And three blast-from-the-past cartoons:







This is a blow-up of the notice on the first image (I haven’t redone any of my older cartoons):

© 2021, NITZAKHON. Permission is given to use this image gratis provided credit is given to me, i.e., NITZAKHON, no alterations to the image or this notice are made, a mention and linkback to is given, and this cartoon is not used for commercial purposes




As I said in my post The Jab and Kids – Introducing PROJECT DREAD I am starting to compile a database of 18-and-under children who have died from the Jab.  I don’t have many yet but I’m starting to get some attention, like being asked to rewrite it for Gates of Vienna, and now it’s appeared on a site in France.  Here’s a sample of  my still-in-infancy database:


Amazing kids.  Lives cut short.  And for what?  A disease that kids have a 99.99+ percent chance of surviving?  This is nothing short of infant sacrifice.  Speaking of, two more on the Left’s sacrificing children – whether to advance Socialism and one-world government, or just in pursuit of consequence-free hedonistic org*sms:



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Due to Public Pressure, Merrimack Backs Off A Little From 2Revolutions

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 13:30 +0000

Merrimack residents are quickly finding out that 2Revolutions offers their district nothing they want for their kids. Their focus on Critical Race Theory should tell parents that this organization is not hired to help their children with math, science, history or any other important core subjects.

2Revolutions has been around for a long time, which means they should have some kind of track record of success. So why doesn’t anyone produce their results? Why don’t they champion their success at helping children in the core academic classes? That’s because the products they sell do not focus on academic achievement, which is what most parents want for their children.

They’re a vendor hired to implement federal D.C. fad reforms that do not focus on academic excellence.

SAU16 parents figured that out when they sat through a presentation by 2Revolutions a few months ago. Parents in the crowd watched their presentation at a local school board meeting questioning what it is they actually do for their children. They heard a lot of edu-babble about how 2Rev will transform the school, but parents never asked for that. They are looking for a track record on academic achievement and noted that during the presentation, that was never mentioned.

On their web page 2Rev makes no claims about helping your children become better readers or proficient in math. It’s all marketing with no substance.

There you go. They will help schools innovate. HUH? More edu-babble.

Problems are best resolved by those closest to the problem. In other words, if you want to improve upon what is going on in the school, start asking your teachers, involve the parents, and find solutions. The principle of subsidiarity is always the best means to addressing problems. This tenet holds that nothing should be done by a larger and more complex organization which can be done as well by a smaller and simpler organization.

In the email to parents below, Bill Olsen says they hired 2Revolutions to develop, “a new vision, mission statement and strategic plan for the district.” Are you kidding me? Isn’t that what you pay administrators and elect board members to do?

Why are taxpayers on the hook for paying 2Rev to do what your administrators and board members should be doing? If the administration cannot handle this task, then maybe the taxpayers need to find people who can.

2Rev did have a relationship with the New Hampshire Department of Education, but that is not true anymore. If it was such a success, why did that relationship end? Why didn’t Bill Olsen bring this up in his email?

Let’s look at the NAEP Scores in New Hampshire during 2011-2018 when they were consulting with the New Hampshire Dept.
of Education:

Grade 12 proficiency dropped from 2013 to 2019


Grade 4 proficiency level remained essentially the same in grade 4 mathematics

Same with Grade 8. Essentially the same with no improvement.

In 2018 about 43 percent of New Hampshire’s fourth-graders scored at or above proficient in reading, and 48 percent of fourth-graders scored at or above proficient in math. 45 percent of eighth-graders scored at or above proficient in both reading and math.

So what exactly did 2Revolutions do for New Hampshire’s students? This is what 2Revolutions reported. Note that they mention nothing about helping to improve proficiency in the core academic subjects.

Read the email below from Bill Olsen, there is nothing about how 2Rev will work to improve the proficiency in the core subjects. Well at least they’re not selling you something you want only to find out later, it did nothing to help your child the way you expected.

The list of tasks included in Bill’s email are done every day in other schools that do not waste money on consultants. How is it,  private schools can accomplish these tasks without hiring outside consultants?

When your district administrators have to rely upon consulting, that should have you questioning why they can’t get the job done. A mission statement? That should come from your school board in conjunction with feedback from parents and community members. They need a consultant for that task?

A strategic plan? You pay your superintendent a 6-figure salary every year for what?  And the Superintendent cannot develop a strategic plan with the kind of talent working in the school, serving on the board and from members of the community? That does take vision and leadership which are skills they should possess.

The term parents used to describe 2Revolutions after their presentation to parents in SAU16 was SNAKE OIL. Parents could see that the money they were spending on these consultants amounted to nothing they were looking for.

As the Chief Executive Officer, I have high expectations for those earning a substantial salary and charged with the task of educating children in our public schools. I question anyone’s ability to perform at this high level who feels the need to hire consultants like this. It doesn’t bode well for the top executive hiring an organization to do the job that other top executives are doing in other districts.

2Revolutions comes with a specific agenda in mind. They are not a group focused on grass-roots solutions. They are 3rd party vendors hired to implement Federal Reforms that were never a priority for the Merrimack parents who simply want their children to learn basic math.

I do have to give credit to Bill for at least putting a hold on this fiasco. Gilmanton cut their ties when parents figured out what 2Revolutions was all about. SAU16 parents are going ignored after they discovered that 2Revolutions was teaching their teachers the Critical Race Theory agenda in professional development. Many parents are not happy about this relationship.

2Revolutions made it very clear, from their own materials, they consider the parents in Merrimack to be white supremacists.
These are the consultants you want working in your district? Ones that are ok with discriminating against your teachers and children because of their radical worldview?

If you want your community divided instead of united towards a common goal of academic achievement, continue down this path–because that’s basically what you get with their consultants.  It’s happening in SAU16 where their school rankings have dropped and the community is bitterly divided. (Something Bill didn’t mention in his email to parents)


Poor Evaluation Prompts Superintendent to Defend His Legacy


From: Bill Olsen
Sent: Wednesday, September 29, 2021 1:30 PM
Subject: Information Regarding 2Revolutions

September 29, 2021

Dear Merrimack Neighbors,

During the last school year, the school board hired a consultant to assist the school district and community in developing a new vision, mission statement and strategic plan for the district. 2Revolutions was hired to accomplish this important task. The company has some history of working with the state of New Hampshire and some individual school districts in the state. Many private sector and public organizations periodically engage in a strategic planning process to establish operational and fiscal priorities.

Recently there have been some concerns from the Merrimack community over the intended work of 2Revolutions and if it will result in the teaching of Critical Race Theory in Merrimack. This is not the intent of the partnership with 2Revlolutions. Nevertheless, given the public concern, we have placed a temporary hold on the school and community collaboration with 2Revolutions while we respond to public concerns and provide additional information on the nature of their work with our school staff and the greater community. The following information is presented to provide more clarity to the strategic planning partnership between SAU26 and 2Revolutions.

2Revolutions is a strategic planning facilitator for school districts. Their role is to:

  • Maximize communication between community stakeholders as WE, the citizens, teachers, staff, administration, and School Board of Merrimack work together to determine OUR new vision, mission, values, and strategic plan for the district.
  • Provide data collections of voluntary surveys, focus groups, as well as provide a communication structure for all stakeholder groups to communicate their desires for each of the above areas.
  • Note: all survey work or communication with students will comply with all RSA requirements and state laws. Finally, all outcomes of this work will be shared with the community.

To help clarify to the public about 2Revolutions, it is important to highlight a few areas that are out of their domain. A few things 2Revolutions will not be participating in that are to our benefit:

  • 2Revolutions does not provide curriculum, teaching, or instruction to students or teachers
  • 2Revolutions does not determine the core values or any other aspect of the strategic plan

WE, the stakeholders of Merrimack, will do this important work together. Additionally, 2Revolutions has no influence, say, or participation in the selection of the new superintendent. Once WE, the town of Merrimack have completed our initial vision work, it will be communicated to McPherson and Jacobson, LLC. This company, which specializes in executive recruitment and development, has been hired to conduct the search for our new superintendent. McPherson and Jacobson has no affiliation with 2Revolutions. The community-developed vision for our school district will provide a framework for the selection of a superintendent who represents the best fit for Merrimack and its strategic direction for the future. McPherson & Jacobson will also be engaging all stakeholders in our district, and community to understand the personal and professional qualities that we seek in the next superintendent who will be tasked with implementing the strategic plan.

We look forward to working with all of you in the future, and request that when surveys, focus groups, and opportunities to give your input are available, you will make it a priority to participate. Please be looking for future communication of timelines and participation opportunities.


Merrimack School District

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Record Inflation Forces Dollar Store to Raise Prices

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-30 12:00 +0000

Inflation has reached its highest point in three decades, and it’s beginning to hurt. This hidden tax on middle and low-income families has made things so tight that Dollar Tree has announced it can no longer just sell stuff for one dollar.


[CEO Michael] Witynski said this week that Dollar Tree is a “test-and-learn” company, and they’ll be watching how customers react.

The company had already begun testing higher prices at several hundred of its nearly 8,000 locations in a section of the store called “Dollar Tree Plus” with items that can go for as much as $5. Items that can go for $1.25 to $1.50 will soon be found in the mix at some locations amid the typical assortment of $1 products.


And it’s not just Dollar Tree. The price of gas, food, just about everything has been impacted under the muddled gaze of Borderless Taliban Joe Biden, and his band of left-wing whoever is actually running things in the White House.

They are also working hard to add a few trillion more to the national debt to pay off their pals – a plan that will raise taxes on top of the shadow taxes of inflation and rising energy costs. None of which will make America any of those things on that lawn signed that begins ‘In My America.’

In your America, gas doubles in price because they want to price you out of being mobile or comfortable. Healthy food is too expensive, so you have to buy junk. Borders don’t exist, and illegals don’t need a vaccine passport. Laws are for little people. The government can and will force medical procedures on you even if you don’t want or need them…

And the dollar store can no longer afford to sell everything for a dollar.


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