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J Bartlett Says – We Should Accept Afghan Refugees (And?) We have a Housing Shortage

Granite Grok - Thu, 2021-09-23 00:00 +0000

We’re huge fans of The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy but sometimes – even from intelligent people saying sensible things – something happens to make it look like you are making no sense.  Take this, for example.

Someone forwarded an email update from J You know the sort. You sign up – Grok has one – and get an email update. It lists headlines and maybe a blurb or some text. JBartlett’s email leads with “New Hampshire Should Accept Afghan Refugees.”

They make a decent case for the idea, but the following article is: “Bartlett Center to host housing conference.”

It’s about land use regulations and the state’s housing shortage. Housing Shortage!

We have a massive housing shortage. Rent, responding to demand, is very high, and the outpouring of people from urban areas to escape liberal craziness after the riots last year has driven housing prices up as well.

We do not have the inventory to meet demand, and we know it, but hey, let’s bring in a few hundred Afghan refugees for whom we’ve no homes.

See what I mean by not making sense?

I’m not opposed, assuming vetted “refugees,” but we may need to revisit an older tradition. Sponsorship. Someone needs to sponsor these folks or families before we even offer to take them; otherwise, where do these hundreds of Afghans go?

Housing shortage!

Yes, we have tens of thousands of job openings, and hopefully, there are matching skillsets, or they will learn (and hard-working people are happy to learn), but it’s hard to have a job when you have no address.

We’ve also got hundreds of thousands of people piling up at the southern border, at least a few of whom may have a legitimate asylum claim.

The Government’s response to that has been to put them on buses and planes and drop them somewhere in Middle America, and at least a few of them have already been dumped in New Hampshire.

Aid agencies get paid billions to pretend to help them acclimate, including finding housing and connecting them with resources to help them integrate. History tells us that rarely happens the way it should, so what do you do when there’s no housing?

Welcome to New Hampshire; I hope you like tents?

It’s almost winter which is only seven months long, and despite all the Global Warming BS, it gets very cold.

Maybe, before you offer assistance, you should be able to provide it.

And the answer is not to use government force to make things happen. It is, as I suspect we’d learn from the J Bartlett land use research, to get Government out of the way.

And while J Bartlett may or may not have intended it, they have shown us a bigger problem than one or the other of their featured articles. We have opportunities, lots of available jobs, and we need people to fill them.

But we have no place for them to live.

You can’t legally park a car in a lot with no spaces.

What’s the plan, Stan?


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Prequel to Rule #1 for the SAU46 (Merrimack Valley School District) – Challenge them. I did – with RTKs!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 22:30 +0000

If one lesson is to be learned with Parents trying to deal with School Boards is this:

They aren’t used to being challenged

Most of us at my Grandfatherly age got and most earned decent educations K-12. It was subject matter after subject matter and not Social Justice during Block 1, Black Lives Matter in Block 3, and Critical Race Theory sprinkled throughout the day.

It was all about academic rigor (or, at least for those of us that thought it WAS important) and learning a knowledge base of facts FIRST and then learning how to do the intellectual connect-the-dots in order to start the process of learning how to think critically about the world.

No, not thinking that the world was bad (even as many parts of it were and still are) but how to reason effectively, put forward cogent arguments, and learn how to integrate more and more data points into that mesh network in your head to better yourself and those around you.  And, lest I forget, to learn WHAT you need to learn given what new venture or field you have either been thrown into or voluntarily chosen.

And often, that process means you need to be challenged by others. I enjoy the debate – many do not. I like the intellectual confrontation that makes me think about what I believe – and why.

School Boards, however, hate being challenged. In fact, when you combine some of their policies, chief of which is a Policy that says Public Comment is for the Public to comment – but School Boards remain aloof from the Public and act as the Easter Island Stone-faced Statues. Some would say that there’s more than a passing resemblance in looks and behavior – just an observation. They just don’t want to engage and I believe, until convinced otherwise, most can’t.

So, before Monday’s meeting, I decided to start that challenge with three preliminary RSA 91:A Right To Know Demands:

Policy BCA – School Board Member Ethics

    1. Where has the School Board been granted the  Power in demanding School Board Members not Follow the Law in managing the District?
    2. Where has the School Board been granted the  Power in demanding School Board Members in removing personal conscience when they do not agree with Board decisions?
    3. Where has the School Board been granted the  Power in demanding School Board Members not criticize people or processes at a Board meeting (thus obviating their Freedom of Speech)?

Transactions within the District’s General Ledger Account line items dealing with Legal expenses

This would include transfers into the line items, expenditures from it, and the document trail for each transaction (e.g., PO requests, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Checks, EFT transactions, et al)

Transactions within the District’s General Ledger Account line items dealing with Curriculum expenses

This would include transfers into the line items, expenditures from it, and the document trail for each transaction (e.g., PO requests, Purchase Orders, Receipts, Vouchers, Payment Vouchers, Checks, EFT transactions, et al)

I am considering Tuesday being the first day. So far (until I go through my copious unread Inbox more thoroughly), I have not yet received a response that they have been received.  I’ll keep you posted.

Here are the emails sent:

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
Sent: 9/20/2021 4:00:43 PM
Subject: RSA 91:A Right To Know Demand – Policy BCA: School Board Member Ethics

Good afternoon,

Your Policy AA (School District Legal Status) states:

The legal basis for education is vested in the will of the people as expressed in The Constitution of New Hampshire, the statutes* pertaining to education, court interpretation of these laws, the powers implied in them, and the rules and regulations of the State Board of Education.

RSA 197:1
RSA Chapter 33
RSA 194:2
RSA 195:6

This is also bolstered by your Policy BBA:

The Board may exercise all the powers and duties prescribed to it by applicable state and federal laws, and rules of the State Board of Education.

Your Policy BCA School Board Member Ethics:

In order to fulfill its duty under state law to provide education to pupils within the District, the Board adopts the following expectations for each of its members.


1. Attend all regularly scheduled Board meetings, insofar as possible, and become informed concerning issues to be considered at those meetings.

2. Understand that the Board, as governing body, does not manage the District, but rather sets the broad goals and standards for the District by way of policies adopted by a quorum of the Board at proper meetings under the Right-to-Know law.

3. Be informed about current educational issues by individual study and through information, such as those sponsored by state and national school board associations.

4. Make decisions and take votes based upon the available facts, the full deliberation of the Board, and my independent judgment, and refuse to surrender or subordinate that judgement to any individual or special interest group.

5. Work respectfully with other Board members by encouraging the free expression of differing opinions and ideas.

6. Seek opportunities for the Board to establish systematic communication channels with students, staff, and members of the community.

7. Recognize that as a general principle the District and its students benefit when Board decisions, which have been made following consideration of all sides and vote of a quorum, receive the subsequent support of the whole Board, whenever practicable.

8. Respect the confidentiality of information that is privileged under applicable law or is received in confidence or non-public session.

9. Recognize that individual Board members are without authority to act relative to School District business, and that I may not individually commit the Board to any action except as specifically designated to do so by Board action.

10. Understand the chain of command and refer problems or complaints to the proper administrative office per applicable School Board policies.

11. Work with the other Board members to establish effective Board policies, and foster a relationship with the District administration toward the effective implementation of those policies and management of the District operations, personnel and facilities.

12. Communicate to the Superintendent and to the Board (only as consistent with the Right-to-Know law) expressions of public reaction to Board programs, policies and other Board actions.

13. Present personal criticisms concerning District operations, staff, etc. to the Superintendent, not to District staff, the public, or unnecessarily at a Board meeting.

Thus, pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA 91:A), I am requesting public access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records:

  • Where has this subdivision of the State been given the Power to obviate, in Ethics Rule #2, the clear wording of RSA 189:1-A / RSA 189:1 as to not be Following the Law as dictated by this Policy?
  • Where has this subdivision of the State been given the Power to overrule, in Ethics Rule #13, the clear wording in the US Constitution’s First Amendment and the NH Constitution’s Articles #22 and #30?


  • The discipline schedule for School Board members that decline to follow one or more of the above strictures over some amount of time.

In order to have the Power to discipline your members, I expect that the District will also supply the backup documentation in which the Legislature has granted to these Powers subdivision of the State in this matter.  Threatening disciplinary actions requires that such objective actions are in place, otherwise such actions against a member would be capricious and arbitrary and may well violate existing State statutes which outline what a School Board is allowed to do.

  • Signed copies of this Ethics document by each of the members of the Merrimack Valley School Board. After all, there is nothing in State statute that holds that merely winning an election automatically gives consent to such a document; consent must be voluntarily given.

Please let me know when these records are available for inspection or you may email the responsive records to me at If the volume is turns out to be substantial, I’ll be happy to supply a backup drive sufficient to hold all of your responsive records.

Thank you for your lawful attention to this matter.



—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
Sent: 9/20/2021 4:24:36 PM
Subject: Right to Know Request per RSA-91A – Transactions within the District’s General Ledger Account line items dealing with Legal expenses

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records: For the District starting July 1, 2020 to today, September 20, 2021.

  • Starting value of all General Ledger Accounts (“GL lines”) dedicated to Legal matters.
  • A transaction summary report, for each GL line, of all transactions types to include (but not limited to):
    • Additions to such a GL line
    • Expenditures from such a GL line
    • Transfers into and out of such a GL Line:
      • Listing the destination GL line
      • Description as to why the transfer was desired/needed
      • Name of the authorizor for that transfer.
  • All Invoices (and other such documents requesting payments) against those Legal GL lines
  • All payment vouchers, copies of checks, documentation for any type of Electronic Funds Transfers (e.g., ACH, Paypal, et al), or other instruments of payment against those Legal GL lines

Note: I am not requesting what may have been discussed with Counsel – just payments to them.

Per RSA 91-A:4 IV(c) If you deny any portion of this request, please cite the specific exemption used to justify the denial to make each record, or part thereof, available for inspection along with a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the information withheld.

Please let me know when these records are available for inspection or you may email the responsive records to me at If the volume is turns out to be substantial, I’ll be happy to supply a backup drive sufficient to hold all of your responsive records.

Thank you for your lawful attention to this matter.


Co-Founder, co-owner

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
Sent: 9/20/2021 4:36:58 PM
Subject: Re: Right to Know Request per RSA-91A – Transactions within the District’s General Ledger Account line items dealing with Curriculum expenses

Pursuant to the Right to Know Law (RSA. 91-A), I am demanding access, within 5 business days, to the following governmental records: For the District starting July 1, 2020 to today, September 20, 2021.

  • Starting value of all General Ledger Accounts (“GL lines”) dedicated to Curriculum matters (texts, handouts, classroom wall art, teacher handouts, electronic materials, and similar other items for a like purpose)
  • A transaction summary report, for each GL line, of all transactions types to include (but not limited to):
    • Additions to such a GL line
    • Expenditures from such a GL line
    • Transfers into and out of such a GL Line:
      • Listing the destination GL line
      • Description as to why the transfer was desired/needed
      • Name of the authorizor for that transfer.
  • All Invoices (and other such documents requesting payments) against those Curriculum GL lines
  • All payment vouchers, copies of checks, documentation for any type of Electronic Funds Transfers (e.g., ACH, Paypal, et al), or other instruments of payment against those Curriculum GL lines).

Note: I am not requesting the actual curriculum, at least not at this time.

Per RSA 91-A:4 IV(c) If you deny any portion of this request, please cite the specific exemption used to justify the denial to make each record, or part thereof, available for inspection along with a brief explanation of how the exemption applies to the information withheld.

Please let me know when these records are available for inspection or you may email the responsive records to me at If the volume is turns out to be substantial, I’ll be happy to supply a backup drive sufficient to hold all of your responsive records.

Thank you for your lawful attention to this matter.



And in case you are wondering who the emails are:

Seelye Longnecker, Bobbi-Jo Michael, Sally Hirsh-Dickinson, Jessica Wheeler Russell, Lorrie Carey, Andrew Chalsma, Tracy Bricchi, Owen Harrington, Laura Vincent, Melissa Muzzy, Peggy Jones-Blanchard

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Angelo Codevilla is Dead

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 21:00 +0000

The inspiring mind of Angelo Codevvia has been ripped from us by a drunk driver.  The 78-year old was walking when he was allegedly struck by a vehicle and later died to from the injuries.

Codevilla had just recovered from COVID.

If the name is unfamiliar, I’ve referred to him a few times on these pages. He predicted the great cultural divide and the rise of Trump, though not by name. He outlined the why in exquisite detail in the American Spectator (included below) titled America’s Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution, published July 16th, 2010.

He accurately explains the why of the rise of the Tea Party and the growing disconnect between ordinary everyday folks and those who would rule them.

That was later expanded into the book ‘The Ruling Class.”

In my writing, he is the origin of the terms ruling class and country class.

And that was not the limit of his work or influence, so by all means, find and peruse his works, but I highly recommend the Spectator piece included below and the book “The Ruling Class” inspired by it.

Angelo Codevilla is Dead at the age of 78, and he will be missed.


the Perils of Revolution – Angelo Codevilla, American Spectator

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Why I Don’t Believe the NH Media When They Say We Are “Bed Short” With “Not enough Staff”

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 19:30 +0000

For a couple of weeks now, all we’ve been hearing is that NH hospitals are getting overloaded with patients – and using “COVID” rather broadly.  WMUR has certainly been doing its job on the WuFlu Panic Porn front with breathless announcements, updates, and anecdotal updates from our “health providers.”

Waiting (not with bated breath or even holding my breath) for two distinct data elements from the NH MSM about WHY!

The overall labor shortage has made this a worker’s haven – up and up are the salaries going. No mention, however, that this is driving inflation.  But this headline from North Carolina is a BIG part of #1 (reformatted, emphasis mine):

North Carolina Hospital System Suspends Hundreds of Employees After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

A North Carolina health care system said it suspended hundreds of its employees after the firm implemented a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, adding that workers who refuse to get vaccinated after five days will be fired.

“Beginning this week, approximately 375 team members—across 15 hospitals, 800 clinics and hundreds of outpatient facilities—have been confirmed to be non-compliant and are not able to report to work,” stated a press release from Novant Health, which is based in North Carolina but operates in other states.

“They will have an opportunity to comply over a five day, unpaid suspension period,” the release said. “If a team member remains non-compliant after this suspension period, he or she will have their employment with Novant Health terminated.”

Yep – and that same mandate has been levied across much of the NH healthcare “fruited plain.” Get the Jab or get the unemployment appointment”.  Gosh, ya THINK that this might be part of it?  A Self-made major mistake?

This is going on all over the country and not just NH. Are they thinking about their Big Picture?  Sure, they don’t want to be sued over having staff working with patients that are not vaccinated – I get it as we are a very litigious society now.  They neither want the headache or cost of some person or family that’s looking for a payday (and yes, those kinds of folks exist) and “not vaccinated” may well become the green light on the pole at a drag race (the car kind, not men playing dress up!).

So, how many hospitals and clinics are getting rid of folks just for the “Healthcare PR” picture of “We care about you so we’re firing them”? Not snark – a serious question and ONE that no NH MSM outlet has asked. Not a single one.

#2 – Biden decided, by Executive Order, that HE has superior knowledge of the US Healthcare marketplace (and certainly more pandering skillz) by declaring that all nursing homes that received Medicare and Medicaid monies would get cut off if their staffs weren’t all vaccinated.

That healthcare industry has already been in a labor downslide and Dementia Joe decided that, after a year and a half to mandate that all healthcare folks without vaccines should (effectively putting it) “learn to code”?

So, who is going to create the “Granny and Grandpa Uber” to bring dear old (and maybe almost dying) Mom and Dad back to one of the sister or brother’s homes as said nursing homes give up and shut down? It should have been rather obvious that you can’t run such nursing homes without staff but there you go – yet another TREMENDOUS policy from the guy that couldn’t get Washington fixed after 48 years of being there thinking he’s all that and this is the way to the Progressive Nirvana they’ve been striving for during the last 120 years.

How’s this all working out for the rest of us as he’s “skinny-dipping” his flaccid butt in his swimming pool at home and forcing the female Secret Service agents to watch. Where’s the #MeToo crowd when you need them. Or rather those females needed you?  Ah, but he’s YOUR Progressive puppet, eh?  All forgiven on this frontal (except by we annoying Conservatarians that keep pointing out that hypocracy-but I digress).

Really, with such a kingly mandate, did Biden REALLY think (if there is any thinking brain cells left that haven’t left this mortal coil already) that these abattoirs of the old and infirm would remain open?  How about hospice care facilities, too?

Or is this just his way of bringing back the “extended family” tradition – by force – to US Society?

Who knows?  But when I see hospitals crying “we’re at 100% of only 80% of our usable beds if we had the staff”, I keep thinking “Did you do it to yourselves”????  I did have that post about a NY hospital where the maternity ward was shut down as half the staff quit over that hospital’s mandate.

I do have bookmarked story of a hospital that looked around after doing a similar mandate and groaned “Oopsies” when it just about shut the hospital down – they relented and pulled that mandate back when it saw what it did to their staffing.  Most of their staff left so in this labor market, what else could they do?

When most of your people go “rogue” and totally disregard a company’s intended result (“Oh, they won’t quit – they need their job!”) because of Principles (and these ARE healthcare workers who probably know more than the rest of us do!), it showed who had the Power.

I’ll update this when I find it.

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The Jab and Kids – Introducing PROJECT DREAD

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 18:00 +0000

Author’s note: The idea presented below will only work if this is shared widely to crowdsource information gathering.  Please share this as widely as possible – email, social media, etc.  To the best of your ability get this out, even if it means using the enemy’s platforms.

Even a few shares on fascistbook or twit or whatever gets it out there to more than would have seen it otherwise.  Another hint, at least back in the day when I was on twit, when you tag someone, put a period “.” before their name; e.g., .@handle.  Supposedly that helps get it out there more broadly.

Copy your local talk show hosts (e.g., locally, Howie Carr (twit) and Jeff Kuhner (twit and gab) – and go national too… if we deluge them with tags, they’ll notice).  Copy pols like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and RFK JrCandace Owens is a staunch mandatory-Jab opponent as is Michelle Malkin (twit, gab).  Copy “big sites” like WND, Gateway Pundit, etc.  Do it on GAB as well – and follow me there.  (IMHO Parler is useless at this point, but that’s MHO.)

Send it to sites like Children’s Health Network and LifeSiteNews, tag them (and if you add other suggestions in the comments I’ll edit them in here).

If I have to compile & format data day and night to make this work, I’ll do it.  The Jab, especially into kids, must be stopped BAMN.



In one of my Quick Takes I mentioned DREAD (link in the original):

But in a fascinating book about survival, The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why, I learned that people make huge errors in assigning actual risk levels.  One of the factors is dread.  Relentless dread overrides saner, calmer risk assessments.  One of the stats I’ve read is that over some not-in-memory distance, driving is statistically more dangerous than flying.  Yet there are people who refuse to fly and insist on driving, because they dread being in a plane crash.

I cited this soon after in Fear is the Mind Killer… I discussed, and the embedded video in that post also discussed, the role of dread and fear in shaping thoughts, overriding facts & logic, and how useful that is for aspiring tyrants.




In Jab Judo I argued for turning our enemy’s tactics against them.  I said we should not be captive to the word-meaning distortions of those who oppose us seeking the “fundamental transformation” of the US, but rather we should stick to established definitions, and other tactics.  Words mean things.  Which is why the Left loves to twist them so.

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Since we are being subjected, constantly, to fear porn as a driver to convert to the Church of the Covidian, er, take The Jab, with Fausti pushing for kids in elementary school to have the Jab despite the virtually zero danger for children under 18 barring severe other factors.  As I’ve said, there is a relentless drive to push this into every living person.



Any person worthy of their title as parent would gladly sacrifice themselves for their children, and their heart will lock up with dread at the thought of a clear and present danger to those children.  My kids know I’ll die trying to save them – it’s why I carry, not just outside the house, but even inside too.


That’s why I have body armor for when, not if, when things start to get spicy.  So, consider the emotions that run through you at this heart-rending case of a 13 year old boy (bolding added):

The boy, Jacob Clynick, lived in Zilwaukee and had just completed eighth grade when he got his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine June 13 at a Walgreens store, said Tammy Burages, his aunt.

On the night of June 15, he had a bit of a stomachache, too, but it wasn’t severe enough to cause serious concern, Burages said.

Jacob went to sleep that night, and never woke up.

Grasp this: scant days after his second Jab, he’s dead.

I am looking to collect cases from across the globe of people, ideally children under 18 but probably into the 20’s, who get The Jab and die – or have horrific permanent side effects.  I’ve read about persons being crippled, having wracking & uncontrollable spasms, amputations, speech issues, blindness, strokes, tachycardia, etc.  Other horror stories would be babies who, breast feeding from their Jabbed-after-birth mother, die from inflamed and clotted arteries.  Two… that I know of.  Graphs and charts and data – e.g., Surak’s great work, below – have an effect… but nothing grips a parent’s heart with dread like personal cases like I’m trying to compile.  Ideally, the format would be:

Name, age, date of death/event recognized, days after the Jab

So, citing the above example:

Jacob Clynick, 13.  Went to bed with a sore stomach and never woke up.  Two days after his second Pfizer shot.

As you give this info in the comments, please also include links to source material if you have it.



Just stand up at school board or city council meetings and spend your allotted time reading the list.  And coordinate with others on our side to continue reading.

Name after name after name of children dead or catastrophically-injured after their Jabs, all on the record, recorded, and likely broadcast into the community via local-access TV and zoom-room attendance.



Please bookmark this page and start posting, in the comments, the cases you find.  Please share this widely – emails, social media (as you can, and don’t forget to tag people – again, “names” will see something trending when they get tagged multiple times and pay attention).  Reblog this on your own blog if you have one.  If I can get to 50 – and that should be a trivial thing! – I’ll wrap a post around it.  And continue.  What would be enormously effective beyond that is if there’s a handout too.  A picture, with the other information next to it.  Page after page after page handed out to school boards and other venues.  Can you imagine the effect of getting to the board meeting early and handing out a six-sheet double-sided listing of these to incoming attendees?  I’ll start compiling this too, so please include reference links so I can – ideally – get faces as well.

Perhaps throwing in one of Surak’s graphs at the top (link is to his latest such graph post, but do check his site for updates which he does regularly), using his title: “Number of serious vaccine adverse events by year as a multiple of 2017-2020”.  Right below the title, a question, in bold and large:

Number of serious vaccine adverse events by year as a multiple of 2017-2020

Notice something happening with bad vaccine events starting in 2021?

Then his analysis text just below:

  • 62% higher than deaths from all vaccines combined from 1988 to 2020;
  • approximately 5 times the number of people murdered on 9/11;
  • 31 times the average number of vaccine deaths per year from 2017 to 2020.

Then, “CHILDREN AND COVID VACCINATIONS” and then page after page after page of images & text like this:

Boy, 13, dead two days after second Jab

No parent, seeing such a document, example after example, could fail to have a cold hand squeezing their heart from dread.  And begin musing about building gallows for any school board that insists on vaccinations anyway.

It’s a war.  Start being a warrior for your children, your grandchildren, and your civilization’s children.  Or prepare for the real possibility of burying your child.

Find your steel.  It’s time.  One… becomes two, becomes ten, becomes a multitude… becomes an army.


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Fake Derry “republican” Neil Wetherbee’s Recent Party Registration History

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 16:30 +0000

Derry has a fake Republican running in a special election primary. This Bernie and Buttigieg supporter has registered as an (R) to disrupt the race and increase the odds of a Democrat winning the seat, even if it’s him.

Party registration doth not make you what you claim, as Norm noted yesterday. And we’ve already provided ample evidence that Neil Wetherbee is not what he claims, but that’s no reason to stop.

We have his party registration for the past few elections, going back to 2016, and guess to what party he was registered to vote?

Related: Fake Derry “republican” Neil Wetherbee Endorsed Pete Buttigieg for President for 2020


Neil Wetherbee registered Democrat voting history sample.


The primary shows you which ballot he took based on which party he belonged and the general is just the general. Based on the primaries, we know whom he was choosing, and it wasn’t Republicans.

Neil probably helped that hair-sniffing, sexual-assaulting, embarrassment – Open Borders Taliban Joe Biden get elected.

But now, all of a sudden, just months after a Democrat wave, except for the NH House, Senate, Executive Council, and Governor’s office, this Democrat is running as a Republican. TO do what?

Related: Bernie Supporter Neil Wetherbee Running as a Republican in a NH House Special Election

He’s running in a special election to flip a seat held by a Republican in a Republican town, and the party can’t do a damn thing about it.

For Dems, it just makes sense to take a guy who has a lot of local name recognition from years of non-partisan elections at the municipal level and have him pretend he’s not a Democrat.

Many Republicans won’t turn out to the primary and, to be honest, won’t show up for the special general election, so the left is playing the odds.

With two Democrats left, one in each party, they can’t lose, so the resolution is to make sure Wetherbee doesn’t win the Republican Primary.

The only way that happens is if Republicans turn out in large numbers to vote for one of the other two candidates of which one, and this is just a suggestion, needs to drop out.

But that’s up to the people in Derry. I’m just laying out the evidence. What you do with it is beyond my control.



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ICYMI: Event 201: Oct 18, 2019 – The Elites Help a 3.5-Hour Pandemic Tabletop Exercise…

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 15:00 +0000

You may have heard about it, but probably not. In October of 2019, just before the ‘appearance’ of a quick-spreading SARS virus out of Asia, the elites held a war game called Event 201.

Sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins.


Event 201 was a 3.5-hour pandemic tabletop exercise that simulated a series of dramatic, scenario-based facilitated discussions, confronting difficult, true-to-life dilemmas associated with response to a hypothetical, but scientifically plausible, pandemic. 15 global business, government, and public health leaders were players in the simulation exercise that highlighted unresolved real-world policy and economic issues that could be solved with sufficient political will, financial investment, and attention now and in the future.


Read it a laugh or cry.


In recent years, the world has seen a growing number of epidemic events, amounting to approximately 200 events annually. These events are increasing, and they are disruptive to health, economies, and society. Managing these events already strains global capacity, even absent a pandemic threat. Experts agree that it is only a matter of time before one of these epidemics becomes global—a pandemic with potentially catastrophic consequences. A severe pandemic, which becomes “Event 201,” would require reliable cooperation among several industries, national governments, and key international institutions.


And don’t forget the list of recommendations.

We now return you to your regular programming.



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Republican Victoria Sullivan Prevails in Manchester Mayoral Primary

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 13:30 +0000

Yesterday was Manchester’s mayoral primary with Democrat mayor Joyce Craig uncontested and two Republicans vying to challenge her.

WMUR reports that Victoria Sullivan has won the (non-partisan) primary 2,545 to 2,417.


Craig and Sullivan were chosen by city voters to move on to the general election campaign – with Craig finishing first with, unofficially, 5,477 votes or 52.5 percent; Sullivan second with 2,545 votes, or 24.4 percent; and former Alderman Rich Girard falling out of contention with 2,417 votes, or 2,417 votes.

In response to tonight’s result, Craig released a statement that read in part, “I’m thankful for the enthusiastic support we saw today. I’m incredibly proud of the work of our campaign and grateful for the volunteers and everyone who came out and made their voices heard.”


Municipal and town races in New Hampshire run absent party registration. Higher elected offices include the (R) or the (D) – NH House, Senate, Governor, etc., but not local. In Manchester, the top two vote-getters move on to the general election regardless of a political party, which I continue to think is a mistake. But no one asked me.

Manchester’s city elections are in November.

You can view all of the primary race results here.


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“Fluperstition” – Dozens of New Children’s Books Peddle COVID Scientism, Pandemic, and Fear

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 12:00 +0000

The growing list of culture-bending media for kids is mind-boggling, but did you know that publishers pumped out carts full of “children’s” books on fear, fearmongering, and flu last year? Books aimed at kids in grades K-8.


The 22 books on the first chart are for Lower Grades (K-3) and Middle Grades (4-8) and range from a 2.7 to a 6.4 reading level. All but two of these books were published in 2021. Each book consists of 24, 32, 48, or 49 pages. The Word Count range is from 263 to 5,268. To put this in perspective—Margret Rey’s Curious George Plays Baseball has 299 words and Dr. Seuss’s Hop on Pop has 384. Mary Pope Osborne’s Magic Tree House Book, The Knight at Dawn, has 5,340 words.

With such a limited number of words—7 of the books charted have fewer words than Hop on Pop—how much information can be covered? Some or all the following would be mentioned–social distancing, flattening the curve, mask wearing, washing hands, how viruses spread, and perhaps some facts about previous epidemics or pandemics.


These are dumbed down and loaded with New World Order fear, and as the author of the article points out, these are just the books “found on the Accelerated Reader website.”  Here are just a few from her list of 22.


Healthcare Heroes: Medical Workers Take On COVID-19 Rachael L. Thomas Abdo Publishing MG 5.4 COVID-19
effecting health-care workers
Invisible Invasion: The COVID-19 Pandemic Begins Marie Bender Abdo Publishing MG 5.6 COVID-19 32/
COVID-19 Pandemic Kenny Abdo Abdo Zoom MG
COVID-19 24/
Living Apart, Together: American Life During COVID-19 Marie Bender Abdo Publishing MG 5.2 COVID-19 32/
A New Normal: Life after COVID-19 Rachael L. Thomas Abdo Publishing MG 5.5 COVID-19 32/


The publishing industry is flooding the battlespace with this global rest garbage, validating junk science and fluperstition. Yeah, I just made that up. Fluperstition.

Superstition about the flu, the science, masks, vaccines, distancing, and the biggest lie – that the government cares and is doing this for some public good. And that IT can control this sort of thing.

No. It can’t.

This “literature” feeds the secular political faith and the false god whose adherents spread these words to scare the masses into dutiful worship.

Anyone who dares contest the logic of this scientism is guilty of heresy; denied the modern equivalents of “communion” and other “offices” of  ‘The Church” with little to no chance at forgiveness or redemption.

Convincing children that this is right and normal reduces the odds of future resistance to the actual virus – totalitarian-style rule.

It’s the global reset, and it begins by reprogramming your children not just to fear but to fear with the belief that politicians can save you.

No. They can’t. But they can rob you or your means and your rights, and that’s what they intend to do.



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How to Fix the Civics Crisis in American Education, A Simple Solution

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 10:30 +0000

If you are looking for a fix to the crisis we are all seeing in Civics Education, some school administrators have figured it out. Ask your Superintendent making a six-figure salary, why they haven’t figured out this simple solution. It took the students and parents to wake up their administrators, but now you know what you need to do.

Recently, 76 Emmett students and parents petitioned the school district to start an Innovation Classroom that would adopt the Hillsdale 1776 Curriculum, a program focused on an honest representation of civics and the American founding.

Instead of public schools disintegrating, they can actually offer students a quality public education. They can educate all students, including students of color, which would provide them the quality education they deserve. That’s true social justice.

Emmett parents are setting an example for other parents by utilizing Innovation Classrooms to provide students with an alternative to politicized history. The Hillsdale curriculum is designed for students to learn “American history from the colonies through the Civil War, at four separate times during their K-12 years, each time increasing in depth.”

In fact, the curriculum was made by professors and teachers, not activists or bureaucrats. It uses primary sources and factual documents, not the latest political narrative.

Let’s work together to return public education to an institution of excellence instead of a program of indoctrination. That supports public education, teachers, and students.

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We Have Always Heard That Public Schools Have to Accept Every Student. It’s a Lie. And My Daughter Is Proof.

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 01:30 +0000

In the spring of 2020, at my daughter’s annual Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting, the Timberlane School District proposed that my daughter receive parts of her education in their learning center/ resource room. As an equal decision-making member of my daughter’s education plan, I was not in agreement with the IEP Team proposal.

Timberlane School District had not created a safe and supportive educational environment for my daughter because the district did not address constant, repetitive bullying behaviors she had been experiencing inside the resource room.

The frequently targeting she experienced in the resource room increased my daughter’s stress responses. The IEP Team failure to address the pleas of myself and my daughter ultimately led me write to the Timberlane School District Superintendent for a request to come before the Timberlane School Board for a Manifest Educational Hardship. The Superintendent denied my request and did not provide me with any rights to appeal his decision.

With my daughter’s IEP Team and the Timberlane School District refusing to take immediate and appropriate action to investigate or otherwise determine what had been happening, I reached out to the Disability Rights Center-NH, which is limited in their scope of service but supported me in receiving a hearing with the Timberlane School Board.

We want to thank NH State Rep Glenn Cordelli for submitting this Parent’s Letter to us. If you have 
an Op-Ed or LTE you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Timberlane School Board voted to approve my request for a Manifest Educational Hardship which means that a student has a documented hardship in his or her current educational placement, and transfer to another public school or an approved private school.

The Timberlane School District left it up to me to find a new placement for my daughter to receive her free public appropriate education without any assistance to help me understand how to navigate finding a new placement.

I contacted the neighboring Raymond School District and they requested my daughter’s educational records. They then declined to accept my daughter in their public school with the reason that it was due to the COVID pandemic. I made contact with Sanborn Regional School District who declined to accept my daughter in their public school due to COVID.

With no public placement willing to accept my daughter, I reached out to the NH Department of Education to request a meeting with the NH State Board of Education about the barriers to accessing an educational placement for my daughter and her IEP. Stephen Berwick, NHDOE Coordinator, Dispute Resolution and Constituent Complaints, informed me through email that the NHDOE had no authority in the matter and had no suggestions for my daughter to receive an appropriate free public education.

Having no support and guidance and watching my daughter’s health & mental wellness decline, I reached out to Pinkerton Academy, which accepted her placement in April of 2021. In the special education IEP team meeting, I shared my parental input about the least restrictive environment for my daughter and advocated for an educational environment with her non-disabled peers.

Pinkerton Academy ignored my concerns about the resource room and placed my daughter into the learning lab/ resource room. After two weeks there my daughter did not feel safe & supported and she refused to go back to in-person learning at Pinkerton Academy. She was forced to switch to total remote learning.

I noticed my daughter was being marked absent on the schools’ parent portal even though I was with my daughter while she was participating in her remote learning classes. Pinkerton Academy did not reply to my emails and failed my daughter in every subject.

On August 24, 2021, I received a mailed letter from Pinkerton Academy unilaterally unenrolling my daughter due to my refusal to accept the school placement to the learning lab/resource room and my advocating for my daughter to be in a safe and supported environment. My daughter has no public school placement to receive her special education, no support and no services. I have requested that the U.S, Department of Education step in for my daughter to receive her free and appropriate education and take corrective actions on school obligations to students in special education and parent involvement in the special education process.

We have always heard that public schools have to accept every student. It’s a lie. And my daughter is proof.

Name withheld to protect my daughter

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New Hampshire Knows BEST Conference

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 00:15 +0000

UPDATED and BUMPED: Use the code “GraniteGrok” and your tickets will be FREE!

For those of you in NH, especially in the Lakes Region, that are concerned about the rapid change of injecting Social Justice and Critical Race Theory into your child’s/grandchild’s school system by “the Professional Staff” (whether you like it or not), this is a conference that you do not want to miss!

BEST (Building Education for Students Together) would like to request for you to speak at their September 25th New Hampshire Knows BEST Conference.

Building Education for Students Together’s mission is to ignite a national parent-led movement by building, educating, and mobilizing the largest network of parent activists in the country to advocate for their children’s education through the election of school board members and the passage of policies that align with our vision of expanding education freedom.

FreedomWorks is sponsoring and hosting the event to educate and train New Hampshire leaders and parents.

Tickets are available here.

On a personal note, I will be on a panel entitled “Stopping “Wokeness” & CRT in NH Schools”.  I am hoping that fellow Grokster and Education Activist Ann-Marie Banfield will also join the panel:

11:00 PM – 12:00 PM Stopping “Wokeness” & CRT in New Hampshire Schools
Speakers: Laura Zorc (moderator), Rev. Craft, Skip Murphy, Rev. CL Bryant

Rev. CL Bryant is with the FreedomWorks Team as a Senior Fellow, traveling from his home state in Florida.  Rev. Steven Craft is based out of Massachusetts

GraniteGrok worked with FreedomWorks back in the TEA Party Movement – good folks and really have positioned themselves to serve Grassroots like us rather than expecting the relationship to be the other way around.



The mission of FreedomWorks is to build, educate, and mobilize the largest network of activists advocating the principles of smaller government, lower taxes, free markets, personal liberty, and the rule of law.

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King Biden’s Shell Game

Granite Grok - Wed, 2021-09-22 00:00 +0000

The heavy hand has fallen on Florida because Gov. DeSantis will not fall on his knees to a senile, god-king wannabe (Dementia Joe). A government-approved medication, monoclonal antibodies, that by all reports say work on COVID-19 (for those who can get it) are now being rationed in FL, where the need is very high.

This medication, long approved, is a cheap off-usage alternative to the expensive vaccines being pushed by the current administration. It works in an opposite fashion to the vaccines else, why should booster shots be the new thing? Also, the new vaccine being touted had to be withdrawn due to unexpected nasty side effects in humans. Go figure!

How come people who don’t trust or want the vaccines are being told they must have the Jab to protect everyone else? Isn’t that the vaccine’s job?

Seems very suspicious that the King’s ministers should be rationing Florida to lessen supplies where it is in high need and sending limited supplies to where the need is far less. Call me crazy, but it seems very Stalinist-like, the demand to fall in line, do as ordered, and no thinking on your own or else! A shell game, without a doubt.

Justification for this – it is said by Biden spokespersons and the mainstream media – is to distribute supplies more fairly. As usual, their rationale is based on lies.  The figures they give for vaccines are accrual numbers. For instance, in Broward County, 52% of patients have received vaccine injections, where 69% of those are over 60. Miami Dade County has 60% vaccinated, with 73% over 60 and so on. Completely opposite what is being told to us.

But that’s nothing new. We were told that no Americans would be left behind in Afghanistan, the Border is closed, Trump colluded with Russia, and Benghazi was a demonstration that got out of control.

And know what?

Biden was integral in every one of these things and more. Every time in the last four decades when “IT” has hit the fan, Biden’s shadow has been close by.

Strange, very strange.

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How Big A Bonus Did You Receive This Year?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2021-09-21 22:30 +0000

These are the times that try men’s souls.

We are living through what appears to have been a man-made pandemic that has cost our country many thousands of jobs and businesses, small and large, that have simply disappeared.

And our economy has been severely damaged as most households have had to tighten their belts to survive.

But the Gunstock Area, which likes to bill itself as the Gunstock Ski Resort, or the Gunstock Mountain Resort, supposedly “managed” by an appointed commission, seems to believe that it is or should be immune from the economic laws that have governed almost everyone else in the country.

The Gunstock Area encompasses over 1,800 acres of relatively pristine mountainous land in the Town of Gilford. It contains the main lodge and several other buildings as well as ski lifts and snow-making equipment. The Gilford Tax Assessor thinks that the value of the Gunstock Area property is about $15 Million, which is probably on the low side of reality. But under the legislation by the NH General Court establishing the Gunstock Area, owned by Belknap County as a government-owned property, the Gunstock Area is only required to pay real estate taxes of $6,586.65 per year.

For its fiscal year ended April 30 of this year, Gunstock reported annual gross revenues of over $14 Million and that it was holding cash and short-term investments on hand of slightly less than $6 Million.

It has been reported that Gunstock had a very financially successful ski season this past year, and that is evidenced by its growth in revenues and cash on hand.

So, what did the Gunstock Area Commissioners do with all that money, which actually belongs to the taxpayers of Belknap County, who actually own the property? They paid bonuses to select members of its staff, and not just small ones and not to everyone on staff at that.

Thus, the general manager of Gunstock, who is already believed to be the highest-paid employee in Belknap County government, with a base salary of $180,250 per year + benefits, received a cash bonus of an additional $40,000.

With a base salary of $123,600 + benefits, the Gunstock Chief Financial Officer received a cash bonus of $23,484.

And 3 other employees , with base salaries of $95,004; $96,096; and 71,774 (all plus benefits) received cash bonuses of $18,069; 17,370 and $10,000, respectively.

Total bonuses paid to all employees added up to $151,873, but most of those bonus monies went only to the “top” people.

And keep in mind that all of this money is taxpayer money.

So, now, please answer the question: How big of a bonus did you receive this year?

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Rome, er, America

Granite Grok - Tue, 2021-09-21 21:00 +0000


“The worst thing about living in the declining era of a great civilization is knowing that you are.”

– Robert Heinlein

I’ve embedded this video before (1:44:41), and I cannot endorse it highly enough – Bill Whittle discusses the slow rise and strobe-light-flash fall of civilizations, the greatness of Western Civilization, plus many other things – bookmark it for later, but do watch it:



Time and time again the Great Cycle has turned, grinding down civilizations throughout deep history.  And it’s turning now.

Hard times make strong men

Strong men make good times

Good times make weak men

Weak men make hard times

Nobody can look at the last, say, century-or-so and the advances made in technology, medicine, food production, etc., and claim that we have not made incredible progress nor created a world – at least in first-world countries – that is good exceeding the wildest dreams of yore (the benefits of, for example, modern medicine have diffused throughout the whole world-saving countless lives).

Consider that prior to 1902 when Willis Carrier invented modern air conditioning, people relied on low-tech alternatives – e.g., fans and evaporative coolers. Even when first in production, actual air conditioning was incredibly expensive and a luxury for the rich.  Now, poor indeed is a home – at least in the US – that doesn’t have at least a window unit or two.

Those rely on electricity – cheap & reliable electricity, which we presently have (video, 7:12).

America has, virtually universally, clean running water.

Globally we understand germ theory and the need for clean medical tools, and we have antibiotics (and while we’ve known about agents that help fight infections for centuries, it was only in the early 20th century we got official antibiotics).

Actual anesthesia was “only” first used in 1846 – before then it was bourbon and bite-the-bullet surgery.

America and Britain put their own militaries on the line to end the forever-institution of slavery (Thomas Sowell’s chapter 3, read aloud, 2:19:19).  Also, see the Prager piece by Candace Owens.  The list of goodness goes on and on.



Good times indeed, especially when compared to the sweep of history and even a cross-section of today’s world, and no thinking person can dispute that.



We all know that Her Heinous the Crone of Chappaqua will only face actual justice when she goes beyond the veil.  The same for innumerable pols Left, Right, Center, and Wingnuts of every color.  The fish head has rotted out completely; e.g., EXCLUSIVE: FBI Knew Of Hunter Biden’s Missing Laptop As Early As December 2019 (bolding added):

This new revelation establishes that, since December 2019, the FBI had knowledge that a second laptop had been stolen from Hunter Biden and that that laptop contained material making the Biden family a national security risk and subject to Russian influence.

Joe Biden surely received briefings on these risks well before his October 2020 denial of the authenticity of the laptop, so the question is: Did the FBI fail to provide Biden a truthful briefing on this intel, or did Biden fail to level with voters?

To which I will only comment “Embrace the healing power of AND”.  From the formerly sterling FBI acting more like the secret police to local constabularies standing down when conservatives are assaulted, or when the violence serves the Left in general.

Our “leaders” lie to us openly, those purported to be our health protectors lie to our lawmakers, our lapdog enemedia lie to us constantly.  Our financial institutions are fetid sewers.  The courts rule in shake-your-head rulings like this one.  Law enforcement actively protects domestic terrorists.  It’s no secret that our borders are not just open to those who walk in, many carrying Covid and likely worse…


… but we’re actively importing persons from a supremacist culture hostile to us – and for whom migration as a form of conquest is doctrinal.



Never mind that they view those not of their faith as prey.  Even our soldiers.  Know the invading enemy.  HereHere.  In particular, understand that it is DOCTRINE that they can rape infidel women; New York Times on Sex Slavery in Islam: “the Quran not only gave [ISIS] the right to rape — it condoned and encouraged it”.



On this excellent post about a liberal’s awakening is this comment (sic):

People take their prosperity, freedom. lives for granted. They have not suffered from want, mindless violence, random oppression, the heel of a harsh government till recently. They do not understand the terror of war, the horror of terrorism whether delivered via drug dealers, criminals, or your friendly government. They have no concept of going into a store and having 20 varieties of coffee to choose from, rather than waiting in line in the hope that coffee is available-its not. I spent 32 years overseas. There isn’t a nation overseas I’d rather live in. But few nations would tolerate the moonbats, racists, jagoffs and perverts that run our government. Worse are the soy boys, Karens, and race hustlers who seem to dominate government and academia. A pox on their houses. As for the “libertarians” these are people who haven’t been mugged and carjacked yet and lost everything due to some culture cancel queer. There is a storm coming. Prpeare.

Going on a walk with the kids some days ago we ran into a man walking with his dog.  A clear mutt, very friendly and well-behaved, we asked if he knew what the mix was.  He described the result of the DNA testing they did.

Wait, what?  DNA testing on your mutt is a thing?  Yup.

How absolutely decadent does your society have to be, how obsessed with the trivial, how swimming in discretionary funds, to do genetic tests on your adopted shelter dog?

We have no idea – none – what people go through outside these comfortable walls and streets in the West, and America specifically.  I remember when my wife’s overseas family first saw our house… on over an acre of property.  Each of their apartments could fit into our first floor with room to spare and the idea of owning a parcel of land like this?  Unheard-of!  Their astonishment at the abundance of food at supermarkets – plus as many supermarkets as there are in the area, in many ways, echoed this Cuban refugee seeing an American supermarket for the first time.

For me, the saddest moment was when he said “Types of butter”?! in disbelief as he stared at the selection of multiple kinds of butter, from the mundane store brand to the imported-from-somewhere gourmet type.  Similar emotions were voiced when I gave my friend in Israel, mentioned here, a virtual tour of our house and yard via our video-and-voice chat.  He couldn’t believe how big our house – on open land – was.

Decadent.  We have been coddled in luxury, plenty, and wonders undreamed of by, easily, 99%+ of humans who have ever walked the earth – for many of us, since birth.  We have abandoned restraint and are looking to rival the end times of Rome for sheer immorality and debauchery (italics in original):

We live in a world today when babies can be drawn and quartered inside the mother, and this is called “choice” – as though the choice wasn’t already made when the legs were chosen to be spread (never mind “ethicists” saying that even birth makes no difference).  Where college kids film each other in s*x orgies and sell the footage to be posted on the internet (never mind people filming & posting themselves in such acts just because brave and edgy).




The civilizational strobe-light collapse is, IMHO, charging and too many, even now, don’t see it.  They will, but by then it will be too late.

Got preps?

Even a month’s worth of choke-it-down food and bottled water – a gallon per person per day is a recommended minimum – plus whatever suits your personal needs, and you’re better off today than most people staring at their glowing screen soma for entertainment and who, if they run out of something, think a replacement is just a drive to the supermarket away.  (I continue my quest for my kids’ favorite box juice… not only is it not available at any local market I’ve visited, but the entire juice section at my go-to store was also shorn of almost every kind of juice box.)

What’s worse is that this Great Cycle turn is not accidental – they’ve been planning this collapse and genocide for decades.  What’s next?  Another virus is certainly possible.  But, curiouser and curiouser, there’s now talk about the vulnerability of society to a massive cyberattack.


Without power there is no climate control – heating or cooling.  There are no elevators, no escalators, no lights.  No running water.  Hospitals will soon run out of generator fuel, and gasoline will be unpumpable.  There is no refrigeration.  No phones / internet.  Cities will soon become Mad Max zones that will spread as desperate people fan out looking to feed themselves and their families.  Untold millions, possibly billions, will starve.  Remember what the guy said at the 2015 New World Order conference?  About billions having the “peace of the grave”?  EMP has also been discussed more and more as China threatens Taiwan and discusses nuking Japan if they help.

If the best time to start prepping is five-odd years ago, the next best time is now.  Get started.  Rome America, and the West, are teetering on the edge of the abyss… and the rest of the world will burn as well if we fall.  And do not forget, ever, that this is The Plan: a ruined world, out of which the Marxianic Missionaries believe will arise their great socialist utopia.


Socialistopia – NITZAKHON GraniteGrok 2021


Let’s plan and work towards being the ones around to rebuild.  Two sites among many that I read on prepping… put other suggestions in the comments.



And it’s no great secret I live in southern NH.  Looking to connect to form meatspace relationships.  Carefully.



I am looking to find a game processing butcher – from carcass to sausage, etc. – in southern NH where I could volunteer for some hours here and there to learn how to take the raw meat and process it to something storable that doesn’t need refrigeration (e.g., smoked sausage).  Also, someone who knows about home canning who I can help here and there to pick up some tricks.  Lastly, I keep trying to make pemmican and it keeps not working out.  Again, this kind of thing works best hands-on, so I’d appreciate helping someone go through the process a couple of times so I can pick it up.

And in planning / hoping for the future:

  • I would like to find a New England survival camp where I can take the kids for a week next summer to start learning how to “live off the land” (and in parallel, where can I take a mushrooming course – and more broadly, a foraging course?)
  • I would like to find someone who can help me with the basics of deer hunting; got the rifle but know virtually nothing else about it

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BLM: Vaccine Passports Are Racist

Granite Grok - Tue, 2021-09-21 19:30 +0000

A co-founder of BLM in New York City says that 72% of blacks between 18 and 44 in the Big Apple are unvaccinated. Gee, I guess they don’t trust the government? She also says disenfranchising unvaccinated blacks is discrimination.

So, if you refuse to culturally appropriate mayor de Blasio’s white public health culture it is discrimination to demand proof of vaccination before being allowed access to a product or service?

Something like that, and BLM NYC is ready to riot if this sh!t don’t stop.

Or is it more about the color of the person with or without the government-approved “papers?”

It’s actually a bit confusing to me (I am white so what do I know) but,


Newsome warned: “We’re putting this city on notice, that your mandate will not be another racist social-distance practice. Black people are not going to stand by, or you will see another uprising. And that is not a threat; that is a promise. The vaccination passport is not a free passport to racism.”

Black Women’s March co-founder Kimberly Bernard stated: “We are serving notice on the mayor, on the governor, on the restaurant industry that we will not allow for you to use this pandemic, vaccination cards, and masks as another reason to be racist, to put us in prison. Because there’s enough of us in there.”


So, if I understand this correctly, a Marxist group is appropriating the liberties of a constitutional republic and then claiming that making blacks produce proof of a vaccination they do not want is racist. How do they feel when The Man makes whitey do the same thing and then refuses them service?

I could guess but then, I’m still going to agree in part with BLM.

Forcing someone to accept a medical treatment they may not want or need for whatever reason is sinister. A government forcing private businesses to deny them any prospect of a normal life (employment, shopping, dining, travel) for failing to comply is evil.

If calling it discrimination or racism is the only lens through which you can view this you have other issues that need to be addressed. But I’m not saying you’re wrong. The government (in New York) is deliberately trying to discriminate against anyone unvaccinated as a way to intimidate them into accepting a treatment they may not need or want.

Denying you public access on this basis is not racist but it is discriminatory and you could get a lot more help if you dropped the skin color and marched against the passports

de Blasio wants you trapped on the no-vaxx reservation (the American Indians must have some thoughts, here) regardless of race, color religion, sex, etc. until you agree to surrender on their terms.

But let’s not be racist about racism.

Unvaccinated jews can’t live a normal life in NYVC either. Catholics, Sikhs, Latinos, Italians, Germans, tall people, Women, Men, Transpeople, shote kids, skinny kids, kids who climb on rocks.

You’ve got your thing, and I get that, but I’ve been fighting for everyone. I may not have the brute presence of BLM in NYC, but that’s no reason not to master those resources for the good of all.

Vaccine passports are not “racism” unless only one race is required to have them. But it is discrimination, and this might offer a taste of something many could never understand otherwise. How you say you feel living in this culture or this place.

Most of the white allies who marched with BLM in the summer of 2020 were pandering little douchebags. They were there to “be seen,” but at no point could they ever understand your position. Vaccine passports may not make them part of the black experience, but the absence creates a discriminatory experience that seems arbitrary and capricious.

Given what we know, they are.

Beating up hostesses is not going to win you any support. Rioting will not either, quite the opposite. But protesting vaccine passports will get you a lot of help from many corners because they are in your corner on this issue.

Not everything is a nail, and you are not a hammer. That said, build a bridge instead of burning one down and see if that helps.

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Awe, A Certain Tuftonboro Teacher (Brian Bloomer) did have the Sads yesterday.

Granite Grok - Tue, 2021-09-21 19:30 +0000

But we will never know what happened to the Progressive dude who brought this unto himself.  Only way we’ll know is to keep checking SAU46’s roster to see if his name is still on it.

Steve broke the story that Brian Bloomer, a fifth grade teacher at the Tuftonboro Central School, decided to go on a rant against those that disagree with them – expletives included. Fine – if that’s what he wants to do, do so, but it also gave Steve another opportunity to show what the real statistics are on the WuFlu pandemic (which, in many cases, has been more about who gets to wield Power than Public Health). I simply decided to ask the School District Administrative Unit 46 (SAU46):

What action(s) will be taken by the District by this potty-mouthed teacher in your school system?  What is your official response to his rant against those that simply have a different political worldview than his?…

Well, I did hear back from the SAU46 Superintendent:

Sidenote: I never emailed her. I DID email the entire School Board.  I thought that I would have heard from the Chair but no such luck.  WHY do School Boards use their Supers as “hatchet men” instead of having the courage and sense of responsibility to do it themselves?

—— Original Message ——
From: “Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert” <>
To: “Skip” <>
Sent: 9/20/2021 5:09:39 PM
Subject: Re: Brian Bloomer

Hi Skip,

I am sorry I cannot comment. This has become a personnel matter.


Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert
Superintendent of Schools
Governor Wentworth Regional School District
PO Box 190/140 Pine Hill Rd.
Wolfeboro Falls, NH 03896
p:  603-569-1658  f: 603-569-6983

Thus, with that six word sentence, that’s the end of it. Unless some parent that has a child in that class steps forward (even anonymously), we’ll never know. With that said, IF you are such a parent, even one with just a kid in that school, we’d love to know more even if it is just his absence from the building.  We can’t be everywhere so we have to rely on you folks!

The post Awe, A Certain Tuftonboro Teacher (Brian Bloomer) did have the Sads yesterday. appeared first on Granite Grok.

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How to Avoid a Primary Challenge if you are a RINO.

Granite Grok - Tue, 2021-09-21 18:00 +0000

Everyone knows or should know, that there is neither a loyalty oath nor an accurate FDA-approved blood test (sorry Dr. Fauci) to verify that someone is actually a real Republican. There ought to be but there just isn’t.

All that is required to run for office in New Hampshire as a Republican is to show up in your town clerk’s office, fill out a declaration of candidacy, and on that declaration state that you are a Republican. Of course, the town clerk is supposed to check the voter checklist to verify your registration status, but you can easily change your status from one party to another or from undeclared to a party, and back again, at almost any time.

And there you have it!

Unless the electorate takes the time and effort to question a candidate and their political views, most voters assume that if they vote for a candidate carrying the Republican label they must be a Republican and if elected they will vote like a Republican. Not necessarily true.

We in New Hampshire have seen time and time again people elected as Republicans who vote as Democrats (or worse) once they get into office. These are the political figures who become labeled as Republicans In Name Only (i.e. RINO’s for short).

This writer has historically argued that if a person runs as a Republican, they should act like a real Republican, which means, generally, that they support the US and NH constitutions as written and the platforms of the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of New Hampshire.

Obviously, there may be some aspects of the platforms of the national and state party with whom one may not agree completely, keeping in mind that the platforms have been written by a committee. Of course, a camel is well known to be a horse designed by a committee. So, if you do not agree with 100% of the party platform, pick a percentage with which you do agree – 60%; 75%; 80%; 90%?

If a candidate agrees with less than, say, 60% of the material positions in the party platform, it is suggested that they are in the wrong party and should change their party registration.

In recent days, we have seen an individual elected as a state representative as a Republican, but who usually supported Dem position and voted like a Dem, finally changed his party registration to Dem, showing his true colors. This “courageous” act turned out to be a welcome way for him to avoid a primary since he was at the top of many lists of RINOs in the General Court and the Executive Council to be targeted in primaries.

So, the message is clear: If you are actually a RINO and often vote with the Dems on critical platform issues, avoid the time, expense, and trouble of having to face a primary opponent who may be more ideologically pure by changing your party registration and running under the banner of the political party in which you actually believe and support.

And it isn’t the Republican Party.



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Fake Derry “republican” Neil Wetherbee Endorsed Pete Buttigieg for President for 2020

Granite Grok - Tue, 2021-09-21 16:30 +0000

As reported previously, Neil Wetherbee of Derry is a fake Republican. He is a Democrat who has registered as a Republican to run in a Republican Primary. And he’s not a moderate aisle crosser either. This guy supported Bernie in 2016 and Pete Buttigieg in 2020.


Democrat Neil Wetherbee Endorses Pete Buttigieg


More impact! says John DiStaso. An actual journalist. What sort of impact was Neil hoping to make?

Let’s review Mayor Pete’s platform and see what made him so damn dreamy to Neil Wetherbee.

  • Government-run healthcare
  • Open borders (DACA)
  • Climate Change (green new deal style)
  • Supports court-packing
  • All abortion (he opposed pro-life pregnancy care centers as Mayor Pete)
  • Eliminate the electoral college
  • He’s not pro-gun, and that’s an understatement.
  • Massive infrastructure spending (more debt, bailouts to donors, payback to unions, and cronies with your money).

That’s the shortlist and not exactly a bucket list even for your typical moderate/RINO.  Like, say, Bill Weld.

Bill Weld was running for President in 2020 as a Republican, but Neil didn’t endorse him. Weld is about as not Republican as you can be. If Neil was truly a closet aisle crossing, Never-Trumper Weld is far more indicative of that perception.

Neil picked Pete Buttigieg. Why not Bill? Because Neil is a Democrat, and this Bernie Supporter was pandering to a younger version of Sanders.

Just another anti-Republican, on the far left.

Not moderate. Not independent. Not Undeclared. Not even Bill Weld. We’re talking left of Nancy Pelosi.

And we are meant to believe that after a Democrat wave election, this Bernie and Buttigieg supporter suddenly wants to be a Republican? A pro-abortion, climate fearmongering, no Federalism, anti-gun, open-birders Republican?

No. Wetherbee has name recognition in town after years of being on councils and committees. Democrats (with some whiney RINO cover)  think they can steal the seat by running him as a Republican.

If he wins the “Republican Primary,” Derry voters get to choose between a Democrat registered as a Republican and a Democrat registered as a Democrat.

Neither will represent Derry which is an R+4 Republican town.

Please do not Vote for Neil Wetherbee in the primary, and do not let your Republican friends and neighbors vote for him either. But please vote. The Dems are working hard to steal the seat even if they have to use a pretend Republican to do it.

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Extending The Logic Of No Vax, No Service

Granite Grok - Tue, 2021-09-21 15:00 +0000

Leftists want to ruin Americans’ lives for not conforming to Covid fear porn or complying with vaccine mandates. No effort has been made to convince us Covid is scary or the vaccine is worthwhile; instead, they lie to us with cheap statistical tricks and admonish us with thinning patience.

For the record, I believe with as much certainty as a casual keyboard warrior can that the issue of a viral pandemic would be near extinction if we had done nothing. Between a 99.98% survival rate for Americans under 50 and the availability of cheap therapeutic remedies, there was no reason to pretend the sky was falling.

In retrospect, it seems that most of what we know in September of 2021 was also known around April of 2020 but was intentionally disregarded and blasphemed to sell anxiety, panic, hysteria, and fear.

And vaccines. They wanted to sell lots and lots of vaccines.

If not for the political shenanigans and deceit, I might be more benevolent with my analysis of the vaccine. It is a modern medical miracle to have developed something so quickly. Unfortunately, it is also a monumental liability considering it went from production to injection with little known about its long-term consequences. On top of the thousands of VAERS entries, hopefully, waning efficacy will be the worst issue among the rest of the sizable trial group.

Related: No, The Mandate Is Not About “Protecting Myself”

One of the major battles in this upcoming autumn and winter will be the fight for individual liberties. The discussion around vaccination is no longer  – if it ever truly was (and I don’t believe so) – about protection and saving lives. It is available, and those that want it can get it.

Though I refused to bow down to illogical tyranny and lived my life as normal as ever, as a nation, we unnecessarily sacrificed eighteen months of small business sustainability, social events, family gatherings, formative years for young people, and overall sanity in the apparent wait for a vaccine. The vaccine’s arrival has now come and gone. If you want it, you can get it. If you don’t want it, then you won’t get it. Each group can weigh the risks and rewards of their decisions and live with the consequences.

Yet here we are, living among people more frightened than ever of a virus from which they’ve never been more protected. For one thing, the natural evolution of a virus is to become more infectious but less lethal over time (both common sense and evolutionary theory support this).

For another, the most panicked people have had all of the recommended doses of lab juice. They also wear masks as if they were infantile blankies. It is truly bizarre, and an honest history in future years will rightfully call out these fools for the dangerous nincompoops they are.

They are dull and dim-witted, no doubt, and therefore also dangerous. They threaten me much more than Covid. As it currently stands, I am at risk – though I have complete natural immunity (even then, who cares if you don’t have any) – of losing fundamental rights and privileges because of these indoctrinated leftist tools.

Because I refuse to get the injection, there is talk of excluding me from social events, public establishments, travel, and even medical treatment. Some of this is already happening in various locales and cities around the nation. Does this make any sense? Have we ever done anything like this before? What if this logic were extended elsewhere?

Should urgent care clinics refuse to treat daycare kids for RSV? These kids are in known super-spreader facilities.

Should hospitals decline to treat smokers for lung cancer? These patients are knowingly inhaling carcinogenic toxins.

Should emergency rooms turn away the morbidly obese after suffering from a heart attack? These patients enabled a condition to intensify with poor diet and lack of exercise.

Should schools deny remediation to kindergarten students demonstrating low literacy skills? These kids should have grown up in households that valued proper grammar, books, and conversations.

Should the police turn away from a residence dealing with domestic abuse if they have visited the same address before? These women presumably had a chance to leave the aggressor upon the initial offense.

From both a medical and logical standpoint, none of the penalties for refusing the vaccine make sense. Then again, nothing about Covid has been handled by the ruling class based on a medical standpoint and logical standpoint. It’s about par for the course for elitists despots.


Reposted with permission. If you’d like to read more from Parker Beauregard, please visit The Blue State Conservative.

Editors Note: Reformatted from the original and includes a different featured image.

The post Extending The Logic Of No Vax, No Service appeared first on Granite Grok.

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