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George Patton: The Mixed Legacy of an Iconic Four-Star General

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2021-12-04 19:04 +0000

The following article was provided by Sam Jacobs, Lead Writer and Chief Historian for


Never again will there be a man like George S. Patton. The four-star general wasn't just a great man on the field of battle, he was also an inspiring paragon of American values and civic virtue, a tale of man's will to overcome.

George Smith Patton Jr. was born on what would become Veteran's Day, November 11, 1885 in San Gabriel, California. His father, George Smith Patton II, graduated from Virginia Military Institute on a scholarship but chose law over military service. Patton Jr. never seriously considered any other career path.

Despite being an avid reader, Patton struggled to learn how to read at an early age but was an otherwise excellent student at Stephen Clark's School for Boys, a private school in Pasadena. He liked to read classical military histories. After spending two years at the Virginia Military Institute, he transferred to West Point where he continued to struggle with reading and writing, but excelled during inspections and drills.

While at West Point he earned the ranks of sergeant major during his junior year, and the cadet adjutant his senior year. He played football before an arm injury thrust him into the worlds of fencing and track and field.

In 1909, he graduated 46 out of 103 cadets and received a commission as a second lieutenant in the Cavalry branch of the United States Army.

Junior Officer George S. Patton

His first posting was with the 15th Cavalry at Fort Sheridan, Illinois. He quickly earned a reputation as a dedicated, driven leader of men. He became friends with Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson, serving as his aide, as well as quartermaster of his troop.

In 1912, he competed in the modern pentathlon at the 1912 Olympics finishing in fifth place, behind four Swedes. He was the only American in the competition. All were military officers. As a junior officer, Patton served with distinction in the Pancho Villa campaign and even designed a new kind of sword for the cavalry. However, his country was about to go off to war and Patton was about to fall in love.

Patton's Love Affair With the Tank

Patton was originally assigned to horse procurement stateside. But after the personal intervention of General John J. Pershing, Patton was sent to Europe as part of the American Expeditionary Force. Patton immediately became dissatisfied with the cavalry, taking an interest in tanks.

While in the hospital, Patton met Colonel Fox Conner, who encouraged him to work with tanks instead of infantry.

In 1917, Patton was assigned to establish the Army Expeditionary Force Light Tank School. He personally observed the manufacture of tanks and was promoted to major in 1918. When the school opened, Patton was the one to back the tanks off the delivery truck. Later in 1918, he was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and attended the Command and General Staff College.

Upon its debut, Patton was placed in charge of the U.S. 1st Provisional Tank Brigade, part of the American First Army. Here, his bold command style was already making him something of a minor legend. He commanded his unit wounded from a shell hole for an hour, braining a man with a shovel and possibly killing him because he refused to work. He received the Distinguished Service Medal and the Distinguished Service Cross.

Patton Between the Wars

After the war, he was returned to his regular rank of captain, though he was promoted to major the next day. Commissioned to write a manual on tank operations, he became convinced of tanks as their own entity separate from infantry support.

Unfortunately, the Army did not move to create a serious tank corps until 1940. Much of Patton's interwar years were spent in abject boredom, as he detested the life of a peacetime staff officer in the cavalry. While assigned to the Office of the Chief of Cavalry in Washington, D.C., Patton began to formulate his ideas of tank warfare.

The biggest event between the Wars for Patton was his encounter with the Bonus Army. This was an "army" of veterans who had marched on Washington to demand early payment of "war bonuses," the returns on war bonds, during the Great Depression. Under orders from General MacArthur, Patton dispersed the group with tear gas and bayonets.

Patton was sympathetic to the Bonus Army's demands, and he found the manner in which he dealt with them to be the most distasteful episode of his military career. However, he never expressed regret for breaking them up. Patton believed that the Bonus Army would have created an insurrection, resulting in violence and the destruction of property if unchecked.

Less known is Patton's role in identifying Japanese aggression early on. While a lieutenant colonel in the Hawaiian Division, he wrote a paper on how to intern Japanese citizens in the event of a surprise attack by the Empire of Japan. Written in 1937, it was described as "chillingly accurate" after the Pearl Harbor attack.

Patton yearned for war. He eventually turned to drinking and an alleged affair with his 21-year-old niece by marriage. Accounts differ as to whether he was having an affair or simply trying to be boastful.

Patton's Second World War

The United States military began mobilization in 1939. He made brigadier general on October 12, 1940 and major general in April of 1941. He was in charge of training one of the only divisions that centered around heavy tanks. Patton went so far as to earn a pilot's license so that he could observe his tank formations from the air. During the Tennessee Maneuvers, he finished 48 hours of operations in nine.

In combat, Patton was known as an aggressive commander who always sought to keep pressure on the enemy front lines. He was widely admired by the men he commanded and earned a reputation as a fearsome general in the North African campaign. He was instrumental in the invasion of Sicily.

During the Sicily campaign, Patton became a bit of a figure of scorn in the media after he slapped a private under his command. The soldier claimed to be suffering from what was then called "battle fatigue," but Patton believed him to be a goldbricker and slapped and verbally abused him. It is believed that this incident is why he did not lead the Allied invasion of France.

The Axis powers, however, firmly believed he would lead the invasion. So the Allies used him in decoy operations far away from the invasion site. In fact, the Ghost Army, as it was called, worked so well that the Axis believed they were fighting a diversionary force when confronted with the landing at D-Day.

Patton's next big moment was at the Battle of the Bulge. After the Battle of the Bulge, Patton made quick progress into Germany.

After the War

Patton begged for action in the Pacific Theater, but General MacAruthur set the condition that Patton have a Chinese port secured for operations, an unlikely scenario. He was tapped for military governor of Bavaria. Upon learning of Japan's surrender, Patton wrote "Yet another war has come to an end, and with it my usefulness to the world."

Patton became depressed at the notion of no more battles to fight. He was relieved of command after a heated exchange with General Dwight Eisenhower, who is believed to have demanded his resignation. Upon being relieved of command, the always poetic Patton remarked "All good things must come to an end. The best thing that has ever happened to me thus far is the honor and privilege of having commanded the Third Army."

On December 9, while on the way back from a pheasant hunting trip, Patton was killed in a car accident. He spent 12 days in traction before passing away, commenting "This is a hell of a way to die." He died in his sleep from pulmonary edema and congestive heart failure at the age of 60.

Patton's legacy is a mixed one. He was most feared and respected by the Axis generals, but the Allied generals often questioned his judgment. He spoke in a frank manner that rubbed many the wrong way and ultimately lead to his removal from command. He had a unique, brash style that was all his own, with his self-designed uniforms and ivory-handled pistols.

Patton is buried at the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial in the Hamm district of Luxembourg City. This is in accordance with his request that he be buried with his men. He represents the best of America's military traditions. We will never see his like again.

Written by Sam Jacobs
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Are You Ready for a 37% Increase in Your County Property Taxes?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 19:00 +0000

Are you ready for a 37% increase in your county property taxes? Belknap County Commissioners Peter Spanos, Hunter Taylor and Glen Waring have proposed a budget for county operations for next year that would raise taxes by 37%. No, that is not a typo.

That is actually what they are seeking.

The huge increase in taxes on our citizens, during a period of health crises that caused people to lose their jobs and many businesses to close, is in addition to projected spending by the county of over $9 million in so-called ARPA funds supplied by the federal government (from our federal tax dollars), would supposedly fund spending of over $33 million on county operations.

Fortunately, the county budget is examined in detail, is subject to modification, and must be finally approved by a vote of the entire county delegation, consisting of all 18 elected state representatives.

The process of severe overreach by the county commissioners is not something new. Last year, the county commissioners proposed a budget for this year that would have raised taxes by 12%, but after many hours of examination and study by the county delegation, the delegation finally approved a budget that actually lowered taxes by 11%.

As our late beloved governor, Meldrim Thomson, was wont to say, “Low taxes are the result of low spending.” It was true many years ago when he said it and it remains true today.

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After Almost Two Years The Only Thing COVID Policy Does Is Restrict Freedom and Inject Failure.

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 17:30 +0000

As Omicron fever ramps up, the unicorn variant is reportedly in 38 countries as of this morning. Don’t Panic. Remember that the real pandemic, the actual threat, continues to be the response.

The response and the reporting are incomplete at best, and deceptive at worst.

The latest VAERS numbers, while but a fraction of known harms, are startling.



The other startling fact, also not or underreported, is how NOT dangerous COVID is to most of us. I updated the data for NH yesterday, but you’ll find your states are not much different.



As we approach two years, nearly 100% of the population will have lived to tell even the misleading and manipulated tale. Some number of them continue to insist that we must submit to vaccination, but that has killed tens of thousands of us – another number they are hiding from the people.

All of that is concerning, but it’s not what truly matters.

I had two separate conversations on this topic yesterday. I know people who are vaccinated of various political inclinations. Why they got the shot doesn’t matter. What matters is why they still can’t see how (assuming they don’t) the evolving narrative is going to strip them of their liberty whether they participate in the scheme or not.

Two shots didn’t get you back to normal. Your passport is not real. You can catch and spread the virus. The NIH, CDC, WHO, and others all realized it early into the regime. It is why they told the vaccinated to mask up but to then pretend it worked.

It didn’t.

Some people were harmed or killed by the vaccine, including children, but you were told it was a price worth paying to get back to normal. But the new normal is more vaccines. A lot more.

How many boosters will you line up and get? One, three, five. Each round will introduce more vaccine-related harm, disability, and death. For what? So you can line up for another booster because that is the new normal.

A shot that does not prevent you from getting or spreading the flu. A flu that 99.9% of us will manage or could manage like any flu before they were weaponized by the state.

The only thing COVID policy does is restrict freedom and inject failure (including harms to public and individual health), but even that tragedy pales compared to this one.  At some point, you will say no more, and at that point, you will be denied your rights.

Did you even see it coming?

No matter how many times you roll up your sleeve, regardless of how much product you have allowed them to inject into your veins, the day you say enough – and the day will come – is the day you will be declared unvaccinated.

And they will take things from you. Mobility, access, whatever you previously allowed them to take from someone else, they will take from you for refusing a pharmaceutical treatment that could never do more than deny individual rights and liberty.

The shot is not your passport to freedom it is a ticket to slavery

It’s not good for anything else.

The only escape is to stop playing their game now because you can’t win. There is no scenario where you come out on top unless you are already there and even that is fleeting.




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Brentwood Selectmen – You Shouldn’t Have Deleted Those Emails! Part 2

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 16:00 +0000

So, Part 1 of this Brentwood Email Saga left off with this admission from Karen Clements, the Brentwood Town Administrator:

From: “Karen Clement” <>
To: “Skip” <>
Sent: 12/2/2021 3:51:25 PM
Subject: RE: Re[4]: RSA 91:A Right To Know demand

I’ll forward this to IT and see what they can do to help facilitate this more efficiently. I’ve let them know we are looking at Jon Morgan’s inbox only for now.  Jonathan Frizzell’s email box was deleted after he resigned.


Karen Clement, CPM
Town Administrator
Town of Brentwood

The Seacoastonline article mentioned previously set up the timeline; Frizzell quit within the last 3 weeks.  So, his emails became “excess baggage” and were quickly thrown overboard.

Or, were they deep-sixed because of their content?

When Government disposes of its “Governmental Records” in such a quick manner, one has to start thinking “Why?”  And, I did – why were Jon Frizzell’s emails sent down the Memory Hole (an Orwell’s 1984 mention there)?

With the above email to me, it was clear that the ball was now in my court – so I volleyed back.  Had to – this is now serious stuff that cannot be allowed to go unchallenged.

NO Governmental agency or official can violate the Law. RSA 91:A was put into place with strict prohibitions to keep that from happening.

Note that I included the Chair of the Brentwood Selectmen

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
To: “Karen Clement” <>
Cc: “” <>
Sent: 12/2/2021 6:17:41 PM
Subject: Re[6]: RSA 91:A Right To Know demand

>> Jonathan Frizzell’s email box was deleted after he resigned.

Well, now you have a problem – RSA91-A:4:

III-a. Governmental records created or maintained in electronic form shall be kept and maintained for the same retention or archival periods as their paper counterparts. Governmental records in electronic form kept and maintained beyond the applicable retention or archival period shall remain accessible and available in accordance with RSA 91-A:4, III. Methods that may be used to keep and maintain governmental records in electronic form may include, but are not limited to, copying to microfilm or paper or to durable electronic media using standard or common file formats.

I am betting that since he just resigned, his governmental records (his emails) are still well within your paper retention procedures and times.  Make no mistake – I have requested ALL of the Brentwood Selectmen emails from the time period specified in the RSA91:A Right To Know document I submitted to the Selectmen.  That includes Mr. Frizzell’s government records categorized as “emails”.

You need to get them back, pronto – your IT department, if it is operating within industry norms, has backups of them extending back for months (at least).  What ARE your archival times and procedures?

After all,

91-A:7 Violation. – Any person aggrieved by a violation of this chapter may petition the superior court for injunctive relief. In order to satisfy the purposes of this chapter, the courts shall give proceedings under this chapter high priority on the court calendar. Such a petitioner may appear with or without counsel. The petition shall be deemed sufficient if it states facts constituting a violation of this chapter, and may be filed by the petitioner or his or her counsel with the clerk of court or any justice thereof. Thereupon the clerk of court or any justice shall order service by copy of the petition on the person or persons charged. Subject to objection by either party, all documents filed with the petition and any response thereto shall be considered as evidence by the court. All documents submitted shall be provided to the opposing party prior to a hearing on the merits. When any justice shall find that time probably is of the essence, he or she may order notice by any reasonable means, and he or she shall have authority to issue an order ex parte when he or she shall reasonably deem such an order necessary to insure compliance with the provisions of this chapter.

91-A:8 Remedies. – I. If any public body or public agency or officer, employee, or other official thereof, violates any provisions of this chapter, such public body or public agency shall be liable for reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred in a lawsuit under this chapter, provided that the court finds that such lawsuit was necessary in order to enforce compliance with the provisions of this chapter or to address a purposeful violation of this chapter. Fees shall not be awarded unless the court finds that the public body, public agency, or person knew or should have known that the conduct engaged in was in violation of this chapter or if the parties, by agreement, provide that no such fees shall be paid.
II. The court may award attorney’s fees to a public body or public agency or employee or member thereof, for having to defend against a lawsuit under the provisions of this chapter, when the court finds that the lawsuit is in bad faith, frivolous, unjust, vexatious, wanton, or oppressive.
III. The court may invalidate an action of a public body or public agency taken at a meeting held in violation of the provisions of this chapter, if the circumstances justify such invalidation.
IV. If the court finds that an officer, employee, or other official of a public body or public agency has violated any provision of this chapter in bad faith, the court shall impose against such person a civil penalty of not less than $250 and not more than $2,000. Upon such finding, such person or persons may also be required to reimburse the public body or public agency for any attorney’s fees or costs it paid pursuant to paragraph I. If the person is an officer, employee, or official of the state or of an agency or body of the state, the penalty shall be deposited in the general fund. If the person is an officer, employee, or official of a political subdivision of the state or of an agency or body of a political subdivision of the state, the penalty shall be payable to the political subdivision.
V. The court may also enjoin future violations of this chapter, and may require any officer, employee, or other official of a public body or public agency found to have violated the provisions of this chapter to undergo appropriate remedial training, at such person or person’s expense.

I take these kinds of matters very seriously.  Please, if you would, Follow The Law.

Kindest regards,

Co-Founder, co-owner

Just quoting my own email has put me way over Steve’s (the Editor!) nominal word count, so I think I will stop here. Besides, the ball is now back in Brentwood’s court.

What will they do?  Will the Selectmen decide to Follow The Law?  Only the Good Lord above knows – certainly, this lowly blogger does not.  I hope they do.

And readers?  I do hope that this just isn’t a story in which you think I’m just “crusading” here – if it is happening here, it’s most likely that something similar is happening in your’s as well.  My question to you is this: are you going to let it continue to happen in your name? Or tell “them” to knock it off and fly right?

To be continued.

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The Threat of the Unvaxxed

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2021-12-04 15:00 +0000
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An Old Video Perhaps, but that Doesn't Mean It's Not True

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2021-12-04 14:43 +0000

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Medical Staff Shortage Can Be Traced Back to Dumbed Down Common Core and Next Generation Standards

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 14:30 +0000

I warned, that with the dumbing down of public education, one of the areas that would suffer would be, the medical profession. Granted the fuzzy math era hurt the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field too. Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards are contributing to the lack of medical professionals working in the hospitals because they do not prepare students for the STEM field.

Granted, firing healthcare professionals makes no sense right now, but professors educating college students in the medical profession have been warning of the nursing shortage for many years. This comes as no surprise that there are staffing shortages, to anyone who’s been paying attention.

It is critical that students receive a quality math and science education k-12. We all know now that Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards do not provide an adequate set of standards for the STEM field.

How will this impact you, even if you don’t have children in the public school system? Well, hopefully, you won’t receive inadequate medical care because of hospital and staff shortages. Hopefully, you can get in to see a medical professional if you get sick.

If you keep ignoring this problem, you may become a victim of it one day, even if your children have avoided the public school system.

It’s up to all of us to demand better of our elected officials and those who run our public schools.

Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards are still the state standards in New Hampshire.

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Ask the Relatives of New York Nursing Home Patients

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2021-12-04 13:41 +0000
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Reader Hate Mail

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 13:00 +0000

We love this sort of stuff because it makes for great blog content, and it’s already written. Badly, more often than not. And this is, well, something to behold.

Mick Marsden has lost it over our coverage of Alexa Firman, the Simply Delicious Baking Company owner, in Bedford.

Alexa was fined by the state for not mandating masks back when His Excellency was in the business of demanding things of private companies. Gov. Sununu has since taken a hands-off approach which is still consistent. Both the previous action and the current inaction infringe on individual liberty.

Mick was not happy with our coverage of Alexa or her remarks in the interview Skip did with her.

As for Mick, but I have no idea who he might be, but we appreciate his input so much that I share it with you in the hope someone can find whatever wisdom he hoped to convey.

He and his thoughts are yours to digest, dissect, or discuss at your leisure or pleasure.


Note: This mail has is published as received per our FAQ, unedited (except for the curse words of which there are several, and only then to add punctuation marks in place of a few letters as is our custom).


Dear Steve,

After watching that ridiculous baker Alexa Firman spew lies about where we are because Biden…i did a quick search for her and found your website. Wow…

While we have real global issues and an ongoing pandemic and need two functioning parties to talk about how to solve them…you morons are making people on the left as the enemy and trying to overthrow our constitutional republic is simply off base.

If folks don’t go along with your lies and conspiracy theories…even folks like Liz Cheney whom I’ve never agreed with, as also your enemies.

Wake the f*ck up you selfish idiots. Get on team American and f*ck this Trump sh!t. People like you Alexa Firman telling lies does us no good. Inflation isn’t about Biden it’s a byproduct of the pandemic.

Had you idiots under the orange assh*le been honest we’d not have such issues. Try the facts on sometime. Try reading books that tells all what happened.

Republicans are the party of lies and NO. As an lifelong independent I’ve voted for folks of all stripes. These days voting on the right is a vote to end the republic. I bet you’re one of the ass hats who don’t want the 1/6 commission to do their work and I bet you think it was not an insurrection. Your “About us” page is at least honest. You tell who reads it that you’re the idiots behind our troubles.

Republicans are rich(or wannabe), racist, religious, selfish and of course stupid. I know it is not possible to change minds. But if your free speech is ok for you to tell your garbage this email mine to tell you what an assh*le you are from where I sit.

Mick Marsden


No worries Mick, free speech has been preserved, exactly as you wrote it, and thanks so much for that.

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Biden’s Electric Car Bugaloo – The Single Point of Failure Theory

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 11:30 +0000

We’ve written a few articles about electric vehicles (140), electric cars (170), EVs, EV incentives, plots, plans, and more. There will be some overlap, but none of that reporting is favorable or glowing. But I’m not sure we ever covered this angle quite like this.

Jerold Levoritz at American Thinker notes not just that they can never deliver as promised but that maybe the promise is something else. This makes sense because Democrats never tell you what their policies truly accomplish for them politically, and they do nothing without this calculus.

Anti-poverty programs create generational poverty. Education programs create masses of uneducated. Anti-racism programs are themselves racist. Anti-violence laws beget more violence. And green energy is dirty. So, why would EVs be about anything but control?

We’ve covered it, and we’ve talked about engineered limitations but check this out.

The Democrats are doing everything they can to get Americans into electric cars.  However, those cars come with the risk of a serious loss of power — not just for the car, but for those who buy those cars. …

[nine paragraphs later]

By favoring a transportation system that can fail at a single point, we confer upon those in power the ability to shut down an entire civilization.  And even if they don’t completely shut it down, the price of electricity will be centrally controlled, allowing a chokehold on all the people all the time.

As Jerold points out, all batter cars are expensive, inefficient, dirty, dangerous, and a potential trap and the people setting this up are not stupid. They are accomplished, successful, and driven.

They are driven to trap America in an all EV landscape they control.

We’ve talked about the limitations and the control but viewed from 30,000 feet it becomes more apparent just how much control.

I’ve always said they want us in EVs to price many or most of us out of mobility (as a means of control), but did I ever take it to the civilization level?

Maybe, maybe not, but it’s with revisiting.

Hybrids were always a half-decent idea; EVs were never a good idea. But the people ‘in charge’ are pushing the latter over the former to the decline and fall of not just us but America.


Note: When I say ‘Biden’ in the title, it really means the Lefty establishment. He’s just the current frontman for the ongoing nightmare that is Leftist green energy policy.

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The Late Nite Link Dump or the Daily Dose? (It’s Massive)

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 04:00 +0000

Hat tip again to Laura for this mountain of links, and don’t expect this many in the future.  But we thank her for her ongoing commitment to the cause of enlightenment and this huge pile of links that she calls the Daily Dose.

I think we’ll start calling it that. Link dump has a park bathroom sort of feel to it, and we’d like to at least pretend at some sense of sophistication.

As always, these are presented as-is for your consideration. Their presence is not a validation of the content but an opportunity to read deeper into the side the media and the machine would rather you not.

Some topics we’ve covered, many we’ve brushed up against, a few we’ve simply not had time to explore.

Wait. ………What?!

In other news from around the world…that’s heading this way…

Nuremberg be damned! Who might be on the US’ short list? Interesting…..if they can now check on us (Thanks Annie!), can we check on them? Spike protein in vax -weakens immune system, cancer link – Swedish scientists say Global takedown of fertilizer And now a word from our sponsors… How about that weather you guys made….like chemistry class….but way bigger-er! Huh….enough said. Does laughing every day keep the globalists at bay? Caution: British humor School Daze… So let me see if I understand this…

Science 101- Batteries hate the cold….and this is just the tip of the iceberg… “Rebellions are built on hope!” Growing Numbers on the Right Calling For a Government Shutdown to Block Vaccine Mandates Omicron, Omicron, where for art thou Omicron Who remembers this one?  Omicron- A 1999 video game featuring David Bowie……foreshadowing at its best..

4th wave lockdown…

This article dovetails with that… RFK – VAERS Data off the charts and growing…


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Constitutional Republicans Public Meeting – Dec 4th 5-8 PM

Granite Grok - Sat, 2021-12-04 03:00 +0000

The New Hampshire Constitutional Republicans will be holding a Public Meeting in Woodsville Dec 4th R. E. Clifford Building (Armory) 65 S Court Street, Woodsville, NH.

That’s tomorrow.

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