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Judd Gregg … Enabler of Vladimir Putin

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-02-27 16:00 +0000

Do you remember Judd Gregg? Former Governor and Senator from New Hampshire … architect of the 2008 Wall Street bailout …. lobbyist for Wall Street. He was on CNBC recently, talking about the Russian invasion of Ukraine:

What Gregg means by “fundamentally undermine their economy” is … my words, not his … go back to the energy policies under President Trump.

Of course, if President Trump had been reelected there would be no need to go back to those energy policies … they never would have been abandoned.

Anyone who actually listened to Biden’s pronouncements on energy during 2020 knew that Biden intended to cripple domestic fossil fuel production. Yet Judd Gregg openly and actively supported Biden. For example, an op-ed from March 2020:

Biden is decent, fair, substantive and well-informed. He has served with distinction in every office he has held.

He can draw into his orbit not only Democrats, but also the all-important moderates and independents.

Gregg and his NeverTrump ilk knew full well that Biden … the man who “Borked” Robert Bork … was anything but decent and they knew that, far from being “substantive and well-informed,” Biden was cognitively deteriorating and would be mere figurehead for Obama’s communist-coterie. Yet their hatred for Trump was such that they were willing to see this country wrecked in order to get rid of Trump.

Without the help of Gregg and his NeverTrump ilk … who spent four years undermining Trump … Biden would not today be President. Gregg and his NeverTrump ilk OWN the Biden-regime’s energy policies. And they also OWN the Russian invasion of Ukraine

By helping to elect Biden, they helped to finance Putin’s war machine as the United States now purchases a massive amount of Russian oil to make up for the domestic production that the Biden regime has, AS PROMISED, extinguished.

Putin never would have dared to invade Ukraine under President Trump. According to a recent Harvard-Harris poll, 62% of Americans don’t believe Putin would have invaded if Trump were still President, and 59% believe Putin invaded because he believed Joe Biden was weak.

But no “mean tweets” and your Wall Street clients have the open borders they covet … eh, Judd?


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RadFems & Conservatives Agree: Protect Single-Sex Spaces

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-02-27 14:30 +0000

What do the radical feminist organization Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF), Christian advocacy organization Cornerstone, and Republican candidate for the first congressional district Karoline Leavitt have in common?

They all gave testimony in support of New Hampshire bill HB1180 to help protect women’s rights to their own spaces and sports.

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From WoLF’s testimony:

I am writing today to express our enthusiastic support for House Bill 1180
(HB1180), which would clarify that public entities are not prohibited from using
biological sex to separate men and women in sports, jails and prisons, intimate
spaces, and anywhere else it is relevant and appropriate for public entities to
recognize a person’s sex.

Inconsistency in definitions and in court rulings applying these concepts have led to endangerment and in some cases legal prohibitions against single-sex spaces, which was never the intent of Congress or of the state of New Hampshire in elucidating protections for women and girls in sex discrimination laws. As such, explicit statutory provisions such as those provided in HB 1180 are needed to clarify the terms of prohibitions against discrimination based on sex.

From an op-ed by Shannon McGinley of Cornerstone:

We should not confuse making practical distinctions based on biological sex with discrimination against a protected class. Considering biological sex is something that, in New Hampshire, we have historically done, and for good reason. For example, the police routinely incarcerate men and women in separate facilities. Because of the deep biological differences that exist between the male and female sexes, our state has a justifiable interest in differentiating between these two groups of people. The most important consideration is safeguarding women’s rights and the protection of women.

HB 1180 is important because, already, New Hampshire’s laws about gender identity are being abused and stretched way beyond the meaning which I believe the legislature intended. Last year, the Manchester School Board adopted a policy integrating biological males and females in both sports teams and bathrooms on the basis of gender identity.

What HB 1180 will do is clarify that laws regarding state identification do not mean that public entities are prohibited from differentiating between males and females in athletic competitions, criminal incarceration, or places of intimate privacy like bathrooms. In other words, “male” and “female” are real categories of people which the state can recognize. Why is that even a debate?

Watch congressional candidate Karoline Leavitt’s riveting testimony at the public hearing for HB1180 below.



WHAT YOU CAN DO: Contact the House Health and Human Services Committee and ask them to vote Ought to Pass on HB 1180.



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Historical Origins of the Left

Libertarian Leanings - Sun, 2022-02-27 13:48 +0000

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Another Treasonous J6 “Insurrectionist” Charged With … Misdemeanor Picketing.

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-02-27 13:00 +0000

As the media and Democrats continue to cry treason the Federal Government successfully prosecuted another “insurrectionist” from the January 6th, 2020, occupation of the US Capitol. But not for insurrection.


Imelda Acosta, who was described in court documents by her social media name—Mariposa Castro—was sentenced in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on one count of parading, demonstrating, or picketing in the Capitol building, a misdemeanor.


Did she get a parking ticket too?

They are going to jail a woman of color for exercising free speech inside the US Capitol that just happened to be on January 6th, for which she will serve 45 days behind bars.

Imelda was a bit worked up.


During one broadcast, Acosta said, “We’re breaking in! We are breaking in! We’re doing this. We’re breaking in, right? … We’re taking our house back. This is our Capitol. We’re taking it back. No more bull[expletive]!”


The Judge, a Bush appointee made a point of talking to Imelda about how she should not be blaming BLM or Antifa for what happened that day. And ‘grand scheme’ he’s right. She is responsible for her own behavior.

Whether she got baited by activists or FBI plants, overcome by the energy or the moment, or if she thought it was the just thing to do, she did it.

Having said that, what she did amounted to another case of nothingburger. The State spent gobs of money to successfully charge this woman with “protesting inside the US Capitol.”

This was, apparently, the best the Feds could do after a plea bargain agreement in which other charges were dropped. You mean the ones you could never get past a judge or jury? Those charges?

Rather than leave empty-handed they strongarmed a woman of color into admitting to a misdemeanor for which she could have easily been let off with no jail time. But the judge wanted to make a point.

Not that the idea that accusations in the press of insurrection are ridiculous but that she, Imelda, shouldn’t be blaming militant leftist groups (that burned neighborhoods, shot people, and in some cases laid siege or seized government buildings elsewhere) for how she ended up inside the US Capitol that day.

And because Imelda is not here illegally and didn’t kill anyone while driving without a license, and she is not a member of BLM or Antifa, the left did nothing to help her.

They may however trumpet her conviction to justify their narrative even if she was convicted of something far less offensive than what protesters and actual sitting US senators did during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings.



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The New Colonialism

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-02-27 11:30 +0000

Covid tyranny is the new colonialism. The successors and, in many cases, descendants of the Western elites that imposed the original colonialism, couched in religious decrees, on unsuspecting populations worldwide, are at it again.

Some of the nations at the heart of the first wave of colonialism in the 15th century are now the most egregious offenders of Covid Colonialism – Britain, Portugal, Spain, and France.

The rulers of these and other nations have programmed millions of their loyal subjects to believe that the face mask is the new crucifix, demonstrating one’s loyalty to the true religion.

The jabs are a modern-day baptism, washing the evil inner self with the cleansing grace of the holy mRNA solution.

We want to thank bmw111 for this Op-Ed.
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The vaxxine passport is the updated Shahada, professing one’s devotion to the new religious faith. And, like the good old-fashioned colonialism of yore, these faiths must be promulgated and proselytized worldwide at any cost.

All one needs do is look at the incredible cognitive dissonance of the people in charge of the “pandemic” response and the people promoting that response (media, government agencies).

The evidence is literally all around them, staring them in the face –their own studies, publications, statistics, and government agencies admit that the vaxxines, the chemical baptism of faith forced on the unclean masses, are at best completely ineffective and at worst, horrifically deadly.

Either these “experts” have gone literally insane (ignoring reality and operating in a complete fantasy land), or they have filled the spiritual hole in their psyche with this new religion, their sacred purpose, of Covid Colonialism. Thus, when evidence, facts, and science that contradicts their newfound belief system is presented, they reject it outright without the slightest consideration, as all true believers of a religion are expected to do.

How many of the public health “experts” in the West that have been making these tyrannical decisions are truly spiritual or traditionally “religious” people or even simply believe in a higher power? No, they are Socialist-Marxist technocrats, who have been indoctrinated to unquestioningly push forward the “liberal” globalist agenda that dehumanizes and commoditizes human beings in an effort at eventual complete global control over every single person on this planet.

Covid Colonialism is simply another weapon in the arsenal of the elite that has – conveniently for them – become a religion for millions of brainwashed sheep.



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US and NATO Wash Their Hands of Ukraine

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-02-27 04:00 +0000

Over 2,000 years ago, Pontius Pilate “washed his hands” of judging Jesus Christ in order to appease his followers. All nonsense of course: Pilate was just virtue signaling.

Hours later the Romans’ scoured and crucified Jesus.

Today the feckless US and venal NATO are washing their hands of an entire country with their application of spineless sanctions. But it’s all for show, an attempt to virtue signal their disdain for Putin and stand with Ukraine.

The West will let Ukraine be crucified while the latter-day Pilates wash their hands of the whole affair in extra helpings of Russian oil.


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