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BREAKING: Daily Sun Cub Reporter Jon Decker turns Political Activist Vibrating with Anger. In other news, Gunstock Mountain Resort Sr. Management All Quit As Does “All Alone” Commissioner Gary Kiedaisch

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-21 00:46 +0000

I did expect to see fireworks tonite at the Gunstock Area Commission; I did but not the way that I thought was going to happen.  And yes, I thought this would happen (Kiedaisch and Sr. Mgt). More on that later as I have ALL of it on video that I need to process it.


  • The room was rearranged from its normal U-shaped (where Sr. Mgt was elevated to the same status as the GAC and felt free to interrupt at any time to one that my BudComm had: The Committee was up front and speakers, either from the Public or Department heads that were presenting / defending their budgets had a podium to stand at.
  • This was seen as a “slight”
  • Politically, it was seized as “the last straw” and one by one, the Sr. Management got up and resigned, each giving 2 weeks notice.  Then walked out of the building.
  • Commissioner Gary Kiedaish then quit on the spot and, per normal, gave the rest of the GAC the back of his hand.
  • The normal contingent of employees were incensed but ALSO let the cat out of the bag when one said that they were highly organized in getting people to the meetings. Some were generally angry, with some (IMHO) were “faux outraged”.

Frankly, Brian Beihl played it well – a grand Saul Alinsky political stunt. Most of the people in the room, when I said that out loud during the Public Comment session, also got angry at me . Political Opportunism.  And none of the employees could see it (or a couple, being how an Alinsky organizer works, were in on it):

And THAT’s when Jon Decker, a wet-behind-the-ears reporter who has been submitting biased reporting for quite some time, lost it Past being angry – not a good look there, young man.  If you want to be a political activist, there are plenty of Lefty non-profits that might take you in.

Sidenote: or not. The way you lost your composure, almost to the point of being out of control as you kept STALKING up and down at the front of the public seating, was almost comical to the max.  It’s clear that this young man (20-22?) has adopted the same Narrative News Style that roiled the NYT a couple of months ago when the junior news staff, all Woked up, starting forcing out credentials, award-winning “oldsters” for not toeing their line.  Didn’t help that Sr. Management caved into them.

He also doesn’t listen very well, either.

Hey Jon!  When a reporter is yelling at me during a public meeting (at least Kitch did it in a parking lot), and also accusing a Commissioner of something that you can’t prove, you’ve become the story instead of reporting on one. And sufficiently angry enough at me because I challenged him such that I thought he was going to take a swing at me. Yes, I was already wargaming that scenario as I stood there.  Have a camera trained on him  as he was doing his rant didn’t faze him in the least.

HIS Sr. Management will be SO proud of him for proving, in just a couple of hours, what I’ve been saying about the Sun for years.

After the meeting, I went over to the Laconia Daily Sun to file an Ethics Complaint against him with the management hoping that someone might still be there (no such luck). So, I’ll be back in the morning to do so.

Or, perhaps he’ll quit as well? Video is coming.

To Be continued at several levels.

UPDATE: Oh, I just couldn’t help myself. Jon Decker was yakking it up with the employee outside while I was schlepping equipment out to my truck. One of them yelled out that I had a crappy blogsite. So that Decker could hear it, I smilingly said “Perhaps but we have a FAR larger online reach than the Laconia Daily Sun” and went on my way.

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Daniel Richard: NH Supreme Court, you got it wrong. Files for Reconsideration

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-07-21 00:00 +0000

And, after chatting with him a bit ago, is willing to take this to Federal court. I have to laugh because his Motion is the first one that I’ve seen or heard of that can actually use the Claremont “cherish” decision in a positive way. From the top part of the Motion:

Now comes the Plaintiff, Daniel Richard, pro se, in the above-numbered and entitled action, and respectfully request, pursuant to rule 22 of the New Hampshire Supreme Court rules, that the court reconsider its opinion dated July 6, 2022, and in support thereof state as follows:

1. I believe the court did not consider or properly examine certain evidence or correctly apply the law and the New Hampshire Constitution as written; and

2. The New Hampshire Bill of Rights as written; apparent and obvious on its face, will have been changed by the court, by eliminating a due-process provision and constitutional article, if my motion for reconsideration is not granted, thereby creating a Constitutional crisis in the state of New Hampshire.

Standard of review

1. In requesting the New Hampshire’s Supreme court to reexamine its findings, I wish to open my motion for reconsideration by offering its decision in Claremont Sch. Dist. v. Governor,138 N.H. 183, 186, 635 A.2d 1375, 1377–78 (1993), cited in the case of Wooster v. Plymouth, 62 N.H. 193, 200 (1882) below. (quotations omitted, alterations in original) “In interpreting an article in our constitution, we will give the words the same meaning that they must have had to the electorate on the date the vote was cast. In doing so, we must place [ourselves] as nearly as possible in the situation of the parties at the time the instrument was made, that [we] may gather their intention from the language used, viewed in the light of the surrounding circumstances.” In Wooster, the court continued: “It was universally understood by the founders of our institutions that jury trial, and the other usual provisions of bills of rights, were not grants of rights to the public body politic, but reservations of private rights of the subject, paramount to all governmental authority; and this constitutional principle has never been abandoned.” Id. at 141.

The rest of the pleading is here. While he quotes other cases, he brings up the same kind of analysis that the Supreme Court of the US used in the last few, now famous, decisions (e.g., Dobbs, the two First Amendment – religious Freedom, the Second Amendment-NYC, and West Virginia vs the EPA) – what does the meaning of the actual words used in the US Constitution stand for and what Powers have been Delegated. Here, it’s the NH Constitution where Dan is using that strategy – and his pleading address that SCONH did not:

Dan Richard – Reconsideration


You might ask why this is needed?  Well, let me go out on a limb here – and sound like the current crop of Leftists about the SCOTUS decisions just to be contrarian for a bit.  Dan has been doing this case for a couple of years now. Each submission that he send is better and more well-formed than the one before it. If he was a candidate for the US Senate, I would name him Don Bolduc as his writings, historical reach-backs, and logic, have mirrored that of Bolduc’s campaigning. That is to say, not so much in the beginning but has taken the intervening time to really improve his craft (that’s BOTH of them if you missed my analogy).  I also know some of the legal and political folks that have been advising him on this – this is a very serious effort by a citizen that believes he has been wronged.  Instead of being denied, this case should have ended up as such a serious precedent as that set by the Lambert-Tardiff vs Belknap County Delegation that affirmed the principle that elected officials MUST do their work in open sessions and not behind closed doors.

I’m not a lawyer and I don’t play one on GraniteGrok but given the politics, as well as being a former BudComm and suing my school board, I have to read a lot of NH law and I analyze it as any engineer would (yeah, I know, Rick). But the political blogger that I am does wonder about the politics and make no mistake, that what we on the Right would want in a perfect world is a set of Justices that simply rule on the Constitution and then outward to the cases before them, it doesn’t always work that way.  All I have to do is have you look at the dissents of the NYC gun case where now-retired Justice Breyer acted like a Legislator in compiling the kinds of gun crime in supporting NYC’s concealed carry case infringements instead of basing his dissent on the Second Amendment.  Politicking at play.

Remonstrances ARE part of our NH Constitution – seeking redress from our representatives.  Too often we see them NOT wanting to be approached, either in the State Legislature or in local School Boards (the now infamous “Easter Island stone-faced Moa statues”).  WHY is it that the SCONH is protecting them against such entreaties? McDonald, the Chief Justice was bad as Sununu’s AG.  Chuck Morse is the President of the NH Senate, and Sherm Packard is the Speaker – all three are very powerful political figures.

Was it a political decision? I dunno but I leave the door open for that explanation…

To be continued…

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More UK Data: 3X Vaxxed Kids Aged 10-14 Are 45x More Likely To Die Than Unvaxxed Kids

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 22:30 +0000

The data out of the UK continues to undermine the Covidiots, Covidism, and the experimental inoculation crowd. Three days ago, we reported that the vaccinated accounted for 94% of COVID Deaths. Today we’ve got more troubling news.

Children, who were never a vector but were lined up and jabbed anyway, are dying in record proportion to their unvaccinated peers.


If the UK numbers are accurate, they need to halt the vaccines for ages 10 to 14 immediately because it is raising ACM (all cause mortality) for kids by a factor of 45 (G12/G5).

In other words, the vaccines are the most dangerous intervention in human history for this age group. It makes COVID look like rounding error:

COVID: 5% ACM increase
COVID vaccine: 4400% ACM increase.


While a lot of data is coming out of the UK’s many offices, those who follow such things increasingly find it suspect. Garbage was the word used by Steve Kirsch, which he explains here. (One set of data suggested that The Jab lowered all-cause mortality in those 20-24), which no one believes). So we should be suspicious of reported outcomes where prudent. But it’s difficult to doubt all-cause mortality unless they are over-reporting deaths of children, and that’s not what you do if you are still trying to get a needle into every arm.

Maybe by making some data murky, you can dismiss real concerns, or is it the general incompetence of the bureaucracy? They are, after all, saying we need to jab kids with a pharmaceutical product when their case counts to hospitalization to death data contradict the need.

Not Just UK

Research in Israel indicates some tomfoolery in that nation as well. The Jab represents a significant risk for vaccine injury in children that rises exponentially as you jab younger kids.

In raw numbers, Berkowitz found that children in the 5-11 age group had twice as many adverse events following the Pfizer shot as children in the 12-17 age group. That doubling of vaccine injuries is, in itself, extremely disturbing and should have been immediately brought to the attention of the nation’s parents.

Unfortunately, the doubling of adverse events is only the beginning of the bad news. Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, a health and risk communication researcher at the University of Haifa and at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya), notes that the 2-dose immunization rate for 5-11 year olds is less than 18%, while older children have rates of 55-72% (3-4 times higher).

All things being equal, the young children would thus be expected to have ⅓-¼ of the number of adverse events experienced by the older children, not twice as many. This means that the adverse event rate for young children is actually 6-8 times that of the older children, i.e., at 600-800% of the baseline injury rate!

So, they jab younger kids?

According to the report, toddlers and infants are also experiencing adverse events, but the government isn’t taking that as seriously as it should.

Here’s a response. Stop jabbing kids and not just because of the risk of vaccine harm.

Using New Hampshire as an example, the state reports nearly 90,000 positive cases of Chinese Flu in residents under the age of twenty since March 2020. Only 0.8% (46) of those were admitted or in the hospital with a positive test. Out of nearly 90,000 “cases,” there was one death, and we believe that child was vaccinated.

There is no demonstrable public health need or benefit, but there are adverse effects. That makes this a purely political program. That explains why they’d hide the harm, but why do politicians and public health bureaucrats want to harm children?



HT |

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A Letter to Editor (Laconia Daily Sun): A Response to Mike Kitch (7/12/22) Where He Tries to Drag NH State Rep Gregg Hough but Suffers a Faceplant.

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 21:00 +0000

Well, since Michael Kitch is seemingly starting a media barrage against the Conservative NH State Reps in the Belknap County Delegation (he has another LtE today and so does his ideological brother, sr. advisor to the Citizens for Belknap, I figured I should go to that battleground and correct the former Sun reporter. So I just sent this in (Wednesday, 3:30 pm so it may be a day or so to appear IF they run it).

To the Editor,

A response to Mike Kitch (7/12/22) where he tries to drag NH State Rep Gregg Hough over “separation of Church and State” but only puts a big bruise on his nose from the resulting faceplant.

It seems that Kitch needs the remedial reading comprehension that he accuses Hough of missing. Hough correctly points out that “separation of church and State” does NOT appear in our Constitution. In truth, it only appears in Jefferson’s Letter to the Danbury, CT Baptist Assoc. Kitch thought it would be a cudgel against Hough – instead, he missed and hit himself. What he took out of context (par for the course) was Hough was talking about the failure of our public education to correctly and deeply teach basic Civics concerning our foundational political philosophy and documents (which Kitch dislikes – we’ve “talked”).

The First Amendment talks about ALL denominations – not just singling one out.

Secondarily, Kitch seeming has no idea where the any Dept of Justice sits in our government including the Federal one:

“Hough also writes “Enforcement of those laws is for the executive branch, the president.” Perhaps in Magaland, but in the real world there is the Department of Justice.”

Last time I looked, all Departments of Justice ARE part of the Executive Branch under the leadership of the current President (or Governors at the State level) so Hough was correct – that IS its role. And as much of a Socialist like Kitch may wish otherwise, because of that hierarchy, the Executive Branch IS supposed to enforce the laws.

Perhaps Kitch needs a remedial course – I’d be happy to oblige especially if he is going to write more about the Citizens of Belknap revenge PAC.

Skip Murphy

Let’s see if they print it, shall we? My previous take on his LtE here.

Hey Steve, I actually wrote short (290 words out of the measly 300-word Sun LtE limit)!

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Another Reason for Term Limits

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 19:30 +0000

The current crop of aging members of the Legislature and the President has generated renewed interest in term limits for all Federal offices. Many members of the House and Senate are over 80 years of age.

President Biden will be eighty in November, and we will not have to worry about the ability of a President in his mid-eighties. With his performance and approval ratings, Biden will be one and done.

What drives people to keep the clock running in D.C.? Where do people find the energy to keep running for office in their eighties? On the surface, you might think it is about power and control. In some cases, you might be correct. Bernie Sanders has such a radical left agenda that he runs because somebody needs to push the Left agenda. If not him, who? So Bernie keeps on running and representing the socialist state of Vermont.

Another more viable reason is money. Not the salary, which is good, but not enough to amass millions on its own. No, it is the hidden money that the long-term swamp dwellers have become so good at tapping.

Maxine Waters’Waters’ daughter is a millionaire. She is not a doctor, engineer, inventor, or entrepreneur. No, she is a campaign worker for mom. Her mother has been a Congresswoman from a rundown area of Los Angeles for a couple of decades. Maxine has to run for re-election every two years, and contributions roll in by the millions. It is perfectly legal to have your friends or relatives on your campaign staff with no limit on how much you can pay them. Waters is just a blatant example. This nepotism happens with every member of Congress who spends decades “in service to our country.” 

Another way that these swamp creatures pad their retirement accounts is insider trading. Nancy Pelosi and her husband, Paul, are worth $220 million, up dramatically from $21 million in 2009. The 82-year-old Nancy has done a horrible job representing San Francisco. Just ask any of the thousands of homeless living on the sidewalks of San Fran. With the help of some pillow talk, Paul can make timely stock purchases in companies that bills will soon impact in Congress. His purchase of Tesla stock recently, just before Congress announced the acquisition of electric cars to replace gas-guzzling existing vehicles.

This week, Nancy disclosed her husband had purchased a massive option on Nvidia stock. Nvidia is one of the largest computer chip manufacturers in America. Congress is poised to enact a bill to give chip manufacturers billions of dollars in aid. Coincidence? Not in your life.

When asked to explain the timely purchase, this was Nancy’sNancy’s response:

“The Speaker does not own any stocks. As you can see from the required disclosures, with which the Speaker fully cooperates, these transactions are marked ”SP” for Spouse. The Speaker has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transactions,” Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, told news outlets on Monday.

This lame, hollow explanation that nobody believes is enough. Pelosi will add to her fortune, and there will be no retribution or accountability. So people like Pelosi, Waters, and Biden continue to go to Washington not to serve the American people but to make them filthy rich. Term limits will end this fiasco.


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Palate Cleanser – When She Says “I Don’t Care”, Now You Know What She Means!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 18:00 +0000

Yes, a play on that old joke that men will never know what a woman wants. And if you are offended by that joke (having been married for over 40 years, it’s a truism), you can complain directly to me (as I won’t care). I ask TMEW all the time “where do you want to go to eat”.

Husbands generally know what comes next.  Well, there is a place that will make her happy she said it:


(H/T: Barnorama)

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The FBI Has Become The Gestapo For The Democratic Party

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 16:30 +0000

The FBI has a history of incompetence and political partisan corruption. Let’s look at this, shall we?

June 12, 2016. Omar Mateen killed 49 homosexuals and wounded 53 at the Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, Florida. Omar was an FBI ” person of interest” in May 2013 and July 2014. Omar’s father, Seddique Mateen was an FBI informant from 2005-2016. The FBI refused to classify Omar’s butchery as a hate crime.

February 14, 2018. 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz killed 17 students and wounded 17 more at Marjory Stoneham Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida. There were two separate calls into an FBI hotline to report Nikolas Cruz for posting on social media he was ” going to be a school shooter” the FBI did NOTHING.


Foiled mass shootings do not fit into the Democratic Party narrative quite as well as dead schoolchildren.

We want to thank Edgar Friendly for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to

Whenever there’s been violence at political offices directed at politicians, military bases, or office buildings, security is beefed up there, enhanced with surveillance and armed guards. But not schools.

It is said the CIA has determined that dead schoolchildren from mass shootings are the best way to convince Americans to give up their guns. Are these shootings being orchestrated? Look at the recent Uvalde TX shooting. The cops stood down and let it happen.

Frank James, the Brooklyn Subway shooter, a man with nine crime records in NY and three in New Jersey, was admittedly not investigated by the FBI. Even though his social media was full of black supremacy/ black nationalist ideology. This lack of interest by the FBI could be because he was black and did not fit the Democratic Party narrative on domestic terrorism.

Recently, the courts found the accused in the phony Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping case to be not guilty because the FBI initiated the whole thing. All key actors were either law enforcement or FBI informants. One of the parties indicted was a BLM activist, not a ” white supremacist,” as reported by the tV news.

We now know there were up to twenty FBI agents embedded with the protestors on January 6. Fact: Video and recorded evidence shows Ray Epps goading people to enter the Capitol. Mr.Epps is reported to be affiliated with the FBI. He has not been arrested and held indefinitely like other protestors. Recently, The FBI refused to say whether or not Ray Epps was affiliated with them when questioned by Congress.

Fact: Video evidence shows Capitol police letting protestors into the Capitol and even posing for selfies with them. FBI involvement here looks straight out of the Gretchen Whitmer false flag game book.

The compliant media propagandists told everyone it was an insurrection, but Democratic leadership was aware of what events would be transpiring that day. Nancy Pelosi’s leadership over Capitol police manifested itself by refusing to activate additional police units or the national guard that day. It appears the desired effect was a made-for-TV news event. A fictitious narrative was spun to deflect attention from the fact Congress was supposed to discuss the election irregularities from 2020 that day.

This was straight out of the Adolf Hitler Nazi Reichstag arson playbook to demonize the Democrat’s political opponents, nothing more, nothing less.

What did the FBI do to aid and abet Pelosi & Co.?

The FBI, acting like East German Stasi, committed the heinous act of arresting Felicia Kobold, a 26-year-old single mother to a small boy and an infant, who faces more than 30 years if found guilty of ” conspiracy” for walking alongside some Proud Boys, which the dying MSM has painted her as a “Proud Boy,” but they’re an all-male drinking club and upholders of western civilization values.

In true Gestapo/Stasi fashion, early in the morning of February 11, 2021, twenty-plus FBI agents and federal swat team members descended upon Felicia’s farmhouse. An entire row of 15 unmarked vehicles was lined up on the road in front of her home as she answered the door in her nightgown to find 20 officers with shields and automatic weapons pointed directly at her.

She was interrogated for 3-4 hours. She refused to answer any questions. After that, she was shackled hands and feet for the3-4 hour ride to a “large undisclosed Federal Prison Facility.” She was strapped to a chair with wheels and locked into a wire mesh cage, like Ernst Starvel Blofeld in the last James Bond movie. For eight hours, presumably to break her will.

Want more proof of FBI STASI tactics on harmless protestors?

I give you Special Agent Mark Hadtbacka, a former Nashua police officer, and his court affidavit in reference to Kirstyn Nielma and Stephanie Nicole Chigger. Two local women guilty of mostly taking selfies with other protestors on January 6th.

Somebody ratted them out to the FBI. Probably some liberal turd. Nielma is an NH resident, while Chguer is from Dracut, MA. They were both charged with violation of 40 USC $ 5104 (c), (2), (d), and (g) in part  “intent to impede, disrupt, or disturb the orderly conduct of a session of Congress.”

A friend of mine once sued FBI agent Hastbacka for maliciously telling a third party that my friend had included him in a plot to kill a judge and a prosecutor, In writing, though there wasn’t anything written, and there was no factual basis for Hastbacka to do this. This agent typifies the corrupt, dishonest nature of the FBI. They should be totally disbanded or legislatively removed from NH, at the very least.

Only to work here via a liaison through the Bags office.

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Well, Well – The Spectre of Responsibility Has Finally Returned? Or Rebellion Against The Loss of Free Sex?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 15:00 +0000

OK, this is a couple of weeks old as this came out after SCOTUS decided that the Federal Government had no part in abortion…

Sidenote: isn’t this what the anti-life aficionados have been weeping over for months?  For Government to get out of the relationship between pregnant women and their doctors? They should be THANKING the Conservative SCOTUS Justices for doing just that and being ecstatic over it (/snark!).

and didn’t end abortion – just returned it to the States to decide. Simply a reinstatement of Federalism and 10th Amendment enforcement.  A most studious decision concerning the Constitution as it NEVER enumerated as a Federal Power and that the killing of a baby was a personal Right. Go ahead, read it – and get back to me on those bits.

In the meantime, we’re now seeing that, in addition to reordering the status quo between the Feds and the States, it has posed a puzzling question to the potential Dads. You know, the males that are necessary for the act that results in a woman to seek out an abortion (putting aside in vitro fertilization for now)?

Is this the real issue, long undiscussed and dismissed, with the guys? Those that the feminists have crowded out of the entire issue with this “MY body, MY choice / Body Autonomy” retort?  I’ve never accepted that because it takes two to tango and any baby is a product of both the active sperm and egg donors.

Is this a case of the responsible vs the self-absorbed and self-centered? Or a demonstration of how many guys refuse to grow up (reformatted, abstracted, emphasis mine)?

‘Up 900%’: Roe reversal sends young men rushing to get vasectomies

Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the idea of not being able to send their lady friends off to the local abortion clinic seems to have prompted young men to take interest in a permanent form of contraception. According to the Washington Post, doctors across the country are seeing a huge spike in requests for vasectomies in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling one week ago, and men under the age of 30 feature prominently among those now seeking the procedure.

A Florida urologist told the outlet that he’s seen vasectomy requests jump from four or five per day to 12 to 18 per day and that young men who do not have children are seeking vasectomies in greater numbers than before. In Los Angeles, doctors have reported a “300% to 400%” increase in vasectomy consultations. A Missouri-based urologist said, “We’re up 900% in people looking to get a vasectomy.”

A side tangent first: Sorry, not all “people” can get a vasectomy regardless of the attempted erasure of biological sex among the transgender theologically faithful but enough of that jab. And let’s be truthful and in support of the guys – some of the ladies are deceitful when they exclaim “Sure, I’ve taken all my pills” (or some such equivalent).  But that’s not the reason for this.

It’s about guys not stepping into the Responsibility area of Life – SCOTUS just gave them a big shove in making such a decision and we’re seeing how many are running at warp speed away from it (as there is always risk in taking part in a physical act that can result in a New Life). The rest of the post is a few more stats but it does beg the question: Is this about men (or from my standpoint, selfish boys) just wanting to be able to play the field without any financial responsibility?

An abortion is cheap compared to raising a child and as any REAL Dad knows, the money is the least of that expense. It requires a complete dedication to both that baby and the mother (the purpose of what marriage historically been – to raise children in a stable environment and not to “fulfill my needs”. It means putting yourself LAST at all times – including your needs and wants.  When you created that .  And the snowflakes boys of today can’t or don’t want to handle it. Yes, I am assuming that these “under the age of 30” are single and don’t want “entanglements” that would upset their lives. They lack the spirit and loyalty required for real commitment.

It is one thing to have married that gal and have made the decision that enough is enough. It’s something else to do so because of not wanting to interrupt your “serial instant gratification”.  Or that they really are afraid of Adulting and growing up.

(H/T: The Blaze)

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Yes, It’s Hot. It’s July. But Has It Been Hotter for Longer? Yup!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 13:30 +0000

Breaking News. The hottest month of the year is going to be hot. Yes, it is, and as it happens, we may see record-breaking temperatures, but does that mean what the Climate Cult wants you to believe? No.

Related: Because Heat Wave Next Week a Chillin’ “Overnight Thread”

The Marxist chicken-littles, many of them disguised as “journalists,” will have their day. Prophetic headlines with imagine doom. But these are the same cherry-pickers who have yet to predict anything correctly after forty years. Today is no exception. And they only have their professional ancestors to blame.

A lot of documented history and too few Winston Smiths. A problem they have been working to remedy, but until then, we are going to have to contradict the doomsayers.

Yes, it’s hot. It’s July. But it’s been hotter, for longer, when atmospheric CO2 was a sliver of its modern self. And if that’s true, then your entire warming thesis is garbage.

Related: Big Brother “Disappears” Inconvenient Federal Wildland Fire Management Document

To help us take out that trash, we turn once more to Tony Heller, whose research and resources offer the best bang for the climate cult rebuttal buck. Seven minutes of in-your-face ass-kicking facts worth sharing should you trip over some climate loon on social media.






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Yeah, This Used EV Car Woe Will Help the EV Transition, Won’t It?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 12:00 +0000

I’ve heard about the long charge times. I’ve seen videos of Electric Vehicles queuing up for public chargers – only to wait for hours to be able to spend even more hours actually charging (if Level 1 or Level 2).

Add to that those EVs that spontaneously decide they identify as a campfire (writ large) either on the road or in your garage.

The constant discussion is that while the per mile mechanical costs are lower with EVs (no engine, no large transmission), the replacement battery cost is no small deal.  What do you do when that replacement cost is more than the car is worth?

And then there is THIS story of a family that tried to do the “green thing” by their 17-year-old daughter and bought her a used EV (emphasis mine, reformatted). YIKES!:

Electric Vehicle Nightmare: Girl Learns Car Needs New Battery, Then Family Realizes It Isn’t Made Anymore

…Avery Siwinski, a 17-year-old student in St. Petersburg, was thrilled to join the ranks of electric car owners, thinking she not only was helping to save the environment but also was going to save a ton of money by avoiding high gasoline prices…Siwinski told WTSP-TV in St. Petersburg she was excited when her parents bought her a used 2014 Ford Focus Electric from AutoNation Ford in Pinellas County. The car was like new with only 60,000 miles on it. “It was fine at first,” she said. “I loved it so much. It was small and quiet and cute.”

But then, Siwinski said, “all of a sudden it just stopped working”. Her dashboard started lighting up like a Christmas tree telling her that a major problem was detected. After owning the vehicle for only six months, Siwinski was shocked that it needed service so soon. But her shock turned to outrage when she and her family took the car to AutoNation to see what was wrong. The Siwinskis were told the battery pack was at the end of its life and needed to be replaced — and the bill was going to be $14,000.

OK, that’s not unsurprising – I’ve seen the prices for a new pack which does make up the majority cost of an EV.  But the greenies keep telling me that the pack should last at least 100,000 miles – oopsies!  Then the family found out the really bad news – similar to going to the hospital, end up there for a couple of days, and then finding that the bill adding up to 6 digits:

The family had paid only $11,000 for the used EV in the first place, and now they were being expected to shell out more than that just to replace the battery pack.

But WAIT!  There’s MORE (bad news):

But then things got worse. The dealer said it couldn’t even get a battery.

So the dealer offered $500 to take the car off their hands.  And that was it. They didn’t even have the tech(s) to do the maintenance even if they could get a battery for an 8 year old EV.  No supply chain supports – heck, the supply chain for NEW cars is hard enough.

The big deal with current internal combustion cars is that the tech is mature and you can get parts for used cards – often for decades after the sale.

Sorry, even as the Biden Administration is forcing us into EVs by artificially making fossil fuels way too expensive ON PURPOSE as they illegally are implementing The Green New Deal legislation (that failed in Congress) by Executive Fiat, here’s a real life example of The Law of Unintended Consequences. The Administration’s emphasis is the upfront and how WONDERFUL it will be that we don’t have to buy gas anymore. Like what dope Petey Buttigieg, US DOT Secretary condescendingly said:

Paying near record-high prices for gas may be hitting your wallet hard, but according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, that will just make an electric vehicle all the more worth it. During a House hearing on Tuesday, Buttigieg said, “The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles.”

But paying $11,000 for a used car that was only good for 6 months? That’s not going to lower my net household cost, will it? The Treehuggers keep telling me that the costs WILL come down shortly. Sure, a $0 price is pretty low but is of no help to keep a car going.

Doesn’t do any good if the manufacturer has decided to deep six that car model like an old desktop computer. As the Siwinski family just found out the hard way

(H/T: IJR)

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Close To Home: At the Greenwood Mall In Indiana

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 10:30 +0000

My wife is from Columbus, Indiana which is a medium-sized town about forty-five minutes south of Indianapolis and approximately thirty miles from Greenwood, a southern Indianapolis suburb. This year our annual visit to see the family and grandkids took place between June 30th and July 16th. Among the many “vacation” goals I had aside from golf, playing cards and games and sleeping in, this year I felt called to buy my step-daughter Victoria and her husband Brandon both 9mm handguns.

It started when I noticed a purple Ruger EC9-S sitting in the case down at Pinnacle Sporting Goods in West Lebanon. I remember it being one of her favorite colors, so I sent a picture of it and asked if she was interested. She said it was almost identical to the one she’d seen a week or so prior and that she’d love to have it. Her father is deceased and came from a family of military and police officers, so I have always tried to think of what he would want for his children. With the world getting crazier and more violent by the day I felt compelled to buy it for her. A few days later my friend Tanner asked if I was interested in his Smith and Wesson M&P Shield and I felt the urge to get it for my son-in-law.

Prior to the trip, I worked with Tanner, who has a certain level of expertise when it comes to firearms, on some drills. The obligation to pass these skills on to my step-daughter and her husband was both a burden and joy. Sadly, I feel so compelled to provide for their safety, while at the same time it’s an honor to be able to stand in that gap at such a time as this. Having gone shooting with my boys during the prior summer at a slick indoor range in North Vernon, Indiana I envisioned taking my step-daughter and her husband and what they would need to learn in the short time we had together.

Firearms on television have always been used as props to add drama and excitement to movies and films. Playing cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers as a kid gave the cheap thrill of using guns in quasi-real-world scenarios. I recall even cap guns having a subtle thrill to them. It isn’t until you’re firing live rounds inside a range, or even outside for that matter, that you begin to realize the stunning power one has when holding a loaded gun. If you are lucky like me you will have found men and women who understand the gravity of owning a firearm and they will teach it to you accordingly. If you are ever around someone with guns who doesn’t take it very, very seriously, you should make that the last time you go shooting with them. It’s that serious because people with guns who aren’t serious are dangerous to everyone around them.

On our first outing, my step-daughter conveyed as much. Her natural nerves kicked in and she struggled to hit the target sheet from as short as five yards. As we watched her on video we could see her anticipating the recoil by dipping the barrel prior to the report of the bullet. The nice gentleman who worked there came in long enough to go over some basics and by the end of our session she was comfortably hitting targets from five and even ten yards.

Though she and I are not terribly close since I became her step-dad as she was a junior in high school after which she moved from Vermont back to Indiana, this was one of the nicest bonding moments we’d ever shared and I felt satisfied I was doing the right thing as awful as it was to think about why I had to do it.

The following week on Wednesday, July 13th I went over how to tear down and clean the handguns with her given our plans were to go shooting one more time that afternoon. We met up with her husband and, no pun intended, had a blast working on gun safety, certain skills, and admiring how far she’d come in such a short time.

The day before that we had taken two of her kids for a day of fun to the Cummins children’s playground in town, then to the Dairy Queen that sponsored NASCAR racer Tony Stewart (a Columbus native) for ice cream, after which I suggested we check out a watch shop I’d seen in my smart-map suggestions list. Every few years around Father’s Day I need a new watch, so, it was a day for spontaneity and we made the trip. I had no idea we were headed to the Greenwood Mall.

Thank God it was four days before the shooting, but when I heard the news after we got home my heart sunk as I thought about the people I’d seen in the food court that afternoon. The sights and smells came flooding back and the happy people and their families all seemed suspended in my mind in a soon-to-be tragic tableau.

It just so happened, though Indiana had just passed the Constitutional Carry law on June 30th, I was not carrying that day having used her minivan with the child seats for her kids. The thought of being out playing with my grandkids seemed so innocent it didn’t even occur to me to take one. Luckily, I didn’t need it, but the news that came a few short days later hit so close to home I struggled to keep from breaking down into tears for what those people went through at that sweet little Midwestern mall.

There is no joy in “I told you so’s” surrounding a tragedy like this one. There is only the stinging reminder of why I had to in the first place.

Though my heart mourns at what happened and for the people affected by the loss of their loved ones and the twelve-year-old girl who is now scarred for life, I am grateful to the great people of Indiana for assuring the citizens have the right to carry and defend themselves, which, in this instance, spared more lives than were lost had they not.

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An Explanation to Our Readers on Press Releases

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 01:30 +0000

Both Steve and I get TONS of press releases every day. We generally sign up for a bunch of politico email distribution lists simply to be able to keep our thumb on the pulse of what politicians, their staff, and advocacy groups want us to know about or take action on.

Yes, there are times we put them up on GraniteGrok. Some are “just because we want to and can,” and sometimes, well – Steve and I just had a conversation on Slack (which we use internally for GraniteGrok – or try, anyway) about this topic. Steve and I Slack each other off and on all day long (most days) so we’ve developed some shortcuts but still understand what the other is saying.

Lightly edited for YOUR readability –

Steve  9:02 AM
Q: We seem to be posting Karoline for Congress press releases (at 8:46am?) but no one else in CD-1.  Looks like we’re endorsing even though we’re not.  We’ve also published her op-eds. And I get that maybe they are just filler (maybe not at 8:46am) but it’s one-candidate. Just an observation.

His question of 8:46 am was because I had an almost-catastrophic laptop failure yesterday afternoon/evening after putting it to sleep to move from my office to the living room, it failed to wake up.

After waiting hours for the extra-large battery to run down and a few hours of running diagnostics later, I saw Karoline’s email request to post it up today (actually yesterday when I finally acted on it) but emailed her I’d do so this morning. We try to keep to an every-hour-and-a-half slot schedule starting at 6:30 am, so that’s the reason for his puzzlement at the timing.

His more important question, which is when readers AND candidates assume things that are NOT in evidence – why THESE pressers and not others, is easily answered.

“Because they asked.”

And sometimes, not even then. But most candidates never ask so we don’t bother. And yes, for those that agree to come in for our GrokGauntlets, I look upon them more favorably than those that don’t (“he that has ears, let him [her] hear”). But just a few because that’s NOT the reason why you folks come to read our posts.

Skip  9:55 AM
I have posted a few from Tim Baxter as well..and a couple of Bolduc ones.  Frankly, they reached out to me asking for just a very few of the pressers to I get to post up.

I’d post those from others but they haven’t asked.  THAT I don’t understand.

Steve  10:02 AM

I suspect that those others don’t truly accept or understand just how much reach we have with their voters.



Skip  10:14 AM
That’s what I keep telling candidates “after all, our readers ARE the ones that vote in the Primaries and they ARE the influencers that other people come and ask ‘who should I vote for?’ or ‘who do you like?’

Perhaps I should turn this into a post….

So, I just did

When candidates blow us off, they are also blowing off our readers, who ARE the ones that make the effort to vote. Ask a few failed candidates like Walt Havenstein (who never apologized for dissing the TEA Party folks), Kelly Ayotte, et al, how that worked out for them when election day came.

So, no, just because we put up a Press Release from someone doesn’t mean we’ve endorsed anyone. It generally means that others haven’t figured it out.



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Pay Attention, Mandates Are on the Way

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-07-20 00:00 +0000

It is challenging to understand the motives of the people and entities pushing for COVID related mandates. Part of the challenge comes from navigating through the mixed messages about COVID from the White House.

If you look to the Southern Border and the continuous flow of illegals flooding across our Border, there is no concern for COVID. Joe Biden fought to end Title 42, which was used to protect us from unvaccinated and untested people coming into the country. In arguing for the end of Title 42, the Biden team claimed we were no longer threatened by Covid, that the Pandemic had ended.

If you observe the President and his staff, the message becomes even more blurry. The President will come off Air Force One or Marine One wearing a mask. He will greet people at the bottom of the stairs, but first, he will remove his mask. What was the purpose other than optics?

Biden travels to the Middle East and defines a new method of greeting. He cautiously climbs down the stairs, and rather than a traditional handshake, he enthusiastically greets each person with a fist bump. The optic is so unpresidential that he appears to be greeting Corn Pop, not foreign dignitaries. By the way, the trademark aviator sunglasses add to the image.

The White House claimed the fist bump was because of COVID concerns, but then in some locations, he shook hands, and others got the Corn Pop Fist Bump. Very few of these people greeting the President were wearing masks if COVID was, in fact, the concern. Very confusing, and the President is supposed to set the tone and direction for the country.

The teachers’ unions are already gearing up for a COVID Powerplay as we approach the new school season. Both unions adopted platforms in favor of mandatory masks and vaccines for all public school children. You are sadly mistaken if anyone believes these groups are concerned about our children and education. These two groups are about power, political clout, money, and the transformation of America.

San Diego and Los Angeles have already adopted inside mask mandates. These folks are not concerned about the flood of unknown illegals coming across the Border in their backyard. These folks are not worried about the Fentanyl and gangs crossing the Border. These folks are only concerned about putting masks on our fragile young children.

Dr. Fauci surfaced this week to announce he will probably retire before the end of Biden’s first term. He also intimated that mandates are on the table and, depending on his interpretation of the data, could be enacted.

The hint of these mandates is bringing out the protestors, and parents will not allow their kids to be masked without a fight. We have the data to show the negative impacts of the education system on our children since March of 2020, and parents will not stand for any further harm inflicted on their children. The Democrats are already looking at a tsunami in the midterms. They do so at their peril if they choose to play the mandate card for impact on the midterms. They may see it as they have nothing to lose. They already have Biden as their handicap.

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Data Point: I Wonder If WMUR Has the Wherewithal to Understand Why?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 22:30 +0000

Yeah, I know, rhetorical question because up to now, the answer is a big “NO!”.  I’m not even sure that they care that they turn off a large percentage of their potential viewers who have watched them go Leftward these past few years.  From the Washington Examiner, this pull quote says it all:

…Bias in the polarized nation might also play a role. A Pew study out last week said that left-leaning reporters are OK with bias, while news consumers are not, for example.

…Confidence that TV and print news media are delivering trustworthy news has plummeted to the lowest level tallied by Gallup in nearly 50 years.

The pollster said those expressing “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in print news are 16% and just 11% for TV news.

And WMUR is becoming that 11% poster, child. Certainly from my side of the aisle but to get down to 11% means EVERYONE detests your reporting and it isn’t just because of ideological differences.

So when that news editor in that illiberal bastion known as the news studio is stacking up the stories and the writers of the segments are pounding their keyboards, that 11% result seems to have NO impact on them at all. Look, I watch WMUR news shows (except for the sports – I don’t care about sports anymore) but it’s clear by their story selection, placement within the lineup, and the amount of time for each story’s “package”, where their bias shows.  VERY rarely will they realize that Conservatives (especially GraniteGrok readers!) just don’t bother with them at all.

Here’s that Gallup polling:

And they have no one to blame but themselves.  Even Fox News, which was created when it was clear that 50% of the marketplace was underserved, has been forgetting that from time to time. Study after study has shown that news rooms are almost exclusively Left – see any report on where the reporters/staff get outed via their political donations.  Those donations are almost exclusively to Democrats while only single digits, often only 2-3%, go go Republicans.

And what these people, who keep pounding their chests like the Pharisees and Saducees of old saying “what a good boy am I!”, don’t understand is that these donation selections come out in their reporting.

After all, how often have YOU been contacted to be asked “how we doing?”.  And if you have, did it make any difference?

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New Resource in the Culture War: “Gays Against Groomers”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 21:00 +0000

I’ve remarked numerous times that a meaningful majority of the “gay community” is disgusted by the transgender agenda and the establishment’s obsession with grooming children.

Some of them had formed a group on Twitter.


The reader who sent me the link this to say concerning a long-time gay couple they know.


I was shocked at how swearing pissed off furious they are at this entire LGBTQ movement that has taken over the “Just being Gay and normal group” that they once were. They are VERY angry about the entire topic of Transgenders. They think they are crazy and this mental illness has zero to do with being gay. The sexualization of children has them even madder.


Another “something” that has been infiltrated and undermined by the political left.

But back to Gays Against Groomers. Great resource, but prepare yourself. The goal is to push back on the indoctrinating culture and to get there from here, people need to understand the culture that is driving this and how it got us to where we are now.

One such effort is a multi-part documentary.

“THE GREAT AWOKENING is a short film series that documents postmodern religious fervor among today’s cultural elitists. Filling a void in a growing secular society, gender ideology emerged establishing a priest class of gender confused young people and adult male autogynephiliacs.”

I’ve skimmed through the two available installments. You may find some content you’ve seen before, but there’s plenty here that may be new to you or for someone who needs to see these videos (like Governor Sununu?).

So, here they are!


Book 1: The Call is Coming From Inside the House documents how the medium of social media may operate as a catalyst for modern day social contagions. Seemingly innocuous ideas such as gender theory, uncritically adopted and promoted, can spread widely online among vulnerable young people, leading to self-harm and destruction. This documentary challenges you to look beyond the shiny veneer of fashionable narratives and see for yourself what is really happening to today’s youth.



Book 2: This is Not a Drill documents how kids are being exposed to gender Ideology in schools. Inappropriate, inaccurate, and confusing educational materials, along with zealous teachers, leave kids vulnerable to dissociation and may contribute to the explosion of trans identification among adolescent age children.



Additional installments are expected.

So? Taken as a whole, the question of the headline remains. Are blacks, women, Hispanics, or anyone who agrees that the transgender agenda is dangerous to kids members of a hate group?

According to the orthodoxy of the far left, anyone who disagrees with the approved narrative, regardless of “age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, creed, color, marital status, familial status, mental or physical disability, religion, or national origin,” is guilty of whatever they say.

So, yes, you are a hate group to them, but that’s no reason not to keep doing what you are doing.

It hasn’t stopped us.


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MAKE IT HURT! RE: DC Overwhelmed by Bussed in “Migrants”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 19:30 +0000

The news is starting to bubble out that what was first derided as a mere Red State (Texas) political stunt is now turning into more than a nuisance. As Steve’s post, A Feel Good Story to End (Or Start!) Your Day – DC Overwhelmed by Bussed in “Migrants” points out, that pain is now being transferred, in part, from the border states back to its origin- Washington DC.

And Mayor Bowser is getting ticked that SHE’S being saddled with even a tiny minority of the illegal immigrants that are flooding over the Southern border. Think of this as well: with President Asterisk’s minders and handlers airlifting these invaders without proper documentation all over the nation, otherwise known as Biden’s version of stealthy dark-of-the-night jet human-trafficking paid for with your tax money, he’s making us all pay for his policies.

I had planned on doing the same kind of post but using this as my “base”: Washington Mayor Decrises Illegal Immigrants Being Bused Into City.

Washington’s mayor is criticizing two border states for busing illegal immigrants to the nation’s capital, which bills itself as a sanctuary city.

Sidenote: you want to be a sanctuary city?  Well, let us help you live up to your own words!

For months, Texas and Arizona authorities have been offering free rides to illegal aliens who have claimed asylum, citing a lack of resources in dealing with the immigrants and the hope that sending them to Washington will help convince President Joe Biden to increase immigration enforcement amid a record number of arrests at the border.

….Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, another Republican, wrote on Twitter: “Welcome to our world, @MayorBowser. Now work with your party, your Congress, and your President to do something about it.”

And that’s my point here. Too many times, it is We the People that suffer the pain and deprivation of our “betters” policies which they keep telling us are “good for us”. While Steve mentions that these illegals are getting “tricked” into being driven into DC, isn’t it the truth that we are the ones being tricked into believing many of their policies are “good for us”?

And too many of us fall for it every time. We suffer and they don’t.

And this is my point as well: we shouldn’t suffer from these policies from “above” alone. We need to ensure that these “Elected Kings” are forced to suffer the same pain they are inflicting on us via their policies.  Arizona and Texas (and now Florida) are doing just that: “you created our pain – now we’re going to make sure you do as well”.

We all should be figuring out that if you hurt us, we’re going to make sure you are going to feel pain as well.



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COVID Vaccination: Remember When I Said I’d Wait Until the Human Test Trials are Over …

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 18:00 +0000

During the rush to create a pharmaceutical solution to the question of the Chinese Flu, many of us realized there was no there, “there.” Almost everyone who “caught it” lived. So, when asked if I’d get “vaccinated,” I’d say I’m waiting for them to complete the human trials.

More than a year into those human trials and we’ve learned a lot. The “vaccine” does little or nothing to protect you from the Chinese Flu. The more shots you’ve had, the more susceptible you can become to infection, and the more likely you will be hospitalized or die from COVID19.

There are thousands of potential side effects, none good, including what we’re now supposed to call Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. Healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 50 drop dead. All-cause mortality for this age group is setting records. The cure is a disease.

And that’s not all. The effect of these human trials will reveal themselves over decades as children, never at risk, are inoculated unnecessarily in sacrifice to Big Pharma’s pagan gods often at the persistent prompting of public health officials and politicians, many of whom eschewed early treatment. “Leaders” who, instead, chose to bad-mouth safe and well-tolerated off-label meds that could have prevented the need for lockdowns, quarantines, masking, and experimenting on the global population with emergency-use chemical interventions.

Related: Is Almost 30,000 Dead From the COVID Vaccines Enough Bodies to Raise a Red Flag?

So, remember when I said I’d wait until the human test trials are over to decide about these COVID vaccines? That was a polite way of saying you should wait too.

I was never going to get The Jab, and if you waited, you’re probably still with me on this. There’s no way in hell you’ll let them stick you with that crap, and nothing could change your mind.

And that’s a good thing. We may need you and your untainted children to repopulate the earth with future generations of patriotic people who support the republic for which we are the only ones left standing.

That’s if the authoritarian tick doesn’t get us before their vaccine gets them.

Interesting times.



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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 16:30 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over.  And yes, it looks like I may be doing one on Friday as well.   We’ll see.

Now, let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***




Before I start, I’m looking for someone who knows how to rip a youtube video, and then edit it.  I could do it myself, but my standard freeware youtube ripper got pulled I could.  Unless someone can point me to freeware that will do it???  There are a couple of movie snips I want to grab for future use.








The US is not $30 trillion in debt.  When you factor in commitments for which the government has no way to pay – “unfunded liabilities” – it’s closer to $130 trillion from what I read (the exact number varies from source to source).  And when you factor in the world’s debt from fiat currency, there isn’t enough wealth to pay it off if we strip mined the entire planet.









See my comment in the Monday edition about living on one income in the 50’s.  This, above, is precisely one big reason why we’re now in an ENVY-fueled consumer society.  Make us so scrambling to live from paycheck to paycheck that we don’t have time to read, to really talk with neighbors and friends and so on, so we can’t figure out that we’ve all been shoved into the same leaky financial boat to distract us from what’s happening in the shadows.

IMHO this is deliberate.








My pick for best of the lot:



Which brings to mind this Huxley quote:


(Link to AZ Quotes per their policy)


The above – between all the meds we have now, between dopamine hits from social media praise, we have the pharma aspect covered.  As well as endless mindless entertainment with plenty of consequence-free s*x…

As I’ve opined before, Orwell’s “1984” (see here), Huxley’s “Brave New World”, Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, and other dystopian novels, were written as warnings.  And they’re very clearly being used as manuals.  Or, were they written as manuals to begin with?  Hmmm.




Palate cleanser:


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WMUR Closeup: George Hansel and Bob Burns

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 15:00 +0000

As I was writing my previous post about the Good Guy with a gun stopping a bad guy going beserk, I was watching yesterday’s WMUR CLOSEUP show. I was going to leave this in that post but I was getting way long again so I decided to split it. Adam Sexton had George Hansel on first and then Bob Burns; both are running to knock off Annie Kuster in CD-2

I had already listened to George Hansel but as was listening more intently to Bob Burns getting grilled by Adam Sexton as most of that previous post was already done. Same kinds of questions to both but for Burns, the gun crime/mass shootings question was up first. Remember, while CloseUp aired yesterday, they record them on Friday – before the incident in Greenwood, Indiana.

Bob’s answers were quick and to the point:enforce the current laws, do something about criminal threats as they are made, get criminals illegally possessing guns off the streets, and restore Second Amendment Rights, and he’d back national Constitutional Carry/reciprocity for law-abiding citizens.

Sidenote: Bob, I think Justice Clarence Thomas just did that for you!

Sexton flippantly asks that we should expect that such people, good guys with guns, would stop a mass shooting; I think he was surprised that Burns said yes. Not everyone will but some would but Burns called him out by saying that the media doesn’t want that kind of story publicized.  And other than on conservative sites, it gets dropped quickly. I dryly note that WMUR is already passing that story into the mists of forgotten time, so they’re proving Bob right.

I also dryly note that Sexton/WMUR showed his/their (is that doing a “preferred pronoun” usage? I’m so confused) Leftist bias just in how they titled their clips of Burns and George Hansel (like we need a Progressive Republican Charlie Bass think-alike again???); Attack dog vs “gentleman with kid gloves”:

  • Burns attacks ‘woke George’ in NH-02
  • Hansel seeks centrist GOP lane to victory in NH-02

Sorry, I’m done with Milquetoast Progressive Republicans that refuse to fight – we need a scrapper. And Bob attacks everything.  Also don’t need a Charlie Bass retread that voted too often with Democrats against Republican principles. He’s the guy that started me saying “I don’t want to have to worry about how you vote”.

Speaking of Hansel, I watched him deflect direct questions about guns (expand enhanced background checks for folks over 21) by Sexton and sequed to the Border issue without a direct answer.  He refused to directly answer, as well, the question on Red Flag laws at the Federal level (and deflected to school hardening). He did, however, say no to an “assault weapon” ban (Sexton showing HIS bias on that one with that phrase). Thank God for small miracles.

This guy seems to be too focus grouped sounding.  And I just laughed when he mentioned that “his person” was trying to get his attention off camera to get away from being asked about whether he’d vote for privatizing Social Security (what, is this Sexton’s version of the infamous George Stephanopolus question of “would you vote to make contraceptives illegal?”:

“I’m getting a thing from my, ah  -very slight giggle – from my person”

He refused to answer the question. Sure, “questions to be asked”, George.  Would have been nice if you had directly answered the ones asked of you instead of deflecting away from them. And he wouldn’t answer direct questions about specifics on abortion, either, other than, like Sununu, “I’m pro-choice”.

Now I know what you didn’t want to undergo a GrokGauntlet.  That said, the offer still stands IF YOU WANT TO PROVE ME WRONG!  I can blame Sexton, in part for this for not keeping you on track. I, on the other hand, have been known, more than occasionally, sometimes FORCIBLY, in telling politicians “That’s nice but you didn’t answer the question – now DO so”.  Don’t waste my time in trying the “No Answer Polka”; I do have a verbal lasso and behaving like that does tend to cause my snarkiness to flare up.

BTW, nice touch, Bob, for running your campaign ad right after Hansel’s segment.

And to answer your question: Bob Burns WILL be coming in for his GrokGauntlet this Thursday.  Lily Tang Williams has also agreed to come in after the middle of August.  They are showing the courage in this regard.

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A Curious Incuriosity 2

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 13:30 +0000

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is hard business. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”

– Rudyard Kipling


Before I dive in, I am thrilled that my Grok piece A Curious Incuriosity has been republished, with a few edits (and don’t worry, GG, there is a linkback to my author page to get people to the Grok!) at American Reveille.





In an essay that I wrote as a guest before launching my official blog, which I unfortunately had to pull down because “reasons”, I noted this about the Left (all formatting / links in original, but italics are replaced by underlining):

In the days when I debated in the local paper’s comment section I was one of the few regularly-posting people from the Right. One day a Leftist sneeringly replied to one of my comments “Do you realize nobody ever ‘likes’ your comments?” My reply was something to the effect of “I didn’t realize we were in a high school popularity contest.”

But that got me thinking that Leftists are herd-beasts (I started keeping track – all the good little Leftists would like-swarm each others’ comments). They move together. They think together. They studiously avoid thoughts that are not of The Collective. A former co-worker was, one day, ranting about eeeeeevil Conservative attacks on Planned Parenthood; he then commented “I don’t know anyone who is against abortion.” I raised my hand, and he sneered and dismissed me outright. That reprises the apocryphal quote “I can’t believe Nixon won. I don’t know anyone who voted for him.”

Liberals are constantly checking their views against those of their fellows because, deep down, they’re not sure of their own. I think that it’s one reason they slide to further and further extremes. It also simply explains, as in Occam’s Razor, why they can turn on each other so readily when one strays off the reservation. But consider this essay, which makes me think that these people actually get a high off the rush of approvals by their fellow liberals. So what happens with drug addicts? They constantly have to increase the dose. So, liberals constantly go further and further in being SJWs to exceed the last person who got adulation.

Ultimately, for the Leftist, it’s not about what they think, it’s about what others think about them. Read this essay by a psychologist whose work and essays I really like; alas, she’s gone dark after Obama’s re-election. And then READ IT AGAIN – it’s that good. They’re not strong enough to stand on their own convictions.

Nor, I am increasingly finding out, are the majority willing to question The Narrative on anything.  The glowing Wizard of Oz screen speaks, they believe.  Unquestioningly.


(Image source)



So I found myself at a BBQ held by someone in my wife’s circle.  Quite a few people.  And here’s a gaggle of the mothers talking about Jabbing their kids.  Whether boosters, or once they turn five, they had this starry-eyed Eloi look that just screamed WE FOLLOW THE SCIENCE!

Made me sick.

So I tossed a few statistics out there.  Like how healthy children have a Covid survival rate better than 99.99%.  How in May 2021 there was a peer-reviewed paper that discussed myocarditis and permanent heart damage, which led to a quiet admission in August by the FDA that this was, in fact, a risk.  That the American Heart Association journal Circulation concluded a link existed between the Jabs and heart damage.  Pointing out that there was a marked increase in kids in their early teens down to single digits having heart attacks and strokes and other problems, even dying.  “Died suddenly / unexpectedly” is now a thing.  A few other bits of data.  You know, just a few things that might catch the attention of a parent concerned with their child’s health and survival.  Yes, I risked the possibility of word of this getting to my Covidian wife and her subsequent ire, but… saving a child’s life?  Worth it.  Thus far I seem to have escaped her wrath, B”H.


And… nothing.  Not one question, not even a recognition that I’d been speaking though they did look at me as I spoke.  I know they heard me.  Precisely. No. Reaction.  I might as well have been speaking Mongolian for all the impact I made on their minds, and I couldn’t help but think to myself that this seemed almost inhuman.  Here I am throwing out very specific claims with checkable numerical figures that – at the least – should have had a person with a shred of survival instinct or love for their children asking a few follow-up questions.  But the result?  Not even a “Can you please repeat that, I want to write that down and check that out for myself”!

Then on to a discussion with the men, with whom multiple topics arose.  And again, in reference to kids, I threw out a few of the same statistics – and yet one man proudly said that he looked forward to vaccinating his only son when the boy turned five, his other child, a girl, already having been double-Jabbed…



And while I certainly don’t wish either kid ill, there’d be a certain soul-condemning Schadenfreude if, in their Jabbing their kids to save them, something bad did happen.

This echoes conversations I’ve had at my Synagogue where I mention things like how, during the trials, out of 42,086 people in the first few months there were 1,223 deaths in just the first month or so of the rollout.  That’s a damn specific accusation, and thus researchable, claim.  Nobody asks anything.  At another meeting I was forced to wear a face diaper (the talk topic was important enough I was willing to put up with it), and my comments that masks don’t work and can actually be harmful was – likewise – met with total incuriosity, but was accompanied by a threat that I could leave the meeting if I did not comply.  As I said in my first essay on this, it’s not like people don’t know I’m intelligent and educated.  You’d think that someone… somebody… would have a shred of curiosity at what I said.  That isn’t to say that they should automatically take my word for it, but at least say “Wow, that’s interesting, you seem to know a lot about this – can you tell me more”?  At least the person I met at a park the other day heard me listening to a podcast about this and asked a lot of questions.

How does anyone, especially a parent, not look at the news of a two-month old baby having a cardiac arrest an hour after being Jabbed and not have an icy hand clutch their heart?

And while Naomi Wolf’s comments, 78% of babies died in trial and Pfizer tried to hide it (video, 3:43) came too late for that BBQ conversation I have no doubt I’ll use them in subsequent discussions.  And again, I’ll bet nobody will ask anything.  Just like nobody bats an eye when I ask a very pointed question:

If this is truly safe and effective, why is Pfizer working hand in glove with the FDA to bury their trial results for 75 years?  Had a judge not ordered the data to be released, not only would I be dead before the data was publicly available, my children would likely be dead before it was publicly available.  And they want to push this into every human arm on the planet, multiple times?



And nobody finds this at all suspicious?  (Just like Michael Mann, creator of the central-to-climate change “hockey stick”, preferring to lose a defamation lawsuit rather than have his data and methods independently verified.)

Nor does anyone question when I mention $350 million (IIRC) in pharma “royalty payments” to people with regulatory authority, nor at statements that people in government are not required to report these.



When someone says you can’t see the data or the analytical methods my BS detectors go off, regardless of the topic.  That hiding of data is accepted by so many just flabbergasts me.  Just like people glossing over millions in payouts as a non-issue flabbergasts me.  “Royalties”.  Concealment of which – in any place I’ve worked would be a screaming conflict of interest – sets off my alarm bells.

Now understand that I don’t just start blurting out statistics to any group standing around me.  It needs to be a topical discussion.  Nevertheless, I cannot think of a person (the one exception just above) who said “Tell me more” or asked questions.  Any questions.  Same for this news:

STUDY: Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine DOES Lower Men’s Sperm Count. (

Scientists Discover Jab Decimates Sperm Count – Geller Report

Not. One. Reaction.  Not from the Rabbi of my Shul; total expressionless face when I mentioned it, after having emailed it to him a week or so prior.  Not from other people that I know.  I mean, you’d think just a basic survival instinct would give people pause, but no.  And more developing on fertility, Taiwan: Birth Rate Dropped -27.66% in June 2022!!! (



And more The Great Birth Dearth:



And Sweden.  And doubtless other countries.  Given that Gibraltar and Israel are some of the most highly Jabbed populations, I wonder what’s happening in those countries.  (Speaking of Israel specifically, this is a phenomenal rant (video, 12:03); warning though, the translation at the bottom flies by fast.)

Vaccinated Women – by Etana Hecht – Clown World – Honk (

And at the back end of life, this; An Actuarial Armageddon.  Nor should we ignore the mass orders of child-size coffins.



On the above image, more here.

Fewer births.  More deaths.  A depopulation dream… answering the 7.3 billion person question.  A quote from a video embedded here:

“There will be a need to kill many billions of people, or to starve them to death, or to prevent them from giving birth… for those who will suffer and die, there will be the peace of the grave”.

That’s from 2015.  Does the prediction match what’s happening today?  And at this point, I am willing to be the bad guy and say FASTER PLEASE; The Unvaxxed Shall Inherit the Earth.  The Jab was always an IQ test, and humanity – en masse – has failed.  Stupid has consequences.




In my titular piece about too many people having too much trust in government, I related a conversation-by-text-messages that I had with a person with whom I’ve been friends for over 30 years.  He was not interested in documented Jab side effects.  He was not interested in the FDA / Pfizer attempt to hide data.  He was not even interested in seeing any of the data I was sending him, and castigated me for sending him Jab victim stories / pictures, instead scorning the whole thing because it wasn’t in the New York Times et al.  That conversation, over a few days, ended that three-decade friendship.  This was his last message to me, paraphrased:


Yet… the CDC is not even looking for the safety signals in the prime system that was set up to detect safety signals.  Surak covers the Covid toll in this post specifically, as well as generally on his blog (image from the post in the link):



In every category the Covid Jab, in just a couple of years, has surpassed harm in every category from all non-Jab vaccines (I know, the Jab is not really a vaccine) added up from 1988.  So in less than two years the Jab has done more damage than all other vaccines added up for 34-odd years.

And when you tell people this… nothing.



To anyone who looks, the videos and data are clear on the massive foreign invasion on our southern border, let alone the aid from President Potato.  The overwhelming quantities of people streaming across the border are nation-ending.  More here.


(Image source)


Nobody bats an eye at this Great Replacement invasion, whether here in America or in Europe.  Almost all the migrants to Europe are fighting aged men, bringing to mind this prophecy from 1974:

“Algerian President Houari Boumedienne who in 1974 told the General Assembly of the United Nations, ‘One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one. But not as friends. Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women.”

― Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam

I remember, and wish I’d saved, a video of an Imam preaching to a street crowd in some European city.  Discussing how Islam would prevail, people in unison across the crowd held up their infants and toddlers.  They know.  Businessmen in the West look to the next quarter and year; sheeple in the West look to the next movie or video game.  Islam?  Looks to the next decade, the next century.  In this Islam is like the Socialists… slow, patient, with a long time horizon.  No wonder they’re allies against their common enemy: Western Civilization.

United in Hate: The Left’s Romance with Tyranny and Terror

Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left 



In Potassium Metathorinate I used a science fiction story’s government-additive-in-everything to capture the idea that, somehow, there’s something that’s just absolutely destroyed peoples’ survival instinct, their skepticism and foundational questioning.

So with those with whom I speak about the Jab, or (cue reverb) cliiiiimate chaaaange, or mass invasion, or shortages, or economic collapse, or, or, or… nobody questions anything.  And even when shown evidence about any of these or other things, nobody believes anyway.  Yuri Bezmenov was precisely right:



He was – to quote my late mother – “exactly right” in his predictions that you could show them data and physical evidence, and they won’t believe even that.



In a fantastic video with Stephan Molyneux and someone I don’t recall – the video’s been canceled of course – they discussed mankind tossing Hashem aside.  Just look at the words of Yuval Noah Harari, talking about Homo Deus.  Man as G-d.  A violation of the First Commandment – “Thou Shalt Have No Other G-ds Before Me”.  And people worship unquestioningly.  Technology, and their own vanity, plus Marx, are their religions now.



In the long run, Hashem punishes these people.  Just like He has punished others who have set themselves up as deities.  The Tower of Babel story is just one example.  My prayer, daily, is that I can get my children through the coming time unJabbed and alive.  Not easy with a Covidian wife whose real love is her pharma-husband BFF.





Perhaps I might still, by chance, influence a few people here and there, but for the main I’ve given up.  Two lines from two different sci fi books come to mind.  Both from memory so please forgive me any errors.

First, from Horace Bury in The Mote in God’s Eye, when he is trying to convince others of the dangers the Moties – the caste-based alien species mankind encounters in the future – and their dire threat to the Empire of Man:

“Men are never convinced by being told they must believe”.

I don’t ask people to believe me a priori.  I just ask that people set aside their egos a la Cromwell:


(Link to AZ Quotes per their policy)


The other quote bespeaks what I now believe is a truism about humanity – that the vast majority of people are just slaves needing to be told what to do.  From Dune, arch-villain Baron Harkonnen says:

If I scattered sand in front of them and told them it was grain, they’d peck at it.

The vast majority cannot be saved.  Leave them alone; WARNING from a Farmer~Get READY! (bolding added):

We can try to educate other people but that time would be wasted; spend your time wisely with people who are rebuilders. If someone has questions about the future, I will give them my beliefs, thoughts and facts. Succinctly. I will not proselytize to the walking dead.

They have been convinced, through relentless and well-crafted agitprop, that they are good and noble people for wearing their masks, for getting Jabbed endlessly, for Jabbing their kids and grandkids too.  Empathy for others was stunningly leveraged and weaponized.  Anyone remember the shift from masks being about protecting yourself to protecting others?  In the name of doing good they will drag humanity into enslavement and death and will enjoy punishing you.  The same for if you question importing countless “diverse” people.  The same for if you point out the looming shortages, or dangers of digital currency / implanted chips / etc.  They will turn on, and punish, you for questioning.


(Link to AZ Quotes per their policy)


And as society disintegrates they will be livid & white-hot furious with you because you, people whom they looked down as deplorables, uneducated, “anti-Science”, foil hat wearers, etc., will have proven smarter than they are.  And their vanity will not withstand that level of assault.  They’ll be more angry at you for unveiling that they are NOT better educated, more intelligent, more scientific, better people, etc., than angry at those who engineered it.  And per Huxley’s quote, they’ll enjoy dishing out that punishment.

As a friend of mine says repeatedly, sometimes nature – anthropomorphizing a little – decides a “reset” is needed.  Not the Globalist-planned Great Reset of society, but something more fundamental: a Reset of those who have gone soft and forgotten the basics.

Turn to your trusted and like-minded friends.  Build, carefully and discretely, your own meatspace network.  Get physical addresses and ways to contact people outside your area who you know and trust against the day the net and/or grid go down (not that snail mail is secure, but at least it’s a way to communicate).  Plan.  Prepare.  Learn.  And be curious.  For if curiosity killed the proverbial cat, the equally proverbial (and in actuality untrue) ostrich approach to new information – particularly information that doesn’t match a preconceived template of what reality “should be” – is even more lethal.  To you as an individual, to your nation, society, and even civilization in which you live.


(Image source)

The post A Curious Incuriosity 2 appeared first on Granite Grok.

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