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Elon Isn’t Just Buying Twitter. He’s Exposing Corruption That Goes All the Way to the Top.

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 19:30 +0000

There aren’t a lot of new insights I come across where I sit dumbfounded, but this was one of them. A huge kudos to Sundance over at Conservative Treehouse for shedding some light on the mostly-unknown world of Big Tech.

As bad as Twitter and the entire tech oligarchy is, it would appear that the situation is worse than even imagned. Shadow banning of conservatives isn’t fair – or legal, if Twitter is indeed the new public square – but things are about to really heat up if Sundance’s insights and Elon’s recent actions prove meaningful.

In short, Musk either intentionally or unintentionally stumbled upon the fact that Twitter’s servers might be, or probably are, owned by several world governments and almost assuredly our own. The next time you consider the fact that the sitting President of the United States was banned, just imagine THOSE ramifications.

Sundance takes over from here:

“What Elon Musk appears to be doing is perhaps the biggest story that few understand. I share this perspective having spent thousands of hours in the past several years deep in the weeds of tech operating systems, communication platforms, and the issue of simultaneous users. 

What Twitter represents, and what Musk is attempting, is not what most would think.

In the big picture of tech platforms, Twitter, as an operating model, is a massive high-user commenting system.

Twitter is not a platform built around a website; Twitter is a platform for comments and discussion that operates in the sphere of social media.  As a consequence, the technology and data processing required to operate the platform does not have an economy of scale.

There is no business model where Twitter is financially viable to operate…. UNLESS the tech architecture under the platform was subsidized.

In my opinion, there is only one technological system and entity that could possibly underwrite the cost of Twitter to operate.  That entity is the United States Government, and here’s why.”

“Within the systems of technology for public (user engagement) commenting, there is no economy of scale.  Each added user represents an increased cost to the operation of the platform, because each user engagement demands database performance to respond to the simultaneous users on the platform.  The term “simultaneous users” is critical to understand because that drives the cost.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter has approximately 217 million registered daily users, and their goal is to expand to 315 million users by the end of 2023.   Let me explain why things are not what they seem.

When people, users, operate on a tech platform using the engagement features, writing comments, hitting likes, posting images, links etc, the user is sending a data request to the platforms servers.  The servers must then respond allowing all simultaneous users to see the change triggered by the single user.

Example: when you hit the “like” button feature on an engagement system, the response (like increasing by one) must not only be visible to you, but must also be visible to those simultaneously looking at the action you took.   If 100,000 simultaneous users are looking at the same thing, the database must deliver the response to 100,000 people.  As a result, the number of simultaneous users on a user engagement platform drives massive performance costs.  In the example above, a single action by one person requires the server to respond to 100,000 simultaneous users with the updated data.”

“There is no economy of scale in any simultaneous user engagement system.  Every added user costs exponentially more in data-processing demand, because every user needs a response, and every simultaneous user (follower) requires the same simultaneous response.  A Twitter user with 100 followers (simultaneously logged in) that takes an action – costs less than a Twitter user with 100,000 followers (simultaneously logged in), that takes an action.

If you understand the cost increases in the data demand for simultaneous users, you can see the business model for Twitter is non-existent.”


“With 217 million users, you could expect 50 million simultaneous users on Twitter during peak operating times.  My back of the envelope calculations, which are really just estimations based on known industry costs for data performance and functions per second, would put the data cost to operate Twitter around at least $1 billion per month (minimum).  In 2021, Twitter generated $5.1 billion in revenue, according to the Wall Street Journal.

There is no business model, even with paying subscribers, for Twitter to exist.  As the business grows, the costs increase, and the costs to subscribers would grow.  So, what is going on?”

“If my hunch is correct, Elon Musk is poised to expose the well-kept secret that most social media platforms are operating on U.S. government tech infrastructure and indirect subsidy.  Let that sink in.”




Hailey Sanibel writes at The Blue State Conservative

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Wealthy Gay Democrat Donor Found Guilty of Drugging and Raping Poor Black Men

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 18:00 +0000

When I read this story, I couldn’t help but think how it so perfectly represents what Democrats have done to African Americans in the United States under the guise of being their allies.

Sorry, there is some good. The guy didn’t manage to get away with it.


 For nearly a decade, the wealthy, white [Ed] Buck lured young Black men at the lowest points in their lives — homeless, addicted, resorting to subsistence-level sex work — into what he called “party and play” sessions.

Amid squalor that belied his reputation as a man who had achieved great wealth at a young age, Buck plied the men with drugs and then sexually assaulted them while they were unconscious or immobile. In two cases, he injected his victims with fatal amounts of methamphetamine.


Buck, a Democrat donor, is going to prison for thirty years (the rest of his life, effectively), but the liberal qualities he exemplifies live on in the Democrat party he supported.

These ideological descendants of the Klan have created the culture of broken families that plagues many inner-city minority lives. They then promise to do something about the state in which they’ve trapped them while blaming others for the misery they created.

Nothing in the Liberal agenda is designed to improve these circumstances. The Ed industrial complex continues to launder more money into unions and political campaigns while city kids get declining academic standards, fewer prospects, and even chemical castration at the hands of the Left’s groomer lobby.

And that’s not the end of it. Every effort to give kids better education outcomes that might help break the cycle of dependency on government is blocked by Democrats.

Like any people trapped, and this has been common in the UK for years regardless of race, when the only shot at upward mobility comes from crime, there’s more crime.

The culture of crime worsens the environment, and Democrats exacerbate that with less policing, refusing to prosecute crimes and laws that make it illegal to defend yourself.

The Democrat party is Ed Buck. They are wealthy politicians responsible for a culture of poverty and hopelessness, who lie and bribe and abuse to advance more bad policies from which many may just end up dead.



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Tell the NH Senate: Stop Vaccine Mandates!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 16:30 +0000

The coming week presents one of the best opportunities to expand medical freedom yet, and your emails and testimony will be needed to push some of our core RebuildNH bills across the finish line.

There is some good news to report below, but also a few efforts we still need your help with.

First off, the following bills are in jeopardy and we need your help getting them across the finish line. Please call Senator James Gray about HB1268 and HB1272: 603-271-3479. Please call Senator Jeb Bradley about HB1131: 603-271-3266.

 SUPPORT: HB 1268, this bill would prevent a town or city from ever implementing a mask ordinance again. It would also prohibit any other nonsensical Covid regulation at the town level. Tell Senator Gray that we don’t accept local tyranny.

 SUPPORT: HB 1272, this bill enacts much needed restrictions on town health officers. Remind Senator Gray that there must be limits on authority.

 SUPPORT: HB 1131, relative to facial covering policies for schools. This bill prohibits public schools from creating policies that force students or members of the public to wear masks. We believe parents should always be able to opt-out of mask mandates for their own children and the law ought to reflect that. Let Senator Bradley know you want this bill passed unamended.

Please target your outreach in support of these three bills toward Sen. Jeb Bradley and Sen. Chuck Morse, the Senate leaders, by calling Bradley at 603-271-3266 or Morse at 603-271-3479 or emailing them at and


Please Submit Group communications or Press Releases for consideration
to Submission is not a guarantee of publication.


Senate Session: Thursday, April 21

The Senate has done some good work this week, but there are still a few lingering efforts that could use your attention:

 OPPOSE ITL, SUPPORT OTP —HB 1425, relative to the taking of real property by eminent domain. This bill modifies the power of the governor and council to take private property during states of emergency as well as adjusts the calculation of compensation paid for such takings. The Senate Judiciary Committee, chaired by Sen. Sharon Carson, unanimously voted ITL (inexpedient to legislate) for HB 1425, which will kill the bill. Please ask the Senate to oppose the ITL (Inexpedient to Legislate) recommendation, and support an OTP (ought to pass) motion on the floor.
 OPPOSE INTERIM STUDY, SUPPORT OTP—HB 1044, relative to direct payment and membership-based health care facilities. This is a really important bill and the committee’s recommendation needs to be overturned on the floor. This bill doesn’t need to be studied, it needs to become law to create desperately needed competition in the health care market. This bill amazingly would carve out an exemption allowing business ventures to create hospitals and other medical facilities that only accept direct payment, which would exempt them from federal COVID regulations and other potential federal overreach. Please ask the Senate to oppose the Interim Study recommendation, and support an Ought To Pass motion.
 SUPPORT OTP-A—HB 1495, prohibiting the state from requiring businesses to require vaccine or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status. This bill as amended prohibits the state and all the political subdivisions from mandating vaccines for any private business. The purpose of this bill is to prevent us from ever having a NYC style passport system.

Please contact the whole Senate and ask them to support HB 1425, HB 1044, and HB 1495:

You may … email your senator by finding them here.

Here’s some good news. The following RebuildNH bills were recommended by Senate Committees and are set to pass by a single voice vote on Thursday. Should this occur, the bills would then head on to the governor’s desk. If you’d like, express some gratitude to the Senate for passing these bills:

 SUPPORT: HB 1439, relative to hospital visitation policies. This bill allows, with limited exception, a patient to designate a parent, spouse, family member, or other caregiver to be present while the patient receives hospital care.
 SUPPORT: HB 1003, prohibiting health care providers from refusing to provide care or services based on patient vaccination status. Sadly, this bill is very much needed to protect unvaccinated citizens from being treated as second-class citizens.
 SUPPORT: HB 1488, expanding the prohibition against discrimination based on an individual’s election not to participate in the state vaccine registry. This bill plainly confirms that a person cannot be discriminated against for removing their information from the vaccine database, which should be an elementary and obvious truth. We suspect N.H.’s government would attempt to create a vaccine passport system using the immunization database, and this bill would hinder that attempt.
 SUPPORT: HB 1604, including state medical facilities in the statute providing medical freedom in immunizations. This bill repeals the exemption of government nursing homes, hospitals and medical facilities from the statute pertaining to medical freedom in immunizations.
 SUPPORT: HB 1608, requiring the department of health and human services to contact certain individuals whose information was included in the state immunization registry. This bill requires the Department of Health and Human Services to remove your private medical information from the State’s Vaccination Registry.

For more visit and join their email list.

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One-Minute Read – Is This Why Leftists are So Rabid About Transing the Kiddies?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 15:00 +0000

For close to a century, the progressive left has been engaged in a project to control the population. They are obsessed with it because Utopia is impossible without it.

Early eugenicists like Margaret Sanger were adamant about using birth control to suppress the birth rates of people the progressives viewed as undesirable. Mostly minorities and members of lower classes. And things were going well until a German bloke named Hitler took the idea to its logical conclusion.

Since then, the Left has pursued its plan in other ways. Destroy the families of minorities and the lower and middle classes folks.

On-demand abortion.

And the latest “innovation,” gender-altering drugs, and surgery for children.

If you cannot publicly justify the chemical castration of adults, do it while they are kids. Use the public-school monopoly and if anyone objects, call it medically necessary life-saving health care.

Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, said that.

A progressive regime obsessed with eugenics and population control calls chemical castration medically necessary.

That’s not a coincidence.



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In About Face, British Cycling Bans Biological Males from Competing as Women

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 13:30 +0000

Two weeks ago, Skip asked if we’d reached Trans Peak. Can the biological difference between XX and XY-born Homosapien sapiens no longer be ignored?  British Cycling tried to ignore it and punish anyone who dared to question them, but they just backpedaled.

Earlies this year, the Brits running the bike circuit stood firm on the idea that having a penis was no barrier to beating the crap out of women in cycling competitions. And hey, if you complain about it, that’s hate speech.

You could get booted from the competition for speaking your mind.

But someone changed their mind.


The British Cycling Board of Directors voted April 6 to suspend their policy’s permission to transgender cyclists to compete under certain conditions, citing concerns of unfairness to women in the sport. The group indicated it will conduct a “full review” of the policy to be “initiated in the coming weeks.”

The announcement closely follows a statement by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson that biological men should not be competing against women in sports, as well as the signing of a letter to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) by more than 650 sports figures, including one of British Cycling’s most senior officials, urging the international group to revoke the eligibility of “trans women” to compete in female sports unless UCI could provide “robust scientific evidence that the rule guarantees fairness for female athletes.”


Sorry boys, no “chicks” with, um …man parts. At least not in British cycling competitions. And at least one transgender cyclist’s mom has promised to take action.

That last sentence says a lot.

Transgender cyclist Zach “Emily” Bridges “mother has since warned that she and her son will “take action” regarding the decision, and called British Cycling’s treatment of trans athletes “appalling,” according to The Telegraph.”

Perhaps they’ll rue the day.


Sponsor Pete Stanton has also pulled funds from one of the British Cycling’s National Road Series events in protest of the suspension of its transgender policy.


Will rich “everyone else” jump in to fill the void, or are they too intimidated by the Gaystapo? And what about Zach’s mom? Will an investigation uncover that she has Munchausen by Proxy and groomed her child as trans to get attention for herself?

That’s more common than we probably want to believe, but we’ve reported on a few stories like that and how people are afraid to push back.

Someone’s pushing back, so maybe we have hi peak trans.

And Zach’s mom wants the attention of having a champion women’s cyclist for a son daughter, so she’s pushing back on the pushback.

How it ends remains a mystery, but it would be great for biological women if professional sports finally came to their aid.



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But That's Our Job!

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2022-04-16 12:59 +0000
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Poor BLM is Triggered

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 12:00 +0000

Black Lives Matter co-founder recently purchased a $6M home in California with funds donated to the organization. The home was put in the name of a shell company, and purchased for $2.5M over the asking price.

Perkins Coie was the legal firm that handled the transaction. You may recognize that law firm from various Clinton stories. The home was paid for with cash, and has not been used for BLM related activities.

Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors has lived there for some time, as has her mother. There was no Form 990 ever drafted to disclose the purchase to donors, which the IRS requires of all charitable organizations. Cullors feels triggered by the sound of the term Form 990 and claims it is being weaponized against her and BLM. She and BLM have done nothing wrong here, it is the IRS and the Government that are doing wrong, and BLM must stop it. She said this all with a straight face. Amazing gawl.

This is not the first purchase of property by the Black Lives Matter group. They have bought property in the United States and Canada with cash from donations. The financial dealings of BLM have been under question for some time, but though reported donations are in the millions, some say that they are really in the billions. Where has all that green cash gone?

Many of us knew from day one that this organization was a scam. It sold itself on good intentions but was nothing more than a Ponzi scheme to squeeze money out of sympathetic donors, convince low-level volunteers that it was all for the good of oppressed Blacks, and skim money from the top for the few in on the scheme.

There were always two BLMs. There was the reason that the organization was formed. The treatment of Blacks, the issues with Police, the gangs, and the needless killings of innocent Blacks in big cities like Chicago needed attention. There was thinking across color lines that the purpose was genuine, but the money handling and political arm of BLM were questionable at best.

Even at the local level in New Hampshire, the BLM chapter had lists of unreasonable demands they were putting on anyone elected in the state. They used their influence to force people into school departments, such as the DEIJ Director hired by the school administration. We are getting little for the $150,000 that this person is paid, and it is nearly $60 thousand more than a person hired to a similar position in a much bigger district. His salary is three times the average wage for teachers in the district. Teachers are being terminated because of falling enrollment, but we have a DEIJ Director.

I contend that since the BLM organization is exposed as a financial sham, anyone hired because of BLM be removed. The streets of big cities that were defaced to honor BLM should be painted over. BLM and its followers will claim racism but when they do, BLM should be called out for what they are and what they have failed to do. They should be forced to account for every donation. And taxes must be paid, or individuals need to be indicted for the misuse of funds. And finally, the leaders that are attempting to turn this back on the Government need to be silenced.

You have done wrong. Own it and pay for your sins, including shutting down local chapters.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Another New Hampshire Teacher Indicted for Sexual Assault

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 10:30 +0000

A pro-defund police pro-covid-lockdown teacher from New Hampshire has been indicted for sexual assault. “Bridgette Doucette-Howell of Amherst and Merrimack was indicted in March after a 10-month investigation.”

She is alleged to have had sex with and kissed a student between April 26 and May 13, 2021.

While the male student was 18 at the time, New Hampshire law prohibits this sort of conduct by anyone who is a teacher, volunteer, or contracts at the school the student is attending.


Doucette-Howell was the theatre director at Sanborn Regional High School in Kingston at least two years ago. Not long before the alleged sexual activity, the school’s troupe was featured on WMUR-TV for putting together a post-pandemic performance. …

Doucette-Howell holds a Bachelor’s in musical theatre and a Master’s of Art in teaching-secondary education and teaching, both from UNH. She worked for the Springboard After School program in Massachusetts and the Seacoast Repertory Theatre in Portsmouth. also reviewed her Facebook page, where she shared support for defunding the police, favored school lockdowns, and opposed learning opportunities outside the public school system. (That page has since been locked or removed). But her Twitter is still up and live (though not very current).

Any guesses on how she feels about grooming six, seven, and eight-year-olds?



Note: the other sexual assault involved teacher Primo Howie Leung – you can find our coverage from 2019 here. Leung was never charged in NH, but the coverup cost a number of administrators their jobs. Leung still faces charges in Massachusetts.

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Friday Open Thread – I Really Wish “Tax Day” Was November 1st

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 01:30 +0000

I’m sitting here wrapping up doing taxes. You know, let the 50% of people who DO pay taxes have a couple of days to fume before going and electing their representatives.  People in the know say that economics drive elections. Well, I say put a V12 supercharged nitro-driven dragster engine up front and mash that pedal down! But that’s just me.

You? What’s on your mind other than the Ukrainians sinking the flag ship of the Russian Navy, the Moskva?  My only question is why just use two missles on that – why didn’t they just take out ALL of the Russian ships laying “in war” off the coast?

Anyways, as always, this is your thread – tell me what’s on your mind!

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Democrats Have Decided to “McCarthy” the Entire Republican Party – Will It Work?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-16 00:00 +0000

Pay attention if you want a good laugh and maybe a good cry (possibly from laughter but possible sorrow). The same Democrats sexualizing young children have filled the media magazine with new ordinance.

The Republican Party is a bunch of white supremacist Putin Lovers.

The pretext rises from this.

This prediction from former and current intelligence officials dates from at least early 2020 and holds that a “transnational white supremacist network” with alleged ties to the Ukraine conflict will be the next global catastrophe to befall the world as the threat of Covid-19 recedes. 


And manifests itself here in the American media.


On March 2, Salon followed Reich’s piece with a similar editorial entitled “How white supremacy fuels the Republican love affair with Vladimir Putin,” which concludes with the assertion that “today’s Republican Party is America’s and the world’s largest white supremacist and white identity organization” and “that “conservatism” and racism are now fully one and the same thing here in America.”

As this muddying of the waters regarding the relationship among Putin, the US Republican Party, and white supremacism escalates, we also have intelligence agencies in Europe and the US increasingly linking opposition to Covid measures, like lockdowns and vaccine mandates, to neo-Nazism, white supremacism and the far-right, frequently with little to no evidence.

This recently occurred with the Freedom Convoy in Canada and, more recently, German security agencies and officials asserted just days ago that they can no longer distinguish between “far-right radicals” and those who oppose vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions. However, these efforts to link opposition to Covid measures with “domestic terrorism” and the far-right go back to 2020.


I can’t speak to the CIA’s interests in Ukraine (or the author’s assumptions about it – maybe this?), but the latter part is all around us. It has been brewing in the basement cauldrons of the Left’s narrative mills.

I don’t think it was necessary to start a war and stir up an insurgency to make or keep that idea alive. It arose out of the need to find something more intimidating than plain old racism. This is the only thing about that party that is actually colorblind.

Anyone of any age, sex, race, pick a potential victim class, who is not ideologically aligned with them, is a racist, bigot, homophone, theocrat, or whatever applies to intimidate like minds from daring to speak against them.

The war with Russia adds a flank to their methods, as the Salon piece and echo chamber attest. And they will never let a crisis go to waste.

Other news organizations will point to Salon as proof of other reporting, and the media circle-jerk will continue until it reaches critical mass.

But the media has been busted repeatedly in recent weeks for epic fraud. Trump is suing Hillary Clinton. Hunter’s Laptop is not just real; it’s damning.

And Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter – not to free “free speech” but to expose the likelihood that it is a prop of the US intelligence community. Read that one when you have time, but remember that it’s probably just another conspiracy cooked up by Putin-loving republican white supremacists.



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GrokMeetUP’s Are Back! – Area 23 Pub, Concord NH, May 14 (Saturday)

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 22:30 +0000

GrokMeetUps are back like we tried before but better this time. Another reboot like our GrokTALK! podcast, and it’s time to get them rolling again.

In no small part, I love talking with all of you and, better, listening to you folks! And for this reboot, we’re going back to our roots – to where these started.

Area 23 Craft Beer and Ciders
254 North State Street Unit H
Concord, NH 03301
6 to 8 pm
Phone at Area 23 is 603-552-0137

If you don’t remember, or have attended the couple of GrokMeetups we held there in the past, it’s a small, intimate area.  We’ve known the owner for years. He and his co-founder were lobbyists who worked to get craft brewing legalized here in NH and appeared on the second iteration of GrokTALK! a number of times.

That was successful – and then, after watching other start-up craft bars, decided to do the same. Liberty-minded to boot! So, we’re heading “home.”

As always, it will be “lightly agenda’d”; mostly just talking amongst ourselves but we may well do other things.

In future Grok Meetups we’re planning on introducing some new “features” but not just yet – let’s just get comfortable. There is one change, however…

We have normally charged a cover fee, mostly $5/head depending on the location (sometimes a bit more). But with Bidenflation, everything has gone up in price so we must as well to continue to provide the “light fare” that we’ve always done. We need to up that cover fee to $10/head/event.  But we’re throwing in a new wrinkle!

We DO appreciate that quite a few of you have become monthly supporters/subscribers to help us pay the bills (especially the new server) and we want to say “thank you!” and reward your generosity.

So, if you are donating $5 or more per month, the cover fee is waived. Not just for this one but any GrokMeetups in the future (that’s the plan).

The plan is also to try to do one every couple / three months. We may also sneak in a “subscriber-only” version every now and then but what makes them “special” –  Steve and I are still grokking that.

And we are still looking for places to hold these.  One in Manchester that we’ve used before used to be free and now it is a $500/hour food buy-in and if that level isn’t reached, GraniteGrok pays the difference so I ruled that out for this iteration.

Why? Lockdowns almost killed them off are my thoughts.

So, the more places we can find around the state (for free or cheap?), the better. All over the state. We want to do these in different parts of New Hampshire, not just the Nashua-Concord corridor.

And the more we do, the better I can estimate attendance and figure out if we can “do this” in places that will charge a fee.  And who knows, maybe we’ll end up at that Manchester location after all.  However, I need locations (as I have done before – all over the State.

So, comments, please!



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If Violent Crime is an Issue in the 2022 Mid Terms (It Is!) Can Dems Survive That?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 21:00 +0000

Rassmussen says Americans think violent crime will be an issue in the 2022 elections, with 61% saying violent crime is worse. What does that mean for the political landscape?

Democrats have long blamed firearms for violent crime. Law-abiding gun owners are compared to criminals to justify their disarmament agenda.

Democrats have been letting criminals out of jail or not confining them.

How exactly does that play alongside opinion polling on violent crime when cast atop the political stage?

It should be curtains for the Democrats, but most media coverage on crime is always shining a light on it from the left. But the facts are not entirely lost.

Illegal border crossings are at record levels. That influx brings human trafficking and drug mules, fueling another Democrat-driven opioid crisis. Drug use, abuse, and overdoses have peaked again, a feature of every Democrat presidency in this century – with Creepy Joe getting a twofer. He was VP the last time border policy increased drug crime, opioid use, and death.

Criminal alien gangs are engaged in drug trafficking, human trafficking, and violent crime.

The infamous Soros DAs and AGs allow criminals to run loose, set them loose, or refuse to arrest or prosecute a growing list of crimes.

These loosened prosecutorial standards have caused skyrocketing property crime in cities that won’t prosecute thefts under 1000.00 dollars. Thefts that fund the gangs resulting in more drug and violent crime.

Memories of the riots of 2020, endorsed by Democrats, still linger in many people’s minds.

Places like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City are becoming unlivable. Once quirky west coast enclaves, Seattle and Portland have been reduced by years of Democrat rule into unstable powder kegs where ordinary people live in fear.

And that result is precisely what the left is after. Either that or the Dems are complete incompetents, so which is it?

But Americans don’t want that, and they are beginning to realize the cause—the Democrat Party.

Will it translate to the ballot box? Can we even use the ballot box to make changes anymore?



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Education’s Sacred Trust

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 19:30 +0000

Educators and the public education system are custodians of a sacred trust.

When children come to school, they arrive reflecting the value systems of the families responsible for raising them. Those value systems are as different as the children themselves.

Recent revelations from educators around the country, mostly on social media platforms like TikTok, reveal a number of educators who believe that it is their responsibility to weigh in on and influence the value systems of the children toward a particular goal. This impulse to influence a child’s value system is not limited to educators. As was recently revealed, Disney also wants to weigh in.

It is not good enough to simply allow parents and caregivers the responsibility to instill a value system they believe is right for the child. Whether it is a rogue educator or a corporation trying to impose a value system on impressionable youngsters, that is not their job. That is the job of parents and caregivers.

Fortunately, parents can choose to turn off Disney. They can’t, however, easily escape the efforts of activist educators who might be knowingly dismantling the foundations of a value system they are attempting to build.

We want to thank Commissioner Frank Edelblut for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

That means that families, when they send their children to school, entrust the educators to respect the value systems that the family is building. This is the sacred trust that educators have.

To be fair, most educators do not engage in such practices, and effective educators know that blatant displays of bias are not necessary. They can teach challenging and sometimes controversial topics without allowing their personal preferences to seep through to the children. A student may never even know a teacher’s opinion on a topic, particularly a sensitive topic like sexuality and gender, or perspectives on political systems, whether capitalism or socialism, or an ideological engagement of race and diversity.

Rather, these teachers provide instruction that is developmentally appropriate to the child, and parents are left to determine how, and when, to explain the benefits and consequences of adopting beliefs that align with one side of an argument or another.

But when educators overstep, it weakens the ability of parents to achieve the values they believe to be best for their children, and it squanders the credibility of the profession as a whole.

For the most part, New Hampshire has avoided many of the problems seen on a national level. But, that does not mean that we are immune to them. Recent experiences in New Hampshire show that some of these biases are beginning to seep into our institutions. This document exemplifies actual instructional material from New Hampshire schools that parents have identified as conflicting with their values.

One example includes messaging to children as young as 8 and 9 years old “that there are totally more than two genders! Some people identify as a gender that is not male or female, some identify as more than one gender, and some people don’t identify as any gender.” Not only can this be confusing for a child, but it might conflict with – or worse, undermine – the value system of many of the families.

Children in New Hampshire need to learn about capitalism and socialism. And, when those subjects are taught, the teaching needs to be factually accurate. The goal, however, is not to persuade children to become socialists through a biased or subtle affirmation of the tenants of socialism, even if the educator holds a personal belief in that system. Again, for an effective teacher, those beliefs do not seep through. But, when walls of one New Hampshire classroom are adorned with posters extolling the virtues of socialism, the educators undermine the values of families.

Parents of students taking an art class should have a reasonable expectation that they will be learning about, well, art. They should not be concerned, as occurred in another New Hampshire classroom, that the introduction to art will begin with a lesson in pronouns and links to Black Lives Matter for kids and LGBTQ+ for kids.

For a very long time, educators were highly trusted partners for parents, and in that role, they were given great latitude. With that latitude came great responsibility. Responsibility to support the parents and not undermine their values.

The actions of some educators, which have become increasingly apparent through social media as a result of the pandemic, are undermining the sacred trust that educators hold. Educators have a position of influence over children. The correct use of that influence will support and not compromise the values of families.

Good educators have always recognized that.

Op-ed was written by Commissioner Frank Edelblut of the New Hampshire Department of Education

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Elon Has Become Enemy Number 1

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 18:00 +0000

Elon Musk has crossed the line as far as Big Brother and Government are concerned. I guess that is redundant. It was yesterday that he was a hero. He was the most prominent advocate and producer of electric cars. That fit into their program.

Just ask Nancy Pelosi about her massive buy of Tesla stock the week the Government announced they were going to an all-electric fleet.

He was a hero when he rerouted his private communication satellites to afford Ukraine’s uninterrupted ability to avoid Russia cutting them off from the world. He was adored when his tunnel theory to take road travel underground showed it could work. They said thank you when he paid more taxes than any other American. But he forgot to stay in his lane. He crossed the line.

Musk is from South Africa, where their Constitution models ours. His sin was making noise about his love of the first amendment. He is not only for free speech but absolute free speech. Free speech means you can say anything and a person’s only recourse is not to listen, not shut you up.

The richest man in the world, not named Putin, saw a problem and decided to step up and solve it. His first step was to buy a controlling block of Twitter stock. He saw Twitter as a globally powerful tool manipulated by a few. He saw a danger in moderating the content. He recognized that what Twitter called moderating, the world called censorship. The stock purchase got him in the door of Twitter, and like a sausage factory, he did not like what he saw.

The Woke environment of Twitter was the first thing he found offensive. The staff was given a day off for rest after the Musk stock purchase was announced. They were all sent home to their safe space to weather the storm. Twitter then extended an invitation to Musk to take a seat on the Twitter board of directors. Musk quickly saw the motivation for that olive branch.

It took Musk just a day to realize that he would surrender the option to buy the company if he took the board seat. That was not an option. Instead, he went to plan B and tendered a cash offer to buy Twitter. That set Twitter and the media world into a tailspin. Fear of an uncensored platform that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were meant to be, exposed the underlying plan.

These social media platforms and mainstream media want to control the narrative. Talking heads like Brian Stelter of CNN claimed this is a threat to humanity. Actually, it is a threat to the future of Brian Stelter. An actual open forum will expose the media’s bias and not allow situations like the Biden Laptop to be controlled. The press will have to start doing their job and reporting the facts, not their version of the story.

It seems too ironic that the Government announced yesterday they are investigating Tesla. Curious, to say the least, or is this their way of forcing Musk back into his lane? This model for the country where the Democrats and the mainstream media decide what and how we hear it has to stop. One of the ways to accomplish this return to Free Speech and truthful media is to institute Term Limits. If we can get politicians out before they gain too much personal power, we can return to a more free-thinking state.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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2022 US Congressional Campaign – Tim Baxter Announces His Quarterly Fundraising (GraniteGrok Exclusive)

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 17:14 +0000



New Hampshire (April 11, 2022) — State Representative and Congressional Candidate Tim Baxter has officially raised more than $715,000 with $489,000 cash on hand and announced the support has come from more than 1,400 grassroots supporters.

Tim Baxter released the following statement:

“Thank you to the America-First movement! My campaign for Congress has now raised $713,000 from more than 1,400 individual donors because they believe in our fight for freedom and against the corrupt establishment in Washington, DC.

The continuous attacks from my radical opponent Chris Pappas and the woke mainstream media are only serving to make our movement stronger. The people of New Hampshire are gravitating toward our campaign because they know that I am the candidate in this race with a track record of getting things done.

We are going to use this momentum to fire Chris Pappas, drain the Washington swamp, and make America first again. I look forward to serving as Nancy Pelosi’s #1 enemy in the House.”

All media inquiries should be submitted to

Baxter for Congress, PO Box 1741, Seabrook, New Hampshire 03874, United States

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Easter Weekend Special: 15% off All Abortions …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 16:30 +0000

Are you thinking about ending the life of your pre-born child? How about 15% off on your abortion? Don’t wait any longer. Kill your unborn child before Easter and save!



Marie Stopes was a British Eugenicist and a member of Europe’s “idle class.”

The UKs’ Margret Sanger. So, Stoped is an appropriate person after which to name an organization dedicated to preventing or exterminating minority life before it can get started.

And it looks like Stopes was dedicated to the project.


Stopes was a eugenicist long before she was a birth controller. She was a life member of the Eugenics Society and was a member of the Malthusian League. In 1921 she founded her own Society for Constructive Birth Control and Racial Progress (CBC), and most of her fortune was left to eugenics organizations.

Two of the basic principles of the CBC were these:

“The haphazard production of children by ignorant, coerced, or diseased mothers is profoundly detrimental to the race.”

“Many men and women should be prevented from procreating children at all, because of their individual ill-health, or the diseased and degenerate nature of the offspring that they may be expected to produce.”


Stopes attended the Third Reich’s International Congress for Population Science in Berlin, sent poems to Adolf Hitler (she was a well-known racist and anti-semite), and helped establish the International Planned Parenthood Federation.


“Utopia could be reached in my life-time had I the power to issue inviolable edicts…I would legislate compulsory sterilization of the insane, feebleminded…revolutionaries…half-castes.”5


Her ideological descendants run the Democrat party, DC ruling class, and globalist agenda, including depopulation and discount abortions on Easter weekend.

So don’t forget. Fifteen percent off for you and 100% “off” for your unborn child. No chance for redemption, resurrection, life after death, or before death. Just death.

Make your appointment today. It’s for the good of the master race planet.


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Alabama Passes Sales Tax Exemption for Gold and Silver Coins and Bars

Libertarian Leanings - Fri, 2022-04-15 15:55 +0000

Jp Cortez:  Alabama Passes Sound Money Law, Expands Sales Tax Exemption Involving Gold and Silver

(Montgomery, Alabama - April 14, 2022) – With Governor Kay Ivey’s signature on sound money legislation today, Alabama has become the second state this year to expand its sales tax exemption involving gold and silver.

Alabama Senate Bill 13, championed by Sen. Tim Melson and Rep. Jamie Kiel, passed with unanimous support out of the Alabama Senate and then passed unanimously through the Alabama House before making it to the Governor’s desk.

In 2019, Alabama originally removed sales taxes from most gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. This year, SB 13 clarified that the exemption covers all common forms of bullion, removed burdensome reporting requirements, and extended the sales tax exemption until 2028.

Backed by the Sound Money Defense League, Money Metals Exchange, and in-state supporters, SB 13 now fully ensures that Yellowhammer State citizens cannot be penalized with taxation when acquiring the monetary metals for investment, to protect their savings from the ravages of inflation, or any other reason.

Stefan Gleason, President of Money Metals Exchange, explained the importance of extending the existing sales tax exemption on precious metals: “Many states surrounding Alabama (Georgia and Florida) have cultivated pro-sound money environments, eliminating sales taxes on gold and silver. Alabama savers and investors are thankful that the legislature expanded and extended the state’s exemption.”

Alabama follows Virginia which had only days earlier expanded and extended its own sales tax exemption involving the monetary metals earlier this month.

Including Alabama, 41 U.S. states now fully or partially exempt gold and silver from the sales taxes. That leaves 9 states and the District of Columbia as the primary jurisdictions that still harshly penalize citizens seeking to protect their savings against the serial devaluation of the Federal Reserve Note.

Jp Cortez, policy director for the Sound Money Defense League, noted that SB 13 is part of a growing nation trend. “Tennessee and Mississippi, both states that border Alabama, have been considering the elimination of sales taxes on gold and silver. So are Alaska, Hawaii, and New Jersey.”

States are removing sales taxes from monetary metals for the following reasons:

  • Taxing precious metals is unfair to certain savers and investors. Gold and silver are held as forms of savings and investment. States do not tax the purchase of stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, and other financial instruments, so it makes no sense to tax monetary metals.
  • Levying sales taxes on precious metals is illogical because gold and silver are inherently held for resale. Sales taxes are typically levied on final consumer goods. But precious metals are inherently held for resale, not “consumption.”
  • Taxing gold and silver harms in-state businesses. It’s a competitive marketplace, so buyers in states with precious-metals sales taxes often take their business to neighboring states that have eliminated or reduced sales tax on precious metals. Coin conventions also tend to avoid the sales tax states.
  • Taxing precious metals is harmful to citizens attempting to protect their assets. Purchasers of precious metals aren’t fat-cat investors. Most who buy precious metals do so in small increments as a way of saving money. Precious metals investors are purchasing precious metals as a way to preserve their wealth against the damages of inflation. Inflation harms the poorest among us – including pensioners, those on fixed incomes, wage-earners, savers, and more.

The Sound Money Defense League, a non-partisan, national public policy group working to restore sound money at the state and federal level and publisher of the Sound Money Index.


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US DOD Was Paying for COVID19 Research Three Months Before COVID19 “Existed”

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 15:00 +0000

DailyExposeUK has a report on US Department of Defense contracts in Ukraine. It involves global players, USAID, NIAID, Biolabs in Ukraine, MODERNA, bat coronaviruses, mRNA vaccines, and something called COVID19 – months before anyone called it that.

I’m not going to try and reinvent their wheel here. They did all the work, and it’s impressive – details that will annoy the crap out of people with their heads in the sand.

We’ve got a ‘virus’ that produced no increased mortality in any age group throughout the “pandemic.”  In the US, for example, the average age at COVID death was 81, in a country where people are not expected to live much past 78.

So, the only pandemic is the result of politics and policy. There was never any actual biological threat exceeding average life expectancy. The threat is what is happening to life expectancy due to masking, mandates, lockdowns, and (of course) the most dangerous ‘vaccine’ in modern history, the mRNA COVID19 ‘treatment.’

None of this can be disputed. State, federal, and international data all support it. But the rabbit hole keeps getting deeper.

The DailyExpose uncovered a trail of open source federal funding data that revealed some curious coincidences.


  • A novel coronavirus emerged in Wuhan in December 2019.
  • The world did not get to hear about this novel coronavirus until early January 2020.
  • The world did not know this novel coronavirus was called Covid-19 until February 2020, when the World Health Organization officially named it so.
  • The US Department of Defense awarded a contract for Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services to Black & Veatch Special Projects Corp‘, which is allegedly “a global engineering, procurement, consulting and construction company specialising in infrastructure development.”
  • That contract involved a Biological threat reduction program in Ukraine.
  • As part of this larger contract, another contract was awarded to Labyrinth Global Health for ‘COVID-19 Research’ on 12th November 2019.
  • This was awarded at least one month before the alleged emergence of the novel coronavirus, and three months before it was officially dubbed Covid-19.
  • Labyrinth Global Health works alongside the ‘Eco Health Alliance’ and ‘Metabiota’ and participated in the USAID PREDICT program. All of these people and organisations have been working for at least the past decade studying coronaviruses and helping to set up Biolabs in Ukraine. All using US Department of Defense funds to do so.
  • Information found here points to Eco Health Alliance having a hand in creating the Covid-19 virus.
  • Information found here points to Moderna having a hand in creating the Covid-19 virus.
  • ‘Moderna’, alongside the ‘National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), agreed to transfer ‘mRNA coronavirus vaccine candidates’ developed and jointly-owned by NIAID and Moderna, to recipients ‘The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’ on the 12th December 2019.


That’s their summary. You can take a deeper dive into their deeper dive here.

You’ll find a money trail that ties all the groups mentioned above (and others) together, ending with what looks like “the US Government was funding Covid-19 research before Covid-19 was publicly known to exist.”

At a lab in Ukraine set up and funded under the Obama admininstration.



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Thought Splinters Part III

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 13:30 +0000

This builds on Part I and Part II, which mainly focus on my own past experiences, to introduce new concepts.  I use these.  Hopefully, these give you some conversational/rhetorical ammunition for your own efforts.

And please note – in the comments I will comment.  If you have added suggestions with links, reply to my root comment and if I get enough I’ll fold them into a fourth one.

Before I plunge in, let me relate two additional parallel events from my past – things that started to gel my objections to large numbers of immigrants into the US.  And I say this as the son of an immigrant mother, and the husband of an immigrant wife.



Whilst in college I told my parents I wanted to try scuba diving – something I’d always wanted to do since I became enamored with the ocean thanks to Jacque Cousteau.  Their response was to say it was dangerous.  I replied that it was that or skydiving, to which they said, “Enjoy the fish”.


So on a trip to the Florida Keys I flew to Miami, threw my gear in the rental, somehow took a wrong turn and got lost, and found myself in a foreign country.  Nobody, anywhere, spoke English – or would admit to it.  I also got quite a few looks that I interpreted as What are you doing on our turf, gringo?  (In retrospect I was probably in bigger danger than I thought at the time.)  After several convenience stores with no results a friendly clerk, who still didn’t speak English, took a city map and showed me where we were, and where I needed to get to road-wise, and that plus some sun-based navigation got me straight.

But it struck me then and there, and stuck with me, that the whole point of America was assimilation.  The melting pot.  And the need for a common language.

Years and years later I took my then relatively new wife to meet some friends back in the Midwest where I’d worked for years.  Now – understand that my wife is nominally a Muslim though, growing up in the USSR, she’s really an atheist.  But Dearborn shocked her, and me as well despite having worked near there and went there many times back when I did work in that part of the country.

Store signs in Arabic.  Men in Arab robes.  Women in burqas or niqabs.  My wife looked at me and asked if we were still in America.  I was not sure… I mean, I’d known it had a large Arab population but this was functionally a section of any Arab city transplanted to America.


(Image source)


Thought Splinter: Aren’t immigrants to America supposed to assimilate?  And if they don’t, what will happen to America?


Now, to some hopefully-useful Thought Splinters.


Trans children:



Let me be clear: if someone – as an adult – wants to do this, that’s their business.  I think they’re nuts, but they’re adults and can make that choice.  But when talking with someone who is in favor of young kids “transitioning” – which includes chemical and then physical sterilization through surgery:

Them: <Some form of support for this.>

You: I’m curious, what do you think of castration for rapists?

Them: Of course not!

You: Even just chemical castration or sterilization?

Them: Of course not!

You: So you’re willing to permanently sterilize children both chemically and surgically, but you’re not willing to sterilize or castrate a rapist?

(HT ballseyeboomers)



I had a column on my old blog about the whole “fair share” thing and raising taxes on those eeeeevil rich.  Speaking of the rich (by one of my long-time favorite commentators, Bill Whittle):



Anyway, two things flow from this ENVY.  First is that “the rich” need to (cue snarl) pay their fair share.  OK, so whenever someone spins this off, casually reply with this seemingly simple question:

OK, great.  What’s a fair share?

Odds are good that they’ll look at you funny.  Maybe they’ll repeat “You know, their fair share”!

Fine, great.  What is it?  What’s the number, what’s the percentage, what’s the formula that defines fair share?  What is a “fair share” aside from “more than they’re paying now”?

And assuming they haven’t stalked off in fuming fury, follow up with:

And since everything is relative, right, what makes your fair share right and mine wrong?

Just be prepared to have an answer to what your idea of fair share is.  Now if they actually name a number, one more punch:

If we raised taxes to that, will you commit to never coming back and wanting more?

Second, in parallel, I remember hearing adds for Imperious Barackus Rex and his tax plan that included this marvelous phrase (emphasis according to my memory) “… and the rich will be asked to pay a little bit more”.

If they’re being asked, can they say no?

“Of course not”!

Then they’re being asked to pay more the same way a woman with a knife at her throat is being asked to partake in a back alley romantic interlude.


Gun Control:

One of the standard arguments we use is “Look at gun-controlled Chicago”, to which they always say something to the effect of “But guns come in from places where there are lax gun laws and guns can be bought easily”.

Your reply is simple.  So guns are so much more easily available in other places?


So then why don’t those places have higher murder rates than Chicago if guns are so more readily available there?

You can almost see their brains lock up with this.


(Image source)


Then you hit them with these, rapid-fire:

Did you know that interstate sales of handguns by non-licensed people is a federal felony?  And that straw-man purchases of guns by one person on behalf of someone who can’t buy a gun is a federal felony?  Did you know that for a felon to even touch a firearm is a federal felony?  So you want to make these illegal things double-secret illegal and you think that’ll solve the problem?

If possible, refer them to this Bill Whittle video:



Also, regarding the recent shooting in California:

  • California already bans ghost guns.
  • California has required background checks for all gun sales since the 1990s.
  • California has banned “assault weapons” since the 1990s.
  • California bans “high capacity” magazines.
  • Additionally, California has a red flag law,
  • gun registration requirements,
  • A 10-day waiting period on gun purchases,
  • A “good cause” requirement for concealed carry permit issuance,
  • A ban on campus carry for self-defense,
  • A ban on teachers carrying on K-12 campuses for classroom defense, and a limit on the number of guns law-abiding citizens can buy each month.
  • California also requires would-be purchasers to pass a background check before acquiring ammunition.

So to the shootings in CA and NYC one could comment:

So you want to re-pass laws that already exist and didn’t work because… why?


Abortion (specifically from rape):

Let me be clear on my own position: I am pro-life and believe that the baby has nothing to do with the rape itself.  But I can also see – and in full disclosure still somewhat wrestle with – the argument that:

  1. For a woman to be forced to carry a rapist’s baby to term, as opposed to doing so voluntarily, I can see the cruel and unusual thing applying.
  2. Do we really want to let the rapist’s genetic legacy move forward into the future?

So this is a point with which I am still struggling.  Nevertheless, one can ask someone on this particular topic:

Do you believe in the death penalty?


Then why are you so eager to apply it to a person who didn’t even exist at the time of the crime?

Now if they say YES, ask:

So what crime did the baby, who wasn’t even alive at the time of the crime, commit that’s worthy of the death penalty?

And if they come back with “it’s just a clump of cells” – have them look at this picture (article linked, not shown, in case there are the squeamish about) and say:

This eight-week old “clump of cells” has arms, legs, a head, a torso, and a face.


On being called a racist/sexist/whatever-phobe:

I have two general approaches.  IMHO both work best when surrounded by people, especially people whose opinions they value.  By using these you’re costing them face.  Because to a Leftist what others think of them is often more valuable than what they think of themselves (link and bolding in original):

Liberals are constantly checking their views against those of their fellows because, deep down, they’re not sure of their own. I think that it’s one reason they slide to further and further extremes.

Ultimately, for the Leftist, it’s not about what they think, it’s about what others think about them. Read this essay by a psychologist whose work and essays I really like; alas, she’s gone dark after Obama’s re-election. And then READ IT AGAIN – it’s that good. They’re not strong enough to stand on their own convictions.

So, laugh and say sneeringly:

Is that the best you can do?  Gee, here I was expecting a cogent and reasoned argument backed with facts.  Instead, I get child insults.  What’s next, calling me a poopy-head?

Come back when you can have an adult discussion.


Giggling, almost child-like laugh laughter:

I win!

When they look at you oddly, and they will:

You threw the <racist/sexist/homophobe/whatever> card.  Which is what losers throw when they have no rational argument.  I win!

And walk away.



Again, if you have other suggestions, please reply to my comment and if I get enough I’ll fold them into a Part IV.


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If An Adult Kept Talking to You About Sex or Gender at Work …

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-04-15 12:00 +0000

The scenarios in which broaching the subject of sexuality without it being creepy are few. If you were at work and someone started talking about their sexual preferences, that might constitute illegal harassment.

If a man or woman was talking to someone else’s child in public and started offering details or asking questions about sexuality, they might get a good talking to by law enforcement if someone didn’t beat the crap out of them on the spot.

If a Disney cast member or an employee of any business did it, you’d expect or demand the same deal with a quick kick to the ranks of the unemployed.

If they got caught.

When a public school teacher gets busted after deliberately hiding it, we’re to believe that the parents are the bad guys?

Public schools are one of the most likely places to find child sex predators in America. And your kids were being groomed by pedophiles long before the LGBT agenda intruded on the academic experience.

Research from both 2004 and 2014 clarifies that sexual predation in public education is a big problem. The 2014 report was compiled during the Obama administration and focused on grooming.

Democrats, not all but many, after all the abuses of children during COVID19, have chosen this as the rhetorical hill on which to die.

My suggestion? As I noted in my remarks at the 2022 Women’s Defense League Rally two weeks ago, “never stop your opponent from making a mistake.”

If someone defends the grooming of any children in public schools, especially young children, say okay, groomer. Ask them why it’s okay for adults to talk to little kids like this, but if you did it to them right now, it would be sexual harassment (regardless of gender focus)?

Are they okay with random adults speaking to children about sexuality wherever they happen to be or just in the confines of taxpayer-funded institutions?

Schools are proven breeding grounds for the grooming and sexual predation of children, and you’re okay with this?

Please read up on what grooming looks like and where it happens. We shared a great resource earlier this week that you can use here.

And keep sending those Freedom of Information Act or Right to Know requests for curriculum, especially to schools and school boards that are dismissive, uncooperative, or belligerent toward parent concerns.

These are your kids, and it’s your money. And even if it weren’t, who wants to stand up and say they insist on paying for adults to engage in the sexual grooming of other people’s kids without parental consent.

Those people are out there too, so call it what it is.

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