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Another “Good Guy with a Gun Kills a Bad Guy Committing Murder”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-07-19 00:00 +0000

Once again, it’s a gun-free zone that someone decided was easy pickings in making himself a Celebrity in the eyes of Moms Demand Action and Everytown.  Stories say that while he did kill 3 people and wounded 2 others, the shooter had a long gun and several loaded magazines with him as he entered the food court at the Greenwood Park Mall in Indiana – yet another gun-free zone. A 22-year-old man, carrying because Indiana has a Constitutional Carry law n the books (meaning no having to ask Daddy Government to exercise their Constitutional Right to self-defense) drew on him and “terminated the threat” (emphasis mine):

A lone man with a long gun killed three people before an armed bystander killed him in the Greenwood Park Mall food court Sunday evening, according to Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison. Two people were injured.

“It appears that he had a rifle with several magazines of ammunition, entered the food court and began shooting,” Ison said.

The “good Samaritan” who shot the man with the rifle was a 22-year-old man from Bartholomew County, Indiana, Ison said.

“The real hero of the day is the citizen that was lawfully carrying a firearm in that food court and was able to stop the shooter almost as soon as he began,” he said.

Note that lawful bit – there are some anti-gunners out there, who had NO thanks for someone that stopped what could have been a massacre. Like Bloomberg-bought-and-paid-for Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action.  She just couldn’t be even the little bit grateful that others didn’t die:

No gratitude and then lies on top of it – and this is why we can’t have nice things or even compromise that stay within Constitutional bounds.  That young man was LEGALLY carrying – no permission slip necessary.  The shade she is trying to throw was that the owner of the Mall, Simon Properties, “ASK” that people do not bring weapons onto their property. Well, so much for the bad guy listening to that ask (emphasis mine):

Thank you for choosing a Simon shopper center as your destination for shopping, great food, and entertainment. It is our desire to provide you with an enjoyable and delightful shopping experience. We ask all of our guests to conduct themselves in a respectful way in accordance with the code of conduct and all laws and local ordinances.

  1. Wear appropriate clothing. Hoodies are acceptable.
  2. Disruptive behavior is prohibited.
  3. No weapons.
  4. Possession of open alcoholic beverages, except in designated areas, is prohibited.
  5. No solicitation.
  6. No pets (except service animals).
  7. Engaging in non-commercial expressive activity, not sponsored by the center, is prohibited.
  8. Smoking, except in designated areas, is prohibited.
  9. No loitering.
  10. No photographs or video recordings of any kind for commercial use. Video is acceptable for non-commercial and non-disruptive purposes.
  11. Use of transmitters, radar, lasers, beacons, cellular triangulation, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, magnetic or barometric technologies, or geographic information systems of any kind to capture geographic location or spatial data for commercial use is prohibited.

An “ask” is not a law – it is an “ask” which means that while people can say yes, they can also say no. His actions have already been declared legal. Could their security escort someone off the property for violating any of those?  Perhaps.  Did THEIR security escort Bad Guy out the door?

Nope.  No mention of any mall cops at all.  Just a good guy with a gun. Whom, as her tweet shows (screencap from The Truth About Guns), Shannon Watts slandered, IMHO, because she’s an ideologue.  The Mayor of Greenwood gave his thanks for this young man’s “quick action”. The police chief called him “hero of the day”.

What Watts and others of her ilk get wrong is their outlook on those of us who do carry. We aren’t cowboys, we aren’t Rambos, and we aren’t looking for trouble. We do carry to protect ourselves, protect our families, and protect our friends (even though they may disagree with me concerning guns).  We who carry have already made the decision, as rare and as improbably though it might be, that we would be willing to act like that 22-year-old.  See the problem, see innocents gunned down, and be the one that would place our bodies between the threat and the innocents. It is a rational choice – and it is a HUGE responsibility.

It’s that responsibility part thoughtfully turned over, evaluated many times, considered the outcomes, and accepted it.  For anyone – and that would include those like Shaheen, Kuster, Pappas, and Maggie The Red. It’s not selective but IF one has to fight, one does.  And yes, I’d rather be left alone and not have to be in that situation – but sometimes, that’s not how Life works.

I learned long ago that the best fight you ever would have would be the one you could walk away from FIRST before it devolved into a fight (although I did work as a bouncer back in my college days – my friend told the owner he’d never have a problem with me as I didn’t drink). However, if you can’t, go for the stoppage.

That 22-year-old young man had to have practiced his skills and thought about it as well. It’s possible that as soon as that first shot rang out and he recognized what it was (or saw it), he was already drawing to respond. He didn’t have to – but responsibility (something, again, I don’t believe anti-gunners can or will ever understand) took over:

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends

Or in this case, perfect strangers. He did what he had to, but only that much, and then stopped. I’m sure that he realized that he could have died as well – being the good guy with a gun doesn’t obviate bad things from happening to you and, at times, it has. He did, however, this time, made sure that no more were killed.

(H/T: DailyWire, BearingAarms, IJR, The Truth About Guns, ditto)

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Nashua’s Illegal and Corrupt Project – The Nashua Performing Arts Center (NPAC)

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 22:30 +0000

Article 1 Section 8 of the NH Constitution states that government should be accessible and accountable to its citizens. This is not the case with the Nashua Performing Arts Center (NPAC).

The 201 Main St. Real Estate and 201 Main Street Finance Corporations have total control of our tax dollars and are managing the construction, change orders, and equipment purchasing of the NPAC.

The Performing Arts Center passed a non-binding referendum vote by barely 100 votes. The City then bonded $15 million to construct a new Performing Arts Center where the Alex Shoe Store was located on Main Street. This became a controversial issue. In 2020, the City increased the project costs to $25 million and began the process to obtain financing through a New Market Tax Credit Program (NMTC).

This NMTC program is an extraordinarily complex shady money shell game with numerous banks and investors receiving the tax credits.

(click to enlarge – and you really should!)

The entire 2020 Board of Alderman voted in favor of this finance mechanism; few, if any, could explain it to their constituents.

Prior to the acceptance of the NMTC and restructuring of the Performing Arts Center, all aspects of this project were subject to NH open records laws. This was certainly public money, and we all had a right to understand how this money was being spent. When Nashua Deputy Counsel Leonard wrote the legislation for the two non-profit entities to become agents of this NMTC, she neglected to identify these corporations as RSA 91-A complaint businesses with records subject to public access.

For over a year, I have attempted to obtain information and understand what aspects of these new entities are subject to the Right to Know Law. Not one leader in City Hall would provide information or assist. The Mayor, Director Cummings, Mr. Lannan, and Attorney Bolton all remained silent.

On June 20, 2022, I emailed Rich Lannan, a Pelham resident who the City appointed President of the Art Center business entities, including the two nonprofits set up to accept this shady financing scheme, to inquire about the public nature of these businesses. Do Citizens have a right to know what is going on with this project?  For the first time in over a year, the response was that the meetings are open to the public and noticed under RSA 91-A.

Mr. Lannan was not truthful. These meetings, held in the Nashua City Hall auditorium on no set schedule,  are not noticed legally, minutes are not being recorded, and minutes are not posted within the timeframe of the law or made available to the public. Audio/Video recording is available in the room, but no recordings are produced. Records are not available for immediate inspection despite numerous requests. Many records do not exist for his “companies” funded with our tax dollars. The City ignored requests to provide construction schedules, financial information, change orders, etc.

All this is in violation of the law.

Economic Development Director Cummings and Mr. Lannan, non-resident Nashua Appointee, have robbed citizens of our legal rights and are spending tens of millions of dollars without allowing any public oversight.

It is time to end this corruption in Nashua and flush out these unscrupulous scoundrels who believe our tax dollars are their dollars.  Mr. Lannan and Director Cummings must go.



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Belknap County Republican Committee – Candidates for NH State Senate: Dave DeVoy, John Plummer. And Kevin jerks Tim Lang’s choke collar HARD

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 21:00 +0000

Interesting meeting this past Wednesday, as I previously wrote.  Right now, it’s all about the EXTREMIST and DECEITFUL “Citizens for Belknap”Political Action Committee (“PAC”). More on CoB PAC in a moment, but there IS a tie-in for this race so give me a few minutes, please.

Since NH State Senator Bob Guida decided to retire (after throwing in with these revengeful flock of folks that are ticked that “their” political play toy has been taken away by the Belknap Delegation by adding new Commissioners that actually Follow The Law), he nominated Tim Lang to be his hand-picked successor (NAILED IT!).

Unfortunately for Lang, with this newly redrawn NH State Senate District, there is a growing backlash that is starting to grow against him. He’s not going to have the slam dunk open door to that seat. Former Belknap County Commissioner Dave DeVoy and former NH State Rep John Plummer decided that he shouldn’t have that seat:


Dave DeVoy:

(Sorry, Dave; was going to adjust the other camera)

John Plummer:

So, ALMOST time to show Tim Lang; if you want to watch that video, skip this background part and watch it.

However, here’s the tie-in – back to the ill-named “Citizens for Belknap” (if you’re a rich guy who wants Gunstock in your hands, it seems) as they are ALL ABOUT calling the GAC Commissioners (except for Gary Kiedaish – and the “absence of the thing” can of speak loudly) and the NH State Reps are EXTREMISTS and therefore, lack integrity. Hold that thought for a sec.

I wish to remind people that the “organizer” (the Left LOVES Organizers – they even put one into the White House) Brian Beihl is a tried and true believer in all things Progressive. He’s been the deputy director of the uber-left Open Democracy NH since at least 2016 – I have emails from Open Democracy for YEARS.  He’s now handling the CoB strategy – for a bunch of Republicans???  Seriously, in the most Conservative County in NH, these disaffected Republicans want a Van Jones/AOC type leading them?

And in doing so, they STILL want you to believe they are “non-Partisan”?  Add to that, the CoB Chair Alan Posnack, from what I’ve been told, lives in Alton and is a registered Democrat. Still have to check that out but it is well known that their Treasurer, Brian Gallagher, is a former GAC Commissioner and finally had to resign because he was about to get found out that he was no longer eligible to be on the Gunstock Area Commission (after selling his home in Belknap County). The Law (RSA 399) is very clear on this: any member of the GAC MUST be a resident property owner:

399:3 Membership of the Commission. The commission shall consist of five members who shall be resident property owners in the county of Belknap and shall be invested with all the duties hereinafter granted to and imposed upon said commission.

Heck, even as THE CHAIR, he didn’t have the integrity and courage to immediately resign once that property was sold.  Yet, he continued well past that date, and former Commissioner, then Acting Chair, then demoted back to mere Commissioner, Gary Kiedaisch ran up a legal bill with Devine-Millimet about Brian. I am supposing it was Kiedaisch trying to find a legal weasel strategy how to keep Gallagher on the Commission after he should have left even at the time, his reasoning was, paraphrased, all the politics, infighting, and acrimony. Well, over and over again refusing to share information about a lot of things with newly appointed Peter Ness that he was demanding, kinda looks like Gallagher and Kiedaisch were the instigators of all that even as they are now claiming (WAIT FOR IT – the same favorite tactic of the Left)…..VICTIMHOOD (and the legal bills to prove it).

Oh, and Kiedaisch attempted yet another set of legal skulking about when it became clear that former Commissioner Rusty McLear had WAY stayed longer than his interim term allowed and the Delegation had to kick him out of that “squatted” seat. So McLear is tied into this (what, a reconstitution of the Three Stooges: Moe, Larry, and Curly?).

Skip – isn’t that stooping too low?  No, not at all. When a GAC Commissioner, Gary Kiedaisch, wants the rest of us that Gunstock Mountain Resort and the Gunstock Area Commission are NOT a part of Government (it is – it’s owned by the citizens of Belknap County and that HE is Above the Law (re: the GAC ByLaws trump NH State Statutes).  This is a very narcissistic person who even holds himself up so high that he has said that RSA 399 should be changed so that only folks like HIM should be Commissioners – and with dripping condescension of the idea that “mere” citizens should play any kind of leadership role in our own self-governing.  Here’s the goods.

So now back to Bob Guida who was seen with both Kiedaisch and McLear – there’s the insertion point.  Then when HB1397 showed up, with Bob Guida as the Prime Sponsor, that was meant to totally rewrite the RSA 399 to screw over both the Belknap County Delegation AND the Belknap County Commissioners from having any oversight at all of GMR and the GAC, it was politics full-blown.

It’s the Left’s normal playbook – if you can’t win by playing by the current rules, change them.

And NOW we’re back to Tim Lang. And the “Lang Gang” (Mike Bordes, Travis O’Hara, and Doug Trottier).  The linchpin for Lang is that he ALSO signed up to run for this seat (as Harold French decided to run for the NH Executive Council) and, again, the District got all shifted around due to decadal mandatory re-districting.  And was promptly endorsed by the Prime Sponsor of HB1397 Bob Guida to replace him.

And Lang was ALSO a sponsor of the Kiedaisch/McLear/Gallagher/Hayden McLaughlin (owner of Belknap Landscape) inspired (or was it the work of Open Democracy NH’s Brien Beihl???).

Anyways, Lang was refused a time slot during the BCRC meeting to make his case.  Why should the Executive Committee allow it – it was the first time in two years he had bothered to show up since Alan Glassman was deposed as Chair; so much for thinking it was important UNTIL election time.  He only got to speak when Chair Norm Silber recognized him for something not knowing it was going to be a stump speech that had been disallowed (starting about 1:10 into the clip). It’s clear that he was trying REALLY hard to distance himself, for sheer political expediency, from any of what I wrote above.

This is why all that background was included to understand what Lang was doing for that political reason.

But listen, when he stops, when Kevin Leandro has an embarrassing comment and then a question:

And yes, no actual video of him but use the camera that got the best audio.

I will have to say one thing for Lang, he’s got chutzpah – he asked if GraniteGrok was going to be doing GrokGauntlets on NH State Senate Races and if so if he’d get a shot.

“Be careful for what you wish for” immediately came to mind. Then I did say yes.

And remember, he was Sununu’s favorite son on the Task Force that determine who or what was “essential” or “non-essential” during COVID as Sununu thought was an Elected King.

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Biden Stole “Their” Lunch Money – A Federal Judge Just Gave it Back

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 19:30 +0000

A few months back, the Biden Administration announced its intent to extend a gender-bender-related US Supreme Court ruling on Title VII to Title IX. Anyone who refused to bow to the new rule would lose lunch money for poor kids. A Federal Judge just said, give it back.


A federal judge in Tennessee has temporarily blocked Biden administration directives allowing transgender workers and students to use bathrooms and locker rooms and join sports teams that correspond with their gender identity.

Judge Charles Atchley Jr. of the Eastern District of Tennessee ruled on Friday that the administration’s directives would make it impossible for some states to enforce their own laws on transgender athletes’ participation in girls’ sports and access to bathrooms.

Back in April, Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said last June that Title IX “protected” trans students and that the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) would “fully enforce” this interpretation “in education programs and activities that receive federal financial assistance from the department.”

By late May, it was a done deal, and not just concerning schools receiving federal food aid.

Under this new demand, establishments that accept any federal food funding, including food stamps, must also allow males who claim to be female to access female private spaces, such as showers, bathrooms, and sleeping areas. Such organizations must also follow protocols such as requiring staff to use inaccurate pronouns to describe transgender people and allowing male staff to dress as women while on the job.

They did it even though it would never stand up to Judicial scrutiny. Any compelled speech case would strike down the mandated pronouns provisions, and we know the court will ax the funding prohibition against religious groups. They’ve made it clear that a program of such scop cannot discriminate against groups or schools based on faith, and trans bathrooms and pronouns are not universally embraced by Christians and in no circumstance of which I am aware by Muslims.

They did it anyway.

And now a judge in Tennessee, responding to a lawsuit by twenty Republican State Attorneys General, has blocked the rule. In part because it interferes with existing state statutes. But in greater measure, because it is based on the Bidenistas’ interpretation’ of “Bostock v. Clayton County [which] said employers cannot terminate workers because of their gender identity or sexuality.”

Atchley on Friday agreed with the states, writing in his ruling that the Supreme Court in Bostock “explicitly refused to decide whether ‘sex-segregated bathrooms, locker rooms, and dress codes’ violate Title VII.”

The ruling only blocks implementation while the case winds its way up the judicial food chain, but for now, Biden can’t steal poor kid’s lunch money which will make many Democrats unhappy. For all their talk about being the voice of our most vulnerable, everything they do makes them more vulnerable.

Something they can perhaps discuss with those poor students … over lunch?

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Even 78% Of Democrats Think US Is On the Wrong Path Nationally

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 18:00 +0000

Pro-abortion advocates stoked on by Antifa are rioting across American cities again. Thing is the majority of American citizens disagree with these “activists.” In fact, most of the world disagrees with them and thinks all Americans have lost their minds. Even in the liberals of Europe pro- abortionists are small minority.

All upset because SCOTUS reversed Roe v. Wade. One insightful lady, seen on Twitter, declared it’s the Left’s own fault. Given that proverbial inch, they just kept pushing for that mile. Abortion up to the moment of birth and allowing a live baby to die from neglect was too much for most of America and our Justices, too. What did those on the Left think would be the majority’s reaction? Did they think everyone would stand up and cheer? Even the most backward societies value their children and know that children are the future of our cultures.

It’s not just the abortion issue but the Leftist Biden administration has exposed the disastrous economy issue with inflation skyrocketing, shortages of everything consumers need and want, and crime rates soaring everywhere while the Left focuses on taking guns from the law-abiding while pandering to or ignoring violent criminals who do most of that crime and killing.

Tony Boutin is right [speaking of the Laconia Daily Sun’s abbreviated Letter to the Editor rules], the new 300-word limit is foolish and their phony local paper narrative when The Sun pumps out-of-state Leftists with three columns, vicious hate-mongering cartoonists at least three days a week, and never challenges even the most outrageous facts the Left pushes.

Still even 78% of Democrats think we are on the wrong path nationally. When winter comes and poor and working families go without heat or skimp on food Democrats and liberals will hear from even them loud and clear.

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Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 16:30 +0000

They’re flying so thick and fast it is amazing.  And take heart – there will be a Meme Overflow and I will back-edit to include the link.  And please see last Friday’s Meme Overflow-overflow.

Remember, ridicule and mockery are effective weapons:

  1. Ridicule cannot easily be fought
  2. Ridicule makes the enemy angry, and angry people make mistakes
  3. For those in the “squishy middle” a Thought Splinter (and Part II and Part III) can often be hidden inside humor.  Stand by for Thought Splinters IV… when I can get to it.  Work has ramped up!  Another one, a follow-up to A Curious Incuriosity, is nearing completion as well.

Now, let the mockery and mayhem begin.

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***




But first, a random sampling of three of my cartoons.  Please note these are my concepts but I pay a professional to do them.






Note, this last one is on a T-shirt if you’d like to support me.  So is the first one.  But don’t forget Grok merch as well.








My choice for the best of the lot:



Also, one other thing.  AFAIK not one pol, from the fedgov level to cities, lost a single paycheck.

I remember, back in college, there were budget cuts.  I didn’t care for the school President, but… he also voluntarily took a pay cut to help with the budget issue.  I may not have liked the man, but at least he stepped up to share the pain.

And, perhaps, a second:



First, this was before the welfare state, before college tuitions were inflated by federal financial aid, and don’t forget the great Vote Pump.  Ably discussed by Bill Whittle:



Second, we have feminism.  Now, I’m not saying that women should be domestic slaves, mandated to be “barefoot and pregnant” in the kitchen, slaving away scrubbing the house with a toothbrush.  But as Thomas Sowell said about traditions (and traditional families):



My wife stayed home for years.  It was only budgetary pressures and my having to switch to a consultant life – which has enabled me to be home and there for the kids too – that drove her back to the workplace.  And thankfully she’s done well in that, which helps enormously.

Third, materialism.  We now have cell phones, and internet, and computers for the whole family.  We have cable TV, restaurants galore and we eat out of them often.  Kids don’t go outside to play but have electronic games, and sports and “enrichment activities” and so on.  We have busy wives hiring cleaning people to do what wives used to do, and – IMHO – shame on husbands who don’t help.  We have… so much, but we have to pay for it.  We have people traaaaaveling every summer, going on this trip or that to exotic locales annually.  We have people living in houses that are way too big – McMansions.  We don’t have a car, or even two smaller economy cars… we have both parents having SUVs or minivans or whatever.  We have constant house remodelings and new kitchens and bathrooms – I see TV shows where they talk about complete house refurbishing for six-figures on top of the mortgage they already have.  to “keeping up with the Joneses” with pools and playground sets at home and new toys and spoiled-brat kids.

We have been made slaves to prosperity.

And this is why the above image rings so true.  We could have that, but we’ve been convinced through clever marketing – leveraging ENVY – that we deserve a lifestyle of the rich and famous.  Even if we’re not actually rich and famous.

A closing anecdote: my parents always tried to live within our means.  Once Christmas holiday, visiting my parents in Florida, we went to an enormous bash at one of my father’s coworker’s house.  As we pulled in I noticed how opulent the yard was, the house impeccable from the outside, two BMWs in the driveway while my parents were driving around in a Dodge Colt.  And I asked how they could afford all that, knowing that my father and he were roughly equal in pay.

My father’s reply was simple.  “Debt.  They have leveraged their entire life incomes to borrow to have it now”.

Slaves to prosperity, financed by life-long debt.




Another recipe from My Tree in Israel (full disclosure: I am friends with one of the owners but receive no compensation for promoting them – just trying to help a friend’s business).




Palate Cleanser:



Honey, I have returned with dinner!

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Johnny Dearest: Am I Watching Too Much Jordan Peterson?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 15:00 +0000

Johnny Dearest,

I feel like perhaps I’ve been watching too much Jordan Peterson lately. It started when I refused to use the preferred pronouns of my second-grade teacher Mrs. Queequeg, who outed itself to the class as a queer non-binary gender fluid enviro-metro sexual. I don’t even know what pronouns are so I said “No way! I’m not doing it, and that’s that ok?” She accused me of being a sexist member of the patriarchy and claimed that my whiteness inferred privilege. To which I responded:

“I believe you mean confer, which is to bestow, whereas infer is an intransitive verb used synonymously with imply, which you might want to brush up on if you’re going to be teaching us English. As for privilege, do you mean like the privilege of dying at a higher rate at the hands of police? Or perhaps you’re referring to the privilege of not living as long as women, assuming you still know what one is for Pete’s sake!”

Johnny, I don’t even know what sex means, but I wasn’t about to tell it that and give it the ammunition to cancel me over its perceived moral turpitude on my part. So, of course, I was sent to Principal Juestine’s office where he proceeded to read me the riot act, in French no less, accusing me of abusing my standing as a Canadian to cause harm to my illegal immigrant teacher.

So I asked,

“What bloody harm can I possibly cause as a second grader – I don’t even know what pronouns are let alone what that thing is if it’s not a she?!”

He wasn’t having any of that and told me I owed it an apology for being insensitive and putting its life at risk with my hate speech.

“Hate speech? You call that hate speech?!? I don’t have an ounce of hate in my body for Mrs. Queequeg…”

“Their name is Kurtina.”

“Ok, I suppose, Kurtina then. I don’t have an ounce of hate in my body for Mrs. Kurtina. Now you might say I don’t feel the same way about math or spelling, which of course studies show all second graders hate with a passion, including this kid right here, the evidence is clear. I can accept that. I’m like two standard deviations more hateful toward math than most, alright? Especially Shrimsha Pardeep who can already do trigonometry in third grade, I’m not sure how you explain that. However you can’t lob these accusations against me over some lady’s name choices, that’s absurd!

He asked me how much Jordan Peterson I’d been watching and I told him

“Quite a lot actually, he’s one of the only sane educators left on the planet.”

He nodded disapprovingly and told me I was watching too much. What do you think Johnny?


Little Jordan P.

Dear Little Jordan P.,

When is the last time you cleaned your room?


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Data Point – Which Nation Has the Most Homicides per Guns Owned? It Isn’t the US!

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 13:30 +0000

For all we hear about gun violence, not enough of us on the Right will correct people like Zandra Rice-Hawkins by calling it for what it is: gun CRIME.  We also don’t push back that 2/3rds of the deaths from guns are suicides – they are SUICIDES and not violence.

When you account for that, this table taken from GunPolicy shows where the real problems are as the US ends up at the second least at 5.49 gun homicides per 100K guns owned:

And now a stat that shove’s a cigar into the Civilian Gun Disarmament crowd:

New study: About 500 people responsible for 70% of D.C.’s violence

Now a new study from the National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform is shedding new light on just how few offenders we’re actually talking about. According to researchers, almost 75% of shootings in Washington, D.C. over the past few years can be traced back to just a few hundred offenders.

The National Institute for Criminal Justice Reform looked at the numbers for homicides and nonfatal shooting in D.C. in 2019 and 2020, and found that “most gun violence is tightly concentrated on a small number of very high-risk young Black male adults that share a common set of risk factors.”

Those factors include involvements in street crews, a previous criminal justice history and connection to a recent shooting. Often, they’ve been the victims of crime themselves. While the motive for the shooting “may not be a traditional gang war,” the report says, “often shootings are precipitated by a petty conflict over a young woman, a simple argument, or the now-ubiquitous social media slight.”

The homicide rate in D.C. rose by 18% in 2020 compared to 2019, the study found, and about 500 identifiable people are behind 70% of the 863 incidents involving gun violence. The studies also showed that about 200 people are driving a majority of these incidents at any one point in time.

Further, the study’s data suggests that your typical gun control laws, from universal background checks to bans on “high capacity” magazines, don’t do anything to stop this core group of hardcore offenders. Not only do they obviously fail to prevent these guys from getting ahold of a gun in the first place, but even when they’re caught and prosecuted, the consequences don’t seem to be changing too many minds. More than 80% of homicide victims and offenders had previous involvement in the criminal justice system, with many of them legally ineligible to own a firearm due to previous convictions. In fact, according to the NICJR report, just 24% of homicide suspects had no previous engagement with the criminal justice system, while 46% of suspects had at least one prior period of incarceration behind them.

I say “at least one,” because according to the report, most homicide suspects have racked up extensive criminal histories.

Of those who were known to the criminal justice system prior to the homicide, most victims and suspects had been arrested for property (avg. 2.8), drug (avg. 2.4), and unarmed violent (avg. 2.3) offenses (Figure 3). Overall, most victims and suspects with prior criminal offenses had been arrested about 11 times for about 13 different offenses by the time of the homicide. This count only refers to adult arrests and juvenile arrests were not included.


(H/T: Powerline)

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NY Judge Tells NYC That Letting Illegal Immigrants Vote “Legally” Violates the Constitution

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-07-18 12:00 +0000

The promise of prolonged Democrat rule is a city in a ditch, on fire, with rampant crime and poop-covered streets. The product of decades of bad policy, broken promises, and corruption. But Democrats like ruling over ruin, and they’d do anything to keep it that way.

It was only a matter of time until these sanctuary cities tried to give the illegal immigrants they harbor voting rights. Just a jump to my left, in Vermont, the towns of Montpellier (the state capital) and Woonoski (one of the Northeast’s original granola, Birkenstock Meccas) wanted that (illegals voting), so the Blue Legislature running the Green Mountain State passed a law. Towns can pass ordinances allowing Illegals to vote in local elections.

New York City Democrats wanted that too. They passed a law allowing non-citizens to vote in local elections. New York City elections. You know, because they are there. And why not? There are already 8.8 million people. And in 2018, just under 6 million of them were registered, Democrats.

How many do you need?


Register them to vote in local elections (incrementalism) and then seek some social justice voting-rights path to the national rodeo.

The shitty that never shleeps (sorry, bit a lisp there) gave it a go but “Staten Island Supreme Court Justice Ralph Porzio … issued a permanent injunction that bars the city Board of Elections from letting around 800,000 non-citizen residents register to vote.”

It is, apparently, no irony here – illegal.


In a 13-page ruling, Porzio said city officials can’t “obviate” restrictions in the state constitution, which “expressly states that only citizens meeting the age and residency requirements are entitled to register and vote in elections.”

“There is no statutory ability for the City of New York to issue inconsistent laws permitting non-citizens to vote and exceed the authority granted to it by the New York State Constitution,” he wrote.


There they go with the Constitution thing again – it is no wonder Democrats want to be rid of them. Every now and again, some judge looks at the thing and discovers that one of the other two legitimate branches of government has overreached and then rules as if the Constitution has more legal authority than the current crop of pols or their latest fancy.

I’m sure they’ll find some other judge to say something different, and then we’ll be off a higher court. And while that works itself out at significant taxpayer expense, non-citizens in The Shitty that never shleeps will have to vote for Democrats the way they always have.




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Quick Thought – This Is Correct; They Are Trying to Break Us

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From Liberal Logic 101:

Progressives, on the other hand, not only wish to crush that spirit but continue the process of forcing a dependency upon Government that started in the early 1900s. They believe they are entitled to Rule. Oh, not them personally (well, many of them) but knowing that the facade would be sufficient for their purpose as THEY would be the ones grasping the Levers of Power that are deep within the bowels of the Government that our Founders never wanted.

At that point in time, the Great American Experiment in self-governance and liberty will be gone

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Sunday Spotlight: The Webb Telescope

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It is not difficult to understand that we cannot even agree on how our universe and existence came to be. When you take the time to look into the evening sky and gaze upon the plethora of stars and realize that every one of those stars is another galaxy, like ours, of planets and moons circulating its sun, you may understand how insignificant we are.

We are very parochial to think that we are “it .” We are the only life form on the only planet that can sustain us, and we are the most intellectual level in the creation by God or otherwise. Just that thought alone may prove our lack of intellect and imagination.

We have a difficult time understanding concepts like finite and infinite. And to look at those stars and know that they are billions of light years away stretches our imagination and understanding. Over the years, we have created instruments to explore the depths of our universe, and as these tools have become more sophisticated, our universe has grown. We have gone into space and explored our piece of the universe. Even to call it our universe may be presumptuous. But in reality, those ventures into the darkness are like a trip to the corner store when you comprehend the magnitude of our universe.

The James Webb Space Telescope had its origin over twenty-five years ago. It is the latest tool for us to gaze into the infinity of the universe. It has supplanted the Hubble as man’s most powerful telescope, and to steal a play on words, has humbled us. It has proven once more how tiny we are in the scheme of the universe. It is appropriate that the Webb was launched on Christmas Day, December 25, 2021. It began transmitting images to Earth nearly a year later, and the clarity and beauty of these images contribute to the mystery of the universe and our existence.

The images we are receiving do not prove the existence of life elsewhere in the universe but make foolish the possibility that other life does not exist beyond Earth. I think the purpose of The Webb, beyond the beautiful images and scientific proof of faraway galaxies, is to humble us as beings. To get us to step back and put ourselves into perspective. We are far less important than we imagine, and our time here is less than a pebble of sand in the hourglass of time. We are insignificant, and if we could grasp that thought, maybe we could co-exist far better.

We may never travel to the galaxies that The Webb is bringing to us, but that is not to say that beings from there are not coming to visit us. I am pretty sure there are more intelligent beings out there. There has to be with how we have been performing lately. We do not have the quest for space like Kennedy and the Space Race with the Russians instilled in the 60s. We have not returned to the moon in years, and Mars may still be years away.

Billionaires are taking over the government’s role in space travel, which may be suitable for many reasons. No tax dollars spent, competition, and their egos will drive them to succeed. The Space Force will eventually require us back into space, but hopefully, space will always be a place of mystery and exploration, not a field of battle. Our future is short, and finding new places for conflict should not have a spot on anyone’s priority list.

May the constellations constantly challenge us to reflect on who we are, what we have done, and to do better. Let us always look to the stars for inspiration and wonder. God bless you on this Sunday and every day.

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If You’d Like to Make a Few Libs Snap Like Twigs …

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Not new, but worth the fifty-six seconds. It is a small island of sanity in a crazy world, and once again, it is coming from a strange place. The mouth of Bill Maher.

And it is a keeper. Bookmark it, download it and keep it handy. It is something to share with liberal “friends” who have been triggered (in this case, about COVID, SARS CoV2, The WuFlu, China Virus), …I can hear the twigs snapping from here.

You call it the wrong thing and ‘Snap!’

That in itself is satisfying but not as much as sending them a great big ‘sh!t’ sandwich to chew on from someone who is, for the most part, on their side.

This is one of those. A very common sense look at the naming history of things by scientists, until what? The Wuhan Flu.

Language Warning.


You can also view it here if you have problems with the player.

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Warning About School Choice and the Jeb Bush Cronies that Push it

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When Betsy DeVos became U.S. Secretary of Education, I opposed that nomination. There were good candidates available, but I was told that V.P. Mike Pence thought she’d be a good pick. She brought controversy to the position, and even though there were some good policy decisions made by her, there were others that were horrible.

It was DeVos who thought a federal voucher program would be good for children. While it is important to make sure a child who is in a poor quality public school has other options, this should never be implemented at the federal level. Federal dollars following the child means federal strings follow the child too. Federal strings would require private and parochial schools to follow what the feds want, and remove their autonomy in order to qualify for those federal dollars. As much as it would be nice to make these options more available to families, you cannot destroy the private and parochial schools in the process.

DeVos is a Jeb Bush crony who also pushed the dumbed down Common Core in schools across the county. That’s why many conservatives never believed she was the best choice for U.S. Secretary of Education. Common Core was a big set up for failure for public schools.  Most people do not know that Jeb Bush’s online Charter Schools would benefit from parents who were fed up and needed an alternative.

Think of Pepsi sabotaging Coke so that Coke customers would be forced to drink Pepsi. If you push education reforms like Common Core that hurt the public schools, parents will need alternatives. Jeb Bush pushed Common Core but then worked to make his online charter schools available to families.  He never really talked about how he was instrumental in the public school sabotage.

DeVos is no friend to public education, and I would include private and parochial schools too.  She proved that when she pushed the federal voucher program.

Corey DeAngelis has been championing school choice for a while too. DeAngelis is the national director of research at the DeVos-founded American Federation for Children.
Devos served as Chairman of American Federation for Children (2009 to 2016)

One of the best ways to turn conservatives AGAINST school choice is to start messing with their private and parochial schools. This is why conservatives turned their back on John Kasich in Ohio and Mike Pence in Indiana. Their state vouchers forced children to take the Common Core Standardized tests. Parents then saw their private and parochial schools start to align their curriculum to the dumbed down Common Core.  This hurt the children in the private and parochial schools.  This didn’t help parents choose a better school, it helped dumb down the private and parochial schools.

Both CATO and the Heritage Foundation came out against the DeVos voucher program because they knew what that meant for private and parochial schools. It would set up a faux school choice system where parents really didn’t have any choice at all. Dumbed down Common Core for all.

Neal McClusky from CATO wrote:

As I wrote yesterday, even though choice is great, it is not something people should want Washington providing. Nor—outside of the DC voucher program, military families, and maybe Native American reservations—is it something that the feds can constitutionally provide. My fear is that DeVos and Trump might not recognize the myriad problems with taking private school choice national. More concerning, the American Federation for Children, which DeVos chairs, has tended to favor more rules and regulations on choice than I would prefer. That could become a much bigger concern were rules and regs attached to national‐​level vouchers.

From Heritage (Heritage Experts: Federal Tax-Credit Scholarship Proposal Could Reverse School Choice Gains):


“It’s wonderful that the Administration wants to advance school choice but a nationwide federal tax-credit scholarship program is the wrong way to do it. This could open the door for further education regulations down the road that neutralize the advantages of private education as well as impede future tax reform efforts.

“Future administrations could use a federal tax-credit scholarship to require that schools adhere to certain admissions and accountability policies. That would mean the federal government could further dictate testing, reporting, academic content, and even bathroom policies for all schools involved.

“This proposal is also outside of the federal government’s jurisdiction. It would grow, rather than reduce, federal intervention in education. It would be better for the Education Department to keep highlighting the great advances that states have made in school choice.”

Betsy DeVos tried to lead our private and parochial schools off the cliff with her federal voucher program.

New Hampshire is doing just fine without the interference from the feds. If states want to develop their own programs, let them engage their state elected officials. Even though Indiana and Ohio chose the wrong path, New Hampshire did not. New Hampshire’s scholarship program offers tuition assistance to children who need it without the federal sabatoge you get with testing requirements. If public school administrators and board members will not work on behalf of all New Hampshire families, then we will make sure that they have authentic choices.

While Corey DeAngelis is working the school choice issue on behalf of the DeVos camp, it’s important to understand that their faux version of choice doesn’t really offer parents authentic choice. And to make matters worse, UNESCO lists DeAngelis as a policy expert: 

This led to James Lindsay calling out DeAngelis on Twitter to get some clarification on this relationship.

Since UNESCO drives the globalist agenda that has dumbed down our public schools and brought in some of the worst education reforms, I agree with Lindsay, what is this all about?

Maybe the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance can get an answer for us since they invited DeAngelis to their dinner on July 23rd. It will be interesting to hear from the NHLA and how they explain this.  I could have warned them!

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Data Point – I would call it Modernity and Success than anything else.

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I saw these two maps over at Pleated Jeans.  Immediately at seeing the title of “Light Pollution”, my response was “wealth, modernity” – the people of the US (not the national government) are much more wealthier and have higher expectations for standards of living.  Thus, we have the ability and willingness to “push back the night”.

It’s also clear that by looking at the population density by State (second map), we see why the lack of night lights end almost in a straight line”:

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Common Sense Radio – What Is This “Citizens for Belknap” and Why You Should Hate Them. Willful Deceit Is Not Nice.

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After all, they are trying to portray themselves as something they are not. Being led by Brian Biehl of the Socialist-leaning Open Democracy, this is supposed to be a “non-partisan” Political Action Group “with only the best interest of Belknap County residents at heart” (no, not a quote – it’s what they want you to believe). How do I know that?

I have years of his emails extolling the utopian agenda to the masses who NEED Progressivism (well, growing the cannon fodder folks). From Open Democracy. Non-partisan?

Not so much.

However, that’s just a teaser for what will be coming later.  For now, take a listen to this week’s Common Sense Radio show (WEZS, Saturdays, 9-10am) hosted by Marc Abear and Paul Hopfgarten.  They invited me and former NH State Rep Jane Cormier to talk about this “Citizen for Belknap” PAC.

  • When was it started?
  • Who heads it up
  • Who are the “front” people?
  • How well funded are they (those signs all over Belknap County are not cheap – this is being bankrolled big time)
  • And what is their end game?  WHY does it exist and what is their second goal after they oust all the Conservative NH State Reps in Belknap County to “clear the table”.

Yes, Gary Kiedaisch, Rusty McLear, Hayden McLaughlin, Brian Gallagher, Tim Lang, Travis O’Hara, Mike Bordes, Doug Trottier- and a few others.

As I said during the show, the words “revenge” and “retribution” come to mind.  Money, a lot of money – but that’s for later.

Segment 1:

Segment 2:

Segment 3:

Segment 4:


And Brian Gallagher, former chair of the Gunstock Area Commission (forced to resign after being outed that he no longer owned property in Belknap County – a strict requirement for being a Commission

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Joe Brought His Checkbook, Came Back Empty

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There were low expectations and high apprehension about Joe Biden’s trip to the Middle East. Initially part of his recent European swing, but Biden’s handlers knew a ten-day trip was too challenging. The White House told us that this trip was an audible not to tire out the aging Biden.

He first went to Israel, where he unveiled the Presidential Fist Bump. Can anything look less presidential than our President in dark aviator sunglasses fist bumping foreign dignitaries like he is a cool young dude, and it showed? The White House said the fist bump was a COVID action, but since Joe was seen hugging and handshaking off camera, that explanation didn’t work.

The Middle East is a complex region that has been in turmoil for centuries. Some people in this area of the world still live like they did hundreds of years ago. Many Presidents have tried to broker peace agreements between the rival countries, but none faired so well as Donald Trump, and he left the stable Middle East to Joe Biden. Joe quickly dissolved that stability.

The first thing he did was resume the Nuclear Treaty talks with Iran. This will prove to be a huge mistake as they are now on the verge of nuclear missile capability, and their first target will be Israel. In the stroke of a pen, Joe Biden put every citizen in Israel in danger of atomic annihilation.

The next thing he did was to meet with the Palestinians, who also wanted to see Israel obliterated. He opened up the checkbook during this meeting, pledging over $300 million taxpayer dollars. These funds that were all halted by Trump will aid Palestine refugees through the United Nations, aid in infrastructure, and fund a 5G internet network..

None of these funds have been approved by Congress. When asked, Rick Scott (R-FL) asked about the slush fund available to Joe Biden. He questioned how the President could announce $310 million dollars in aid without going to Congress first. Congress controls government spending, not the Executive Branch.

Biden concluded his trip with a stop in Saudi Arabia, the country and regime he called pariah during the campaign. Pulling off the visit was a “herculean effort,” as an official described it, after the Saudis demanded nothing short of personal presidential attention to make amends for Biden having maligned the deeply conservative kingdom’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, over the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Though there is no evidence, Biden claims that he broached the subject and death of Khashoggi with the Crown Prince.

The underlying purpose of this trip was for Biden to urge, no, beg, countries in the region to increase their production of crude oil and exports to the United States. These requests were not received well, and Biden was referred to OPEC, where his urgings would die.

So with little results, more unauthorized spending, increased tensions between rivals, and no oil to help our rising energy costs, it appears the President’s trip was a failure. I cannot say I am surprised.

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Survival Sunday

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-17 16:30 +0000

Nitzakhon Note: This got very long and IMHO it’s becoming daunting to read in one go.  After this one I’m going to, as length demands, start doing two such posts a week when it is called for.  The Sunday one will be this full one, and then if necessary I’ll do a hump day one which will be just new articles but will have a linkback to the Sunday one.  So, for example, below you will find permanent links to books, etc., while the mid-week one will omit those.  Unless people comment they want to keep them in both.




First, I am merely an “enlightened amateur”.  Please vet & check on your own.  Caveat emptor.  Consider these to be priming the pump for your own investigations.

Second, I fear spicy time is very close, but even a month of food, water, etc., puts you well ahead of most of the sheeple.  IMHO, set your minimum sights on a three-month period.

Third, two things will be critical for having the best chance of making it through:

  1. Mentality: first and foremost in survival is having a flexible mentality and cultivating the ability to adapt. Vanity has no place in survival.
  2. Develop a meatspace network of people that are likeminded: cultivate your community ties and build alliances with neighbors (note: don’t babble about the Jab or globalists or depopulation, or start pointing political fingers when doing this)… and remember, the first rule of PREP CLUB is that there is no prep club.

A link on that point; An early warning system concerning the people around us (embedded quote):

The covid bull**** did us all a favor. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out for a minute. All the people demanding more lockdowns, that the unvaccinated be punished, that vaccine passports be required, that mask mandates remain in place forever, and all that **** are all speaking loudly and openly about it. Those are the people who are a threat to anyone who wants to remain free. They are the people who will report your activities to the government. They are the secret police.

And please follow both me, Nitzakhon, on Gab… as well as my blog host Granite Grok and also on Telegram Tommy Robinson Official (I post there as “D” – one of several with that same initial, but I’m there) plus his Urban Scoop site.  And don’t forget my posts sometimes get cloned on American Reveille as well.




Top of the fold:

Did The Feds Just Admit That Ray Epps Was Officially Working For Them? – Bear Bussjaeger

Read this.  Read this again.

Freshii’s ‘virtual cashiers’ make $3.75 an hour and have been called ‘outrageous’ — now the chain’s founder wants to go global | The Star

It’s a race to the bottom of the GLOBAL wage level.  Excellent books:

The Race To The Bottom: Why A Worldwide Worker Surplus And Uncontrolled Free Trade Are Sinking American Living Standards Paperback – August 31, 2002

Sold Out: How High-Tech Billionaires & Bipartisan Beltway Crapweasels Are Screwing America’s Best & Brightest Workers

Meanwhile, the elites sup on dainties and live the high life:

Our New Antoinettes › American Greatness (

So much for the Supreme Court EPA decision…

The Rule of Law is dead.  Plan accordingly… it may take a while to trickle down to where you are, but it will.

So NYFC has nuclear PSAs now.

New York City Releases First ‘Nuclear Attack’ PSA Since 1960’s – Summit News

And now, signs elsewhere too.

Ominous Sign Appears at Paramus Park Mall (

And my wife, quoting some Russian language channel she gets, said that Putin’s allegedly threatening to use nukes in Ukraine.  Real?  Deep fake?  WEF/Globalist prepping for a false flag?  Got KI tablets?




Prepper Site URLS:

Most have daily articles; revisit daily.  Please recommend others in the comments.

Ask a Prepper, how to prepare, survive and thrive, latest news

Mother Earth News

The Organic Prepper Home – The Organic Prepper – The Daily Web Log for Prepared Individuals Living in Uncertain Times.

SHTF Blog – Modern Survival

Survival World

And two aggregate sites listing their top favorite sites:


The 50 Best Survival Blogs

Specific, one-up articles:

30 Smart Ways to Reuse Things That You Usually Throw Away – Ask a Prepper

Aquaponics: Build Your Own Endless Food Supply At Home For SHTF – Ask a Prepper

Top 10 Bartering Items + Skills Every Prepper Needs – My Patriot Supply

15 Survival Items You Can Buy At Costco – Ask a Prepper

A note about any grain storage: beware Indian meal moths.  I’m having to clear out ALL my grains because the little bastards got in and got frickin’ everywhere before I realized it.  Freeze any new purchases for at least 72 hours and IMHO seal each bag, double, in a Ziploc style double-bag to contain any survivors.  And if you get them, go through everything – and I mean everything – ASAP.  Don’t let them infest everywhere like I did.

7 Prepping Items FEMA Will Confiscate When SHTF – Ask a Prepper

Understand this.  They can – legally – take everything you have.  Your food, your water, your medicines, your… every single thing… they want to take.  I was impressed, though not in a good way, that they explicitly mention fertilizer.  That’s some serious attention to detail, and it foresees their taking from you your ability to raise your own food as supplemented with fertilizer for better growth.

Food-Stretching Tips From The Great Depression – Ask a Prepper

Good tips!

Family Kicked Off Their Own Property, Fined for Living Sustainably As Politicians Ignore Them – Activist Post

This is disgusting.  They have a GoFundMe (I gave).

These 10 Types of People Will Die First When SHTF – Ask a Prepper

Very likely, despite my preps, my new medical condition will make me one of these sooner rather than later.

How to Purify Water with Bleach in 5 Steps (

Basically, one drop per pint of unscented bleach within its expiry window.

8 Drugs to Pack in a Bug Out Bag (

3 Ways to Buy Antibiotics Without a Prescription (

I have safely (OK, one course) used fish antibiotics.  I also have one package from Jase Medical and am working on more.




Short of years and untold wealth, you cannot possibly be fully prepared for everything (I have to keep reminding myself of that).  But even some preparations, ideally at least 90 days of food, water / water purification, etc., puts you head and shoulders in front of the vast majority of the sheeple who will be in jaw-gaping astonishment when the SHTF.  The only relevant questions are:

  1. When does it start?
  2. How bad will it get?
  3. How long will it last?
  4. What will the aftermath look like?








Or if you have a sheet of plastic:

Solar Water Still Plastic Sheet Small Rock Condensation Vegetation Container Solar Water Still | Meme on ME.ME

Having a tube too, so you don’t have to deconstruct it to get to the water, helps.




Foraging: Books and one-up articles

23 Medicinal Plants the Native Americans Used on a Daily Basis – Ask a Prepper


Books (permanent feature):

Feasting Free on Wild Edibles (old but good)

The Lost Ways (much more than just foraging)

The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods




Deep State / Coming Tyranny / WEF / Globalists (broad):

Canadian government invests $8.5 million in insect production | Pet Food Processing

You, and your pets, will eat the bugs.  Video from PJW, so language alert.  Note the date, 2019.



And I just saw a video of Salma Hayek proudly eating “Mexican crickets”… they’re really going to be pushing this hard with all the glitterati just hap-hap-happy to be on board with the cutting edge.

The End of Private Car Ownership | FrontpageMag



What a diabolical business model.  Pass a law that makes farmland unviable economically.  Then offer to buy up the land whose value you, yourself, have destroyed.  And extra-super-bonus, you get to starve the kulaks.  More:



Look ma, no chip needed!  That, or chips, will be sold as being convenient.  Your slavery is convenient.


Leo Hohmann Shares New insights on Klaus Schwab’s ‘You Will Own Nothing and Be Happy’: How AI and the Internet of Things Will Control Everything You Do in Life (

How Can Western Civilization Survive with Reviled Institutions? :: Gatestone Institute

Western Civilization can’t.  Which is the point.



Shortages (broadly):

Authorities Respond to Massive Fire After Explosion at Oklahoma Natural Gas Plant, Forcing Major Evacuations


Railroad force majeure declarations were about halting animal feed shipments – they’re trying to starve us out! – DC Clothesline

The sheeple will not notice until the shelves are almost bare.  Then it will be panic buying.  And they’ll be furious at any prepper – not because we prepped, but because we, who they mocked, are turning out to be right.

BIDEN ECONOMY: A Sign of Impending Recession, Copper Prices Crash Too

In parallel, last year my neighbor – who works for a large beer company – said they were desperate to find aluminum cans and were having to buy cans from IIRC India!

Food Crisis Ahead: Ten Weeks of Wheat Left in Global Supply, World Leaders Warned (

OOH, I don’t think anyone knows for sure.  OTOH, IMHO, the time to actually fix this has passed.

From Telegram:

#The UK allegedly reporting that food fields are also burning in West Yorkshire.


There are disturbing reports from the Rostov region in Russia about such finds in wheat fields.


Assuming this is true, what kind of sick f*ck burns the crops that feed people?  And on Telegram I’m seeing – assuming they’re actually current and not spoofs or historical – fires in multiple countries like Greece, Italy, and other places where there are large forest and/or field fires.  I also just saw an (alleged) video of a wheat field burning in Ukraine.

About our meat supply…

Makes an excellent point about the idea of just buying a whole cow or two and sticking it in the freezer: the power supply.  What good is that fridge when you’ve got no juice to run it?

WSJ: The baby-formula shortage is getting … worse? – HotAir






Inflation (broadly):

Hungarian Inflation Hits 24-Year Record in June

Bank Of Canada Expected To Raise Key Interest Rate To 2.25% As Inflation Soars

What’s a dollar or two between friends?

Image from the link just above:



One caveat to the above image: look at the scale on the Y-axis.

Nonsensible Shoes: Are you ready for more pain?

Theo Spark: Inflation’s Up

Bidenflation: Sacrificing Middle America in the Name of the Great Reset (

Nate Jackson: President Pay Cut Wants More Inflationary Spending | The Patriot Post



US Stability (broad catch-all):

This is Extremely Dangerous To Our Democracy (

Control the information flow, control the peoples’ views.  Related, RINOs are working with the Dems to squelch any challenges to concerns about elections:

Senate RINOs Working with Democrats to Basically Prevent Americans from Challenging Elections in the Future (

The irony is that they do it saying “We can’t permit questioning and doubts lest people lose faith in the electoral system” even as this very deed & their broader actions to prevent examination for fraud undermine faith in the electoral system.  The only cure is sunshine, and they’re working very hard to block it.



Thirdworldization of the U.S. and the Stages of a Collapse (

First-hand experience from Brazil.  Some may be more applicable than others.

WAYNE ROOT: When Will GOP Leadership Come Out and Say It? Biden is a Traitor. He Must be Impeached, Then Indicted for Treason.

The GOP doesn’t have the stones.  They’re too busy feeding at the same trough.

Sick f*cks (

A nation that destroys its past and rips its great men will soon not be a nation.  Which is the point.  This is not to say Jefferson or others were perfect – of course not.  But this?  Vile.

Orwellian: New Emails Confirm CDC Officials Scrambled to Change “Problematic” Definition of ‘Vaccine, Vaccinated’ Because Experimental mRNA Jab Did Not Qualify Under Old Definition (

As if it needs saying, but… no federal agency can be trusted.  None.

Will China Joe Bail out Beijing With Your Life Savings? – Granite Grok

Years ago I started to see proposals being floated to confiscate 401k accounts and give you an IOU from fedgov.  At the time I actively commented on the local paper’s comments and criticized this – and I was struck by how fast I got replies asking me why I didn’t trust the “full faith and credit” of fedgov and castigating me for being unpatriotic.  Almost as though talking points had been issued beforehand.




Darwin Smiles : The Other McCain

I call this “evolution in action”.



World Stability (broad catch-all):

Canada’s Rogers network outage leaves millions without internet – The Washington Post

We had a local-to-me outage about a couple of weeks ago – state wide.  What I find disturbing is that people I know, despite this outage, still cleave to not carrying some “just in case” cash.  Because they have a debit card.

What Insurrection Looks Like

Sri Lanka approaches total collapse.  Coming soon to elsewhere.  On that:

The bell tolls, and it’s getting louder

And I just saw a video about protests in Armenia.





Remember, chaos, uncertainty, crime, war, famine, and overall desperation for a return to some form of normalcy is the Globalist goal.  Because then the “benevolent hand” of Socialism will be offered.  To quote:


(Link to AZ Quotes per their policy)



FALSE FLAG BLACKOUTS IMMINENT! – They Want To Shut Down The Grid & Bring In The Great Reset! [VIDEOS]

Invasion: Army of ‘Organized and Very Violent’ African Migrants Storm Spain (Videos) – RAIR (

EU Warns of “Waves of Migration” Caused by Global Food Crisis – Summit News

Never-ending invasion.  Related:

Left-Wing Nonprofit Scores $171.7 Million-$1 Billion Government Contract To Help Illegal Immigrants Avoid Authorities – DC Enquirer

Great Replacement.

Governments will sink in a world drowning in debt | MoneyWeek


90 Miles From Tyranny : IMF Warns of ‘Darkening Economic Outlook’ in Call for Tighter Controls (

China’s Economy Continues to Crumble Despite Biden’s Pro-China Policies (

China’s not looking too good.  Mass Covid lockdowns, potentially huge die-offs from Sinovax (something like 80%+ Jabbed), outright theft of Chinese savings, and their economy?  Looks like they’ll need a war distraction soon.  Thus, a critical question:

90 Miles From Tyranny : Will Xi Jinping’s ‘End of Days’ Plunge China and the World into War? (



Specific to energy:

A Dire Situation

Ruh-roh.  More:

Europe moves closer to the brink of total collapse after Russia’s Putin bans all exports to ‘unfriendly countries’ – DC Clothesline

Y2Kyoto: Schadenfrozen

Energy Poverty in Germany

A Major Solar Storm Can Strike Earth. We Need To Be Ready




Gardening, animals, etc.:

7 Chicken Mistakes You Should Never Make – Ask a Prepper



Regrow Food Scraps: 19 Vegetables You Can Grow (

Useful, especially when seeds are in short supply.  And speaking of seeds, if you can, have multiples of the same kind of vegetable.  Keep track of which packets you plant and make sure you have genetic diversity of the crops from year to year if you can.

GROW MORE FOOD: 25 Pollinator Plants to Attract Nature’s Helpers to Your Garden | (

Video.  Also, from what I’ve been told, while bees like rhododendrons their nectar – again, from what I’ve read – makes toxic-to-humans honey.  We have a honkin’ big one in our front yard and I plan to get rid of it next year.

6 Things to Know Before Growing Your Own Food (


How to Build a Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden (


Links on old-time food storage (permanent feature):

Thanks to the Canning and Preserving group on Gab, I now have these links:

Preserving foods by drying | How to dry foods safely (

USDA-Complete-Guide-to-Home-Canning-2015-revision.pdf (

Canning | SDSU Extension (

Food Preservation– Canning | Consumer Food Safety | Washington State University (

Canning Timer & Checklist App | OSU Extension Catalog | Oregon State University

National Center for Home Food Preservation (

Canning Recipes | Ball® Mason Jars (

If you see others, tell me in the comments.

Books (also permanent):

Charcuterie: The Craft of Salting, Smoking & Curing

Salumi: The Craft of Italian Dry Curing

A Guide to Canning, Freezing, Curing & Smoking Meat, Fish & Game

The Prepper’s Canning Guide

Pickled Pantry

Fermented Vegetables

What amuses me is that so many of these are on kindle.  So, what are you going to do if the grid’s down or the power’s off for days?  Reminds me of a pre-Y2K expo I went to, where one guy who looked like he’d never seen the sun for more than his walk from home to car, or car to office, was buying all sorts of survival info on CD.  Like he’d be able to access that info in a grid-down situation.



Tech security:

Facebook Was Just CAUGHT RED HANDED – Unsilenced News

The new tool which the company allegedly began employing in late 2018 allowed the Escalation team to circumvent “rules put in place to block Facebook employees from accessing deleted messages.”

Contrary to its stated policy, Facebook is able to access “anyone’s Messenger history, including children within Messenger for Kids,” the suit alleges.



Through The Shepherd Group I have an AI program on my cell phone that scans it looking for intrusions.  The other day it picked up attempts at someone trying to be the “man in the middle” – and blocked it.  They also recommend a secure core type VPN (I use Protonmail VPN – my only complaint is that sometimes data reception “hangs” and I need to disconnect and reconnect to reset it) that routes through countries that have strong privacy protections like Sweden, Iceland, and Switzerland.

If you reach out to them, please tell them you heard about them through me, NITZAKHON.  They’re good people, and I’ve done some fairly high-value business through them and they’ve delivered.



Self-defense & Hunting:

7 Guns Preppers Need To Buy Before The Upcoming Gun Ban (

I’m buying / looking based on common ammo types.  So, question, for rifles .30-06 or .308?  And… speak of the devil:

.30-30 vs .308 – Which is Best for Deer Hunting? (

.223 vs .308 – Which Caliber is Best? (

Why the Second Amendment Applies Especially to Travelers – AmmoLand Shooting Sports News



I think it’s more like 400+ million guns.


What You Need to Know About Rifle Slings – The Organic Prepper

Big Brother gets even more intrusive, and self-defense becomes even more difficult




Catch-all miscellaneous:




Top Climate Scientists Slam Global Warming “So-Called Evidence” as “Misrepresentation, Exaggeration and Outright Lying” – The Daily Sceptic

All this stuff… based on models.  And when the models don’t match reality, attack the reality.

Camel Knot

Whip Knot


101Knots – Learn How to Tie Different Types of Knots




Wrap-up commentary if I am moved to do so:

Suppose the plan is to ASSASSINATE Joe Biden, and blame it on a “far right” patsy. . . . (

Speculative IMHO.  But remember something that I keep repeating: these people are missionaries.  Their religion is to reduce the earth’s population and rule over those who remain.  They truly believe they are better / smarter / more noble / more educated, etc., than we hoi polloi.  And to create paradise, which their Marxianic Zeal states is possible to do, plus to (cue reverb) Saaaaaave the plaaaaanet, they’re willing to kill billions.

(Video embedded in my essay here.)


They’ve already been willing to kill over 100 million.  What’s another zero or so.  It’s just individuals.  Remember that to a committed Socialist:

Remember, in socialist societies, an individual’s worth is measured, not by being a unique person made in the image of God, but by that person’s utility to the state. If you’re no longer useful and, worse, if are an economic drain on society, you’ve got to go.

Let alone if your existence is killing the planet.  *cough bullsh*t cough*



So killing one man as a useful weapon to advance The Cause?  No problem at all.




We hang petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.




Palate cleanser:



If only I had the money… I’d buy that in a heartbeat.






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Sen. Tom Cotton: CEOs Embracing ESG Might Want to Lawyer Up!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-17 13:30 +0000

Corporate #wokeism has a (reasonably) new name. ESG. Environmental Social Governance claims to be about focusing on social goals and not just profits, but it’s more like corporate socialism pushing Marxist energy policy with its own social credit score.

Big corporations love socialism on paper. The government gives you favored status and crushes competitors. But like all water carriers, they ignore the historical downside. You assume you’ll get the sole-source preference and then get to keep it. Guaranteed prosperity for you but the odds are you’ll be up against a wall with the rest of them, replaced by a better boot-licker. If not, the bureaucracy will get you or the police state.

In the end, it all goes bad but for a few. Betting you’ll be the one percent of that one percent is a long bet and unlikely to pay off. But I digress.

ESG is just another brick in that wall or stone on that path, and  Senator Tom Cotton has a few thoughts about that. ESG might look good given the focus of the regime, but that thinking has led to skyrocketing energy prices, exacerbated inflation, and the general public is unhappy.

Just ask Disney what that can do to your stock price.

And change is in the wind. And if or when that change comes, Congress could take an interest in corporate complicity.

I’m not holding my breath. Tom Cotton needs other Republicans to go along on this ride, and not just a dog an pony show. But it’s nice to see someone actually thinking about it out loud.



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Belknap County Republican Committee – Candidate Speaker: Thad Riley (NH Governor)

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-17 12:00 +0000

We ARE in the silly time of an election year. While normal people are still doing the “summer things”, candidates are appealing to both the politically obsessed (who have been watching for a while) and those that are starting to look at both the Primary and General elections and asking “Whom”?  Thus, the Republican candidates are “making the rounds” in trying to seal the deals on the “Volunteer” election (persuading people to work for THEM instead of someone else) is going to all kinds of meet n’ greets, house gatherings, and going after any NH GOP Committee that would have them. I have to hand it to them for the determination part – often driving for hours for just a few minutes in front of a crowd.

Thad Riley is looking to be the NH GOP nominee for NH Governor instead of Chris Sununu and was trying hard to convince the BCRC attendees that he is The One (yes, a Highlander reference)

Heh!  Not only did he have to face the BRCR folks Wednesday, but he was also sufficiently brave to come to his GrokGauntlet the next evening.

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Belknap County Republican Committee – Keynote Speaker: The Honorable Jane Cormier

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-17 10:30 +0000

This past Wednesday night was the monthly meeting of the BCRC.  Interesting meeting, given what the “Conservative Lady” turned up and posted here(““Citizens For Belknap” – A BIG Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing“). Turns out that former NH State Rep Jane Cormier had also been doing some research and after reaching out to one of the targets of the “Citizens for Belknap” Political Action Committee (one would be almost the entirety of the Belknap County Delegation and gain control back of who gets appointed to the Gunstock Area Commission – THEIR kind of people), the BCRC invited her to be their keynote speaker for the evening.

No, this was not the first Agenda item for the evening. Normally I post things in order but this time, I’m literally mixing it up.  More in a wee bit).

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