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What’s a Parent to Do ?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-02-09 02:30 +0000

Get ready for the finger-pointing, the excuse train, and the blame game. This should be a really good time. But that’s how liberals love to solve problems by blaming others and not solving anything.

Maybe you haven’t heard the news recently about what a bleep show things are over at Keene high-school right now? Kids and the disciplinary struggles, teachers resigning effective immediately, and the tough time finding replacements for several positions.

Some of these things are beginning to affect the education of the children.

How do you obtain an English credit without an English teacher?

Some attempt to explain it all away by saying that it’s happening to schools everywhere. It’s a staffing shortage, they say. Well, that may be true to some extent, but do not let that get in the way of us attempting to solve the problem here locally. Eight resignations in the school year so far. That sounds to me like more than just a coincidence.

In typical fashion, the Keene sentinel has already run a defensive piece claiming it’s just part of what everyone is dealing with in other professions. A piece siding with school administrators and the school board to a lesser extent. No need to problem solve the issue, according to them—just routine problems.

I’ll give you another hint. No, this is not related to teachers’ salaries.

So what’s a parent to do?

Parents should get to the bottom of things on this one. It’s your school. It’s your kids. It’s your tax money.

Most of these were resignations effective immediately, which does not happen when you leave on good terms. Even if you’ve never really been involved before, parents have to start asking questions. What is going on in my school?

Complaints from parents and a few anonymous teacher sources cite a severe disconnect with administrators and teachers on several levels. Included is a feeling that the school board is just a rubber stamp for the administration. Now that’s a shocker!

Outlined in the Facebook post heard round the state, an alum and parent of a student published a copy of an anonymous email they got concerning the problems there. Penned from either an inside source in the school or one of the resigned teachers, quite likely.

There have been eight resignations so far this school year. And we are not talking paraprofessionals, classroom helpers, or maintenance workers.

Mathematics teacher
Special education teacher
School nurse
Construction trades teacher
English teacher
Chemistry teacher
Another chemistry teacher
Physical science teacher

Six are still currently unfilled.

Again I say what’s a parent to do?

Reach out to your school board members and ask for answers. Have them do the digging and find out what’s going on. Things like this have a way of distracting from the environment of learning. Tell them you want it addressed as your child’s education and future depend on it. And if they aren’t as helpful as you’d like on this, vote them out in March.

That may be the message needed to the school board and the school administration at this point. Do not vote for the incumbents that are running. Do not vote for the current city councilor who is running. Send a message that you want things to change.

Do you want the focus to be on our kids’ education in an extremely professional and above board environment? One where all students and all teachers are welcome no matter what their political, social, and religious beliefs?

Is that even possible inside such an openly progressive environment?



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Truckers, Teachers, BLM, and Black History Month

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-02-09 01:00 +0000

The COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us how meaningless words become when overused for effect. Mandates, hypocrisy, threats to democracy, and my favorite, insurrection, have all been used daily and for different reasons depending on the point to be made.

This development is disappointing because words are essential and can clarify a report when used correctly. People who use words for their craft have destroyed their use.

In 2020, Black Lives Matter (BLM) came into prominence when they organized protests, riots, took over police facilities, and occupation of entire sections of major cities such as Seattle or Portland. They destroyed property, businesses, and people’s livelihood.

They were lauded by the MSM for bringing the plight of people of color to light. BLM signs peppered front lawns everywhere, and their logo was painted on many main streets. An entire neighborhood in Washington D.C. was named in their honor.

We want to thank Ray Cardello for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

The BLM leader from Tennessee was convicted last week for voting illegally after felony convictions. The originator of BLM resigned after spending millions on Los Angeles properties. The two people she hired to replace her never took the positions citing irregularities. At last count, $60 Million is missing from BLM coffers. All this and yet schools celebrated BLM Week as part of Black History Month.

You cannot make this stuff up.

The GoFundMe (GFM) site has come under intense fire this past week for seizing the $10 Million raised for the Truckers protesting COVID mandates in Canada. It has been reported, and there is evidence that GFM held this money at the request of the Canadian government.

Politicians like Kamala Harris raised money to bail out BLM supporters who were arrested and GoFundMe facilitated donations for the cause of justice. They claim that some truckers have been apprehended, showing this is no longer a protest but an insurrection and occupation which prompted them to make the poor decision to grab the funds.

GoFundMe, like Social Media Platforms, has designated itself as judge and jury on what cause is worthy of receiving donations. Mind you, these funds are not GoFundMe’s money. They are just the conduit between donators and the designated recipient. Maybe if the truckers set fire to buildings or loot Wal Mart and Walgreens, they would be praised and not denigrated. Then we can paint the Peterbilt logo on the street in the town square. We’ll be renaming that square to 18 Wheeler Way!

Politicians and the media are all coming down on the truckers for their civil disobedience and threat to democracy. These are people who the Pandemic and mandates have disadvantaged unfairly. The restrictions and skyrocketing fuel costs have jeopardized their industry and jobs. They are courageous to unite and bring change to these now unnecessary government controls. Prime Minister Trudeau went into hiding as the convoy traversed Canada and has not been seen since they converged on Ottawa.

The truckers are trying to make a difference while the teachers’ unions have seized the Pandemic to leverage more money and power.

There are some school districts where teachers have yet to return to the classroom. Billions of dollars were earmarked in the stimulus bills for education and upgrades to schools, some not to be spent for years to come. But this is not enough for these greedy bureaucrats. They want to squeeze every dollar they can from the government.

They claim to be concerned with the children, but their actions say otherwise. Teachers and their unions are doing far more damage to society than a group of truckers causing traffic concerns.

The media has a tremendous impact on how the public perceives these different situations. Reporters did video reporting in front of burning buildings in Portland and said the demonstrations were peaceful. These same reporters show truckers and supporters peacefully walking in Ottawa, calling them insurrectionists.

Words matter and the right word can change a sentence from blasé to impactful. But just like journalists have an obligation to be truthful, they have the same to be accurate in their assessment, especially when we can ascertain a situation with our eyes.

People are taking note of the tactics of these media outlets that are inserting themselves into their news. CNN is the best example where their viewer numbers are down 90% this year over last. That means 9 of 10 viewers have gone elsewhere. In the end, the people have the ultimate power with their votes, cash, or decisions.


This article was first published on The Liberty Loft

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If You’re Not Worried About The Political Response To COVID You Need to Reread Nazi History

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 23:30 +0000

I don’t often find myself quoting liberal writers (in a positive light), but it happens if they are correct. Not as uncommon as Haley’s comet but infrequent, and this is one of those times.

Dr. Naomi Wolf’s Substack has a piece titled ‘On the Subtlety of Monsters.’ Her concern is this. “How could “nice” people in the humane West…detain those exposed to a “contagious disease” in forcible quarantine, without charge or trial, and dependent on a court order and good behavior to get out?”

How can those “who grew up with post-Enlightenment norms about human rights and the rule of law —  be doing evil now, with whole hearts.”

She believes, and I agree, that we should be concerned with the rapid progression of these events because of what could follow.

To frame the matter, she points to Nazi history, 1931-1933, when “so many vicious norms and policies were set in place. But these were often culturally or professionally policed, rather than being policed by camp patrols. That’s the point that better-informed analysts of these similarities are making.”

The Nazis laid a political foundation but society did the cultural heavy lifting for them.


[A] Casual, escalating cruelty, a culture of degradation of the “othered,” and a two-tier society, were built up in those years certainly at the behest of Nazi social policy. But the construction of a world of evil out of what had been a modern civil society, if a fragile one, was also endorsed and even policed by doctors, by medical associations, by journalists, by famous composers and filmmakers, by universities; by neighbors, by teachers, by shopkeepers — for years before the death camp guards were tasked with their own far more heinous cruelty.


Now – Yes! invoking Nazis or Hitler is unofficially a debate ender (you lose) unless you are a Leftist talking about Republicans then it follows white privileged, racist, sexist, bigoted, theocrat as naturally as higher taxes follow Democrat majorities.

But Dr. Wolf is not wrong.


As today, emergency laws then were the benchmarks that would allow democracy to collapse. “Hitler wanted full powers like Mussolini’s in Italy,” writes Elon. “He knew exactly what was needed to turn a government into a ‘legal’ dictatorship: emergency powers under Article 48.”

See if you notice any echoes here. Currently, forty-seven US states are operating with emergency measures, which suspend or bypass normal legislative checks and balances, including New York, the state in which I am writing. Under emergency measures, pretty much anything can be done.


In The Live Free or Die State our ‘Republican Governor’ closed businesses, levied fines, defined hours of operation, closed churches, mosques, and synagogues, denied the right to assembly and association, and approved illegal searches without warrants.

In real life, many just ignored that regime and not much came from it. Mr. Sununu eventually saw more political advantage in ending the emergency. But the mechanisms are still in place and Democrats demanded a lot more restrictions and still demand them. Democrat-run cities in New Hampshire are still walking on the edge of fresh new tyrannies.

And if able the Dems would have imposed more restrictions, for longer, more enforcement, and more severe punishment. The same party that supports mob violence to stifle speech they oppose, sees no natural right to self-defense and has no problem with compelling speech.

Some will still not see the potential for danger. They won’t learn from history. They will dismiss it as improbable or impossible.

As impossible as looking forward from 2018 and predicting that within 36 months we have plans for a two-tiered society based on accepting a government-mandated chemical modification in the absence of which you might be denied … the right to travel, shop, dine out, participate in government, get medical attention, an education, or potentially end up arrested or in a detention facility.

No court, no hearing, no jury.

All over a flu that 99.9% of people who catch it survive? Most don’t even get seriously ill.

All of that is real right now, in the enlightened West because that flu got nothing on human nature and the desire to abuse power.

There’s more than one kind of war and freedom isn’t free. It comes at the cost of lives, our loved ones, ourselves. And not just from bullets or in military battles. Many a patriot could lose their life to COVID in defense of liberty. We’ve lost a few already because they chose the face of freedom against the abuse of emergency powers. To get off the path upon which we’d been set.

Because human nature does not care what century it is. It will accumulate and abuse power if unchecked.

It is still unchecked, It can still be abused. And history has a lesson for us if we will take the time to learn.



Read More on This From | Naomi Wolf



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Response to Ed Mosca’s Opinion on My Article, “Who Is Qualified to Vote in New Hampshire under Its Constitution?”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 22:00 +0000

Apparently, Ed Mosca is unaware that he is unaware of the definition of the word “resident” and the consequences of HB 1264 along with its proposed amendments by Senator Birdsell and former Speaker, Bill O’Brien.

My article primarily addresses the Constitution of New Hampshire and its legal language with respect to voter qualification–not the opinions of politicians and their cohorts such as the Attorney General, who regularly ignore the Constitution.

Let’s begin with the most misunderstood words tossed around in the voting dialog: resident and inhabitant. Who is a resident? Who is an inhabitant?

The answer can easily be found in the Constitution of New Hampshire. The word resident is only used in one place in our constitution and that is Part II, Article 5:

“and also to impose fines, mulcts, imprisonments, and other punishments, and to impose and levy proportional and reasonable assessments, rates, and taxes, upon all the inhabitants of, and residents within, the said state;”

It is clear that an inhabitant and a resident are two different entities. This section of Art. 5 establishes that both inhabitants and residents are subject to fines, mulcts, imprisonment, and other punishments, and they are subject to reasonable assessments, rates, and taxes.

What’s missing? Conspicuously, “voting” is missing, as the language within the Article 5 makes no mention of voting.

Part II, the Form of Government, the laws of the land were established to control government, whose sworn duty is to protect the rights of the people. The fact is the word resident is only used in this one place explaining power of government over residents and nowhere else. The word resident does not appear in any of the 39 Articles of Part I of the Bill of Rights. Therefore, a resident is NOT entitled to the same rights as an inhabitant. If a resident had the right to vote, the Constitution would say so.

What is the definition of resident? A person who resides in a place; or Dwelling in a particular place; residing: resident aliens, or resident: a person not a Citizen of this State is a resident alien. Aliens are defined as any person not a Citizen of this State is therefore a resident alien. A legal resident is alien to this State, as they are citizens of another State or Federal Territory.

I am an immigrant from Canada, and when I moved here under Federal law, I was defined as a “lawful permanent resident alien” as I was neither a citizen of the United States, nor a citizen of this state.

What is the definition of naturalization? According to federal law the definition of naturalization is as follows: The term “naturalization” means the conferring of the nationality of a State upon a person after birth, by any means whatsoever.

Now let’s move onto HB 1264 and address its consequences. HB 1264 amended N.H. RSA 21:6. Which now reads as follows:

21:6 Resident; Inhabitant. – A resident or inhabitant or both of this state and of any city, town, or other political subdivision of this state shall be a person who is domiciled”

This statute is repugnant and contrary to Part I, Art. 11 which states that;

Every person shall be considered an inhabitant for the purposes of voting in the town, ward, or unincorporated place where he has his domicile.

As you can see, the term “resident” is missing as it does not appear in the Bill of Rights, Art 11. As it currently stands, RSA 21:6 is unconstitutional because the legislature cannot grant to a resident alien (by statute) the authority to establish a domicile for the purposes of voting. It is also repugnant and contrary to Part II, Art. 27. [Election of Senators.]

“The freeholders and other inhabitants of each district, qualified as in this constitution is provided” ….


Part II, Art. 30 [inhabitant defined] “And every person, qualified as the constitution provides, shall be considered an inhabitant for the purpose of electing or being elected into any office or place within this state, in the town, or ward, where he is domiciled.”

In 1784, the Senate was the first chamber to establish voter qualifications within the defined term inhabitants. I highlighted the following section to make a very important point, “qualified as in this constitution is provided” is stated for a reason. What this means is that the inhabitants, as defined by Part I, Art. 30 wrote the constitution and established the voter qualifications. Only they, the inhabitants (qualified voters) can amend our voting laws and not any branch of government, including the legislature. These are the problems with RSA 21:6. and HB 1264.

Senator Birdsell and Bill O’Brien’s proposed amendment is all about doubling down on fraud. Under their proposal known as CACR 36 “only residents of the State may vote.” (That’s right she said it. Birdsell herself asserts that “only residents of the State may vote”.)

Where is the authority? Replacing “inhabitant” and inserting “citizen” of the United States and a citizen of this state of New Hampshire is a distraction and fraud. Ask the question who is a citizen of the state of New Hampshire? Or, moreover, how do you become one? I will answer the last question first.

According to the proposed amendment, any person who establishes a residence in N.H. as currently provided under RSA 21:6 and RSA 654:7 in which you can establish a residence and declare it their domicile and vote on the same day. If CACR36 were to pass it would make the residency statute describe above constitutional, thereby allowing any citizen of the United States to show up and establish a residence and on the same day, thereby automatically becoming a citizen of the state of New Hampshire. How does this solve the problem? It doesn’t.

First question: who is a Citizen of the State of New Hampshire?

From 1784 until 1973, a Citizen of the State was a person who was a “native born or a naturalized” citizen of the United States. The word Citizen of the United States as used in the Constitution of United States is a Citizen of a State, and was so defined from 1788 until 1868, and the 14th Amendment.

In 1973, HB 363 removed the following words “native born or a naturalized” leaving the word citizen of the United States void of its previous descriptive and modifying words, defining who a Citizen of the State is.

The first statutes used in N.H. in 1808 created the means by which a person is naturalized to the State (emigrates from one State to another State), which was meeting a two year residency requirement in order become a Citizen of the State, and that they shall have made an oath before some Justice of the Peace, or other person authorized to administer oaths — That he will bear faith and true allegiance to the State of New Hampshire, and to the United States, and will support the Constitutions thereof.

The key is under federal law and previous State laws, residency requirements is always a pathway to becoming a citizen of a State and not a pathway for the right to vote. Durational residency requirements to vote have been struck down because of the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. Durational residency requirements for State citizenship are reserved to the States not to the federal government.

The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Const. created and defined a second class of citizenship, federal citizenship, thereby creating federal civil rights which did not include the right to vote;

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

What is missing here? Voting, that is what is missing. The right to vote comes from the State Constitution and not the U.S. Constitution, therefore, requiring the people of this State to consent to being a U.S. citizen to vote is fraud as voting is not a privilege or immunity of the U.S. Constitution.

“The right or privilege of voting is one arising under the constitution of the state, and not under the constitution of the United States.” The qualifications are different in the different states. Citizenship, age, sex, residence, are variously required in the different states, or may be so. If the right belongs to any particular person, it is because such person is entitled to it by the laws of the state where he offers to exercise it, and not because of citizenship of the United States.” UNITED STATES V. ANTHONY. June 18, 1873.

So, in closing, it is time that we all agree upon the relevant words and constitutional provisions. Voting in New Hampshire did not become corrupt until uniformed politicians SCREWED IT ALL UP! Here are the proper definitions based on the Constitutions and relevant case law that would get everyone on the same page. Enjoy:

  1. NH RSA 21:6; Inhabitant; a Citizen of this State qualified as the Constitution provides to vote within this State, who establishes a domicile in the town, city, or other political subdivisions of this State.
  2. NH RSA 21:6-a; Citizen of this State; a man or women native born or a person naturalized as a Citizen of the State of New Hampshire.
    NH RSA 21:6-b; Naturalization; The term “naturalization” means the conferring of the nationality of a State upon a person after birth, by any means what’s so ever.
  3. NH RSA 21:6-c; naturalized citizen of the United States; a Citizen of the United States (an American National) who is admitted to become a Citizen of the State of New Hampshire.
  4. NH RSA 21:6-d; national; the term national means a person owing permeant allegiance to a State.
  5. NH RSA 21:6-e; Domicile; the one place within this State where a Citizen of this State dwelleth and hath his or her home for voting purpose, to the exclusion of all other residences.
  6. NH RSA 21:6-f; Resident; a person who resides within this State who is not a Citizen of this State.
  7. NH RSA 21:6-g; Aliens; any person not a Citizen of this State is resident alien. A legal resident is alien to this State as they are citizens of another State or Federal Territory.

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It’s EASY to Make Shared Misery “Equitable”! – Part 1

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 20:30 +0000

The eco-Socialists at Treehugger are really at it again. And when you think it can’t get any more bizarre with the “equity” schtick (e.g, the Socialist norm of “equality of outcome” instead of the American norm of “equality of opportunity”), here comes this from Lloyd.

(emphasis mine):

How Can We Make 1.5 Degree Lifestyles Equitable?
It’s not just about individual action, but can be government policy.

The 1.5 degree lifestyle is where people live their lives in a manner where the average per capita carbon emissions are consistent with keeping the climate heating below 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius)—a number that seems more like a dream every day. Treehugger has covered studies about it and I wrote a book about it. Most of the discussions are about personal behavior change (get a bike!) versus system change (100 oil companies are responsible!).

A new study from ZOE, the Institute for Future-Fit Economies, titled “Equitable 1.5 Degree Lifestyles: How Socially Fair Policies Can Support the Implementation of the European Green Deal” (PDF here), takes a different approach: It tries to outline policy pathways that encourage low-carbon living and discourage the high-fliers. The study notes:

“Climate change and socioeconomic inequality reinforce one another, with the effects of the former hitting the most vulnerable the hardest, including lower-income groups, while the rising consumption of “luxury goods” – goods for which demand increases proportionately larger than increases in income – by high-income groups contributes to the acceleration of climate change. Therefore, tackling unsustainable consumption patterns is at the heart of addressing this causality.”

As always, they do the Euphemism Two-Step in not coming right out and directly say what Hillary Clinton once did:

“We’re going to take things away from you” – Hillary Clinton, June 2004).

But it is exactly what that line meant. So, use “carbon usage” to attack successful people (who generally tend to be more wealthy).  As both Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Nitwit keep saying (ok, AOC), billionaires are an assault on the rest of us – they shouldn’t even exist. Bernie used to say that about millionaires until he became one himself – now that word has been quietly dropped from his lexicon. But that reports makes it clearer:

“Stronger measures directed at the emissions of wealthier segments of the population in order to make 1.5-Degree Lifestyles equitable and acceptable. A useful tool in this context is to envision the lifestyles of European citizens flourishing within a consumption corridor that is shaped by a floor of minimum social consumption standards and an environmentally informed ceiling with maximum consumption standards.

Sorry, the ONLY way that it will be acceptable is if Government MAKES it acceptable in the idea that “other alternatives are NOT acceptable”. Nice to see that The Proper Role of Government will now be one that says how “well” you can live – but pretty much anything else will be fine.  “Living Large” is not the report’s norm and is looking for it to be forced onto others. We’ll take stuff from you rich people in the top 10% (which is, pretty much, the “Developed World”) and if an American has 60% of the American average income, you are in that world 10%. 

So yes, they are talking about doing this to YOU to lower YOU to the World’s lowest 10% (because money doesn’t grow on trees – er, Carbon. See how they’ve switched the goalposts from traditional Marxism / Communism?  Different technique, same goal.  Because of Carbon – the slithering of economic class warfare wrapped up in “Ecological Sustainability” – sorry folks, they’re all self-righteous King Canutes who believe that since man created this mess (no we didn’t), man can fix it (no, we can’t do that either).

Sidenote: or should I be using the term “a mammal with two arms, opposing thumbs, and two legs and that prefers a modern lifetyle” instead of “man”?  I’m so confused.  But they certainly can’t answer the question any more of “What is a woman?”, can they?  But I digress…

Per usual, while a Post sets the stage, the more interesting stuff is in the Comment section and I’d urge you to go to the line and read the pablum for what it is. It starts out with stuff that the memes that “wealthy won’t voluntarily give up their stuff”.  I consider that a true statement.  And why SHOULD they (except the THers believe that is radically unfair in not “sharing with the rest of the Collective”. So just a tiny bit of a taste here for what will come later:

Bill: Just look at history for you answer. Wealth HAS NEVER given it up to any significant degree peacefully. FDR’s mild re-distribution caused a party support reversal and an undo that took approx 40-50 years.

Cluelessness is never a good look but it clearly shows the outlook for many of them: it should be NATURAL that stuff is taken and given to others. But he just can’t get passed the idea that most Americans see this as wrongness – it IS theft by legal means and the Democrat Party that did it got shunned and spanked; he objects to that.  It’s sorta like when Transgenders get all bent out of shape and complain that straight people don’t want to date them – why do so date for a sham woman when you get the real thing?  Ditto a Republican that moves Left to get votes and then is stunned when they lose to a real Democrat?

So I pointed it out to him:

Because people have this intense dislike of working hard for something only to have Government swoop in and take it away simply to give it to other people.

And watching those in Government making those decisions and carrying them out being exempt from that action.

So, they threw the bums / takers / thieves out. Make stupid decisions, get stupid consequences.

So one would have thought, spending 40 years in the wilderness (and it is HIGHLY doubtful that he realized the connection of the 40 years bit) would have taught them something that would have lasted for a lot longer time – have stupid policies, get stupid election results.  And then came along Jimmy Carter. At least Clinton hid it better, but now we’ve had Obama and redistribution and Obama 2.0 in SloJoe trying the same thing.  And this time, though not mentioned here but I ought to throw it into that Comment section just to muddy the waters, they’re after our kids.


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Help Us Tell Moms and Dads the Truth About the Gender Craze

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 19:00 +0000

TikTok, Tumblr, Netflix, school counselors, and librarians tell us how liberating it is for girls to identify as boys or non-binary, and to have physicians change their bodies so they can be more like their “authentic selves.”

But the truth is that thousands of girls, many with autism, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, are being experimented on with puberty blockers, and mutilated with cross-sex hormones and double mastectomies. For many, the result is a lifetime of regret.

Related: Video: Mom Eviscerates 2 California Teachers Accused of Coaching Her 12-Year-Old to Change Genders behind Her Back

Those who push child transgenderism claim that those who regret the permanent damage from chemicals and surgery didn’t get the support they needed from their transphobic families. But the almost 26,000 members of the Detrans Subreddit tell a different story.

Detransitioners recount how they had trouble fitting in with other girls because they didn’t fit stereotypes, how they were drawn into transgenderism by social media, and how they were rushed through medicalization by therapists and physicians who didn’t explore whether the gender dysphoria was a result of other mental-health disorders.

Detransitioned women discuss regrets from being sterilized, having their breasts amputated, and having permanently lower voices, all because of decisions they made when they were too young to give informed consent.

“Children don’t have free will,” detransitioner Laura Reynolds says in her video. “They’ll believe anything. If you tell them they can change their sex, they’ll believe you.”

Although in New Hampshire it’s illegal for therapists to encourage gender-confused children to live as their biological sex thanks to a conversion therapy ban signed by Governor Chris Sununu, there are resources available to help their moms and dads.

Reporter Abigail Shrier’s book  “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters,” documents the alarming rise in girls drawn into transgenderism, and describes how it spreads as a social contagion through peers and social media. She also advises parents about how they should address their daughters’ confusion.

But we have a problem.

The activists pushing the transing of children are doing all they can to ban “Irreversible Damage.” That is why we need your help promoting this book that the activists don’t want moms and dads to see. We’ve started a fundraiser to promote this book on a digital billboard on busy South Willow Street in Manchester.

Please consider donating a few dollars and sharing the link to the fundraiser at



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Why Democrat Joe Manchin is Telling Senate Democrats To Take A Flying Leap At A Rolling Donut

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 17:30 +0000

It should only take this one simple graph to tell the Democrats, crying for his head on a pike, why:

WHY would Joe Manchin join hands with the likes of AOC and the other Squad members and jump off that Progressive Cliff?  They’re in fairly safe Democrat enclaves where they could retire in 50 odd years.

Instead, Manchin knows where his butter is breaded and it ain’t Democrats any more.  An R+43 district means that if he doesn’t stay on that middle / middle to moderate Left, he’s toast.

He’s listening to his base.

(H/T: Powerline)

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Normal is like The Worst Thing Ever

Libertarian Leanings - Tue, 2022-02-08 16:41 +0000

Babylon Bee:  Leftists Deeply Afraid Things Could Go Back To Normal

U.S.—With more and more people either vaccinated or already recovered from COVID, many think things could go back to normal. This proposition is scaring many on the Far-Left.

“We don’t want normal,” said activist Earnest Greer. “We want radical change. What if everything goes back to the way it was without us completely dismantling and rebuilding the system?”

Read the rest here.

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Sure Signs You’ve Been Indoctrinated About COVID …

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 16:00 +0000

This Microsoft Network headline was begging me to click on it. “Most People Get COVID This Way, Experts Say.” How do I pass that up? I can’t, didn’t, and what I read rewarded me with the sure signs that you’ve been brainwashed about COVID.

Not all, but some so here we go.

#1 –  Not being fully vaccinated and boosted. This is their number one way to get COVID. What a load of crap.

This is the BIG lie. It’s Yuge, it is so big. I know people a ton of jabbed people who got COVID. I know people who’ve been vaccinated and boosted and got COVID not once but twice. Severe flu – the stuck in bed -misery for a week or more variety. And just yesterday, we shared more data from a professor in Israel who runs a severe covid ward. He says up to 80% of those patients are fully vaccinated.

If you believe being vaccinated and boosted protects you, you’ve been indoctrinated about COVID and in for a very rude awakening. It may make you more susceptible, not less.


#2 – Attending a large indoor gathering—where people may be unmasked and their vaccination or infection status is unknown—continues to present one of the biggest risks for contracting COVID.” This is a lie of context. Crowds can result in the transmission of lots of things (like happiness and a reason to live). It can also lead to the belief that being vaccinated and masked provides more protection in these settings. Neither is true, and there’s more research on that you have time to read.

Yes, you might be exposed to a virus, a handsy misogynist, or a random act of violence in these settings, but that’s always been true. If you are not at high risk of harm from flu (any flu), exposure to COVID is no different, so feel free to party like it’s 1999 or even 2018.


#3 – Wearing a Cloth Mask (Or No Mask) could get you COVID. Hello Pivot! Until last month wearing a cloth mask, according to experts, was adequate protection. It never was, and we’ve been saying that for almost two years. Our experts were better and not just about cloth masks because this tip says you need N95 or K95 masks: “They contain polypropylene, a material with electrostatic properties that effectively trap airborne virus particles before they’re inhaled.”

What’s missing? How about the billions of basic blue or white “medical masks” littering the streets and ‘washing up on our beaches’ that the experts we’ve shared said did nothing to stop virus.  The MSN piece doesn’t mention them (or how many of their experts said the same thing prior to the invention of political flu). Those truths have been made to disappear or denied but look, they’re back. And the experts say they don’t work.


#4 –Going to Gyms” will get you covid. “They found the place with the highest risk is a crowded, poorly ventilated area where people are unmasked and exercising (and exhaling) heavily.”  But you’re at a much higher risk of catching and dying from COVID if you are out of shape and overweight. Healthy people who are not classified as high-risk (the people most likely to use a gym membership with any regularity) have almost nothing to fear from SARS CoV2.

And the odds of them surviving a positive case (with most never even suffering a typical two-week flu with symptoms) is close to 100%.


#5 – Going shopping! – [T]he UK’s Virus Watch group calculated the COVID risk associated with various non-household activities. The researchers found that people who visited stores once a week were nearly 2.2 times more likely to contract COVID than people who didn’t do in-person shopping.”

And people with adequate vitamin D supplementation are 14 times less likely to get COVID, have symptoms, or become sick.

Vitamin D is cheap, and there are a lot of studies and a lot of medical professionals who recommend it as a layer of protection every flu season without the fear, intimidation, fickle whim of’s so-called experts. That goes for race-pimps as well. People of color in northern states are not more likely to get COVID because of the system unless the system lies to them about the benefits of vitamin D.


#6 – Summary – do what they say, and you’ll be fine.

“Follow the fundamentals and help end this pandemic, no matter where you live—get vaccinated ASAP; if you live in an area with low vaccination rates, wear an N95 face mask, don’t travel, social distance, avoid large crowds, don’t go indoors with people you’re not sheltering with (especially in bars), practice good hand hygiene…” Avoid a life worth living, and stay away from people who might disagree.

The machine is still making this noise and a lot of people continue to listen (masked, alone, in their cars). Others are unable to hear anything else over it.

Yes, COVID is real and kills people, but so do governments.

COVID was never the threat you promised. Your cures were never as effective as you claimed, and many were more dangerous to people than the COVID.

And we talk abut that a lot but this really isn’t about either the failed “solutions” or their inefficacy. The real issue is tyranny.

Government can’t eliminate risk without eliminating freedom, and the latter is far more critical to human health, actual progress, and prosperity.

And disagreeing with your BS and then dying with COVID is not proof that you were right. Millions have followed your suggestions, and tens of thousands have gotten or died from COVID anyway. Many died in confinement and alone.  Many have also died from things linked to the approved response. Deaths that are on you over which  you will never take ownership or responsibility.

But there are still people willing to challenge the establishment line on COVID and your “experts” have been moving closer and closer to that line. What was once conspiracy theory is becoming Covidiot expert opinion.

But don’t expect the Microsoft Network to publish a slideshow on how the things we said were true that they denied have become their truth. Or better yet, the top 5 political responses that caused the most unnecessary harm.

You’ll have to look elsewhere for that truth.




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Formal Complaint & Please lift the Mask Policy in City Hall

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 14:30 +0000

This is a formal complaint regarding the conduct of Kim Kleiner. At my request, the police showed up at City Hall and I gave a statement regarding the verbal assault of Ms. Kleiner against me at the end of the Board of Assessors Meeting.

I was in a conversation with Dan Hansberry and at some point, Ms. Kleiner entered the space of the discussion.

When I finished, she pointed her finger at my face and shouted, “you listen to me.” I told her I was not entering into a discussion with a woman yelling at me. She then shouted that she could have me removed from City Hall because I shouted at Jen downstairs in Assessing. I said, “you were not there” and she responded that another clerk was. I believe she is incorrect.

Under RSA 91-A, please provide the video surveillance recording of the Nashua Assessing office customer service area for February 3, 2022 for the time period of 9:15 am to 10:15 am.  

Is this the type of de-escalation training your senior managers receive in addressing a public concern or a perceived angry citizen? I can only imagine that if I pointed my finger at her face, and shouted at her, I would be accused of hitting her and assaulting her.

Her performance was so unprofessional and clearly lacked any good judgement.

Please stop the mask mandate. The 1+ thick glass partitions, along with face masks, and echo chamber spaces in City Hall has led people to believe they are being shouted at or they are being whispered at when in fact the verbal volume of our conversations are being significantly impacted by our environment.

Let me give you some examples:

Yesterday, when I came to your office to file a complaint, Kathleen came to the door but did not open it. I had to shout through the glass, mask and hallway echo to speak with her. As she addressed me behind the glass, I could not hear her and told her that she had to speak louder. I then apologized for speaking loudly, but explained that the echo up the stairwell is deafening.

Today, in the Board of Assessors meeting, I provided public comment. After I finished, Dan Hansberry responded to my comments. He was mumbling through the mask and not close enough to the mic and again there was loud noise coming from the 3rd floor hallway that made it impossible for me to hear. I approached the table and asked him to repeat what he said. This is on film.

While in the building department office, I asked the clerk for the permit file for 78-84 West Pearl St. She repeated that I wanted the file for West HOLLIS st. I said no – West Pearl St. She asked me to speak louder because the mask and glass were preventing her from hearing. I raised my voice to give the address.

So, when Ms. Kleiner accuses me of shouting at the clerk in assessing, I believe she is misrepresenting the situation. I did tell the clerk that I did not believe I was shouting but I did lower my voice and tell her that I have a hard time hearing myself with the hallway noise. The customer service area is right at the base of the stairwell and adjacent to the mechanical room and it is an echo chamber.

I have had a loss of hearing for some time now and I have considered asking for an exemption for hearing loss. Does City Hall allow an exemption from masking for hearing impairment? My husband has complained for years that I am deaf and he is, in part, correct. If you listen to much of the public comment I participate in, I speak ratherly loudly. That is because of my hearing. I am under a lot of scrutiny for behavior that I believe is unjustified. I would like you to inform those in City Hall that I can have a mask exemption and I would like to be granted an exemption. Early on in this pandemic and because of my own fear, I kept the mask in place and dealt with the hearing issue. I thought this masking mandate issue would be over a long time ago; now I believe that City Hall will most likely keep masking a permanent requirement of visitation. I am no longer fearful and have researched a great deal on masking; my medical provider never believed in it. I want to stop having to raise my voice because of the mask.
The meeting entered a nonpublic session. I went downstairs to assessing to get a printout of the Property record card for the NPAC and request to see the property record file. Jen did not know how to get a printout (I managed to figure that out on my own) and left to find the file. She came back and said some files have been returned and some are out. I told her that I have always been able to obtain files that are boxed or inhouse. She said everyone was watching the Board meeting on Zoom and she would have to wait until Rick Vincent was out.

I left without obtaining my copy because I did not have a dollar on me. I got money and went back downstairs to pay for the card copy. On that exchange, another clerk was with Jen. They could not make change so they gave me the copy free of charge.

I went to the Building permit department and collected all the permit data on the Art Center Building. Mark was great and the young girl was helpful. I never have had problems with walk-in requests in that office.

I went back to the board of Assessor meeting to see if they finished nonpublic and they had. That is when Kim Kleiner lost it and started shouting at me and pointing her finger.

Under RSA 91-A, please provide the video surveillance records of the Auditorium from 9:45 am to 10:00 am for February 3, 2022.

These are abuses that citizens should not have to endure when coming to city hall to participate in public meetings or inspect public records.

I am requesting an apology from Ms. Kleiner and believe city wide customer service training might be in order.

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CNN's Mysterious Ratings Problem

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Two Years Down the Road HHS and CDC Decide They'll Try to Figure This Out

Libertarian Leanings - Tue, 2022-02-08 13:28 +0000

Politico:  Biden officials trying to recalculate U.S. Covid-19 hospitalizations

The Biden administration is working on recalculating the number of Covid-19 hospitalizations in the U.S., according to two senior officials familiar with the matter.

A task force comprised of scientists and data specialists at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are working with hospitals nationwide to improve Covid-19 reporting. The group is asking hospitals to report numbers of patients who go to the facility because they have Covid-19 and separate those from individuals who go in for other reasons and test positive after being admitted, the two officials said.  (My emphasis)

Read the rest here.

As a reminder, July 20, 2020:  Florida Man Killed in Crash Listed as COVID-19 Death, Raising Doubts Over Health Data

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All Liberals Are Not Equal. Like Bill Maher

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Bill Mahr is one liberal commentator I know of who doesn’t tow the party line. He thinks and speaks for himself. Now he is a true Liberal, no mistake, and when we Conservatives listen to him, often we are grinding our teeth.

Still, he often makes extreme Liberals grind them too. The man, as often as not, will get the facts of an issue straight as in this case, on his comments about COVID-19.

Party Leftists are cringing from Maher’s recent assessment where he slams the Left media for “scaring the sh** out of people over COVID-19” (his words). Also, they politicized the drug Ivermectin and he called blue Staters “pains in the a$$” for the restrictions and red Staters “a joy” ( his words).

He describes Democrats as a “mindless bureaucracy” and that seems pretty accurate to me in judging by Biden and his handlers.

On the medical-industrial complex (MIC), he is less than kind here, too. It (MIC) should “focus on helping the vulnerable stay safe and let the rest of us get back to living normal lives.”

Keep in mind readers that’s from a true liberal. Sounds right to me.

He makes a point that many Euro nations have loosened or ended their pandemic restrictions. Much like many here are looking for that as well. The pandemic limitations on kids, who have very high survivor rates, he describes as “unnecessary and horrible.”

In my mind anyway, it’s also stupid, and trying to force parents and schools to inject kids as young as five with unproven and possibly unsafe vaccines; it’s criminal. Top that off with threats against parents who resist these politically motivated efforts should result in severe backlashes by honest Americans.

A recent John Hopkins University study has concluded the lockdowns had little or no effect on COVID-19, added Maher, but “imposed enormous economic and social costs.” Another one he got right.

Here is another observation he makes, saying, many including our intelligence agencies believe this virus “came from a lab” (much denied by the Biden administration I might add). Add to that that there is no research concluding outdoor transmission of the virus is likely or common.

While Maher doesn’t exactly tee off on the medical establishment he does note that both corruption and incompetency play a part but sometimes they are “just wrong”. For instance, a few years ago we were told to eat eggs and then not to eat eggs. Take Aspirin now, and then don’t take Aspirin.

A while back trans fats were the thing, now they are illegal along with hundreds of prescription drugs – remember the thalidomide babies a few decades ago? The “cranberry sauce causes cancer” scare around that same time.

Look, medical science is an ongoing process. Sometimes they get it right, other times not so much.  So people, especially parents, need to think for themselves and use their best judgments where the kids are concerned and not politicians throwing their weight around mostly just trying to look good (“see I’m doing something”). A politician or teacher, or a school board member are all out of their elements in this regard, and with this latest pandemic we have full proof of that.

Do what is best for you and your family.



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In Canada an Emergency Debate on Covid Mandates

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Green v. Green – Germany is Clearing Old Growth Forests to make Room for … Wind Turbines

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 11:30 +0000

Germany is a mess, but it still has some amazing old-growth forests. Or does it? Having scuttled its nuclear energy capacity after Fukushima! – probably at the encouragement of Greens – it is trying to replace some of that capacity with wind, to the frustration and anger of Greens.

I guess Kermit the Frog had it right all those years ago. It isn’t easy being green.


The Reinhardswald is known as the “treasure house of European forests” or the “Grimm’s fairy tale forest.”

A total of about 2000 hectares ( 20 million m²) of the thousand-year-old Reinhardswald was designated for destruction by the state in order to clear the way for a massive wind power plant development.


They began building construction roads two days ago, so efforts to stop the project appear to have failed.

What if they renamed it the Amazon?

In 2015, for example, Merkel considered it (The Amazon) to be “the key to all goals related to the climate.” In 2018 she said, “the Amazon’s wildfires were an ‘acute emergency’ which belonged on the G7 agenda.”

That one is a real Lorax, except when it comes to her trees. We won’t be clear-cutting old-growth forests in some backwater like Brazil, but Germany needs power. Screw the trees and their benefits to the global climate narrative.

Clearing 20 million square meters of fairy woods is the first of many prices Germany (and the world) must pay in the name of progress.

Modern Wind power is, of course, a nasty dirty, inefficient method of generating electricity with dire consequences for wildlife that try to live in what’s left after construction. It is carbon-intensive front and back and ill-suited to modern demands in between. They try to compensate by installing more of them, but that makes a bigger mess on both ends, and it didn’t work for Denmark.


[Merkel] praised Brazil’s work to halt what was once runaway forest clearance for new agricultural lands in the Amazon rainforest, even if the rate of destruction has picked up again this year, according to NGOs that monitor the Amazon.


Were they making space to install German-made wind farms, perhaps?

Environmentalists, meanwhile, are losing their minds.


The area is the largest contiguous forest area in Hessen in a virtually uninhabited, undisturbed and therefore in itself an extremely valuable natural area. It’s beauty serves as a recreational area of outstanding importance [1] in the midst of a landscape that is partly classified as cultural-historical and of the highest value. Even according to Hessian Environment Minister Priska Hinz (Greens), it is one of the most scenic regions in Germany [2],


And Macron was right there with Merkel babbling about the Amazon, but France gets 70% of its power from nuclear reactors, many of which are close to 50 years old. Their plan. Fix and upgrade to keep them working while they work on new ones.


In October 2021 French grid operator RTE plans for construction of six new EPR reactors so that by 2050 France maintains 50 GW in low-carbon nuclear power. This has been described as the fastest and most certain path to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050


Do you know who builds those? Électricité de France in France, and Siemens in Germany (Siemens also makes wind turbines).

The French are also exploring small modular reactors and green hydrogen while Germany clears old-growth forests to erect wind turbines.

So, could France “conquer” Germany in a few decades simply by controlling all the electricity generating capacity of any actual value.

Probably not, but Germany is going in the wrong direction as quickly as possible. Something, at some point, has to give.


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Ottawa Police and the Truckers

Libertarian Leanings - Tue, 2022-02-08 11:21 +0000
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Your State House 02/04/22: Communist Victims Day, Homestead Food Operation, Slapping down DHES…

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 02:30 +0000

This week, my committee continued with public hearings. We heard HB 1159, recognizing November 7 as victims of communism memorial day. This was sponsored by a number of representatives who had migrated into the US from countries that had suffered from communism, so we heard some heart-wrenching stories.

However, our resistance to special days was reinforced by the discovery that November 7 is already a federal memorial day to victims of communism, so HB 1159 was redundant. The vote to kill it was 12-5, with the opposition being more sympathetic to the sponsors.

HB 314, which increased the income allowed for a license-exempt homestead food operation to $35,000 per year, passed unanimously. If nothing else, it made up for inflation since the current limit was set.

I presented two of my bills: HB 1681, updating the state building code, was widely supported by the various businesses and agencies involved in building, but I’m preparing an amendment to update the fire code – which was part of the original plan but missed by everyone who read the bill until this week!

We want to thank Carol McGuire for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours

HB 1191, allowing the owner to do electrical or plumbing, or gas fitting work on their two-family house, was opposed by all the same people who supported the building code change. The main objection was that many towns do not have well-qualified building inspectors to verify that such work is done safely and to code, and they feared injuring not just the owner and his family, but also the innocent renters of the other unit. They also pointed out problems with the way the homeowner’s exemption is specified in statute (and quite different from one profession to the next.)

HB 1552, moving assessor certification from the department of revenue assessment to the office of professional licensing and certification, was supported in concept by everyone who testified, but the bill needs amendment to address the transition.

HB 1312, prohibiting the department of environmental services from requiring larger grease traps than the plumbing code specifies, had a more crowded hearing than most. A tiny ice cream shack decided to sell some fried food, and DES rules required a 1,000-gallon grease trap for a restaurant (of any size or type) on a septic tank – and that size trap is about half the size of the entire restaurant! DES kept trying to defend their position, but it was clear that their rules are written for worst cases and are extremely rigid. They also aren’t familiar with the plumbing code, since they kept objecting to it in respect to backflow preventers. We’ll be working on this for a while.

HB 1357, on land acknowledgment, was a statement, to go in the first place in our law books, that various tribes lived here before the settlement by European immigrants. Tribal representatives spoke in favor but pointed out the spelling errors in the Abenaki words…

HB 1344 prohibits real estate brokers from signing a purchase and sale agreement on behalf of their client unless they had a formal power of attorney, not just language in the standard form. The supporters agreed that the standard forms here do not contain such language, but insisted that this bill would protect against elder abuse and act as consumer protection. I’m not convinced it’s necessary.

HB 1354, on regulation by the real estate board, allows agents and brokers on inactive status to receive pay for previous work. It seems commercial real estate often pays commissions on a schedule, say over the period of a lease, and the law prohibits inactive agents from receiving any compensation. There is also a section updating the language on licenses by reciprocity to call it “recognition” of an out-of-state license instead.

We also voted unanimously to kill HB 1549, which would exempt special duty hours from the limit for part-time work by retirees. Besides our concern for retirees replacing full-time officers who paid into the retirement system, this process would also complicate the system – and it’s complicated enough already!

HB 1557, giving retirees 120 days from their final pension notification to decide on the optional allowances, was recommended to pass, 14-1. We will probably fold this text into HB 1497, which amends the same section of law if we agree to pass that bill.

I also presented HB 1398 to the education committee. This would create a study committee on centralizing criminal records checks in education, which has been done for school bus drivers. There are other professions that work part-time in more than one school – an occupational therapist brought this to my attention – and current law requires them to get a separate background check for each school! This is costly and inconvenient for the workers, and it unnecessarily adds to the workload at the state police records check unit, delaying all other records checks. The study is required because there are federal restrictions on sharing the data; most school officials simply shred them after making a decision. A complicating factor is that school districts have discretion to apply different standards or criteria on what would bar an applicant from working in a school.

Representative Carol McGuire

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Notable Quote – We’ve been too tolerant of rebranded Communist ideology

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-02-08 01:00 +0000

And to get to the heart of the matter first:

If they can break down the family, they break down the final defense against the left’s total power. And the elimination of binary sex distinctions turns the family into a morass of chaos and confusion. Along with the welfare state, you have a two-pronged attack on our culture’s last redoubt.

Now that the thrust of the post is there, here’s the long setup (emphasis mine):

What got us here, to this sad and sorry state, is that we were polite for too long. In a misguided sense of misplaced kindness we failed to call it as we saw it. Stupid people, deluded people, and/or malicious people all confronted us with their stupid, deluded and/or malicious nonsense, and instead of telling them to cut the Schiff, we smiled and tolerated it. Now we got dudes setting records in women’s sports, roving bands of mouth thong vigilantes pestering those of us who exercise facial freedom, and communists who have decided that racism is cool as long as it’s useful to their agenda.

We should have told them “No” the first time they opened their yaps.

But Americans are friendly. We don’t like to give offense. We want to live and let live. But we should not have lived and let lived when confronted by these freaks. We should have lived and let these weirdos, losers and mutations have it with both barrels.

Now we have to clean up the mess that has resulted from refusing to set sane limits on what we would tolerate. We allowed them to exploit our indulgence. As a result, our indulgence was totally exploited and our culture is being driven full-speed into a wall. We need to be intolerant of stupidity, intolerant of delusions, and intolerant of those who want to change our country into a giant college run by the kind of people you avoided when you walked across campus.

When the first dude approached us and announced that he was now Gladys, our society defaulted to kindness. Someone who is suffering gender dysphoria does not need to have more pain heaped upon him or her, and we had no desire as a society to compound that pain. But tolerating this confusion was not enough. The demand became to celebrate it and to pretend it was real. But it’s not real. A man can never menstruate or give birth or ask for directions. A woman cannot be a father or (generally) carry 120 pounds of weapons and gear or fully appreciate The Dirty Dozen. These are facts, these are written, these are science, damnit. And we believe in science.

But when the first requirement that we use some bizarre and silly pronoun to acknowledge a fake gender identity was issued, we should have laughed in his or her – because there is only his or her – face. Charitably, it is delusional. No one is “two spirit” or “genderqueer” or some other ridiculous label. Male, female, done. But if it is not merely delusional, it is stupid, because – again – the whole science thing. You are one or the other. Unhappy? Take it up with God, who is male.

Even worse, there are those who may be delusional and/or stupid, but who are also evil in that they seek to undermine the foundations of society in pursuit of some neo-Marxist hell-topia. Old school Marxists would have none of this, but the new ones are more cunning. If they can break down the family, they break down the final defense against the left’s total power. And the elimination of binary sex distinctions turns the family into a morass of chaos and confusion. Along with the welfare state, you have a two-pronged attack on our culture’s last redoubt.

And our response should be:

Oh, they will cry. They will appeal, again, to our better natures. We’re going to hear how we are mean, how we are racist, sexist, transphobic and whatever. And we won’t care. They lost their benefit of the doubt privileges when they decided they would push beyond a mere polite request for tolerance – which we were happy to grant – to a demand for control over us.

No dice, weirdos, losers, and mutations. We’re no longer interested in tolerating your crap. You had a chance to be cool. You blew it. Now get the hell out of our faces.

-Kurt Schlichter (Conservatives Must Stop Tolerating Commie Nonsense)

There’s more at the link. I like his columns except Townhall keeps putting him behind a paywall.  He also writes in such a manner that to only abstract a little misses a whole bunch of what his intent is.  Thus, I generally read, laugh, wince, and sigh a bit because he does make sense in a manner that makes you listen.

His point is correct – we have allowed ourselves, via “let live and let live”, to ignore what has turned out to be cultural weapons of war.  Traditional norms, American norms, have been under attack since the sixties and we are now seeing the efforts of that Long March finally bursting through the breaches and biting us in our britches.

Enough.  Man up, develop a skin, and maintain a stance of “No further.  No more will you be allowed to make our Culture a shambles. No more are we going to allow YOU to tell US that we are wrong”.

I’m pretty already set in the name calling theatre. They can call me whatever they want and it no longer fazes me a bit. All day long, if you don’t agree with them, it’s the ad hominem attacks.  More of you have to realize that it’s their best bet to make you shut up and scurry off to the sidelines.  It’s their equivalent of hitting you with gunshot in a war to take you out of the game. Not only that, it requires others around you to take THEIR eyes off the battle to care for you (for unlike them, we leave no man behind).

And once on the sideline, their object is to keep you there and then keep making an example of you FOREVER because as we have found out here at GraniteGrok, offering an apology is an exercise is weakness because 1) they will never accept it and go away, and 2) will continue to paste you with that false faux pas that they say is real (really, “misgendering” someone is a legal punishable offense?  Hahahahaha to you – I don’t accept your premise and neither should anyone else that you can be anything you want and others HAVE to accept it).

But he is extremely right – when there are not fathers and mothers (just sperm donors and menustraters), when they can’t answer the direct question of “What is a woman?”, when they keep using Government to take away your authority as Parents like schools are doing because you are wrong for your kids (THEIR Morality is better than yours!), when anyone who hates you (or the guns you may posses) dimes you out to DCYF / Child Protective Services to have your kids taken away from you (or even for letting them go to the park down the street by themselves), we see this for what it is…

…the enforced breakdown of the nuclear family.  Once that is accomplished, they will have won.  When there are no normal norms left, Society implodes – right on schedule.  And like in all other situations, they will saunter in with the promises to solve every problem you have and everything will be provided to you by Government – free of charge!

Except they lie.  They can’t fix anything because they are only good in destroying things.  And trust me,  their version “free” will encase you pre-stressed concrete and rebar and any notion that you have of making any decisions on your own will be removed.

After all, drones are not just those things flying in the air – that’s what they want to make of you for their own devices.

Why else doesn’t the American population know this already?

Because they’re removing history and science for “Feelz” in our education system.  Sowing chaos there and teaching kids that they’ll never know what they don’t know.

Except to hate their parents because their parents just lie to them. Just look at your school system’s Transgender policies – they’re actually telling you in black and white.

That is, if you care about your kids to actually go look and read it.


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Liberal Privilege Fail: White Dem Uses N-Word, White Dem Tries to Defend Her, Grab Some Popcorn …

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-02-07 23:30 +0000

Victimology politics just bit the New Hampshire Democrat Party in the Ass after far-Left BLM-ish activists accused a far-left BLM supporting Democrat of racial insensitivity. I smell popcorn.

It all started when uber-leftist, pro-BLM, race-baiting, white privilege assailing far-too-pale Nicole Klein Knight is accused of using the N-word in front of people of color.

Just so we are clear, Klein-Knight (who is white) is everything “progressives” (regardless of color) want from an elected Democrat. She even lost her mind when white Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on charges of murdering other white people who were trying to kill him.

White privilege, don’t you know.

I guess Nicole thought she had reached the bottom of the rabid rabbit hole (or is that the top of the Dem Party sh!t wagon), but she’s still white, so, no. Her alleged use of the N-word castrated her Golden Calf of Liberal Privilege, and she is under pressure from activists to exit the legislature stage left.

Fellow Democrat legislator Rosemarie Rung, also about as far-left as you can get (who is also white), attempted to add some context to a debate where no debate is allowed because of people like Rung and Klein-Knight.



I honestly thought she knew better, but I guess her pit bullish nature got the better of her. And that’s a compliment. Sure, I think she’s almost always wrong politically, but she is relentless in defense of that wrongness. That sort of persistence can pay off in this battlespace. It also makes for easy blogging fodder.

Like that screengrab. Save it for posterity, people. You might want to roll it out the next time she fakes outrage over something a Republican did or said (you won’t need to wait long). Drop it right into her Twitter feed (if she hasn’t blocked you yet).

Gosh, Rosie, was it used in the course of self-defense, and wait one darn minute here. Are you suggesting people have a right to that sort of thing? Self-defense, I mean?

Making a mess of a mess, but more than one someone got too cozy with the notion that their privilege allowed them to tweak the rules when it was convenient, and other self-styled defenders of people of color are who have color are unhappy. Local BLM activists (who don’t seem bothered with black-on-black crime, especially when it advances their politics) are rattling their sabers.

They hint at the need for a progressive primary candidate to oust Rung.

You won’t find anyone more progressive, but you might manage a candidate willing to act it in front of the locals but be warned. Rung is currently the most popular Leftist in an otherwise Republican town.

Having Democrats in the NH House is rare from Merrimack. They stole four out of our eight possible seats in a 2018 blue wave election but lost three of those in 2020. We have seven Republicans and one Democrat. And you want to do what?

Samantha Searles, an organizer with Black Lives Matter Nashua, announced Sunday afternoon she is organizing an effort to defeat Rung at the ballot box.

“Announcement: Over the past week, it’s become very clear that #MerrimackNH desperately needs something new,” Searle tweeted. “Launched this morning, this group will work together to find and support truly progressive candidates. Join us!”

Rung declined to comment about Searles’ effort for this report. However, she did respond with what some interpreted as a flippant remark on Twitter: “Good luck, Sam! I wish you all the best.”


In a rare moment, I’m going to agree with Rosemarie Rung.

A more verbally progressive candidate will guarantee Republicans reclaim the seat because the mess they make in the process will benefit the opposing party. You won’t beat Rung, but if you have her persistence you might beat her up a bit. That could cost her in the general.

So, Go for it. I wish you all the best.

Now, where did I leave that popcorn..?


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A Step Forward For Literacy in NH: Who is Helping and Who is Not

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-02-07 22:00 +0000

As a parental rights advocate in New Hampshire that focuses on literacy and academic achievement, you would think that I would have numerous allies supporting the same agenda. Sadly, that’s just not true.

In the 20 years of advocating for parents and our public schools, with NO compensation, it still shocks me to see the people lining up to oppose improving literacy in our public education institutions.  The latest is HB319, which recently passed the New Hampshire Senate. HB319 will require students to pass the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services civics naturalization test before graduation from our public colleges and universities.

This is now a requirement for high school graduates attending a public school in New Hampshire. But if a student from another state attends one of our public colleges, they will be required to pass this test too. For New Hampshire students who already passed this test in high school, they will not be required to pass it again in college.

Why is that important? As I reported:

1) 80% of the respondents to an NH Journal poll supported this graduation requirement. It is widely popular.
2) Purdue University added this civics testing requirement.
3) An embarrassing 2018 study by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation found that only 36% of Americans could pass the citizenship test. But 98% of naturalized candidates now pass the abbreviated oral versions.
4) High school graduates who already passed the civics assessment meet this requirement and would not have to repeat it in college.
5) There are exemptions to this requirement, like foreign nationals.
6) A few years ago, Teacher of the Year from Exeter spoke before the State Board of Education on civics education after receiving his award. He was critical of the over-emphasis on STEM (Science Technology and Math) because it has negatively impacted civics literacy.
7) Supreme Court Justices have been highly critical, and concerned about the lack of civics literacy. They called for more civics education.
8) Civics education tends to focus on political activism versus academic content knowledge.
9) This is one way to help ensure an educated citizenry.
10) Those opposed have mentioned that we can Google this information. That’s another way of ignoring an illiteracy problem.
11) The test can be taken online as many times as needed in order to pass.
12) 63% of college graduates didn’t know the term length of a U.S. Senator.
13) Passing this assessment would increase the value of the college diploma.

Knowing the illiteracy problems we are facing in this country when it comes to civics, this new requirement finally helps stop these trends.

Why wouldn’t everyone want to stop this trend? I keep asking that question myself.

When HB319 was introduced on the senate floor, it was Senator Jay Kahn (D- Keene) who wanted the senate to kill this important graduation requirement. Compare what Senator Kahn said to what Senator Bob Guida (R-Warren) says in support of HB319. (Start at 28 minutes)

It can be shocking to hear a New Hampshire Senator refuse to raise the bar for students attending our public institutions. What’s worse is, this vote was down party lines. Republicans supporting HB319 and Democrats voting to kill it.

Who supports improving academic achievement and who does not? Sadly, it’s become partisan in this state. The New Hampshire senate just showed us that republicans support improving civics literacy among the college students and the democrats do not.

Everyone should be first thanking the republican senators for doing something to improve our public institutions. Then make sure you let the democrats know that we expect better from them.  Let’s work together in a bi-partisan way to improve our public institutions. If we can’t agree on something as simple as improving civics literacy, we have bigger problems.

Finally, HB319 still needs the signature from Governor Chris Sununu. So if you are reading this, please take one minute of your time and call (603) 271-7676 and ask Governor Sununu to sign HB319. If you are tired of hearing about college professors indoctrinating their students, this is one way to make sure that they are educating them in the most basic academic content when it comes to civics education.
YOU can do something to help move this forward by making a one minute phone call.

Thank you to Representatives Michael Moffett and Deborah Hobson also on all of their work.

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