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Veterans, SB418, And Clean Elections

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-29 10:30 +0000

A marquee message recently displayed in my town of Loudon accused me of being anti-veteran, due to my support of SB418, an election integrity measure recently signed into law by Governor Chris Sununu. Criticism—fair and unfair—goes with the territory for elected officials. While one can’t respond to every slam, replies are occasionally required. This is such an occasion.

Such ad hominem attacks are de rigueur for many activists, who are generally not veterans. One suspects that their intent is less related to veteran advocacy and is more about taking gratuitous political swipes.

The knock on SB418 was that requiring affidavits for late voting registrants supposedly could disenfranchise forward-deployed servicepeople voting by mail, given legal timelines. As a veteran—and Vice-Chair of the House Veterans Committee—I sat in with the House Election Law Committee to hear testimony re: SB418.

I subsequently communicated with a father of two deployed servicemen, with the Election Law Chair, as well as the Secretary of State and I worked to protect veteran voting situations through other language in a different measure. Having earlier voted from afar and having been in harm’s way myself, the issue resonated with me. Ultimately, I was satisfied that no veteran would be disenfranchised. Indeed, the Governor would not sign SB418 until he received similar reassurances.

It bears mentioning that the sponsor of SB418, Senator Bob Giuda, is a veteran Marine Corps pilot—as opposed to so many non-veteran critics of his legislation. It also bears mentioning that this bill is a crucial measure that enhances election integrity in a state with the nation’s loosest voting requirements—where people routinely register on election days, vote, and then disappear.

To further personalize this, my 2014 State Rep race ended in a tie. I lost one vote (and the election) during the recount. We later discovered a number of same day registrants who were unaccounted for. Of course, we don’t know how they voted. But it is telling which folks say our current practices are just fine and which folks are genuinely concerned about election integrity and who support SB418.

Not surprisingly, whoever put up the marquee message in Loudon never contacted me, but if they want to communicate on any aspect of this or any other issue, my email address is



State Rep. Mike Moffett of Loudon is a retired professor and former Marine Corps infantry officer.

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Are We There Yet?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-29 01:30 +0000

Andrej Lobaczewski was a grad student studying psychology while the communist revolution was taking a full swing in his native Poland. Together he and some fellow students, psychiatrists, and other dissidents created an information underground aiming to study the movement that had seized both country and countrymen. Their motivation was more than simple scientific curiosity. What they saw could be described as nothing short of political evil. For the sake of their families and country, as well as future generations, they took it upon themselves to risk imprisonment and even death to chronicle and diagnose the manipulators and monsters now ruling them.

Lobaczweski would go on to author the book Political Ponerology despite having to re-write it from the beginning three times. The first draft was forcibly destroyed after a visit from the secret police. Warnings of another surprise visit cost him the second manuscript. The third and final wasn’t produced until he fled to the United States where he, at last, had the freedom to put his and his colleague’s observations in print.

Reading the book is not quite as daunting as writing it, no doubt, however, Lobaczewski writes eerily similar to the famous authors of communism. Long, jargon-filled sentences force the uninitiated to read and re-read many passages. Only Lobaczewski is not practiced at hyperbole or sophistry like say, Marx or Marcuse. The writing is astonishingly technical and fleshed out with deliberate exactness as one might expect a doctor of psychiatry to use when writing to other psychiatrists. However, the book’s intended audience is anyone who wishes to curtail an encroaching political movement wrought from schizoid psychopathy like that which they witness in communist Poland.

Early in their communication students observed what they named transpersonification of other students shortly after the indoctrination began. Communist teachers, described as having lower intelligence incompetent, managed to brainwash their peers despite their previous misgivings about communism. They attributed this to a combination of manipulation and intimidation coupled with daily doses of targeted indoctrination. The microsocial changes became macrosocial as Lobaczewski’s secret scientific body took copious notes.

A picture emerges of certain types of people at the control of the communist engine, starting with its authors and culminating with its executors. The schizoid type, not to be confused with schizophrenic, is described as:

“…cause their families trouble, easily turn into tools of intrigue in the hands of clever and unscrupulous individuals, and generally do a poor job of raising children.”

I’m reminded of Marx’s mother and wife both complaining about his burdening his family by “writing about capital but not making any”. His five children all died of malnutrition from neglect or suicide.

Lobaczewski goes on:

“Their tendency to see human reality in the doctrinaire and simplistic manner they consider “proper” – i.e. “black or white” – transforms their frequently good intentions into bad results. However, their ponerogenic roll can have macro-social implications if their attitude toward human reality and their tendency to invent great doctrines are put to paper and duplicated in large editions.”

Their writing is often their chief weapon for creating the political change they seek – a change animated by the desire to fundamentally transform old restrictive norms they felt oppressed by into a new normal that allows both their desired new freedoms while also building a vanguard aimed at destroying the old normal and any who wish to keep it.

The intended audience for this doctrine includes those who will misinterpret it and those who will see it for what it is – a power play for the pathologically adroit. He cautions the former:

“Despite their typical deficits or even an openly schizoid declaration, their readers do not realize what the author’s characters are really like. Ignorant of the true condition of the author, such uninformed readers tend to interpret such words in a manner corresponding to their own nature. The minds of normal people tend toward corrective interpretation due to the participation of their own richer, psychological worldview.”

Some of these might ultimately retreat from this embrace once they see the writing on the wall. One example is former NYU Professor of History Michael Rechtenwald who faced the wrath of the social justice warrior horde at his university and took issue with some of his counter-narrative tweets. Rectenwald was a self-proclaimed Marxist-leftist who still had enough common sense to see through the insanity and incongruity of the Black Lives Matter movement and others that were exposing their internal contradictions. Pushed to the point of filing suit against the university Rechtenwald renounced both Marxism and all things left upon seeing the demonic nature of its direction.

The latter member of the schizoid demagogue’s audience is the one primed to take the necessary steps to execute it and anyone who will get in their way. These are the “essential psychopaths” who have character deficits in both compassion and intellect that create a deadly combination. Essential psychopaths see themselves opaquely both perceiving their difference from most while also misperceiving their difference as a source of superiority. This delusion creates supreme confidence when coupled with an utter lack of compassion and remorse ends in the deaths of tens of millions. Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Mugabe, and Hussein all embody this personality disordered type described:

“The average intelligence of the psychopath, especially if measured via commonly used tests, is somewhat lowered than that of normal people.”

The lack of individual brain power is subsumed by their innate ability to collectivize into like-minded missionaries:

“They learn to recognize each other in a crowd as early as childhood, and they develop an awareness of the existence of other individuals similar to them.”

Achieving a certain pathological genius for overcoming societal norms to achieve their ultimate aims they consider themselves elite, almost holy in that they believe they are set apart from the rest of the hoi polloi whom they consider as cattle to be used for work or consumption.

“They become experts in our weaknesses and sometimes effect heartless experiments.”

Having read Project Paperclip I am familiar with the heartless experiments of the Nazis under the super-psychopathic direction of Hermann Goering. Given the outcome of the “experimental mRNA” vaccine and the devastation, it’s wrought one can only wonder if this global pathocracy has all the right people in all the right places to realize what those who came before could only dream of.

The solution to this problem is for those of us who see it to speak up and stand up in defense against it. With the same ruthlessness guided by an actual moral compass, good people need to wrestle the controls back instead of waiting for their incompetence and entropy to burn themselves out. Waiting only strengthens their resolve, and people like those described here are built to watch it all burn, just like Marx told them to.

Ignati nulla curatio morbi.

(Do not attempt to cure what you don’t understand)

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We Don’t Need The Government To Care For Us …

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-06-29 00:00 +0000

Today, it’s with great pleasure that I am announcing my candidacy as a Republican State Representative for Grafton District 18.  District 18 includes the towns of Enfield, Canaan, Grafton, Orange, Dorchester, Groton, Hebron, Bridgewater, Bristol, and Alexandria.

If you live in one of these towns, I need your help (hand out literature, door knocking, yard signs, calling or money) to win. Contact me at or visit for further details of who I am and what I stand for.

I live in Bristol with my wife Donna and together we raised nine kids and ten grandchildren. I served on the Bristol Budget Committee and am currently on the Newfound Area School District Budget Committee. I am a USAF veteran. Once ran my own business, was also a business analyst for over 20 years and am now retired.

I am very frugal when spending other people’s money. Because of hyperinflation, every dollar means a lot more than it did a year ago. I am also about fighting for freedom, liberty, and the constitutions of NH and the US. I remember the days when a kid could just be a kid having fun and learning to grow.

We want to thank John Sellers for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to

When life was simpler because of fewer government intrusions. I believe we the people can make choices and take risks that are right for us, like making medical decisions (did you know you can buy many prescribed meds that we need a Dr. to OK over the counter in Mexico?), and protecting our kids. This is freedom.

There are many issues facing us today like; rising property taxes, overreaching government/non-government organizations (NGO), public school systems, school choice allowances, abortion, gun rights, parental rights, cost of living, oil, fuel, electricity, gas/propane, food, and clothing. In the Declaration of Independence, it says “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our leaders have lost sight of these words. This is where I will step up and work for you, to keep alive the hope of Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness and make sure you are heard.

We the people of New Hampshire are very unique among our neighbors in the other New England states. We are strong, proud, independent, courageous people who live by our motto of LIVE FREE OF DIE. We don’t need the government to care for us nor want the government to dictate everything that we can and cannot do. Smaller government means fewer intrusions, restrictions, and taxes.

NH FIRST… Vote for John Sellers in the primary on September 13Th, and again on November 8th.

Email me at or visit  for more information and how you can help. We need all hands on deck to fight a battle of our life. NH may be the last stand for freedom, liberty, and happiness. God help us and bless us.


Reminder: Content about candidates or by candidates is not an endorsement by or its authors.

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So the Editors at the Laconia Daily Sun believe that the US Constitution GIVES us our Rights?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 22:30 +0000

In the June 27 edition of the Sun, Richard Tracy made a great point about rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, the editors at the Sun may not fully understand the concept of inalienable rights.  The headline of the letter read, “Second Amendment at core gives right to self-defense.”

Note: The Sun updated the headline to read “Second Amendment is right of self defense”  -Skip

I can understand how this error came about.  A common short cut for stating ‘rights protected by the Constitution is the use of the term ‘Constitutional rights.’  In the latter form, it appears that ‘Rights’ come from a Constitution.  Those who understand the U.S and New Hampshire Constitutions are aware that the concept of rights comes from our Creator.

We want to thank NH State Rep Mike Sylvia for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

We should also always remember that the U.S. Constitution, which formed the government of the United States, was the product of the People of the original 13 States.  The State of New Hampshire existed before the creation of the U.S Constitution.  And before the People of New Hampshire formed their government in Part Second of the New Hampshire Constitution, they made explicit in Part I the rights of the People which could never (legally) be violated.

A more proper headline by the Editors should have read, ‘Second Amendment at core protects the Right of defense.’

The referenced Letter to the Editor:

Richard Tracy: Second Amendment is right of self defense

To The Daily Sun,

Contrary to The AP article The Sun printed on June 24, a recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling did not “expand” gun rights. Rather it restored a right (concealed carry) which should never have been mitigated by various state governments in the first place. In short, the Court performed its legitimate function.

We should never forget that the Second Amendment has at its core the right to self defense. Our nation was formed on the premise that each of us has the inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If we have an inalienable right to life, do we not also have the inalienable right to defend that life?

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Do You Know Who The Left Should Blame for the Overturning of Roe v Wade …?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 21:00 +0000

Mark Dice has a clip from a young woman with something to share. She’d like everyone to know, especially the radical left, who is to blame for overturning Roe.

It is not the Supreme Court, Conservatives, Republicans, or pro-lifers. Who is it?

Will anyone be surprised by the answer? I know I wasn’t.


You can watch here if the player isn’t working.


Meanwhile, here in New Hampshire, we have a republican* governor and a Democrat party that want to abort our barely out-of-the-womb prohibition on abortion (with exceptions) after six months.

Six months.

Gov. Groomer has said he’d sign a bill repealing that, which would return us to abortion up to birth, and they have already started whittling away at the edges.

Maybe Sununu and some of those republicans* need to see this video. Or, better yet, perhaps they don’t. Let their electoral misfortunes leave them open-mouthed with surprise.

But…but, why?

Radical abortion, radical gender policy, everything that is the Joe Biden administration if you’ve failed or refused to push back … like the lady said, you only have yourselves to blame.



Whatfinger | Mark Dice

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Some Insight as to Who Runs Things in America... and the World

Libertarian Leanings - Tue, 2022-06-28 19:38 +0000
Mark Wauck, Meaning in History: A Window Into Who Runs America Before I get into the main topic, I’d like to quickly draw attention to an Epoch Times article that Zerohedge republished. It has to do with the campaign of... Tom Bowler
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Five Things The GOP Must Do To Win In November And Stay In Power

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 19:30 +0000

The prospect of an imminent “Red Wave” coming in November’s midterm elections has been widely reported, as the Democrats have been in self-destruct mode since before President Joe Biden was even sworn into office eighteen months ago.

Among other unforced errors, Biden and the Democrats have destroyed our economy, irrevocably damaged our national security by opening our borders, and have thoroughly deprived millions of Americans of their basic rights in an alleged attempt to protect us in an unwinnable battle against a Chinese virus. One need not look any further than the devastating surge we’re currently seeing in gasoline prices for evidence of the Democrats’ complete implosion, and it seems clear the results they’re achieving were indeed intentional.

As a result, and coming as no surprise to anyone other than Democrats themselves, Americans are vocally rejecting the Democrats’ socialist, climate alarmist, and racist agenda. In virtually every demographic that is tracked – including a remarkable renunciation of their policies from Hispanics, traditionally one of the most loyally Democratic groups in the country – Americans are abandoning Democrats in droves.

Therefore, as indicated in polling virtually anywhere we look, the opportunity for Republicans to sweep to power in Congress has never been more apparent, and the same could be said for the presidency in 2024. It’s there for the taking if you’re the Republican Party. But what good is power and control for a party if they can’t keep it and if they can’t govern effectively? Here are five items the GOP must apply to their election and governing strategies:

1. Tell the truth, don’t over-promise, and deliver on the promises you make.

Americans aren’t stupid. Or, more accurately stated, most Americans aren’t stupid. In the lead-up to the 2020 election, Joe Biden made outrageous promises he was never going to be able to keep, including his pledge to “shut down” the COVID pandemic. There are probably 30% of Americans who would shrug off Biden’s ridiculousness and vote for a rock provided it had a “D” next to its name on the ballot. But the other 70% remember broken promises. They understand when they’ve been conned by a clown like Joe Biden blowing smoke up their ass.

Whatever promises you make, ensure they’re realistic. And for those promises that are dependent on Democrats’ cooperation, call that fact out ahead of time. For instance, “We will fix inflation by cutting back on government spending, increasing the supply of crude oil and other everyday items, and getting Americans off the dole and back to work in order to fix the labor crisis. But we will need Democrats’ help to make this happen.” Put the onus on the Democrats to either be part of the solution, or part of the problem.

2. Don’t shy away from conservativism, embrace it.

Simply stated, conservatism works. While President Biden ran as a moderate and promised to govern accordingly, he has indeed been operating as a typical leftist, which is why the country is in shambles. Conservative policies, on the other hand, are effective every time they are tried.

Call out the fact that government is not the solution to everyone’s problem. It is often government itself that is the problem. We need fewer regulations on corporations, not more. We need fewer Americans sitting on the labor sidelines. We need less government spending at virtually every level of government: federal, state, and local. And we need government to understand its true role and to not seize our God-given rights at the slightest sign of adversity.

3. Focus on the economy, national security, and individual liberty…

Democrats are clearly going to attempt to hold onto power by pumping up their campaign trail narratives on abortion, gun control, and January 6th. And while those issues are clearly hot-button topics and important to many Americans, they are far less of a priority than the economy, our safety as a county, and government intrusion into our lives.

As Ben Shapiro stated consistently during the lead-up to the 2020 elections, all Republicans really need to do is to point at the Democrats. Let the Democrats be bat shit crazy, and then offer straightforward, sensible solutions in return. Extend the Trump tax cuts, reduce federal spending, secure our border, and achieve peace through strength on the international stage. And respect the individual rights of all Americans: Easy, squeezy.

4. … But don’t shy away from social issues when they come up.

Voters are going to be much more concerned about their vanishing 401K accounts and the thousands of illegal immigrants who are pouring over our border than they will about transgender rights and so-called social equity. Republicans need to concentrate their energy in that direction. But when Democrats start hollering about the need to take away everyone’s guns, indoctrinating children with LGBTQ ideology, and allowing abortion up to the time of birth, don’t be quiet. Say it loud, say it proud.

Men are men and women are women. That’s not a controversial or hateful statement, and most Americans recognize that reality. Gun control that would be effective in removing firearms from those who would use them criminally is worth discussing, but seizing the weapons of law-abiding Americans in the name of “doing something” is unacceptable. And a fetus is a human being. Democrats in states like New York are using taxpayer dollars to fund abortions up until the moment of birth. That’s infanticide, and Republicans should call it what it is.

5. Punch back at Democrats and their media when you’re attacked.

Say what you want about Donald J. Trump, but the man was brilliant in this regard. Don’t just sit there like George W. Bush and allow your opponents to dictate the storyline. The best defense is a strong offense.

If a Democrat calls a Republican or a proposed policy ‘racist,’ call them out directly on their own racism such as their insistence on playing identity politics. When they call you a transphobe, point out that there are only two genders, and to assert otherwise isn’t just irrational, it’s not helping those who truly suffer from Gender Dysphoria; and it’s also disrespectful to true members of each gender. When they call you “mean-spirited and greedy” for advocating for cuts in social welfare spending, point out that true greed is the Democrats’ obsession with taking Americans’ money through taxation. And giving poor folks government handouts isn’t compassionate, but enabling them to take care of themselves is.


We are at a critical crossroads in America right now. What happens over the course of the next two national election cycles will have repercussions for generations to come, and damage that is incurred otherwise could be irreversible. It is absolutely imperative that Republicans retake control of both Congress and the White House, and that they then govern as true conservatives.

As fellow author at The Blue State Conservative Paul Yarbrough is fond of pointing out, the GOP is often no better than the Democrats. That trend needs to end now, never to return. There’s too much at stake between now and 2024, and it’s time for the Republican Party to get its act together. Follow the five points above, and you just might be able to do it.



PF Whalen writes at The Blue State Conservative (among other venues).

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Democrat-run Vermont has been Violated!

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 18:00 +0000

Democrat-run Vermont has been violated – by Democrats! Someone (or several of them) broke some windows and spray-painted a threatening message at the State House. “If abortions aren’t safe, you’re not either.” Does this classify as a Democrat on Democrat hate crime? Did the perps even know radical leftists control State Government?

Or that Vermont has very loose rules for abortion. By which I mean no rules?


  • Vermont does not have any of the major types of abortion restrictions—such as waiting periods, mandated parental involvement or limitations on publicly funded abortions—often found in other states.
  • Vermont does not have a law requiring that alternatives to abortion be discussed with a patient before an abortion is performed.
  • Vermont is one of only a very few states that allow abortions to be performed by non-physicians (physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and nurse midwives).
  • It is legal for an abortion to be performed in Vermont at any stage of pregnancy for any reason or for no reason.
  • There is no requirement that parents be informed.


Anyone can perform one (same as NH). The “patient” needs to be pregnant. You need to report that it happened. So, the law only asks that if you kill an unborn baby, you must notify the department of health within seven days for bookkeeping purposes.

Maybe that seems a bit authoritarian for the average conception to whenever we decide you need to die pro-abortion Democrat, but in the grand scheme, it’s a nothingburger.

So, why are lefties vandalizing the state house? It is because of years of Democrat rule, Democrat control of media, and Democrat control of education and culture.

They think the Federal government giving Vermont unlimited authority over the issue is somehow a threat. And hey, you’re not safe if you think you might be doing something with that.

Like what?

Are you afraid that a legislature full of Democrats might remove the reporting requirement or that they’ll keep it? Or is this another one of those object lessons the left never learns? Once you’ve created these little monsters, they can quickly turn on you for not being radical enough. Tools that, once no longer needed, can be disposed of along with your political opponents – a lesson from history you never allowed them to learn.

And here they are, threatening you already.



HT | Bennington Banner

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The Constitution isn’t Absolute?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 16:30 +0000

Arguing that “high-caliber” weapons should be federally banned, President Joe Biden claimed, “Remember, the Constitution was never absolute.”

Biden was merely advancing the popular notion of a “living breathing Constitution.” According to proponents of this theory, the founders “couldn’t have imagined” all of the changes that would happen over time, such as the development of high-powered, semi-automatic weapons. Therefore, the Constitution must evolve and change with the times.

The founders were smart people. I’m certain they imagined that technology and society would evolve over time. What the founders couldn’t have imagined is a scenario where the government can change the limits on its own power and authority on its own whim.

That said, Biden wasn’t entirely wrong. The Constitution wasn’t intended to be “absolute.” The founders did, in fact, recognize that changes would be necessary as times changed.

And that’s why they included an amendment process.

We can change the Constitution, but it requires an act of the people of the states. The president can’t do it. Congress can’t do it.

Congress can propose amendments, or state conventions can propose them. But amendments must be ratified by the people in 3/4 of the states. As Robert Livingston put it during the New York ratifying convention, “All power is derived from the people”

This wasn’t what Biden had in mind. He wants to change the Constitution by government edict. No relevant figure in the founding generation would have accepted this constitutional theory.

In fact, the American colonists fought the Revolution to extricate themselves from a political system based on a “living breathing” constitution. In the British system, the government was sovereign, not the people. The government itself defined its own powers and could expand them of its own accord.

This is precisely the kind of government Joe Biden and other proponents of the “living breathing” Constitution yearn for. But as James Madison argued, there can be no security for a consistent and stable government if the people in power can willy-nilly change the Constitution to suit their political agenda.

The Constitution was grounded in contract law.

You can’t have a living breathing contract.

Contractual provisions have a fixed meaning. When you sign on the dotted line, you expect those provisions to remain constant over time. When disagreements come up, both parties argue their position based on how they understood the contract when they signed it. Nobody would accept a banker saying, “Well, I know the mortgage meant so-and-so, but now it means something different. It’s a living breathing mortgage.”

That’s absurd.

And a living breathing Constitution is no less absurd.

The entire point of a written Constitution was to limit government power. You can’t limit government power when government officials can unilaterally decide the extent of their own powers and then expand those powers whenever they see fit. This is why Thomas Jefferson proclaimed, “On every question of construction let us carry ourselves back to the time when the Constitution was adopted, recollect the spirit manifested in the debates, and instead of trying what meaning may be squeezed out of the text, or intended against it, conform to the probable one in which it was passed.”

James Wilson, a signer of the Constitution and one of its chief proponents during the ratification debate, summed it up best, “in our governments, the supreme, absolute, and uncontrollable power remains in the people. As our constitutions are superiour to our legislatures; so the people are superiour to our constitutions.”

Ultimately, government doesn’t make the rules for the people. The people make the rules for government.

Biden would argue that the amendment process is too difficult. But this is a feature of the constitutional system, not a flaw. It was supposed to be difficult for the federal government to expand its power and authority. There has to be a broad consensus among the people of the states.

The rule of law requires consistency. Otherwise, government becomes arbitrary. When the limits on government power become subject to reinterpretation by the government itself, it becomes limitless in power and authority. Politicians like Joe Biden would love for this to be the case. But it never works out well for the average person.


Mike Maharrey | Tenth Amendment Center

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What Will NH Dems do If the DNC Dumps Their First in the Nation Primary?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 15:00 +0000

The DNC is back at it, with the help of states looking to jump New Hampshire in the presidential primary line. Why? Diversity. Our crime is too low, health outcomes are too good, with above-average incomes, low poverty, and a higher quality of life—nothing like the Democrat-run enclaves.

We just don’t represent “the Democrat Party.”

Oh, and too many white people.

The last thing is what they’re focused on, but that’s just the part they can say out loud. It is a big picture sort of thing cloaked in the guise of “diversity.”

New Hampshire is over 90% white, probably because New England winters continue to be cold despite the promises of global warming. Climates like this are also not great for the health of people of color. The darker the skin, the more difficult it is to self-generate serum vitamin D levels needed to keep the immune system fired up. It’s one of the reasons they see higher flu infection rates during colder months.

Not just COVID, any flu.

These days if they get the flu, it is because someone convinced you their “vaccine” would provide protection. That was another lie the left told the African American community and to their credit, they are one of the lowest uptake demographics to date. And maybe they got the hint and are using D supplements.

I hope so, but it is not as easy for the New Hampshire Dems who need to battle to keep their right to the primary. There’s no vitamin for that and the DNC, like many private organizations, quickly succumbs to pressure from the victim classes they perpetuate.


“We cannot, as Democrats, build the party if we are not looking at diversity in its broadest sense, making sure that we are addressing that rural working class American, and we cannot win as a party if we don’t tap into even further our diverse communities across the country,” said Iowa Democratic party Chair Ross Wilburn after his state’s presentation.


New Hampshire Dems may have voted for Obama, but color doesn’t drive them to the polls to support diversity. The second congressional district has been presenting them with candidates of color for nearly a decade, both black and Hispanic, and NH Dems keep picking pasty white Annie Kuster.

Okay, the people of color were registered Republicans. Still, if diversity truly matters, they’d have voted their own victim class, and we’d have had diversity sending Republicans and democrats instead of just Blue Fish over and over. A bizarre electoral abnormality when the same voters keep electing Republicans to state government.

Could this lack of diversity cost New Hampshire it’s beloved and sacred first in the nation primary? We have a law on the books that requires the Secretary of State to schedule it before any other declared primary dates on the calendar and it does not differentiate by political party.

And what does that look like?

Well, depending on the pressure campaign, the Granite State would still have its scheduled primary (before any other), and Republican candidates for President would flock here to meet and greet, but what about Dems? What if the DNC convinced Democrats to stay away because their first primary was someplace else?

Would they?

And what if the DNC decides the votes and delegates in that unauthorized “Dem primary” don’t count?

It’s their party. They can whine and complain and trigger each other if they want. But what’s what at the end of the day? I don’t know, and I really don’t care beyond the internal tension and popcorn-worthy virtue signaling.

They created the monster. If it eats their primary, then the Democrats got what they deserved.



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The Fruits of Mass, Uncontrolled Immigration

Libertarian Leanings - Tue, 2022-06-28 14:29 +0000

Denes Albert of Remix News, ZeroHedge:  Almost All 5,000 Gang Members In Sweden Are Either 1st- Or 2nd-Generation Migrants

The urban crime gangs dominating Swedish cities are almost exclusively made up of immigrants, according to Amir Rostami, a leading criminologist and professor who based his findings on police data.

In Sweden, the number of gang-related crimes is increasing every year, and as a result of mass and uncontrolled immigration, the authorities are losing control over more and more areas where migrant gangs are taking power.

“It is not enough for many immigrants to come to Sweden from a less developed country and enjoy the benefits. They want excitement and want to get rich quickly,” says criminologist Rostami.

Rostami has divided these gang members into two categories. Disorganized criminals are mostly made up of slightly younger members between 20 and 25 years old who have poorer impulse control, less education, and are primarily dealing with weapons and drugs. Then, there are the slightly more mature, rational, and better educated members who are involved in more extensive criminal networks; some of these members are even accountants, people with degrees, and former military personnel. This group is responsible for a huge share of crimes in Sweden, suspected of committing 40,000 criminal acts every year. These criminal networks not only compete with each other, but also work together.

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After Recent Supreme Court Ruling State Legislatures Are More Important than Ever

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As a former President of New Hampshire Right to Life, this decision was the center of the pro-life community. And, now that there is no FEDERAL law supporting abortion, the whirlwind will commence in the states.

Our Republic will now take up the task in true Federalist tradition and decide how each state will answer this challenge. We need to pay attention here in New Hampshire.

State politicians are now more important than ever. While truly conservative Federal candidates are of course, very important for the pro-life supporter, it is our New Hampshire state candidates which need to be vetted much more carefully now on their stance on Life.

Combine that with our Republican Pro-Choice Governor who has already gone back on CAMPAIGN PROMISES to support the repeal of the NH Buffer Zone law (which has already been declared unlawful – talk about an easy stand) and support a late-term abortion ban.

Pro-Life groups did TRY to vet Gov. Sununu on Life in the last election, but clearly, Gov. Sununu’s promises mean very little.

As such Gov. Sununu should not be re-elected as Governor of the state of New Hampshire. While he “lobbied” for the Pro-Life vote in the last election, his word obviously meant nothing. This behavior should not be rewarded. Pro-Lifers supported Gov. Sununu in the last election based on promises made. Gov. Sununu went back on his word. Shame on him.

Remember, if voters settle for knowingly unethical leaders in government, we will get nothing less than unethical leadership. Get ready for the whirlwind.



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Do Democrats, in fact, Know What a Woman Is?

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Babylon Bee:  Weird: Democrats Suddenly Saying 'Woman' Today As If Everyone Knows What It Means

U.S. - Following the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Democrats nationwide have been accusing the Supreme Court of taking rights from "women." Onlookers have confirmed this to be confusing, as it seems to suggest that Democrats do in fact know what a woman is.

"Women today have less freedom than their mothers!" Nancy Pelosi took the stand today to defend "women's rights to make their own reproductive decisions." Onlookers found themselves befuddled by the rhetoric about the "women's right to choose," since Pelosi should have no way of knowing what a woman is since she is not a biologist.

Trans activists have come out in opposition to this timely recollection of what a "woman" is, decrying Pelosi's "exclusionary and transphobic language."

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Sununu Signs HB1178 – An ACT Prohibiting Enforcement of the Feds Anti-Gun Laws, But Does it Matter?

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Gov. Sununu signed another pile of bills on Friday, including HB1178 “prohibiting the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms.”

I apologize for not getting to it sooner. I (sort of) took the weekend off. But it’s signed, according to this press release, though Gencourt has yet to update the bill as chaptered law. And the news cycle itself is partly to blame.

The veto of the ivermectin bill got a lot of local attention, while nationally, the Republican support of a Federal gun control bill sucked up a lot of bandwidth. But shouldn’t a bill at the state level that pushes back on that intrusion be worthy of some attention?

It is, and it isn’t.

HB1178 ended up being a step in a better direction, but as Mike Maharrey from the Tenth Amendment Center pointed out, there’s a big hole in it.


The original language would have created a strong prohibition against state or local enforcement of federal gun control. But an amendment created a loophole that will significantly narrow the practical effect of the law even if enacted. …

As amended, HB1178 would then only ban state and local enforcement of federal gun control, when the enforcement actions are done for federal gun control alone. But in practice, that almost never happens.

State and local enforcement support is almost always part of some other operation in conjunction with the feds — usually prosecution of the unconstitutional war on drugs. The amendment will allow this to continue unabated. In effect, the amendment says if local police are working with the fed to enforce anything else along with federal gun control, they can do it as they have been all along.


That may be why we didn’t see fireworks or alarm bells from the Lefty Media moments after it was signed. The original bill was excellent. We had high hopes for the legislation and pushed to get it passed. What we ended up with is better than nothing. Again, a step in the proper direction. But now that Biden has signed off on the latest knee-jerk federal gun control legislation, with ‘republican’ help, can or will HB1178 slow their roll.

Probably not. And yes, there was some local press before the Governor signed it. Most of it was misleading, but now that it’s the law, will ‘The State” protect law-abiding citizens targeted by a partisan Federal authoritarian regime?

Unless you can convince a judge that the constitution does prohibit the government from violating your due process rights as enumerated in the 5th Amendment, you may be out of luck. Our “justice” system isn’t exactly known for that.

And while Gov Groomer has been good at signing laws to protect gun rights, his cabal of swamp rats has been more interested in adding federal strings than cutting them.

Will the AGs Office, never a reliable defender of either the US or New Hampshire Constitution, interpret HB1178 to protect Granite Staters or just the ones his boss wants protected? Use it to set examples for the rest of the people who might not agree with everything the state government’s been doing.

I can picture it, especially when, as the years pile up, Governor Sununu seems more focused on appeasing the DC donor and chattering classes than defending the sovereignty of his state and its citizens.

So, why sign it? He probably had the Senate water it down so he could. It looks good until you dig beneath the surface and discover there’s not much “there” there. And in the hands of a Democrat governor, nothing there at all.

But it’s on the books. If we can hold on to the Legislature, perhaps they can fix it in the next session. Give it back its teeth.


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The Consequences of Biden's Open Border Policy

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Mimi Nguyen Ly, Epoch Times:  At Least 46 People Found Dead in a Truck Carrying Suspected Migrants in San Antonio

At least 46 people were found dead in an 18-wheeler truck carrying suspected illegal immigrants on a remote back road in southwest San Antonio, according to officials.

William McManus, the city’s police chief, said that a city worker was alerted to the situation by a cry for help shortly before 6 p.m. on Monday.

Officers arrived at the site of the tractor-trailer rig near the intersection of Cassin Drive and Quintana Road and found a body on the ground outside the vehicle, which had a door that was partially opened.

Another 16 people, four of whom were children, were taken to hospitals with heat-related illnesses, Fire Chief Charles Hood said, adding that they were hot to the touch and dehydrated. He also noted that no water was found in the truck.

“They were suffering from heat stroke and exhaustion,” Hood said. “It was a refrigerated tractor-trailer, but there was no visible working AC unit on that rig.”


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott attributed the deaths to President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. In a blunt post on Twitter, the Republican governor wrote, “These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of his deadly open border policies. They show the deadly consequences of his refusal to enforce the law.”

Jack Staton, a former senior official with ICE’s investigative unit who retired in December, told Reuters that the I-35 highway near where the truck was found runs through San Antonio from the Mexican border and is a popular smuggling corridor because of the large volume of truck traffic.

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Expecting a Heated Debate in the Pennsylvania State House

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Anthony Hennen, Just the News:  Pennsylvania considers welfare reform to keep food stamps from going to dead recipients

Proposed Pennsylvania legislation would require more state agency cooperation to ensure that welfare payments aren’t sent out after a recipient dies.

Awaiting approval in the House before it can go to Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf for a signature, Senate Bill 1124 would require the Department of Human Services to run a monthly check of death certificates with the Bureau of Vital Statistics to ensure Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits are not spent on deceased individuals.

“It's our hope that this legislation will help ensure that important public funds dedicated to helping those who need it the most reach as many Pennsylvanians as possible,” Sen. David Argall, R-Berks/Schuylkill, wrote in a legislative memo.

The impetus for the bill came from a 2016 state audit on DHS’s electronic benefits transfer (which the state uses to distribute SNAP funds) to detect fraud and monitoring weaknesses that needed to be addressed.

Is veto a possibility?

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J6 Testimony is Behind Closed Doors for a Reason

Libertarian Leanings - Tue, 2022-06-28 10:47 +0000 the committee can lie about it.

Joel B. Pollack, Breitbart:  Ken Klukowski Accuses January 6 Committee of Withholding And Misrepresenting Critical Evidence, Challenges It to Release His Full Transcript

Klukowski was one of over 1,000 witnesses called to testify before the committee behind closed doors. He sat for several depositions, and for several hours at a time.

He told the committee he disagreed with the theory that Vice President Pence had sole discretion to unilaterally reject electors from contested states on January 6, 2021, based on his understanding of the Constitution and the electoral process.

However, in the fifth public hearing of the January 6 Committee last week, Reps. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) and Liz Cheney (R-WY) suggested that he was part of a scheme to reverse the election results:

BENNIE THOMPSON: … A key focus of our hearing today will be a draft letter that our witnesses here today refused to sign. This letter was written by Mr. Jeff Clark with another Department of Justice lawyer, Ken Klukowski, and the letter was to be sent to the leadership of the Georgia state legislature. Other versions of the letter were intended for other states.

Neither Mr. Clark nor Mr. Klukowski had any evidence of widespread election fraud, but they were quite aware of what Mr. Trump wanted the department to do. Jeff Clark met privately with President Trump and others in the White House and agreed to assist the president without telling the senior leadership of the department who oversaw him.


In fact, Klukowski said in a statement Sunday, he supported exactly the opposite course of action. He accused the Committee of operating in bad faith, cherry-picking one snippet of his testimony that is contradicted by his deposition as a whole. And he challenged the committee to release the full transcript of his testimony:

Response of Ken Klukowski to January 6 Committee Hearing of June 23, 2022

The January 6 Committee falsely accused me on Thursday of being a go-between in a conspiracy to overturn the 2020 election. 

The January 6 Committee needs its false connection between Ken Klukowski and Jeff Clark to fabricate the conspiracy case.  It needs the fiction that there was no widespread election fraud to make the case that it was a conspiracy to stage a coup.

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Doesn’t Go Your Way, Tear it Down

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 10:30 +0000

It is almost comical to watch Liberals react to situations when they do not go their way. Mind you, the Democrats are the party with an issue and want to crucify Donald Trump for not wanting to acknowledge defeat to Biden in 2020. The Democrats are also the Party of Hillary Clinton and Stacy Abrahms, who have yet to recognize their losses in 2020.

The Democrats are the party of hypocrisy.

The past couple of weeks has been uplifting for those of us who have Conservative values and believe in Donald Trump and the job he did for this country in one term. At the same time, we on the right are rejoicing, we watch the Democrats go apoplectic. That is the normal reaction for people who make decisions based on emotion and rarely on fact.

Donald Trump was fortunate to place three Justices on the Court, Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Bryant, and we are now seeing the value of Supreme Court appointments by the President. Trump transformed the Court into a Conservative thinking body, and with the ages of these Justices, they will be on the Bench for years to come. The Left cannot handle this process.

AOC, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the House Bartender, took her place on as many Sunday talk shows as possible. AOC was not part of the Senate process of approval. However, she had plenty to say on the subject, not much of it accurate. AOC claimed that the Justices lied during their Senate inquiry by testifying they would honor the precedent of Roe v. Wade. She is flat wrong and band standing for attention.

I watched all the hearings, and it is sometimes frustrating when a nominee for the Court cannot say how they might rule on a case that might come before them. That is a lot of variables, but even the premise of AOC’s claim is amateurish and incorrect. The Justices said they would honor any law on the books, but almost any law is open for review should the facts change. That is their job.

Elizabeth Warren looked ready to have a stroke during her appearances on the same Sunday shows. These members of Congress must relish an opportunity to have their talking heads on national TV. Just ask Adam Schiff, who has been making a career for five years bashing Trump on Sundays. Liz claimed the Court had lost all legitimacy, and her remedy was to pack the Court. At this time, Joe Biden claims he will never sign a bill that calls for more justices to be added to the Court.

Many celebrities chimed in, but really, does anyone care what they think? Do I need to know what Barbra Streisand or Bette Midler think about Supreme Court decisions? No answer is needed. The one thing that is consistent with Liberals is that they cannot debate or argue issues based on the facts. Instead, they must resort to opinion, rage, protest, or even rioting. It is a sad indication of intellectual level and why they should not be entrusted with power.

In the meantime, let AOC, Adam, and Liz tear up the airwaves. The American people are showing they see through the ruse, and all of their immature outbursts may reinforce the red tsunami in November.



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The Tale of a General, a Businessman, a Bombthrower, and two stooges

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 01:30 +0000

NH Journal held a debate tonight at St Anselm’s NH Institute of Politics, for five US Senate candidates. If you saw my prior articles, you’ll know I was underwhelmed both by the State Party’s disdain for outsiders, and for their choice of candidates.

Lined up left to right were General Bolduc, Kevin Smith, Chuck Morse, Vikram Mansharamani, and Bruce Fenton. They introduced themselves, and took questions starting with a different candidate in rotation. One minute to answer, and 30 second riposte if tagged by another candidate.


The General was soft spoken, very well informed, and did not directly take on anybody except Kevin Smith over his inexperience with foreign affairs. He advocates for sending a well prepared party outsider to DC (natch).


Kevin Smith was prepared with his well groomed resume, but tended to sidestep the central thrust of several questions.


Chuck Morse beat on about his exceedingly long service in the NH Senate like it was an advantage, and was oh, so proud of his pro-life position of restricting 3rd trimester abortions, a fairly unimpressive “victory” for the babies. And on tax cuts that NH property owners never felt.


Vikram Mansharamani made very good points about business, economics, and his breadth of knowledge, example: “I wanted to understand the supply chain, so I got a CDL and drove an 18 wheeler!” He will do well in future.


Bruce Fenton is a serious libertarian who will certainly win the Porcupine** vote. He skewered Chuck a couple of times, and made a big point of how government has “broken your money,” which is true.



My ranking:

1. General Don Bolduc – Speak softly and carry a wealth of real world knowledge.
2. Vikram Mansharamani – Really understands NH, business, and economics.
3. Bruce Fenton’s flamethrower – You were never in any doubt of where he stood on anything, and he’s pretty much right.
4. Kevin Smith – Oblique answers are no way to navigate dangerous waters, son.
5. Nobody – Because…..
6. Chuck Morse – Now is not the time for a self-serving wheeler dealer run by party insiders.


PS – Chuck’s press release claimed victory – did he hire a democrat press secretary?

** If you are “not from around here,” the porcupine is the emblem of the Free State Project, libertarians who chose New Hampshire to settle and influence.

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Natural Gas. The Lifeline to America’s Energy Future

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-06-28 00:00 +0000

Seventy-Eight percent of America’s electric power comes from burning fossil fuels. 32% comes from natural gas and the rest from oil and coal. 9.6% nuclear with the rest wind, Hydro, and solar power. Solar and wind power are weather dependent and require power backup when they are not available.

Elon Musk has opined the world will need to double its energy supplies to transition to all-electric cars. Not included in his calculation would be the energy required for transitioning away from using fossil fuels to heat homes, offices, and theaters.

What’s obvious is any quick transition to electric cars and totally renewable energy is not achievable. Despite all the climate change end of the world Armageddon rhetoric, making this transition in the timeframe demanded by climate zealots is a complete and utter fantasy.

World geopolitical and economic developments have exposed the Paris Climate Accord as a hoax.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, the Western world put severe sanctions on Russian energy exports. Taking advantage of the situation China and India showed their true colors and purchased {at a 30% discount} millions of gallons of Russian dirty oil and millions of tons of dirty coal. As I write this, Germany is starved for energy and is firing up its coal-burning energy sources. The rest of Europe is scrambling to find the energy and protect their people from suffering a cold winter. Meanwhile, the price of gas is forcing America’s President to beg Saudi Arabia to increase oil production.

We want to thank Jim Betti for this Op-Ed. Please direct yours to

The final nail in the Paris Climate Accord’s coffin is worldwide inflation, which in turn is causing a severe economic slowdown.

The central banks can no longer print money without causing even more inflation and ballooning their national debts. Compounding the problem, higher interest rates will make payments on national debts so onerous that domestic spending will have to be cut. Entitlements such as Medicare and Social Security along with Europe’s cradle to grave Welfare State Programs will have to be trimmed.

Already, trillions of dollars have evaporated from the world’s financial markets. The only way developing countries could possibly use expensive renewable energy, instead of cheap dirty fossil fuels, is for the Western world to subsidize the developing countries with trillions of dollars. Europe’s plan {Think NATO and the Ukraine war} was for America to foot most of the bill, but the money is no longer available.

The dirty fossil fuels will be burning all around the globe.

Even with these economic realities and the fact Russia, China and India are not going to, and never intended to, abide by the Paris Climate Accord, disingenuous diplomates {think Climate Czar John Kerry} will attempt to continue the charade as they burn massive amounts of dirty fossil fuel jetting around the world. One can only pray the world will no longer listen.

With the Paris Climate Accord exposed as an unachievable fairytale and inflation out of control, for the first time the political environment is ripe for an evidence-based solution to the world’s need to transition to clean renewable energy.

Whether the environmental fanatics are right regarding the possible deleterious effects of climate change is no longer relevant. Whatever is going to happen is now fait accompli, but the stars have aligned for America to lead the world into the best possible future.

America is the only nation that possesses the wealth, intellectual capacity for innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and natural resources to make it happen.

For America to lead the world to renewable clean energy, the 2022 midterm election needs to be a red wave with the progressives losing control or preferably both houses of Congress. This would stifle any further Biden administration energy sector damage.

Over the ensuing two years a Republican Presidential candidate would need to rise, who would champion America as the World’s Energy Center.
And without hesitation proclaim the Paris Climate Accord was functionally impotent.

The candidate would unite Americans behind a common goal of transitioning the world to clean renewable energy and in 2024 win the Presidency.

Beating back the irrational climate change fanatics will be difficult but absolutely essential. Perhaps the best example is this: currently there is enough natural gas in the West Virginia and Pennsylvania shale deposits to power most of the world. To harvest this energy all that is needed is a 3-foot in diameter pipeline from the mountains to the coast. 95% of the pipeline is complete but despite developers jumping over every climate change barrier, the green lobby has found biased judges who have stopped the project’s completion. The same sort of thing (Think Keystone XL pipeline) is happening all across America and must be stopped.

The candidate cannot be a member of the elite political ruling class.

The next President will need to cut through the massive bureaucracy {Think Donald Trump} without which these deep state elites cannot function {Think EPA, FBI, DOJ Russian Collusion}. Lifelong elite politicians {Think Biden} lack the capacity to oppose the deep state bureaucracies, think outside of what a focus group tells them, make things happen, and finish strong.

Once elected the new President will have a daunting task.

Repairing America after 4 years of destructive progressive policies will not be easy, but energy has to be a priority, because the world runs on cheap energy and until this issue is dealt with inflation will be almost impossible to tame.

Fixing the energy crisis and transitioning to renewable energy will require a public-private endeavor on the scale of Kennedy’s commitment to place a man on the moon or Truman’s post-WW2 Marshal Plan which rebuilt Europe. Many think the problem is not solvable but there is an evidence-based pathway that will get it done!

Massive resources need to be directed to the development of geothermal power.

Government partnership with America’s great energy companies {Think operation warp speed} can innovate and make this happen, harnessing the energy of the Earth’s core. Untold thousands of previously drilled oil shafts can be converted to geothermal technology. Water can be delivered deep into the hot earth, changed to steam, and subsequently released, driving green electricity-generating turbines.

This technology can be performed deep in the Ocean with no effect on the environment. Many thousands of high-paying jobs will be created, and the technology will be marketed around the world.

In the years it takes to bring the new geothermal technology online America’s natural gas can be used to bridge the gap and generate electricity.

Our nation has enough known natural gas reserves to power America for over a century and could easily power the world for several decades. Natural gas can be liquefied and transported via pipeline or massive tanker to anywhere in the world. The technology to burn natural gas and make electricity is the cleanest of all fossil fuels. It is the perfect bridge to America’s Geothermal future. As America makes this transition oil and coal can be phased out.

Nuclear Power plants can stay online until they reach their expiration date and then be decommissioned. Expensive awkward wind power and solar panels can both go the way of the Erie Canal. Initially a good idea that time and other advancements made obsolete. The world can then move forward knowing that even if a disaster occurs that could blot out the sun, such as a massive volcano eruption or God forbid a nuclear catastrophe, power to sustain life will flow uninterrupted.

With the reality of the Paris Climate Accord’s dismal failure, a door has opened through which a commonsense evidence-based world transition to clean renewable energy can happen.

America must walk through that door and lead the way! It starts in Nov 2022!!



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