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Go Joe!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-02-12 02:30 +0000

See where Ol’ slow Joe decided he was right and the Army has it all wrong. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was not botched as the U.S. Army report stated, or so said Biden on an interview the other day.

Right Joe! It was all according to plan to leave thousands of Americans and Afghan translators and families behind with that ever trustworthy terrorist organization named Taliban. Oh, and all that expensive, state of the art U.S. military equipment gifted to, – – – oh yea the Taliban again. Note to Joe: The terrorist Taliban is hunting down and executing all those translators and their families. Yes, news is still slipping out in spite of the terrorist’s lockdown. Torture, an ever present and first resort of Islam, is undoubtedly being liberally employed. That must have been considered an acceptable side effect of your plan, right Joe? Then there is that little thing about the thirteen U.S. Service members killed by a suicide bomber at the Airport. Part of your plan too? In his hurry to reverse everything Trump, this Leftist administration (The Biden Admin) has more blood on it’s hands then all the drug gangs in Chicago. I hope I live long enough to see Biden and his criminal gang paraded (perp walked) into long prison terms.

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Could the Political Response to COVID Save Public Education?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-02-12 01:00 +0000

For many years we as parents didn’t really pay much attention. But all that has definitely changed. We are all very much on high alert in our School districts. The radar is out and parents are watching what the schools and teachers are teaching, and we may have Covid to thank for that.

Kids’ classroom work was all done at home and we could see firsthand some of the things being taught and how it was going. And I do believe to an extent the boldness and brazenness of progressives in the school have also helped cause a great education awakening in involvement.

Do you know the full extent of what’s being taught and pushed in you’re school?

They might be sneaky about some topics but in some school districts, they are right out in your face with things that just don’t have a place to be taught in public schools. Or dare I say pushed in public schools.

Take for instance the Monadnock Regional High School located in Swanzey. Someone inside the school has a bent on pushing LGBTQ everywhere you turn inside the school. Classrooms have signs on the doors with a rainbow and the words “safe space.”

There are several posters plastered on a hallway towards the back of the school where the public probably won’t walk through. And as if that wasn’t enough -remember prom king and queen? Well, how about prom queen and queen?

I really wish that was a joke but it’s not. A queen’s court where the prom queen and queen were crowned. That’s what they had this year.

Funny thing though, in the effort to try to go overboard and make someone feel comfortable they are literally making way more people uncomfortable and feeling excluded. I thought we had laws against that?

Following the same sort of standards, I wonder if there would be any complaints if a student, or better yet, teacher hung up the Christian flag on all of the classroom doors with a note saying safe space to pray?

My bet is that it wouldn’t even make the five-minute mark.

We really aren’t that picky. We just want the focus to be on, oh I don’t know – reading, writing, arithmetic, history, and science. Such radical ideas I know, I know!

However, we, as concerned parents, chose to abandon the schools in favor of homeschooling to avoid this sort of crap. It sounded like a solid idea and I did it with my kids for several years. But now we should not wonder why things are the way they are.

Homeschooling options are great if you can make it work. Remember not everyone can. Whether home school, private school, or public school, we should not abandon the schools in our community. If you homeschool your kids or they attend a private school, that’s great! Please consider still being involved in and attending school board meetings because it’s still your tax dollars and it’s still your community.

What kind of community would you like to see?

If you live in the Monadnock Regional School District (MRSD) please attend the school board meetings to voice concerns that the focus is on the actual education of the children. If you cannot attend please share your thoughts via email.

Lisa Witte – superintendent

Jeremy Rathburn – assistant superintendent

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Friday Open Thread – So, are you as overwhelmed with all that’s going on as I am?

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-02-12 00:15 +0000

The faster I run, the more behinder I’m getting.  Partly because I still haven’t learned to say “no, thank you” as much or as fast as I should be (or have).  I’m betting that many others in activists circles are the same way – we need more hands!

So, you overloaded as well?

But as always, this is about YOU and not me.  Have at it, my friends!

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GrokTV: Dartmouth College Republicans present Dr. James Lindsay on “The Rise of Identity Marxism”

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 23:30 +0000

Last night at the Tuckerbox Restaurant in White River Junction, VT, the Dartmouth College Republicans presented Dr. James Lindsay on the topic of “The Rise of Identity Marxism“. In his almost two hour presentation and Q&A session, he weaves a multi-threaded recounting of how Marxism came to the United State, found out that it was a failure among the working class, and then switched its emphasis from socioeconomic into a morphing to race based classism. A rose is still a rose even if called by another name.

So it is with Socialism and Marxism.

This is the ENTIRE event – an hour and 50 minutes of presentation and Q&A. I am going to be splitting it up but as I have told a number of folks, it is going to be hard to do (other than the easy “time slice”) because of how he interwove several threads almost all the time. But talk about quotes to get pulled out!

Also last night, was our first attempt at livestreaming in over two years (who has had events during the pandemic??).  Lessons learned this time out and we did iron out a number of problems (I at the event and Steve giving me feedback from home via a whole serious of texts until his phone died).  As my last text to him last nite said:

Its saddening how much I didn’t realize how much I have forgotten.

Sure, testing was easy before the event but Studio took an update once I fired it up at the venue – and changed things.  When things went wrong, it took a while for the “Oh, YEAH!” moments to happen.

Otherwise, an entirely enjoyable evening and the 4 hour travel time + 3 hours on site were well worth it.  And the hours yet to be spent on further processing of the video.

Thanks again to the Dartmouth College Republicans.

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Las Vegas Kids Get The News: No More Masks!

Libertarian Leanings - Fri, 2022-02-11 22:03 +0000
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You’re Weekend Homework Assignment – Piss Off Some COVID Karens (And We’ve Got Just the Thing to Get That Done!)

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 22:00 +0000

The COVID Cultists are forever insisting they have the science on their side. To prove it, they recycle a handful of reports that suggest masks might work or that distancing wasn’t the invention of a 14-year-old and has no basis in science. Lockdowns quarantines, all fails, but the worst is The Jab.

Peer-reviewed evidence that none of their stuff works against a virus got ignored while they came up with new studies that suggested it might. Okay, fine. Science and research move forward based on the premise that a theory is only as good as the ability of others to challenge it. This is good until the same people ignore or deny research that proves their “science” is suspect.

Political covid has been driven by fear and message control from early on. Daring to challenge the orthodoxy was labeled as dangerous, conspiracy theory, or just lies.

Tens of thousands of credentials experts in science and medicine challenged the government’s choices and showed them how they might be worse than the virus, but the government “experts” kept singing to the choir. The choir (media, Karens, and covidiots) carried the tune singing it louder when any other sound tried to rise above the din.

Big Tech flagged, tagged, or bagged any unapproved messaging.

The result. After two years, we still see people driving alone, masked in their vehicles. But we’ve not given up. The science has always been on our side and for the past 6-12 months the ringleaders at Club COVID have been edging over to our side without admitting we were right. It’s all politics, so it’s not a threat to public health when they do it.

But they are still pushing the vaccine, trying to get it into every vein and artery, no matter how small. The latest push is to Jab 6 months to 5-year-olds. They don’t need it, never did, and never will but when public health has nothing to do with public health, anything is possible. And force is always an option with fear learning to lend a hand.

The vaccine-hesitant, COVID deniers, they all want your babies to DIE!

No, we want you to stop scaring people by promising them that any healthy person, no matter how small or how tall, needs what you are selling. Your vaccine is the most dangerous and deadly in modern history. It is not effective, and it certainly is not safe. And you can roll out the few studies you say prove otherwise. But there are at least 1000 researched reports that tell us differently.

Your Jab not only doesn’t prevent infection or spread, it has a long list of side effects, many dangerous, several mortally damning. As i, kills you dead.

At least 1000 of them, and they are all here. Not one is likely Facebook Fact-Checker approved, but they don’t peddle facts. They push politics.

So, here’s your homework assignment. Check these out, find a few (dozen, or hundred), and piss off some Karens.

Then let us know how it went.

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The Push for Vaccinating Children

Libertarian Leanings - Fri, 2022-02-11 21:23 +0000
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Israel Adesanya On Joe Rogan

Libertarian Leanings - Fri, 2022-02-11 21:19 +0000

I think this is what they mean by a 'drop the mic' moment.

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Kari Lake Takes Down '60 Minutes Australia'

Libertarian Leanings - Fri, 2022-02-11 20:54 +0000

Conservative Brief:  Kari Lake Blasts Trump-Obsessed Reporter: ‘Are You Kind Of Considered A Joke?’

Lake: Oh my gosh, if you can’t see it, if you can’t see it, sir. Then you’re even more brainwashed than you could imagine. And I feel for the people of Australia. They’re being abused by their leaders. They have no rights and their media is continuing to try to brainwash them. You were probably one of the guys pushing the fear with COVID so that people would stay in their homes and wouldn’t go out, and that the children would be masked. You were probably one of the guys pushing that fear on your TV station. And I’ll tell you what, the masking of children and the torture of the people. People are never gonna forgive you for that and they’re never going to forget. So I suppose you’re the kind of guy that masks your children. Right?

I don’t live in Australia. Are you actually a respectable journalist there or are you kind of considered a joke?

Watch the whole thing.

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Was Our COVID Response Worth It?

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 20:30 +0000

It took two years, but COVID finally swept through the Malaby house. Other than a positive test, my two-year-old showed no signs of having the virus, which seemed odd considering she’s exhibited symptoms of a cold since the day she was born. I had the shakes and a low-grade fever one night, and that was the extent of it.

We were fortunate, but statistically speaking a mild case has been, overwhelmingly, the most common outcome.

Per the Center for Disease Control, only 1-3% of all COVID cases require hospitalization, and that is inclusive of the entire population – vaccinated, unvaccinated, young and old. Obviously, those cases skew toward the older population and those with preexisting conditions. Again, according to the CDC, individuals 65 and under without preexisting conditions have a greater than 99.9% chance of recovery.

Two years into Fifteen Days to Slow the Spread, it is fair to ask: was a one-size-fits-all “solution” good policy? Was it a net positive for our government to shut down schools, businesses, and churches, to promote “social distancing,” to push mask and vaccine mandates, to print money in an effort to get folks to Stay Home; Save Lives?

Was it worth it?

In over two years, there have been about 900,000 deaths in America due to COVID. That’s a big number which gives our politicians an opportunity to say, “Think what would have happened had we not acted,” but that logic fails to identify any benefit of their lockdown strategy while completely ignoring the costs of their policies.

What of the spike in drug use? The number one cause of death among American adults ages 18-45 is now fentanyl overdoses, with over 100,000 deaths last year. For reference, in that same age cohort, fewer than half that number died due to COVID since the start of 2020.

What of the mental health crisis? As reported by the New York Times, there has been a 51% increase in ER visits for suicide attempts by adolescent girls in the US in early 2021 as compared to the same period in 2019.

What of the physical toll to adults? According to the American Psychological Association, 42% of adults gained undesired weight during the pandemic, with an average increase of 29 pounds. “Stay Home; Save Lives” promotes a sedentary lifestyle, and according to the CDC, “obesity may triple the risk of hospitalization due to a COVID-19 infection.”

What of the effect on children, and the billions of hours lost to in-person instruction? For the ones fortunate enough to be in school, many have had to wear masks all day; a recent study from the Speech and Learning Institute shows a 350% surge in childhood speech delays. We keep hearing “kids are resilient,” but that’s an implicit admission that these policies are detrimental to children.

What of the financial burden? According to the Chamber of Commerce, anywhere from ten to twenty percent of small businesses closed permanently during the pandemic, and over forty percent had to close at least temporarily. In an attempt to indemnify business owners and employees, the government printed reams of money, and as a result, inflation is currently around 7%. Every sixty days, our money loses 1% of its value. Stated another way, if an employee earns 26 paychecks a year, two of those have been wiped out by our federal printing press.

The past two-plus years have served as a hard lesson in unintended consequences. Here in New Hampshire, our federal delegation has done nothing to push back against perpetual lockdown, but perhaps that is to be expected; a failed policy provides a powerful incentive for politicians to continue said policy and to ignore or deny its consequences.

In the real world, adults have to assess risk. We live with the costs and benefits of our choices, unlike politicians, who tout all the wonderful benefits of their actions but turn a blind eye to the detrimental side effects.

Unfortunately, while there is already a laundry list of folks seeking to replace our current representatives, I do not hear any of the challengers beating this drum: perhaps the citizenry would be better off making their own choices than a government which refuses to acknowledge the costs of their actions.

As we ramp up into election season, there is sure to be debate over all the typical hot-button issues, but those topics pale in comparison to what Americans have experienced the last two years: a federal government assuming more and more control over the citizenry, externalizing the costs of their actions, and demonizing those who dissent.

There is one question worth asking all politicians that will identify immediately if they have seriously considered the effects of our COVID response or if they are just going with the flow:

Was it worth it?

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Canadian Mounted Police Officer Talks About Law and Rights and Illegal COVID19 Policy

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 19:00 +0000

Canadian Mounted Police Officer Talks About Law and Rights and Illegal COVID19 Policy

Daniel Beaufort is a corporal in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. For eight years, his job was protecting the Prime Minister. Yeah, that Trudeau guy. And he’s concerned about the direction his country has taken in the name of “public health.”

He expects to no longer have that job, but he felt compelled to speak his mind, and it’s a great speech.

It is just under 20 minutes and based on the laws in Canada, but every point he makes applies to the US, every state in the US, and probably nearly every  (so-called) Western Democracy.

It’s moving for him, and it should be for us as well. He talks about law and order and the limitations placed on the government and law enforcement by higher orders of power in the form of protections like the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Canadian Bill of Rights (or, in our case, state and federal constitutions).

It’s an excellent speech.


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Truck Drivers vs. the “New World Order” – NWO Loses Big-Time

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 17:30 +0000

As we watch Canadian truck drivers shut down fully 25% of cross-border trade because they oppose vax mandates, and as we watch the rumblings of a possible similar action here in the United States, we see the long-expected result of the “elite” attempt to bring about a “New World Order.”

But to do this requires the destruction of the existing social and economic system.  We also see that those who want a “New World Order” have nothing to offer as a replacement.

That is their Achille’s heel.  Their “elephant in the room”.  Their monkey wrench.

They have no way to address the “inequities” that they see in American society except to destroy it and replace it with an undefined “system” that even they cannot describe.

For decades we have heard the elites in academia talk about socialism being “the answer” to all of society’s ills (they won’t say “communism” because it reminds too many of the Soviet system of bread lines, poverty, and alcoholism).  They keep proposing that we should “eat the rich”, distribute a “living wage” to the poor, and use “equity” to revamp the justice system.  They write books attempting to rewrite American history in terms that make anybody “not them” into the reason for all of America’s ills (“1619 Project”, anyone?)

All of their solutions are based on “the common good” as if there was one dictionary definition that they could point to.  One place where we could find a globally agreed-upon set of standards that everyone would be satisfied with.  One way that “equity” could be defined for all: rich and poor alike.

In all of this rich-vs-poor and us-vs-them talk, nobody ever discusses the needs of the middle class.  The elites don’t want to acknowledge that middle-class workers cannot be distinguished by race or religion or by where they live.  They are the “silent majority”.

A major part of this “middle class” is .. truck drivers.  These hard-working individuals spend days away from home, hauling everything from potatoes to paint, from coffee to car parts, from eggs to electric transformers.  They bring products from ports and factories to local warehouses, and then to stores or local manufacturers.  Some own their own trucks, some rent or lease, and some are paid as contractors to drive the equipment belonging to others.

State and federal regulations have been put in place that has made some necessary improvements in safety (reduction in long hours to prevent exhaustion, vehicle inspections to prevent excessive weight, etc).  However, some of these state and federal regulations have unnecessarily caused significant reductions in the number and availability of trucks to move cargo (CA’s rules regarding empty container transportation, the prohibition on independent contractor drivers, and many more).

There is an unbreakable relationship between truck drivers and the economy: if they stop driving, the economy literally comes to a stop.

But as they say, Covid changed everything.

Perhaps the biggest recent impact to the trucking industry was the state and federal mandates that truck drivers receive a Covid “vaccine.”* People sitting by themselves for extremely long periods of time were coerced into receiving an injection for a disease that was supposedly transmitted from person to person (remember “wash your packages”?).  In an attempt to prevent transmission and retransmission of that disease between individuals who rarely made contact with each other, the government-mandated a “vaccine” to “help” (yes, sarcasm) truck drivers continue to work.

Truck drivers may not have as many postgraduate degrees as the elites in academia or government, but they certainly aren’t “dumb”.  They know they can’t drive if they are sick, so most try to prevent getting sick.  They know that the hours they spend alone in their truck cabs is time they are isolated from others, and they know that isolating themselves from Covid-positive individuals is sensible.  And they also know that someone’s life will be negatively affected if they don’t deliver their load on time.

So when the word came that all truck drivers who crossed the US/Canada border would have to be vaccinated, the truck drivers resisted.  Then the Canadian government insisted that unvaccinated drivers would be forbidden to enter Canada.  Finally, when the truck drivers were smeared with ad hominem insults, false accusations, and outright lies by the Canadian government — the truck drivers decided to become “teachers”.  They decided to show their value to the Canadian government – and to Trudeau.

They stopped driving.  More than that, they stopped driving on the same routes they use for trade.  They all stopped.  Thousands of trucks.  In the middle of the road.  Effectively shutting down all trade.

The result has been unexpected.  The Canadian public has been in almost complete support of the truck drivers.  It seems that the Canadian public is also tired of the vaccine mandates and the government’s ham-handed Covid rules.  The Canadian government was caught by surprise: they thought that a shutdown in trade would make the truckers look like obstructionists.  Instead, the truck drivers became heroes.

Someone finally stood up to the tyrants running the Canadian government.  Someone that the Canadian government couldn’t control.  Tens of thousands of them.  Middle-class working someones.  Someones the economy can’t survive without.  Someones the Canadian government can’t force to do their jobs, either with threats of imprisonment or at the point of a gun (Ontario has refused to use the military to end the strike).

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Company), an arm of the Canadian government, has been in full-throated support of Trudeau’s refusal to back down.  Trudeau said he won’t drop the vaccine mandate.  There has been little if any violence by the truck drivers.  Almost everyone is flying a Canadian flag (there were a couple of outliers, but they could be counted on one hand and were shouted down by everyone else).

As of Friday morning (2/11), Trudeau has not changed his tune.  But several Canadian provinces are on the cusp of changing or dropping their mandates – and Canadians are cheering for it.

So much for the “New World Order”, which came face to face with ordinary middle-class workers – in this case, truck drivers – and found out that all of their “echo chamber” declarations about equity and socialism fall flat without dedicated followers.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is carefully watching what’s happening in Canada.  They know that a huge proportion of Americans oppose the vaccine and mask mandates and, given the opportunity, would also go on strike to force the government’s hand.

There are rumors that an American anti-mandate truck convoy is being planned, from LA to DC.  If that convoy gets off the ground… heaven help the US.

(I put it “vaccine” in quotes because these “vaccines” neither prevent nor reduce the incidence of infection for post-Alpha Covid.  If you can simultaneously be multiply vaccinated and have multiple Covid infections, simple logic tells you that the immunization does not work as it should.  Changing the definition of “immunization” doesn’t change what a vaccine should do.


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Unspeakably Evil

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 16:00 +0000

At one time, the woman known as Nancy Pelosi may have been a darling of the American political left. Much like Ocasio-Cortez is today, Pelosi, in her time, was a figurehead for civil rights, especially women’s rights. Unfortunately, decidedly for the worse, she has become unspeakably evil.

Her name has become synonymous with the most nauseating level of vile corruption in the history of the United States of America.

For four years, during the Trump presidency, she waged war based entirely on character smears. Donald Trump, who at one time was a playboy but had somewhat of a call to a moral and upright life, really rubbed Pelosi the wrong way. She saw him as the epitome of the white man.

Many American leftists have been trained to hate the white man. It has been bred into their narrow little minds. But caucasian men built the foundation that allows them the freedom to make the criticism.

We want to thank Kensley Vitoria for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

Nobody but a leftist ever claimed American leftists were the least bit intelligent.

Nancy Pelosi has been trading stocks based on her insider knowledge of what companies will receive favorable treatment from government legislation. She and her husband have made tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars off of her insider knowledge. This is extremely illegal.

Pelosi has been in Congress since 1987 and has represented California’s 12th district since 2013. Before that, she worked for the Democrat National Committee and as an intern in Congress. This woman has spent her entire life working in politics. She has zero exposure to any other type of work. This is a recipe for evil, and that is what she has become.

She thinks she can talk her way out of anything. But over the past six years, she has increasingly appeared at press conferences extremely nervous and anxious. She frequently lies outright, and the dovish Democrat press does not call her on it. She does not allow contrarian press or anyone who might call her out on her lies. This is reminiscent of the Nazi Party in 1930s Germany.

And while Nancy Pelosi is not directly connected to the Nazis, the ideology that drove the German Nazis is the ideology that Nancy Pelosi has developed as her style of politics.

The repression of political opponents, which she has enforced on participants of the January 6 protest at the Capitol. That event itself was Nancy Pelosi’s Reichstag Fire— an event that occurred in Berlin in 1933 that was set up by the Nazis, allowing Hitler to blame his political opponents and persecute them. Whether or not she intended to, Pelosi followed Hitler’s lead almost identically.

Following J6, Pelosi supported and organized a committee to investigate the event. When the House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy legally selected Republicans for the committee, according to Congressional law, Pelosi denied them and chose her own Republican representatives. She purposefully selected Republicans who she knew would not contradict her version of events. This was illegal, but she did it anyway.

Pelosi spearheaded two attempts to impeach Donald Trump. First, based on a story concocted by the Democrat National Committee and its agents about how Trump supposedly colluded with Russia to win the presidency. The Russia story was totally fraudulent, made up by a consultancy paid for by Hillary Clinton.

The second attempted impeachment was concerning January 6, which, of course, was a protest about the election fraud that occurred on November 3. As has been widely investigated and reported, except by Democrat media corporations, there was a definite and widespread network of election fraud across many states. There is evidence, despite Pelosi’s insistence to the contrary.

Pelosi is totally insulated from normal American society. She never walks through the streets of San Francisco, which have become decaying and disgusting. They are literally filled with human feces and spent needles from the thousands of homeless people living on the city’s streets. For all of the Democrat Party’s talk about socialism, they can’t figure out how to implement it in one of the USA’s most historically iconic cities. People live in their cars in San Francisco because housing is too expensive.

Pelosi has almost singlehandedly transformed the USA’s Democrat Party into a fascist nightmare, supporting governors who rule as petty tyrants, like Gretchen Whitmer. Pelosi supported Biden for President because she wanted the least possible resistance to implement her agenda. Biden is a puppet for Pelosi. He (more or less) does whatever she tells him to. Several broadcast conversations between the two of them have made this strikingly evident.

Recently, the Capitol Police were caught breaking into a Republican Congressman’s office and opening his mail. Of course, Capitol Police report to Nancy Pelosi. This woman, Pelosi, has now weaponized Capitol Police against her political rivals. She has gone all the way into Nazism. Nazi is short for the German word for national socialism. This is a brand of socialism with a disdain for parliamentary procedure, an obsession with scientific racism, a willingness to violently persecute political rivals, and a big fan if eugenics. Does this sound familiar? Well, it is the ideology of the USA’s modern Democrat Party.

Nancy Pelosi has become a disgustingly corrupted and twisted old woman. She is not wise, and not a stateswoman. She does not deserve her position of power. In fact, she deserves to go to jail. She actually deserves worse than that. Far worse.

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School Board Meeting Moderator’s Demand Inadvertently Proves That Mask Don’t Work

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 14:30 +0000

Hudson town moderator Paul Inderbitzen recently showered the Granite State in glory. At a school board meeting to vote on a move to repeal the school mask-mandate policy, unmasked parents were told to segregate. 

Get to the back of the room—no mingling with the masked, so I guess masks don’t work.


 “There’s an unmarked section in the back. I’m asking anyone who does not wear a mask to be in that section, and I’ll ask our officer to enforce that.”


If masks work, then having unmasked people and masked people together would have no impact on either group. The masked would not be able to infect the unmasked and vice versa. If the unmasked don’t care, it should be no one else’s business. But the busy-body mandatory of masks don’t care about that. Nor do they care that most masks don’t do anything anyway.

Mandating masks in schools is a useless exercise as it is in nearly any setting. An act that, as a reminder, is illegal. No known act of the legislature permits this sort of requirement, and if the legislature has not granted their authority, it does not exist, and anyone who believes it does needs to be segregated to the part of the room closest to the door and then shown out.

Related: CDC More or Less Admits that Cloth Masks Don’t Do Sh!t! (Against the Wuhan Lab-Generated Virus)

If we had one decent judge or governor in this state, this business would have been over 18 months ago. The fearmongers would have been free to quarantine, lockdown, close shop, or wear as many masks as they wanted while the rest of us went about our business accepting risk as suits our character.

No such luck. Instead, we get dopes like this guy making a fool of himself and his own mask policy.




The school board voted unanimously to keep the mandate in place, by the way, which only tells us Hudson needs to replace them with people who understand that they don’t have that authority.

Town elections are coming up. Maybe we’ll see the beginning of change we can believe in?


A local copy of the video is available here.

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Valid Reasons to Ban Voting Machines

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 13:00 +0000

The reliability of voting machines to accurately count votes has come under scrutiny. Especially since the fiasco of the Windham Incident that took place at the November 3, 2020 General Election. Those election results produced NH’s largest numerical discrepancy between election day vote totals and a subsequent hand recount.

That disturbing event triggered people in a few dozen NH towns to submit Warrant Articles seeking to ban the use of voting machines to count votes in their town. Many of those people have reached out to me – asking for examples and reasons for voters to ban voting machines.

Here are 8 reasons:

  • Reason #1: While it is more work… hand counting ballots has historically been a more accurate way to tally votes.
  • Reason #2: Voting machines can be easily programmed with malware to produce fraudulent results.
  • Reason #3: All of NH’s voting machines are programmed by a single company with no way for voters to know if the machines were properly programmed. This sets up a scenario of trust with no verify.  If election integrity is important, then this should be a red flag.
  • Reason #4: Voting machines can malfunction and cause ballots to be misread – thereby causing voters to be unknowingly disenfranchised.
  • Reason #5: Voting machines are NOT consistently accurate from machine to machine (see graph below).

This graph shows the different vote totals that were counted for the Rockingham County District 7 Race in the Windham 11/3/20 Election. It contains the election day totals (11/3/20), the hand recount totals (11/12/20), and the totals that were generated during an audit when all of the ballots were fed through each of the four voting machines

The column titled “11/03/20” shows the total number of votes for each candidate on election day – by adding the vote totals from all four machines.

The column titled “11/12/20” shows the total number of votes for each candidate that were hand counted by the Secretary of State’s office.

Reason #6: After the 11/12/20 recount, the four Republican candidates gained close to 300 votes each, the leading Democrat lost 99 votes, and the other three Democrats gained 21, 21 and 18 votes respectfully. The number of votes that were adjusted between election day and the hand recount totaled 1,363. Clearly that many machine related errors are unacceptable for an election where only 10,006 ballots were cast.

The discrepancies above led to an audit where all of the ballots were fed through each machine (See Audit AV1, Audit AV2, Audit AV3 and Audit AV4). The vote totals across each of the four machines were NOT consistent – and NONE of the audit machine totals matched the results of the hand counts.

Reason #7: During the audit, some of the machines produced consistent results from machine to machine within 2 votes (Ioana Singureanu), while those same machines produced wildly different results that varied by as many as 55 votes (Bob Lynn). That represents an enormous difference of 54 votes in favor of Ioana Singureanu.

Reason #8: When comparing the results of the hand recount with Audit Machine #4, the difference is a loss of 6 votes for Ioana Singureanu, while the difference for Bob Lynn is a loss of 77 votes. That represents an even more enormous difference of 71 votes in favor of Ioana Singureanu.

The types of discrepancies that took place in the Windham 11/3/20 election appear to have occurred in many other towns across NH. Towns like Derry, Nashua, Merrimack, Bedford, Hookset, Sandown and many more are just a few that showed similar anomalies that mirror what took place in Windham. Unfortunately, those in a position to investigate have shown no interest in doing so.

As voters, we are asked to blindly trust with no means to verify. When the integrity of our elections are at stake – that is unacceptable… which is why I believe that hand counting ballots is the best method for counting votes.

If England, Canada and Australia can hand count the votes for their national elections, then NH can hand count votes as well.

More Posts by Ken Eyring

Ken Eyring [send him an email], is a founder and President of the Government Integrity Project, whose mission is to unite the country and demand action; to hold elected and appointed representatives accountable to their oaths and obligations of office; to protect and restore Liberties as defined in our Country’s Founding Documents.


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VIDEO: Freedom Convoy 2022 – BRING FREEDOM HOME

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 11:30 +0000

No words are necessary. Just watch.



Editor: A local copy is available here in case Twitter decides to unplug it.

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It’s EASY to Make Shared Misery “Equitable”! – Part 3

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 02:30 +0000

“How Can We Make 1.5 Degree Lifestyles Equitable?” is a POLITICAL issue and not just an environmental one. And it’s one thing to be green but they keep pushing this into the political realm by “asking” everyone to be like them.

Lloyd, the author, doesn’t play much in the comments (neither do I here lately – just running out of bandwidth) but plenty of others do and there is a CLEAR distinction between Conservative and Libertarian thinking versus the Collective-socialists there.

It was only a matter of time until one of them threw the race card – and used South Africa to do so. Wayne Teel decided to pick on Vindaloo Bugaboo (“VB”) as the latter threw in a chart from



All cherry picked from real data and published on a website that promotes libertarian free market capitalism.

Clear that he doesn’t like others making their own decisions about what to buy, what to sell, and who gets to make the decisions economically.  And of course, let’s throw the race card even if it makes no sense at all to do so in this discussion – simply “bogus”

I have heard these arguments before, in South Africa during apartheid. “Countries are boycotting us because if their blacks came to see our blacks, they would be jealous of our blacks economic success.” Unfortunately the argument is bogus because it is comparing apples to oranges. No black South African wanted to live under apartheid because it was disgusting and brutal.

No poor American wants to live in a trailer park with leaky roofs even if it is “better than” a house in Bangladesh and they own an old rust bucket car. The fundamental inequity of the US system gives the lie to the argument that we should not tax the rich because they provide a higher income for our poor than that of the poor in Mexico or India. We should recognize that we create the conditions for a high carbon society by our policies that allow fossil fuel companies to control our politics. The latest evidence for this is the vote to allow Dominion Power in Virginia to continue to donate to politicians (a money is speech argument) and lobby for keeping the status quo on carbon. We can’t make a 1.5 degree lifestyle if we continue to allow corporations to control our politics, within the US and globally.

The rich should pay taxes like the rest of us – but the Left is seeking retribution and punished after they keep adding surtax after surtax after surtax on these people and now call it “Equity”. They’ve always wanted to do so – how do you think the income tax was created in the first place?  They simply seek refuge in yet another euphemism.

And if the oil companies are controlling “our politics,” somebody forgot to clue in GraniteGrok.  Where are my checks! Ditto for the Koch brothers (now just Koch brother). For years I was accused of being on their payroll so where are my checks?

Again, the same question.

We can’t make a 1.5 degree lifestyle if we continue to allow corporations to control our politics, within the US and globally.

But his main point is “We can’t make a 1.5-degree lifestyle”; I dunno about you Kimo Sabe, but I prefer modernity to much less.  I sure don’t want to be in your way if YOU want to embark on a life of austerity but here, the “We” is used in the macro and in the sense of EVERYONE will be involved. So…

You are assuming something that is not in evidence – that a majority of the people in the developed world wish to downshift to living in mud huts and caves.

And that’s a rather condescending attitude believing that everyone is stupid enough to be co-opted by corporations (e.g., the McDonald Happy Meals with toys and that Parents don’t have the will to tell their kids “NO! we’re not going to Mickey D’s today” that keeps getting trotted out here at TH in one form or another).

I suppose that Safe Spaces are going to become a Constitutionally enumerated Right….oh wait!

Lloyd will complain about the embedded carbon needed to make the gazillion of those crying pavilions for every snowflake that isn’t up to facing the unfair harshness that the rest of us call “Hey, that’s Life”.

And yes, I’m in a snarky mood tonite.

But that is the mindset – EVERYONE is all in and THEY get to set the rules.

Never did get an answer back from him.



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Sex Ed vs. Sexualizing Your Children

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-02-11 01:00 +0000

There always seems to be a raging debate between parents when it comes to sex education for their children. It seems odd that any parents would be relying upon their local school district to educate their children, but some parents feel it’s ok to hand their responsibility over to people working in the local school.

You know your child the best, it’s your responsibility. There is no reason for the people working in your school to do what is the responsibility of the parents.

Parents are fighting to make a choice on whether their child should wear a mask. They should also be refusing to let some stranger teach their child about sex education.

Children need to be educated on your values, and the truth about sex. There are plenty of resources out there that can help you tackle this important subject. Home-school parents do it all of the time.

Related: Tennessee Considers Ban on Schools Teaching LGBTQ Lifestyles But Why Stop There?

Children may be ready for some information at different ages. You have the ability to pull back if you see your child is uncomfortable or not ready for some of the information. When your child is in a classroom, they are not given that kind of respect. They are forced to listen to the material that will be covered, even if it’s uncomfortable.  You can revisit these topics as they mature.

So what is meant by sexualizing children vs. teaching them basic facts and information? 

Some of the programs or materials offered to children in school now have a distinct message that sexualizes children. A perfect example comes from “Pizza and Consent.”  The title may not seem offensive, but parents in Enfield Connecticut had a different reaction after the damage was done to their children.

In National Review’s “Connecticut School Asked Eighth Graders to List Sexual Preferences during Lesson on Consent,” they reported that:

…parents are outraged after a health class assignment asked eighth graders to list their sexual likes and dislikes and boundaries, according to a new report.

Documents obtained by the nonprofit group Parents Defending Education show students were subjected to a lesson called “Pizza & Consent” that told students, “we can use pizza as a metaphor for sex!”

There is a difference between educating your child on the biology of sex, and sexualizing children.

They go on to report:

The assignment features a blank pizza with space to share pizza preferences “in relation to sex.” Pizza toppings were likened to sexual likes and dislikes. The assignment used “kissing” and “giving oral” as examples of toppings students could choose for their pizza.

The push to sexualize children oftentimes comes from nefarious individuals. When this kind of material shows up in your local school district, that is a red flag that the people in charge of your children do not have their best interest at heart–especially in light of the number of teachers who’ve been charged with sexual assault.

There are guides for parents on how to develop, in their children, a healthy perspective regarding their bodies and sexuality.  If you need resources there are plenty to choose from. When is the right time to tell your children about sex, and how do you cover the sensitive topics? There are books to help guide you on that.

The goal is to develop a healthy dialogue with your children, knowing when to explain the details of sex, and helping them prepare for the physical changes that happen during puberty. This is an opportunity to talk about dating, and encouraging abstinence.  You get to introduce morals and values into the discussion.

Look for resources within your religious community. Theology of the Body for Teens helps teens understand the importance of treating each other with dignity and respect.  Compare that to the programs used in some schools that seek to sexualize children.  For the parents in Connecticut, it’s too late– the damage is done.

Kids are subjected to so much sexualization in the media, the last thing we need is for the adults in their life to push it on them.

One parent, after reading about what happened in CT had this to say, “….These teachers/administrations are crossing the line into the pedo realm and some should be arrested for talking about this stuff with minors.  Creepy! ”

A school should be a safe place for children. This kind of sexualization of children is not safe or healthy. And while kids may not always listen to their parents, at least you’ve equipped them with the best information possible. When schools sexualize children, they help groom them for predators, and push an unhealthy lifestyle.

This is your job, do it.

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LIVESTREAM: The Dartmouth College Republicans Present Dr. James Lindsay on “The Rise of Identity Marxism”

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-02-10 23:45 +0000

I’m up north at Tuckerbox Restaurant in White River Junction, VT for the James Lindsay Event sponsored by the Dartmouth College Republicans.

Well be trying to Livestream the event but if bandwidth is an issue, we’ll record it! The Stream will begin around 7:15 pm ET with an event start time of 7:30 pm (EDT).

Note: The event is streaming but we are sharing bandwidth so we’ll do the best we can with that. Thanks for checking in!




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FDA Hearing is Not for Another 5 Days and Maine Is Already Preparing to Jab Your Babies

Granite Grok - Thu, 2022-02-10 23:30 +0000

If you missed it, the Bidenistas all but begged Pfizer to request approval to Jab your babies. The FDA has a hearing on that request next Tuesday (2-15-22). And Maine has announced that it is greasing the bureaucratic skids to make sure this can happen the moment the FDA says go!


The state is allowing health care providers to place vaccine orders now, and is planning to work with pediatricians and family practitioners to administer vaccines to younger kids once it is approved, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention Director Nirav Shah said Wednesday. That would be similar to how most children are vaccinated against other diseases.


And while you’ll be able to get your infant or toddler inoculated at any of the many drive-by, walk-in jab centers, pediatricians will probably be the most popular place to juice junior.

But they don’t need it.

Some Numbers

Maine uses the CDC, and their data sucks, so I’ll use New Hampshire to compare. Since COVID day one, the Granite State has recorded 73,457 positive cases in the 0-20 age group. It means that 75% of this demographic statewide has never tested or over-tested positive after almost two years of the so-called COVID plague.

The Jab was approved for ages 12 and up in May of 2021.

At the end of 2020, there were 6151 positive test results in NH in the 0-20 age group, ten hospitalizations, no deaths. At the end of 2021, a year (and six months’ worth of jabbing minors) later, we reported 40,672 positive test results and 51 hospitalizations.

Six weeks into 2022, we have over 73,000 positive cases and still only 51 hospitalizations.

New Hampshire nearly doubled positive tests from 2021 for the 0-20 age groups in the first six weeks of 2022 but not one new hospitalization. So, what does all of this data tell us?

COVID is not a threat to anyone under 20 before or after The Jab.

In other words, there’s no medical reason to Jab them. None. But the FDA, Bidenistas, and Pfizer are ready to approve COVID vaccinations for those six months to 5 years of age, and the state of Maine is prepping for expected approval (the hearing is next Tuesday).

It’s not a done deal but it feels like it will get approved.

And I didn’t look yet, but I’d bet NH’s Department of health is doing something similar, and we know all the Blue States are on board. They probably also expect parents to be more comfortable if pediatricians do the jabbing.


Pediatricians that likely work for a hospital system that will not permit them to use common sense or the department of health’s data to advise against the injection. You know, something along the lines of, they don’t need it. They are not at risk. It is unnecessary. Because of this, I’ll repeat what I wrote here last week.


Pfizer has submitted an application to the FDA for approval. That’s how the media and the water carriers will spin it. The word “approval” makes people think the vaccine is approved and it is not.

You need to clarify this whenever you see or hear this. They are applying for Emergency Use Authorization approval to give infants and small children THE EXPERIMENTAL DRUG.

First, there’s no emergency. Second, they don’t need it. Third, it doesn’t work. Fourth, it has some nasty potential side effects. Fifth, this is a drug that will not prevent them from getting infected or spreading COVID but may make them more susceptible than if we’d left them alone. Sixth, did I mention they don’t need it?


They don’t need it. Parents need to see these numbers and understand that they introduce their child to unnecessary side effects from the vaccine by ignoring this truth.

Here’s to hoping at least a few of them listen.

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