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Pro-life and Free-Speech Advocates Saddened and Confused by Sununu Veto

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 19:30 +0000

Gov reneges on the commitment to sign buffer zone repeal
NHRTL suggests buffer zone law now be referred to as the Sununu Sidewalk Ban

(Concord, NH – May 29, 2022) Pro-lifers and free-speech advocates across the state were saddened and confused upon hearing of Gov Sununu’s veto of HB1625, the Sidewalk Free Speech Act[1]. In doing this, Gov Sununu reneged on his written promise to sign a repeal of NH’s never-used abortion provider buffer zone law[2]. This promise was enthusiastically received by the pro-life community and likely influenced many voters[3].

The buffer zone law should now be referred to as the Sununu Sidewalk Ban, given the Governor’s sole decision to keep it on the books.

Jason Hennessey, President of NH Right to Life:

“If Sununu is willing to go back on his word on this, then what else? I don’t want to think that any special interest that spends the most on ads/lobbying can compromise the governor’s integrity, but it appears that way since he knew this was a bad law when he committed to repealing it. We hope and pray that the Sununu Sidewalk Ban won’t be used to stop peaceful volunteer sidewalk advocates from offering free support to women and children in need.”


We want to thank NH Right to Live President Jason Hennessey for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to


NH’s buffer zone law (RSA 132:37-40) gives abortion businesses the ability to designate a “buffer zone” of up to 25 feet around the entrance where they are allowed to suppress free speech and peaceful assembly on public property by prohibiting “Congregating, Patrolling, Picketing, or Demonstrating”. The law is unnecessary because other laws already protect clients and workers at abortion clinics.

Given that a buffer zone has never been implemented in NH after 7 years, and that not one NH conviction was mentioned at the hearings, the law is even less necessary now than in 2016 when Sununu signed the promise.

NH Right to Life is New Hampshire’s largest and oldest organization dedicated to the pro-life cause.


Jason Hennessey,
President, NH Right to Life
(603) 230-8136


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Remember on Memorial Day

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 18:00 +0000

Apologies for the reprint from 2021 but this continues to be an excellent list of things you can do to remember and honor members of the US military who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Here it is.


The completely hijacked a list of 10 things from Saint Leo University so please click through and see what else they had to write about each of these items.

And these are things other than drink a beer or grill a burger which you can also do if you remember why you have that or any freedom at all, and then if it’s not too much a bother, what you might be doing to keep them (the freedoms, I mean).

Here’s their list.

1. Wear or display a red poppy. (“In Flanders fields the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row by row.”)

 2. Pause at 3 p.m. (pause from whatever you are doing at this time to reflect on the sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom to all.)

3. Read the original Decoration Day proclamation. (here)

4. Watch the National Memorial Day Concert. (Home page)

5. Display the U.S. flag. (fly the flag at half-staff from sunrise until noon to commemorate those who have died. The flag is raised back to full staff at 12 p.m. to honor living veterans.)

6. Visit a national cemetery or memorial. (Click here for a list of all national cemeteries by state. If you do not have a national cemetery in your area, click here to see if there is a state veterans cemetery nearby.)

7. Attend a parade. 

8. Commit your time. (Research agencies in your area that work with veterans or active military service members and their families)

9. Make a financial donation. (Charity Navigator offers a list of reputable charities that provide wounded troops services, military social services, and military family support.)

10. Pray for the fallen and our nation. (spend some time praying for the souls of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.)

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CDC Panel Reccomends Monkey Pox Vaccine for Lab Techs and Health Care Workers

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 16:30 +0000

Gay men are reportedly spreading monkeypox around the globe. That seems far-fetched except for the tens of thousands who attended two pride events in Europe, where the difficult-to-spread non-fatal disease has since spread to 300 people worldwide, ten of those in the US.

The CDC recommends monkeypox vaccines for lab technicians and health care workers who are likely to contact the infected or infected material..


The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the CDC’s leading experts on vaccines, issued the recommendation Friday, and it will include lab workers who research orthopoxviruses, people who work in lab testing environments, and health care personnel who are treating infected patients.

The JYNNEOS vaccine in question is tailored to both smallpox and monkeypox – just as many other smallpox drugs are also believed to be effective against the rare virus.


Ten people out of over 300 million.Ten people who, if the reporting is correct, are limited to a subset of the LGBTQ community. For a non-fatal if not embarrassing and annoying infection. Typically, no one would care or think twice about that, but we’ve just been through the COVID era, Jabasaurus Rex. The unnecessary mass injection of populations with near to zero risk. With an emergency use pharmaceutical product with 32 pages of side effects, none of which prevent or protect you from COVID19.

Being suspicious is probably good “medicine” these days.

On a brighter note, the Monkey Pox vaccine is (basically) a smallpox vaccine that has been given to millions and worked, but there are some complications. According to the Mayo Clinic, you may not be able to receive this vaccine if you have HIV or a weak immune system.

You must receive both shots according to a specific schedule, and yes, if you are allergic to it, it could kill you. But for most, the side effects are mild and include chills, fever, and dizziness (more here).

If you’ve been inoculated for Smallpox, you may already be protected. That’s a lot of people, but if you were born after 1970, you probably never got the shot. That is also a lot of people.

Jynneos (brand name) is not recommended for those under 18, and … Pfizer does not manufacture it. Bavarian Nordic produces it, and their stock is probably going to rise.

Given recent events, it might not be a bad idea to see who in the US Public Health Industrial Complex is invested or investing in the company.

It is also worth noting that it is very difficult to spread this disease. Based on my reading to date, you need to basically swap spit and not just a little—physical contact with body fluids or a bite or scratch from an infected animal.


Monkeypox virus may spread from animals to people through the bite or scratch of an infected animal, by handling wild game, or through the use of products made from infected animals. The virus may also spread through direct contact with body fluids or sores on an infected person or with materials that have touched body fluids or sores, such as clothing or linens.


Rodents, in particular, are likely spreaders, including domesticated pets like gerbils or hamsters, or so they say. Health officials in Europe are considering a cull of these domesticated critters as a just-in-case measure to prevent the spread. Seems a bit reactionary.

Three hundred people are infected globally (today). Yes, that will rise because we have no clue how many people had close contact at either of the apparent patient zero events in Europe, but killing all the hamsters and gerbils? It seems a bit early for what amounts to an embarrassing and unpleasant-looking disease that takes up to three weeks to run its course.

And yes, the LGBTQ community is already worried about optics. Makes you wonder if this will put a kink in their grooming agenda.



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The strategy is clear.

Libertarian Leanings - Mon, 2022-05-30 16:08 +0000
Democrats will keep shooting people until Republicans give up their guns. Tom Bowler
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The True Objective of Gun Control

Libertarian Leanings - Mon, 2022-05-30 15:31 +0000
We know your real goal — PPT0220 (@PPT0220) May 29, 2022 Tom Bowler
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DISQUS Doodlings: Are You Willing to Pay My Larger Marginal Costs That You Wish to Foist upon Me?

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 15:00 +0000

OK, over at Treehugger on this older post, I got more than a little pointed.  I’m tired of the virtue-signaling of these Eco-Socialists and their nonchalant /passive-aggresive manner of telling people what they are supposed to be doing in prostrating themselves before GAIA in earning their way into No-Carbon Nirvana. No matter how much it costs those of us on the wrong end – mandatory indulgences. Another hobby horse, other than hating on pickup trucks, for Lloyd (head honcho) is the decarbonization of EVERYTHING and electrifying everything (“Why the Age of Fire Is Over—We Know How to Live Without It“).  Of course, no nukes, no natural gas, and certainly not coal.  Even hydro is suspect. Instead, wind and solar – those are your only choices and you WILL be happy with them!

Humans relied on fire for the past two million years but that is coming to an end. Or at least, that’s the case author Martin Edic makes in his provocatively-titled article, “The Era of Burning Things Is Over,” where he says there is no need to burn anything, from wood to gasoline, anymore. We know how to do without it.

“Burning things seems so hopelessly archaic, like those images of humans huddled around campfires in the darkness,” writes Edic. “Burning got us this far but it is no longer the best way. We can harvest endless energy with technology. Once that transition takes place everything changes.” I thought it was a fascinating article because we spend so much time talking about the specifics of cars and homes that we lose sight of the basic principle: We really shouldn’t be burning anything if we have alternatives, and it seems every day we have more of them.

So finally, Lloyd took part in the Comment section.  And SO did I as he’s been going Leftward in his outlooks/writings AND in how he’d achieve his Societal goal of not exceeding UN IPCC temperature rise. He started out with:

Hey it’s Earth Day. And as I said, I am discussing a provocative article.

So I got to the main point right away (Steve is now scratching his head as I rarely do such) that Lloyd

So Lloyd, let’s go to brass tacks right away. While I live in a passive solar home, I do use a wood stove for the majority of heating especially during the winters here in NH (just barely south of you). I harvest that wood from my own land – so it’s relatively cheap.

On the other side of the equation, the cost of electricity is soaring – I used less this winter but costs went up $75/month. The backup to my wood stove back up to solar is a propane heater – I’m sure you know that price has skyrocketed as well and both will continue up. With all of your talk of no longer burning wood and fossil fuels, here’s the bottom line:

Are YOU willing to pay my larger marginal costs that you wish to foist upon me?

And while this is just “a provocative article”, it is one in a long series in this vein. I ask because I grow weary (and angry) at people who are quite liberal in forcing other people to spend their money simply to make you feel better about yourself. Should YOUR end game always trump my financial means? If so, why shouldn’t I then force you to pay the costs you forcing me to pay?

In short: why aren’t you willing to put your money where your mouth is? So here, a provocative story followed by a provocative question.

I await your response.

There were a couple of other intervening posts but Lloyd decided to pop back in but with a “you guys are taking this FAR too seriously” type of answer.

I would say this post was about being inspired but everyone took me far too literally.

I was not having none of that, seeing that a lot of folks were also taking him to task:

When you made such an assertion, you really think people wouldn’t take it seriously? BTW, let me ask my question again:

Are YOU willing to pay my larger marginal costs that you wish to foist upon me?

Which would be paying a higher electricity cost over burning my own wood in my woodstove for heat. You wish to force electrification onto everyone – but are you willing to put your money where your mouth is (or keyboard, as the case may be?)?

Like Patti:

He had but one response:

should I pay your marginal cost for more expensive unleaded gas that isn’t poisoning everyone?

Bad move. First to set him straight on gas type – and on the deflection as the discussion was about “Electrify All” versus “you can take my hot wood stove out of my burnt withered hands”:

Old fashioned leaded gas is not available at almost every gas station here in the States so that’s an irrelevant question. Besides, your premise is wrong.

I can choose to drive an ICE or an EV – MY choice. You wish, however, take that choice away from me and force me to spend money I otherwise wouldn’t. You are avoiding the intent of my question. You are demanding that your idea that EVERYONE must “electrify everything” regardless if they can financially afford it or not.

I had an electrically heated house – the cost was enormous. I cut it down by adding insulation and solar space heating – but MY choice. You would take my wood stove that costs me next to nothing and return me to sky high electric bills again without my consent. Therefore, why shouldn’t I demand that those that put me into that situation put their financial skin into the game?

Too often, I see politicians (and the special interest groups supporting them) create policies that do harm to others. Why shouldn’t they – they do not suffer the harm themselves and just proclaim “it’s for the common good!” as if that was an overarching panacea and excuse.

And now, you’re doing the same thing (if you’d be intellectually honest about your post without the deflection of “aspirational”).
You did respond, Lloyd, with this – and then deleted it. That’s fine, I saved it off:

He did respond – but as I was responding in kind, he deleted his.  Silly person – I had already saved it off:

lots of things cost more when you don’t want to poison your neighbor. should I be paying your marginal cost because unleaded gas costs more to make? And I burn wood in my cabin, this is aspirational, we shouldn’t be doing it and we know it.


I already answered the question about unleaded gas.

So, here you are, Lloyd, taking away my woodstove but having no problem with you using one because….why? Again, your claim of “aspirational” here isn’t holding water given the totality of your posts over time. Sorry, it’s a sad attempt to scurry away from what you have been saying for a long time. At least, sir, own up to those words.

Look, if you want to live the 1.5-degree lifestyle, more power to you. As I have said many times before, there are more than a few THers that are living what they preach and putting their money where their mouths are. But isn’t forcing others under no small number of penalties just because YOU believe your lifestyle is correct, a moral wrong?

So in the end, am I understanding you correctly, in returning to one of the main assertions of your post, that you’d be perfectly happy to have govt agents remove my stove and then expect that I spend money I don’t have to put in electric heat that I can’t afford every month?

And that’s morally correct? So we’re back to that old saw, commonly attributed to Lenin, that you can’t have an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Brass tacks – how many people are you willing to see freeze to have your dream, Lloyd, because they are poor? Or go bankrupt? Or both?

And you are not willing to shoulder the burden you have placed upon them because it pleases you to change their lifestyles? Personal aspirations can often have bad real-world consequences for others – and you have just set the stage.

The ball’s in your court Lloyd – and “aspirational” is both a dodge and a weak argument in trying to get out from underneath what you’ve written.

And yes, I look forward to continuing this discussion.

He wasn’t, however.  So, being who I am, I did.  And this is The Summary of what is so bad with Leftist / Socialist politics and policies:

You know what is hypocritical, Lloyd?

People who advocate for policies THEY want but will never share in the negative consequences of that policy on others.

I really don’t think I’ve asked hard questions, Lloyd – if you ignore the issue of what is your morality in answering them. You put up a provocative post for us all (and trying to hide behind “provocative” and “aspirational”). So, have you dug deep (like the Kwisatz Haderach) into your political soul and really examine what your words are, not just to you, but to the rest of us?

Hard questions require hard thought before giving what may well be a hard answer.

And yours is?

We’ll never know – when asked hard questions, Lloyd went limp. The problem is that he is a techy wonk when it comes to “sustainability” and as a Professor of such, he’s comfortable in that space.  The problem is that in always focusing on carbon, he’s like Governor Groomer Chris Sununu during COVID, or Dr. Fauci with lockdowns and Jabs…

…nothing else matters.  Fauci even said that NONE of the CDC did during the pandemic should EVER have been adjudicate by the Judiciary – a prime example of the Administrative State Expert who should always be believed.  Ditto Sununu – never to be questions or argued with – just obeyed.

All three are single dimensional people while the rest of us are having to deal with multiple paths at the same time. Those three expect the rest of us to ONLY listen to them and their issue – and obey in orienting our lives completely to their “expertise”.

Ditto Lloyd. But throw something outside of their expertise (and in this case, the idea of morality towards others in causing harm) and they retreat.

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“Democrat Leaders Are Not the Patriotic, Pro-American Worker Democrats of the Distant Past”

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 15:00 +0000

How rich, ignorant, and/or uncaring must people be to not realize that President Biden’s policies have been disastrous, especially for middle- and lower-income Americans?

Today’s over 8% inflation means a family with a $60,000 income last year now needs an extra $5000 to maintain the same modest lifestyle.  The gasoline price jump from $2.099, just before Biden’s attack on our petroleum industry, to yesterday’s price of $4.589 hurts most families.

Biden now imports dirty oil from distant foreign countries, making foreign workers and hostile governments wealthy, and generating far more CO2 than producing clean oil here, enriching American workers, generating American taxes, protecting our national security, and reducing prices.

Wealthier Americans’ incomes, safety, health, and children’s future success are less directly harmed by the millions of illegal aliens flooding through President Biden’s open border.

Illegal aliens mostly live in poorer neighborhoods; taking local jobs and housing; depressing wages; bringing gangs, diseases, crime, and drugs (killing many of last year’s 107,000 victims); and degrading their schools and hospitals.

Crime skyrocketed in Democrat cities that defunded police, don’t prosecute, and/or release suspects without bail to victimize others.

Democrats lock millions of poor and middle-income students into bad schools, depriving them of decent educations and prosperous futures.

Democrat taxes, regulations, slanders, scapegoating, and delays drove businesses out of our country, taking many millions of good-paying jobs with them.  Along with minimum wage increases, and sanctuaries for illegal aliens those Democrat policies also caused decades of wage stagnation for middle- and lower-income families.

Most Democrat voters surely want the best for all Americans, but they need to awaken to the fact that today’s Democrat leaders are not the patriotic, pro-American worker Democrats of the distant past.

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Getting Rid of the 15 Republican Reps Who Voted Against Parental Rights …

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 13:30 +0000

A few days ago, we provided a list of the fifteen Republicans in the New Hampshire House who voted against the Parental Bill of rights. At that time, we suggested parents look for and support actual Republicans to replace them.

Parents with Republican Reps who voted not to reconsider (they killed the bill) should reconsider electing them in November by supporting a primary opponent in September. We’ll do what we can to make sure you have one to pick, and we’ll let you know who they are and how you can support them.


I’ve since received a list of those Reps from a reader listing who is not running for office again, who has a primary, and who needs to be challenged (no primary yet or not enough Republicans running in their district).

If you have other updated information, please provide it in the comments or email it to me.

Related: These Seven NH Republicans “Took a Walk” Rather Than Support the Parental Rights Bill (That Failed by 7 Votes)

Not Running

DePalma IV, Joe
Gordon, Ned
Graham, John
Rice, Kimberly
Rouillard, Claire

Already in primary:

Guthrie, Joseph (Hampstead)
Ham, Bonnie (Lincoln, Woodstock, Easton, Livermore)
Mason, Jim (Franklin)
Sytek, John (Salem)

Not yet in a primary(?)

Alexander, Joe (Goffstown) So far, there are just 3 Rs for 4 seats
Allard, Jim (Pittsfield, Chichester) So far there are 2 Rs for 2 seats
Bordes, Mike (Laconia 1, 3, 4, 5, 6) So far there are 4 Rs for 4 seats
DeSimone, Debra (Atkinson) We have just 1 candidate for 2 seats
Wolf, Dan (New London, Newbury) -1 R for 2 seats – (very blue district)


We need to add a few bodies to these districts to create a primary (Goffstown and Atkinson need two, as does New London though that blue-leaning district will be hard to leverage if at all).

If you are thinking about running in any race across the state, registering begins June 1st and ends June 10th, so now is the time to find and support good Republicans in these races.

We need to challenge everyone and every seat, but some more than others.



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Lawsuit Seeks Declaration that Google Search is a Common Carrier

Libertarian Leanings - Mon, 2022-05-30 12:44 +0000
The Center Square Staff, Just the News: Ohio’s lawsuit against Google can move forward Ohio’s lawsuit against Google that claims the internet giant is subject to government regulation will move forward after a judge refused to throw it out. Attorney... Tom Bowler
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Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 12:00 +0000

They’re flying so thick and fast it is amazing.  And take heart – there will be a Meme Overflow and I will back-edit to include the link.

Remember, ridicule and mockery are effective weapons:

  1. Ridicule cannot easily be fought
  2. Ridicule makes the enemy angry, and angry people make mistakes
  3. For those in the “squishy middle” a Thought Splinter(and Part II and Part III) can often be hidden inside humor.  And I’m working on Thought Splinters IV and getting close to done.  Not like I have nothing else to do.  I’m also expecting a post on Urban Scoop to go live soon and will back-edit to include the link when it goes up.  I’m trying to cross-link between here and there to drive traffic both ways.

Now, let the mockery and mayhem begin.

*** Warning, a few possibly off-color ones, in case tender eyes are about ***







MHO for the best of this post:



I see so many people who are utterly clueless as to the history of Communism.  This will be their reality.




Per permission from the admins I’ve occasionally posted a link or two to my zazzle products.  Here are two.

What’s “Build Back Better” all about?  This.  (I can’t understand why this hasn’t gone viral… maybe you can make it so?)


Bumper Sticker



Molon Labe T-shirt




Palette cleanser:



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Tony La Russa, a Stand Up Guy

Libertarian Leanings - Mon, 2022-05-30 11:10 +0000
Madeliene Hubbard, Just the News: 'I would never not stand up': Baseball legend criticizes San Francisco manger's anthem protest Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa criticized San Francisco Giants manager Gabe Kapler's national anthem protest that came in response... Tom Bowler
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Funny How I've Been Thinking the Same Thing

Libertarian Leanings - Mon, 2022-05-30 10:52 +0000
Streetwise Professor: Save the World: Nuke Davos One of the few compensations of COVID was that the World Economic Federation meeting in Davos was canceled for two years. But all good things come to an end, and Davos is back,... Tom Bowler
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NH State Rep Carol McGuire – Your State House 05/27/22: The Session is Done.

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 10:30 +0000

To my constituents in Allenstown, Epsom, & Pittsfield:

This week, the House met for the last time, until the veto session sometime in the fall, on the Committee of Conference reports. The two from my committee, SB 313 and HB 230, passed on a voice vote with no comment, as did many others.

SB 200, the congressional districts, was debated but passed, 176-171, with 10 Republicans joining all but one Democrat in opposition. Now the governor says he’s going to veto this map as well – after working with the conference committee!

HB 1431, the parental bill of rights, had a lengthy debate before it was not tabled, 169-173; then killed, 171-173, with 13 Republicans, including Representative Allard, joining all Democrats. I believe that much of the opposition to this bill was fueled by misinformation about what the bill actually said: a discussion with a teacher or counselor and a gender-confused child would be confidential, but if the teacher acted to, say, put a new name or pronoun in the school’s databases, that action would need to be reported to the parents.

The only other bill killed in the House was HB1333, on the DUI look-back period; it failed, 154-193, without debate, so I don’t really know why. (I voted for it, as it seemed likely that a third and fourth conviction wouldn’t show in a 10-year lookback.)

We celebrated the retirement of the dean of the House, Rep. Laura Pantelakis of Portsmouth. She has served since 1978!

A grandstanding Democrat (she’s running for the state senate) moved to suspend the rules enough to introduce, write, and vote on (without any public hearing or committee recommendation) a bill requiring background checks for all private gun sales (commercial sales, including at gun shows, have required such checks for years.) This would be similar to HB 1668, which was killed earlier this year, 179-144. (5 Democrats joined all Republicans.) This motion failed, 163-188, nowhere near the necessary 2/3 for a rules suspension.

My committee also met, to assign leaders to each of our nine interim study bills. Two don’t actually need study: HB 1557, on survivor allowances in the pension system, was studied in case something happened to HB 1497, which had included HB 1557; and HB 1556, on the prescription drug affordability board, where the similar SB 450 has passed the legislature. HB 1497 has been signed by the governor, and SB 450 is on its way to his desk.

I’m taking the lead on HB 1395, on administrative rulemaking; since the change I proposed for SB358 failed in committee of conference, I plan to use this as a vehicle to work out some of the details. HB 1061, on the midwifery council, will depend on the results of the OPLC study committee.

We have three bills with similar issues: HB 1429 (massage), HB 1444 (medical spas), and SB 230 (body art.) All three are attempts to require a new license for a facility that employs licensed professionals and seem to me to be attempts to solve local problems with state-wide regulations. All three are being worked together.

My HB 1191, on plumbing, gas fitting, and electrical work by unlicensed owners in duplexes, is being worked to clarify the exemptions from licensure. HB 1312, on waste disposal rulemaking, is going to consider the interaction of the building code (including the plumbing code) with the septic system rules. The building code review board was concerned that environmental services completely ignored plumbing requirements in generating their septic interface requirements.


Representative Carol McGuire

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Can Eleven Dollars Make a Difference

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 03:00 +0000

Each Sunday, I want to take a step away from daily politics and focus on someone who has done extraordinary things or who we may need to know a little better. This week’s focus is on Frank Siller.

Charities, Non-Profits, and Foundations have gotten their share of bad publicity over the years. The United Way decades ago was the favorite charity partner of many corporations. That was until it was discovered that the effort was a fundraiser for the executives and not the end-user. They cleaned up their act and are now a viable, efficient organization. Black Lives Matter is today’s target of criticism as the organizers and their families are reaping millions while the victims, which were the reason BLM started, received little.

Frank Siller seems to be the model all foundations can aspire to model. Frank started the Stephen Siller Tunnels to Tower Foundation to honor his brother. Stephen was a firefighter with the New York Fire Department on 9/11. Stephen heard the news of the first plane hitting the tower, donned his gear, ran towards the carnage to give aid, and never returned home. Stephen sacrificed his life to save others. Frank now honors his brother’s heroism.

We have all seen the ads. Wives are talking about the day they got word their husband would not be coming home. Hero husbands leaving families behind, either killed in battle or as first responders. We have seen the ad of brave men and women who served this country only to return home missing arms or legs or being disfigured by an exploding IED.

Frank Siller has devoted the last twenty years to helping those survivors of heroes who needed help putting their shattered lives back together. The Tunnels to Towers either pays off the outstanding mortgage for the surviving widow and family or constructs a custom smart house to make life easier for survivors of an accident or assault in the line of duty who has been rendered physically challenged.

T2T has collected over $250M to date and has built dozens of smart homes, and has broken ground of an entire community of 100 homes in Tampa, FL, for victims of battle. The property was donated by an anonymous individual with a huge patriotic heart. T2T is an efficient foundation, and 97% of all funds donated find their way to the end-user.

Under a new program, T2T will now build new mini-homes for homeless veterans. Over 25 veterans commit suicide every day. These homes and the support and counseling they need will help our veterans find their way back into society.

We should not need foundations like T2T, Wounded Warriors, The Gary Sinise Foundation, or Folds of Honor if our government did the right thing and took care of those who gave so much to keep us safe and America free. Our government is inept, and thank God we have people like Frank Siller who step up and fill the void. The people they honor and help are heroes. Frank Siller may not have gone to war or given the ultimate like his brother, Stephen, but he is just as much a hero.

God Bless you, Frank, and keep your mission true and successful.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft


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What Happened in the NH House Should Be Investigated

Granite Grok - Mon, 2022-05-30 01:30 +0000

[Background if you haven’t been reading GraniteGrok: before the vote in the NH House on Thursday, NH Governor Chris Sununu made it clear that he was siding with the Democrats against the Republicans – and Parents – on HB1431.  -Skip]

The two Republicans (not Democrats) who spoke first and urged NO votes on the Parental Bill of Rights (HB1431) cited Attorney General Formella’s opinion; the same opinion that was destroyed by the National Legal Foundation counsel AND the counsel to Speaker Sherm Packard. The Democrats didn’t need to lead the opposition. Instead, their Republican allies did so for them and with them.

Why were we put under a gag order by Speaker Packard on the NLF letter he received that eviscerated the pathetic Attorney General’s Letter?

I was told by the Speaker shortly before the vote that we had a “too small majority” problem.


We want to thank NH State Rep Paul Terry, Prime Sponsor for HB1431, for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Never would you hear such a statement made by a Democrat Speaker.

When the walk does not match the talk and the “show”, I’m old enough to know there’s more to hear and see. It looked far too planned and coordinated.

These and other related questions I will be pondering and exploring in response to this debacle.

Added: Republican NH Gov. Sununu Allies Himself with Democrats on Redistricting Process

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) has allied himself with Democrats on his state’s redistricting process.

On Thursday, Sununu promised to veto a Republican-designed redistricting map that would have benefited state Republicans by placing two radical Democrat members, Reps. Chris Pappas (D-NH) and Ann McLane Kuster (D-NH), in a head-to-head matchup in the second district. The map would also have removed the embattled Pappas from his stronghold in Manchester.

Is this just King George III 2022 or are there things far more nefarious going on?

This has to be unprecedented in the history of New Hampshire: a registered card carrying Republican Governor repeatedly shafting the State’s Republican majority Legislature.

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America has to Kick the Kangaroo Out of Court – The trial lawyer knows his client, Michael Sussmann, is guilty as sin.

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The evidence is overwhelming that Michael Sussmann lied to the FBI. But the barrister has been very careful to not ask his client if he did it. If the client ever confessed to his trial lawyer; the lawyer would have to inform the court, and that just couldn’t be allowed to happen.

The trial lawyer knows the system and there are still ways to get his guilty client off. He looked for technicalities, and errors on the prosecution side, but there were none to be found.

The trial lawyer is lucky President Obama appointed the judge assigned to the case, and the judge’s wife is associated with Hillary Clinton. He will be biased and true to form many pretrial motions have already gone in the trial lawyer’s favor.

The Washington DC jury pool heavily favors progressive Democrats. They voted for Hillary Clinton 95 to 5. The Barack Obama judge allows three probably biased individuals to be seated on the jury. Sussman’s lawyer knows he has life where there should be none. As the old lawyer saying goes; “if you have the facts on your side, pound the facts; if you have the law on your side, pound the law; if you have neither the facts nor the law on your side pound the table.”

Sussman’s lawyer knows his client is guilty but has the most favorable jury possible, a sympathetic judge and he is going to pound as hard as he can. All it will take is one member of the biased Washington DC jury to turn its back on the evidence and Sussmann walks.

The mood at the meeting of the Democratic power brokers was dreary.

They could not understand how things could have gone so wrong. How their progressive ideas had turned into a national catastrophe. Inflation was ravaging people’s savings, the stock market was crashing, the southern border was a catastrophe with thousands of illegal immigrants along with human trafficking and American youth killing fentanyl crossing daily. Joe Biden’s cognitive dysfunction resulted in a hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving Americans and American assets behind. Never before had America abandoned its own. Ukraine was on fire. George Floyd’s murder had allowed the progressives to solidify the black vote but the repercussions of the massive violent protests had been devastating. Inner cities were no longer safe and in progressive cities black on black crime/murders were epidemic. President Biden’s Chief of Staff Ron Klain had been quoted as saying “the boss sometimes gets things mixed up in his head”. Everyone knew the extent of the understatement and the reality Biden was in cognitive decline. VP Harris was a cackling embarrassment.

The midterms were looming and by all measures, the Democratic Party was going to be massacred.

Progressives had tried to blame all of America’s problems on President Putin and it didn’t work. Blaming greedy oil companies for increased gas prices also flopped. They had tried to promote the “wins” of naming a black Supreme Court Judge, a cabinet full of equity appointments, and even a black gay press secretary. The public didn’t notice. Biden’s 1.9 trillion-dollar covid give away relief bill and trillion-dollar infrastructure bill along with his war on fossil fuels had backfired and ignited inflation. Six months of expensive consultant-driven focus groups which lead to labeling conservative Americans as MAGA supporters failed miserably. Turns out most Americans want a great country.

The American public was angry and appropriately not impressed. The progressives and the media Titians had lied to them, and their chance to show their displeasure was rapidly approaching.

There was only one thing to do.

The unscrupulous trial lawyers were loyal progressives and the techniques used in the ongoing Michael Sussman trial showed the way. Unlinked from the Justice System there was no limit to how low the progressive trial lawyer tactics would go. It was time to pound the table, and there were no rules on how hard to pound or who was to be pounded.

The progressive Democratic Party was clearly guilty of mismanaging America and with the midterm elections approaching the far-left loons and the radical elites were about to go on trial.

The jury was the American people and they could not be allowed to clearly see the truth. Emotion must be made to rule the day, because informed people would never vote for a continuation of the Biden administration catastrophe. The election judge, in this case, was supposed to be an unbiased media; but the progressives owned the judge{media} and there would be very little honest objective discussion of the issues. Progressives needed something to force antirepublican emotion on the people.

The leak of the probable overturning of Roe versus Wade was just what the doctor ordered.

Activating the feminist brain conditioning from years ago could be decisive. Perhaps a few violent riots, bra burning and hopefully the reemergence of vagina hats would help. The biased media will fan the fire as they portrayed nasty white republican men taking over the bodies of helpless women.

Putting the icing on the cake a mentally deranged white man killed black people in Buffalo.

It couldn’t be better for the progressives. It did not matter the killer was clearly psychologically unstable. It didn’t matter thousands of blacks were being killed in progressive cities by other blacks. All Republicans were racist white supremacists and conservative media’s replacement therapy was their mantra.

The progressive Democratic power brokers took heart.

The American voter had been fooled before and using these trial lawyer techniques, it could happen again. They had gotten Bernie Sanders out of the Presidential race and were able to get a cognitively impaired Joe Biden elected President. The General public had bought the media’s lies about Russian collusion and Hunter Biden’s laptop. The 50 intelligent agents who said the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation was the best scam ever. The Internet Judges, Google, Facebook and Twitter had suppressed not only the Hunter Biden story but systematically suppressed conservative speech. It would be hard, but it could be done again.

All across America progressive lawmakers are returning to their districts and states with nothing to offer.

They have no wins, but they really believe the American people are so foolish they can be blinded to what they’ve seen with their own eyes {CRT/groomers in their schools, empty store shelves, crippling energy/gas prices} and swayed by emotion. After all, the election court has been stacked with corrupt Judges {media/Tech Titans} determined to push their progressive agenda.

The progressive candidates will plead their case and be allowed to break every rule. Any small mistake from the Republican candidate will be blown out of proportion. Republicans will be called racists, misogynist, climate change deniers and much worse. Conservative social media accounts will be shut down and progressive vitriol will be all over Twitter and Facebook. Google will do its best to make sure conservative fundraising’s emails end up as spam.

And despite all the corruption and a biased election justice system;

Americans must overcome the progressive Kangaroo election court and pronounce sentence on the guilty progressives by doing one thing.


2022 is here and 2024 is around the corner!!!

Both General Michael Flynn and Attorney Michael Sussman were accused of lying to the FBI.

General Flynn was set up by a corrupt FBI/DOJ, had his family threatened with imprisonment, a judge who was so bad he wanted a trial even though the DOJ withdrew its case, and Gen. Flynn had to be pardoned by the President to escape a politically contrived conviction. Several other Trump officials endured FBI Swat Team raids [one was conveniently filmed by CNN} and despite being no threat, themselves and their family were intimidated at gun point. Once again Presidential pardons were required to prevent political imprisonment.

Clinton operative Attorney Michael Sussman was treated with kid gloves, a sympathetic Obama Judge and given a defense lawyer dream jury. Even if convicted most likely the Obama Judge will go light on Sussman’s sentence. Sussman’s family is resting in the comfort of their home with no fear of a FBI Swat Team or imprisonment.

Readers are encouraged to come to their own conclusion about which political party is the best fit to run America.



Read more from James Betti on his Substack publication,

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“Political Leaders*” in Maine Talking About More Gun Control After Texas Shooting

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-29 22:30 +0000

Politicians are supposed to be temps, so calling them leaders is misleading. Whatever they are, temp or career, the longer they remain, the less able they are to follow their oaths of office. And nothing exposes this failure as a mass shooting.

The tragedy in Texas, much like Parkland, is evolving into a failure of government and “the system.” People who we were told were looking out did not. Obvious signs of trouble were ignored, and the result was an angry bully with violent tendencies knowing he could vent his rage on a soft target.

The problem isn’t firearms, and as others have noted, the answer to a few individuals misusing freedom is not to take freedom away from everyone.

If guns are the problem, why not attack a gun show, a shooting range, a police station, or anywhere you know people may be armed and trained to use firearms? Because the only person who ends up dead is you?

Disarming law-abiding citizens or coming up with ways to make it more difficult to exercise your natural right to self-defense has never worked. Just look at Chicago. More people die in the average weekend from violent crime in this gun-control mecca than died in Texas last week. And if it’s a tragedy there, why not every weekend in Chicago, Baltimore, or Los Angeles? Because they have all those gun laws already.

The law-abiding have or are being disarmed.

But Maine, like New Hampshire, is a Constitutional Carry State. It is also, like New Hampshire, one of the safest in the nation. Low violent and property crime. What crime there is gravitates toward liberal-run urban areas – which is true for most of the nation. Remove “common-sense” gun law cities LA, Baltimore, Chicago, Atlanta, and DC from the calculus, and gun-crazy America drops way down the list of countries based on the amount of crime.

But when tragedy strikes, the authoritarian tick compels so-called leaders to do something, and it’s almost always the wrong thing.

Maine, which like Vermont, has been pitching Left for years, wants to use some of the idiocy of action to make the land of the Lobster and Potato people less safe. Things like expanding protective orders and magazine limits. At some point, that will evolve into waiting periods, shall issue laws, location restrictions, and given time, Maine will be more like New York and New Jersey than New Hampshire.

None of those laws will prevent shootings. None of them reduce violent crime. Good guys with guns do that.

If you can’t or don’t want armed officers on campus, armed and trained volunteers in a school can end an active shooter situation in seconds or minutes. That applies to any location, not just a school. Churches, retail outlets, restaurants, and anywhere people gather might look like a good place for some douchebag to vent their rage. A rage that, despite all the chatter about mental health issues, always leaves them with enough clarity to pick targets least likely to present armed resistance.

They are always right enough in their mind to find some fish in a barrel. And that’s both the problem and the solution.

The answer is not to create more soft targets. And it is not to find ways to take freedoms away from more people (or everyone) because a few people abuse it.

We know the Left’s litany of “gun laws” do not stop violent crime. We have decades of proof in the FBI’s crime database. What deters is the risk or threat of armed resistance. The shootings only end when a good guy (or good guys) with guns show up to shoot back – who shoots back. And anywhere an armed presence is likely is less likely to be a target.

The answer is more armed law-abiding citizens, not fewer. More gun safety training, not fewer guns. But progressive politics can’t abide it, so we must suffer fools which, as we can see, continues to cost lives.



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“Michael Graham: Solve Gun Violence?” America Can’t Fix Anything Lately

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It does seem that America can’t even tie its own shoelaces anymore so this piece by Michael Graham at NH Journal hit home. I emailed him if we could cross-post his piece entitled “GRAHAM: Solve Gun Violence? America’s Pols Would Rather ‘Fight’ Than ‘Fix” with this:

…Yes, emphasis mine. And you are right, it isn’t about the Post Office.  I’ve come to realize that that rest of it is necessary to support the claim (which I believe to be true) that we can’t fix anything anymore for the reasons you state plus much more.

His response was yes: “All NHJournal and InsideSources content is available for republication — with attribution. Flattered you found it worth a re-read!  Continued success.”

I’ll bold the part that was in my email…and let’s see if you think the same.  I’ve also taken the liberty to emphasis other parts as well and added a few thoughts as well.

Watching the heart-wrenching scene of sobbing parents mourning school children lost to senseless violence, Americans are asking ourselves once again: “Why can’t we fix America’s gun violence problem?”

As an angry parent, fed-up political junkie, and sick-and-tired citizen, I’ll tell you why:

Because we can’t fix anything.

Fix America’s gun problem? There are an estimated 400 million guns in America right now in the hands of a nation with a culture of violence going back at least 300 years. And we’re going to “fix” mass shootings and gun crime?

Folks, we can’t even fix the post office.

Everybody knows America’s postal service is an obsolete anachronism from the pre-internet era, that driving around house-to-house six days a week to put pieces of paper into a metal box is a ridiculous waste of time and money. But just weeks ago we “fixed” it by committing more than $100 billion in taxpayer dollars to keep the rickety system running.

The point is not to pick on your local postal workers. The point is ending Saturday mail delivery should be simple. It is a picayune problem in our world of COVID, Ukraine, and school shootings.

But our politics are so broken we can’t get that done. And you want to solve the problem of gun crime?

America at the moment is out of the problem-fixing business. We’d rather “fight” than “fix.”

One reason is our lack of faith in our would-be “fixers.” As we learned the hard way during the COVID-19 era, America’s current crop of “elites” — the technocrats, bureaucrats, and politicians who are supposed to be in the solution business — are lousy at their jobs.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention might have many fine abilities, but “controlling and preventing disease” isn’t among them. The Food and Drug Administration’s mishandling of COVID tracking and testing made the pandemic worse, not better.

And the political class demonstrated again and again, from mask mandates to school lockdowns, that it is impervious to data. Did it matter that keeping kids at home was an educational disaster that set back a generation of disadvantaged children? Not a bit.

It was far more important for our elites to virtue signal than problem solve.

And can you blame them? Where is the evidence that American voters are even interested in problem-solving?

Who are two of the hottest fundraisers in American politics right now? The far left’s Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and the far right’s Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG). Both spout streams of extremist nonsense – from Modern Monetary Theory to “Jewish Space Lasers” – and the checks keep pouring in. Primary candidates covet their endorsements.

Setting aside how awful their ideas are, do either of these two even want political solutions? They’re fighters, not fixers.

Take the southern border crisis, for example.

One of the hope-inspiring stories emerging from the horrors of Tuesday’s crime is that the murderer was stopped by a Border Patrol agent who acted without waiting for backup.

Confronting school shooters isn’t technically a problem Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) agents are supposed to solve, but he did it anyway – and at the risk of his own life. The irony is his day job is to work on a problem we won’t let him and his fellow agents solve – the chaos at the border.

Is the border problem difficult to solve? Perhaps. But compared to fixing gun violence, it’s middle school math.

But are we “fixing” it? Is there any prospect of even considering a serious solution for our lawless, chaotic border?

No. Instead, we’re using a COVID health regulation to temporarily hold back a wave of migration the Biden administration knows is coming – and that is on top of April’s highest number of CPB “encounters” ever in a single month.

People – it’s a border. It’s not something impossible, like building a self-sustaining Mars colony or figuring out how to get your teens off Tik Tok. All 193 member states of the United Nations have borders, and few of them have the mess we do.

You want a relatively secure border? Put up some more walls, punish businesses that hire illegal immigrants, and deport people who aren’t supposed to be here. Then make it easier for legal immigrants to come here and eventually become Americans.

It won’t be perfect or impervious, but it will work. We just have to get it done.

Except – we are never going to do it. Team AOC will never accept deportations for immigration enforcement; Team MTG opposes immigration and businesses will stop writing checks to politicians if they lose their cheap labor.

And besides, there is a lot more political power from chants of “No More Deportations” and “Close the Border!” than from “We came up with a reasonable, bipartisan compromise that solved the long-term problem!”

What can we do about gun violence? Very little. But until we can stop fighting, stop turning political disagreements into character assassinations, stop declaring political compromise a crime — until we can stop making a virtue out of our willingness to commit rhetorical violence in the name of our petty partisanship — we won’t fix anything.

He’s not wrong, you know, in a lot of that.  I would have added the insanity of all of our overlapping and entirely pointless and at-odds-with-each other Laws and our joke of a regulatory system of overburdening policies and silly checklists to the point of being the most inane and stupid stuff you could think up.

And each one gobbles up time, talent, and lots of capital for not much bang for the buck.  I used to do business consulting and mapping how business actually accomplish their tasks – versus how they THOUGHT things were being done. We have too many agencies, too many bureaus, too many offices to have much efficiency at all…

…unless the over purpose IS to slow things down and make Govt overlords of the minutia in anything we try to accomplish.  Years ago, I could just go out and burn some of the dead wood that’s on my property – now, it’s do this, do that, and don’t you dare think about this other thing. Lowest common denominator, once again.

Just look at gas cans and Government STILL hasn’t bothered to realize that those that are striving to win Darwin Awards ought to be allowed to do just that instead of making rest of us miserable AND spilling more gas than we ever did.

But that’s considered to be a “fix”.

Graham has it right – politicians  have lost the trust we once had in them.  And that is the main problem. When they are off fighting instead of governing properly (e.g, stay in their lanes, observe boundaries, and remember THEY serve US instead of the other way around), more and more, the bureaucrats have become the Government we deserve.

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Bette Midler, the Mouth That Roars

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-29 19:30 +0000

At this point in 2022 with elections looking to go very red in November the left is getting increasingly desperate. Celebrities seem near panic as evidence (has been) star Bette Midler, trying to be relevant, has reportedly urged demonstrators going to protest at the Republican National Convention “to go armed”. And here I thought Bette was one of those anti-gun liberals? Of course, perhaps she was suggesting water pistols but somehow that just doesn’t seem to fit the general conception of “going armed”. I must conclude that old witch must think all those speeches, all the hot air must be somehow a lethal threat to the rabble leftist mob which will be kept at a safe distance by police, or will they?

I just don’t know what Midler has on her mind but even suggesting these mobs of Antifa, BLM, and general nut cases should go armed to an adversary’s political convention goes way beyond any sane idea. All it would take is one nut, one crazy radical to start a de-facto civil war. If any prominent Republican would be shot – – well WW1 was started by a single radical killer.

Bette better hope that this poorly thought out inducement doesn’t come back to bit her ample butt. If the worse were to happen, she can’t unsay it, can’t claim it wasn’t what she meant, because no one will buy it.

This year, Marxist Socialists have proven beyond any reason that they are a disaster. The “Gang That Couldn’t Shoot Straight” looks like sharpshooters by comparison. And such a term brings me to a worst-case scenario: a civil war possibility. Some on both sides would like nothing better but that must be a last resort. Mostly I fear Antifa and BLM being the most likely instigators and the Left I’ve heard about seem to think our military will fall into their side. Given, as I estimate that about 90% of our military are Conservatives, I do not believe the Left has hope for that. The thugs and criminals of these domestic terrorist types, in large measure, have had no military training. Thus, it will fall to lawful gun owners, vast numbers of whom have had military training,  who can save our Republic if the military does not. I don’t think that will be necessary because, even though some top generals are Biden appointees, it is inconceivable to me that operational ranks would side with Marxists.

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Save Us, Obi-Wan Kanobi, from This Troublesome Priest!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-29 18:00 +0000

Never thought I’d write a title that would combine Star Wars and King of England Henry II but there you go!  Good ole Henry (ok, not so much) and the priest was Thomas Beckett who had excommunicated a number of bishops that supported Henry.

And yes, four knights did carry out Henry’s words as if it was a direct order which has passed down through the ages and whose “principle” still rides today when powerful/political people merely speak out and their supporters go forth.

Yes, I’ve twisted it a bit.

While it would be amusing to call Governor Groomer the modern-day King Henry, he really is the “troublesome priest” for the rest of us in that he decided to drop down from a moral governance model to rule our lives. Twice now, he has made it clear that Government is pre-eminent over we the people.  He believes that he no longer needs our consent – witness his “Public Health trumps Everything” during the pandemic in ruling (vs governing) how we would live our lives.

And now, he has decided that Parents SHOULDN’T be in charge and in control of their children when it comes to Education and being in school.  In this, he perfectly aligned with Biden’s Secretary of Education (and highly Progressive), Miguel Cardona:

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona refused to say that parents should be informed if their child is undergoing a gender transition at school during congressional testimony on Thursday. The secretary’s non-answer came under questioning before the House Education and Labor Committee by Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), who repeatedly asked Cardona if he thought schools should keep a student’s gender transition secret from their parents.

…”Should schools ever keep it a secret from parents if their children are involved in gender transition?” Banks asked again.

Cardona replied: “Schools should be partnering with parents on communication, and there are times when schools are working and supporting students on issues that are very sensitive, but I do believe that parents should be connected with schools, and, in many cases, working together is what’s going to help the student.”

“I have spoken to students who shared, whatever situation is at their home, that they felt safe at the school, and we have to be careful not to turn this into something that it’s not,” the secretary continued. “Our schools are safe places for our students, and our teachers are often the front-liners when it comes to supporting our students when they have issues in their lives.”

Cardona pussy-footed around but the intent was clear with his reference to “safe spaces” – note that he didn’t say that the child’s home was that “safe space”. Note, too, the “our teachers are often the front-liners” bit- and here I am thinking that Parents are ALWAYS the First Responders (leaving aside, for the moment, those parents who truly are unfit but who are a tiny percentage of Parents in the aggregate). This was a “side-eye” disparagement of Parents – and an underhanded disparagement against Parents.

Sununu, not being half the politician his Dad is, just blurted it out and made sure that Parents SHOULDN’T be involved in their child’s sexuality decisions while in school.  He fell hook, line, and sinker (or was he the behind-the-scenes guy in casting that hook, line, and sinker.) for the Left’s ideology that teachers are the new Parents.

He’s all in on the new phrase “What happens in Schools, stays in Schools”.  While that really is a Las Vega line, it is about the actions of consenting adults and the marketing nuance was “do what you want, we’ll keep your secrets”.  Who knew that school systems would adopt the same thought line and message for underaged, minor children?

Groomers, indeed.

So the question is, is Governor Groomer the new King Henry, and Parents are the new “troublesome priest(s)” in his worldview?  Or is it the other way around – is Sununu the priest that must be dealt with (politically) by Parents who are unwilling to allow Government to keep secrets from them when it comes to their children?

Frank Edleblut came within a hair’s breadth of beating Sununu in the primary three election cycles ago. Yes, GraniteGrok endorsed him at the time and I know that I would do so again.  He’s smarter than Sununu, more Conservative than Sununu, more thoughtful than Sununu – and is a self-made man instead of depending on Daddy’s money and contacts.

The above title aside, Frank isn’t a Wan-Kanobi, but certainly someone that understands boundaries and lanes for Government – and its Proper Role. The Left hates Edleblut because he understands that Government isn’t in charge of us, it should be the other way around. The Left sees Education as a wedge between parents and their children, Frank sees Education as what it was and is supposed to be – outsourcing of their child to teachers who have only certain things that they are supposed to teach but always knowing that Parents should be in control.

In this, Frank would be far superior to Sununu.

So, after all that, perhaps a twinge of Obi-Wan is there after all.



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