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Protocols for Tyranny vs the Silent Majority

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 18:00 +0000

As an alarming shadow of “medical tyranny” endangers our American way of life, threatening to make our “freedom of choice limited by morality, obsolete.”

Please consider excluding all, doctors, nurses, and medical practitioners from the narrative below who have labored through the pandemic putting in long hours of passionate love and concern for their patients, never compromising the Hippocratic Oath. They deserve a debt of gratitude from all truth and liberty-loving Americans.

Many readers are aware of what the words ”Killing fields” mean. Oh yes, most of us will remember the civil war in Rwanda in 1994 that killed  500,000 – 1,000,000  Tutsi and Hutu in just a span of 100 days. But somehow “Killing Fields” that are so far away fade from our memory.

But today, “Killing Fields” that are at least equal in number to these unGodly atrocities, now have challenged our lives, even the civilized order of our Western Civilization, the foundation of our beloved country, with ugly genocidal brutality much closer featuring human depravity at its lowest.

We want to thank Russ Payne for this Op-Ed.
Please direct yours to

The front  cover of The New American magazine on April, 25 introduces this violent subject with these uncomfortable headlines, a simple   question: “COVID HOSPITALS THE NEW KILLING FIELDS?”

What is your initial reaction?

Some folks pass off such dangerous possibilities by submitting them to the “out of sight, out of mind” category. Some readers who do not realize that Congress has the sole power to make law will use some descriptives adjectives that label the narrative as unacceptable, by flaunting their misinformed knowledge with the question: how can an Executive Order be unconstitutional and unlawful? Here, I hope many of you will be challenged enough to investigate?  Beware: protocols of tyranny have a habit of taking over when a large percentage of the people just vote and trust.

To bring the main victims into focus here to cast some light on this disturbing headline about “hospital killing fields,” I bring to your attention the belief of the father of Grace Emily Schara one of the million nationwide deaths from COVID. She was a charming 19-year-old young lady. Scott Schara, Grace’s dad along with many doctors believes her death resulted from a drug overdose, not the disease.

The loving family would love for you to check out their website called: “Our Amazing Grace.”

What a delightful young lady she was. Scott was the patient advocate for his daughter under the American Disabilities Act which is a by the way a creation of legitimate origin, Congress voted for it and the President signed it.

Being an Advocate, Scott was able to stay with Grace in the hospital during those final days, a rare privilege that most families are denied during this pandemic. His painful story reveals that even until early the day Grace died her store-bought pulse oximeter showed blood oxygen levels safely above 90%,  even while the hospital monitors were more than 40 points off a fact that the staff conceded as true.

Scott refused the doctor’s request to intubate Grace which they finally agreed was unnecessary, they instead left her on the non-invasive oxygen mask, called BiPAP. Even as these measures of control succeeded the doctors pushed four more times for the family’s permission to put her on a ventilator which they refused.

When the nurses then prevented Scott from helping Grace eat because of the BiPAP, mask, he documented this refusal.

Obviously, in those last three days, the whole article supporting the horrific headlines of “Killing Fields” as an accurate summation here cannot be adequately described. Isn’t it fair to assume that whatever went on during those last three days after Scott was escorted by an armed guard from the hospital is suspect?

As I read the article I was filled with horror. Again, it is impossible here to detail in a short article the accuracy needed to present the case of the Schara family case against the hospital. For the rest of the story go to here.

But I can say that the monetary temptation to label every possible patient a COVID case is great. For when the hospital admits the elderly or the handicapped covered by Medicare or Medicaid, they know special bonuses are given to hospitals treating COVID cases. Bottom line, Grace was worth more to the hospital dead than alive: alive the invoice would only be an amount of $1,680.00 a day while the bonus for death was $13,000.

Moral decline throughout history has always been a precursor to tyranny. Why should our nation be any different? Then as now “We the people” have elected poor representation to Congress and our nation’s decline from greatness was greatly accelerated in the 1960s.  For while the electorate slept, Congress was derelict in its duty to make laws, surrendering this power to the Supreme Court to make numerous rulings that were considered law, among which was an agenda to Kick God out of the public square and no more prayer in school or display of the Ten Commandments. This was an easy task for the majority vote of nine judges to rule our lives. Misinformed citizens who think we are a “democracy” are betraying our Republic.”

We can look in the mirror that reflects on who should be blamed for allowing the Supreme Court to make laws. Since then, such “protocols of tyranny” have marched in silence, while too many people unaware that liberty must be protected and preserved through each generation, think it was always this way.  Agents of destruction are within, having traveled in a quiet process from unexpected places while too many have slept. Hospitals still have “freedom of speech,” but too many still are misinformed and think “Executive Orders” are the law.




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Survival Sunday

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 16:30 +0000

First, remember that I am merely an “enlightened amateur” as far as anything survival goes.  Please vet & check on your own.  Consider these to be priming the pump for your own investigations.

Second, the hour is late and I fear bad times are imminent, but even a month of food, water, etc., puts you well ahead of most of the sheeple.  IMHO, set your minimum sights on a three-month period.

Third, two things will be critical for having the best chance of making it through:

  1. The proper mentality: first and foremost in survival is having a flexible mentality and cultivating the ability to adapt.
  2. Having a meatspace network of people that are likeminded: start cultivating your community ties and building alliances with neighbors (note: don’t babble about the Jab or globalists or depopulation, or start pointing political fingers when doing this)… and remember, the first rule of PREP CLUB is that there is no prep club.

Fourth, as you read here, note that I present an aggregation of articles that I think are interesting, but I do not have time to vet them.  Caveat emptor.




Shameless self-promotion: My latest essay at Urban Scoop:

Civilizational Collapse and Biology (Part 1)





I WISH!!!!




Understand that short of years of preparation and untold wealth, you cannot possibly be fully prepared for everything.  But even some preparations, ideally at least 90 days of food, water / water purification, etc., puts you head and shoulders in front of the vast majority of the sheeple who will be in jaw-gaping astonishment when the SHTF.  The only relevant questions are:

  1. When does it start?
  2. How bad will it get?
  3. How long will it last?
  4. What will the aftermath look like?

How bad?  Consider this:

SELCO: When Our SHTF Started, We Thought it Was Just a Temporary Disruption Too




Top of the fold:

How to Hunt Deer [Beginner’s Guide] (

Just remember – if (when!) the fit hits the shan, every yahoo will be out thinking they’re going to bag a deer.  Untrained, incautious, and with a hungry family to feed they may bag you or another human instead.  Also, with everyone-and-their-brothers-sisters-and-cousins in the woods hunting, the deer – and turkey, and goose, and whatever-else – populations will take a rapid beatdown.  (A friend said that over-hunting actually drove turkeys to extinction in their state and they had to be reintroduced.)  Same for fishing.


(Cartoon by Gary Larson of The Far Side)

‘Dr. Doom’ Warns Of The Gathering Global Stagflationary Storm

“There Is No Place Left To Hide”: Mike Wilson Says The Bear Market Is About To Turn Grisly

US Dollar Defaults On Petro Dollar And RU Banking Obligations

Will China Pop The Global Everything Bubble? (Spoiler Alert: Yes) | ZeroHedge

‘It basically just dropped off a cliff’: Analysts fear major trucking downturn spells doom for US economy

That a global economic crash is coming cannot be disputed.  As I ask above, “How bad will it get”? and “How long will it last”?  Remember what my cartoon says:



The deliberate goal is a population crushed by debt, hunger, fear, and uncertainty – for then they will be willing to surrender anything – anything! – to the Globalists in exchange for food and a semblance of security.

Understand, the world is a pile of interlinked debt so massive that we could strip-mine the planet down to the MoHo and there would not be enough wealth generated to pay off the fiat-currency debt.  More (italics replaced by underlining, bolding added):

Be Your Own Central Bank – Here’s What I Mean… (

They (the FED, Federal Reserve, .gov, central banks from around the word) cannot, and will not stop spending more, and printing more (lots more) money (actually, i should say ‘currency’). The so called Central Banks are, and have been for a long time, propping up the system. Period. The moment it stops doing this, it all collapses.

The moment real austerity begins, the system fails. Interest rates must stay near zero, or, very low. On the other hand, the moment it creeps up, the cost of servicing the massive debt becomes untenable and it all crashes. At least that’s how I see it. The world debt today is somewhere around 226 Trillion dollars. Unfathomable.




Deep State / Coming Tyranny / WEF / Globalists:



And if the grid is down from the “inevitable” cyber-attack?  Or your social credit score isn’t what TPTB think it should be – because you’re not obeying hard enough?  There’s a reason they want to push people into EVs:

The Next Step For Solving ‘Climate Change’ Is Forcing People Into EVs

WAKE UP and Smell the Burning of Our Constitution (

According to changes made to U.S. regulations that were published one day before Donald Trump was inaugurated (January 19, 2017), the definition of a “Public Health Emergency” in the United States now includes the declaration of a PHEIC by the WHO.

I find the timing… worrying.  Almost as though there is something planned from before Trump.  “Almost”.

UBCO asks: Should freedoms be restricted to preserve the planet?

They will rationalize your total enslavement to (cue dramatic reverb) saaaaaave the plaaaaaanet.

NEW Controlled Food System Is Now In Place And They Will Stop At Nothing To Accelerate Their Control

Concentrated piles-of-humanity megacities with indoor-grown hydroponic plants that have been genetically engineered to be vax-carriers and lab-grown frankenfood meat.  And bugs.  Don’t forget the bugs.




Presented, quick hit style, are some links.  Print them out and start a binder – if the SHTF badly enough you won’t be able to retrieve these off the net or, possibly, even off your computer (I remember one Y2K event I went to – someone was selling survival info on CDs… yeah, useful when the power’s out!):

The 30 Cents Survival Food That You Should Hoard – Ask a Prepper

You Need to Be Thinking NOW About Bartering – The Organic Prepper

Things You Should Never Say To A Prepper – Ask a Prepper

I especially love the “I’ll just come to your house” one.

So I’ve spent countless thousands of dollars buying food and myriad other things, putting an enormous amount of thought into what I need for myself and my family to get us through what I think are dire times just ahead… and you think you can just drive up to my house and say “TA DA I’m here, feed me and my fam”?  And I’ll just do it?  And when the second family shows up, and the third, and the fourth?  All expecting that I’ll just open the locks and provide from my own preps?

DIY Tin Oil Lamp In Case Of A Power Outage – Ask a Prepper

Another one, especially for cooking, is to take an empty can, roll corrugated cardboard until it fills the can, and then fill it with oil or hot wax for a candle.  Apparently – and I haven’t tested it – it can generate enough heat for cooking.

What to Include in an Off-Grid Emergency Shelter


Shortages (broadly):

UK’s Largest Supermarket Begins Rationing Cooking Oil Amid Supply Disruption  | ZeroHedge

I can see this being a good trade item.  And adding one to your shopping list every week or so, or even two, won’t break the bank.  More:

The Great Reset Update: food processing plants burning down all over the world, as Europe, Australia prepare for fuel rationing – The COVID Blog

Goya Foods CEO Warns We’re on the Precipice of a Global Food Crisis

Choose: Climate Ideology or Food

And thus, they’ll destroy the food industry to placate the (imaginary) climate deities.

More reader questions answered about emergency food reserves


Inflation (broadly):

Inflation watch

The Inflation Draining Your Wallet Is A Whole Lot Steeper Than 8 Percent (

Schumer Says the “Only Way” to Reduce Inflation Caused by Biden and Democrats is to Raise Taxes on Americans (VIDEO)

Not inflation per se.  But between inflation and the Left’s insane desire to tax us into oblivion, more and more and more people will be squeezed into outright and abject poverty.  Remember the goal – a crushed population desperate to feed itself, terrified of crime, dependent on The State, and ready for the “benevolent hand” of Socialism.  Related:

IMF Director Admits “We Printed too Much Money” – Miami Standard

This is, IMHO, getting ahead of it to say “Hey, we DID say we made a mistake”.  Even as the effects of the deliberate action hurts the people.


Psychopath Daniel Andrews Plans To STARVE Victorians


The Grid & Energy In General:

A Double Solar Flare Just Triggered Radio Blackouts Over Asia And Australia

The threat to the grid does not need to be man-made.  One good coronal mass ejection like the Carrington Event and we’re done just as well.

Biden Regime Cracks Down Harder on Oil Production


Borrowed and saved for protection from censors concerning facts about oil. – combatsoldier (


US Social Stability (broad catch-all):

How Bad Will the Biden Recession Be? – PJ Media

I read the statements that things won’t be that bad, and I think to myself “You can line up all the economists in the world and you won’t reach a conclusion”.  Related:

Temporarily Unexpected

Joe Biden Unveils New Plan To Saddle Americans With $1.6 Trillion In Student Loan Debt – Monica Showalter – THE MAD IRISHMAN (

Futures Slide As Amazon, Apple Slump; Nasdaq Set For Worst Month Since Nov 2008


World Stability (broad catch-all):

Two more explosions and fires in Russia….Marching to WW3…Better get ready for it.

Global NATO Threatens China

How Yen’s plummet impacts US – TheBlaze

An interlaced house of debt cards… globally.  This will not end well.  Related:

Pull the Curtain Back


Gardening, etc.:

Hydroponics: How To Grow Food With A Kratky Jar (




Tech security:

Google Rolls Out Feature That Corrects You With Woke ‘Inclusive’ Language; Report | ZeroHedge

If they’re correcting you, they’re scanning the content you have in your emails.  Do not doubt that wrongthink is being reported.

Yet another example of Big Tech trying to manipulate US politics?

Not specifically security, but understand… whether you are a sender or a receiver, if you use gma!l or y00h00, or any other Big Tech “free” email, you’re running the risk of not getting emails people send you, and running the risk the emails you send them don’t get through either.

11 Hacker Tips To Keep Your Phone From Tracking You – Ask a Prepper



James Madison’s Supreme Court appointee, Justice Joseph Story, noted:

“The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of the republic; since it offers a strong moral check against usurpation and arbitrary power of the rulers; and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”

It must be getting close to Midterms: Microstamping Season is once again upon us.

Good info about the uselessness of this.

An Evolving Lie in American Media

Of course the enemedia lies about this.  (And about everything else too.)

Some defensive shooting thoughts to communicate to family:

I’ve told my kids repeatedly that if we’re in the car and I say GET DOWN GET SMALL it means for them to get into the footwells in front of their seats, ass to the outside… because being shot in the butt is better than being shot in the head.  I’ve also told them that if they’re at school and there’s an active shooter, if they can get out – doubtful but hopeful – RUN and ZIG ZAG.  A person in the school intent on mass slaughter will likely ignore one kid running when there are plenty of targets easily at hand.


Catch-all miscellaneous:

Communications and Disaster Planning for Preppers – Survivalist Prepper


The masquerade of “free and fair elections” is crumbling.  If – as I predicted here – in the 2022 midterms the Dems are not soundly routed, then we’ll know for sure: TINVOWOOT.

Then what?




Wrap-up commentary if I am moved to do so:

For months if not years I have commented here, and in multiple places elsewhere, that WWI started with the “seed crystal” of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand.  From there, every country took what seemed – in the context of what was known at the time – to be the “next logical step”.  This continued until every single country was boxed in by commitments both internal and external… and then the whole thing started.

I see that same trend with respect to Ukraine and Russia and NATO.  Not to mention Taiwan vs. China.  Iran vs. Israel (and, hopefully, the Arabs who – while also Muslims – have a multiple-millennia racial hatred for the Persians that precedes Islam).  And India vs. Pakistan.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  Consider these:

Sweden and Finland ‘agree to both apply for NATO membership in May’ in defiance of Russian threats  | Daily Mail Online

Russia Accuses Nato Of ‘Proxy War’ In Ukraine As US Hosts Crucial Defence Summit

Ukraine shot down Russian plane with help from US intel: Report | Washington Examiner

In Major Reversal After Warning Of Nuclear War, Germany Approves Tanks For Ukraine | ZeroHedge

Russia cuts off gas to Bulgaria and Poland in toughest response yet to Western sanctions | Daily Mail Online

Every nation taking “perfectly logical” steps that, in context of what’s known, will trigger “perfectly logical” responses… and ultimately lead to war.  A world war.

And IMHO this is the deliberate goal of the Globalists who have their years-long bolt holes stocked and ready.  When they emerge they intend to rule the ashes, and the much-diminished human population.





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Content Moderation is Censorship, Period

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 15:00 +0000

I want to stipulate first that no government is in a position to dictate to its people whether someone’s statements are truthful or not. It is up to each individual to determine the validity of what they hear or read and ascertain its authenticity.

Our First Amendment right to Free Speech prevents explicitly such action. But, don’t let a little thing like the United States Constitution stand in the way of Joe Biden and this out-of-control, incompetent administration. This government is so paranoid of the power of free speech that they have chosen to take action that I hope will be challenged and shut down by the Supreme Court.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas disclosed this week, during his testimony before Congress, that a “Disinformation Governance Board” had recently been created to combat online disinformation. Politico reported that Nina Jankowicz, who previously served as a disinformation fellow at the Wilson Center, will head the board as executive director. Jankowicz knows a lot about truth as she has been professing the Hunter Biden Laptop was a product of the Russians and the Trump campaign.

The timing of this announcement comes on the news of Elon Musk successfully buying Twitter. They are paranoid that Elon Musk will expose them as the people who have censored content on Social Media for the last five years. Elon Musk bought Twitter to return it to its original state as a platform for “Absolute” Free Speech. Free Speech without moderation, IE censorship, will expose and destroy the Biden Administration.

Interestingly, this board was created within the Department of Homeland Security. DHS Secretary Mayorkas has lied to us for fourteen months that our border is secure. Now he will be in charge of a board that’s purpose is to cleanse information, so we are only exposed to the truth.

“Rather than police our border, Homeland Security has decided to make policing Americans’ speech its top priority,” Republican Sen. Josh Hawley tweeted. “They’re creating a Disinformation Board. No, really. And take a look at the views of the leftist radical running it.”

There has been no information about how this board will operate and how they will control the content. Still, their target is the dissemination of information via the Internet. It is obvious the only content they will be watching will be Twitter. Apparently, the administration feels they have adequate control over the mainstream media.

This administration that has taken us down a perilous road with their poor decisions will now protect us from free speech. This administration has lied to us about Afghanistan, transitory inflation, Putin’s gas hikes, the border situation, Joe’s business dealings with Hunter, and even Joe’s mental fitness. They now want us to trust them to discern truth from lies for us. I don’t think so, Joe, but thanks. We are all set and will watch and listen for ourselves.

I hope their fear is justified. I hope Elon Musk lives up to his word, destroys the Twitter algorithms, and lets the light shine on these people who have been manipulating the truth for years. I hope Joe’s paranoia is justified, and the power of free speech is what brings down the Joe Biden House of Lies.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Schools, Students, Spending, and Debt Forgiveness

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 13:30 +0000

So the latest in a long series of disastrous moves by the Biden Administration involves forgiving student debt—another attempt to buy votes with public money via gross fiscal mismanagement.

The U.S. Department of Education canceled student loan debt for 40,000 people and seeks to help another 3.6 million pay off their loans. Those who already paid off their contracted loans must feel foolish—much as immigrants who played by the rules and waited in line to come here legally must feel foolish watching the current administration enable thousands of illegals to cross our borders daily.

Part of the reason for student debt involves the high cost of college, something due in part to universities hiking tuition in response to earlier loan programs. Salaries for professors and administrators skyrocketed. Many college presidents make more than the U.S. President.

But college faculty members channel much of their newfound largesse back to their Democratic congressional patrons.

Political contributions are public record. It’s a shameful shell game that’s left students debt-ridden. Now the likes of Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are at the forefront of the loan forgiveness movement. So consider that Warren “earned” $429,821 as a part-time instructor at Harvard during 2010-11. Or that Sanders’ wife made many hundreds of thousands of dollars as president of Burlington College before it went bankrupt.

Throwing federal money around has long been a Democrat hallmark. The orgy of public spending over the past two years led to the current inflation mess. It would have been far worse had not Republicans put brakes on some of it. And Democrat Senator Joe Manchin deserves credit as well.

Injecting trillions of dollars of new spending into our economy caused our terrible inflation. It’s as simple as that—although Dems try to blame Vladimir Putin or climate change or whatever for the mess. Yet brainwashed college students still largely support Dems as evidenced by vote totals out of Durham, Hanover, or Keene—as colleges hire ever more directors of “Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice” and the like.
These young people would be better served by learning about economics and the horrible damage that our public debt is doing to their futures. But Warren, Sanders, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi are all around 80 years of age and will be long gone when the spending chickens come home to roost.

Further consider that New Mexico channeled COVID relief funds into tuition grants for illegal immigrants as the Biden administration ends Title 42 border restrictions. While this guarantees escalating border chaos, many Dems welcome the influx of the undocumented. It worked well in turning California blue, despite $6 a gallon gas prices, 13% state income tax rates, and 7% sales tax rates. But the Golden State’s high taxes allow government to grow and public employees are staunch Dem supporters who rule the roost out there. Californians are trapped.

Public employee pension liabilities are crippling the likes of California, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Rhode Island—blue states all. This explains the migration to red states and is a cautionary tale for New Hampshire, where progressives seek to establish similar blue state policies and programs.

The Granite State’s so-called education funding crisis is a case in point. Education spending has never been higher despite a huge drop in public school attendance, concurrent with a drop in assessment scores. Progressives cry out for property tax relief—meaning new broad-based taxes. The circular logic of bringing about tax relief by imposing new taxes didn’t work in the aforementioned blue states and it won’t work here.

The good news is that in this information age reality eventually sets in and truths emerge. More good news is that the November elections are only seven months away. These elections are opportunities to change course not only in Washington but all over the country.
Should voting patterns evolve in places like Durham, Hanover, and Keene then we’ll see encouraging evidence that many young folks in our education communities are finally learning some valuable economic—and political—lessons.



State Representative Mike Moffett of Loudon is a retired professor and former Marine Corps officer. He vice-chairs the House Committee on State-Federal Relations and also serves on the House Education Committee.

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Epic Fail: Book About First Lady* Jill Biden Only Sells 250 Copies Its First Week

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 12:00 +0000

Imagine a story about the wife of a creepy molester who used his career in Washington to enrich himself and his family. A work of non-fiction. A tale compiled from a deep dive into headlines in newspapers worldwide.

That book would sell.

And it still may. Joe Biden’s history of abuse and corruption could eventually get told, but will it sell? It’d sell better than “Jill: A Biography of the First Lady” by Julie Pace and Darlene Superville.

These two AP reporters convinced someone to pay them to write a book about Mrs. Joe Biden. The woman behind the hair-sniffing, boob grabbing, naked-swimming, kid coddling, credibly accused rapist, racial slurring Obama “point-man” whose family made millions peddling his political access and favors for cash.

And what about these two words? Hunter Biden. A rotten apple that never fell from Joe’s tree. The son that wasn’t Beau. The crack-smoking conduit of corruption, Burisma Board, Chinese-partnering Biden son who had a kid with a prostitute.



But “Jill: A Biography of the First Lady” isn’t about that (hey, she married into that family after all). It can’t be about them and the authors must have gone out of their way to keep all of that out (I didn’t read it either). But we know it’s not in there, or we’d have heard and book sales would be…better.

Just mention the laptop, and Jill’s book sales soar.

It’s not about that either (again, the sales tell us so). It’s about boring old nobody Dr. Jill Biden (without mentioning the fakeness of the Dr – bit) and her journey absent all the crap Joe pulled or tried to pull (Cheating, lying, plagiarism, lying).

In other words, two AP reporters have produced a book almost no one wants to read about a woman who – to a real Democrat – should have left the bastard years ago and taken at least half his illegitimate and ill-gotten gains. But she stuck it out, and look!

She’s one of the least interesting First Ladies in recent memory about whom few want to know more – even inside the DC machine.

The woman whose legacy will be little more than a case of domestic elder abuse in exchange for the sort of attention and access few women will ever enjoy.

I doubt that’s in the book, or people would be buying it.

Oh, and one more point. The featured image is from Jill’s White House page. Is it me, or does that picture look decades old? And I’m not saying she isn’t pretty or wasn’t ever beautiful, but she doesn’t look at all like that now.

More deception is the point. Did she get that from Joe, or is “Dr.” Jill Biden like that too?



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Nancy Abudu – From Skadden Arps to the Federal Circuit Court with Shaheen’s and Hassan’s Votes

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 10:30 +0000

I received an action alert from FRC, notifying me that the Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to take up the nomination of Nancy Abudu tomorrow!

The FRC further asked me to call my US Senators, Ms. Hassan and Ms. Shaheen, to voice my concerns about the nomination of Ms. Nancy Abudu to the US Court of Appeals in the 11th Circuit, a seeming conservative circuit, where Ms. Abudu will lend “balance and progressive ideals.”

Currently, Ms. Abudu works as interim director for strategic litigation at the Southern Poverty Law Center, which she joined in 2019, after serving as the Legal Director of the ACLU in Florida.  Unfortunately, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has become an increasingly corrupt organization known for tarring its political opponents with its patented “hate group” brush and their usual inflammatory rhetoric.

Years ago, the Southern Poverty Law Center took on causes we could get behind: it forced the Alabama state police to admit black candidates and won a redistricting case that helped black candidates win elections for the first time since Reconstruction; it represented Vietnamese fishermen harassed by the KKK and sued the latter crowd into oblivion; it saved the Tarboro Three, three black men who were wrongfully convicted of raping a white woman, from death row.

We want to thank John Burtis for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Today, Democrat politicians and their handmaidens in the media, Big Tech, and corporate America consider the SPLC’s “hate group” list to be the flickering candle by which supposed “dangerous right-wing organizations” are read, measured, and come up wanting – organizations that always foment home-grown American terror and rebellion unlike those greater destructive forces on the left.

Just last month, an SPLC representative testified in Congress asking Big Tech and the government to target “hate groups” for increased censorship, amid the usual blather about the 1st Amendment, in the name of fighting white supremacist terrorism.

Interestingly, after the murders, arson, and injuries that recently plagued many cities, the SPLC has been silent about the atrocities and fiscal malfeasance laid at the feet of Black Lives Matter. With chants like “Pigs in a blanket, fry-em like bacon” and “What do we want? Dead Cops!,” BLM has created an atmosphere of contempt and bitterness and has incited violence against law enforcement officers all across America. In no way has the killing and wounding of law enforcement officers dampened the left’s enthusiasm for the BLM, but has served to excite many.  And SPLC is decidedly silent on the litany of BLM’s nefarious activities, from arson resulting in murder to disbursement of 521(c)3 donations to enrich its leadership with jewelry, autos and palatial homes.

However, on the other hand, SPLC has indicated that it doesn’t condone the actions of Antifa.  However, the SPLC won’t label Antifa a “hate group” because its members don’t discriminate against people based on race, sexual orientation or other classes protected by anti-discrimination laws.  No, Antifa simply beats senseless anyone they dislike, from cops, to passers-by, and journalists like Andy Ngo.

“There might be forms of hate out there that you may consider hateful, but it’s not the type of hate we follow,” Richard Cohen, SPLC’s president, somewhat archly stated when quizzed.

While Abudu led the ACLU of Florida as Legal Director, she challenged residency restrictions on convicted sex offenders, arguing that they were unconstitutionally restrictive. Doe v. Miami-Dade Cnty., 846 F.3d 1180 (11th Cir. 2017). She also unsuccessfully challenged Palm Beach County’s policy of suspicionless drug testing for applicants to be substitute teachers. See Fridenberg v. Sch. Bd. of Palm Beach Cnty., 911 F.3d 10 (11th Cir. 2018).

From 2005 to 2013, Abudu worked at the ACLU Voting Rights Center. Among the prominent cases she argued there, Abudu unsuccessfully challenged felon disenfranchisement provisions in Mississippi, see Young v. Hosemann, 598 F.3d 184 (5th Cir. 2010), Arizona, see Harvey v. Brewer, 605 F.3d 1067 (9th Cir. 2010), and in Tennessee. See Johnson v. Bredesen, 624 F.3d 742 (6th Cir. 2010).

From 2013 to 2019, Abudu led the ACLU of Florida as Legal Director. Among the matters she handled, Abudu challenged Felon re-enfranchisement provisions passed by the Florida legislature, arguing that they were discriminatory based on gender. See Jones v. Gov. of Florida, 15 F.4th 1062 (11th Cir. 2021), which was rejected by the Eleventh Circuit, which found that the suit could only succeed with evidence of intentional discrimination, and such evidence didn’t exist.  Abudu also submitted Florida’s felon disenfranchisement policies to the United Nations Committee on Human Rights for review of human rights violations, according to a press release from the ACLU of Florida, entitled ‘Democracy Imprisoned’ from September of 2013. Abudu joined the ACLU of Florida in a suit unsuccessfully challenging the denial and delay in hormone therapies to a transgender inmate in Keohane v. Fla. Dep’t of Corr. Sec’y, 952 F.3d 1257 (11th Cir. 2020).

It becomes quite apparent that many of the cases Abudu involved herself with entailed further indulging the inane whims of convicted criminals, where the latter serves as one of the legs supporting the Democrat stool.  The other legs consist of illegal immigrants, and their critical Democrat votes; the dead, who overwhelmingly vote Democrat; and students, who are to be coddled by eliminating their educational debts in return for the votes of this poorly educated mob, who feel America has failed them like the lack of jobs being offered to those who have majored in gender and women’s studies and transgender management.

Additionally, before calling on our dear senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, remember that beyond Abudu’s brief stints at Skadden Arps and as a staff attorney with the Eleventh Circuit, Abudu has spent almost her entire legal career as a civil rights attorney, a dime a dozen with the ACLU, their Voting Rights Project, at the ACLU of Florida, and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

While waiting for Hassan’s office in DC to open and field our calls, we must also remember that both Shaheen and Hassan and their Democrat confreres have used Skadden Arps*, Abudu’s single private firm employer, to perform legal investigations for them on the “opioid crisis”, the activities of local law enforcement, federal student loans and managing our borders, all under the rubric of Preparing for Democratic Oversight Investigations. ( › – › media › files › publications › 2018 › 11 › chartpreparingfordemocratic)

So, here we have a dedicated ACLU and an SPLC attorney whose senate acceptance for the 11th Circuit will add a hardcore Democrat, who has never served as a judge nor made any usable or understandable rulings, to a decidedly conservative Circuit and who has also been employed by a private law firm with deep ties to the Democrats and our own Democrat US Senators.  Shaheen and Hassan have used Skadden Arps to prepare for their investigations of governmental programs serving and protecting us through our taxation and programs.

While we have never heard Shaheen and Hassan ever call Antifa and BLM to task for their ruinous campaigns of rampaging and riots, we can guess that they are both more than willing now to cast their votes in the US Senate for Ms. Abudu because they have been told to and because it’s finally time to insert an ACLU lawyer into the dreaded 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

How placing this woman in the 11th Circuit will help us in New Hampshire remains as big a mystery to me as to how a non-judge with a lengthy background in aiding the criminal class will decide issues using our Constitution, a scrap of paper which those she works with despise.

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J.P. Sears: “Best Female Swimmer” – So Much for That Other One.

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 01:30 +0000

That would be William Lia Thomas, who went from #462 in the world to #1 – just by saying that he was now a she.

Totally destroying all women’s records just by showing up, he gets to do in the women’s locker room that which would get him arrested if done on a street corner wearing an old, torn, and crusty trenchcoat.  Instead, he’s lauded as being a trendy trans.

J.P. Sears, in his trademarked fashion of satire and humor, wades into Thomas’ “Woke pool” and makes Thomas look like the jerk he really is.

Note: there are a couple of moments in this video that may be NSFW (not safe for work) – especially if you are surrounded by sexuality Wokesters.


(H/T: Awaken With JP)

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Friday Open Thread on Saturday – Sedatives Will Do That…

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-05-01 00:00 +0000

Yeah, I thought I’d be fine enough to set it up but I was wrong. Had a minor medical procedure yesterday and when I came home late in the afternoon, I was in no shape to even GET near a keyboard.  If you have ever watched America’s Funniest Home Videos with the teens still under sedatives after visiting a dentist?  Yeah, that was me when the Eldest called.  I have no memory at all about the call but TMEW did! Yep, I was made sport of. And when I got up at 11pm-noon time yesterday (I DID make one smart decision and went right to bed), she reGALED me of how that call went. What’s worse, I’m going to have to listen to the Eldest the next time he comes over – and he’s GOOD at taking that kind of stuff and using it against me for YEARS.

This is gonna suck. For years he’s gonna look at me and won’t be able to stop snickering at me. And he won’t even have to say a word why; and he will know that I know why he’s snickering…

So, that’s where I’ve been the last two days and much appreciation to Steve for covering for me. And yes, I’m fine (even as I’m writing this at 4 in the morning as my time cycle is all screwed up).

So have you ever been under and blabbing? Anyways, this is your thread – do with it as you please!

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It Looks Like States Are Changing Reporting to “Hide” Out of Season COVID Spikes (Among the Vaccinated)

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-30 22:30 +0000

Nothing about COVID reporting has ever been honest. Money and headlines have driven the details from testing to cases to hospitalizations to deaths. It’s been about marketing the vaccine, but they’ve flipped the script.

States that pushed COVID vaccination as a path to a new normal have created a new normal but not the one they promised. Safe and effective is still a lie they can’t stop telling, but most COVID cases continue to be among the vaccinated.  The “cure” makes you more susceptible after about three to five weeks, and after a year of telling the Jabbed to mingle freely, increasing numbers of them have gotten COVID or died from the Jab itself.

Last year the cover-up for the off-season spike in “flu” was to call it a pandemic of the unvaccinated. They filtered or massaged data to make that look true. But places like Israel and the UK didn’t scrub. It later became evident that this was the case everywhere.

And Pfizer (and, likely the FDA) knew all of this before the march of the mandates.

Fast forward to now, and State data on hospitalization has changed. Where before, they wanted to show more cases to spread terror (and cash in), they are now draining the data downward. New Hampshire actually announced the change.


“In an announcement Tuesday, the Department of Health and Human Services said it had redefined COVID-19 hospitalization to include only patients being treated with remdesivir or dexamethasone, drugs used for hospitalized patients with moderate to severe illness. Those hospitalized with milder symptoms or primarily for another cause are no longer included — even if they continue to take up a hospital bed because they are too ill to be discharged.”

The change is part of a national trend and one backed by the Biden administration in February. Separating out cases involving severe disease, the administration said, gives public health officials a more nuanced picture of COVID-19’s impact and, therefore, a better guide for policy decisions.


Unless you are actually in the death by hospital protocol, the state no longer counts it as a COVID hospitalization, and these changes are again at the behest of the tampering meddlers at COVID central down in DC.

When they say nuance, it is a lot like when the Warmists tried to hide the decline. Global Temperatures were not cooperating. The Planet was not warming. The models were all wrong. So, they conspired to hide this fact and changed the marketing to ‘Climate Change.’

Today, with COVID, it’s to hide the incline.

Our oldest Americans are also the most vaccinated—up to 95% in some states. You know, the people the unvaccinated we’re told they were going to kill. It turns out that the vaccinated virus carriers were killing them and still are – or putting them in the hospital.

Add to that the habit of the vaccinated of all ages getting the flu in spring and summer when cases used to drop, and you’ve got another vaccine-fraud nightmare.

If you change the reporting to hide the incline, your failed vaccine doesn’t look as bad. It also leaves room to report a dramatic spike in “hospitalizations” in the future to justify mail-in-ballot mules (again) before a midterm election (or something).

So, a prediction: watch for more “guidance” before the end of the summer that flips the latest tack on its head and back to the old way of lying about things COVID.

And no, it isn’t just New Hampshire. Most New England States appear to have begun massaging the data downward; they just haven’t announced it.



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Palate Cleanser: Upon Hearing That the Left Is Going to “Woke-Ify” Dr. Suess, the Right Strikes Back

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-30 21:00 +0000

And is the Left ever angry!  How DARE the Right copy our tactics and make it even funnier than we can!

SHOT:  Dr. Seuss’s Legacy Is About to Get ‘Woke-Washed’

…According to a report from the New York Post, an “inclusive” group of writers and artists from “diverse racial backgrounds” will be taking previously unseen sketches by Dr. Seuss and “woke-washing” them for the next generation of indoctrinated leftists with “inclusive” storylines “inspired by the drawings” that will “represent a diverse cross-section of racial backgrounds to represent as many families as possible,” reps for Dr. Seuss Enterprises explain.

CHASER:  Let’s Go Brandon Cat in the Hat Coffee Mug

So which do you think will sell better AND be enjoyed more?

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The Extremists Are The Democrat Party

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-30 19:30 +0000

This is to respond to the letter from the Windham Democrat Party entitled “In Case You Missed It” opposing the current House bill HB1393.

This bill passed in the NH House by a wide margin, and is expected to pass in the Senate, then it will be signed into law by Governor Sununu.

So, you may ask, why is the local, state, and national Democrat Party vehemently opposed to the passage of this bill? The teacher’s unions are the largest donors to the Democrat Party, that’s why. The last thing the teacher’s unions want is competition from charter schools and private schools having access to public tax revenues for education.

Since NH is a “red state” in a sea of blue here in the northeast of the US, we have a republican house and senate majority, and a republican governor. Therefore, over 2000 granite state families now have the freedom to legally remove their children from under-performing, or simply ill-matched public schools, by taking the $’s assigned to their child’s education via a “educational voucher.”

From the Democrat Party standpoint, house bill HB1393, and the current educational voucher law cannot stand! Why? Because they are a major threat to their power and control of your children’s education. The author of the letter claims it is undemocratic to support this bill, and you are an “extremist and far right” if you support HB1393 and the existing educational voucher law.

The vast majority of Windham voters who are either registered republican or undeclared, as well as our dedicated Republican State Representatives, actually support this legislation!

Finally, I believe the Democrat Party leaders here in NH and in Washington are the extremists here. In just 16 months we all have seen with our own eyes our beloved country intentionally destroyed! Here are just a couple of examples:

Highest US inflation rate of 8.5% since the 60’s. (If food and fuel increases were included, the actual rate would be 20%) The unlawful invasion of our southern border with 18,000 illegal immigrants entering /day and over two million in just one year. Cancellation of the Keystone Pipeline and all exploration and drilling of our own oil and natural gas. We are now dependent on foreign energy, resulting in a national security crisis. Anyone who disagrees with the Democrat Party leadership and their programs and policies are labeled “domestic terrorists” by President Biden and the US Justice Department.

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The Jab and the Inevitable Coming Unpleasantness

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-30 18:00 +0000

So this is a short post.  It is a prediction of what I fear is coming.

As the Jab continues to be pushed despite the enormous evidence about the side effects, harm, damage, and deaths that flow from those needles in the arms, I fear this step by step progression will be inevitable.

  • People will meet at parties and other social events.
  • Talk will, sooner or later, turn to families.
  • Inevitably one person will break the ice and talk about how someone in their family was negatively affected by the Jab.



  • The ice being broken, others will chime in with their own stories.  With over a million adverse events, others WILL chime in.
  • There will be a dawning awareness of just how many in this conversation group know persons with adverse reactions, whether family, friends, or family of people they know.
  • This will prompt other discussions after this seed crystal over the next weeks; they’ll find even more people within their social circles who have been harmed or know someone who has been.
  • They’ll hop online and find people like Peter McCollough, Robert Malone, Ryan Cole, and myriad others discussing the harms these Jabs do. They’ll doubtless find Robert Kennedy and his book as well.


The Real Anthony Fauci


  • They will start to share information and will discover Big Tech really does censor – social media and even “free” emails.
  • They will then approach lawyers to sue the pharma companies and be told “Sorry, the pharma companies cannot be sued”.
  • They will then approach their elected officials and be told the same thing.
  • They will learn how intertwined pharma and the regulatory agencies really are.  (Note: skim past the carping about ALEC IMHO.)
  • They will do more research and learn about how the pharma companies knew, and knew ahead of time.


Now here’s where I’m predicting very bad things.  Understand, please, I’m not advocating anything or wanting to see anything happen.  I’m merely the Cassandra here.

  • There have been lists online, for months, of Pfizer facilities nationwide. Protests will start there.  They will be ignored or derided as “anti-science” anti-vaxxers.  No meaningful action will result.  Pfizer in Paris was already the scene for protests for example.  And local to me.
  • Physical damage against these sites will start. Molotov cocktails will be the low end; the use of drones as delivery systems is just starting.  Arrests will be made and no context will be given to the actions taken – it’s just “terrorism”.
  • LinkedIn and MeWe and other professional networking sites will be mined for pharma employee names. Myriad databases exist to find home addresses.  I’m not a military guy or spook; if I can think of this, others with more training and background will too.  And doubtless have already.
  • Pharma employees who knew, or should have known, will start to have “3 AM visitations”.  I know several such “worthy” people in our own social circle.
  • Once the first happens, more will happen.  Doctors and pharmacists who, despite all the evidence, continued to ritually drone SAFE AND EFFECTIVE will too.  Hospital execs whose policies denied transplants or even just care to the unJabbed also will.
  • The FedGov-medical-pharma industrial complex will react.
  • Politicians will then be targeted too.



And that’s when IT lights off.  Alas.

I hope I’m wrong.  I fear I’m right.

Hashem help us all.

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This Week's Favorites

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2022-04-30 17:45 +0000



See the rest here.

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Patriarchy Profile: Meat Bill

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-30 16:30 +0000

Turning Philanthropy Into Psychopathy

There is an unwritten rule amongst billionaires, I know because I’ve never read it anywhere. That is if one is blessed with tremendous wealth it falls upon them to assume the title “philanthropist.”

America, being the wealthiest nation in human history, has hundreds if not thousands of the self-appointed almost do-gooders.

The late 1800s saw the boom of the industrial and media ages converge producing such magnanimous magnates as Dale Carnegie, Andrew and Richard Mellon, William Randolph Hearst, John D. Rockefeller, and Henry Ford.

These two industries were critical to the success of these absurdly successful people who celebrate their successes in the media they control by appointing successors who assure a legacy of future success in what are called foundations. A foundation is the name given for the little people to believe these merchants of wealth are looking out for the good of the people upon whose backs they created their wealth rather than their actual purpose as tax shelters and money laundering operations. Ah, the smell of success!

Today’s billionaire class, having learned from their forebears, are not only mimicking the foundation model but has expanded the role of national philanthropist to include a globalist vision. Why just help your countrymen when you can control…er…help the world? Go big or go home plebes, unless we sub-primed your home out from under you that is.

We want to thank Johnny Bananas for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Meat Bill Gates. Mr. Gates and his now ex-wife Melinda, who doesn’t share his fondness for pedophiles because she’s old-fashioned (re: a bigot), started the cleverly named Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Rather than use it to control the country’s education direction, or slush the money around to buy politicians, this firebrand of philanthropic psychopathy has his sights set on total global domination, for the good of mankind of course.

Where previous philanthropists leaned heavily on the innate greed that comes with massive wealth Mr. Bill is the “hold my beer” brand of the uber elite. Who else could give a TED Talk and causally announce that his foray into “global health” means we can thin out the population by 10-15%?

Now I’m no mathematician or biologist for that matter, but if my calculator is working correctly that means he is amused to use his powers of phonological persuasion to thin down the herd by just over 1 billion people. That’s the nice thing about living by the billions, you don’t think of aborting one life but ONE BILLION LIVES (holds a pinky finger to the side of mouth)!

This of course is to be done with the vaccines that he invested in because why be just a prick when you can prick BILLIONS? Of course, this mandate to do good means doing well, or in his words “was the best business decision I’ve ever made” turning $10 billion into $120 billion. Some people might think about taking their billions and buying an island next to your friend Jeff’s island and living out your days playing with your genetically modified mosquitoes and the other perverts, but then how will the world ever be run by the philanthro-psychopath set? New World Order me up the answer to that question, please.

Reminiscent of consummate daddy’s boy Tiger Woods who now famously emulated his father’s predilection for the ladies, Mr. Bill likewise takes after his father Bill senior in more than name only. Mr. Bill senior was a long-time board member of the eugenicist favorite Planned Parenthood because population control requires planning people. It’s the low-brow psychos like Stalin and Hitler who go around killing people out in the open, which is so 19th Century. Today’s philanthro-psycho is like a vampire where you have to invite them in and they access your bloodstream in order to do the deed. For the good of mankind of course. Say it with me – phi-lan-thro-py.

Now for those who don’t succumb to any of the tens of hundreds of side effects of the experimental gene therapy, a few of you lucky winners will get to try some of Bill’s totally synthetic beef products! As Meat Bill knows, it’s not what’s on the outside but on the inside of you, that counts. This is why this synthetic meat will no doubt have nanobot technology that can be monitored via the same subdermal methods in the vaccines he hilariously patented with the number 060606 – because when you have enough money you can even make fun of Satan. Who’s laughing now Evil One?

So whether you’re a philanthropist, politician, pundit, pedophile, or all three there is a new sheriff in town folks.

Meat Bill.

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The Pfizer Documents

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2022-04-30 16:07 +0000

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Good News! -> “Lionheart Classical” Academy Approved to Increase Enrollment by 25%”

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-30 15:00 +0000

Reformatted, emphasis mine; from the Union Leader:

PETERBOROUGH – The Lionheart Classical Academy charter school has been approved by the state to increase its enrollment this fall by 25%.

Lionheart Classical Academy was approved by New Hampshire’s Board of Education last year to open a kindergarten through fifth grade charter school in Peterborough for up to 157 students. Last week the board approved an increase in enrollment to 197.

The school plans to open its doors in September. “We are authorized now to have 197 students and we expect to have 197,” said Leo Plante, one of the founders of the school. Plante said on Wednesday that the school has attracted students from more than 20 communities in New Hampshire including Concord, with heavy representation from Antrim, New Ipswich, Rindge and Peterborough…Prior to its enrollment lottery held last month, 206 students had registered to attend Lionheart Classical Academy.

…Plante said the term “classical education” simply means a “traditional education,” which is what most parents enrolling their children in the school have been drawn to. “I think what they like most about it, is that it’s focused on phonics and cursive and arithmetic and reading and grammar,” Plante said, adding that in the older grades, Latin will be taught. “The parents are doing it because they believe in the curriculum and our approach, the character-building part of the curriculum and the citizenship.”

…The school plans to use the Hillsdale College curriculum. The school plans to initially offer classes in kindergarten up to fifth grade, adding a grade each year up to the 12th grade. The charter school is public, tuition-free and open to any New Hampshire resident.

According to the NH Dept of Education, there are about 187,00 students in NH schools, mostly Government schools, so 206 students may not be such a big deal.  However, right at the end of the UL piece is this:

According to the state Department of Education, enrollment in charter schools has grown by 44% in the last five years.

That is a trend that is sending the Democrats supporting Teacher’s Unions into a fury as public charter schools are generally non-unionized – and they can’t stand it.

They also are upset that since public charter schools have different governance models it will almost impossible for those unions to inject their Woke curriculum (e.g., identity politics, Black Live Matter, sexuality, et al) into these schools.

Parents are beginning to react to what they saw in Zoom classes and they aren’t happy. They want the traditional teachings that they grew up with for their children.  None of these fads, none of these 1960s New Left spawned politics and attempts in turning their kids from being students to being activists of the Left.  They want the basics taught and taught well.

Hillsdale College is one of the few that does not accept Federal money – they realized long ago that those “strings attached” would mean giving up their academic freedom and change their teachings. They’ve created not just charter school curriculums but homeschooling as well.

If you are interested in either of those two, contact me:


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Here's Where to Find the Latest on RussiaGate

Libertarian Leanings - Sat, 2022-04-30 14:04 +0000
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Mayor of Nashua Appeals to the NH Supreme Court to Keep Public Records Hidden

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-04-30 13:30 +0000

On February 7, 2022, the Court decided in favor of requiring the City of Nashua to provide me with emails, sent to an assessing supervisor, by way of backup tape restoration.

The City has an antiquated 45-day email storage and retention policy whereby if emails are not moved into a personal folder, they are purged from the system and moved to a backup tape storage system. Nashua is one of the only municipalities that use this antiquated method.

The retention records law, RSA 33-a requires emails to be saved for one year. This creates a conflict with Nashua’s policy.

One of my first requests for emails occurred in June 2019 when I requested the former Assessing chiefs’ emails from September and October 2018. It turns out the City complied and retrieved those records off of tape backup without any problem, well past the 45-day retention period.

The next request filed in June 2020 was for July/August 2019 emails of the Administrative Service Director as she had taken over serving as the Chief of assessing.  For months, the City promised to deliver the emails but never complied. The Court ruled that the emails must be provided. After nearly 10 months, many legal filings, and a court hearing, the City disclosed that they discovered “early on” that the backup tape was corrupted and the emails were lost. This resulted in sanctions for bad faith against the City and almost $8,000 of attorney’s fees paid out.

When I made the June 2021 request for the assessing supervisors’ emails for November and December 2020 (she left the city on Christmas 2020), I believed the City would have no problem providing those records. After all, the Chief’s records were provided and the City agreed to provide Ms. Kleiner’s emails. But this time, the City claimed the records no longer existed, they had been initially and legally deleted. The City offered no explanation as to what that meant and did not cite RSA 91-A as a reason for failing to provide the emails. Instead, they were evasive.

In Court, the Nashua legal team stated that “initially and legally deleted” meant the emails had been put on the backup tape and they should not be required to obtain those records. The practice for searches had been changed without disclosure to the public.

RSA 91-A requires that a request be reasonably described such that a person of reasonable knowledge has the ability to search for the record. In Court, the IT Director acknowledged he knew where to find the records and the search would not be time-intensive. The Mayor overstepped his authority and violated the law for reasonable search by denying these records without speaking with the people with reasonable knowledge to search and obtain these records. He had no expertise to make a blanket decision to shut down access to all emails on tape backup.

On February 7, 2022, the Court ruled against the City.

The City’s IT Director testified in Court that it would only take him a couple of hours to retrieve the records. The City filed a motion for reconsideration. On March 25, 2022, the Court ruled that the order to retrieve the emails would stand and ordered training for the city. The Court was allowing me to make recommendations for the training to improve searches for records.

Now, no training will occur any time soon and records will remain closed.

The Mayor is appealing the lower court decision to the Supreme Court. This City should focus on the optics of closing records in an assessing office and the complete lack of transparency this City has demonstrated regarding the quality of work performed by the office as well as access to those public records.

The emails I have received have proven to tell quite a story and no doubt the City would like these records from 2019 and 2020 to remain hidden. So, the chess game continues and we will wait and see what prevails at the NH Supreme Court. In the next couple of months, new assessments will be delivered to every property owner in Nashua. You can be sure that transparency and credibility in this data do not exist as leadership continues to fight to hide information, retaliate against those who request information, and promote incompetence.

The Court orders and filing to the Supreme Court are attached.


Notice of Appeal:

20220427 – Notice of Appeal


20220207 – Order

NOD City’ Motion to Reconsider – Denied:

20220427 – Notice of Appeal

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