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So How Did It Feel, Gilford School Board, to Watch Your Principal Lie to Me in Public Because of Your Policy JBAB?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 22:00 +0000

Dear School Board Members,

How DID it feel watching your staff member being humiliated, in public, because of YOUR Policy JBAB that compels her to lie to parents? To ME? 

This is what happens when Elected Representatives implement policies in which they will NEVER suffer the consequences from doing so – only others.

Did you ever think that a Parent would NEVER ask such a question?  I’m betting that you didn’t – after all, how many Parents ever read the policies that you are putting into place. I’m betting that you ARE betting that JBAB would continue to fly under the radar such that very few Parents would ever know the evil you have unleashed. In fact, on that point, how many new policies are you getting ready to place upon the community that you lead – do you realize that you are following in the path of Laverentiy Beria in that having so many laws policies in place, you will almost always be able to condemn some student or staff member?

“Is my son transgender or not?”

“This is not a Question and Answer time”

“That’s a dodge”

“I’m just following this rule here (pointing and tapping on her notes)”

“I was just following orders”; does that ring any bells for you? It should if you know your history.

I am betting that when you went into non-public, I was mentioned and most likely not in a terribly good fashion.  To be truthful, I don’t care. You invoked, unknowingly, the Law of Unintended Consequences when you rushed that Policy into place. Did you never give one thought that a Parent would ask that question at a public meeting? YOU ALL PUT HER AT RISK for having that question asked of her.  In fact, all of your staff is now at risk.  While I could not see their faces, I’m betting a few of the Parents behind had looks of disbelief as to what you have set into motion.

Engineers, when confronted with problems that must be solved will look at the symptoms, formulate a hypothesis as to what is wrong, and then work their way through that problem to find the answer – what we call Root Problem Analysis.  THE issue/malfunction/”failed part” that causes the issue.  Monday night, that root problem was not me – I was a symptom.  Danielle Bolduc was also not the root problem – she was also a symptom; she was an “effect” of the “cause and effect” process that you, the Gilford School Board, put into motion.

Note that she is not the one at fault – you all are for putting her AND all other staff members into the same place.  I have railed for two years that you CANNOT force government speech onto people – that you, as part of Government, are forcing your staff and students (and anyone else that comes onto school property) to speak only in terms that the Board’s Policy JBAB approves of in a mandatory way when it comes to using a very small subset of pronouns when talking about a transgender student. Government Speech, not Free Speech.

Coerced speech. A deliberate decision to remove one of America’s most valued attributes – the Freedom of Speech and the Right to one’s conscious of belief. I will be truthful – until Monday night, I had only concentrated on the situation where MY Freedom of Speech (and others) was being removed from me (in a mandatory fashion as told to me by Superintendent Beitler).

But I learned something new Monday night that I hadn’t realized.  Watch the video starting at 8:41 – it has that partial transcript above at its start.  However, you NEED to listen what I said afterwards which is also important

“I appreciate the honesty. But your employer has put you into the situation to lie to me…It also means that I can’t trust Principal Bolduc. I can’t trust his teachers because I’ll never know if they are lying to me or not.”

Your staff no longer has the Freedom of Speech and you have taken away their ability to tell the truth.  This is “progress”?

No, not just in this but in ANYTHING.  Ditto for the School Board but I’m figuring that you already knew that. Did you even THINK of the ramifications you were unleashing?

Member Sanborn wanted me to compromise in putting my lawsuit into abeyance until the Board could discuss it next month. My return reply was would the Board then pull JBAB for that period of time, in a show of returned good faith?

I dryly note that this compromise was a “one way” only; I was willing to pull my lawsuit as my part of the compromise IF and ONLY IF the Board pulled JBAB.  After all, a one way compromise is no compromise at all. I waited for any of the members, especially Chair Jeanine Onos, to make that motion and vote to show good faith. If you had voted to do so, I would do the same for my lawsuit.

Silence was your answer – no motion was offered. If that compromise was a serious one, you could have had a motion right then and there and voted on it.  Heck, you could have called either for another public meeting or a non-public meeting (with the required 24 hour proper noticing as required by RSA 91-A).  In checking the SAU 73 website, I see that no such meeting has been noticed. Thus, the message that has been sent is that:

  • no compromise is possible with this stiff-necked Board that can’t bring itself to say it was wrong – and apologize.
  • you are willing to spend taxpayer money unnecessarily to defend something that, if it gets into the courtroom, you’ll be laughed out of the courthouse. And I hope your lawyer gets sanctioned for blatantly giving bad legal advice to you (akin to “no, there’s no RSA that give you the Powers to do that but we’ll keep stalling this”). My lawyer agrees there aren’t any such RSAs to support JBAB.
  • once broken, Trust is a very hard thing to reestablish – but you decided to go that route and continue to lie about your Policy JBAB – in silence. And let it spread throughout the District.

So it seems that the Board is totally willing to foist a development of distrust within the District from Parents (and students) towards the Board and staff.

A DIFFERENT form of Coerced speech and as uncomfortable as Principal Bolduc was (clearly) uncomfortable in answering my plain and simple question, how many other Parents will start to ask that same question.  How many more staff are you willing to put into that same situation. How many of them will either stare at you in rebellion or with smoldering anger that you did this to them.

One last thing – since when does a Policy trump the Freedom of Speech of any of the Members?  I’ve never seen an RSA that forces a School Board Member to give up their Freedom of Speech and I’ve already debunked the School Board Ethics Policy that requires you to “shut your mouths”:

Right to Know Demand – Your Ethics Policy Outlines a Number of Items That a School Board Shall Comply With…”

Turns out that when I asked, there were no signed copies (a Code of Ethics is a contract of sort – without signing it, it is unenforceable).  Ditto anything that forces your silence in canceling your Freedom of Speech at any time.

I already fought this issue when Evans Juris (at the time, the Gilford Town Administrator) and Debbie Shackette (then Gilford Financial Director, now Belknap County Administrator) tried to force all of the Budget Committee members to sign it. Like several of the School Board policies, it was not about “Ethics”, it was a muzzling as I and another said thigs that were not welcomed by the “good ole’ boy” network that had run the town for years – we aired “the dirty laundry” they wanted to remain hidden.  I refused to sign it (especially after I discovered they had plaigiarized it from Sunnyvale, CA and called it their own).

There is no RSA that allows a school board, or any other government entity, to require more conditions to the position to which you have been elected. Especially when it comes to the Freedom of Speech.  To anyone who says otherwise, demand that they tell you the specific RSA. And remember, if they quote one, because I know which one they will use, read the last clause of “students and staff” and realize that you are NOT staff – you are Elected Representatives.

Be Brave. Do Something.



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GOP Assists the Georgia Election Fraud Coverup

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2022-05-04 21:47 +0000
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Judge: "Will you come back for the other 1,500 documents?" Prosecutor: "Not at this trial."

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2022-05-04 21:23 +0000

Jerry Dunleavy, Washington Examiner:  Durham convinces judge to review concealed documents in Clinton privilege battle

Judge Christopher Cooper said Wednesday he would grant the government’s motion, arguing he did not believe it was breaking attorney-client privilege for him to review the records in dispute in an “in camera” setting, away from the public and the press.

British ex-spy Christopher Steele created a dossier on then-candidate Donald Trump after being hired by the opposition research firm Fusion GPS, which was itself hired by the Perkins Coie law firm and Marc Elias, the general counsel for Clinton’s campaign.

The judge repeatedly pointed to the difference between hiring a firm to do “fact-checking” versus hiring it to do “opposition research.”

Hillary for America, the DNC, and Perkins argue claims of attorney-client privilege should keep the records concealed and claim Fusion simply provided them legal services.

Durham is insisting those groups played a coordinated role in pushing false collusion claims.

The judge said he didn't doubt Elias’s claims about Fusion being hired to provide legal advice but said that didn’t mean everything Fusion did in 2016 is covered by privilege. The judge said he would review the Joffe records too.

It remains to be seen how the judge will rule on the privilege claims after taking a look at the Alfa Bank-related documents. Thirty are internal Fusion emails, and eight relate to Joffe and Fusion.

Clinton’s 2016 campaign and Fusion united in court on Wednesday.

Fusion’s lawyer said the firm asserted privilege over 1,500 documents, adding it also “produced hundreds of documents.” Fusion said the Clinton campaign, DNC, and Perkins had made “judgment calls” on what was privileged.

The judge asked Durham prosecutor Jonathan Algor whether Durham would come back for the other 1,500 documents if the judge ended up agreeing with the prosecution about these 38 records. Algor said “not for this trial” but left the door open for the future, saying that “Your Honor’s decision is important” for the investigation.

Algor told the judge the Clinton campaign and Fusion wrongly "advanced a very broad and novel theory” of attorney-client privilege that “opposition research” is “somehow protected.” He pointed to Fusion emails that have been released and said “nothing shows” any of that related to “legal advice.”

Algor stressed the opposition research was pushed to the FBI, Congress, and the media.

Read the rest here.


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“25 Common Sense Truths That You’re No Longer Supposed to Say”

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 20:00 +0000

John Hawkins was one of the established bloggers that helped GraniteGrok rise from the “small blog sea of tens of millions” at the beginning of the blogosphere by linking to us fairly often.  Yes, it was a treat to see that someone far higher in the “rankings” would take note of us and what we wrote. We used to talk a lot when our paths crossed at different conventions – always pleasant, informed, and opinionated! A lot of fun!

He’s had a number of blogs he’s started, notably Right Wing News, but like a lot, it suffered when the closed environments like Twitter and Facebook came along (heck, so did we). While we do this as a hobby/obsession, he has always been a professional blogger and his latest incarnation if Culturcidal on substack. I do get his eblasts but it is a paid subscription writing platform.

One of his latest creations is the title, above.  He helped us – I’ll return the favor:

America is turning into such an intolerant, victim-centered, outrage-based, politically correct, that joke isn’t funny, how dare you hold an opposite opinion-centered culture, that a lot of people are afraid to tell you the truth anymore. It’s easier for people to sometimes just keep their heads down and hope that the outrage mob will pick another victim. But, unfortunately, when people become afraid to speak the truth, common sense can die in the darkness because everyone is caught up in saying what we’re “supposed to” believe instead.

An America that encourages free speech, discourages censorship, and believes in a free exchange of ideas will ALWAYS be superior to the ugly, backward “safe space” of a culture that so many people are trying to create. With that in mind, here are 25 common-sense truths that you’re no longer supposed to say.

1) Knowing what sex you are really is as simple as looking in your pants when you’re born and no, you can’t change it just because you feel like it.

4) Gender and sex are the same thing and anyone who disagrees has no business teaching children.

5) Racism still exists, but it isn’t a serious impediment to anyone’s success in America as it used to be several decades ago.

7) The proper remedy for speech isn’t censorship, it’s more speech.

8) We should deport children that enter the United States illegally not just because they’re breaking the law, but because if we don’t, it only encourages more bad parents to bring or send their children here.

11) Diversity isn’t a strength that makes us better, it’s a weakness that takes many special steps (emphasis on assimilation, patriotism, colorblindness, etc.) to overcome.

13) Drag queens are deviants and shouldn’t be allowed near children, much less allowed to be part of storytimes for kids.

15) Yes, we get lots of good immigrants, but bums and parasites flooding in with them have made immigration bad for America.

16) Young black men aren’t primarily dying because of white people or the police, they’re dying because other young black men are shooting them.

17) Given how many Americans are uninformed, don’t pay taxes, or are looking for handouts, we’d be better off if far fewer Americans voted.

20) Teachers shouldn’t be able to withhold any information from parents about their kids unless a potential crime by the parents is involved that may be a police matter.

23) Most adults that are rich or poor long-term deserve to be.

25) Slavery was a nearly universal phenomenon and Americans should be proud that we, along with Great Britain, did the most of any nation in history to end the practice, rather than be ashamed that our nation had slaves just like everybody else.

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There Are Still Enough Americans

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2022-05-04 18:29 +0000

Dear Rest Of America:  Why Censorship Further Divides America, and How Young People Are Protecting the First Amendment

The framework of America and its ideals, given to us by the Founding Fathers, continues to stand against every un-Constitutional blow because there are still enough people in America who are willing to live by those ideals—even if they’re not fully aware of it.

Originally from New Zealand, millennial Hamish McKenzie co-founded Substack in 2017. The online newsletter platform is pretty hands-off around content moderation. Consequently, the site has hosted writers such as retired tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch, who has shared and discussed a wealth of statistical and medical data relating to the efficacy and safety of the post-lockdown injections while banned elsewhere on the Internet.

Another millennial, Andrew Torba, is an entrepreneur in northeastern Pennsylvania. As a conservative and Christian, he launched the social media website in 2016 after leaving Silicon Valley. Torba and his team have worked to keep Gab online despite being de-platformed from payment processors and mobile app stores in response to the company’s firm stance on free speech. Consequently, the likes of Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was banned on Twitter earlier this year, can use Gab to share her message with potentially millions of users.

Read the rest here.

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1984 is Here Today

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 18:00 +0000

Thought it could never happen in America? Welcome to 1984, written by George Orwell (written as a warning but now being used as a “how-to” manual), and being promoted by, who else, Joe Biden and his extreme lefts cadre of handlers and stooges. Want proof? Here you are!

Joe announced a new government watchdog department titled, now get this, the Disinformation Governance Board. If this doesn’t send shudders up your spine you are either dead or a zombie.

Allowing any political organization, Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Progressive, to establish a Board with the power to decide what is “disinformation” would be a short trip to national suicide.

Richard Nixon would have loved one of those.

Enter DHS Secretary Mayorkas throwing in his bucket’s worth of wisdom saying “The Disinformation Governance Board won’t monitor U.S. Citizens.”  We all know we can trust a far-left political hack, appointed by another political Left senile figurehead and endorsed by extreme Left media misinformation specialist Nina Jankowicz who Mayorkas calls “eminently qualified”.

Righhhhhht! That is qualified to run the most unconstitutionally, ideologically concept ever written in any fictional novel being brought to life like Frankenstein’s monster.

This is the Left’s blatant speech, thought and mind control machine being put into practice under the control of the most unethical anti-American values bunch ever to gain power in this nation. The only reason they resort to this is that their endless lists of failures, destructive policies, absurd spending, devaluing our dollars, and general shortages, have American voters turning against them so they need a weapon of mass social destruction to try to stay in power. This is their answer to the people’s cry for relief and desire for common sense in government.

In essence, obey or die.



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Sun-King Chris Sununu Had a Really Bad Night, Last Night

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 16:00 +0000

While Sun-King Sununu was bloviating about being pro-abortion, GOP voters in Ohio were soundly rejecting the globalist/corporatist ideology of Sun-King and his elitist ilk:

Read and seethe, Sun-King. Read and seethe.

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A Really Neat Opportunity to Protect the American People from Words

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 14:00 +0000

Dear Dr. Disinformation Director Jankowic. Congratulations on your new role as Executive Director for the Board of Governance Disinformation!  This board and its role are long overdue. The amount of disinformation coming out of our government feels like 1930s Germany, and not in the good way.

I am writing you for two reasons. The first is to support your efforts in combating government disinformation.  The second is as a journalist who would like clarification of the term “disinformation” given that my field, like the government, is full of it (no pun intended).

I’m sure you have already been given lists of people to keep a close eye on, and I am proud to say I am on at least four or five lists myself thanks to my unswerving loyalty to our country, its constitution, and the rule of law, which you are sworn to uphold and will no doubt be re-familiarizing yourself within the coming weeks.

My biggest fear is that you would be mischaracterized by your enemies as using your unelected powers to abuse the citizens of the United States when we both know that only tyrants do that.  I saw your Tik-Tok videos – what kind of tyrant would sing about disinformation? Haters…

Briefly, so we are on the same page, you are no doubt familiar with this already established legal precedence that creates parameters for acceptable and unacceptable disinformation:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Hopefully, you recognize that as the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, which I fact-checked and Politifact confirmed is an official government document, or as those far-right lawyers at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) call it “the law of the land.” .

Thankfully it seems your office is established on solid ground to act as a check against government disinformation given this document (re: The Constitution) was expressly designed to limit the government’s power and protect against government overreach, which no doubt will happen from time to time in a nation like ours.  It turns out Washington D.C. has the highest concentration of psychopaths in the country – who knew?!  No doubt they will work their way into positions of power, so please be careful.

Which raises the important question, how do you spot a psychopath?

For starters, it’s important that you aren’t one. Assuming that’s the case, you will need to use all of your powers of disinformation to find them as they are MASTERS at lying.  In fact, they are so good at it that they often can convince you they are not only not lying but your very perception of reality can’t be trusted. This is called gaslighting and it comes from this really fun movie where a husband drives his wife crazy by constantly changing their lights that ran on gas back then (Neanderthals!), but that’s for another time.

By example, you will no doubt have heard your critics say your exciting new office is cleverly disguised as a Ministry of Truth like the one in George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984 (I’m happy to send you a copy) where the government produces official lies to deceive the public. These idiots obviously can’t do the math.  It’s 2022, so if you were to do that you’re a little late!

So Director Jankowicz I feel it’s my civic duty to help you in your mission to identify these nefarious individuals who are spreading government disinformation.  I don’t expect to be paid for this, however we never did get our second stimulus check we were promised so if you don’t mind sending that along I’m running a little low on ammo and the prices are ridiculous.  Not to mention, if we don’t stop these psychos in government that second amendment is starting to make a whole lot of sense – am I right?

Here is my list to look out for:

Jerry Nadler (D-NY)

During the BLM riots intended to create freedom through destruction, Jerry Nadler is on record saying Antifa is a “myth”.  This is not only insulting but it is classic disinformation!  How can they be a myth if they have  Twitter accounts? I am from Portland, Oregon and we have a proud heritage of Antifa members who incite political violence all over the country.  Whether they are hiding their identities or not they deserve the credit they’re due and Mr. Nadler should be ashamed for disinforming the American Public.  Many Antfia are hiding their identities because they either have criminal records, are committing crimes or are pedophiles and thus not terribly popular.  What would you do? Besides, masks worked back then for more than just stopping COVID until the CDC told us they didn’t anymore. These people are brave and they follow the CDC guidelines.  Don’t let this tiny man fool you. Nadler needs to be listed.

Al Gore (45th US Vice President)

Mr. Gore toured the country screening his now famously disinformation docu-drama An Inconvenient Truth.  For starters he kept talking about global warming which NASA proved is not a thing (example #1).  The scientific term is “climate change” because the climate changes, duh.  It’s an immutable characteristic of the climate. He also made the false claim the sea levels would rise by 2012 and wipe out Manhatten (example #2).  I was just there and I didn’t need swim trunks to tour Central Park, although if people keep peeing that much in the park I recommend a snorkel – gross!  Mr. Non-scientist also warned us the polar bear population would be wiped out, and who wouldn’t cheer for that since those man-eaters have now doubled! I suggest the next time he flies one of his private jets in American airspace you shoot it down, or at least add him to the list.

Dr. Anthony Fauci (Head of the CDC)

For starters, Dr. Fauci is not a practicing medical doctor, which raises some eyebrows given how much medical misinformation he was allowed to disseminate through our government.  Though you were probably triple masked and curled up in the fetal position waiting for the angel of death to pass by your house like the rest of the country, Dr. Fauci is to blame.  He funded the Wuhan lab, where they are now destroying the evidence; he said in emails and on television masks don’t work, then they do, so use two, now they don’t (WTH?); and he just sat by while media shamed Joe Rogan for using the Nobel Prize winning medication Ivermectin by calling it a “horse de-wormer” knowing full well Joe Rogan is not a horse.  I strongly recommend you read Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s book The Real Anthony Fauci because the one we can barely see when he’s standing right in front of us is a disinformant.  List him!

Lest you think disinformation is a male-only disease and therefore a tool of the patriarchy, here are a few women you should keep both eyes on.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

Don’t let those wandering eyes fool you, this lady has the tunnel vision of a stone-cold assassin of the truth.  Like her senior disinformant Al Gore she is pushing that the earth is going to implode because not everyone drives a Tesla.  What’s worse, she’s telling everyone to hate free speech champion Elon Musk who works at Tesla, so nobody from NY is going to want to buy Teslas.  It’s a no win situation for Mother Earth with this lady! She also said border agents were whipping mostly illegal immigrants (they were found not-guilty), and she said Republicans want to date her knowing full well she’s married and can’t date anyone.  When you put her on your list remember she spells it A-l-e-x-a-n-d-r-i-a.

Jen Psaki (current Biden Administration Press Secretary)

To quote another woman who deserves to be heard: “If your lips are moving then you lie, lie, lie baby.”

  • Meghan Trainor (Grammy Award-winning non-disinformation artist)

Don’t let this Little Red Riding All Over the Truth munchkin get over on you.  She’s four foot ten inches of Big Bad Disinformation Wolf in sheep’s clothing. At least that’s what Tucker Carlson says, and he has the receipts.


No doubt you are hiring at your office so I’m sure you will be flooded with applications.  If my Spidey senses are correct you will find a good number of them having worked for CNN. Might I suggest you pass on these folks just on principle?  CNN has been caught spreading disinformation like venereal diseases.  That’s not a metaphor, there staff includes a TON of sexual predators and perverts.  Literally, their combined weight has to be close to 2,000 pounds.  In fact I can’t think of any CNN staff that aren’t. Yet another reason to avoid them like the coming plague. Names to look out for include:


  • Jeffrey “Zoomin” Toobin
  • Don “Wash That Off With Some” Lemon
  • Chris “All Hands Team” Cuomo
  • John “Is That Your Daughter?” Griffin
  • Rick “Saleezy” Saleeby
  • Brian “Pursed Lips” Stelter (no charges, yet)


Gosh, this is a neat opportunity to really clean up our government and protect the American people from words.  What an honor.

I almost forgot, my last request.  I am the world’s first and only Professional Fake News Reporter.  In fact, I am disappointed that so many of these “journalists” are trying to butt in on my territory.  If you would please provide the working definitions of disinformation and misinformation as well as journalism and satire, and perhaps maybe a MASTER CLASS so we can all get on the same page that would be awesome.

Yours In The Fight For Freedom,

Jon K. Bananas

World’s First and Only Truly Fake News Reporter – Vermont Daily Chronicle & Granite Grok

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(Former) Computer Repair Shop Owner Files Multi-Million Dollar Law Suit

Libertarian Leanings - Wed, 2022-05-04 12:58 +0000

Miranda Devine, New York Post:  Repairman who revealed Hunter Biden laptop sues Schiff, CNN, Politico and The Daily Beast

The Delaware computer repairman who blew the whistle on Hunter Biden’s laptop — filed a multi-million-dollar defamation suit Tuesday against Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, CNN, The Daily Beast and Politico, saying they falsely accused him of peddling Russian disinformation.

The former shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac, decided to fight back after losing his business and being harassed for 18 months by Big Tech, the media and Delaware locals in President Biden’s home state.

“After fighting to reveal the truth, all I want now is for the rest of the country to know that there was a collective and orchestrated effort by social and mainstream media to block a real story with real consequences for the nation,” the 45-year-old Mac Isaac told The Post.

“This was collusion led by 51 former pillars in the intelligence community and backed by words and actions of a politically motivated DOJ and FBI,” he continued. “I want this lawsuit to reveal that collusion and more importantly, who gave the marching orders.”

Read the rest here.

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The Sky Is Falling but the Government Is Here to Help. Is It?

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 12:00 +0000

The climate changes but the political movement that seeks to address climate change couldn’t care less. They can’t predict it and even if it were real could never do a thing about it. But they can and do scare the crap out of people which is the only true goal.

Climate change is about economic control. State power. And what does the State want to do? Make itself big and rich and impenetrable. COVID policy was a high step in that direction. If they’d realized this 40 years ago they’d have ditched the Grateful Dead and faked a pandemic instead of wasting all this time and money on Global warming.

Of course, it may not have worked then. It might be that the generations raised under the cloud of emissions armageddon were the ones they were waiting for. A perfect storm of patsies willing to listen to follow chicken’s little.

The sky is falling but hey, the government is here to help. Is it?

Over in the UK, where they’ve been working longer and harder on destroying the legacy of Magna Carta and all that, 45 percent of “young people” worry about climate change. Many of them are uncertain about the future to such a degree they don’t want to have children.

I’m not sure I’d want that sort of person raising a new generation of serfs but doesn’t that just play into the goals of the overpopulation crowd? And it gets better at least for the ruling elite.

One young woman is so distressed about the plastic used on food packaging. She feels compelled to use food that’s not pre-packaged to save the planet but appears incapable or unwilling to embrace the time and energy needed to prepare food that’s not pre-packaged.

She is a product of public education and life trapped in a noise machine forever advertising not just a fake problem but its fake solution whose product is a form of mental illness.  She has an eating disorder. One that could kill her. And the climate lie is to blame.

It’s child abuse. A form of brainwashing that produces useless young adults who feel trapped and unable to cope.

The response by the government? Taxpayer-funded therapists. Bigger, more powerful, more intrusive, more expensive government.

And what will they counsel? The government line. So this young woman, and everyone like her, is doomed to a life of anxiety and dependence, in a world of crime and subsistence if not impoverished living by design.

And they say freedom is messy.




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Safeguard the Precious Treasure of Freedom

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 10:00 +0000


Do not allow the current political climate to affect your spirit or diminish your energy. Also, do not allow anger and frustration to control your life. If you do, we all lose. Remember, you are not alone. There are over 100 million of us. If we are united, we can move mountains.

Serving America is everyone’s duty. You do not need to be an elected official. Besides, most so-called elected officials care only about one thing: Power.

Power is an aphrodisiac. It’s a drug. Look how many worthless Senators we have in the US Senate who have been there for over 40 or 50 years. The United States Senate is like a fraternity. The most exclusive club in the history of the modern United States. I am talking about both parties.

I remember when we sent Ted Cruz to Washington because he wanted to rock the boat. Immediately, the good ol’ boys in the Senate started to attack him, including Texas Senator John Cornyn. Why? Because he was not part of the club yet.

We need term limits now. What role does the Senate play if it does not represent the people’s interest? We must have term limits.

Friends, freedom may suffer and retreat periodically, and tyranny may advance occasionally. Yet, we, free people, will meet any challenge and pay any price to safeguard the precious treasure of freedom. It is in our Constitution. We have done what it took in the past, and we must do what it takes now and in the future to safeguard liberty and our precious Constitution.


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Gunstock Commish Kiedaisch: My ByLaws Trump State Statutes. Gilford School Board: Brava!

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 01:30 +0000

This is the status of Civics nowadays – by “grown-ups” old enough to know better (and better educated, supposedly).

OUT: Constitution first, then State Law, perhaps County Law/regulations, followed by town ordinances/school board policies

IN: We’re just gonna do whatever we want to get our desired outcome.

RIP: The Rule of Law.

So, first for Gunstock Area Commissioner Gary Kiedaisch.  I’ve been going through the Gunstock Area Commission (“GAC”) meeting minutes (as I said here) to get a better idea of what has and what hasn’t been going on as I’m admittedly the Johnny-come-lately to this scene. So, I have to work harder and read a lot more.  THIS was a wonderful gem to find uttered by GA Commish Gary Kiedaisch as he’s been letting everyone around know just how good and great his corporate skills as a CEO are. Don’t believe me?  Just ask him. He’ll stand there and regale you with a ton of credits as he did during his testimony before the Senate Committee on HB1397 – droning on and on.  In fact, he thinks that the enabling statute for Gunstock, RSA 399, needs to be bolstered such that only high-powered CEO of multi-million companies should be appointed (and disregarding his fellow Commissioners who started and built their own multi-million dollar enterprises, unlike him, from scratch). Minutes from January 19, 2022:

Vice-Chair Kiedaisch asked the delegation to consider his suggestions for more stringent candidate qualifications as he believes the Enable Statute is weak in that regard.

Like I said – like him.  Me? I think those that better understand that the Gunstock Mountain Resort needs better overwatchers that are more attuned to being a government agency, first, that tries to be more business-like in operations instead of those that hate anything that gets in their way – including State Laws (March 1, 2022):

When G. Kiedaisch kept referencing the GAC ByLaws, D. Strang (a relatively new Commissioner and former State Rep) stated “Bylaws don’t trump RSAs,” to which G. Kiedaisch replied,
yes, they do”.

In the same way, the Gilford School Board is legally aligned with Commish Kiedaisch in that it also believes its Policies trump State Law, and further, trump both the US and NH Constitutions in this Dillon’s Rule State that says otherwise. Being a “Board” with two members leaving and two members joining, and that my lawyer had just filed the newest amended lawsuit, I once again decided to review its history and, once again, give the Board the chance to agree to pull Policy JBAB (Transgender and non-Conforming) as it violates Free Speech clauses in both the US and NH Constitutions and codifies that it forces its staff to lie to Parents about the transgender status of their children.

Here’s the general part of my speech to the Board. And true to form, once again, they did the “Easter Island stone-faced Moa Statutes” impression – say nothing, do nothing. So, seeing the Elementary Principal sitting off to my left, I decided to force the Board to see what it is forcing its staff to do – lie to parents.  It is CLEAR that she was very uncomfortable as I put her on the spot in public when I deliberately asked to prove my point:

What is the transgender status of my son?

My reasoning was that after asking during Board meetings, sending them emails, putting in Right To Know demands, I had received nothing from the Board. No justification as to WHY they could do such a Policy – just nothing back from them.  My comport was generally rather nice (and yes, sometimes with a bit snark and vehemence thrown in for good measure) for almost 2 years, but I did do the Carpe Diem thing to show the Board what would happen if some parent, like moi, actually interrogating them in real life.

And yes, even though she is a nice lady, I had run out of ideas and options. I wanted to make it real, personal, and in the Board’s face. Policies can be very impersonal for those putting them into place – and very difficult situations for the “Board’s underlings” to actually carry out said Policy.  I also, during the second Public Comment session, following up on what “Christine” (during the first Public Comment session) said about the Board NOT responding to folks.  This, too, is a nationwide action by School Boards – refusal to engage with the rabble that elected them to office. I do wish that the bill I had submitted to the NH House had passed – it would have FORCED them to answer constituent questions:

Oh, I’m quite sure I’ll be blamed for doing so. Afterwards, Anthony Sperazzo, High School Principal, said I used her like a political pawn. When I asked what HIS solution would be after not receiving two simple answers to my two concerns (what is RSA #1 and RSA #2 that gives the School Board such Powers), he offered bupkiss. No solution at all. His only response was not about the root problem but only in how I was trying to get the point across.

Rule of Law? Hardly. But I’m betting a real expert on pronoun usage (or non-usage, as the case might be).

How do the kids learn from their elders when their elders can’t fathom what are the real issues of the day and determine the real priority ladder for them?

Or is it just me that still believes in First Things First and that they are the MOST important? We all will be in a world of hurt if gender identity continues to trump the Rule of Law.

Because that will mean a lot of other things will as well – and some of them, decidedly, won’t be liked by the Left.

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The Internet Didn’ Kill Libraries But Emily Drabinski Might

Granite Grok - Wed, 2022-05-04 00:00 +0000

Back when almost everyone and everything was trying desperately to get or “be” online the culture posited some ideas about what that might mean. Would we need paper anymore (the paperless office) and what about libraries?

Offices have as much paper as they ever did and libraries, well, we still have them but after the elevation of Emily Drabinski as President of the American Library Association, you might not want them.


According to her bio, [the self-identified Marxist Lesbian] … doesn’t view libraries as an aggregation of knowledge for the improvement of individuals. Instead, libraries are meant to create mass movements for the “public good”:

I believe in building worker power as a means of transforming our workplaces, communities, and ourselves. I am running for president of the American Library Association because I believe our institutions—school, public, academic, and special libraries—are fundamental infrastructures of the public good. This crucial moment calls for leadership that understands the importance of mass movements for restoring and expanding investments in us. We must help our publics understand the connections between our daily practices of selection, acquisition, description, circulation, and preservation of information to broader movements for a more just society.

Talk about a hack. Nothing about Marxism results in the public good.


Drabinksi is very clear about the role libraries should play in America and it’s not about improving each individual:

Equity as action.

Social and economic justice and racial equity requires that we make a material difference in the lives of library workers and patrons who have for too long been denied power and opportunity on the basis of race, gender, sexuality, national origin, spoken language, and disability. As ALA president, I will direct resources and opportunities to a diverse cross section of the association and advance a public agenda that puts organizing for justice at the center of library work.


All of this helped the voting members of the ALA pick her to take charge in 2023 and it is a journey they would like public libraries to take along with those who frequent them.

A journey we could just as easily take online or, on the evening news, in most public schools, increasingly in “Christian” churches, on almost any university campus, on professional sports fields, and countless other places.

In other words, if the library was ever a place to escape that (excepting the occasional Drag Queen Story Hour), that safe space may soon be dead.

At least we’ve got online research, right? At least until the DHS ministry of truth finds out.



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After Subway Picked Megan Rapinoe as Spokesperson a Lot of Their Customers Decided to “Take a Knee”

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-03 22:30 +0000

Megan Rapinoe is a millionaire athlete who whines about her pay, kneels for the Anthem, and is entitled to her less than uplifting opinion of America and the majority white population. And she owns it, so props there. But someone at Subway thought that’d make for a great spokesperson.

Many franchisees were reportedly unhappy with the choice, and things went about how you’d expect with Rapinoe fronting the brand.

Subway closed 1,609 locations in COVID Year One (2020) and, after adding Rapinoe in 2021, watched as another 1,043 were shuttered in 2021. Hey! That’s almost 600 fewer, yeah? See! Success. Sure, like any good progressive, managing the decline.

Could we say that a lot of Subway’s customers took a knee?




And yes, this may be just a product of the natural order of things. Businesses rise and fall all the time, many of them after decades of success or even dominance.

But while Subway survived Jared, who turned out to be a pedophile and went to prison, can it survive Megan? Can the company leadership? How about their marketing team and advertising firm?

She can’t complain. She gets paid to do ads no matter how crappy the economy or the sales, so the folks at Subway Headquarters might want to consider someone else since things aren’t looking up, someone cheap.

Kamal Harris isn’t busy.



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Roe v. Wade…Where is Disinfo Czar

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-03 21:00 +0000

There is absolutely no limit to the lengths Liberals will go to manipulate elections. You cannot call it stealing elections, for that will get you banned from most Social Media platforms.

By all parties involved, this act to leak an internal memo from the Supreme Court regarding the possibility of the Court overturning Roe V. Wade is grand larceny.

On Monday evening, the leftist website Politico reported that a clerk at the highest Court disclosed that the United States Supreme Court was poised to overturn Roe V. Wade. This story, along with the media meltdown that immediately erupted, resulted in people taking to the steps of SCOTUS to show support for abortion rights.

Whether this is a factual story or a ploy by Liberals to redirect the midterm momentum, there are many ramifications. That is the story here, as we can debate Roe v. Wade should a decision come down.

To emphasize how important this story is to the Left, you only need to see media outlets labeling the leaker as a hero. If true, the individual who passed the memo to Politico has destroyed the credibility of the last bastion of integrity in our political system.

We will need to uncover the person who delivered the documents to Politico before knowing the person’s motive. Leaking the draft of the ruling will not sway a justice to change a vote. I believe this breach of security was done to influence the midterm elections. Biden has put all Democrat candidates in such a hole with his horrific performance that they needed a blockbuster issue to rile the Democrat base. No issue is more volatile and emotional than abortion.

There are significant issues that are impacting every American. The highest inflation in 50 years, the highest gas prices in history, the removal of our Southern Border and sovereignty, over 100,000 Fentanyl deaths a year, and a weakening of our national security are not enough to stoke the emotions of Democrats. But threaten to restrict the opportunity for a woman to kill her unborn fetus, and you have people marching in protest.

Many go to hyperbole to claim that an issue threatens our Democracy or Republic. This violation of the security and trust that has existed since the beginning of our country attempts to corrupt the High Court. Of all facets of our government, none have the trust and respect of the American people like the Supreme Court and its Justices.

The Supreme Court has a Police Force, but the FBI has been called to head up the investigation. The FBI does not conjure trust, but it is the only department that can handle an investigation of this magnitude. The leaking of info is not a crime in itself but should the leaker lie about their actions, they will have broken the line.

You can see by the comments from Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, and other Democrats that they will get the most mileage possible from this situation. They are making the leap from Abortion Rights to including same-sex marriage issues to inflame as many on the Left as possible.

There is also talk about the consequences the leaker will face when uncovered. That will depend significantly on the person’s position in the Court. Suffice that the Court and Conservatives will want harsh treatment while the Left will be looking for leniency. The Left is going on the record calling the leaker Brave and a Hero. That makes it quite clear how different the thinking is on both sides of the argument.

This story will have more legs than most. We, on the right, cannot allow this to cloud all of the other issues impacting this country. The Left wants to obscure all of the issues drawing Biden down in the polls and every Democrat with him. That pressure has to stay in place, and that is our job. Let’s take off the gloves and fight dirty like the Left. It is our only chance to take back this country.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Doc Brix Says, Get Ready for That COVID Summer Spike I (Sort of) Predicted

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-03 19:30 +0000

Some states have flipped the script on COVID reporting, and it makes it look like there are fewer hospitalizations than under previous “rules” for such things. Everything about COVID reporting is suspect, but in that article, I predicted something, and they are already preparing us for it.

Here is my admitted generalization, emphasis added.


[V]accinated of all ages [are] getting the flu in spring and summer when cases used to drop, and you’ve got another vaccine-fraud nightmare.

If you change the reporting to hide the incline, your failed vaccine doesn’t look as bad. It also leaves room to report a dramatic spike in “hospitalizations” in the future to justify mail-in-ballot mules (again) before a midterm election (or something).

So, a prediction: watch for more “guidance” before the end of the summer that flips the latest tack on its head and back to the old way of lying about things COVID.


A day or two later, I wasn’t even looking, and I tripped over this (digitally) and laughed out loud. My wife and dog both looked at me as if to say what? What is it now?


The US should prepare for a possible summer surge of Covid-19 cases across Southern states, former White House Coronavirus Response Task Force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx told CBS on Sunday morning.

It’s now predictable that the South will see surges in the summer and Northern states will see surges in the winter — especially around the holidays, Birx said.


I have more than a few issues with this. First of all, we should never have flu surges in the summer, IN THE SOUTH. More sun, more vitamin D, and you know what? I’ll tell (that’s why you’re here, right?) there will be no flu surge among the unvaccinated, especially if they get enough C, D, and zinc.

So, what does that mean? I know you know!

We’ll get the surge among the vaccinated, and that’s the new normal, but Brix never goes there.


“This is what we have to be prepared for in this country. We should be preparing right now for a potential surge in the summer across the Southern United States because we saw it in 2020 and we saw it in 2021.”


And Pfizer will try to sell more Paxlovid (which also doesn’t work). And up north, they’ll be able – if they desire – to change the reporting to get whatever result they want because that’s how this works. Even at its worst, COVID never pushed all-cause mortality about normal because…say it with me…99.6+ percent of people who test positive will live to tell the tale.


The average age for death with or from COVID is…above the average life expectancy for the average American – a number that is going down (life expectancy). And not because of COVID19 or its variant offspring, but due to COVID policy and its so-called cure.




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Islam’s Code of Conduct

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-03 18:00 +0000

All human groups live by codes of conduct and beliefs. The codes are far from uniform, either in context or formality. Yet they all serve the critical function of being a prescription of behaviors that enhance the welfare of the group and proscribe those that undermine it.

In tandem with the emergence of the code of conduct is the practice of rituals. While the code of conduct secures order within the group, rituals give it a sense of identity, essential for the solidarity of the “in-group” against the ever-present threats of the “out-group.”

Over time, the code of conduct and rituals merge, to various degrees, to serve the group. Some examples are religious ceremonies, secular observances, and a mixture of the two.

A code of conduct requires enforcement. The physically strong, and perhaps more cunning, emerge as group leaders and enforcers — Chiefs, Sheiks, Earls, Lords, and Kings are continuations of this line of authority. Yet all along there was a realization that an authority or authorities with much greater powers transcend that of human beings. The ancient Greeks’ various gods and the pre-Islamic idolaters of the Arabian Peninsula represent this line of thinking.

Among some human groupings, the utilitarian value of prescriptions and proscriptions for the group evolved in the belief of opposing superhuman powers. Good things, such as bountiful rain, great harvests, and plentiful game, for instance, were seen as the offerings of the benevolent superhuman, while famine, earthquakes, plagues, and so forth were attributed to the actions of the malevolent superhuman. The Zoroastrians’ concept of Ahuramazda, the god of good, and Ahriman, the lord of evil, represents this line of belief.

At some point, monotheism appeared on the scene. The Abrahamic religions represent this line of development. One Supreme Being was posited as the all-powerful, all-everything author of the universe. It simplified things greatly. No need to supplicate many gods, or please one and antagonize another. This Supreme Being communicated with humans through intermediaries of his choosing, or so some claimed. And through these intermediaries, he prescribed laws and ordinances.

Obedience to his laws attracted his blessings and disobedience incurred his wrath, often administered by human agencies in this world, with more to come in the purported next world.

The God of the monotheist is a hands-on God. And Islam’s Allah is extremely hands-on. He leaves virtually no room for anything or anyone to do anything without his full knowledge and authorization.

Sigmund Freud

In more recent times, another form of evolution appeared on the scene. The work of Sigmund Freud represents this line of development. God was marginalized. God was reduced to a hypothetical father figure, a figment of man’s imagination, who would reward or punish his children depending on their actions. And the duality superhuman dual deity of Ahuramazda and Ahriman were personalized within each person. The Id, a version of Ahriman, was posited as representing the impulsive, the ungoverned by the code of conduct, the amoral, devoted exclusively to self-gratification. The Superego, a version of Ahuramazda, was invoked as the law-abiding, the moral, and cares for others.

As I studied philosophy, and religion and delved more deeply into these subjects, I became deeply attracted to the inexhaustible treasure of Iran’s exquisite history, fine arts, and poetry. Along the way, I learned about and revered Cyrus the Great and a host of other Iranians who personified all that is good and in line with the great benevolent God, Ahuramazda. The more I learned and witnessed Islam, the more it repelled me, for it is much more in accord with that of the agent of evil, Ahriman.

Islam’s effect

Islam glorifies death by calling its killers soldiers of Allah. Islam preaches superiority of the in-group, and the inferiority of the “other.” It is a creed steeped in the superstition that demands blind obedience to authority and prohibits just about every form of freedom — the very precious gift of the Creator Ahuramazda that makes us human. Everything in Islam is black and white. One is either Muslim — good — or non-Muslim — evil. Men are superior, women are subservient. This life is worthless and should be offered for the pleasure of Allah as defined by the clergy.

I could not believe that this life is worthless. The Creator did not create anything worthless. Every last one of his creations, down to subatomic particles, is worthy in the grand scheme of things. To me, the idea of human life as worthless made the claim itself worthless.

The more I studied Islam, the more I became convinced that Islam is a creed of ignorant people in a primitive age. It is fixated on time and place; it harbors the ambition of taking the 21st-century world back fourteen centuries and ruling it by its dogma of intolerance, injustice, and death. Yet Islam is not only an obsolete vestige of a defunct era, but itself is an infinitely fractured belief that can hardly put its own house in order. The numerous Islamic sects are at each other’s throats. Subsects and schools despise one another as much as they hate non-Muslims. Hatred, not love, drives Islam.

I came to the realization that the root cause of all Muslims’ degradation and suffering is Islam itself. It is distressing to witness Islam making headway in traditionally non-Islamic lands. Masses of brainwashed faithful semi-literate Muslims, badly underserved in their own native lands, are moving to countries where “infidels” welcome them with material benefits denied them in their own homeland, as well as the liberty to subvert the very societies that provide refuge.

Even more distressing are those good-hearted simpleton non-Muslims who are up in arms defending the rights of Muslims to practice their religion in free societies such as the United States of America. These well-meaning, badly misguided folks don’t realize that practicing Islam fully requires subverting and destroying any and all non-Islamic beliefs and practices. All one needs to see this deadly aspect of Islam is to examine how Islam is practiced in places such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, and even the so-called more moderate Islamic states such as Egypt.

There is considerable allure in submission to a powerful god that is willing and able to take care of the person. It is not a bad arrangement. The problem is that all past claimants have invariably been proven to be either frauds or failures in honoring their part of the bargain. Islam is no exception. A cursory glance is enough to show the condition of Muhammad’s flock. In spite of huge material wealth, Muslims in the oil-rich countries are imprisoned in the paralyzing mentality of submission and all the terrible ancillaries that go with it.

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Meme Overflow

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-03 16:30 +0000

As promised in the last Monday Memes, I have an overflow. My meme cup runneth over. In general, I’m seeing a lot more come through… people are definitely getting inspired, and some of them are enormously creative IMHO.

Now, let the mayhem, mockery, and ridicule resume:




My favorite of this batch:



And make it clear that “… promote the general welfare…” means that some future power-hungry crowd can’t squeeze everything they want into this.

Also, IMHO, add:

  • Term limits for everyone
  • No law can be longer than the Constitution and must explicitly cite the part of the Constitution from which it draws its authority

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The DISINFO Czar is Not the Issue

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-03 15:00 +0000

Over the last week, we have been caught up in the appointment of Nina Jankowicz as the person to head up the new Disinformation Governance Board created by the Biden Administration to be overseen by DHS.

We have heard her sing ad nauseam and heard all about her beliefs that were found to be misinformation over the last few years. 

Like all of Biden’s appointments in his administration, Jankowicz appears on paper to be absolutely incompetent for the job as it is designed. My position is I do not care who Biden would nominate or appoint to head a disinformation board. My position is that no such board should ever be formed. Period.

It is evident that this plan is a knee-jerk reaction to the Elon Musk purchase of Twitter and his commitment to return it to a Free Speech platform. The administration is paranoid about losing control of even one facet of the Internet or mainstream media. If they cannot control the content on Twitter, then they will need to counter it with their version of the story. The government has no place on either side of that equation.

I think we need to be attacking the Board and not be diverted by the individuals the Biden administration is using as smokescreens. Some say former President Obama alluded to such a board recently.

Former Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard implied that former President Barack Obama devised the formation of President Biden’s recently announced Disinformation Governance Board, which critics have likened to the “Ministry of Truth” from George Orwell’s 1984.

“Biden is just a front man,” Gabbard tweeted Sunday. “Obama, April 21: social media censors ‘don’t go far enough,’ so the government needs to step in to do the job. Six days later, Homeland Security rolls out the ‘Ministry of Truth’ (aka Disinformation Governance Board).”

Gabbard’s tweet was about Obama’s speech at Stanford University last week. He declared that tech companies have an obligation to more strictly police disinformation and called for the government to facilitate that.

“Now the good news is that almost all the big tech platforms now acknowledge some responsibility for content on their platforms, and they’re investing in large team of people to monitor it,” Obama said during the speech. “Given the sheer volume of content, this strategy can feel like a game of Whack-A-Mole.”

So, the President who spied on Candidate Trump, President Trump, lied about the Russian Conspiracy, and Steele Dosier wants the government to have control of the content. The President, who had 50 of his top security officials deny the existence of the Hunter Biden Laptop, intends to have a singing Czar moderate the Internet. And Obama and Biden want the head of the DHS who has lied to Americans for fifteen months about the status of the border, has destroyed our sovereignty and made us a less safe country than we were under Trump overseeing this czar. No thanks.

The Board is not only un-American but unconstitutional. This is a direct violation of our First Amendment. And the amazing thing is that the same people who see Elon Musk and a Free Speech Twitter as a “threat to democracy” are okay with the government going George Orwell on us. The world is truly upside down, and we cannot allow the Biden administration to take another blow to America and the Constitution.



Ray Writes for and the Liberty Loft

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Is the Dems COVID Vaxx Obsession Causing This Rare Uterine Disorder?

Granite Grok - Tue, 2022-05-03 13:30 +0000

A medical condition has raised its ugly head as a statistically significant number of women have reported a rare disorder that is not so rare since the mad rush to inject millions with the COVID19 vaccines. The faithful will (of course) dismiss it as another coincidence.

Athletes are dropping dead. Healthy children develop chronic heart issues. All-cause mortality in the 20-50 age group spikes. Miscarriages. Nothing to see here. Just move along. But before we do.


A new scientific research paper published in The Gazette of Medical Sciences on April 21, 2022 showed an alarming, unprecedented spike in reported cases of a previously extremely rare gynecological condition called membranous dysmenorrhea, or “decidual cast shedding” (DCS).

This trend began in 2021, as Covid vaccines were being widely distributed to the U.S. population, according to the paper.

The uterus disorder DCS occurs when the entire lining of the uterus sheds and exits the body in one piece, say scientists. They say the process can be extremely painful.

Prior to Covid, there were fewer than 40 cases of the uterus disorder reported in the medical literature over the previous 109 years, according to researchers.


We went from 0.4 reported cases per year over a little more than a century to “292 women [who] reported having a DCS uterus disorder event over 7.5 months in 2021.” That’s just under 40 cases per month.

One (reported) case every two years to (potentially) 480 in one year.

If it’s not the vaccine, is it Joe Biden? He became president in 2021. Or Kamal Harris?

Wait, it’s Vladimir Putin’s fault! That’s it! Of course, he didn’t invade Ukraine until 2022, so that sleight of hand will take some linguistic gymnastics, but nothing is impossible for the ministry of truth – seeing as we have one now.

They’ll make sure we know what’s what.

But it wasn’t the mRNA vaccines. Nope. No chance. A 900% increase in frequency in the wake of a massive injection campaign. It’s another right-wing conspiracy.

At least until a man pretending to be a woman pretends to come down with it in his pretend uterus. Then we can blame it on Global Warming.




HT – Sherryl Atkinson  | GMS

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