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Radical Agenda EP344 – Canadistani Chats

Christopher Cantwell - Mon, 2017-08-21 14:04 +0000

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking with Dan Dicks from, and Karen Straughan aka GirlWritesWhat of Honey Badger Radio. Both of these fine content producers live in Canada, where discussing subject matter like we discuss on the Radical Agenda can get you destroyed, even if you don’t show up at something the Jew media paints as a terrorist attack.

Radical Agenda EP344 – Canadistani Chats

Due to this reality, I want to applaud their courage. Even speaking to me, puts them in a great deal of danger. The fact that they spoke so frankly, and allowed me to get my ideas across, without virtue signaling like communists, speaks volumes to their integrity.

As for me, I’m awaiting word from my attorney as to how I should proceed next. I expect to be in jail before the end of the day.


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Radical Agenda EP343 – Hopefully Not The Last

Christopher Cantwell - Sun, 2017-08-20 16:05 +0000

Tomorrow I’m more than likely going to find myself in a cage facing decades in prison. So I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m a little worn out, and too emotional to do a live show. This saddens me more than anything because I really want to take your calls, but it’s just not possible.

Radical Agenda EP343 – Hopefully Not The Last

Presuming I make bail, I hope I’ll be able to continue doing the show. I suspect they might make my silence a condition of my bail, and though I would prefer to resist such an order, I would be similarly silenced by staying in jail.

I should be able to beat these charges. I have done nothing wrong. Sadly, I have no confidence that my innocence alone will result in a not guilty verdict. More sadly, I have no confidence in the desire or ability of the authorities to protect me, and millions of people want to kill me. So as I wipe the tears from my eyes, I must tell you that it is entirely possible that this will be the last time you hear from me.

That is certainly not my preference, but I am comfortable with this outcome. When I became radicalized 8 years ago, I had already decided I was willing to lay down my life for a cause. I’ve found myself in the middle of several causes since then, and I’m very glad I never had to die for any of them, because this is the most worthy one I’ve been in proximity to. I consider this sacrifice my highest honor to date.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to serve alongside all of you.

I have authorized Augustus Invictus to act on my behalf in terms of fundraisers for my defense. I have intentionally not started one yet. Expect every dirty trick in the book (and a few new ones) to be thrown at me and all who stand beside me.

What you’re about to listen to is going to make you angry, but I want to make it very clear that I encourage calm amongst our people. My case will not be helped by escalation of this conflict, but that is not important. What is important is the longevity of our movement. This conflict is far from over, and we cannot afford further casualties. If you act violently, you do a disservice to me, to our race, and to our nation. If you must defend yourselves, use the least amount of force possible, and record everything. If they make a martyr out of me, you’ll know that there are no more arguments to be made.

In the meantime, your job is to be fruitful and multiply. If you don’t have a girlfriend, hit the gym, and get one. If you have a girlfriend, marry her and knock her up without undue delay. Be industrious. Our enemies shutting us out of their economy presents us with a magnificent opportunity for profit. If you’re a young guy in school, learn a programming language. Build market alternatives to the kikery that currently plagues our media and financial systems.

For the fake news kike cocksuckers who are tuning in for the first time, the clip of me talking before the music is an old clip originally titled “Begging for a leftist revolution”. I recorded this during an episode of the Radical Agenda which aired shortly after the 2016 election. Prophetic, ain’t it? I remind you that I’m discussing defensive force, as always. So when you take it out of context to make me a monster, I hope you remind yourself that you’re a lying piece of filth who deserves to die when you go to bed at night. If you doubt my sincerity, listen to episode 318.

The Battle of Charlottesville song is by one Paddy Tarleton. He is a very talented musician who just lost his job because our enemies hate his art. He’s about to marry a very wonderful woman, and he could probably use our help.

After that and the introduction, I lay out some of the more recent details of my precarious situation. Then I read a few of the recent blog posts I made here. After that there are a series of recorded phone calls I had with various media outlets including Vice News, the Keene Sentinel, NHPR, the Huffington Post, the New Hampshire Union Leader, the Associated Press, Digg, NBC, the New York Times, and News2Share, in that order.

I apologize in advance for the bad audio, if one of you can fix it in Audacity and get it back to me before I go to jail, I’ll happily replace this file with yours.

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Decentralized Freedom Festivals Rise in Friendly Competition to Porcfest 2017

Free Keene - Fri, 2017-08-18 16:53 +0000

Will Coley’s Five-Hour Rave at Somaliafest & Shirefest 2017

Last year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival, Will Coley of Muslims 4 Liberty threw and was the DJ for what people have said was the best party at Porcfest 2016. This year, Will again performed at Roger’s Campground as an electronic music DJ and played for five straight hours, two hours of which was beyond the campground’s “quiet time” of 11pm! However, Will’s party was not held during Porcfest 2017 – it happened during the new decentralized festival(s) that are taking place before Porcfest happens.

Depending on who you asked, the people on the campground from Friday June 16th through Tuesday the 20th were either attending Somaliafest or Shirefest. Other festivals sprung up over the weekend as Shire Dude proclaimed that the rule of Shirefest is that every attendee has to have their own fest. Some people were having fun with this idea, and it really encompasses the decentralized nature of these friendly competitors of the longtime king of Summer camping freedom festivals, Porcfest.

Please note, this article is not intended to be an attack against the people who have run Porcfest over the years. They did their best in a largely thankless role to make the various Porcfests successful. I’m writing this to assess the question of whether centralizing Porcfest harmed the event and introduce the competition, which are not centralized.

Despite generally philosophizing about the benefits of decentralization, some libertarians have embraced centralization in the process of creating the liberty movement’s largest and most successful camping freedom festival. Depending on what needs to be done, centralization can provide some benefits. However, there are costs involved. Some would argue the centralization of Porcfest’s organization led to its decline. Let’s look closer at what happened. First, for those of you newer to the ongoing New Hampshire Freedom Migration, a little history:

Did centralization harm Porcfest?

The first Porcfest was actually called “Escape to New Hampshire” and it happened in 2003 before the Free State Project‘s first 5,000 members had yet to hold their historic vote later that same year where New Hampshire was chosen as the destination for the world’s most successful libertarian migratory project. New Hampshire won the vote overwhelmingly and later the Free State Project took over running the festival as “Porcfest“, or the Porcupine Freedom Festival.

Originally a weekend event, Porcfest eventually expanded to a whole seven days, Sunday through Sunday and became the most talked-about and well-attended freedom camping festival in the liberty movement. At its peak it attracted as many as 1700 attendees from around the globe.

There’s no doubt Porcfest has been an incredible success over its fourteen years, but did that happen because of the organization behind the event or in spite of it? Or both?

Speaking with longtime Porcfest attendees reveals what you might expect – everyone has an opinion. Certainly the Porcfest organizers can never satisfy everyone – that’s understandable. However organizations, as they get larger and more political, tend to make decisions that are bewilderingly bad and for which they deserve critique. For instance, earlier this decade an epic food operation was being run very successfully at the Rogers Campground pavilion by a dedicated crew of Porcfest attendees who worked from sunup to late nights serving hungry festival attendees along with the campground’s regular Summer renters.

Mandrik’s Epic Food Service Operation at Porcfest 2013

After a couple of years of this smashing success, the Porcfest organizers told the pavilion food crew that they’d need to provide free food to Porcfest staff, and only serve food to people wearing the Porcfest wristbands. That would mean they couldn’t serve the park regulars, who were good customers too. They refused the festival’s demands then made that their last year serving and ultimately attending Porcfest. The Pavillion has never been used for food service in any Porcfest since. That same year the organizers also tried to dramatically raise the sponsorship rates for longtime festival sponsors, in what was an apparent attempt to drive them out and make room for big new-money bitcoin sponsors who would be easier to get to pay more.

Porcfest was getting expensive. They were paying who knows how much money for not only the campground facilities but also all the fancy big-named speakers they were having attend the event. Was turning off longtime sponsors and vendors the right way to pay for those costs? I say no.

The event became more controlling around 2013, its tenth iteration. More restrictive vendor policies came into play. Gone were the days when vendors, both food and otherwise, would self-organize and setup wherever they liked. At one point they even charged an extra fee to new vendors, which drove at least one that I know of away. This year, vendors reported only getting one comped event ticket for their vendor fees, despite having received two in previous years.

Most of this ugly behind-the-scenes stuff was kept there, generally, for the sake of having a good event, especially for newbies. However, word gets around, and the ever-increasing rules and micromanagement has worn away at multiple vendors who have dropped out over the years.

Porcfest security was actually seen searching vehicles for this man in 2014.

However, the increased control mentality eventually spilled into public view. While in its original years, anyone could come and stay at Rogers whether they were a Porcfest attendee or not, that is no longer the case. In recent years, security volunteers have guarded the entrance to the campground, checking people for wristbands. Attendees and organizers I spoke with say Porcfest security lightened up on the wristband checks this year, thankfully. The worst year was a few years back when they were actually searching cars after Chris Cantwell successfully trolled them into thinking he was going to be speaking on someone’s campsite! I saw one of the vehicle searches happen.

As you can imagine, restrictive policies like this cause no shortage of controversy and discussion in the freedom community. Sure, it’s a private event, and they get to set the rules, but should there really be strictures like that behind a “Freedom Festival”?

Those who say more freedom is the answer decided to launch festivals to provide friendly, decentralized competition to Porcfest this year. First announced was Somaliafest, the organizers of which are unknown. Someone or some group picked a name and made a website. Some people promoted it, and a few dozen people showed up this year, camped out with other libertarians and had a good time. Since Porcfest this year cut the length of their event from Sun-Sun to Wed-Sun, the Somaliafesters chose the five days prior to Wed the 20th to hold their event. Despite Porcfest cutting the length of their event nearly in half, they kept the ticket prices the same. In contrast, Somaliafest had no fee to attend, no registration, or any management whatsoever.

NH Copblock Hits Weirs Beach’s Bike Week 2017

Of course, Somaliafest also didn’t have the fancy big-name speakers or tents that Porcfest did. As a result, those attending Somaliafest were the type of attendees who never came to Porcfest to see speakers. For us, these festivals are about the people who attend, especially those first-time visitors we’re trying to attract to migrate to New Hampshire. If one wanted to have speakers at a decentralized festival, one would have to set up their own stage, mic, and amplifier and promote it.

On day one of Somaliafest 2017, there was already a peaceful schism into a new decentralized festival, Shirefest. The argument from Mark Edge of Free Talk Live is that Shirefest is a better name and less confusing and inside-jokey than Somaliafest. (Somaliafest is likely a reference to when government advocates will tell libertarians they should go live in Somalia, wrongfully thinking there is no government there, when in fact the UN has been trying to force one onto the people there since the nineties.)

The attendees decided for themselves which festivals to attend, many attending both and some even creating their own fest names, like Paxtonfest or Jazzyfest. We had campfires, parties, live and recorded podcasts, and the excellent rave thrown by Will Coley. For a first year, it was great! I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out next year. As soon as the news of the selected dates is available, I’ll post them here to the Free Keene blog.

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley On-AIr at Shirefest 2017

If you’ve never been to Porcfest, you should go if you can afford it. People still had a good time this year, as always, despite the background organizational missteps the organizers have made over the years. However, I’m excited to see how the new, decentralized, Shirefest fares in 2017.

This year’s Shirefest/Somaliafest had the feel that older Porcfests did – libertarians coming to Rogers Campground and doing what they felt drawn to do, without asking permission.

Between now and then, while Shirefest does not yet have a website, it does have a dedicated subforum on the Shire Forum, where previous and future attendees can connect online and discuss.

In other Summer festival news, last year’s Hempfest also took place at Rogers Campground and it was a blast! The event featured wall-to-wall live musical performances and great food over a weekend at the end of August. What a great way to celebrate the end of summer! This year, Hempfest has rebranded as the “NH Cannabis Freedom Festival”, a much better name. It’s still happening at Rogers Campground this August 25th-27th! Tickets are available now and they just announced that they are not only accepting bitcoin for ticketing but are also offering discounts as deep as 25% off for anyone paying with bitcoin! Awesome! My radio show, Free Talk Live will be broadcasting again from this year’s event and the Libertarian Party of NH will be conducting an outreach booth. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE 2017-08-19:
One of the Porcfest vending organizers has responded with a detailed post of what are her corrections and additions to the article.

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Why I Consider Myself Alt Right

Christopher Cantwell - Fri, 2017-08-18 00:09 +0000

Since so many people are talking about me, I figure this might be a good time to explain my political views. There seems to be a great deal of confusion, caused partly by genuine misunderstanding, but mostly by dishonest Jewish run media.

After finding myself in some legal trouble in 2009, I began studying to participate in my legal defense, and thought the Constitution of the United States would be a fine place to start. I found a video introduction to this document produced by Michael Badnarik, the 2004 Presidential Candidate for the Libertarian Party. I was radicalized before the presentation was half over, because I found out that the government I live under today bears no resemblance to that document whatsoever.

I instantly became fascinated with the history, and economics that libertarianism taught. I later became a big fan of Murray Rothbard, and Ayn Rand. You might be aware, these people are Jewish. Shocking to some then, that I am today a rather vocal antisemite.

I realized some time ago, that whatever the virtues of the philosophy of libertarianism, the libertarian movement of modern day was rather degenerate. Rather than supporting Ron Paul, or learning about economics, most of the “activists” I came into contact with seemed a lot more interested in promoting drugs and deviant sexual behavior as societal virtues, even in instances where the State had no interference in such matters.

As immigration became a leading news story in America and Europe, Lew Rockwell gave a talk titled “Open Borders Are An Assault on Private Property“. From here I decided to read Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s “Democracy: The God That Failed”. From these I realized, that the libertine vision of a free society was quite distorted. The society we sought actually would provide far more order and control than modern democratic governments. It would encourage more socially conservative behavior, and less compulsory association. Just when I thought I had everything figured out, I was once again reminded of my naivety. It would not be the last time.

Around the same time of this revelation, the Black Lives Matter riots were becoming very frightening. Pharmacies and Pizzerias had be set ablaze in support of violent criminals. I had been involved in the police accountability movement, writing scathing hateful articles about police for numerous outlets including These supposed abuses however, seemed different from what I was used to covering. There was an explicitly racial tone to it all, and I always thought race baiting was a despicable leftist tactic to distract from real discussion.

Stefan Molyneux had published a video about Race and IQ with Charles Murray, and this video was posted to a Facebook group for supporters of a broadcast radio show I was hosting called Free Talk Live. The poster called Molyneux a racist, and after concluding the video was an honest intellectual inquiry, I challenged the merits of this accusation. For this, I too was called a racist.

The show demanded I apologize for my racist statements, and I said I would gladly correct any factual error I had made, but I would not apologize for speaking truths that had upset people. For this I was fired from broadcast radio, and my cohost even said to me at one point “That true statement, is racist”

If truth and racism are the same thing, then paint me racist, I guess. I have always thought it was more important to be honest than popular, and so I decided to try and educate myself more on matters of race, seeing as to how I had never really investigated the matter. Growing up in New York, I had lots of interactions with ethnically diverse people, and though I noticed patterns amongst them, I never considered stereotypes a reliable way of judging individuals, and certainly not a cause for hate, so I thought racism was stupid.

What I realized in the course of my inquiries, is that the people everyone called racists weren’t claiming that race was a reliable way of judging individuals. They were only observing demographic trends, and hate was not the focus of their efforts. They were trying to reduce the amount of conflict and violence in their society, and they figured out that discrimination based on ethnic categories was an efficient method of accomplishing this goal.

That seemed to coincide well with my libertarianism. Libertarians also want to reduce conflict over scarce resources. In libertarian philosophy, nobody ought to be compelled to associate with anyone else. People should be free to exercise complete control over their own person and property. If blacks are committing crimes, or Jews are spreading communism, discriminating against them is the right of any property owner. The fact that he may or may not miss out on good blacks or Jews is a risk he takes, and the merit of his decisions will be proven out by the market. Since a libertarian society would permit this, it seemed foolish that I should be compelled to support a democratic government policy which did not.

It was only after all this that Donald Trump seemed worth taking seriously. At first I thought he was a ridiculous clown trying to sell books. I thought the whole birther thing was ridiculous, even though I thought Obama was a terrible President. When I saw everyone calling him a racist for trying to secure the border, I found myself with another big red pill stuck in my throat.

The Alt Right is not entirely based on ideas. It is primarily an identitarian movement. We are coming together around our race, because the evolutionary psychology, and behavioral pathologies of homogeneous peoples seem to be less in conflict than those of diverse peoples. It seems diversity is not in fact our strength, but a weakness, proven out by all the racial tensions currently plaguing America.

Suggesting that white nationalists are hateful or violent is absurd. We simply want to be at peace with our neighbors. We want out of the diversity imposed chaos of modern America. While ideas on trade policy differ dramatically within the alt right, I think it an important part of foreign policy to have good trade relations with other peoples, because if goods do not cross borders, armies will.

The only reason there is angry or violent rhetoric from me and other alt righters is because we are so violently resisted in our efforts to bring about a more harmonious society. The fact that I am losing access to communications and financial systems right now, just because I’m a white nationalist seems to prove my theory.

Sure, I pepper sprayed somebody. If I had pepper sprayed some old woman and stole her purse, do you think the national news would be calling me a monster? No. This is only happening because I am white and I want to live with other white people.


It is also for these reasons that I have abandoned my hostilities towards law enforcement.

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Felony Self Defense

Christopher Cantwell - Thu, 2017-08-17 23:23 +0000

Saturday afternoon, following the riots in Charlottesville, I heard via some tranny lunatic’s livestream that there was a warrant out for my arrest for a class 6 felony. I doubted the source and attempted to contact the Charlottesville Police Department to confirm or deny this rumor. The PD said they could not tell me if I had a warrant, that I could only do this by going to a magistrate.

I thought this was unwise, since the city was in a state of emergency, and that mobs of communist agitators wanted to hurt me. Seeing the press conference held by city officials, a police spokesperson said they wanted outsiders to leave the city so they could heal. I thought this was sound advice, so I left Virginia. I have no intention of fleeing law enforcement, so rather than go home to New Hampshire, I went just outside the Virginia state line to wait until things calmed down so I could figure out my next move.

I got a hotel room in Roanoke Rapids, NC, as some of you may have seen from my Vice News interview. Elle Reeves promised not to reveal my location, and she did anyway. Fearing for my life in that criminals would track me down, I packed up and went somewhere else, still near Virginia.

Phil Christiana of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force, somehow obtained my personal cell phone number and called me on it. He told me he wanted help in avoiding future violence, and I told him I would enthusiastically cooperate. I want order to be restored to our nation at once.

Phil wanted to meet with me in person, but I told him I wouldn’t be in New Hampshire until I could determine if I was wanted. Phil took my DOB and said he would run me through NCIS. He did, and sure enough, he confirmed I had a warrant from the UVA Police.

This morning, I contacted an attorney as I planned to surrender myself. He agreed with my assessment that the Charlottesville Police had intentionally created a violent conflict this past weekend, by putting the Alt Right and the Alt Left in proximity to one another, knowing the alt right had been threatened by the communists. We feared for my safety, spending the weekend in their custody, and planned to turn myself in on Monday. At the time we were under the assumption my charges would be petty misdemeanors.

Later, I found out via the Boston Globe, that I had two felony warrants.

Officials from the Virginia Commonwealth Attorney’s Office said Thursday that Cantwell is wanted for illegal use of gases, and injury by caustic agent or explosive. Both are felony charges, officials said.

If the matter wasn’t so serious, I might find it laughable. I had been maced twice in Charlottesville. Once at UVA, and once a couple of blocks from Lee Park. To my knowledge, nobody is being sought for the assaults that I suffered.

I did pepper spray one person, using the pepper spray that I always keep on my keychain. I made no secret of this, in part because I was certain my actions were lawful. I even made one journalist’s photo of the spraying my Facebook cover photo.

In that photo, you can see clearly that I am spraying directly in the eyes of a man who is coming directly toward me, while another approached from my left. I believe I had already seen this man strike at least one other person in my group, and I thought we was a threat to my safety. In the background you can see a man in a white tank top bleeding from his forehead. I sprayed in self defense, while holding a flashlight in my left hand. In my mind, this was the minimal level of force I could use to deter this threat. The other option was to hit him with the hand that my flashlight was in, which would have obviously caused more damage than the pepper spray.

I was wearing a body cam at the time. I wore this the entire time I was involved in anything at Charlottesville (until it was lost) because I knew our rivals were dishonest. This was proven earlier Friday, when someone falsely claimed I pulled a gun on them. I offered the police my SD Card as proof of my innocence, but they did not take it because they could not find their supposed victim.

That camera was lost in the fighting at University of Virginia. I hope the police find it, because I want the truth to be known. You can see in the Vice News video, that the camera is clipped to my shirt.

I came to Virginia heavily armed. I did not bring my guns, nor did I bring my ballistic vest to UVA because I was informed by our security that either would be illegal. I want to obey the law at all times because I know we are going to be demonized no matter what we do.

Our security originally did not intend to involve law enforcement in the torch march because we didn’t think it necessary, as we had not publicized this event. I demanded they contact law enforcement, knowing that our enemies had infiltrated our communications platforms. They did contact law enforcement, and I was told the cops were going to clear our opposition from our path. So we were all surprised when dozens of leftists confronted us at the end of our march. I was even more surprised when they attacked us, because we outnumbered them by multiples. These people were obviously irrational and dangerous. They were armed with pepper spray and expandable batons that I had observed, another marcher told me he disarmed one of them who was wielding a knife.

I was acting in defense of myself and others who had a legal right to demonstrate. We were attacked even after cooperating with law enforcement to reduce the risk of violence. You might think my ideas are despicable, as does President Trump. Whatever quarrels you may have with me or the President though, you should hope I am vindicated. I obeyed the law, and if I am convicted of felonies anyway, then you live in a country where ideas make you guilty of crimes.

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Mr. President, I’m Sorry

Christopher Cantwell - Thu, 2017-08-17 22:08 +0000

Every reporter I have talked to has tried to tie me to the President of the United States. Ordinarily, I might consider this a high honor, but today it makes me angry. The mere fact that Ivanka is married to a Jew, I thought made it quite obvious that he did not share my views.

During my interview with Vice News, I said this in a crude and insulting manner. I’m not saying it does not reflect my true beliefs, but I imagine the President has seen this by now and is very unhappy with me, not only for that remark, but for the current uproar that plagues the country. I want to apologize to you, Mr. Trump, for this remark, and for the troubles my actions have caused your administration.

In every media interview I have done, I have attempted to distance your views from my own. In my introduction to the Radical Agenda I have made it a point to say “Please do keep in mind that I support Donald Trump, and not the other way around, but with your help, I sure do hope to someday see that change.” The fake news still insists on trying to twist everything to associate you with me, because they are liars. You already know that, but the public unfortunately does not.

The Trump administration is an important turning point in American history, and everyone knows that. The areas of agreement I have with the president pertain to saving our nation from communism and terrorism. These are noble and common purposes which only terrible people would try to conflate with terrorism or white supremacy. I would love nothing more than for civic nationalists like Mr. Trump to be successful, and save our country without taking demographics into consideration. I have only pursued white identity politics because I thought it was a necessary response to the race baiting of the Democrat party.

I came to Charlottesville to participate in a peaceful demonstration that had been issued a permit, that had been championed by the ACLU, and which I was assured would take every measure possible to avoid violence. My speaking of violence was only in reference to the attacks which came against us anyway, and our ability to defend ourselves from those attacks. I was maced twice in as many days, which I think shows that my concerns were well founded.

If I have to be punished for this, so be it. I accept that Donald Trump thinks I am evil and repugnant, even though I feel quite differently about him. Perhaps someday, someone can explain to me where I have been in error in my observations of differences between racial groups. Until then, I feel obligated to say what I feel to be true.

I am sorry to my country for the tensions my actions have brought, even if they are lawful and righteous, I did not intend to create a problem this severe. I am sorry to my president, for making him look bad, even though this is primarily the fault of lying journalists, corrupt, power hungry Democrats, and sellout Republicans.

I fully intend to turn myself over to law enforcement peacefully. My attorney shares my concerns that the Charlottesville police intentionally created a violent conflict on Friday and Saturday. We are both afraid that if I turn myself in today (which was my original plan once Phil Christiana of the FBI’s Joint Terrorist Task Force told me he saw the warrant in NCIS) that I will spend the weekend in a jail controlled by corrupt Democrats who already tried to get me hurt. I fear they will put me in a cage with black gang members who might well kill me, or at least hurt me severely.

I have been shut out of nearly every financial and communications system I once had available. PayPal, Venmo, Dwolla, and Stripe all disabled my accounts. I was shut out not only of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MailChimp, but now even my online dating profiles at OKCUpid,, and Tinder have all been disabled, although I never used them for anything other than talking to women in pursuit of romance. I am sure this website will soon be shut down as well. People are trying to silence me, and I think this is wrong to do, since I am calling for peace and deescalation.

The plan right now is to turn myself in Monday with an attorney present, and I am also speaking to the Associated Press about them being there when it happens. Phil Christiana told me that I should call the UVA police to discuss this, but my attorney says I should not talk to police. I have relayed Phil Christiana’s number and message, along with contact information for UVA police to my attorney and asked him to make this call. I await his reply at the time of this writing.

I believe I acted honorably and legally. I believe this is an ideologically motivated attack on me and my people. I am willing to face the consequences anyway. I am willing to go to prison unjustly for my cause. I am only trying to do so in as safe a manner as I can.

Mr. President. Thank you for being honest when nobody else is. I know you don’t support me, and I’m sorry I insulted your family, and that my activities have harmed your administration.

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Muslims Fundraising to Open Full Time Mosque in Keene

Free Keene - Thu, 2017-08-17 16:58 +0000

Ernest Hancock and Will Coley Broadcasting from Shirefest 2017

“America’s Favorite Redneck Muslim”, Will Coley has made a major announcement! The host of Muslim radio show, “Call to Freedom“, and his family are moving from their longtime home of Tennessee to beautiful Keene, New Hampshire and they’ll be opening a full-time mosque in property donated by the Shire Free Church! Fundraising has begun over at Muslim fundraising site Launchgood with an $11,000 target, the Coleys have already raised over $2,000 with just over two weeks to go.

He’s calling it the Masjid al Latiff and Interfaith Community Center, (aka the MALIC Center) and on his fundraiser page says it will be the first house of worship of its kind in all of New Hampshire! Though it looks like Concord’s Muslim community is also making similar plans, Keene’s seems on target to open its doors sooner than Concord. As one of the founding ministers of the Shire Free Church, I’m elated to be able to dedicate our property to this historic and worthy religious purpose. If it were just a full-time mosque, that would dovetail perfectly with our interfaith church’s mission to foster peace, but Will has promised that the space will also be usable at times by other area religions of peace, such as the Quakers.

In addition to the goal of creating a Muslim community in Southwestern New Hampshire, Will is also planning to conduct outreach to the community and helping dispel the pervasive myths that many Americans mistakenly hold about Islam. When I was in jail for civil disobedience I took the time to read the entire Quran and studied with a Muslim who was in my cell block. I’ve been grateful for Will’s many appearances on my talk radio program, Free Talk Live. We’ve had him on for multiple segments of “Ask a Muslim”, where he fields all kinds of questions from listeners who know little about Islam. I’m excited to have him on more often live in-studio.

Will Coley Conducting his Ramadan Dawah at Porcfest

Many who have attended the Porcupine Freedom Festival will recognize Will as the generous man who each year has come up from Tennessee to serve food to the festival-goers during Ramadan as his “dawah” (Muslim outreach). In addition to his generosity, he’s a talented speaker and is currently completing his Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic studies training in the Maliki school.

It’s truly an honor to assist in this new addition to the Keene community that will hopefully attract more Muslims to the area and bring a new level of understanding about Islam to the community at large.

Do you have a few dollars you can spare to help Will and his family make their move to the Shire? Please contribute to the Launchgood fundraiser here (you don’t need to be Muslim to contribute). Here’s Will’s vision for the MALIC Center:

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Charlottesville Aftermath

Christopher Cantwell - Thu, 2017-08-17 13:19 +0000

By now you’re likely aware that I had participated in the festivities in Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend, which have been plaguing our national news channels. Depending on who you listen to, I’m either a hero, a terrorist, or a crybaby, which should tell you something about the reliability of the media. In reality, I’m just a guy who wants to save his country from communism, and is often quite terrified at how much resistance he meets in doing so.

Charlottesville Aftermath

Right now, I’m in an undisclosed location just outside of Virginia, preparing to turn myself in to the University of Virginia Police. I was informed by the FBI that there is a warrant for my arrest there, presumably for the brawl which followed the torch march from Friday night. I was uncertain if this warrant was real, since I had only heard it as a rumor until the FBI confirmed it last night. Right now I am seeking an attorney, and a trustworthy person nearby to hold onto my property. Once I have those things straightened out, I’ll be on my way to surrender myself.

Right now, this website,, and are my primary means of communicating. My Google Voice is recording death threats faster than I can listen to them. Facebook and Instagram have completely locked me out, including my Facebook “sock puppet” account. I’ve been completely banned from YouTube, to the point I cannot even watch the Vice News video about me, since one must log in to view age restricted content. MailChimp shut me down without any notice whatsoever, but luckily I downloaded my main mailing list backup before they did, so when I get back to business I’ll be able to import it to another system. I’ve been banned from Twitter so many times I don’t even bother having an account.

Archives of Radical Agenda and other audio content are unavailable right now because the podcast stats service I used (BluBrry) also canceled my services (which sucked anyway, I should add) and the redirect the download tracking system used broke all the links. I still have all of that material, and once I get released from police custody I will work to have that fixed.

Money is not easy either. PayPal was the most important part of my financial life, and it has now shut me out. They won’t even let me withdraw the money in my account for six months. I have disabled it as a payment method in the shop, so those of you with recurring memberships will have to update to pay with a credit card or bitcoin. I will investigate other options when I get out of jail. If you have a recurring donation, please cancel it, as PayPal will likely collect that money and keep it away from both of us.

I want to reiterate what I said in a video which has now been deleted from Facebook and YouTube, and now exists only as out of context clips on communist propaganda networks. I only defended myself and others at University of Virginia. I have not initiated force against anyone. At University of Virginia, I specifically demanded from our security that they coordinate with law enforcement, and law enforcement specifically said they would remove our opposition from our path before the march, to avoid exactly the scenario I am now about to be arrested for.

Whatever you all think of my ideas, you should remember the words of H.L. Mencken. “The trouble with fighting for human freedom is that one spends most of one’s time defending scoundrels. For it is against scoundrels that oppressive laws are first aimed, and oppression must be stopped at the beginning if it is to be stopped at all.”

I am no scoundrel, the unjust laws were aimed at scoundrels quite some time ago. We’ve just continually updated our definition of scoundrel to justify acting unjustly against me and the other men who tried to save our country last weekend. I have had no trial, no process of any kind, I have only been crucified by Jewish media and financial outlets for daring to suggest white people have a right to exist, to have a history, to have a culture, and to have a nation.

Imagine someone tried to deny this to the Jews and Israel?

What racial group besides whites could be treated in this way?



 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Cantwell Says Lay Low

Christopher Cantwell - Wed, 2017-08-16 22:08 +0000

I heard about the statue in Durham, NC being taken down and I was asked if we should stage a demonstration there. I said to the person who asked, that I thought this was unwise. I am now hearing about a possible event in Kentucky, and being asked about this event, and I have the same feelings. I believe the alt-right should lay low and try to deescalate.

I know many will say that this is cowardly. Some will call me a cuck. “The left never deescalates! They are taking down the statues illegally and under cover of darkness! Don’t pussy out now!”

I remind you that I fought alongside you in Charlottesville. I might well go to jail over it, even though I only acted in defense of myself and others. I will fight alongside you again if given the opportunity. I am willing to risk life, limb, and liberty for my race and nation, but I do not want to lose anyone in vain.

In Charlottesville, we had hundreds of armed men, many wearing body armor. Though we were sprayed with Mace, urine, feces, and who knows what else, though we were hit with fists and clubs and bottles and rocks, we showed restraint and did not fire on the communist, “Alt-left,” Antifa, rioters. We showed extraordinary restraint out there. Even James Fields, who now sits in a Virginia jail on murder charges, acted only after he had been repeatedly assaulted and feared for his safety, to the best of my knowledge.

But the media has predictably painted this as a white supremacist terrorist attack, and attempted to blame our President for it. Even though we had the power to lay siege to the city, even though the only death was someone who blocked traffic during a riot, we are being treated like terrorists. I have had my Facebook, PayPal, MailChimp, and podcast stats accounts shut down. The Daily Stormer lost their domain name. The Right Stuff lost their hosting. The media is race baiting the public, making them think that any moment, Nazi armies will storm their cities and exterminate all non-whites, with no regard whatsoever for the truth.

Tell me, brothers. Do you think it is outside the realm of possibility, that some idiot will shoot at us in Kentucky? In North Carolina? In Boston? Do you think the communist propaganda media has not so radicalized one gun toting black gang member so much that he would take a shot at hundreds of armed white nationalists?

Lay Low

I’m not saying I wouldn’t take that bullet. I’m not saying that you should not be ready to take that bullet. That bullet isn’t the bullet that I am worried about.

My fear is this. If someone shoots at our guys, it will start a war. Our men will fire back, and we will do far more damage than the communists have done to date. We will end many lives, before military and law enforcement move in on us and end ours. Riots will erupt from coast to coast. The political instability that will follow could endanger the presidency and the nation.

Many of our best people will be lost. Our movement will be set back irreparably. We will not accomplish our goals. Our race and nation will die and be scrubbed from the historical record.

Like I said during Episode 318 of the Radical Agenda, we are not ready for this conflict. Political violence is a game the right can’t win, yet. Prepare for violence, but you are not yet prepared.

People of importance within our movement have my cell phone number. They are welcome to contact me and convince me otherwise, and if I am so convinced, I will update this blog.

If you want to send me money, Bitcoin is the way to do it. We are being shut out of the financial system and it is getting difficult to rely on any centralized system.


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The Curious Case of Christopher Cantwell

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-08-16 18:59 +0000

Only advocates of peace are allowed to blog at

This week the Keene Sentinel published a front-page article about Christopher Cantwell, a racist, white-supremacist podcaster who lives in Keene. Unfortunately the Sentinel’s original version of the article, which appears in the print edition, erroneously claims that Chris Cantwell was a Free Keene blogger. Thankfully, the Sentinel quickly corrected that error in their online edition, as Chris has never been a blogger here at Free Keene. Free Keene’s motto is “Peaceful Evolution”. Chris’ message over the years has never been one of peace, so he never has been invited to blog here. People advocating violence and hate are not welcome to blog on this site.

If you search for his name on this site, you’ll find a bunch of articles about him. That’s because until the last year or two of his life, he’d been a libertarian activist with no known racist streak. Free Keene reports on libertarian activism statewide, so we’ve covered some of the things he’s done over time.

When Chris first moved to Keene several years ago, he was just an angry libertarian comedian who had a major hatred for the police. His then-beliefs about using violence against the state’s agents were immediately controversial among the various libertarians who’d moved here as part of the Free State Project. Those beliefs aren’t atypical of some libertarians, especially those who’ve been directly affected by the police state, as Chris had back in New York, where he was born and raised. However, they were voiced by him loudly enough to get him kicked out of the Free State Project and ostracized by a bunch of people.

Chris in Simpler Times, Acting as Security for the Hallowkeene Dance Party in 2014.

As I predicted, once Chris was able to connect with the Keene police, he started to see them as human beings, just as I had a decade ago after moving here with a similar axe to grind against police. Unfortunately, Chris’ anger shifted away from the police and onto people who look different from him.

A couple of years ago, he began down this road to his current skinhead-racist form and once that happened, we had to dump him as a co-host of my radio show, Free Talk Live. As libertarians, we believe in the individual and don’t see people as groups based on color, gender, or religion. Chris now only sees the group rather than the individual. He’s one of the few people who has turned away from the libertarian message after having embraced it.

As long as I’ve known him, he’s always fed off the hate directed towards him. He’s even said that the more people hate him, the more money he makes. Now he’s more hated than he’s ever been after this weekend’s huge publicity explosion for him after his involvement in the protests and fights down in Charlottesville. Here’s a 20 minute VICE documentary that has gone viral featuring his horrible, racist views.

Is this racist turn just a money-making scheme for him? Others believe Chris is actually an undercover agent or confidential informant for the federal government. While I don’t personally believe that about him, having known him pretty well for several years, I understand why they believe that. He fits the bill for an agent provocateur. The advocates of this theory say that Chris came into the libertarian movement advocating for violence against police, but when that didn’t work, he got reassigned to advocate for violence in the white supremacy movement. It wouldn’t be the first time the federal government had a radio host working for them inside the white supremacists.

Regardless of whatever the truth is about Chris and his motivations, his racist views are despicable and I think I can speak for all the bloggers here (if not, they can reply with their own blog) when I say we don’t support racism or hating people because of their religion or gender. Individuals should be judged on their actions and words, not the circumstances of their birth.

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Radical Agenda EP343 – Aftermath

Christopher Cantwell - Tue, 2017-08-15 16:40 +0000

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve always had a good appreciation for language. I’m a writer and a talk show host, so it is sort of a requirement of my profession. After this weekend’s festivities however, talk seems rather dull.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m talking about the mayhem that currently plagues the national news channels. I was down in Charlottesville, Virginia for the Unite the Right rally in Lee Park. We went there to protest the planned removal of a monument to confederate General Robert E. Lee.

Depending on your measurements, I’d say this was quite the success. Nobody of any value died in the riots. I’m genuinely sorry to hear about the officers and their glorious helicopter, but try as they may to blame it on us, we love helicopters and would never dream of shooting one down as it kept an eye on our enemies. Our men acted righteously, only fighting against combatants, and acting in self defense. Though we were heavily armed, we showed extraordinary restraint, and not a shot was fired. The hero, James Fields, has a rough time ahead of him, but now that video evidence shows communists attacking his vehicle with a weapon, no jury with a white man on it will convict him of murder.

Radical Agenda EP342 – Aftermath

I personally got to join in the festivities, thanks to University of Virginia being a gun free zone. Usually I have to try really hard to avoid fights due to the pistols I wear more frequently than underwear. Having been told I was allowed neither my weapons nor my ballistic vest on campus, I knew once the red hordes started swinging that I had to begin physically removing Democrats and communists with my pepper spray and bare hands, posthaste.

It was glorious. It seems like an eternity that I have wanted so badly to become a less verbose warrior. We knew for years that there were no more arguments to be made, but my sincere desire for peace and civility prevented me from breaking the law. It wasn’t until this day that they finally gave me the legal justification to test my new muscles, and I physically removed at least four reds before they finally soaked me in bear mace, taking me out of commission for the next few minutes while they scattered like cockroaches.

The next day, the Democrat run government proved their corruption to the world, by ignoring a court order and treating our demonstration like it lacked a permit. The day after that, they proved it again, allowing a communist to punch Jason Kessler, catching the perpetrator, and releasing him without charges. Now that assault has apparently been legalized in Virginia, perhaps we can begin solving these problems in the private sector.

There is so much to say, but that’s what I have a microphone for. I’m interested to hear from all of you as well of course, so give me a call at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

So join us for a late night (probably audio only) edition of the Radical Agenda, live from an undisclosed location just outside of Virginia. The show will start immediately.

One thing is for sure, we here at the Radical Agenda are just getting started, and if those red bastards think it hurt when I maced and beat them, the pain they will feel from the rise of this production will drive them to voluntarily join Heather Heyer in hell.

And I will delight in their demise.

I’m still banned from streaming to YouTube. Catch the live video stream on UStream. Listen live on the TuneIn app! Got Roku? We’re on there too! Or add the raw stream to your favorite streaming app! Get the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Roku, RSS, or

I keep the lights on here by selling premium memberships, as well as bumper stickers and shirts. I also solicit donations, and encourage you to shop through my affiliate links. Without that support, this show will cease to exist.



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Radical Agenda EP342 – My Full Vice Interview

Christopher Cantwell - Tue, 2017-08-15 00:35 +0000

I was about to do a live airing of the show, but circumstances have compelled me to fear for my safety at my current location. I am instead releasing the full 3 hour audio of my interview with Vice News.

I’ll get back to you soon for a live broadcast with calls.

Radical Agenda EP342 – My Full Vice Interview


Your browser does not support the audio element.

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Radical Agenda EP341 – The Kids Are Alt-Right

Christopher Cantwell - Fri, 2017-08-11 14:36 +0000

Please forgive this completely inadequate text description of this episode. I’m traveling for the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, and as those of you who have been listening for awhile know, I suck at traveling under the best of circumstances. With the Cosmopolitans acting as if our meetup is the second coming of Hitler, you can imagine these are not the best of circumstances, so time has been a scarce commodity.

Radical Agenda EP341 – The Kids Are Alt-Right

In this episode of the program, I go over a piece in a free weekly local paper, covering the event. I also go over a piece of garbage written by the communists at FEE. I also talk about Google firing the guy who told the truth about gender.


 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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NH Hempfest Documentary Released Free Online!

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-08-09 19:30 +0000

Last year I had the pleasure of attending and broadcasting my talk radio show, Free Talk Live, from the third annual NH Hempfest! This year it’s back, rebranded to the “NH Cannabis Freedom Festival“, again at the beautiful Roger’s Campground from August 25th-27th. Like last year’s event, this year promises to be packed full of wall-to-wall live musical performances by some great bands. (And this year they are accepting bitcoin – get your tickets here!) If you were wondering what this excellent festival was like last year, Free Keene blogger and radio host Robert Mathias was there and spent the last year of his life putting together a feature-length documentary about it!

Set to the music of the live bands that were recorded professionally throughout the weekend and filled with gorgeous aerial shots of the vistas at Rogers Campground, the new NH Hempfest Documentary features plenty of footage giving you a taste of what it was like to be there in person. Mathias’ lovingly crafted, somewhat trippy feature film shows the beginnings of the festival from the setup day, through the weekend, including three full music videos recorded live from performers “Pigeons Playing Ping Pong”, “Zach Deputy”, and “Twiddle”. The documentary also keeps viewers up-to-date on the latest developments regarding cannabis decriminalization in New Hampshire, and does an excellent job portraying a solid anti-state, pro-liberty message to the cannabis crowd, a demographic ripe for the ideas of freedom. Kudos to Spirit Love Productions‘ Robert & Ann Mathias and Justin Campagnone for the stellar job putting this together.

Watch it in full, free on Facebook or YouTube here:

The NH Hempfest Documentary is the third feature-length documentary produced by people who’ve moved to New Hampshire as part of the NH Freedom Migration. Prior to this was 2014’s “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire” and 2012’s “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree“. New Hampshire is the destination for freedom lovers from around the globe. Nowhere else has this solid level of media and activism coming out of it. Join us here, ASAP!

Hope to see you at this year’s NH Cannabis Freedom Festival, August 25th-27th at Rogers Campground in the stunning White Mountains of Northern New Hampshire. Tickets and more info available here.

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Unite The Right Updates

Christopher Cantwell - Tue, 2017-08-08 06:29 +0000

UPDATE: August 9th 2017 8:00pm

I am just outside of Charlottesville right now. I’ve checked into my motel and had dinner with Jason Kessler, the organizer of the event. Here is where things stand now, to the best of my understanding.

The ACLU and the Rutherford Institute have taken up our case, demanding the City of Charlottesville honor the original permit, and accommodate our use of Lee Park for the Unite The Right Rally. The city is so far stalling, and sent out a letter to Kessler et al asking if the ACLU was actually representing them, which they confirmed. The ACLU demanded a response by noon Wednesday, and to the best of my understanding, did not get a reply by that deadline. I expect the ACLU will be filing a case in federal court on Thursday. I also expect the case will be heard before Saturday, and that we will prevail, but I am not a competent authority to make such predictions. So we have to operate under the assumption that we will be operating without a permit until such a time comes that a competent authority says otherwise.

The Daily Stormer has issued a call for people to show up, permit or none, and given some advise on what to bring and what not to bring. Their advice is to leave your firearms at home, and if you must bring a firearm, please conceal it.

Many of you have asked about meeting up with me personally. Since the main event is likely to be chaotic, we might have trouble catching up at the main event. I am working on coordinating a meetup for Radical Agenda listeners on Friday, but I have to be careful about how the details are announced. Sadly, anything I say to you here, I also say to the media, communists, and other criminal elements. For this event, I encourage those with the legal authority, to carry a concealed firearm. Open carry will draw more unnecessary attention to us, so if you do not have a license to carry, please secure your firearms elsewhere and let us worry about defense.

I’ll update you again sometime on Thursday. Thanks!


I’m on my way to Charlottesville, Virginia for the Unite The Right Free Speech Rally this Saturday, August 12th at Noon. The event is planned to take place at what was once called Lee Park, later renamed “Emancipation Park” by the leftists who now want to remove a monument to the park’s original namesake, General Robert E. Lee, a Southern defender in the War of Northern Aggression.

Unite the Right Free Speech Rally

A lot of things are going on right now with this event, and I’ll try to update this post as information can be made public. So bookmark this page and check back from time to time for information. If you haven’t already done so, get on my email list, as I will update people there as well. You can also follow the event’s primary organizer, Jason Kessler on Twitter, and the event’s Facebook page for updates and more information.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, a Jewish communist propaganda publication, has called this event “the largest hate-gathering of its kind in decades in the United States.” While the Cosmopolitans at the SPLC are known for deceit and hyperbole, and the event has nothing to do with “hate” on our part, they are not exaggerating the importance of the gathering. As far as they are concerned, this is like the KKK rising back up in America, and they are only wrong insofar as this is about something very different than the Klan (though they will be there). Few if any of the speakers would shy from the far overused title of racist, because we’ve had it with white interests being assigned some sort of special wickedness by other ethnic and racial groups seeking to undermine us in our own countries.

With such disreputable enemies, it should come as no surprise that threats of violence were made against us. Left wing activists are calling for “thousands” to descend upon Charlottesville to shut us down, and in typical leftist fashion, some have decided to engage threats, violence, deceit, and other criminality to accomplish that goal. Using these excuses, Maurice Jones, the black leftist city manager, has revoked our permit for the event. Responding to what has been described as an unprecedented number of phone calls, the company providing liability insurance for the event cancelled the policy as well. The city is now insisting it must instead be held at a location far from the Lee monument the demonstration is centered around.

Jason Kessler has rightly said he will not move the event, and he and other organizers are seeking legal remedies. There is a good possibility we will find one as well, just like Richard Spencer managed to get a legal injunction against Auburn University in Alabama this past April. If you are an attorney in Virginia, or if you know one who would like to help us, please contact me, or the event organizers.

It is more important than ever that people come to Charlottesville and attend this event. We need to make our presence felt, we need to make sure the city knows that we are not going to be silenced so easily. We need as many people here as possible.

In the meanwhile, we are proceeding as close to originally planned as possible. The police have said they will still cooperate with us, by keeping out Antifa and other opponents, setting up barricades, and doing their best to maintain peace and order in the city. The possibility exists though, that if we do not get legal remedy, it could be declared an unlawful assembly and we could be ordered to leave. If that happens, those staying would be engaged in an act of civil disobedience, risking arrest, exposure to tear gas, and other hazards which present themselves in such scenarios.

Virginia is a state with relatively accommodating gun and self defense laws, with wide reciprocity of carry permits, and no prohibition against open carry for those not prohibited from possessing a firearm. Many of us planned on being armed, not only for general purpose and display, but to deal with the very real threat of violent communist agitators who have proven dangerous throughout the country.

Civil disobedience and guns do not go well together, however. No matter what anyone else says, if you never take another word of advice from me again, heed this warning: If you are coming armed, obey the law, and the orders of law enforcement, no matter what. You cannot tell the cops to go to hell with a gun on your hip. It puts all of us, and our cause at risk. If you are considering disobeying the authorities, you must leave your firearms secured elsewhere. Whatever violent ideas we entertain on the Radical Agenda are not to be carried out here. The Radical Agenda is an entertainment program, and if you try to start a revolution this weekend, it will not be the revolution you bargained for, I promise. If you want to prove yourself a warrior, show some discipline first.

If we end up in a position where we are opposed by communists and cops alike, and we are disarmed, the potential for violence is very real. It is my advice that women, children, and men who are not fit for combat do not attend the main event at Lee Park, unless we get our permit reinstated, and even then I have serious concerns. I will see what they can do elsewhere to help make our presence felt, but I have female companions who wished to attend this and I am not permitting them to as a result of this threat.

Jason Kessler called into the Radical Agenda today (Episode 340) to discuss the matter, and that segment of the program has been embedded in the bottom of this blog post.

If you have a Baofeng, Puxing, or other handheld two way radio, please bring it. I have a couple of my own and they could be useful for coordinating movements.

If you can’t come, but you want to help, please send money. (That page contains ways to send money to me directly, not the event organizers)

This is about all I feel comfortable saying at this juncture, I will know more soon and I will update this blog post with new developments as I can make them public. I will also send out emails and be active on social media.

(function() { if (!window.mc4wp) { window.mc4wp = { listeners: [], forms : { on: function (event, callback) { window.mc4wp.listeners.push({ event : event, callback: callback }); } } } } })();

Email address:

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Radical Agenda EP340 – Agreeing With Liberals Blitzkrieg

Christopher Cantwell - Mon, 2017-08-07 13:28 +0000

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’ve made no secret of our utter contempt for the sub human filth commonly referred to as the Left. Their Marxist, anti-human, war on reality is an ideological contaminant that makes HIV look appealing by comparison. So we’ve literally made a career out of producing war propaganda against them.

Radical Agenda EP340 – Agreeing With Liberals Blitzkrieg

Strangely though, the more we hate them, the better we come to understand their doctrines, and vice versa. I think most right thinking people just hear them talking about their lunatic agenda and think they must be stupid, but as it turns out, these people are smarter than we give them credit for. I mean, they knew I was a racist and sexist years before I did, so they must be on to something.

Our esteemed colleague, Morrakiu has added another dimension to all of this with his “Agreeing with Liberals for all the Wrong Reasons” segment, pointing out the silver lining on the black cloud of leftist policy proposals. Every Monday, he tells us how some communist proposal is actually going to screw our enemies as much as, if not more than it is going to harm our interests. It is a refreshing, and much needed white pill for Radical Agenda listeners, who are usually inundated with hate speech and war propaganda and bad news.

Given the distance between Morrakiu’s undisclosed location, and my sorry excuse for a studio in Keene, New Hampshire, we usually do this via Skype (the communications protocol, not the dog whistle for Cosmopolitans). Today however, thanks to the generosity of this audience, I have found myself in proximity to our optimistic musical guest. So today I will be live in studio with Morrakiu!

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

So join us, this and every Monday, as well as Wednesdays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things such as smashing the Overton window like a Keynesian economic stimulus package.

I’m still banned from streaming to YouTube. Catch the live video stream on UStream. Listen live on the TuneIn app! Got Roku? We’re on there too! Or add the raw stream to your favorite streaming app! Get the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Roku, RSS, or

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Email address:

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Bitcoin Breaks Record High, Now Over $3,200 After Risky “Fork” into Competing “Bitcoin Cash”

Free Keene - Sat, 2017-08-05 22:18 +0000

Bitcoin has Forked into Two!

After squabbling for years over how to fix the growing pains of the world’s first decentralized cryptocurrency, one of the sides in the ongoing Bitcoin Geek War has finally made a bold move. This week, on August 1st, a small number of the “big blockers” performed a “hard fork” and broke away from the main Bitcoin blockchain, creating a new currency, “Bitcoin Cash“. This had the added benefit of giving everyone who already held Bitcoin an equal amount of the new Bitcoin Cash! Ever heard the phrase, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”? Bitcoin’s first fork into two has proven that statement wrong. Read on to learn more about this historic week in Bitcoin.

The blockchain is the distributed, decentralized ledger that contains every transaction that has ever occurred on the Bitcoin network. It’s approximately 150 GB in size. Since the hard fork, there are now two “Bitcoin” blockchains competing for market dominance. Both of them have the exact same transactions from the beginning of Bitcoin nearly a decade ago, running until August 1st, 2017, when at just after 2pm Eastern time the first “Bitcoin Cash” block was mined into existence, at greater than 1 MB – in fact, its size was about 4 MB.

Since the original Bitcoin blockchain has a 1 MB limit per block, it was at this point that the one blockchain became two. The supermajority of miners are still mining the original Bitcoin chain, let’s call it “Bitcoin Core” or BTC. However, a small portion of miners have joined the mining of the new “Bitcoin Cash” or BCH. If you thought Bitcoin Core’s growing pains were challenging, take a look at how Bitcoin Cash had to start:

Bitcoin mining doesn’t actually look like this.

In Bitcoin, there’s a thing called mining difficulty that is basically designed to increase as more people enter mining and compete to discover scarce Bitcoins. However, should people leave the mining game, the difficulty will decrease. In BCH’s case, when they started their fork, their network was at the same difficulty level as BTC, but with a fraction of the total mining power. That’s why it took six hours for the BCH miners to find their first block! Normally Bitcoin blocks are expected to be found every ten minutes. So, this means BCH transactions were, in the beginning, taking hours to confirm! They are as of this writing, still taking longer than BTC transactions.

Worse still, no one who wanted to sell their newfound BCH was easily able to do so for at least the first couple days of its existence. Due to concerns about certain technical attacks that are possible in the time after a fork, cryptocurrency exchanges were extra cautious before allowing BCH deposits to trading accounts. However, while they weren’t allowing people to deposit BCH, they WERE allowing them to trade it. Huh? How can one trade something on an exchange to which one can’t deposit? Remember, after the fork, the people with BTC in their exchange accounts were given a balance of the same amount of BCH. (Except at the Bitfinex exchange, who screwed over their customers.) So, since trading was happening but no one could deposit, the price of the new BCH trended upward, even reaching as high as $800-$1,000 on some exchanges.

Bitcoin Core (BTC)’s price over the last week, according to Bitcoin Average.

Of course by Thursday and Friday, some exchanges began accepting deposits and the people who wanted to get rid of their BCH flooded the market and the price dropped precipitously, scraping new lows. Terrible news for BCH holders, right? Hang on a moment. Pull away from the moment-to-moment price fluctuations and look at what just happened:

  • On August 1st at noon Eastern time, BTC was worth just over $2,700 USD per BTC. There were roughly 16.4 million BTC in the market at that time, meaning the total value or “market cap” of Bitcoin Core at that time was 44.2 billion US Dollars.
  • About an hour later, because of the “hard fork”, “Bitcoin Cash” (BCH) was created. There were instantly 16.4 million BCH created that out-the-gate had a market value of approximately $300 per BCH, or about 11% of the value of a BTC. Nearly $5 billion additional worth of cryptocurrency was literally created from thin air.

Amazingly, the price of BTC did not respond to this new competitor by losing $300 worth of value as some had expected it to. Instead, BTC’s price held steady for a couple of days and last night shot up to a new record high of over $3,000 USD! Though the price of BCH has fallen to the $200-$250 range in the last couple days, the fact is, there are billions of dollars of extra value now where none existed before. As I’m editing this article, the price of a BTC is over $3,200 and BCH is just above $200. Less than one week from the fork, and BTC’s market cap is up to $52.4 billion from it’s pre-fork cap of $44.2 billion. PLUS BCH’s market cap is around $2.9 billion. Combined, that’s a total of $55.3 billion dollars of value. Meaning, since the fork, $11.1 billion of value was created in under a week’s time! Put another way, rather than going down in price as some predicted (including me), the combined value of BTC and BCH went up 25% since Tuesday!

BTC price is past $3,200 as I’m posting this!

That means if you had one bitcoin before the fork, you’re literally now 25% wealthier. Who knows what will happen tomorrow, but this week has been an unqualified success. All the people from the Bitcoin Core side who’ve been hating on Bitcoin Cash and its supporters like Roger Ver, should be saying they are sorry as they cash in their BCH on exchanges for BTC or some other cryptocurrency they prefer. They got that free money because of the very thing they hate! How ironic.

It’s important to point out how incredible this is when compared to the fiat government/bank money we’ve had up until Bitcoin. In a system where a central “authority” prints money and forces people to use it (that’s what “legal tender” laws do), inflating the money supply is an insidous tax. It takes wealth from those holding the fiat currency (in our case US Dollars) and transfers it to the political class, like the Military Industrial Complex. This is one of the key ways the state is able to make endless war. They can just print the money, meaning more dollars chasing the same amount of goods, which devalues the currency. If the government’s Federal Reserve doubled the money supply tomorrow, prices would rise dramatically, as we’re seeing happen in Venezuela.

Price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) over the last week. (Note, prices prior to the afternoon of 8/1 were futures prices.)

Conversely, in Bitcoin’s case, there now being about as many BCH in circulation as there are BTC has INCREASED the value in the BTC holders’ hands. Bitcoin is not centrally controlled and as we’ve seen this week, when one group feels strongly enough about a direction they want the currency to go, and can’t get everyone to agree, they can break off their own. Though BTC and BCH are both Bitcoin, they are using different blockchains and so are different currencies. Creating 16.4 million BCH from BTC didn’t dilute the value of BTC at all!

That’s not to say these forks should happen frequently. This week has been a confusing, fascinating, learning experience. I’ve been deep into it all week and haven’t gotten much else done besides follow this historic, developing situation. The world’s first and most successful decentralized cryptocurrency has split over an ideological divide, much in the same way as political and religious movements have done.

Indeed, this all-too-human aspect of the schism is the worst part of it. Plenty of actors on both sides, the “big blockers” and the “segwit supporters” both have behaved quite poorly throughout this Geek War. One might think that now that each side has its preferred version of Bitcoin that they could go their separate ways and focus on building the currency of their preference. But no! The petty war continues on now with BTC fanatics purposefully relabeling “Bitcoin Cash” as “Bcash”, as it serves their narrative that Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin. They consider it an “Altcoin”, lumping it in with the hundreds of competing cryptocurrencies that have arisen over the years. On the other side, the BCH fanatics are claiming that their Bitcoin Cash is the true bitcoin, as they say it is the one that stays true to Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision. (Nakamoto is a pseudonym for Bitcoin’s anonymous creator. No one knows who it is and “he” disappeared years ago from public view.)

It’s not-so-civil.

My view is the sides in this conflict are ridiculous. Both currencies are Bitcoin. Unlike the hundreds of Altcoins, Bitcoin Cash has the original Bitcoin blockchain until it forked August 1st. It’s Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core is also bitcoin and it’s also still the king of the hill of cryptocurrencies. While the soon-to-activate “Segregated Witness” technology may not be Satoshi’s vision, whether it improves or hurts bitcoin will be up to the market to decide. To add some extra confusion to this situation, besides the branding frustrations, both Bitcoins’ wallet IDs are the same, which is going to cause some inevitable confusion and heartache as people accidentally send BTC to BCH addresses and vice-versa, meaning countless amounts of each currency will be lost. This has already started happening, so if you’re getting into BTC or BCH, make sure you know which one is which and pay attention to which wallet you are using, and what kind of wallet you’re sending to. If you’re not sure, don’t do it! If you’re in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire, drop into the Monadnock Decentralized Currency Network meetup group in real life, or the facebook group, and also the NH Bitcoin forum. We discuss stuff like this every eight days at our meetups, and online daily.

Regardless of its haters’ opinions, Bitcoin Cash appears to be here to stay. It’s been a rocky start, but that was to be expected. Now the market will decide based on competition, which is the most useful Bitcoin. I hope my week-in-review has been helpful. Of course, there’s a lot more that could have been said, like commenting on what’s happening with the mining of BCH or the very public reversal by top exchange Coinbase who last week told their customers to pull their BTC out before August 1st because Coinbase would not be supporting BCH. This caussed major withdrawal delays at Coinbase as untold numbers of customers tried to get their BTC out before the fork. Then, a day or so after the launch of BCH, Coinbase emailed their customers again to say they were going to implement it after all and credit all their BTC customers with BCH in their accounts. Though, it may take them the rest of the year to do it! It’s been a really interesting week in cryptocurrency.

Stay tuned to Free Keene for the latest on the growing, exciting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency scene here in New Hampshire! If you like my post, please go ahead and vote it up on Steemit and follow me there. (Steemit is a cryptocurrency based social blogging site where you can actually get paid to post content if people like it. Accounts are free.)

P.S. If you have your Bitcoin in a non-custodial wallet as I recommended you do before the fork, here’s one of the easiest ways to get access to your BCH via the Coinomi wallet. Keep in mind though, it’s still very early and it may be best and more secure to just wait until more wallets implement BCH support.

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Radical Agenda EP339 – Cosmopolitan Bias

Christopher Cantwell - Fri, 2017-08-04 17:58 +0000

I was watching TV the other day, and a press conference about Trump’s latest proposed immigration reforms came on. During it, my ears began to ring and I started wagging my tail uncontrollably. I was so confused as to what was happening, until I found out that a “dog whistle” had been blown, unbeknownst to me.

Radical Agenda EP339 – Cosmopolitan Bias

The exchange to which I refer was between President Trump’s senior policy advisor, Stephen Miller, and CNN’s Jim Acosta. In it, Acosta seemed to imply that it was racist to have any kind of standards on immigration whatsoever, because only people from “Britain and Australia” were capable of learning English or positively contributing to American society. Miller skillfully deployed the DR3 (Democrats aRe the Real Racists) card, by pointing out that one would need to think quite lowly of the rest of the world’s populace, to suggest they were beneath such a low bar of entry into our country.

It was immediately after this that my ears rang and my tail became self aware. Miller told Acosta that the statement revealed his “cosmopolitan bias,” a phrase I had never before heard. Why did this new terminology tweak me so strangely?

According to Politico, the term is a “dog whistle” and has an “ugly history.”

So what is a “cosmopolitan”? It’s a cousin to “elitist,” but with a more sinister undertone. It’s a way of branding people or movements that are unmoored to the traditions and beliefs of a nation, and identify more with like-minded people regardless of their nationality.

Without uttering profanities, racial epithets, or advocating violence, I could not think of a more apt way to describe American liberals than this. They absolutely despise every aspect of American life and culture, and perpetually seek to undermine the foundations of our society. No wonder people always kick these “cosmopolitans” out of their nations.Moreover, they seem to make no secret of this, so I do not understand why they would get upset about someone else pointing it out.

Digging deeper however, we find that the “cosmopolitans” have a far more sordid history than revealed by that paragraph.

One reason why “cosmopolitan” is an unnerving term is that it was the key to an attempt by Soviet dictator Josef Stalin to purge the culture of dissident voices. In a 1946 speech, he deplored works in which “the positive Soviet hero is derided and inferior before all things foreign and cosmopolitanism that we all fought against from the time of Lenin, characteristic of the political leftovers, is many times applauded.” It was part of a yearslong campaigned aimed at writers, theater critics, scientists and others who were connected with “bourgeois Western influences.” Not so incidentally, many of these “cosmopolitans” were Jewish, and official Soviet propaganda for a time devoted significant energy into “unmasking” the Jewish identities of writers who published under pseudonyms.

Ah ha! So there we have it! Stephen Miller is a closet anti-semite, hell bent on destroying God’s chosen people by restricting immigration into the United States based on merit! He uttered the cosmopolitan dog whistle to alert Trump’s legions of militant Nazis to Jim Acosta’s Jewish ancestry, so they would hunt him down in the streets and literally stuff him in an oven for the glory of the Reich.

Wishful thinking indeed. Sadly, though restricting immigration based on merit might reduce the number of terrorists and farm laborers entering the country, it will do nothing to prevent Jews from entering or participating in our economy. Moreover, Stephen Miller is Jewish, and Jim Acosta is not (Hispanic, as I hear it), which is not what one would describe as congruent with the above theory.

Still, it reminds me of what a famous historical figure once said about the people who own Marco Rubio;

The Cosmopolitan is immunized against all dangers: one may call him a scoundrel, parasite, swindler, profiteer, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. But call him a Cosmopolitan and you will be astonished at how he recoils, how injured he is, how he suddenly shrinks back: “I’ve been found out.”

I suppose that is why Politico thinks it is so troubling Stalin saw fit to unmask the ancestry of Cosmopolitan writers – who, for whatever reason, saw fit to operate under pseudonyms to hide their true identity.

Speaking of Dog Whistles, have you heard this important message from Stephan Molyneux?

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 747-234-2254, or RadicalAgenda on Skype.

So join us, this and every Friday, as well as Mondays and Wednesdays from 5-7pm Eastern for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like gassing the cosmopolitans, and starting the war of white Russians posthaste.

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Molyneux Wants YOU To Pay Cantwell!

Christopher Cantwell - Thu, 2017-08-03 05:03 +0000

Here at the Radical Agenda, one of our favorite things about getting involved in the Alt Right was learning about “dog whistles.” Not literal wind instruments for quadrupeds, but messages hidden in plain sight for us wicked white capitalist patriarchs to communicate secretly with one another in public messages.

For example, who knew before Donald Trump ran for president, that “America First” was anti semitic? Here I was this whole time thinking that putting one’s country first was just normal, especially for a President. As it turns out, what is good for America and what is good for Jews are diametrically opposed, and therefore “America First” is thoughtcrime. That “OK” hand symbol? Turns out that actually means “White Power,” because one can trace “WP” inside of it, somehow. I never used to throw up signs like that, but now that I know “White Power” is the same thing as “OK” I do it all the time.

Learning to read in between the lines is a difficult task that not all of us have fully mastered yet. So when I have a chance, I try to educate my audience on what ostensibly respectable people are actually saying.

Molyneux Wants YOU To Pay Cantwell

Take the Stefan Molyneux video below for a great example. I’ve been trying to have a conversation with him for years. Even though I got fired from broadcast radio for defending him, he steadfastly refuses to speak to me, no matter how much money I send him. I don’t hold it against him though, because he has to keep up appearances. Being on that side of the Canadistani border is a hazardous thing for a person with an IQ over 85 these days. Telling the truth can get you locked up there, while enemy prisoners of war are awarded apologies and millions of dollars. Talking honestly with a guy like me could cause him a great deal of trouble. So he talks about “arguments” instead of “physical removal” even though he knows as well as us, that there are no more arguments to be made, and the time for less verbose warriors has arrived. Notice also, how he only refers to the (((people))) ruining the world as “not white Christian males”.

I’m figuring he felt bad about ignoring me, and that’s why he inserted this dog whistle into his latest solicitation for contributions. After skillfully avoiding any mention of the chosenites in a monologue about advertising and media censorship, he tells his audience the following;

Support whoever you find the most powerful, the most compelling, the deepest, the most committed. Find who those people are, support them with everything you’ve got. There’s nothing left to keep in reserve. There’s no reason to keep everything in reserve. I’m going, all out. I invite you please, please, to help those who are leading the way. The icebreakers who are dragging us along to a sunnier climate. Please, please, get behind those who are doing the greatest work. Because if we don’t succeed now, there will be no success possible. If we fail now, there will be nothing left to save. Do not look back in regret at this crucial moment, and curse yourself for not acting.

Now, if he were on this side of the border he obviously would have just said “Give Chris Cantwell all of your cash before it is too late!” To play it safe though, he had to tell you to support “those who are doing the greatest work,” which is obviously your humble correspondent here.

The Daily Stormer mistakenly thought this was about them. However, since they’re literal Nazis, they don’t understand the underground lingo of the Hoppean anarcho-capitalist.

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re working every single day to relegate dog whistles back to the position of pet training devices. We put our asses on the line, so you can someday live in a world where the virtuous can speak freely about the truth, without sending coded messages over the Internet. Where white people can advocate for themselves without fearing prosecution. Where men can elevate women back to their highly esteemed station as our property, without missing out on top notch nookie.

Most of the time I’m either laughing, or violently angry about the subject matter of the Radical Agenda. Every once in awhile though, a tear comes to my eye at how beautiful this all is. As bad as things are, as bad as they have the potential to get, seeing so many brave men stand up against all of this adversity and rush ever forward into danger alongside me is really inspiring. I thank you all so much, from the bottom of my cold racist heart, for the privilege of being a part of this.

And of course, for your generous donations, your premium membership subscriptions, your merchandise purchases, and for shopping through my affiliate links.

(I have not confirmed this interpretation with Stefan Molyneux. I would have if he would talk to me though.)

I hope you’re doing well…


 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Radical Agenda EP338 – RAISE Up!

Christopher Cantwell - Wed, 2017-08-02 19:31 +0000

Here at the Radical Agenda, it took us a little while to get up to speed on immigration issues. Like many libertarians, I was clinging to the misguided notion that immigration restrictions were little more than price controls on labor, dictated by unwise central planners, and irrational xenophobic fools.

Radical Agenda EP338 – RAISE Up!

These ideas were sadly backed up by the misbehavior of ostensibly right wing people. They would perpetually complain about illegal immigration, insisting their concerns had nothing to do with race. To hear them tell it, the problem with illegal immigration was all about “respect for the law” and since most of the laws on our books today are not worthy of much respect, I didn’t see much reason to care for those pertaining to immigration, without better justification for the policy than “because FedGov said so!”

After all, if what you’re primarily concerned about is adherence to the laws, this could be resolved by opening the borders legally, and granting amnesty to illegal aliens already here. Their lack of support for such policies, seemed to defy their civic nationalist attempts to avoid being painted a racist.

To understand the problem, I needed to look at the world through a racial lense. “Those people” are not “us” and so “they” have to be repelled otherwise “we” will be replaced by “them.” The legality of their entry is not the issue, it is the entry itself. The laws against it are designed to prevent the very real ethnic conflict, and denying this reality leads to altering those laws to permit the ethnic conflict to ensue .

When you realize this, you realize that legal immigration is nearly as bad as that of the criminal variety. Permitting the invasion of one’s nation is only preferable to opposing it if one is a coward who would rather surrender and die than fight to live. Thus, “legal immigration” in the United States and Europe must be severely restricted beyond the nonsensical policies in place today, if our respective nations are to survive.

So I was most enthused to hear that Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and David Perdue (R-Ga.) have been working with White House officials to revise and expand a bill released earlier this year that would halve the number of people who receive legal permanent residence over a decade. Trump met with Cotton and Perdue in March to discuss the legislation, known as the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act.

But that’s not all. We’ve got a packed show for you today folks. Jason Kessler, an organizer for the Unite The Right event in Charlottesville this August 12th will be joining us to talk about the event. I also have another recorded phone call I’ll play for you from an interview I had today, with a local reporter about the event.

After him, we have Bill Marchant of Northern Reaction coming to the program. You may recall me reading a piece that Bill wrote titled “Don’t Punch Right” which is going to be a major theme in my speech in Charlottesville. Rather than quote from that specific piece, let me give you his thoughts in the same vein from another piece he wrote titled “Rules for Alt Right Radicals”

Any time you feel like arguing with someone, or any time you find yourself arguing with someone, ask yourself two questions: “Is this person, generally, to the right of me politically?” and “In this argument, is this person’s position to the right of mine?” If the answer to both questions is “no,” argue away! If the answer to one or both of the questions is “yes,” think long and hard about whether your side of this argument will push the Overton Window to the Left.

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 747-234-2254 or RadicalAgenda on Skype, if you would like to be on the program, and the more you talk the less I have to, so please do give us a call.

So join us, this and every Wednesday, as well as Mondays and Fridays from 5-7pm Eastern time for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda. It’s a show about common sense extremism where we talk about radical, crazy, off the wall things like legislating against invasion.

I’m still banned from streaming to YouTube. Catch the live video stream on UStream. Listen live on the TuneIn app! Got Roku? We’re on there too! Or add the raw stream to your favorite streaming app! Get the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Roku, RSS, or

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 Source: Christopher Cantwell

The post Radical Agenda EP338 – RAISE Up! appeared first on Christopher Cantwell.

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