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“A sex offender wants to talk to you”; reporter’s journey leads her to Nebraskans Unafraid

Understanding sex offenders: the untold story

An inside look at the people on Nebraska's sex offender registry


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Two Newspaper Appearances in One Day!

Free Keene - Tue, 2017-11-14 03:48 +0000

NH’s Top Newspaper Regularly Features Libertarian Activists

I’ve long stated that libertarians in New Hampshire are making a bigger impact than anywhere else. That’s because we’ve concentrated our efforts here as part of an ongoing NH Freedom Migration, and turns out – concentrating activists in one geographic area actually works! Besides the haters who target our activists, you can also tell we’re effective because the media not only writes about our activism regularly, but also reaches out for comment on other issues that don’t even directly involve us.

This happens here because libertarians in New Hampshire are a relevant political force and we cannot be ignored, like happens to libertarians in other states.

Today, I had the honor of being included in two different newspaper articles, in two different newspapers.

First up, Union Leader reporter Meghan Pierce’s story about Dublin’s counterproductive new paraphernalia ordinance that was their top story of the day today. I was given the last word in the piece. Thanks Meghan!

“Apparently the chief (Suokko) and town council just can’t let go of the insane war on drugs and just have to keep pushing to extract more money and obedience from peaceful cannabis users who are our neighbors, co-workers, and friends,”

Also today, Steve Whitmore from the Keene Sentinel called me early this morning to get a comment on Christopher Cantwell‘s court hearing last week where two of the three felony charges were dropped against him. Here’s Whitmore’s story that appeared in today’s Sentinel.

In case you need more reasons to join the most successful libertarian movement in the world, here are 101 of them in a really entertaining documentary film.

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 023 – Bake the Cake

Christopher Cantwell - Mon, 2017-11-13 14:43 +0000

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this twenty third episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on November 12th, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 023 – Bake the Cake

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 022 – Liar Liar

Christopher Cantwell - Sun, 2017-11-12 15:19 +0000

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this twenty second episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on November 11th, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.




***Donate to Chris’ GOYFUNDME!!**


LIVE from Seg! Ep. 022 – Liar Liar

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Imam Accused of Being Drunk by City of Keene Bureaucrat!

Free Keene - Sun, 2017-11-12 12:00 +0000

Will Coley, Imam of the soon-to-open MALIC Center in Keene, NH recently made the mistake of asking permission to put up a sign for the mosque he’s opening in Keene. Realizing that asking for permission only gives bureaucrats reasons to create hoops to jump and fees to pay, Will went in to inform them he intends to move ahead with or without their permission slip, per the freedom of speech and religion.

During the interaction one particularly rude bureaucrat insults me and then issues an even bigger insult to Will, as a Muslim. She actually asserts that he smells of alcohol, a ridiculous claim, given it’s been over a decade since he’s drank any. Here’s the full video of his interactions with authoritarian bureaucrats on Thursday afternoon:

With the story already hitting the one of the Sentinel’s front pages yesterday, it’s already looking like the people calling themselves the “City of Keene” are going to be an international laughingstock again! With such insulting and threatening behavior not long after suffering defeat after defeat, all the way to the NH Supreme Court in the Robin Hood case where they tried and failed to crush the free speech of activists who have rescued thousands of motorists from parking tickets.

Enjoy the video and subscribe to for the latest on the MALIC Center and any further threats or aggression from the city gang.

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Preliminary Trial Updates

Christopher Cantwell - Fri, 2017-11-10 20:13 +0000

As anyone who has been listening to Live from Seg is aware, Christopher Cantwell had a preliminary trial yesterday. It went well overall but it was not a total victory. 2/3 of his charges were dropped. There’s still one charge remaining.

Jason Kessler was at the trial. Here is his entire account of it:


Complete Cantwell Preliminary Trial Rundown



Anyways, with additional court dates in the future and more time spent in jail Chris will need more funds than initially expected.

Here is his Goyfundme, please donate more money:

Here is his Hatreon, please consider signing up for a monthly donation here:

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 020 – Two Down; One to Go

Christopher Cantwell - Fri, 2017-11-10 02:13 +0000

Chris had two out of his three charges dismissed today at the trial.

Here is his first post-trial interview with Jared Howe

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 020 – Two Down; One to Go

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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The Schmidts, Prominent Anti-Chalking Haters, Foreclosed On, Leave Trashed House

Free Keene - Thu, 2017-11-09 22:31 +0000

Matthew and Jennifer Schmidt in Keene District Court

This blog has for more than a decade chronicled the ongoing NH Freedom Migration of libertarian-type folks moving to New Hampshire and getting active for liberty. Over those years, we’ve seen plenty of opposition by various people and groups of haters. Anonymous hitpiece blogs (all long since offline, so I can’t link them), full-color attack mailers, hate flyers distributed around town, and in recent years, actual real-life counter-protests and even seminars about libertarians and how evil we supposedly are.

It’s truly an honor to be attacked. They say you don’t take flak unless you’re over the target. No one should be surprised that there will be vehement opposition when libertarians actually start making an impact as we have done here in New Hampshire. Most libertarians don’t understand what it’s like to be hated, because outside of New Hampshire, the libertarian movement is little more than a sideshow. They have near-zero impact with their political campaigns, and that’s about all they do besides argue on the internet.

Prominent Haters’ Home Foreclosed, Sold Under $48k

Here in the Shire, libertarian activists regularly get mainstream media coverage in newsprint, on TV and radio. Here we matter, despite the online trolls who spend their precious time trying to convince us we don’t. Of course, the fact that they spend such inordinate time on us is evidence against their own claims.

Every now and then a hater will get out from behind their computer monitor and actually make a real life appearance. Sometimes they are memorable and hilarious, like the time Sam Dodson was assaulted by a former coffee-shop owner wielding a coffee cup (both have long since left NH). Sometimes they are threatening and violent. However, very rarely are their efforts sustained for any meaningful amount of time. Every hate group that has risen has also fallen away, however one couple really stood out above all the other haters, Matthew and Jennifer Schmidt.

Over the last half-a-decade, the Schmidts made themselves into public activists after joining multiple real life events designed to target peace-loving libertarian activists in the Keene area with hatred. I first recall encountering Matt in an impressively large counterprotest in Central Square by then-new-and-energized hate group “STOP FREE KEENE!!!“. He later truly made a name for himself in the War on Chalk that happened throughout the summer of 2014. While the War on Chalk initially involved a handful of haters, it wasn’t long before Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt was the last man standing on their side. His dedication was unmatched. Every day before he’d go to work as a plumber in his original home of Massachusetts, he’d come down to Central Square and remove any chalkings he could find. Then later in the day, after he got off work, he’d be right back down to Central Square with his broom and bucket of water:

What kind of man makes it his business to delete not only peaceful chalkings by libertarians (including some very beautiful artwork), but also those chalkings by children and those done by a local church group trying to raise awareness of homelessness?

Had he just kept his hate-activism to deleting chalkings, maybe we’d never have gotten to know more about him, but he just couldn’t stop. Turns out, he lived just a few houses north of my home, which we discovered when he ironically came out to do his own chalking in the street in front of the Keene Activist Center! At this point we didn’t know his name, but he’d allegedly threatened a local peaceful chalk-artist and simultaneously claimed to be from Boston, so Rich Paul named him, “Boston Strong”. Later we learned his name, Matthew Schmidt, homeowner since 2005, a year before I arrived in Keene. His obsession with us grew. When he would drive by the corner where I live and at that time was also the Keene Activist Center, he’d lay on his horn and scream at the top of his lungs.

At that time, Chris Cantwell (the angry libertarian comedian Chris, pre-racism days) lived across the street from me in the “Capitalist House”. In an excellent blog by Garret Ean (who was also living on the corner in question), he describes how Cantwell and Schmidt competed to prove who was the worst neighbor in a confrontation that happened in front of Schmidt’s house between the two. Schmidt had, as was common, driven by our corner yelling something at the corner in general, so Cantwell went to confront him about his un-neighborly behavior. Matt’s wife Jennifer was also present, accusing me falsely of being a pedophile while Schmidt drunkenly calls Cantwell a “temporary resident”, among other entertaining interactions:

Normally, I wouldn’t put any time into researching or paying attention to haters, but those who go the extra mile and engage in threatening behavior should be outed publicly. Curiously, I actually had an online exchange with Schmidt later where he admitted he was upset that I’d blogged about him and his wife. I’d never have been aware of who they were had they not made it their business to target the libertarian community here with their hatred. All I did was show their actions to the world, and tried to be fair about it, despite their hatred. When Jennifer Schmidt was accused by another River St. neighbor of threatening the neighbor’s ward with a knife, I reported that she was ultimately vindicated of the charges after the neighbor failed to put her boy on the witness stand.

Later in the year, Schmidt was confronted on video by Rich Paul and David Crawford over laying on his horn, where Schmidt famously threatens to make the lives of the children living on the corner “a living nightmare” while claiming “everyone loves what I’m doing, they love it“.

In 2015, in one of Matt Schmidt’s last known public appearances, his violent side was again revealed when he threatened to JP Freeman that he was going to “rap your head in with a ratchet”:

Fast forward to this August when, while out walking my dog on a Friday evening, I noticed a full-size moving truck pulled up to the Schmidt’s house, which the couple “owned”. By noon the next day, it was gone. Two months later, according to city/county records, it was sold for under $48,000 at foreclosure. Now there’s a giant dumpster in the front yard filled to the brim with all the junk they left in the house.

Perhaps rather than targeting peaceful liberty activists with hatred they should have focused on getting their own lives in order. It’s not a surprise that people who were so mean and nasty outwardly were a mess in the rest of their lives.

No exaggeration – that’s a lot of stuff they left behind for the buyer to clean up.

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Libertarian Elected in Manchester: Voting is Palliative

Free Keene - Thu, 2017-11-09 19:55 +0000

Libertarian Colin Gibson was elected to Ward 4 Moderator on November 7th. Colin won 738 to 331. There were 8 write-in votes. Colin is an advocate of crypto currency, police accountability, and agorism. Colin is known by many in the liberty community, and presumably by some in the anti-liberty community. However, there is no indication that he is known by the population at large, and he states that he did not run a campaign. Colin ran against Inbal Rejwan-Day. She was not an incumbent as Woullard Lett was the outgoing moderator according to a phone call to the Manchester City Clerk on November 9th at 1pm.

I do not consider this an achievement of republicanism (more commonly, but less accurately known as democracy). I hold no delusions that the majority of people living under Manchester intended to elect a libertarian. But statism is no more an efficient means of management than it is a moral one. And attempting or pretending as the case may be, to spread power across the general population is an even more ridiculous form of organization.

Running an organization is a work. Whether its moral work or aggressive work is not relevant to the amount of time it takes. Expecting people to run the government, in addition to their actual jobs and whatever else they may have going on in their lives is unreasonable. Most people do not have the time to dedicate to hiring qualified people, whatever that means to them, and many do not have the inclination. If this method of hiring was suggested with any other organization, it would be rightfully laughed off. What makes you, I, or the guy down the street any more qualified to choose the CEO of the US than they are to choose the CEO of Shell? Nothing that I am aware of. There are instances where one or more candidate declares their intention to kill, steal, or generally be predacious more so than the other candidate. At the same time, I’ve seen some applications and resumes seriously submitted that had some very silly things listed on them. But this is not the norm. In most instances, people are left attempting to choose from equally horrible or equally cryptic candidates, OR they are asked to Sophie’s Choice not only their rights but the rights of the entire population. Which would you prefer: to loose gun rights or for chemo patients to be prevented from accessing marijuana?, is not an academic question for most  people who are eligible to vote in the US gang’s elections.

It dilutes feelings of responsibility. Of course, people are actually responsible for the actions that they take, and this includes ordering that a particular individual be given power, but people do act differently when they can point out that they are not the only person who choose a particular action. This gives reason to believe that large groups of people making a decision will make poorer decisions than a smaller group or a single person. People often vote for things that they would never enforce themselves, regardless of whether they had to means to do so.

A temporary manager of a gang has more perverse incentives than a private property owner, or even than a long-term manager of a gang. A person who is given run of a landmass for eight years or so has an incentive to milk it for all its worth and let his successor deal with the ruins. Even the State itself recognizes this when it puts fiduciary responsibilities on usufruct/right of use holders.

It creates poor time preferences. Even a well meaning official is judged on odd criteria. Instead of the long-term good of the area, elections shift the focus onto hyper-short time frames, incentivizing officials to focus on short-term rather than long-term solutions and encouraging voters to look for the same.

Democracy and republicanism are worse than mob rule. In democracy 50% + 1 may enforce their will on the minority. Under republicanism there may be further restrictions. In mob rule, 50% + 1 may look around, decide they don’t like those odds, and go off to mind their own business. Both systems allow people to undertake immoral acts that they would not otherwise undertake. This contributes to, but does not outright cause as people are responsible for their own actions, the moral degradation of societies.

Republicanism creates an even greater need for the occupying gang to convert members to its teachings. The DOE and public schools have the task of making sure that enough people subscribe to whatever it is that that particular gang wants to get done. The gang no longer needs just compliance- it needs your faith. If the gang does not successfully destroy independent thinking in enough eligible voters those voters may decide to do something other than what the gang wants, and that is not the point of any form of government.

To some extent, its an illusion anyway.


I do not believe that all elections are full fabrications, but “if voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.” There are some palliative actions that can be achieved through voting. However, not only is there no way to vote yourself into freedom, there is no way to vote yourself long-term into a position that the State does not want you to be in. At no point is Jannet Yellen or any of her successors going to announce “Well, the people have spoken and they don’t want us anymore; time to go home.” And illusions cost money. It is more expensive for tax-victims to fund the State plus the illusion of control than it is to fund the State only. So to add insult to injury republicanism is a more expensive form of statism.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t vote. That is a convoluted trolly-problem that I am not going to tackle here. What I am saying is that voting is palliative, it has limits, and if used it should be used in addition to rather than instead of other methods of gaining freedom.


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Bitcoin Not Forking Again After All? Good Riddance to Segwit2X! Long Live Bitcoin Cash!

Free Keene - Thu, 2017-11-09 00:02 +0000

Is the Bitcoin geek war finally over, or just getting started?

After months of buildup, fighting, and controversy, the potential forkers of Bitcoin have blinked. Thankfully, they’ve called off their plans to cause a potentially damaging and very contentious schism to the Bitcoin network. Today, several of the “Segwit2X” developers appear to have written an email canceling the much ballyhooed “upgrade” that was attempting to become the “real” bitcoin.

I wrote a very detailed article explaining what was happening with this potential fork and you can read that here to get caught up. Here’s a brief recap of how we got to where we are:

Bitcoin has been going through some ugly growing pains. Its network is full of transactions. Fees have been skyrocketing as a result. Bitcoin transactions that a few years ago were no more than a few cents are now regularly $3-5 dollars. This has killed Bitcoin’s usefulness for small transactions. After arguing online for years about how to solve the issue technically, a group of dozens of companies and mining pool operators came together in May to propose a compromise called “Segwit2X”. This would implement “Segregated Witness” and then three months later increase the block size to 2 MB from 1 MB. Both of these changes were supposed to increase capacity.

Do you take the road less traveled?

Segwit was implemented by late August via “soft fork”, which means that nodes on the network who don’t update their software are still okay, because soft forks are backwards-compatible. New features added in the fork still support all the old features in the previous software version. The fork that was coming next week and is now supposedly canceled was to be a “hard fork”, which means software prior to the fork would no longer be compatible with the changes made, in this case increasing the block size to two megabytes. In theory this should have doubled the headroom in the network, decreasing fees. However, the plans are now off, after multiple original signers of the “New York Agreement” have backed out.

Thank goodness. I’d hoped that Segwit2X would fail. We don’t need more competing bitcoin networks than we already have. Bitcoin already forked into two competing currencies for the first time in its near-decade of existence on August 1st when Bitcoin Cash was born. There’s a strong argument that Bitcoin Cash is the “real” Bitcoin, the one that most closely matches its anonymous designer’s original vision. Whether you agree with that or not, there’s no arguing that Bitcoin Cash has been a success. At the time of this writing, one Bitcoin Cash (aka BCH, or BCC) is worth about 8% of a Bitcoin Core (aka “Bitcoin”, or BTC). Bitcoin Cash is the number three cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, that is, the total global value of the entire cryptocurrency in question. Bitcoin Cash’s market cap right now is over 9.8 Billion USD. Bitcoin Core, the #1 crypto, has a market cap of over $120 Billion USD.

Bitcoin Cash – is it the true bitcoin, per Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision?

More importantly, Bitcoin Cash has already implemented a block size increase up to eight megabytes when it forked from Bitcoin Core back on August 1st. Its fees are already much lower than Bitcoin Core. Since Bitcoin Cash’s network is built to scale up to 8 MB blocks (the places where transactions are stored on the public ledger known as a “blockchain” that is the guts of the Bitcoin network), Bitcoin Cash should not create a “fee market” like happened to Bitcoin Core once its network became full. The fee market means people using Bitcoin Core are having to increase their fees to get their transactions processed sooner rather than later or even never. This is what is resulting in insane fees of, right now $4.90 for a median Bitcoin Core transaction. By comparison, today Bitcoin Cash’s median transaction fee is about $0.03.

Bitcoin Cash has a hard fork coming up in a few days, but it’s not contentious. Basically, they are upgrading the Bitcoin Cash software to adjust the mining difficulty every day rather than every two weeks, as is the case with Bitcoin Core.

And what about “Bitcoin Gold”, the second-ever hard fork that happened quietly at the end of October? Their blog says they are still in a test net. Bitcoin Gold can and should fizzle out. Its failure would prevent others from trying the same scheme. Bitcoin Cash came out and hit the ground running with mining support. It doesn’t appear you can even trade Bitcoin Gold (if you have it) yet, since its network isn’t operating publicly. Bitcoin Gold’s futures price is worth $135 at the time of this writing. Its a dud so far.

Which is the “true” Bitcoin?

At $613 right now, Bitcoin Cash on the other hand is worth your time to extract from your old bitcoin wallets. Remember, when bitcoin goes through a hard fork, the network can split in two based on what the miners decide to do. So, if you had Bitcoin (what should probably now be referred to as Bitcoin Core, as I have through the article, but back then it was just, “Bitcoin”) before August 1st, then you should have an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash. Depending on the wallet(s) you are using, the process of getting access to your Bitcoin Cash may be more or less complicated. Some wallet providers will break out the Bitcoin Cash automatically for you, like has now done (though its buried in the Settings on their web admin). You may want to google for specific instructions for your wallet regarding Bitcoin Cash. Some may not have implemented a simple method as-of-yet. If you have a non-Bitcoin Cash-supporting wallet where you wrote down the 12 backup words, you can try entering those in a Bitcoin Cash compatible wallet. If you’re stuck, you can always reach out to other local area bitcoiners for help, like the meetup group we have for the Keene, NH area. Or check out the NH Crypto forums here.

Interestingly, the mining profitability of both Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core is right now about at parity. Now that the Bitcoin Cash network is going to be upgraded, supposedly, in less than a week it may be able to be even more competitive with Bitcoin Core’s network, meaning that if Bitcoin Cash becomes more profitable to mine, miners who are in search of profit (most of them) could move to Bitcoin Cash. This would do interesting things to the prices of both coins.

Global Value of All Cryptocurrencies Combined

Though the plague of Segwit2X is behind us, the upcoming months and years will continue to be interesting times. Recently, the total market cap of all the world’s cryptocurrencies exceeded 200 billion USD. According to the charts, it exceeded 100 Billion USD for the first time in early June of this year. That’s just five months for 100 Billion more USD in value. The chart of the the total market cap for all cryptos is encouraging. Back in November of 2013, Bitcoin hit a then-all-time-high of around $1100 and proceeded over several months to fall down into the low $200 range. Lots of people felt burned on that dive, but others knew that if they held through it, they’d come out ahead in the long run. Time proved them right. But look at what more time has done – now that record spike and all the hullabaloo surrounding it in November 2013 is but a pebble in the road compared to the mountainous wealth accumulated now.

Whether Bitcoin Core stays on top forever or its displaced by a competitor like DASH or Bitcoin Cash or something we haven’t even seen yet, cryptocurrency is a tremendous success and it’s here to stay, in one form or another. You’d be wise to put some money into it that you can afford to lose. Because, you can’t predict the future, it *could* fail, whatever crypto(s) you choose. That said, things are constantly looking up over time, in my opinion. I intend to continue to hold, on behalf of the Shire Free Church, both Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin Cash. It should be an interesting fight for technical and financial dominance. Grab your popcorn.

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Read our latest Legislative Alert - New DOC Commissioner to be appointed

Read our latest Legislative Alert


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NH House Speaker Candidates Forum

Adventures in the Free State - Fri, 2017-11-03 16:37 +0000
Hey, what are the odds the GOP-majority NH House can elect an actual Republican Speaker this time...?

NH House Freedom Caucus
For Immediate Release
October 26, 2017


New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus Announces Committed Speaker Candidates, Panelists for November 2nd Forum

Concord – The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) will host a forum for candidates for Speaker of the House on next Thursday, November 2nd, after the House veto session. Currently, seven candidates for Speaker have confirmed for the event, which will be moderated by Rep. Len Turcotte (R-Barrington), with a panel of policy experts.

The confirmed speaker candidates are (in alphabetical order):
  • Rep. Al Baldasaro (R-Londonderry)
  • Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown)
  • Deputy Speaker Gene Chandler (R-Bartlett)
  • Rep. Jim McConnell (R-Swanzey)
  • Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford)
  • Rep. Steve Shurtleff (D-Concord)
  • Rep. Steven Smith (R-Charlestown)
The confirmed panelists for the event will be:
  • Andrew Cline, Interim President, Josiah Barlett Center
  • Andy Crews, President, AutoFair
  • Michelle Levell, Director, School Choice for New Hampshire
  • Ed Naile, Chairman, Coalition of New Hampshire Taxpayers

"The coming election for Speaker will have a significant impact on the state’s future, so it is critical to hear where the candidates stand on important issues facing the state. We’re thrilled to have such great participation and such a distinguished panel to help both House members and the public understand the vision of each candidate. Every candidate will get their chance to convince their colleagues to support them and the opportunity to earn their vote. This should be a very exciting forum," added Rep. Turcotte.

The New Hampshire House Freedom Caucus is a grassroots organization consisting of legislators and private citizens, who believe in personal liberty and the traditional conservative "Yankee" values that made New Hampshire a great place to live.

Follow @NHFreedomCaucus

  • State GOP candidates for Speaker call for party unity | New Hampshire
  • Candidates for NH House Speaker Appear at Forum
  • At forum, House Speaker candidate walks out in protest
  • Candidates for House speaker appear at forum

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NH Committee to Study Cryptocurrency – 2017 Meeting Video

Free Keene - Fri, 2017-11-03 16:07 +0000

New Hampshire’s Committee to Study Cryptocurrency meets for its required 2017 meeting. They question state regulators after the Cryptocurrency Protection Act has been in place for a few months. They ultimately decide to recommend no further actions against or for cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Here’s the full hearing video:

I explained to the panel that Bitcoin businesses had opened or moved to NH because of the buzz about the cryptocurrency protection act that passed this summer. Regardless of whether the statutory change would have affected those businesses, the publicity surrounding it was good for NH’s image in the crypto-sphere.

Looks like it’ll be a while before New Hampshire has financial freedom across-the-board. When I offhandedly suggested to the panel that all money transmitter regulations should be repealed, they unanimously acted like their rules somehow stop terrorism and drug dealers. Pointing out that South Carolina has no money transmission statutes made zero impact.

It wasn’t the place to take the discussion any further, but it’d be great to see a libertarian state rep introduce such a repeal. South Carolina doesn’t have any more drugs or terrorism than anywhere else.

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New Bitcoin Vending Competitor Installs Machines in Keene, Manchester!

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-11-01 19:55 +0000

Corner News’ owner Roberta Mastrogiovanni poses with her store’s brand new Bitcoin Vending Machine!

Big news for Bitcoin fans in Manchester and Keene – we’ve got competition in the bitcoin vending space! As of yesterday, Blackfrog became the first real Bitcoin Vending Machine company to install units in New Hampshire!

As one of the admins of the existing non-profit Shire Free Church-run Bitcoin Vending Machines in Keene and Manchester, I’m super-excited about the competition. Why? Simple. The goal of the Church’s bitcoin outreach project is to get bitcoin into more people’s hands. The new company in town (which also operates more than 20 bitcoin BVMs across Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland) is making bitcoin even more accessible in New Hampshire than it was before!

While we’ve had a Bitcoin Vending Machine at Route 101 Local Goods in Keene for years, it’s only been available Tue-Sun. Therefore bitcoin was not available in Keene on Mondays, or after Route 101 Local Goods closes at 6pm each day (5p Sundays). Now that the Blackfrog BVM is online at Corner News, bitcoin’s availability in Keene expands to all seven days a week and late into the night, as Corner News is open until 10pm Mon-Thu, until 11pm Fri and Sat and 9pm on Sundays. Corner News is located at 67 Main St. and is a Keene landmark, established over 100 years ago. It was also the first brick-and-mortar business in Keene to accept bitcoin, way back in 2013!

Corner News’ owner, Roberta Mastrogiovanni, who recently was able to pay for her hotel stay during a vacation with her bitcoin, when asked why she’d decided to host the new BVM told me, “Corner News has been accepting bitcoin for several years without any problem, in fact we have seen a huge gain in the last year, so when asked whether we would consider renting out a small square foot of our store for a Bitcoin ATM we thought why not, especially since the coins can be spent right in store…just seemed like a good addition.”

The Manchester Blackfrog Bitcoin Vending Machine is 24/7 and it’s two-way!

Manchester’s first BVM at Murphy’s Taproom has been available seven-days-a-week from roughly 9am to 1am, which is awesome, but Blackfrog has now made bitcoin available 24/7 in Manchester via their new location at Budget Gas at 445 South Willow St! Plus, the new Manchester BVM is also two-way, meaning you can both buy bitcoin AND sell your bitcoin for cash. That’s another first for New Hampshire!

This expanded availability of bitcoin in New Hampshire is perfectly in line with our church mission to foster peace, in this case through giving our community access to a form of money that can’t be controlled by the evil, violent, warmongering governments of the world.

For that, I’m grateful to the guys at Blackfrog for coming all the way up here to compete and keep everyone at the top of their game. Turns out, they are some pretty cool guys too, who love liberty and are considering moving to New Hampshire as part of the NH Freedom Migration. Company spokesman Joey Langenbrunner told me that in addition to their personal interest in migrating to New Hampshire, they wanted to support the bitcoin community here, primarily. Profit is only a secondary motivation to them.

Thanks to Blackfrog, New Hampshire now has six publicly operating Bitcoin Vending Machines.

These are exciting times to be in cryptocurrency in New Hampshire! As more libertarians move here to make this their home, it just keeps getting better. Here are 101 reasons why if you love liberty and cryptocurrency, you really ought to make the move here and join us.

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 016 – Who’s Jewing Who?

Christopher Cantwell - Wed, 2017-11-01 07:05 +0000

Chris has met his goal, but it can’t hurt to send more:

Please consider supporting him on hatreon:

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 016 – Who’s Jewing Who?

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 015 – (((Communists))) Always Project

Christopher Cantwell - Thu, 2017-10-26 17:07 +0000

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this fifteenth episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on October 23rd, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.

Please donate! We’re 82% of the way there. Only 18% to go!


LIVE from Seg! Ep. 015 – (((Communists))) Always Project

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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What Happened to

Free Keene - Wed, 2017-10-25 19:05 +0000

Cop Block Badge and Outreach Flier

This post was originally made on I’m posting it here as well, as who knows what’s going to happen with that site:

Hi, I’m Ian Freeman. I’m one of the original Cop Blockers, which is why I possess badge number five. I’ve been a longtime Cop Blocker, financial supporter and occasional blogger here. Both of Cop Block’s founders, Pete Eyre and Ademo Freeman have lived with me in my home and they are great friends with whom I’ve had some amazing times.

I was alarmed this Summer when Ademo announced that he was putting up for sale. I wasn’t surprised that he wanted out. Ademo has seen his share of burnout and has suffered greatly in his quest to hold police accountable. Ademo was a trailblazer in police accountability activism and deserves as much of a break as he wants. He’s currently describing himself as a “happily retired activist” and he should be. Our world is better off because Cop Block is in it.

What surprised me about his request to sell the site was the fact that Ademo felt he had to resort to a sale at all. Where were all the Cop Blockers who should have stepped up to take the reins? Ademo had asked the primary contributors to the site about taking over lead roles. Apparently no one stepped up, so Ademo decided to auction the site. When I found this out, I asked around and sure enough, while some people were willing to help, no one wanted to lead.

Ultimately someone made an offer on the site and Ademo accepted. He said the buyer did not want to be known and that the buyer was going to continue the site.

The only content posted to in three months.

We’re now approximately a quarter-year from that purchase and you can see the posts on the site have dropped off a cliff. Regular posting halted at the end of July and nothing was posted until September 1st when an account with username “COPBLOCK” posted about the most-reported-on police abuse story of the year, the Utah nurse who was violently arrested by a hothead cop (who now thinks he should have his job back, by the way). The post has one sentence and video of the arrest. That’s it.

Gone are the obscure, outrageous stories of police abuse from around the US and globe.

Gone is the incisive libertarian commentary on the police state.

Gone are new videos from Cop Blockers in the streets.

I have no idea who the new owner is and while I am grateful for still being able to post here, I’ve lost my admin privileges and so I can’t look to see who else remains as a blogger. The site also needs some basic maintenance that appears to have been neglected thus far.

The Mobile Authority Resistance Vehicle

So what happened? How did Cop Block, the world’s most popular and effective police-accountability website and group of activists end up on life-support?

As someone who has been around Cop Block from before it began and who lives in the city where Cop Block was incubated, Keene, NH, I think I’m qualified to speak on the matter, so let’s start at the beginning.

Cop Block started after Pete and Ademo’s previous project, Motorhome Diaries. They were traveling the country, looking for freedom in America. Like many of us seeking freedom, it was ironically taken from them by men with uniforms and badges in a place called Jones County, Mississippi. Cop Block began as a result of Ademo and Pete’s desire to encourage people to use cameras to hold police accountable, to know and exercise their rights, and help our neighbors under police threat.

The same year as Cop Block’s founding the again set out on the road for Liberty on Tour and subsequent Cop Block tours. They’d travel from city to city, meeting with police accountability activists across the United States and hitting the streets in classic Cop Block style, inevitably getting charged and threatened by police in countless ridiculous circumstances.

Detroit Cop Blockers Meet with Pete Eyre in 2013.

Cop Block grew dramatically as a result. People were emboldened by the excellent examples set by the original Cop Blockers. Local chapters were formed around the globe. Many submitted their video and blog content to the site, and the number of contributors increased. It was with this growth that things started to go wrong.

Even among people who share similar views, groups that grow to a certain size have a tendency to schism. Cop Block was no exception. While the site started from a principled libertarian viewpoint as the contributors expanded people became involved who just hated police and didn’t necessarily share the pro-freedom views of the site’s founders. It’s good that the message of police accountability reaches a wider audience than just libertarians – that’s why Cop Block was far more successful than other libertarian efforts in its time. However, it was a major error to allow non-libertarians blogging ability on this site and Cop Block’s social media. It’s understandable why one would do it – to get more content from people willing to provide it. Unfortunately it ultimately undermined what was the principled pro-liberty message of the original Cop Blockers.

We all make mistakes in life and learn from them. It’s a constant growing process. Ademo realized his error a few years ago and came out of then-semi-retirement to once again take the reigns of control of the decentralized organization he’d created. I can hear some people reading this saying to themselves, “so much for decentralized, he kicked active contributors out!” To clarify, Cop Block was decentralized in that anyone could cop block or form a local group somewhere and the main organization wouldn’t say “you can’t do that”. It’s always been that way. However, running the main website always has to be centralized to some extent. Someone’s gotta be the administrator and make administrative decisions. In this case, Ademo removed a bunch of bloggers and brought it back to a solid core of principled Cop Blockers running things.

Ademo and Pete with some Cop Block gear in Nashville.

Activism is expensive and there’s not much money to be made. Cop Block has sold some killer gear in the website’s store and on their real-life tours. They were able to use the site’s immense popularity to pay their web hosting bills, but the amount coming in each month was paltry. Running Cop Block was a labor of love.

With subsequent arrests, an aborted Cop Block tour, very low revenue for the Cop Block network (an interesting idea that with enough support could have helped people providing pro-level police accountability services to get paid for their efforts) and other parts of life calling out to him, Ademo finally threw in the towel after a final arrest for cannabis possession earlier this year.

What he created with Cop Block has done so much to educate and embolden people across the planet. I hope he enjoys his retirement. Being in the spotlight can be tiresome and I don’t blame anyone for wanting to move on to other things.

However, Ademo’s personal story and the rise and fall of aren’t necessarily the reason why other Cop Block groups have died out.  According to one NH Cop Blocker who audited the list of local groups, most were completely dead and those that remained were only one or two people strong.  Every group surely has its own story, but I’d be willing to bet personality conflicts played a role as well as activist burnout.

Burnout is a real thing. It’s common among all activists. It happens when people don’t get the results they imagined as quickly as they imagined. Being aware that burnout exists won’t necessarily save you from it. We see it all the time here in the libertarian activist center of the world, New Hampshire. Despite having the largest concentration of libertarian activists you can find anywhere, people still get burned out by the slow pace of change that we are successfully fomenting here. Some of them think they can come up here, do some activism and that the police state is just going to disappear.

The best Cop Block documentary, featuring both founders.

It’s a big police state out there and they aren’t going to let go of power easily. I can relate to the burned out activists. Like Ademo, I’ve also been arrested more than half-a-dozen times for various civil disobedience. As “Victimless Crime Spree” star Derrick J Freeman and I discussed in our recent Q&A, civil disobedience, while personally empowering, is not a sustainable form of activism. I don’t regret my arrests, but with all of my other responsibilities I’ve had to mellow out over the years and make room for new activists to take the reigns. Unfortunately, the new activists coming to New Hampshire willing to take such risks has slowed to a trickle, and they were never that many to begin with. In the Victimless Crime Spree days five years ago, we truly had the perfect storm of activists in the same place.

Police accountability activism has died down here in New Hampshire, the place where some of the most epic cop blocking has happened, including dozens attending DUI checkpoints in Manchester, chalking arrests outside the Manch police station, smoking pot inside the Keene police department, and awesome civil disobedience in Keene. I could go on-and on. Sadly, a longtime Cop Blocker in Manchester told me today the turnout at a recent DUI checkpoint was dismal, despite dozens being made aware of the event just hours beforehand during a speaking event by Adam Kokesh.

Is your Cop Block group still alive? If so, tell us in the comments. If not, please post your comments about what happened and what went wrong.

Large Group Copblocks DUI Checkpoint in Manchester, NH

One thing that definitely helps activists keep going and avoid burnout is for new blood and therefore new ideas to come into a group. Cop Block groups in most places were very small. Not many people have the courage to confront police in any way, so of course the pool of potential volunteers is quite thin. Of those who do step up, because they are frequently alone or only with a small group, arrests inevitably come, and then the burnout. It’s hard to make an impact with a small group, though you can certainly still help many individuals in the process of Cop Blocking, so it is rewarding. That said, social interaction with other activists helps stave off burnout, and many groups just didn’t have the numbers.

As we’ve learned here from some of the epic disobedience and police accountability work performed by the activists in Keene, NH – numbers matter. To anyone out there who feels alone in your police accountability activism: If you’re a libertarian-minded cop blocker, you really need to consider a move to New Hampshire. Here are 101 reasons why you’ll love it here.

Divided we will surely fall to the evil forces of the state. Staying where you are and standing alone or nearly alone is a recipe for failure. Joining together in the same geographic area with people who share your values and interest in police accountability is the solution to the problems this organization has been suffering.

Unfortunately, Pete and Ademo are both gone from New Hampshire, and we’re all worse off because of it. Pete’s somewhere out West and Ademo’s facing a trial in Ohio. Leaving New Hampshire made them both less-effective activists because they lacked their support network they had here. Their leaving made the movement in New Hampshire weaker, too. Nonetheless, some of us here in Keene are still pushing ahead without them including continued yearly know-your-rights outreach in the college neighborhood, DUI checkpoint interdiction, and old-school cop blocking.

Jury Nullification Activists Outside Cheshire Superior Court in Keene, NH

Still, our numbers are small. We need more people to move here who care about actually being successful and increasing liberty in our lifetime as well as holding police accountable on video. You’re not going to end the police state by yourself. They’re just going to cut your head off if you pop it up. Come to New Hampshire and stand with others, peacefully, and use your cameras to shine light on the corruption and violence of the state.

Whatever becomes of, know that your brothers and sisters are here in the Shire and we could use your help. Should you wish to connect with some of us online, please drop into our brand new NH Copblock forum here.

If you’d like to follow some of the other cool activism happening in NH, please subscribe to or bookmark my main blog site, Free Keene (where you’ll see that Cop Block founders Pete and Ademo are both bloggers – though not really active anymore).

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I’ll continue to share my police accountability blogs here at as long as the site stays online. If it doesn’t, you can find my posts over at Keene Cop Block, Steemit, and Free Keene.

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 014 – Black Bloc’d

Christopher Cantwell - Tue, 2017-10-24 15:32 +0000
LIVE from Seg! Ep. 014 – Black Bloc’d

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 014 – Black Bloc’d

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

The post LIVE from Seg! Ep. 014 – Black Bloc’d appeared first on Christopher Cantwell.

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 013 – Hemmed Up

Christopher Cantwell - Tue, 2017-10-24 05:55 +0000

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this thirteenth episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on October 21st, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.


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Topics discussed include:

  • More Walking Dead shitposting and spoilers
  • Crooked Charlottesville prosecutor who railroaded Alt-Righters lets fat communist get away with crime.
  • Chris learns how to pronounce Ku Klux Klan
  • Chris asks for Unite the Right attendees to come forward and contact Jared Howe or Elmer Woodard.
  • The cops and feds are in bed with the reds in C-Ville
  • Immigrants who raped teen in public school bathroom get away with rape and possession of child porn; are expected to qualify for green cards.
  • Shooting incident at Spencer event
  • Antifa admits to wanting white genocide
  • Chris and Jared plead for law enforcement to stop the violence of Antifa before it escalates any further.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure to donate to Chris so that he can fight these trumped up charges against him.

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 013 – Hemmed Up

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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LIVE from Seg! Ep. 012 – Common Sense Anti-White Extremism

Christopher Cantwell - Tue, 2017-10-24 05:53 +0000

Political prisoner Christopher Cantwell is joined by Jared Howe via telephone for this thirteenth episode of LIVE from Seg!, recorded live on October 21st, 2017 and presented by the Radical Agenda.


***Donate to Chris’ GOYFUNDME!!***

Topics discussed include:

  • More Walking Dead shitposting and spoilers
  • Crooked Charlottesville prosecutor who railroaded Alt-Righters lets fat communist get away with crime.
  • Chris learns how to pronounce Ku Klux Klan
  • Chris asks for Unite the Right attendees to come forward and contact Jared Howe or Elmer Woodard.
  • The cops and feds are in bed with the reds in C-Ville
  • Immigrants who raped teen in public school bathroom get away with rape and possession of child porn; are expected to qualify for green cards.
  • Shooting incident at Spencer event
  • Antifa admits to wanting white genocide
  • Chris and Jared plead for law enforcement to stop the violence of Antifa before it escalates any further.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure to donate to Chris so that he can fight these trumped up charges against him.

LIVE from Seg! Ep. 012 – Common Sense Anti-White Extremism

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

The post LIVE from Seg! Ep. 012 – Common Sense Anti-White Extremism appeared first on Christopher Cantwell.

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