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The Shire Dude Show Is Back

Mon, 2017-05-22 16:00 +0000

Shire Dude’s absurd YouTube show is back after a two-year hiatus!

If you’re not familiar with show, you can watch all of season 1 here.

Check out season 2’s premier:

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74% of NH Senate Votes to Decriminalize Cannabis & Governor Promises to Sign!

Fri, 2017-05-12 18:53 +0000

NH Senate Votes 17-6 for Decrim!

This time, it wasn’t even close. The senate of New Hampshire finally did the right thing after years of debate and failed votes. Yesterday, they voted overwhelmingly, 17-6 to decriminalize possession of up to 3/4ths of an ounce of cannabis and up to five grams of hashish! That’s 74% of the NH senate voting in favor, after nearly 90% of the state house did the same.

On the same day as the senate passing this bill, (HB 640) NH’s new governor issued a press release promising to sign the bill! (Something the last governor refused to do.)

The bill is certainly not perfect, as it still has civil fines for cannabis possession but it’s no longer an arrestable offense and is no longer going to be charged as a misdemeanor, unless the person is caught three times in three years. In that case, the fourth ticketing would be a class B misdemeanor, but the person still cannot be arrested. The first offense is fined at $100 and subsequent offenses within that three year period would be $300 each. The floor discussion today made it clear this bill was a compromise from both the law enforcement side and those who want to end prohibition.

Besides the continuing fines and the fact that law enforcement will continue to confiscate people’s weed, the worst part of the bill carves out an exemption where 18-21 year olds are treated more harshly than those 21 and up. Possession of cannabis-infused products remains a misdemeanor for those 18-21, sadly. Hopefully this will be rolled back in the future.

The bill is however a step in the right direction. That said, when will we have a state rep with the courage to put forward a total end to cannabis prohibition? New Hampshire needs to stop there and stop trying to do what other states have done and legalize with a regulatory and tax scheme. Let’s just try freedom and watch the cannabis industry boom in the Shire.

Add this great news to the 101 Reasons Lives in New Hampshire!

UPDATE: 5/12 6:20pm – possession of cannabis-infused products is still a misdemeanor for those 18-21, I misread the bill earlier when I reported wrongly that all possession for those ages is still a misdemeanor.

Here’s partial video of the senate floor hearing and vote:

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Keene Democrat State Rep. Joseph Stallcop Flips to Libertarian, Making History!

Thu, 2017-05-11 06:02 +0000

In February of this year, republican state representative from Pelham, Caleb Dyer became the only sitting state rep in the United States to join the Libertarian Party. Now, just three months later, New Hampshire is making libertarian political history again as Keene democrat representing Ward One, Joseph Stallcop, today announced at a press conference at Concord’s state house, that he is also flipping to Libertarian! Here’s the full press conference video:

Not only does New Hampshire now have more sitting state reps than the other 49 states combined, but Dyer and Stallcop, both 21 years old, are forming what is likely the youngest political caucus in the history of the United States.

Now that state reps from both parties have openly defected to the libertarians, the big question is which state rep will be next? Will the courage of these two young men inspire the other libertarian reps who are still operating as republicans and democrats to “come out”?  Former state reps Eric Eastman and Joe Lachance also recently revealed they have flipped from republican to join the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire.

State Representative Joseph Stallcop, of Keene’s Ward One

Rep. Stallcop joining the Libertarian Party is also historic as he is the second sitting democrat state representative to have ever done so in the 45-year history of the national party.

New Hampshire, of course, also holds the distinction of having the first-ever democrat state rep to have flipped, when prior to the 2000 election, late state representative Steve Vaillancourt joined the party as a sitting democratic state rep and then ran for re-election in 2000 as a libertarian and won! This fact contradicts those naysayers in the liberty movement who have been claiming it’s impossible for libertarians who make the flip to actually win re-election. What they are saying is impossible has already been proven possible by New Hampshire’s own political history! In addition to Vaillancourt, in the nineties New Hampshire had multiple libertarian state reps who also won re-election.

At this morning’s press conference, Stallcop gave an excellent speech that revealed the command-and-control structure in the NH democratic party, which echoed Dyer’s experience in the republican party. Thinking for one’s self when in the major parties is apparently discouraged and voting his conscience resulted in his democratic colleagues lying to and looking down on him. One was overheard saying of him, “Maybe we shouldn’t have college students doing this job.”

He called out the democrats’ hypocrisy, saying, “they claim to be against casinos for fear of addiction, yet ignore the lottery’s grasp on the poor. They claim to be for criminal justice, though many turned away from a bill that would close the asset forfeiture loophole. They claim to be for the protection of transgender rights, yet didn’t even mark that bill as a caucus priority.”

LPNH Now Holds Two Seats in State House!

Stallcop called his experience a Cinderella story in reverse and went on to excoriate the two-party system, saying he’s, “seen beyond the veil of politics and found that ignorance spreads best with mascots and teams”. His speech made it clear that the government’s social programs are built on a “house of cards” and he called for voluntary solutions that don’t hinge on one political vote. Other speakers included LPNH chairman Darryl W Perry, national LP vice-chair Arvin Vohra, and state representative Caleb Dyer, who is now the floor leader of the new Libertarian house caucus.  (Click their names to jump to the start of their speeches in the full video.)

Stallcop recently surprised many by attending the 420 rally at the state house, not only toking up with the crowd of civil disobedients, but also giving a great speech. Rumors began flying that he was considering joining the libertarians, a particularly exciting prospect as it flies in the face of the common misconception that libertarians come from the right, politically. Libertarians come from across the political spectrum, because the non-aggression principle, the guiding principle of libertarianism, is a universal principle and attracts anyone who can understand why it’s wrong to use aggressive force against peaceful people.

Libertarians and voluntarists around the world should take note of what is happening here. Once again, New Hampshire has proven how unique it is. There are 101 reasons why thousands liberty-loving activists have been moving here, and that list just keeps getting longer and more attractive as we continue to have success after success, as libertarians elsewhere continue to fail over and over again. If you really care about liberty, you really need to be planning your move to New Hampshire, ASAP. If you’d like to connect with other libertarians already living here, please visit the Shire Forum.

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Liberty Lobby Week 16 Videos: Hemp, E-Cigs, & More

Mon, 2017-05-08 04:22 +0000

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry, along with me and others from the Keene area went to the state house last week to testify on more legislation. Here are the full hearing videos:

HB 151 would completely eliminate industrial hemp from the controlled substances list. Darryl W Perry, Heather Mullins, and I spoke in favor of it. This is its senate committee full public hearing:

HB 242 would tighten e-cigarette regulations. Darryl W Perry, Jay Noone, and I spoke against. This is its senate committee full public hearing:

SB 67 would expand the jurisdiction of the state police. Darryl W Perry, Heather Mullins, and Ian Freeman spoke against it. This is its house committee full public hearing:

HB 473 would make some tweaks to the gift card regulations. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry spoke in favor. This is its senate committee full public hearing:

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State Rep. Dick Marple Found Guilty of “Driving After Suspension” + Full Trial Video

Fri, 2017-05-05 13:00 +0000

State Representative Dick Marple again faced down Concord district court judge Kristin M Spath in their final round recently – his trial. At previous hearings and the trial, Marple has wowed observers by shouting at the judge and getting away with it as well as using long-talked-about court theories like refusing to cross the bar. (You can see his other hearings here and here.) He’s challenged jurisdiction from the beginning, and despite Spath’s ruling that she has jurisdiction, Marple still refused to participate in the trial they held for him on April 18th.

Instead he verbally sparred with Spath again for nearly 20 minutes before she proceeded with the show trial. Marple continued to refuse her invitation to cross the bar and sat in the audience through the state’s lone witness against him. Spath ended up taking the matter under advisement after the close of the state prosecutor’s case and later issued her ruling via a mailed order.

In the order, she found Marple not guilty of the misdemeanor “prohibitions” charge regarding his driver’s license, as the state neglected to present any actual evidence, but found him guilty of “driving after suspension”, sentencing him to $310 in fines, all suspended for six months on condition of Marple not getting any further moving motor vehicle violations in that timeframe.

Trial watchers had expected this light punishment for the 85-year-old state representative, who was able to get away with talking to a robed-person in a way that trial observers have ever seen. Most people who tried Marple’s approach would probably be arrested for “contempt of court” and thrown in jail. Was he able to talk back to the judge because Marple is a state rep? Perhaps because he’s elderly? Both?

Regardless, the big question now is whether or not he’ll appeal to the NH Supreme Court. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for any further developments!

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Liberty Lobby Week 14 & 15 Videos: Jury Nullification & Voting

Sun, 2017-04-30 02:53 +0000

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry, along with me and others from the Keene area went to the state house this week and last to testify on more legislation. The hearings are slowing down for the year, so we don’t have as much to show, but here are the videos:

HB 133 would require judges to give jury nullification instructions on request of a defendant. This is its senate committee full public hearing:

SB 3 would make registering to vote more difficult for some people, like college students. Darryl W. Perry spoke against it in an exhaustive six-hour public hearing in the full state house chamber. Here’s just his testimony:

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VIDEO: Business Owner Arrested for Crossing Street at DUI Checkpoint in Manchester

Sat, 2017-04-29 03:19 +0000

Chris Waid (right), safely demonstrating for NH independence, in the median on Main St. in Keene in 2016.

On April 20th, Manchester police conducted another DUI checkpoint, believed to be the first of 2017. As always, Cop Blockers and more than a dozen other liberty activists came out with signs redirecting peaceful motorists away from turning down Bridge St, where they would have hit the checkpoint.

Longtime Manchester Cop Blocker Riaz Kahan stated that the interdiction was a major success, with 90% of cars that were intending to turn towards the checkpoint being redirected to another route, avoiding unnecessary police harassment. Manchester police conduct at least a few of these checkpoints per year and activists from all over the state are attracted to help. It’s another unprecedented level of activism that happens easily and regularly in New Hampshire, since there are active migrations of libertarians moving here. (Check out 101 reasons why, here.)

However, for the first time in the history of Manchester’s checkpoints, an activist was arrested. Not for DUI, but for crossing the street, walking toward the checkpoint.

Keene-based activist and privacy-centric computer hardware entrepreneur Christopher Waid was the victim of the police’s most recent attack on freedom of the press. We were merely trying to cross the street so as to better observe the police’s unconstitutional checkpoint activity. However as we began to approach the median multiple police shouted at us including officer #1, Robert Harrington, who you may remember as the cop who popped Derrick J Freeman’s car door open without permission several years back. Here’s the video of Chris’ arrest and post-bail interview:

Chris is a weekly co-host on syndicated radio show Free Talk Live, where we discussed the arrest on last Friday’s show. He’s a rare breed – a business owner who is willing to put his very freedom on the line. If more business owners had this level of courage, they could just ignore the government rather than obey them, and the government would have to go away.

In addition to standing up for freedom of the press, Chris is an active police accountability activist, with many hours logged in the streets, recording cops. It is his right to stand where he wants, so long as he’s not actively interfering in police investigations. By standing in the median, he’s taking his risk and the police have no obligation to protect him, especially from himself. If they try to use the argument that them yelling at him was for his own safety, that hopefully won’t hold up in court. We’ve been in medians frequently for activism in Keene and police here have been mostly respectful towards us. By the way, Chris is a homeowner in Keene, to which he moved his linux hardware business, Think Penguin in early 2016.

He’s currently facing a “Disorderly Conduct” Class A charge – the police’s favorite catch-all to target people they don’t like. Of course, we’ll continue to follow Chris’ case closely here on Free Keene, so stay tuned.

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4/20: State Representatives Smoke Cannabis at NH State House with Crowd of 100+

Sat, 2017-04-22 13:00 +0000

Several longtime cannabis freedom activists at the 2017 Concord smoke-out.

Since 2009, on April 20th at 4:20pm people from across New Hampshire gather in front of the State House in Concord to commit mass civil disobedience by smoking, vaporizing, or otherwise consuming cannabis in public. As has happened in previous years, we were again joined by multiple state representatives including Libertarian Caleb Dyer of Pelham, NH as well as Keene’s Ward One Democrat, Joseph Stallcop, and Republican Glen Aldrich of Gilford.

Representatives Dyer and Stallcop were both featured speakers and also toked up with a crowd of over 100 people while representative Aldrich took photos, as he has done for years at the rally. Also photographing the event was Granite Haze of Mind blogger Justin Campagnone – you can check out his albums here. I had the honor of video recording the event, including all the speakers. I’ll be posting each speech to the Free Keene YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell on the YouTube channel to see the videos as they are released! Meanwhile, here’s a video with some highlights of the event to tide you over:

This year’s event began with speakers at 3pm including representatives Dyer & Stallcop, me explaining the right of Jury Nullification, and Libertarian Party of NH chairman Darryl W Perry. The overcast weather threatened rain which thankfully never materialized and the temperature was cool and pleasant with a couple dozen already in attendance at 3pm by the street, smoking cannabis and chalking messages on the pavement. As we closed in on 4:20pm (the time that cannabis is used in celebration globally) the numbers of attendees swelled to easily over 100 people.

Just a portion of the excellent crowd, photos courtesy Justin Campagnone

Event organizer and executive director of the 420 Foundation, Shire Dude emceed (and live streamed) the event. As the crowd gathered directly in front of the state house close to 4:20, we heard from speakers including Carla Gericke of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence, the executive director of the NH Cannabis Freedom Festival, Rick Naya, and medical cannabis consultant John Padellaro who told us how cannabis helped him with his inoperable brain growth. Padellaro also said, “I don’t support legalization. I support ending prohibition.” This sentiment was echoed by speakers Perry and Gericke, with Gericke also calling on New Hampshire’s new governor, Chris Sununu, to pardon all peaceful drug offenders and end funding for “Granite Hammer”. Perry and representative Dyer’s speeches focused on the current legal status and future of cannabis reform in New Hampshire while Naya reflected on the previous 420 rallies and people we’ve lost to prohibition. In his off-the-cuff speech, representative Stallcop of Keene told the attendees, “we need to stop looking at each other in terms of left or right. I see, in all honesty, there is right and there is wrong…We will stand together as one people and say that this is our decision, this is our choice.”

New Hampshire bitcoiners were also scattered throughout the 420 rally, celebrating the same-day NH senate vote of 13-10 to pass the Bitcoin protection bill on to governor Sununu. With cannabis decriminalization passed by a record 89.8% of the NH house, it is widely expected to finally make it through the senate and new governor this year. In other cannabis-related political news, major expansion of the medical cannabis qualifying conditions also seems to be making good headway as well, with conditions like chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder possibly being added to the list. Will republican governor Sununu prove to be more compassionate on this issue than his democrat predecessor? Remember, this is New Hampshire, where political labels don’t always mean what you think they mean.

Can anyone identify this cop watching the event?

While mainstream media news reporters present seemed to be limited to the Concord Monitor’s Allie Morris, the police were definitely watching, with what many suspected to be a police drone surveilling from above during the main event at 4:20. While one could say the drone being police-operated is speculation, there was definitely an unmarked police SUV parked and observing the crowd early on in the event. After I noticed him sitting there, I walked over to the grass near where he was sitting and pointed my camera at him. Within a minute, he said something into a microphone, rolled up his window and left, not to return. Besides a few state police cruisers driving by (not unusual for downtown Concord), that was the extent of any obvious police presence. As has been the case over the eight years of this epic civil disobedience event, no one was arrested.

Overall, the event was fantastic with plenty of people, great speakers, good weed, conversation, and camaraderie. The future looks bright for cannabis in New Hampshire, especially as more liberty-oriented activists migrate here as part of the Shire Society and Free State Project. If you care about freedom and want help make it happen, you should really consider moving here ASAP. Here are over 101 Reasons Why Liberty Lives in New Hampshire. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on ending prohibition in New Hampshire.

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NH 420 Rally Broadcasts Civil Disobedience

Thu, 2017-04-20 16:07 +0000

Support the Foundation with Bitcoin: 1Et9XjbPiBBhX8i2VQJ7BDTJQPbkGjHRJc

The livestream will be from 3:00 to 4:20pm EST.

Activists gather at the statehouse in Concord, New Hampshire. They convene annually to protest cannabis prohibition. This year’s rally is the first to be hosted by the 420 Foundation‘s new Executive Director, Shire Dude. Hey, that’s me!

To promote the event, I personally invited Chief Nick Willard of the Manchester Police Department. I have yet to receive his RSVP.

This is a live event. If the video below is not live, you can access archived footage on my Bambuser account.

Your browser does not support iframes.
Funding for this broadcast is provided by viewers like you.

After the 420 rally, check the livestream again, at about 10:00pm. The Manchester Police Department has announced a checkpoint. If there is one, I intend to broadcast the response from Manchester activists.

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Manchester Activists Protest US Syria Strikes

Sun, 2017-04-16 21:17 +0000

Last weekend, Manchester liberty activists gathered downtown for a protest aimed at US military intervention in Syria. While libertarians support self-defense of the individual, they also support consensual methods of paying for group defense. If someone wants to go attack people in other lands, those supporters should be the ones who pay for it. People who want peace should not be forced, through taxation, to foot the bill for violent adventurism. Hopefully, secession will help disconnect the people of New Hampshire from the depredations of the evil federal government in the future.

The protest did attract some media attention as WMUR-TV reporter Siobhan Lopez filed this video report. Thanks to Kathy Peterson for the photo.

Protesting US Attacks on Syria

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Liberty Lobby Week 13 Videos: Cannabis, Drones, & More

Sun, 2017-04-16 20:43 +0000

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. Here are several full hearing videos from last week:

HB 640 is this year’s cannabis decriminalization bill, as passed by 89.8% of the state house. This is its senate committee full public hearing:

HB 215 would create a committee to study legalization of cannabis in New Hampshire. It passed the house and this is its senate committee full public hearing:

HB 97 would restrict government use of drones (good), but would also restrict personal and business use of drones (bad). Here’s its senate committee full public hearing:

HB 194 would make it so employers no longer need to ask government permission to pay biweekly. Here’s its senate committee full public hearing:

HB 247 would create additional lead testing regulations. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W. Perry read testimony from former state representative Mark Warden against it:

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Showtime’s “Gigolos” Star Vin Armani Interviews Me on Reasons Libertarians are Migrating to NH

Sat, 2017-04-15 16:55 +0000

I had the pleasure of being a guest for most of an hour on the Vin Armani Show on Activist Post.  Vin is one of the stars of Showtime’s “Gigolos” reality TV series and he’s also a voluntarist/agorist who I met while at Anarchapulco.  He had not heard of the libertarian migration to New Hampshire and was fascinated by my speech at Anarchapulco on why liberty-loving people should move to New Hampshire as soon as possible.  So, he asked me onto his video show to talk about it further.

Here’s the interview which touches a little on my radio show, Free Talk Live, but is mostly about many of the reasons why libertarians, voluntarists, bitcoiners, and agorists should move to New Hampshire. My interview starts about 1h10m into the program:

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NH Bitcoiners Speak to Senate Committee About Bitcoin Protection Bill – VIDEO

Mon, 2017-04-10 14:35 +0000

Bitcoiners Love NH

The New Hampshire house of representatives recently passed a historic Bitcoin protection bill, that if it makes it through the senate and governor will make New Hampshire the opposite of New York. New York is infamous for its “bitlicense” regulations that drove multiple bitcoin businesses out of the Empire State. In contrast, New Hampshire, if this bill passes, would become a state with explicit protection against regulating Bitcoin businesses as “money transmitters”.

Last week, HB 436 had its public hearing before the senate commerce committee and a bunch of bitcoiners from across the state came out to sign and testify in favor of the bill, which would help ensure Bitcoin businesses continue to launch in and relocate to New Hampshire. It would further solidify New Hampshire’s place in the world as a cryptocurrency hotspot.

The speakers in favor far outnumbered those speaking against, which was really only the NH banking commission, who obviously does not want to lose hold of any of their precious power.

Those who spoke were on point and did a great job communicating with the senators on the committee. Turns out that two of those senators, Andy Sanborn and chairman Daniel Innis both already own bitcoin!

Will the bill pass the senate and be signed by the governor, or will the banking bureaucrats pull out all the stops to crush it? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest on the NH Bitcoin scene.

Here’s the full hearing video:

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Liberty Lobby – Week 12 – Videos

Sun, 2017-04-09 16:11 +0000

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. Here are seven full hearing videos from last week:

HB 580 would regulate fantasy sports websites operating in New Hampshire. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I both testified against. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 228 would allow minors to legally transport alcohol with certain family members present in-car. I testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 170 would require towns that post minutes and notices of meetings online to post them consistently. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W. Perry spoke in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 114 would prohibit political candidates from being nominated by more than one political party through the primary process. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 654 would create a study committee to look at regulating and taxing short term rentals. I testified against. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 586: This bill originally would have created a facility license for tattoo, body piercing, or branding, but that was amended out of it. I testified against licensing. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 82 would exempt hair braiding from regulation and licensing. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W. Perry testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

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District Court Judge Rules Against State Rep Marple’s Claim of No Jurisdiction; Trial Date Set

Sat, 2017-04-08 22:36 +0000

Judge M. Kristin Spath of Concord District Court

After amazing video where New Hampshire state representative Dick Marple verbally spanked Concord district court judge M. Kristin Spath in her own courtroom twice, Spath has hit back with a two-page order justifying her claim that she has jurisdiction over the case.

Marple has been charged for driving without a license and has argued that the court has no jurisdiction over him as he is not “operating a motor vehicle”, which he says is a legal term that only applies to people traveling for commercial purposes. Despite Marple filing an exhaustive legal memorandum outlining the various cases on which he bases his position, the robed woman cited her own court cases:

The New Hampshire Supreme Court has also consistently ruled that the operation of an automobile- upon a public highway is not a right, but” … only a privilege which the state may grant or withhold at pleasure …. ” State V; Sterrin, 78 N.H. 220, 222 (1916), citing Comm.v. Kingsbury, 199 Mass. 542. The Court, in State v. Sterrin, at 222, also cited State v. Corron, 73 N.H. 434, 446 (1905), which references a liquor licensee, by stating: “The statute confers a privilege which the citizen is at liberty to accept by becoming a licensee, or not, as he pleases. Having accepted the privilege, he cannot object to any conditions which have been attached thereto by a grantor with power to entirely withhold the privileges.”

Translation: “There is no right to travel safely on the roads without asking your master government’s permission first. We are in charge here and you’ll do what we say, or else.”

State Rep Dick Marple campaigns at the polls.

Spath then went on to have the trial date for Marple driving without the state permission slip set for April 18th at 12:45pm in Concord district court.

However, it doesn’t end there. Marple has since filed an 11-page “Affidavit of Truth – in Commerce – Second Demand” with the NH Secretary of State’s office and the court. In the affidavit, Marple challenges jurisdiction again, saying the court needs to show the signed “instrument” where he consents to their rule and further demands a jury trial. He says Spath’s stand on her alleged jurisdiction is an “abuse of discretion” and cites more court cases claiming that the state may not interfere in your personal business. He demands the case be dismissed with prejudice, saying that Spath’s claim that he voluntarily chose to acquire a license is false. Marple says he was under duress to contract for the license:

“The photo ID purchased bas imbedded under the plastic following this Affiant’s signaturethe letters “TDC”, signifying, “Threat, Duress, and Coercion” hence not a meeting of the minds and not a valid contract”

On page three of his affidavit, Marple contends that that if the target of the affidavit does not rebut the issues raised within 15 days that it:

will be understood as a confession and acceptance, as well as tacit acquiescence of all FACTS herein enumerated… “Government officers and agents are required to affirmatively prove whatever authority they claim. In the absence of proof, they may be held personally accountable for loss, injury and damages”. Ryder v United States, 115 S. Ct 2031,132 L.Ed.2d 136, 515 U.S. 177, “Failure to contest an assertion … is considered evidence of acquiescence”. US Supreme Court, Mitchell v. United States- No. 97-7541 (Dec. 9, 1998)

According to this document from the Secretary of state, judge Spath and the clerk of court Theresa A McCafferty, have not responded to rebutted any of Marple’s Affidavit of Commercial Default filed back in December.

Where will this go next? Presumably to trial. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

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What Happened to the NH Budget?

Sat, 2017-04-08 18:44 +0000

Libertarian State Representative Caleb Dyer

This past Wednesday and Thursday the New Hampshire House of Representatives failed to approve either HB1 or HB2 with their committee amendments.  The failure was caused by an unexpected of coalition of Democrats and the NH House Freedom Caucus (NHHFC) in opposition.  On Wednesday both the Democrats and the House Freedom Caucus brought forth amendments to make late efforts to offer alternatives to the committee amendment that was expected to fail.  

The Eaton amendment was offered by the Democrats for HB1 to reinclude full day kindergarten and increase contributions to select funds.  This amendment failed when the House Freedom Caucus and Republican majority voted in coalition to defeat it.  The House Freedom Caucus brought the Ammon amendment which was a broad “back of the budget cut” in the amount of $200 million which would have required the office of the Governor to find $200 million to satisfy such reductions.  The Ammon amendment also put back into HB1 $219 million in federal funds that had been withheld from the budget by the Finance Committee’s amendment.  After the failure of each bill’s committee amendments and floor amendments House leadership moved to table each bill.  

There was a meeting at 2:30pm on Wednesday between delegates from the House Freedom Caucus including Rep. John Burt (R-Goffstown), Rep. Ed Comeau (R-Brookfield), Rep. Victoria Sullivan (R-Manchester), Rep. Eric Schleien (R-Hudson), me (L-Pelham) and the House Majority leadership joined by Finance Committee Chair Neal Kurk (R-Weare).  In this meeting we went over a list of major General Fund appropriations including the Municipal Aid provision, the Community College System provision, and the Department of Safety appropriations which were to be targeted for reductions.  Leadership expressed concern that federal matching funds may be lost as a result of reductions to these funds.  

The delegates from the House Freedom Caucus asserted that the position of the caucus was that they would vote for a budget with no more that a 3.0% increase over the last biennium.  Despite this the delegates also asked the leadership if there was some percentage increase where the two camps could “meet in the middle” as Finance chair Kurk had previously indicated that he could, in fact, find cuts that could bring the increase down from 10.5% (in the General Fund) to 4.5% over last biennium.  This proposal had been mentioned to the House Freedom Caucus in convention by delegate John Burt and caucus leader J.R. Hoell (R-Dunbarton).  The House Majority leadership did not appear to be able to pre-emptively agree to a 4.5% above budget without seeing the specific cuts included in the final amendment.  

The deadline for floor amendments was only an hour out from the end of the House Freedom Caucus/Majority leadership meeting.  The House Freedom Caucus delegates went down to the Legislative Budget Assistant’s Office where they met with the co-chairs of the House Republican Alliance Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford), Rep. James Spillane (R-Deerfield), and Rep. Glenn Cordelli (R-Tuftonboro), who participated in the House Freedom Caucus discussions in completing a floor amendment to make roughly only $75 million dollars in appropriation reductions; far from their consensus ideal of $200 million. 

However, after the 4:00pm amendment filing deadline had passed, the House leadership informed a member that no compromise could be found with any of the proposals submitted to the Clerk.  With each proposal marked dead-on-arrival by leadership, the House Freedom Caucus went into Thursday expecting to vote down HB2’s committee amendment albeit by a more slim margin than the day previous due to absences of caucus members.  After the committee amendment failed, a motion table HB2 was promptly brought by House leadership after only a mere 30 minutes of session.  This motion passed on a voice vote.  Subsequently the House leadership brought the third reading motion.  This motion was put to a division vote which passed with 103 opposed.  

Now the Senate Finance Committee, chaired by Sen. Gary Daniels (R-Milford), will be expected to attach a budget to a House appropriations bill currently in the Senate.  By tabling both budget bills the House has no position on any budget bill that will exit the Senate other than to accept or decline its additional provisions but not advocate for any House additions or corrections.  While it is still uncertain if the Senate Finance Committee will appease the House Freedom Caucus, the Majority leadership, or even House Democrats, all camps have indicated that they plan to go to the Senators on Finance to advocate their caucus positions.  

The official roll call votes on HB1 and HB2 can be found via this link.  Or via Legiscan here (HB1) and here (HB2).

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Manchester Marine Veteran Pays $75 Parking Fine in Pennies; Cop Lies to Cameraman

Mon, 2017-04-03 18:38 +0000

As reported over at Photography is Not a Crime today, a veteran of the US Marines, Billy Spaulding, recently attempted to pay a parking fine in pennies at Manchester city hall. Initially, police responded and lied to Billy’s cameraman, claiming he wasn’t allowed to record them without informing them. The cop claims, “You have to advise us that you’re recording us. You can’t record audio.” The reality is that recent New Hampshire court precedent says otherwise – not only can you record police in New Hampshire, but you can secretly record them. Unfortunately the videographer appears to have shut off the camera as a result of the cop’s lies. Based on the comments on the youtube video, he now knows better.

After the police apparently escorted them out, they returned a few days later with a bucket of $75 in pennies and this time were unmolested as they successfully paid the fine:

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Liberty Lobby – Week 11 – Videos

Sun, 2017-04-02 23:32 +0000

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. Here are five full hearing videos from last week:

HB 614 would prevent seized assets under $100,000 from being transferred to the federal government. Liberty legislator Mike Sylvia sponsored the bill. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 140 would allow NH wine manufacturers to open an off-premises tasting room. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I testified in favor. This video is particularly entertaining as one of the liquor industry reps gets unintentionally trolled by my testimony. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 178 would establish a commission to study how best to resolve right-to-know complaints. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 98 would allow brewpubs to manufacture alcoholic cider. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and Ian Freeman testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 152 would give NH alcohol distributors the ability to sell any beverage available to purchase nationwide. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry testified in favor. Here’s the full hearing video:

HB 474 would restrict law enforcement from using a cell site simulator without a warrant. Amazingly, the police didn’t testify against this bill! Here’s the full hearing video:

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Liberty Lobby – Week 10 – Videos

Mon, 2017-03-27 20:00 +0000

Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry and I went to the state house this week to testify on more legislation. Here are three full hearing videos from this week:

HB 372 would change definitions of resident and inhabitant. Darryl W Perry testified against this dangerous bill. Here’s the full hearing:

HB 94 is a confusing bill. It purports to protect victims of sex trafficking, but the language is about punishing johns who have sex with a consenting teen, with felony charges. I testified against it. Here’s the full hearing:

SB 248 intends to address the elections that were allegedly illegally postponed in multiple towns due to a blizzard. Liberty Lobbyist Darryl W Perry spoke in this lengthy hearing. Here’s the full hearing:

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Carla Howell’s Keynote from LPNH 2017 Convention

Mon, 2017-03-27 16:49 +0000

Carla Howell is the political director for the national libertarian party and a long time Massachusetts libertarian activist. If you’ve been in the libertarian party in the last three decades, you’re probably familiar with her. She was the keynote speaker at this year’s Libertarian Party of New Hampshire convention in Concord. Here’s her speech:

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