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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 305 | Epstein was a Mossad Asset

Thu, 2019-11-14 13:46 +0000

Forget Russia.

No foreign country interferes more in our elections than Our Greatest Ally, Israel.

Many are digging into Jeffrey Epstein’s past now that he was suicided in jail, but very few are reporting that he was “brought into the family business” by former Mossad super-spy Robert Maxwell, the late father of Epstein’s madame Ghislaine Maxwell who himself died under “mysterious circumstances” of “an apparent suicide”.

For this episode, we’re going to be talking about Epstein’s ties to Israel, Attorney General Barr’s plan to deploy spy software developed by an Epstein-owned Israeli company, and a retired Brigadier General who was recently arrested for child pornography.

This is EPISODE 305 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!


 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Outlaw Conservative S01E039 – Seamless Dishonesty

Wed, 2019-11-13 18:05 +0000

It’s been an exciting three weeks in Clown World. Frightening, even.

Long time listeners will recall that I used to think people were crazy for doubting certain historical narratives. I used to think it would be impossible for so many people, to tell the same lies, for so long, and convince so many, so thoroughly. I had to rethink that theory, after I became the subject of a fake news story a couple of years ago.

Once you realize how spectacularly the news lies, it follows that news tends to eventually become history. If our history books are half as dishonest as our newspapers, then we really can’t claim to have any firm understanding of history at all.

No wonder we keep repeating it.

It will definitely be interesting to see how this plays out, going forward. We know the surveillance apparatus of the US government is quite expansive, and we can be just as certain that we don’t know every detail of it. Everyone carries a camera now. Homes and businesses have security cameras. Pictures, video, and audio can be transferred around the world in the blink of an eye. While the tech and media overlords can suppress information enough that only determined people can find it, these days they cannot really get rid of evidence nearly so easily, as they could in the mid 1900s. The news lies with such shocking consistency, that it really has to make you wonder what the history books will say about these times, but given the availability and durability of information in the current era, there is perhaps some glimmer of hope that the people of the future will be better informed about today, than we were of yesteryear.

Or maybe not.

The confidence some people seem to have in their deceptions leaves room for doubt.

A video was leaked of ABC News reporter Amy Robach, talking about how the network buried a story she was working on about about convicted sex offender, and billionaire blackmailer, Jeffrey Epstein. The network sat on the story for three years, during which Epstein was presumably adding new victims to his already impressive resume.

After Epstein was found dead in his jail cell, the first supposed suicide in 40 years at that facility, Robach vented her frustrations in a video which was later leaked to Project Veritas. “I’ve had the story for three years … we would not put it on the air,” Robach said. “It was unbelievable what we had, Clinton, we had everything.”

You might recall, there was a very tense presidential election going on three years ago, so you can probably understand why ABC would be hesitant to publish anything that might hurt Clinton’s chances. One might even be able to reconcile their failure to publish it after the election, but the fact that it took Project Veritas to tell us about this, after the guy had already been arrested, found dead, and plastered all over the news for weeks, that is really something.

ABC claims the story did not meet their high journalistic standards, which was humorous. This would seem to have been contradicted by that video of a Kentucky gun range, which they tried to pass off as Turks slaughtering civilians in Syria. This was offered as definitive proof of a catastrophic Trump foreign policy failure, until they got caught, and claimed it was some honest mistake. I won’t bother to harp on how they leapt at opportunities to publish unsubstantiated allegations against Trump and Brett Kavanaugh, because you’ve surely heard this a million times by now. I was too busy doing time in jail to see how recklessly they covered the Charlottesville incident, but I doubt their high journalistic standards were in place back then, either.

Having this cover up exposed does not seem to have raised their journalistic standards any. We have yet to see that story Amy Robach was working on, and a brand new cover up is underway, as the company frantically tries to find the employee who leaked the video.

CBS fired an employee of theirs who used to work at ABC, on the suspicion that she was the leaker. 25-year-old Emmy-award winning producer Ashley Bianco, sat down for an interview with Megyn Kelly after her firing. Bianco acknowledges having accessed the video, but denied being O’Keefe’s source.

O’Keefe subsequently stated in a Tweet that Bianco was not the source, and that the source is still employed with ABC. The source released a letter, which they signed as “Ignotus”, Latin for “unknown”, and also the name of a Harry Potter character. In that letter, the source claims “I sit right here with you all in complete shock on how this has been handled”, implying he or she is still with the company. Another ABC insider spoke to, claiming that ABC investigators have been searching staff emails and news logs, and interrogating staffers, trying to find the source of the leak.

Scant attention to the scandal has been paid by other news networks, save for Fox. To witness these companies, who are in theory supposed to be business competitors, all cooperating to cover up one of their sins, paints a startling picture of just how corrupt these institutions have become. Speaking as one with a pre-existing well earned healthy skepticism of the Press, even I found the brazenness of it all rather stunning. They have been caught. They know they have been caught. Yet, they refuse to acknowledge any wrongdoing, and remain engaged in a cover up effort, even as people watch them.

They show not the slightest bit of concern for their credibility in the eyes of the informed, and are attempting only to keep people from becoming informed.

Congress seems to have similar designs.

As I type this, I am watching the so called impeachment hearings on Fox News. After pre-screening the evidence and witnesses in secret for weeks, Adam Schiff is finally ready to present the information most favorable to his party in public view. He will not, however, allow most of the witnesses or information the Republicans have requested, because that is not favorable to his party.

House Democrats know that the Republican controlled Senate will surely uncover this information, and that the President will not be removed from power after that process.  This proceeding is a mere media spectacle.

So far, the two witnesses I’ve watched, spent most of their time discussing their own foreign policy views, and how they vary from those of the President. This of course, is completely irrelevant to whether or not the President committed a crime, but proving anything of that sort is clearly not the goal. The media will simply present these differences of opinion, as an act of treason by the President. When the Senate rejects this foolishness, the media may be expected to treat refutations of these theories, similarly to how they treated the Epstein story.

The media knows Congress is lying, and Congress is counting on the media’s willingness to deceive as well. Perhaps this should be unsurprising by this point, but recent media coverage of Michael Bloomberg’s potential entry into the Democrat presidential primary, has reveals an even more concerning angle.

Of particular interest, is the Left’s willingness to dismiss the information provided to them by their own media.

To some, this might seem like little more than an indicator that Democrats are quite not so stupid as we tend to think.

The media lies. Constantly.

One would have to be an idiot not to know this in the current year. Democrats might be late to the party in this regard, if only due to their own confirmation bias, but to see them come around on this topic, could be seen as a positive development.

In my mind, it seems frighteningly sinister.

To set the stage, let’s take a look at some polling.

  • The Real Clear Politics average of polls for the Democrat presidential nomination, has Joe Biden leading Elizabeth Warren by nearly 8 percentage points.
  • Almost all of the polls taken in hopes of predicting the outcome of the general election for President, have Trump losing significantly to any of the Democrat candidates.
  • The RCP average of “Right Direction or Wrong Track”, has Wrong Track winning by 20 points.
  • The RCP average of Trump’s favorability has unfavorable ahead by 12 points.
  • The RCP average of Trump’s job approval has disapprove ahead by more than 10 points.
  • The RCP average of polls regarding the impeachment inquiry, suggests that a 9% majority of the country wants Trump to be impeached!

To hear Trump tell it, this is just more “fake news”. He calls these “suppression polls”, and says they are designed to do little more than demoralize Republican voters. It’s all a giant conspiracy to make you stay home on election day, rather than to bother voting for a candidate with no hope of success.

Of course, Trump’s skepticism of the media is what makes him a threat to Democracy. This is an assault on the freedom of the press! Only Nazis distrust the media!

So, if you’re a Democrat, the 2020 election hardly seems worth thinking about, much less fearing, given such solid data from such reliable sources.

Biden will be the nominee, and he’ll beat Trump. Case closed. No need to panic.

Hell, Trump probably won’t even be President next November. If Rashida Tlaib has her way, Trump might not even be free man by that point.

Mike Pence never filled a stadium full of screaming fans, he would be easier to beat than Trump.

After 8 more years of subsidized mass immigration into the country, there won’t even be a Republican Party. Al

So, what in God’s name is Michael Bloomberg doing, entering the race? Why are Democrats in panic mode about losing the election? Why is Twitter refusing to run political advertisements? Why is Google censoring search results? Why are YouTube and Facebook censoring ever more moderate voices?

Why even bother with the impeachment inquiry? Why does Al Green think impeachment is the only way to prevent Trump’s re-election?

Clearly, the Democrats don’t buy their own BS. They know the polls are fake.

Worse still, they know that Trump has succeeded in exposing the media as a bunch of frauds. Since nobody trusts them anymore, these polls will fail to shape public opinion, just as badly as they have failed to measure it.

Some stand out as more ridiculous than others, so you can hardly blame people for being skeptical.

Most recently, the Washington Post and ABC have published a poll, in which even Kamala Harris beats Trump by 9 percent. This despite the fact that Harris has never polled above 6% in her own Party. Owing to this lack of support, she recently laid off most of her campaign staff throughout the country, to focus her dwindling resources on the Iowa caucuses. Unsurprisingly, she blamed her dismal performance on racism and misogyny, which are clearly major problems, amongst Democrat primary voters, nationwide.

All of this could be dismissed as amusing, in some sense. Trump supporters might spend the next 12 months just playing with their Democrat opponents, as a cat plays with a mouse. These people are so dishonest, that even they don’t know which way is up anymore.

We know the truth, we’ve got our candidate, and as the clock ticks life away, lies have a greater tendency to lose credibility, than to gain it.

I am somewhat less optimistic.

Democrats know the media is lying, as evidenced by the disconnect between what the media says, and what the Party does. The politicians and money masters are frantically trying to prevent Trump from even being a candidate in 2020, while the power brokers are in a desperate search for a credible candidate, who yet remains stubbornly elusive.

This is not lost on average Democrat voters, who seem to spend every waking moment terrified of Trump’s second, third, and 13th terms as President. Despite their media bombarding them with contrary data, they seem convinced, not only of Trump’s electability, but of his capacity to defy death itself, and rule the country with an iron fist, well after his hundredth birthday has come and gone.

This fear leads them to ignore, if not endorse, political violence by masked anarchists, who want to abolish the same government these people think should control every aspect of the human condition. They have made venerable heroes of drug addicts and sexual deviants, who attack senior citizens, set limousines on fire, and smash the windows out of their favorite banks and coffee shops. To them, the uncertainty of mass political violence perpetrated by crazy people, is better than the certainty of losing the 2020 election.

If they believed the polls, this would terrify them. They would see nutcases idiots as a threat to their otherwise certain electoral victory, and demand they be crushed by any means necessary. They are tolerating, and even celebrating this madness, all because they know, deep down, that the media is completely full of crap.

The scary part is, they don’t seem to mind.

We know the media is full of crap too, and we say so all the time. For us, to say that the media lies, is like saying that the sky is blue. For the Left, to say that the media lies is like going to Saudi Arabia with a hat made of bacon, and saying that Mohammad was a Jewish pederast, while wiping your behind with ripped up pages of the Koran.

We would far prefer the media to be honest. We do not call the media dishonest because we hate journalism. We hate journalists because they are dishonest.

Like everything else in their bizarro world, it is pretty much the exact opposite for the Left. If the media was honest, they would hate them. That’s why they love social media censorship and call for “hate speech” to be banned. Truth is treason, in this empire of lies. The siren song of Maddow et al, is like fentanyl to them. They love being lied to, but to acknowledge the deception would be to tell the truth, and this is forbidden. Thou shalt not commit blasphemy in the presence of the faithful, lest ye be burned at the stake as a heretic.

The dishonesty is not just something they tolerate as some ugly necessity of the power struggle. Even to call it an “article of faith” and sum it up as the doctrine of a bizarre fundamentalist religion, fails to capture the full horrifying scope, because their actions are evidence that they are acting not on belief, but disbelief.

They don’t believe their own lies, but they repeat them anyway, as they go on behaving like people who know the truth.

They have fully internalized dishonesty as a way of life, on a civilizational scale.

Think about it like this. No serious person believes in transgenderism. The reason one says that they support transgender equality, is to show others that they are in on the scam. Transgenderism is an extreme example, but it was the natural progression from other outrageous lies, which were normalized over the course of decades.

It used to be that saying one believed in racial equality would accomplish the same goal. People knew this was insane back then, and to say you held this bizarre belief meant you were part of a group. It was like a secret code word, or symbolic hand gesture. It meant that you could be counted on to take part in other deceptions, without ever discussing the details or acknowledging the dishonesty of the deed.

Eventually, the coercive power of the group caused everyone else to repeat the same lie. Once that happened, one risked dealing with honest people who could not be counted on, if they relied only on this cryptic signal. So, they came up with new, and increasingly bizarre, ways of showing their loyalty to, and rank in, the conspiracy.

Hunter Biden’s tenure at Burisma provides a fine example of this, and Trump’s “no quid pro quo” phone call with the Ukrainian President, provides a telling contrast.

Setting aside Joe Biden’s demand to fire the prosecutor, for the moment, most of that scheme, however obviously corrupt, never actually required an illegal act. Nobody ever had to say “Hunter, we would like to hire you for our corrupt energy company. We will give you insane amounts of money for a job you are so clearly unqualified to do, and all we ask in return is that your father do us favors in Washington”.

I obviously have no idea what was discussed, but I can easily imagine that they never once discussed a corrupt act. They just offered him this great job that paid him really well, and strangely never asked him for anything. They didn’t have to ask, he just knew that nobody gets free money, and something would be expected of him. The unspoken, but nonetheless universally understood arrangement, was that somebody would mention a problem in the presence of Hunter Biden, and Hunter Biden would mention this in casual conversation with his father. Without ever offering to solve the problem, or even asking how he could help, Joe Biden would then have a spontaneous epiphany about some aspect of American foreign policy, and direct things in a way favorable to Burisma.

Savvy operators on the world stage pick up on stuff like this. Just by showing others they might deal with that they were connected to Biden, other gates of opportunity would swing open, on the mere assumption that the opportunity for corrupt gains might walk on through them.

Peter Schweizer and Jacob McLeod outlined some troubling details about Hunter Biden’s fantastic success in China, for example.

While the Ukraine story is getting the most news coverage, Biden’s China adventure actually preceded Ukraine and Burisma. For no discernible reason a Chinese “private” equity firm with close ties to the ruling Communist Party and state run enterprises, paraded Hunter Biden around as the big dawg of their $1.5 billion investment fund. This was itself preceded by a conspicuously rapid advancement through the ranks at Delaware bank MBNA, where he was hired fresh out of law school, and quickly became Senior Vice President of the company in less than two years. At the same time, he was working as a lobbyist for various interest groups, including those in the pharmaceutical and online gambling industries.

Not bad for a guy who got kicked out of the Navy for using drugs, eh?

Now, maybe there was a smoky back room deal where everybody hashed out the details. This is certainly possible, but it was also unnecessary.

Hunter Biden is a screw upwho couldn’t accomplish any of these things without political connections. There is no sign that he ever actually “accomplished” anything at all, he was just handed these incredible “jobs” which offered him wealth most people could never imagine. Other corrupt actors saw him “accomplishing” these things anyway, and they saw the companies he worked for getting what they wanted. So, they paid Hunter too, and as luck would have it, things started working out really well for them, in similar fashion.

On the Right, we don’t have this kind of power. We tend to view our integrity as one of the most important defining characteristics of our identity. When our people lie, or even when things give the appearance of potential impropriety, our own people descend upon the corruption like an autoimmune response.

Even when we attempt to act in a corrupt way, our habits formed in the course of honest dealings, tend to disadvantage us against our more habitually deceptive opponents. Let us take the facts we’ve been delivered about the impeachment inquiry at face value, to draw the point.

The Trump administration temporarily withheld military aid to Ukraine. A month before the Ukrainians even knew about this, Trump had a phone call with Zelensky, and mentioned Biden and Crowd Strike in vague terms of a broader corruption problem. The theory of the latest impeachment scheme, is that Trump intended to use this military aid as leverage, to get a Ukrainian investigation opened up into Joe Biden, so as to gain political advantage stateside.

Now, I think this was actually a pretty good idea. I would think it was a pretty good idea, even if it was a corrupt act, but since Biden was obviously acting corruptly in Ukraine and around the world, this was nothing of the sort. The President is constitutionally obligated to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. Negotiating with foreign leaders to prosecute criminals, is a perfectly reasonable thing for a President to do. People do not get a license to break the law, just by running for President, and conducting corrupt business in a foreign jurisdiction.

Yet, Trump specifically said to Ambassador Gordon Sondland, “I want nothing. I want no quid pro quo. I want Zelensky to do the right thing.”

This seems to indicate some awareness that, even though direct transactional exchanges are perfectly normal in foreign policy, this one would not be well received as such. He would instead carry this out through the power of suggestion, by mentioning this problem that he wanted solved one day, and on another day, the man he discussed it with would find himself waiting longer than expected for a large payment. Trump seemed to hope Zelenski would take the hint, and presumably, Trump’s Ukraine policy would become conspicuously friendly, once Biden was exposed for a crook.

Unfortunately for Trump, he found himself with a problem all too familiar to Right wingers. The deadly combination of honest friends, and dishonest enemies, with the added hazard of uncertainty as to who fell into what camp.

Trump seemed to be trying to establish a trusted channel of communication with the Ukrainians, using Rudy Giuliani as the conduit. Trump supposedly directed Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, and two top State Department officials, to deal Giuliani when Zelenski sought to meet Trump. “If they can satisfy Rudy, they can satisfy the President,” a source familiar with the meeting told CNN.

Giuliani does not have an official position within the administration, serving instead as Trump’s personal attorney. The suspicion, which I must reluctantly admit is reasonable, was that he did this in the hope of using attorney client privilege, to maintain secrecy about whatever arrangements were made.

Going outside the normal diplomatic channels raised red flags within the administration. The effort to establish a secure conduit of information through privileged communications with Giuliani, exacerbated suspicions, and seems to indicate an effort to do more than make suggestions, and hope for the best.

None of this is anywhere near as messed up as Hunter ‘the Cocaine Hoover’ Biden becoming fabulously wealthy without lifting a finger, but since Republicans are not nearly so totally immersed in habitual corruption as our Democrat counterparts, it looks far more out of place.

Take any infinite number of examples. If you watch Fox News, you will hear “imagine if a Republican did this!” a dozen times a day, during a slow news week, as the hosts continue in seeming perpetuity, to feign confusion over Democrat hypocrisy.

  • The #MeToo fervor by the same people who covered for Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein.
  • The sudden reverence for the United States Constitution under Trump, by the top proponents of Obamacare and Gay Marriage.
  • The domestic hawkishness over White Supremacist terrorism, by the same open borders fanatics who call you a racist for blocking immigration from Muslim countries we are currently at war with.
  • The concern trolling over Trump’s “hateful, divisive rhetoric” by the people who call rioting anarchists “a courageous group of Americans”.
  • Trump calling CNN “fake news” is an attack on our First Amendment, while corporate censorship of Right wingers is the singular component of the “free market” in which property rights remain sacred, and inviolable.

But hypocrisy fails to capture the full horrifying scope of it. In all reality, to dismiss it as such, is to provide cover for the most evil forces imaginable. These people definitely are not doing this out of mere stupidity, either, and to say so is to provide similar cover for the same wickedness. It is a profoundly complex cognitive burden to lie so frequently. No fool, genius, nor model of mediocrity, could accidentally do anything, with such remarkable consistency, as the reliable pattern of Leftist deception.

The world we live in today, and its most sacred, unquestioned narratives, have been constructed with care, precision, dedication, and persistence. If these talents were put to more noble uses, they would be nothing short of awe inspiring. The willingness of the public to be lied to, and to go along with the lies themselves, while knowing the falsehood of the narratives, and the duplicity of the sources, paints an even more frightening picture.

We are literally surrounded by liars.


Join us, this and every Wednesday from 5-7pm US Eastern time for another exciting episode of the Outlaw Conservative Podcast, where I look forward to hearing from you at 808-4-OUTLAW, or on our Discord Server at

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 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 304 | Neocons are the REAL Feminists

Wed, 2019-11-13 13:33 +0000

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife and Trump Jr.’s current girlfriend, got pretty upset at a recent event for Trump Jr.’s new book, ironically titled “Triggered”. It’s hard to tell whether she was more upset at the Groypers in attendance for asking questions about Israel or the Antifa in attendance for chanting accusations of racism and bigotry, but she wants everyone to know that Neocons are the REAL feminists.

“We created woman-owned businesses! Even The View said they were happy with the jobs! You’re probably just losers who can’t get a date!”

The View? That’s a strong conservative endorsement!

The bit about not being able to get a date was probably true about the Antifa spergs, but is that any way to speak to young Republican voters? First, she brags about pushing women into the workforce where they will have to put child-bearing and having a family on the backburner; then she taunts the men who would have otherwise dated and provided for those women for their lack of romantic prospects?

Am I missing something?

How exactly does it Make America Great again to horizontally enforce leftist doctrine like radical feminism that marginalizes men while pushing women out of the home? How does this help rural Americans who care about traditional values like being able to raise a family on a single income?

It really goes to show you: Neocons are Antifa, too.

We’ll also be talking about DOOM PAUL and the MONSTER OF ALL BUBBLES, which could pop at literally any moment.

This is EPISODE 304 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 303 | Top Loxist Dead

Tue, 2019-11-12 13:14 +0000

Jewish Marxist and anti-white Loxist Noel Ignatiev has died.

Noel was best known for popularizing the myth that the Irish had difficulty assimilating in America and, as a tenured Harvard professor, was instrumental in the wide-spread dissemination of the Marxist conspiracy theory known as “white privilege” — a racialized version of Marx’s class theory.

Noel was Jewish but claimed that he was “committing treason against whites” to “show allegiance to humanity”.

In other words…


We’ll also be talking about the impact of his work on the state of Maine.

This is EPISODE 303 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 302 | John Bolton Sues

Mon, 2019-11-11 13:31 +0000

Hell hath no fury like a Neocon Zionist scorned.

John Bolton really wants comply with a Congressional subpoena to testify against the President in the “impeachment inquiry”, and he’s willing to take it all the way to the Supreme Court if he has to.

One of Bolton’s former aides recently filed suit against the White House that would exempt Bolton and others from legal liability should they choose not to comply with Trump’s order not to testify.


I guess that’s what Trump gets for having a foreign policy agenda that isn’t in line with the deep state.

We’ll also be talking about Epstein and Iran.

This is EPISODE 302 of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!

 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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Radical Agenda S05E082 – Adam Kokesh

Sat, 2019-11-09 00:16 +0000

In the book I am working on, the description of how I shifted from libertarianism to White Nationalism was a long, gradual process, which I cover in considerable detail.

Those of you who have been with me for a long time, will find it unsurprising that the name Adam Kokesh came up several times in telling that tale.

Adam and I ran for the United States House of Representatives at the same time in 2010. Adam’s campaign was considerably more successful than mine, in that although neither of us have ever sponsored a major piece of legislation, Adam at least made the ballot. He had obtained the coveted endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul, which was a big boost to the already substantial reputation he had built for himself, as an activist with a group called Iraq Veterans Against the War.

In the nine years since then, Adam and I have had a pretty interesting relationship. His YouTube notoriety was a large part of my inspiration for becoming a content producer. At times, the casual observer might have thought we were best friends, and at others, mortal enemies. We have taken shots at eachother in our content and on social media, then gone right back to collaborating on content together, as if none of those things had ever happened. When I thought he had earned criticism, I was not at all hesitant to provide it, and when I thought he was being attacked unfairly, I came to his defense.

Most recently, Adam and I were invited to debate one another back in January of 2017, at a live event hosted by the Rothbardian Circle in Miami. We tackled the subject of immigration, and the broader merits of diversity. Whatever one’s view of things, all seemed to agree it made for an entertaining and thought provoking exchange.

Given Adam’s Jewish ancestry, it is perhaps no surprise that we have grown more distant since I was plastered all over the news as a famous Nazi.

We have not completely lost contact, however.

I have remained subscribed to his email list, and it is one of few newsletters that I still read. Having had him in my phone’s contacts the entire time, I realized he was also my Telegram contact after I became a frequent user of that application. So, occasionally, we shoot eachother a message via that medium, when one of us comes across the other’s radar.

Adam was fresh in my mind from my work on the book, when I saw this Rasmussen Poll titled “Surprising Number Say Third-Party Presidential Vote Likely in 2020“.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 38% of Likely U.S. Voters say they are likely to vote for someone other than President Trump or the Democratic presidential nominee in next year’s election. That includes 22% who are Very Likely to do so.

Adam is currently seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for President of the United States in next year’s all important election. He is calling for an “orderly dissolution” of the United States Federal Government, and calls his campaign the “American Referendum”. Though I remain reluctant to endorse his candidacy, for obvious, and not so obvious reasons, I find some aspects of what he says to be quite appealing.

In the somewhat unlikely event that he were to succeed in this effort, Adam’s plan would not impose anarchy throughout the continent of North America. As I understand it, his program would, essentially, leave it to the individual state and local governments to chart their own course for the future. If California wants to have open borders and a generous welfare state, they can destroy themselves in this fashion without dragging New Hampshire down with them. If one geographic region wanted to band together as a federation of all White ethnostates, President Kokesh would not send troops to stop them. If one region wanted to adopt high tech direct democracy, and another instead chose a hereditary monarchy, neither would meet opposition from the Kokesh administration, save for perhaps some verbal or written criticism.

As a purely political matter, Trump supporters might stand to benefit from Adam obtaining the Libertarian Party’s nomination.

The conventional thinking, is that Libertarian candidates deprive Republicans of votes which would otherwise have gone their way, if not for the Libertarian’s presence on the ballot. Issues like taxes, regulation, and gun rights, are largely shared between the two parties, and since Libertarians are more concerned with ideas than political power, they can afford to take firmer positions on such issues than their Republican counterparts. This makes Libertarians an appealing “protest vote” for hard line single issue voters of the Right.

We are fortunate to live in times when conventional thinking does a poor job of predicting the future, however.

Firstly, one doubts many prior Trump supporters would defect to support Adam.

The nationalist fervor stirred by Trump, hardly leaves GOP voters anxious to break up the Union. While many Republicans might consider the dissolution of the federal government a fine alternative to Democrat rule, they also know that Democrat rule would be the far more likely outcome, of widespread defections from the GOP. Anyone who voted for Trump would likely perceive Adam’s message as being far to the Left of their liking, and Trump’s warnings of “Radical Democrats” trying to destroy the country, would only be confirmed by Adam’s proposal to do so formally.

In fact, Kokesh might well end up pulling more votes, from the Left. He has even earned the endorsement of notorious figures on the Left, including the infamous Cynthia McKinney.

Adam’s Left leaning tone would be far more appealing to Left wing extremists, than anyone Right of center. The Left’s total and perpetual panic over the Trump presidency, should have a substantial number of them rethinking their comfort level, with allowing the federal government to control every aspect of the human condition. They are certainly long overdue for a reminder on the merits of federalism, and the prospect of Trump’s second term could make dissolving the union seem appealing by comparison, especially given how seriously they seem to take his jokes about staying in power indefinitely.

Joe Biden is rapidly losing support among Democrat primary voters, despite all the fake polling designed to make him look like a serious candidate. This leaves Elizabeth Warren the apparent front runner for the Democratic nomination, but her insane economic ideas are quickly polarizing our financial oligarchs, who are in no way fooled by her fuzzy math. Her years of defrauding the Affirmative Action racket with the fake feather headdress, cannot help to endear her to the “Woke” wing of the Party, and with just three months to go until the Iowa caucuses, the power brokers are in full on panic mode, seeking an alternative to take on Trump.

This disarray has prompted Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, to contemplate re-entering the race. He filed the requisite papers to run, just before the first deadline in Alabama, on Friday. Bloomberg has said he would spend $100,000,000 of his own money on a presidential bid, and a war chest like that could make James Fields a formidable opponent.

Now, you and I know better, of course, but to the average social justice warrior, Mike Bloomberg is one of those “old White men” they hate so much, and he is terribly unlikely to run on a platform of “Jews are not White”. His incredible wealth is the symbol of everything a communist hates, and his attempt to buy the election would leave any hard line Leftist ideologue, looking for a suitable “protest vote”. Such fears drove Hillary Clinton to call Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein “Russian Assets”, out of concern that they might seek to run as independent or third party candidates.

Given Adam’s prior employment with the Russia Today (RT) TV news channel, this would be sure to spawn infinite conspiracy theories, and hilarious Leftist hand-wringing.

Then there is the impact on Libertarian Party politics, which, though not of obvious importance to electoral outcomes, do impact the fringes of political discourse, and with that, the Overton Window.

Justin Amash defected from the GOP this year, in a pathetic attempt to stand out as a principled opposition to Trumpism. Given his libertarian roots, many have speculated this was in preparation to seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination to run against Trump in 2020, and Amash has expressed an interest in doing so.

Whoever wins the LP nomination, it cannot be Justin Amash. He must have his political career completely destroyed by this subversive activity, and be forced to fade into total humiliating obscurity, serving only as a warning to others.

John McAfee created a crappy anti-virus program back before there was such a thing as the Internet. He subsequently became a cryptocurency celebrity by investing some portion of the money he made from this into Bitcoin, before most people had heard of it. This combined with his choice to marry a black prostitute, has made him a very popular figure in libertarian circles.

He seems unlikely to win the nod however, since at the 2016 convention, he told the almost entirely White male audience, that they “should be ashamed” of themselves for their skin color and genitalia. While it may be helpful to our cause that we see White men flee the LP in favor Pinochetan Helicopterism, McAfee must be made to pay a steep political cost for this attack on the master demographic.

Vermin Supreme has announced his candidacy. Although he is a talented actor, well known for his creative stunts, his policy credentials render him fundamentally unserious as a candidate. He will have zero impact on the political discourse, even within the LP, and will only serve to solidify their reputation as a political joke.

Arvin Vohra has taken an admirable stance against political correctness. He even went so far as to be a guest on the Radical Agenda, during Stage 3 of the pogrom. If I was trying to salvage the Libertarian Party, Arvin might have my support in doing so. Unfortunately for him, I have no such designs.

The Left’s successful efforts to hijack the libertarian movement, and with it, the Libertarian Party, likely constituted the largest single factor in the rise of the Alt Right. While it was painful to watch them destroy this thing I once cared so deeply for, I am now quite happy to see Leftists further infected with impotent libertarian ideas. The further Left the LP drifts, the less impact they will have on Republican electoral victories, and the more they will deprive the Democrats of ideologically driven activists.

Perhaps most importantly, a rivalry between the Libertarian and Green Parties, to see who can win over a greater percentage of the transgender vote, will make for ceaseless amusement, and at the end of the day, what good is politics without an opportunity to ridicule the mentally ill?

I have not made myself intimately familiar with the other possible Libertarian candidates, but I will operate on the safe assumption that they are all Left wing, and that they all hate Trump.

So, which Left winger shall it be?

I think we could do a lot worse than Kokesh. He has a broad base of existing support. He has talent as a showman, and has shown an extraordinary willingness to take risks. These characteristics will be necessary for the Party’s nominee to draw attention to himself, during an election that is sure to be one of the most watched in recent history.

And of course, the Nazis can point to his platform and say “See? I told you the Jews were trying to bring down the government!”

Again, this is not a formal endorsement. Just a fun thing to think about, and of course, quality audio entertainment, when Adam joins me on the pogrom as my guest. This coming Monday, November 11th, at 5:00pm US Eastern time.

Don’t miss it!

Find out more about Adam’s campaign at

There’s a lot more to get to, plus your calls at 323-9-AGENDA, that’s 323-924-3632

Join us, this and every Monday and Friday from 5-7pm US Eastern time, for another exciting episode of the Radical Agenda!

Follow Chris on Telegram or Parler or Minds. The Jews banned me from everything else.

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