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Radical Agenda
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Radical Agenda S03E088 – Choices

7 hours 54 min ago

Here at the Radical Agenda, we started off as a very libertarian production. Radical even, hence the name. We began this journey militantly asserting that governments had no more of a right to force people than anybody else, and that the only morally defensible use of force was in defense of one’s person and justly acquired property.

Radical Agenda S03E088 – Choices

So with roughly a thousand hours of recordings behind us, it is not without a sense of irony that we now find ourselves amused at the symbolism of today’s episode number.

Visit a libertarian conference and you’ll be surrounded almost entirely by White men. They’ll make persuasive arguments about how the free market will lead everyone to make virtuous choices that benefit the whole of society. The same profit motive so demonized by our Leftist rivals, serves as their guiding light of providence.

There is more truth to this than most people give them credit for, but in all too many cases they are missing a rather vital component. Namely, the reason said conferences are full of White men.

White guys like libertarianism because choosing merit and cooperative competition works for us. We all choose to find our place in the pecking order and perform our function in the division of labor and are generally satisfied with the outcome, however unequal that outcome may be. We see someone who is very successful, and choose to follow them to greater success for ourselves. We see someone who has less than us, and choose to enlist their help to advance our own interests. Together, we choose to accomplish the most amazing things of any racial group ever to have lived.

By itself, this could almost be the story of White Nationalism.

But there is another missing component. For most libertarians, the concept of self sacrifice is foreign. The profit motive does not lead a man to choose to die for his country. It does not prepare him to choose the selfless struggle necessary to maintain this otherwise flawless cooperative arrangement. Were I to have strictly followed the profit motive in this mongrelized Jewish hellscape that is America, I’d have chosen to apologize for telling the truth and remain on broadcast radio. I would have chosen to flee when the communists attacked us on August 11th. I would have chosen to cave to the pressures of my legal entanglements months ago, and I definitely would not choose to talk about the Jew.

Better men than I have made far more difficult choices, and suffered far harsher consequences, far more stoically. If not for their resolve, I’d never have had the opportunity to even ponder the questions that have led us to this point.

I was recently met with a rather difficult choice to make, which I cannot tell you about just yet.  I felt humiliated just for being asked to make it. Indeed I am glad the camera is not on because I’d rather not show my face today.  A simple ledger of revenues and expenditures cannot even begin contemplate the complexity of the calculations we all have to make each day.

Our enemies are hell bent on the debasement of everything we care about. They are just as motivated by destruction as our libertarian friends claim to be by production. Our rivals depend upon this short sighted view of the world, and make the righteous path so prohibitively expensive and dangerous that nobody driven by mere motives of personal gain would dare choose it.

And indeed, few do choose it. When a content producer sees his YouTube video demonetized he changes course to placate the Southern Poverty Law Center. When Antifa threatens violence at political demonstrations, the supposedly respectable men of our society stay home. When a politician risks losing the next election for telling the truth, he lies.

And what rewards to we reap from choosing this path of least resistance? Streets paved with human feces. Transgender children. Men deprived of masculine drive. Women deprived of motherhood. The world’s largest economy owing more than it makes in a year.

Where is the profit in that?


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New Cryptos Accepted

Sat, 2018-07-14 22:32 +0000

Here at the Radical Agenda, we try to make it easy for people to pay us. We realize that you desperately want to give us money, and we try hard to help you justify the expense.

For as long as we’ve been around, we’ve been happy to take your Bitcoins, and with the exception of a few months where we couldn’t find a payment processor, your credit cards.

Recently we began accepting Monero, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Dash cryptocurrencies for products and premium memberships, and accepting donations in an even longer list of cryptocoins.

Today I am happy to announce that, in addition to all that, you can pay for products and memberships with the following cryptocurrencies.

  • Basic Attention Token BAT
  • BinanceToken BNB
  • Bitcoin Gold BTG
  • Decred DCR
  • DigiByte DGB
  • Ethereum Classic ETC
  • Neo Smart Currency NEO
  • Omisego OMG
  • Verge XVG
  • Zcash ZEC

Once my trial is over and I can concentrate more, I will expand this list, along with everything else we do here.

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Illustrated Philosophy #119 – Why America Lost The Twentieth Century | Dr. David Duke & Eric Striker

Sat, 2018-07-14 18:56 +0000

This week we’ve got another excellent illustration from Matthias Drake (my crazy twin brother) on the real reason why America failed to preserve its culture and protect its borders during the 20th century. As Dr. Duke explains on his radio show, we had won nearly every battle — except one. Can you guess what it is?

Buy the poster

Remember to subscribe to Matthias Drake’s channel and to sign up for my email list at

P.S. Because this video is on YouTube I had to edit out the music and introduction. However, I will be posting the unedited version for my supporters on Patreon, which you can access by signing up through this link.

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Socialist Dog Mom And Leftist Pain Complaince

Sat, 2018-07-14 15:40 +0000

The captain of the Jewish Lesbian Beak Brigades, aka Molly (somebody dox this kike please?), is co-Chair of the Charlottesville Democratic Socialists of America. She was famously quoted, along with several other high ranking DSA members as saying “communism is good” and even went on to endorse mental illness as a virtue. 

For any sane person, these or any number of other embarrassing statements would result in shame, self reflection, and most certainly an exit from politics. Plenty of people have deleted their Twitter accounts over far less unsightly missteps.

Not the case for Molly. Whatever mental illness she is enjoying from day to day, it seems to leave her completely unaware of how ridiculous she looks, and this has provided many a right winger with a constant source of entertainment.

Like many communists, Molly seems to rather enjoy the hatred she earns from the breeding goyim. She half complains half brags about every negative tweet that finds its way into her mentions, and the frequency with which a single account seems to make such appearances seems to suggest that Molly is not getting quite the recognition she claims or thinks she deserves.

Despite the frequent cries of perpetual Nazi harassment and threats, Molly feels perfectly comfortable announcing her whereabouts in advance on Twitter, posting photos of herself and the dogs she calls her children, antagonizing the people she claims are lethal threats to the safety of every Leftist demographic, and begging for cash all the while. She would livestream from her phone at violent protests, interact with the police she claims are hunting people for sport, and was quite happy to talk to media outlets, so long as her friends assured her they were sufficiently Left wing.

So why did she delete her Twitter account?

Of course, many a Leftist presumed this was because of the “Nazis”. I swear these people would assume exactly this if they so much as caught cold in a synagogue.

Just recently I brought you the story of the DSA’s Phony Charlottesville Victim Crisis. In that story, I linked to a Twitter thread from @SocialistDogMom that “called out” the DSA for not indiscriminately dumping cash on every communist who rioted in Charlottesville and required a psychiatrist.

Judging by a Twitter search for the term socialistdogmom, it would seem going against her fellow communists is what finally caused Molly to disappear from sight.

The Democratic Socialists of America, it would seem, figured out what their more mainstream Democrat counterparts figured out a long time ago. Fundraising for dishonest causes is best done through dishonest means. When they raised a ton of money to “help” Charlottesville’s “victims” they just kept the money and left a whole lot of people wondering when they were going to be compensated for the crimes they committed last August.

Calling attention to that theft might seem like the virtuous thing to do, if you were blissfully unaware of what the DSA actually stands for, as one who suffers from mental illness might plausibly claim to be. I recall during the Bernie Sanders campaign, that many otherwise decent people were duped by the promises of free stuff, eternal peace, and an end to inequality. It is important for us on the Right to remember that some of our foes actually believe these lies.

But for those of us in the know, the DSA theft of funds came as no surprise. The whole entire point of communism is to steal, and the people who fall for the mimicking of charity are the marks of these crooks.

Watching the meltdown that took place on the lower end of the Leftist IQ bell curve reminded me of this scene from Casino about “leakage” where Joe Pesci said

There wasn’t much you could do about it. You’ve gotta know that a guy who helps ya steal, even if you take care of him real well, I mean he’s gonna steal a little bit extra for himself. Makes sense, don’t it? Right?

In that movie, when a lawsuit threatened to see the books of the Casino opened up, uncovering the scam, “the bosses” sent Pesci’s character to put a bullet in the brain of the woman who filed the suit.

Word is, Molly still has all the contaminants in her skull intact,  but whatever pressure the DSA managed to apply, it was clearly far more severe than all the “Nazis” could muster in the last 11 months.

Which really ought to tell you something about how dangerous these people are.


 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 56 | Departed

Sat, 2018-07-14 14:31 +0000

My apologies for the lack of content this week, goys. I tried recording a few times over the course of the week but my IRL dad and husband responsibilities didn’t allow for the completion of an episode until now.

Womp. Womp.

The good news is that we have a lot to get to: Trump pardons the Hammonds, Peter Strzok testifies to Congress, Australian scientists genocide invading hordes of African mosquitoes, Trump nominates ANOTHER Supreme Court Justice, and the media melts down over losing its status as “gatekeeper” — literally.

This is EPISODE FIFTY SIX of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe

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Atomic Swaps Are Big News For Monero

Sat, 2018-07-14 04:59 +0000

Those of you who jumped into the cryptocurrency markets during Stage 3 of the Radical Agenda have been on a bit of a rough ride as of late. Bitcoin dropped like a rock, and Monero dropped against Bitcoin, costing a some of us a great deal of money. I tried to HODL on myself, and ended up cashing out near the bottom because I figured I could get a better return on my investment by stocking the shop here.

I’m back in the markets again myself now that we seem to have come off the floor, and as many of you already know, my favorite cryptocoin is Monero. Feel free to scroll down to the news part if you’ve already heard why.

Atomic Swaps Are Big News For Monero Why Monero?

Monero’s privacy features are excellent, and fulfill the promise many a Bitcoin drug dealer found out the hard way wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. Anonymity. That’s why I’ve dubbed it The Official Cryptocurrency of the Alt Right.

Here at the Radical Agenda, we’re not criminals of course, despite what the Jews say. We’ve just learned the hard way to be skeptical of Jewish finance, and think we’re better off without Twitter bots tracking our finances for violent communist agitators.

Monero helps avoid Jewish banks and the violence of their street criminal allies in a few ways. For one, like all cryptocurrencies, Monero is a decentralized electronic currency that maintains a cloud based ledger known as a blockchain. All transactions are stored in a rather large computer file, and this file uses cryptography to transfer monetary units from one user to another across this ledger.

Most (all?) cryptocurrencies are “anonymous” insofar as anybody can generate a key pair without showing ID to a banker and tying it to their social security number. However, with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and other more well known cryptocoins, those transactions can be viewed by anyone, including criminals in both the public and private sector. Especially when you start trading for fiat currencies, those coins come into contact with your true identity, and can be traced back to you by someone who has enough talent and time on their hands.

So called “Privacy Coins” like Monero emerged to help mitigate this problem. However, with other privacy coins like Dash, Zcash, PIVX, and Verge, users have the option of leaving those transactions publicly visible, or anonymizing their transactions manually.

Monero is unique in that its privacy features are always on by default. Knowing the address that you send Monero to, does not let you see the balance of that wallet, or who has interacted with it, unlike Bitcoin. This privacy is in ever increasing demand, as Big Tech and the radical Left exceed even the State itself in terms of scary big brother type behavior.

Monero’s Weaknesses

There are a few problems with Monero though, and in addition to a broader crypto market correction, the Monero exchange rate has suffered even greater losses as a result of those problems.

The Official Monero Wallet is not particularly user friendly, for one. By default, it wants to run a full node which involves downloading the entire 60GB+ blockchain file and requires constant bandwidth usage to keep updated, which can be a problem if your bandwidth availability is limited. You can get around this in several ways, but tech savvy workarounds do not a user friendly application make.

The clunky interface is made even more troublesome by the semiannual network upgrades or “hard forks” which are not backward compatible, and have led to significant upheavals in the Monero ecosystem.

Many exchanges are hesitant to list Monero, or have already dropped it, and other privacy coins, for fear of running up against KYC/AML (Know your Customer/Anti Money Laundering) laws. Governments, shockingly enough, don’t like you having control over your own finances. It is difficult to tax that which you cannot trace.

The Big News

All of these problems are about to get solved, or at least mitigated. Say hello to Atomic Wallet.

Atomic Wallet is a lightweight multicurrency crypto wallet that strongly resembles Exodus. It currently supports 300+ coins and tokens with more being added every day, and Monero was one of the new arrivals this month. That solves the problem of downloading the whole blockchain, and provides a slick, easy to use interface for all your coins, including Monero. Presumably, the Atomic Wallet developers will keep on top of updating the software, so you don’t need to concern yourself with the timing of future Monero forks.

Atomic Wallet is currently only available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, but they plan to roll out versions for Android and iOS in August.

Atomic Swaps

The more exciting news is that the devs at Atomic Wallet say that within two months they will offer “Atomic Swaps” with Monero. An Atomic Swap is when you trade one cryptocurrency for another without the assistance of a centralized exchange.

Most of my trades, for example, take place on Binance. Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. It has very low fees, and once you get the hang of things it is very easy to use. I love Binance, and you should sign up today if you’re not already on there. The only problem is, if Binance goes away, delists your coin, gets hacked or regulated out of existence, or engages in some other kikery, you’ve got a problem.

Atomic Swaps are “Cross Chain” exchanges executed by “Smart Contract”. In other words, you trade one cryptocurrency for another in a trustless, decentralized system which is not subject to the whims of regulators or prying eyes. Nobody can hack atomic swaps the way they hack centralized exchanges. Even in the unlikely event that every government in the world simultaneously banned Monero outright and no crypto exchanges carried it any longer, you could still trade Bitcoin for Monero via this system and vice versa.

Atomic Wallet already supports these decentralized trades for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and QTUM. On June 26th, The Atomic Wallet Twitter account said they would roll out Monero support within two weeks, and support for Monero/Bitcoin swaps within two months. So far, they have kept their promise on adding Monero to the wallet, so we can reasonably hope they will keep the deadline on the atomic swaps as well.

Until then, Atomic Wallet supports currency trades through Changelly and Shapeshift, just like Exodus.

Ready to get started?

If you’re looking to get started with cryptocurrency, I would suggest getting an account on There you can fund your account with ACH or wire transfer and trade your local currency for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zcash. Once you have some cryptocurrency, you can take that to Binance and trade it for any coin you like, including Monero.


Once you’re ready to start spending this glorious freedom money, feel free to donate some to me, become a premium member, or buy something from our shop with it.

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Monday, if not sooner

Fri, 2018-07-13 11:12 +0000

My very busy week comes to its conclusion today. Meeting with lawyers, and won’t be able to do the show. Should be back to regular production next week, the the caveat that I will probably have a bond hearing coming up, but that isn’t scheduled yet.

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Vice News Hides Evidence

Thu, 2018-07-12 22:44 +0000

I just got off the phone with Elle Reeve at Vice News. On the prior call, Elle had asked me to meet with them in person for an interview, but since they promised not to release my location last time, and did anyway, I refused.

Vice News Hides Evidence

While I was in jail, I asked Elle to provide my attorney with video that Vice had from the events of August 11th because I wanted it as evidence. Unlike the violent, dishonest, communist agitators who attacked us, I have an interest in as much evidence as possible being brought to light. That’s why I record my calls, that’s why I wore a body camera, that’s why I recorded the unedited audio of our interview.

Vice News refused to provide the video, and vowed to fight if we subpoenaed it. Then they had the nerve to try and film my preliminary hearing.

Since Elle wanted a follow up interview in person, and I want the video, I figured we could trade. I sent Elle a text message saying “If you want that interview, I’ll require a show of good faith. Get the raw footage of August 11th and 12th to my attorney.”

She invited me to discuss the matter by phone, and the MP3 of that call is attached to this blog post. Vice News still refuses to give up evidence that may well vindicate an innocent man who has been framed for a crime and faces 40 years in prison. They do this in the name of remaining neutral, which is an absolutely laughable claim, since Vice News is a left wing propaganda mill that makes MSNBC look right of center.

They’re not just screwing me, they’re protecting Antifa, and they’re doing it on purpose.



 Source: Christopher Cantwell

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The DSA’s Phony Charlottesville Victim Crisis

Thu, 2018-07-12 03:55 +0000

Leftists have never been known for their industriousness or self sufficiency. Victimhood is to them what Bitcoin is to libertarians, and in their case the victimhood is usually even less tangible than a blockchain asset.

The DSA’s Phony Charlottesville Victim Crisis

Countless communist criminals who wrought havoc on the streets of Charlottesville last August, later had the nerve to claim that their feelings were hurt while “fighting fascism” and demanded money from anyone stupid enough to listen to their whining. From the mob who maced me and my associates at UVA, and the maniacs who swung bats at James Fields as he fled from Dwayne Dixon’s AR-15, right down to the Jews who riled up the blacks from afar, everybody left of Shepard Smith is looking to get paid, and the clock’s a tickin’.

Thanks to Jewish propaganda, many people from around the world were stupid enough to throw money at this scam. The Democratic Socialists of America, for one, started a victim fund on GoFundMe, and managed to raise a substantial sum of money. But like with most communist programs, getting the resources to the people whose names in which they were collected, seemed to meet what might charitably be described as bureaucratic hurdles.

A post on, took a brief break from glorifying Leftist violence, to complain about the disbursement of these funds. The Charlottesville DSA Co-Chair, and leader of the Jewish Lesbian Beak Brigades, created a subsequent Twitter thread to call attention to this outrage.

Initially the trouble seemed to center around the unwillingness of the “victims” to provide any information in exchange for their pay day. They were concerned that if they were identified, they would find themselves the subject of federal grand jury attention, and they had no intention of spending these funds on commissary. Others wanted compensation for “mental health” and the DSA, without the slightest sense of irony, refused to cover their pre-existing conditions.

As pressure mounted, some of these con artists succeeded in getting the managers of the funds to “approve” them, as was the case of the IGD author, but Radical Agenda listeners will be less than surprised to hear that the Leftists have not been in any hurry to actually cough up the cash, going on 11 months later. Somebody better warn the city council, if these swindlers are compelled to work for a living, the next commie riot will make UTR look like a fuckin carnival.

This news just brightened an otherwise stressful day for me. Everybody on the Left loses, from the retards who paid these crooks, to the DSA scammers who collected, to the leeching vermin who begged for the scraps. The winners are the American people, who get a glimpse of what the world would look like if these maniacs were ever put in charge of the US Treasury.


Need another uplifting read? Hunter Wallace managed to get “Hyper Chicken Esq” @don_chump to finally shut the fuck up.

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Monero Renewals and Yearly Subscription Issues

Thu, 2018-07-12 00:26 +0000

I’ve had a few support requests recently which might be impacting others who have not contacted me, so I’m making this blog post to address them.

Those of you who signed up for premium memberships with Monero may find it challenging or impossible to renew those memberships. This is a flaw in the Monero payment plugin, which I have brought to the attention of the developers. They are planning on fixing this at some point, but for now it is necessary to place a new order each time your subscription comes up for renewal, because the Monero payment system does not support subscriptions. This problem does not exist with the Bitcoin checkout feature, and credit card renewals will process automatically without your intervention.

When we lacked a credit card processor, I started offering yearly subscriptions on the site. I had to disable these when I got the credit card processor because they view that as a chargeback risk.

Several people who signed up for yearly memberships report difficulty obtaining access to members only content. This was an error on my part when I set the yearly memberships up. Most people should be fine, but it seems some accounts slipped through my fingers and I’m not sure how to track them down manually. If you are a yearly subscriber and having these problems, send me an email and I will manually extend your membership and fix the problem.

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Mein Kampf & Hitler’s Revolution Back In Stock

Wed, 2018-07-11 22:07 +0000

The book business has been a great addition to our endeavors here at the Radical Agenda. So good that we’ve had trouble keeping some titles in stock. We apologize for the delays, but are happy to announce that two of our favorite titles are ready for your reading enjoyment. Get your copy of Mein Kampf or Hitler’s Revolution today!

As with all our books, I’ll happily sign your copy, and write (almost) anything you like on the inside cover, if you’re a premium member.

Mein Kampf & Hitler’s Revolution Back In Stock My Product Description of Mein Kampf

Much of the history books have recorded Adolf Hitler as the most evil man to ever live. A raving madman who murdered six million Jews and tried to take over the world by force, for no reason whatsoever. To be compared to Hitler, or to be called a Nazi, is to be condemned as the epitome of evil.

A seemingly infinite amount of energy and resources are poured into efforts to prevent such horrors from ever resurfacing. A never ending campaign against “racism” and “hate speech” has caused America and Europe to abandon what were once proud traditions of intellectual rigor, academic freedom, and freedom of speech.

Yet, in the midst of all this political and legal action, so few have bothered to pick up the man’s book and see for themselves what motives drove him to do what he did. How can one hope to prevent another Hitler from coming to power, without knowing what Hitler said?

The prevailing narrative today is that anyone who disagrees with a leftist is a Nazi. Accepting leftist narratives necessarily implies that everyone who voted for Trump is a fascist, which is about half the country. Could the leftists have been right all along? Is Nazism merely the struggle for national greatness?

Read this book, and find out for yourself.

Mein Kampf was (perhaps obviously) originally written in German, and there have been several attempts to translate it to English which have all caused varying degrees of controversy. Hitler had unique verbal talents, and did not write the book by hand, but rather dictated it to others who put the words to page while he was incarcerated. He had a way with words that can be difficult to fully capture when translating from one language to another, which has caused much of the controversy regarding the translations of the book.

The Stalag Edition is said to be the only complete, unabridged, and officially authorised English translation ever issued by the Nazi party. I read this version in the custody of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail in the wake of the 2017 Unite the Right rally. I can testify from the experience that it is full of grammatical errors and can at times be difficult to follow along with.

The James Murphy translation makes a nearly identical claim, but is said by readers to be missing about 20% of the book and riddled with errors. Suspicions abound that these errors and omissions are intentional, as Murphy died before completing the book and possible subversives finished the project for him.

Among reviews for remaining translations, the Ford and Manheim translations battle for supremacy. I listened to much the audiobook version of the Ford translation, and found the experience enjoyable. But Ford was not a native German speaker, and though it contains helpful footnotes for the reader to understand certain contexts, criticisms over translation abound.

The copy for sale here is the Manheim translation. I cannot claim to have read it yet, but I like what I hear about it. Despite Manheim’s open hostility to Hitler, and anti-Nazi footnotes, it is said to be the easiest to read, and most accurately translated by many reviewers. This is perhaps thanks to the fact that Manheim was a native German speaker.

Get your copy today right here for just $22 plus shipping. For premium members, I will write whatever you like on the inside cover of the book for free.

My Product Description of Hitler’s Revolution

The first book I read when I was in the custody of the Albemarle Charlottesville Regional Jail was sent to me by one of you. Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor, set the tone for the rest of my stay.

If you’ve only recently become a listener or reader, you probably think I’m some kind of lifelong Hitlerite devotee, but this could not be further from the truth. I’ve often said (and occasionally still do say) that I would convert to Islam before I unironically call myself a socialist, and not because I’m anxious to pray five times a day. Even as I distanced myself from anarcho-capitalism and got wise to the Jewish question, I still viewed socialism as a dirty word with no place on the Right.

Hitler’s Revolution by Richard Tedor

I came to realize that while National Socialism is still socialism in the sense that government interferes in the economy, it is not the type of degenerate crippling welfarism and overregulation the Left is using to destroy America. National Socialism seeks not to make the white man and the negro economic equals. It does not hate success, or worship failure. It does not pretend that economic incentives can be abolished by government decree.

Rather, it recognizes the reality and science of human biology, and applies this wisdom to social, economic, and foreign policy. It recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of monarchy and democracy, and attempts to reconcile them into an ideal authoritarianism with limited public participation. It recognizes the value of both capital and labor, and organizes policy to keep the two in harmony. Perhaps most importantly, it sees communism as the lethal threat which it is, instead of a mere difference of opinion, and organizes all of the powers of the State towards its elimination.

This book is no hateful tirade of racial propaganda, in fact, race is hardly discussed, and religion even less so. Hitler’s Revolution instead cuts through the hysterical anti-Hitler propaganda we have all been fed, and concentrates on what the policies, and impacts were of the NSDAP leading up to and during their rule of Germany, and what World War II  looked like from the German perspective.

Tedor’s writing style makes this book an excellent page turner, while simultaneously informing the reader better than any dry historical text. For me, it was an emotional experience as well, as revelation after revelation made me realize how badly I had been deceived, and I felt the anguish of the German soldier who fought valiantly to victory against incomprehensible odds, only to die at the hand of traitors within his own country’s military.

Defying liberal democracy, Adolf Hitler transformed Germany into an authoritarian state advocating sovereignty of nations, advancement of labor, preservation of the white race, and commerce based on exchange of wares to replace the international gold standard. Becoming chancellor in 1933, he tackled his country s bankruptcy, massive unemployment, Communist subversion and foreign domination. His social economic programs and diplomacy restored German prosperity and independence in three years, despite opposition from Western democratic leaders. Penetrating the shroud of vilification draping this controversial figure, our study draws on nearly 200 published German sources, many from the National Socialist era, plus documents from British, U.S. and Soviet archives, to describe not just what Hitler did, but why. It also reveals democracy s genuine war aims, a taboo subject for historians, in the ensuing world war against Germany. Challenging the status quo version of the period, here is the book for the student of history who senses that something is missing and seeks answers.

293 pages

Get your copy today right here for just $19.95 plus shipping. For premium members, I will write whatever you like on the inside cover of the book for free.

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Radical Agenda S03E087 – Vice News Follow Up

Wed, 2018-07-11 19:00 +0000

For many of you, I came into existence on August 11th 2017 on the cameras of Vice News. That dramatization of the events of that weekend saw millions of views, won awards, and was taken as gospel by millions of Americans as an accurate portrayal of what happened.

Radical Agenda S03E087 – Vice News Follow Up

To say the least, context was lacking. That interview lasted for hours, and being a short show, they understandably edited it down to the most exciting parts, portraying your humble correspondant as some kind of bloodthirsty super villain.

If you’re interested in the context, I recorded the entire thing using my own audio recorder, and uploaded it as Episode 342 of the Radical Agenda. To say the least, fewer people have bothered to get the full story.

Anyway, eleven months to the day, I had a follow up call with Elle Reeve. The call went on nearly two hours and we discussed a wide range of subjects, from the events of that weekend, my prosecution, the multiple civil suits, Antifa, the state of the Alt Right, “optics”, and race relations more broadly.

I’m still very distracted by my legal entanglements this week, and so I bring the recording of that conversation to you in place of today’s live airing of the Radical Agenda.


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Good Morning Auschwitz Episode 3

Tue, 2018-07-10 17:41 +0000

I joined Jett and Hardmous for Episode 3 of Good Morning Auschwitz – Who is Chris Cantwell?

In this episode of Good Morning Auschwitz, Chris Cantwell joins Jett and Hardmous to talk about how he got started in the movement, the events of Charlottesville, his thoughts before he became Jew-Wise and more!

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My Very Busy Week Continues

Tue, 2018-07-10 16:06 +0000

I told you yesterday that I’d try to make up the missed episode of Radical Agenda tonight, but this is not going to be possible.

Radio Silence

There is a motion to revoke my bond in Albemarle County, which would send me back to jail until my trial. The allegations are purposely vague, in a deliberate attempt to hinder my ability to respond. Since the Commonwealth cannot win on the facts, they are doing everything in their power to make my life a living hell. It is obvious that they do not want a trial anymore than I do, but they insist on destroying my life without one. I am not going to submit to this intimidation, so I must go over a great deal of information and try to figure out what I am accused of.

Yesterday’s promised good news I must still keep vague. I have provided the Charlottesville Police Department with video of a crime committed against me, the identity of the perpetrator, and a request that this person be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They told me they would require a few days to review the evidence, but promised they would get back to me soon. Until a warrant is issued, or I become convinced they are deliberately delaying said issue, I am going to keep this information secret.

Today I received word that our motion to dismiss in the Sines civil suit was largely denied. There is a rather long decision I have to read so that I can understand exactly what this means. A brief skimming of the document claims that the plaintiffs have “plausibly alleged” that I conspired to engage in racially motivated violence. The good news about this is, I have an abundance of proof that I did nothing of the sort. The bad news is, this lawfare against me gets to continue until that evidence is laid out.

This coming Friday, I have a meeting with defense council in a lawsuit for malicious prosecution where I am the plaintiff. This too, I must keep my mouth shut about for now.

My trial is scheduled to last 5 days beginning on August 13th. By the end of that trial, the most difficult part of this ordeal will be over with. The conclusion of this malicious prosecution will similarly relieve the anxieties of the civil cases. Once that happens, I look forward to celebrating my freedom with all of you, and continuing to build this production into the powerhouse we all know it has the potential to be.

Thank you all so much for sticking with me through these trying times.

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Good News I Can’t Tell You About, Yet

Mon, 2018-07-09 13:49 +0000

I mentioned last week that this week would be even busier, and today is one of those busy days. I’ll have to skip today’s live airing of the Radical Agenda to keep a very important appointment which is likely to result in excellent news for us, and outrage from our rivals.

I may be able to tell you about this as soon as tonight, but I must keep the appointment before I say anything about it.

I’ll try to make up the episode, maybe Tuesday.

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Nationalist Scorecard Ep. 2 – Sam Harris

Mon, 2018-07-09 02:49 +0000

Sam Harris is a danger to humanity because he knows exactly the right “pace” to lull gullible whites back to sleep while simultaneously replacing them and destroying their culture. That’s why we see this new class of secular Jews and Jewish-collaborators–coined the ‘Intellectual Dark Web’ by the New York Times–rising up to challenge the social justice, victimhood-coalition left that moved from radical fringe to mainstream culture in the short span of Obama’s Presidency.

Whether it’s pushing back against radical jihadist Islamists or advocating for free speech, the actions of Sam and his fellow “classically liberal” skeptics can be summed up in two sweet words: controlled opposition. Trust me, these goons all want the same thing as the Progressive elite, they just want to steer a slightly different path to get there. Sam is smart enough to not talk about race in a way that alienates average middle-class white people. Heck, he’s even willing to speak with Charles Murray who wrote The Bell Curve, as long as his audience understands Murray’s finding should have no impact on public policy or public consciousness in any way. He likes to keep white people busy worrying about automation or determinism or drug-induced spirituality without mentioning the existential crisis facing Westerners at present due to mass immigration and multiculturalism.

People like Sam are the ones to look out for and set your targets (rhetorically) on. I hope the radical left continues to grow and push more whites to our camp, but if I’m right this Democratic base will implode and the skeptics (New Jews, Same As The Old Jews) will assume control over the Democratic Party, just as the alt-right morphs and hopefully gains control over the GOP in time to stop them.

Get ready, this is the Nationalist Scorecard for Sam Harris.


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High Cuckery and YouTube Self Preservation

Sun, 2018-07-08 21:53 +0000

I count myself among the most censored people on the Internet. Only the Daily Stormer rivals my infamy in this regard. I have been permanently and personally banned from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, UStream, YouTube, LinkedIn, OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish, Tinder, and Match, to name just a few social media sites off the top of my head. This does not include domain registrars, ad networks, hosting companies, financial institutions, and other online services. In addition to the controversial content I produce, I was framed for a crime last August in the wake of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, and the Internet’s gatekeepers were no more interested in the truth or fiction of the matter than the people who framed me. My income and reach were dramatically diminished. A business which I had worked very hard, and incurred significant debt, to build, was nearly destroyed. To make matters worse, my newfound infamy had greatly diminished any prospects I might have for “normal” employment.

This was a coordinated effort to destroy me, and it damn near succeeded. So I know a thing or two about Internet censorship and its consequences.

I’ve long prided myself on my willingness to take an unpopular stance, and challenge the limits of anything I endeavor to do. So I am not complaining about all of this so much as stating my credentials, as I go forth with what I hope you will find to be a thoughtful critique about censorship by the self, and by others, and how people respond to each.

The State of Political Language

Today’s political discourse is tragically flawed. Race has become the subject of so much focus in American and European politics, that you cannot discuss so much as the tax code without somebody being accused of racism. Anyone with their eyes on a career in politics automatically accepts genetic equality of all two legged animals as scientific fact. They thusly go on assigning non-genetic causes to all forms of outcome inequality, and base all policy discussions on this article of faith.

Anyone who challenges this notion is deemed a “Nazi” and subjected to every form of social, economic, and legal pressure that can possibly be applied. Many others are subjected to criminal violence, which the government and media conveniently choose to ignore.

I used to think this accusation of Nazism or even racism was absurd. Just a few short years ago, I thought racism was defined by its sheer irrationality. “Hating a person for the color of their skin” seemed then, as it does today, completely ridiculous. Like most seemingly reasonable people, I thought Nazism was defined as marching a religious group into gas chambers just because you don’t like their religion. This too, seemed absurd.

What became obvious to me as I was increasingly subjected to these once seemingly ridiculous accusations, is that different groups mean entirely different things when they use these words.

Racism and Nazism are synonymous in the minds of Leftists. There is no disconnect between these two things. A conservative or libertarian’s belief in free markets thus grants them no reprieve from the accusation of being a National Socialist. In fact, that is enough to earn themselves the label, and for good reason.

Free markets result in inequality of outcome along racial and ethnic lines. This is because the aforementioned belief in perfect genetic equality is based on what might charitably be described as complete and utter horseshit. Blacks on average have lower IQs than do whites, as the brain is a bodily organ, and its qualities are thus passed down through heredity like any other trait. They are also more prone to criminality and other destructive behaviors, owing to the heredity of hormone levels and other genetic characteristics which influence behavior. This is far from the only genetic difference between ethnic groups, but it draws the best contrast to make our point.

These biological differences far better explain black crime statistics and income inequality than white racism, but to say so would exhibit a “biological worldview” which is heresy to Leftists, and the definition, in their minds, of Nazism.

Indeed, though I am loathed to admit it, they are correct. This biological worldview is the defining characteristic of National Socialism. If you believe, as is factually accurate, that human beings are animals like any other, who are not all genetic equals, and pass genetic traits in socially valued categories such as intelligence and athletic prowess, down through their DNA, you are just one book away from becoming a Nazi. If you believe that breeding practices in humans can create more or less desirable breeds of humans, as is the case with dogs and horses and all other creatures, then you are indeed, a racist.

You don’t have to hate anyone, wish anyone harm, or even propose any particular policy based on this information. If you know it, you will become the target of the egalitarian Left. Moreover, you do not even need to know it, if your policy proposals favor merit over equality, you will be similarly labeled, because the outcome is identical.

You simply cannot understand modern political discourse without understanding, at a minimum, this use of language.

The Political Impact

The savvy reader already sees the problem here. Political decisions are being made based on falsehood. Anyone who dares to even brush up against the truth is forbidden from so much as dining in peace, and is certainly not going to win a popularity contest. The egalitarian Left is steering the world to genetic catastrophe by using all the forces of the State to undermine the selective pressures which made mankind the undisputed ruling species of this planet.

High Cuckery and YouTube Self Preservation

In order to effectively challenge Leftist narratives, this information must be part of our political discussions. Leftists, unsurprisingly, do not want their narratives effectively challenged. The thought police say that they are trying to scrub the internet for material which people may find “offensive” when in reality they are more concerned with material which people may find convincing.  So they direct all of their efforts toward labeling this information “hate speech” and seeing it vanquished from the collective consciousness of the society. Literally every “anti-racist” group in existence stands entirely for this purpose. That is why the SPLC and similar groups have become the thought police of social media, and also explains why no Leftist group is ever made to suffer consequences for any seemingly racist thing they say.

Anti-racism is thus rightly seen as a Leftist value, and imputing this value into Right wing ideology is in fact the destruction thereof. A desirable goal for Leftists, as one can easily imagine.

As It Plays Out

As Leftists riot in the streets over black criminals and illegal immigrants, the absurdity and danger of all this becomes clearer to an ever increasing number of people. They look for solutions, but thanks to the thought police, they only exist in seemingly disreputable corners of the Internet.

Some attempt to bridge the gap. These figures are what might be described as “Alt Lite” or “Civic Nationalists”. Instead of race they discuss culture. Instead of biology, geography. They still get branded Nazis by the communists, and this surely costs them some in terms of audience reach and monetary reward, but they can generally hang onto a YouTube or PayPal account.

They stand to the Right of Mitch McConnell, but well to the Left of any Radical Agenda listener.

It is anybody’s guess how much these people actually know. Those of us who proved willing to sacrifice the advantages of self censorship, suspect they are doing little more than taking our words, filtering them through a lens of political correctness, and publishing them as their own at a profit. Still others would suggest they are the true defenders of Western values, entirely blind to Race and dedicated to the ideas they purport to defend. They attack Leftists and racists alike, attempting to walk a delicate line fraught with glaring contradictions.

Briefly, they tested the limits of YouTube censorship by hosting what were called “Internet Bloodsports”. These were debates hosted by ostensibly neutral moderators between Jews and anti-Semites, civic nationalists and ethnonationalists, libertarians and National Socialists, and other such combinations.

These streams became, in some cases, the number one trends on YouTube. They saw thousands of live viewers, and hundreds of thousands of views on replay. The popularity of the format, combined with the lucrative Super Chats, spawned spinoff channels and brought new producers into the enterprise.

Quickly, they made obvious the true reason for internet censorship, as the racists easily bested their opponents both factually and rhetorically. As quickly as this began, it rapidly began to decline. Producers with large audiences received “Strikes” against their YouTube channels, which prevented them from streaming or monetizing and spelt disaster for their businesses. Try as they might to contort to the rules of the platform, the purposeful vaguery and ever expanding definition of “hate speech” made this impossible.

It was not good enough to avoid using racial epithets or, “Hard R’s” as they are sometimes referred to. It was not good enough to refrain from advocacy of extreme political solutions or other forms of violence. Mentioning Jewish influence, black crime, and other clearly ethnic problems, was set upon by the thought police no matter how politely or discreetly mentioned. Before long the streams resembled little more than profanity laden AM talk radio.


For those of us who would not back down, it is difficult not to see these self censorious producers as traitors and intellectual cowards. After all, the thought police could not possibly endeavor to censor the whole lot of us, and if enough of us all stood for the truth, then surely the truth would prevail. Right? Why do these timid souls refuse to join our righteous struggle for truth?

We get censored, we suffer socially and economically, we are assaulted, framed for crimes, and frivolously sued, all for telling the truths which they distort for profit. They bow to the whims of the most destructive forces on Earth, lie for a living, and gain the rewards which are rightfully ours. Resentment barely begins to describe the feeling this instills in us.

One is left to imagine what would happen if these producers took the popularity they had gained and turned it to our purposes. Perhaps the thought police would be defeated in a day. Perhaps a revolution, be it martial or intellectual in nature.

Dwelling on this injustice, and contemplating the alternatives, drives a great deal of Right wing infighting. To them, we are “Nazi Larpers” and to us they are “cucks”. To us they are sellouts, and to them we are ineffective purity spiralers.  Together we are perpetually at one another’s throats, while the enemy celebrates a divided foe.


I have struggled to come to terms with all of this in my own life. At the risk of seeming immodest, I am far from the only person who says I am extraordinarily talented and intelligent. At each step along the way in my media career, I have been met with difficult choices about what to say, and I have seemingly always chosen the one least likely to help me achieve my full professional potential. I am certain, that if I had chosen to moderate my message, I would be a top YouTube personality to say the least. I used to be on broadcast radio, and could easily have continued to prominence in that arena, or perhaps satellite.

Sitting here, hundreds of miles from my home, watching money go out faster than it comes in, listening to threatening voicemails, and facing trial on false charges which could easily see me die in prison for a lie, I would be insane not to consider whether I’d have been better off following the course of the people I spend so much time and effort resenting. In contemplating this, I would be just as insane not to conclude that I in fact would be better off, personally.

The question then becomes one of something greater than myself. Am I suffering for a higher purpose than my own success or satisfaction? Or am I just sacrificing myself for the same martyrdom complex of the Leftists I hope to defeat?

Could I have done a better job of spreading my message, and helping my Nation, if I had “played the game” and expanded my reach? Should I have played just a little bit longer to grow that reach, and then take the Radical path later?

I will never know because my expulsion from these platforms is permanent. I cannot make a new account and try to play, because my very identity is now hate speech.

With that in mind, I try to temper my resentment. One who self censors and plays along with the enemy always has the option of taking a hard right turn, and dragging a portion of his audience along with him. One who makes the decision prematurely never gets the chance to build the type of following he otherwise might have built.

My ideological progression began with libertarianism. I stumbled across “Men’s Rights” because I found feminism annoying, and began writing at A Voice For Men. I began questioning my anti-authoritarianism when a couple of cops saved me from having to shoot somebody. I discovered race realism from a Stefan Molyneux video on Race & IQ. I became aware of the Jewish Question thanks to callers on the Radical Agenda.

It was a decidedly gradual process, which might never have ensued if not for a spectrum of moderately Right wing viewpoints being available for my consumption and participation.

Political and social change, like any economic arrangement, involves a division of labor. Different people specialize in different things. While the J-Woke Rightist might find a critique of feminism quite futile without mention of Jewish involvement, some normal person who was simply fed up with women bitching at work would likely be repelled by that depth of analysis. Plenty of people are capable of seeing the problems with mass immigration, but would be repelled by any suggestion that this reflects in any way on their non-White fellow Americans. In the racial hierarchy of political correctness, Jews are without rival the most untouchable figures, and uninitiated people understandably think us crazy for tying them to so much of society’s ills.

So while I accept that my position is at the vanguard, I also recognize that the front lines are called the front lines specifically because there are people behind us. As we blaze the trail, overcome the barriers, and suffer the slings and arrows of our foes, we pave the way for those more timid souls follow.

In that sense, we are indispensable to one another, and the fighting serves little purpose.



This took me all day to write. If you think I deserve to be paid for the effort, please consider donating, becoming a premium member, or buying something from me.


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Bowlcast EP 3: Happy Birthday to The Great Satan

Sat, 2018-07-07 22:11 +0000

The Bowl Patrol is back after a lengthy battle with glaucoma to bring you the long-awaited third episode of The Bowlcast. Sitting in with me on the panel are Cheddar Mane and TacticalBowlCut to give a belated, raucous birthday “celebration” to America.

Today’s show features the following scintillating topics:

  • Saaaynt Paddie Hamboigahs
  • St. Louis TNB
  • The many vibrant flavors of niggers
  • Sheboons chimping on (((Lady Liberty))) for infinity beaners
  • Why America was never great
  • Universal Order
  • UTR 2
  • Why more Marxist mamzers winning office is good
  • Pranking Wes “Still a Nigger” Bellamy in Minecraft
  • …and Bowl Pills aplenty!

Ending Song: Ethnic Cleansing – Fuck America

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Premium Extremism 20180707 – Interview with Reuters

Sat, 2018-07-07 14:30 +0000
A reporter with Reuters contacted me asking for my thoughts on White Nationalist influence on electoral politics. The call lastedTo access this post, you must purchase Basic Membership, Silver Membership, Gold Membership, Platinum Membership or Diamond Membership. Source: Christopher Cantwell

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S o T o S p e a k | Ep. 55 | No Prep Scramble

Sat, 2018-07-07 14:03 +0000

I didn’t have any show prep but I woke up this morning with a little time to kill so I figured I’d keep the content rolling.

Today’s episode starts with a few afterthoughts about the Jordan Peterson presentation from last episode, then moves into speculation about Trump’s Supreme Court pick, and finishes with the thoughts about the recent call among the anti-white left to abolish ICE.

This is EPISODE FIFTY FIVE of So to Speak w/ Jared Howe!!

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