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To Solve The Problem You Need To Understand The Problem … Mowers Doesn’t

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-24 13:30 +0000

According to a tweet from CD-1 candidate Matt Mowers, our Southern border is wide open because of the Biden regime’s “incompetence.”

That’s not even close to the truth. It is deliberate. It is the “Great Replacement.”

The American-Left believes that (1) the “less white” America becomes, the better America becomes … in their words, “diversity is our strength”. Indeed, as Vice-President Joe Biden expressly said so:

An unrelenting stream of immigration, nonstop, nonstop. Folks like me, who are Caucasian of European descent for the first time in 2017 will be in an absolute minority in the United States of America, absolute minority. Fewer than 50% of the people in America from then on will be White European stock. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a source of our strength.  

And the American-Left believes that (2) all the people crossing illegally into the United States through our wide open Soutern border, precisely because they are “Latinx” or whatever the latest stupid woke identifier is, will all robotically vote Democrat.

As for whether the Southern border is open because of incompetence or deliberately, Tucker Carlson has explained:

According to AEI scholar Mark Perry, we can expect over 9 million new illegal aliens by the end of Joe Biden’s first term. Nothing like this has ever happened in this or maybe any other country ever and it’s happening for one reason. It’s not natural. It’s the product of a policy choice. Joe Biden promised amnesty to anyone who makes it across our border. So, in 2019, for example, the Trump administration criminally prosecuted 110,000 illegal migrants for violating immigration law. …  you have to enforce the law, including immigration law, but Joe Biden stopped doing it. Last year, Joe Biden prosecuted fewer than 3000 total. That’s according to DHS data obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. That’s a drop of nearly 98%.

Here is Mowers’ tweet:

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We Know Why The Public Health Industrial Complex Had to Discredit Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-24 12:00 +0000

The public health industrial complex (PHIC) has been around longer than most folks would be willing to believe. They want to think that the local doctor is theirs and not beholden to a corporate behemoth colluding with the state or federal government, but that’s incredibly rare.

The triad of hospitals, insurance companies, and big Pharma is not new. Daniel Horowitz has been exposing it for years. They have a lot of clout and influence. In a tiny state like New Hampshire, they’ve secured an effective monopoly making health care competition nearly impossible. The result has been a decline in care and access and a rise in costs. And while that’s bad news for the public and public health, it’s gotten much worse.

This monopoly, scaled nationally and globally, was leveraged at the beginning of the so-called COVID pandemic to ensure that public health took a back seat to one of the biggest confidence scams in human history.

They prattled on about flattening curves, but the goal was profit, money laundering, and control. Part of that control model included preventing prevention. The Public Health Industrial Complex, with the help of the media, ensured that the fast-tracked vaccine, whatever it was, would be the only approved treatment option. And they were all willing to violate Federal Law to make it happen.

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Section 564 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetics Act only allows the issuing of an emergency use authorization if four criteria were met, one of which was that,


There is no adequate, approved, and available alternative. Among other reasons, an alternative may be considered unavailable if there are insufficient supplies of the approved alternative to fully meet the emergent need or if the agent is or may become resistant to approved and available alternative products.


Both hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and Ivermectin had human doses, decades of use proving they were incredibly safe for everyone of every age and condition and could work effectively to end not just the pandemic but crush the talking points of the fearmongering politicians and a media that amplified them for whatever agenda drove them to do it.

These licensed drugs were also dirt cheap, pennies per dose, widely available, and easy to produce and deliver immediately everywhere for anyone who wanted them.

Their existence was not unknown to “experts,” nor was the likelihood that it would be effective. So, early on, prophylaxis was discouraged by the PHIC, a huge red flag in and of itself. What medical professional discourages early intervention for any condition unless they had ulterior motives or were leveraged by higher powers to that end?

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The Public Health Industrial Complex tried to destroy the reputation of both drugs. Doctors and researchers who suggested HCQ or Ivermectin were leaned on, leveraged, or ruined (if possible). And thousands of medical professionals would later get fired from “hospital” jobs for refusing an Emergency Use vaccine they didn’t need.

Public health didn’t trump everything, after all.

The Establishment Machine deliberately lied to clear the way for COVID vaccines that were never a public health necessity, and hundreds of thousands of people who should have lived died. Thousands of businesses were wiped out. Millions lost their jobs, their families, friends, and loved ones. And then there is the vaccine injured.

And none of it needed to happen.



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Letter to the Times

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-24 10:30 +0000

This is in response to the article about Croydon’s budget battle, which appeared on the front page of the New York Times a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think they’ll be printing it, though.  So I thought I’d reproduce it here.


Dear Editor,

Since the publication of your article by Dan Barry about the budget drama in Croydon, NH, my wife and I have been the recipients of anonymous emails and telephone calls from people who are eager to tell us what horrible people we are, how terrible our parents must have been, and how awful our views on education are.

The problem is, they don’t know anything about us, or about our views on education. They know only what they’ve read in the article, which are caricatures.

Anyone who takes a moment to look at the things I’ve been writing for years (on the GraniteGrok website) will see that my primary concern was, and continues to be, getting a better education for the kids of Croydon (and every other town in New Hampshire).  The following is just a small sampling:

Here is the pamphlet that I handed out at our annual town meeting:

As I point out in the pamphlet, and as I stated at the meeting, decades of data show that we can’t improve education by spending more money.  We can only do it by spending less, because that will require us to consider seriously the justification for public education laid out by our state supreme court 20 years ago. That in turn requires asking some fundamental questions that have been ignored for too long, and requires making some serious decisions about what to prioritize.

That was the whole point of proposing the smaller budget.  To force a serious discussion about educational issues. But with the help of journalists like Mr. Barry, that was turned instead into a discussion about personalities.

I find it ironic that when I simply quote our state supreme court, the typical response is to call what I’m saying ‘a crazy Free Stater idea’, ‘detrimental to society’, ‘selfish’, ‘stupid’, and so on.

But who is more selfish?  Someone who is trying to bring about genuine reform in a public institution where it is desperately needed, to benefit both students and the people footing the bill for their education?  Or someone who wants to continue with a system that has a 50-year track record of failure, and a simultaneous 50-year track record of rapidly escalating costs — especially when he’s able to force his neighbors to pick up the tab for 90 percent or more of those costs?

And who is more stupid?  Someone who wants students to benefit from the advances in technology and pedagogy that have occurred during the last few decades?  Or someone who wants to keep sending them to centralized locations — the educational equivalent of video arcades — where they have fewer resources, of lower quality, and vastly higher cost, than the ones they have access to virtually everywhere except when they’re in school?

Note that in New Hampshire, which consistently ranks as one of the ‘best’ states for education, only about 40 percent of students are performing at the most basic level of proficiency by the time they graduate — even though 90 percent of them do graduate.

Note also that every district in New Hampshire is now spending more, adjusted for inflation, than even the richest districts were 20 years ago.  That is, every district in New Hampshire is a ‘rich district’, in terms of spending.  But student achievement hasn’t improved at all.

Finally, note that all of this has occurred in a system that requires teachers and administrators to be certified, a system in which taxpayers are presented with ransom demands by districts, instead of districts being presented with budgets by taxpayers.

Could it, maybe, possibly, be time to try something different?

Which should we be more afraid of:  Trying something that might not work, or continuing with something we know for sure won’t work?

Again, anyone who reads what I’ve written will see that I’m not against using taxes to pay for education.  I’m in favor of that, and am on record as saying that, many times, in many different ways.  What I’m against is making taxpayers pay for things that public schools are doing instead of education, things that actually displace education, and things that in many ways prevent education from occurring.

And I’m especially against that when it forces people who are poor to subsidize people who are rich — which is one of the essential features of our current school funding system.

It’s unfortunate that Mr. Barry chose not to discuss any of this in his article, choosing instead to present cartoon versions both of people who disagree with him, and of their views.  And it’s unfortunate that you gave him such a prominent platform for doing it.

Ian Underwood
Croydon, NH

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The Primary is Fast Approaching – Book Your Ads Now!

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-24 03:00 +0000

Republicans in Primaries can gain a significant name-recognition advantage by advertising on Our readers are not just voters they are primary voters. They are also supporters of Conservatarian candidates.

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If you’d like to request rates and check availability, please email me at


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National Pulse Wrecks Matt Mowers Over Deborah Birx … On Behalf Of Karoline Leavitt

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-24 01:30 +0000

So … on July 18th, National Pulse published an article spotlighting the ties between Matt Mowers and the nefarious, mendacious “Dr.” Deborah Birx. The article presents itself as an expose of Birx, but it clearly is aimed at Mowers, and was probably ghostwritten by the Leavitt campaign.

Indeed, the article concludes with a plug for Leavitt:

His main opponent – former Trump admin official Karoline Leavitt – has experienced a bumper fundraising quarter as well as garnering endorsements from key Trump-world figures such as Steve Cortes:

While the article is a painfully transparent political-hit/political-plug, it nevertheless raises questions about Mowers that SHOULD be front-and-center in this primary. For example, these Mowers’ tweets:


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Training Day: Gov Sununu, This is What Interrupting a “Meeting” Looks Like ….

Granite Grok - Sun, 2022-07-24 00:00 +0000

Last September, Governor Groomer (Chris Sununu) had nine audience members at an Executive Council meeting frog-marched out by his jackbooted troopers to face charges. Someone said Amen. Others were chatting to those seated next to them. Some said nothing.

They were targeted and removed. Escorted out and charged with disrupting an official public meeting. We’ve published the video. There’s no there, there! A fact the State AG had to admit eight months later.


“Those individuals would have certain constitutional and statutory defenses available to them at trial and based on these defenses, and other evidentiary issues, the state would be unable to sustain its burden of proving these individuals guilty beyond a reasonable doubt,” Formella said in a statement.


In the interest of teaching and enlightenment on what disruption looks like, we present failed pillow guy-wannabe David Hogg. He got famous for going to a school that got shot up by a kid who slipped through every so-called common sense gun protection he now advocates. The experts had many opportunities to prevent this kid from causing harm and failed.

Hogg blames you and your guns.

So, he’s a little prick, more or less. Gift wrapped for or by the Left – you decide – to speak to the masses about the evils of..not the incompetent government who had ample opportunity to identify and stop Nikolas Cruz (Parkland shooter), but the right of the citizens to keep and bear arms. And he is an attention whore. His entire existence turns on it. So, he decided to yell nonsequiturs about racism at members of Congress during a hearing.

No one asked him; he just started yelling.



“You are reiterating the points of mass shooters in your manifesto, the shooter in my high school, anti-Semitic, anti-black, and racist,” Hogg yelled at Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ). “The shooter in El Paso described it as an invasion. Guess what? Those guns are coming from the United States of America.”

“They aren’t coming from Mexico, they are not coming from Mexico, you are reiterating the points of a mass shooter, sir,” Hogg claimed. “Sir, you are perpetuating violence, you need to … stop these things now.”


Governor Sununu, that is how interrupting a proceeding or meeting will look. It’s not saying Amen or what passes for murmur or cross-talk in the crowd that can be quickly quieted if needed for business to continue. You don’t call the Storm Troopers in to haul people out who are just sitting there talking under their breath. That’s what you did, and the charges brought are dropping like flies.

And maybe, you’re thinking, talk about bitter clinging, that was last October, but you did that. You abused your authority because you wanted federal money, and it didn’t matter to you what your citizens or Councilors thought about that.

Because of that, these nine folks have had their lives turned upside down for the better part of a year.

It makes you look capricious, arbitrary, and dangerous, and that’s a characteristic typically reserved for Democrats and tin pot dictators; last I checked, you’re not a registered Democrat.


HT | Leo

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The Good Guy With A Gun

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 22:30 +0000

By now we all know the story of Elisjsha Dicken breaking a trigger to stop a massacre. “Many more people would have died last night if not for a responsible armed citizen,” said Chief James Isom of the Greenwood, Indiana Police. Although, It did not take long for Shannon Watts of Moms Demand Action to get on Twitter and say,

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but when a 22 year old illegally brings a loaded gun into a mall and kills a mass shooter after he already killed three people and wounded others is not a ringing endorsement of our implementation of the Second Amendment.”

Kris Brown, President of the “Brady Bunch” referred to Dicken as a, “Vigilante.” The pejoratives against this young man in the mainstream media are limitless.

What is intriguing is that the mainstream anti-gun left is smearing Eli Dicken. They are NOT smearing Jonathan Sapirman, the mall shooter who looked to massacre countless numbers of people.

Shannon Watts is not only despicable, but dishonest. Shopping Malls across America post explicit signs at their entrances warning, “No Weapons.” In Many states, however, such postings have no force of law. In the worst-case scenario, Mall Management may send a letter to the offending person demanding that they not enter upon mall property. This is called a “No Trespass Letter.” Mall Management may demand that an armed person leave.  Like the Granite State, this is also the case in Indiana. Again, such postings have no force of law. Shannon Watts is a charlatan and a mass shooter advocate.

The real problem for the left however, is this incident has blown apart their skeptical narrative of a “good guy with a gun,” and they cannot wrap their heads around it. Anti-Second Leftist bedwetters are losing at every turn with the recent Supreme Court decision (Bruen).  It would appear that the Ant-gun left want the mass casualties to push their narrative.

Republicans and Democrats alike stood on the bloody corpses of the Uvalde children to pass some gun legislation. But we already know how weak the Republican party is in terms of moral courage.

Summarily, one thing that stands in stark contrast is that Eli Dicken got done in 15 seconds what 80 plus police officers could not do in an hour and 10 minutes.



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The Groomers Running Our Public Schools–How They Groom the Girls

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 21:00 +0000

Parents who raise their daughters to recognize feelings of discomfort when a potential predator is approaching them, are now learning that school administrators are telling their daughters to ignore those warning signs.

Those who’ve worked in law enforcement will tell girls and women to never ignore those feelings, but now woke school administrators are telling girls the opposite. Just get over it girls. If you are not comfortable in a situation with biological males, we are going to force you to ignore those warning signs.

Maybe there are females who are perfectly comfortable with biological males sharing the restroom with them. Maybe there are biological males that would never harm or exploit this situation. But pushing and forcing females to ignore their natural instincts of modesty or danger are being groomed for predators who could harm them.

There are documented cases where males have posed as females to gain access to private areas in order to assault girls and women. Now school administrators are going to put school girls through a reprogramming training to get them to ignore the natural feelings that are there to protect them. And they wonder why we call them groomers–sexual predators must be thrilled.

In the Montgomery County schools in Maryland, administrators issued guidelines that say students can use whichever bathroom/locker room they feel matches their gender identity. They advise students who are uncomfortable with this policy to seek counseling to better understand gender identity.


You don’t make things more inclusive for one group by taking safety and privacy away from another.

When my own daughter and I were shopping many years ago, the male sales clerk was a bit creepy and talked to her in a way that seemed odd to me and her. While nothing happened, I talked to my daughter after that encounter and helped her identify those feelings of discomfort she was feeling. I told her to never ignore that. Some situations may not be dangerous, but I wanted her to never ignore a feeling that could possibly keep her out of a dangerous situation. I had read a book written by a police officer who said that too many women ignore those feelings, and end up as victim of a violent crime. Girls have already reported violent sexual assault by biological males posing as females to access the girls restroom. Now woke administrators are going to counsel young girls to ignore those red flags.

Check your school policy to see if your school board adopted Policy JBAB. This was a policy recommended by the New Hampshire School Boards Association years ago. While many schools rejected this dangerous and anti-parent policy, some New Hampshire schools still have this policy in place.

What has happened to the adults in charge of running some of our public schools? Instead of nurturing a girl’s natural protective feelings, they want to reprogram these girls which makes them easier targets for predators. Who decided that tearing down a girl’s natural feelings of modesty which can help protect her in a dangerous situation, was a good idea?

For more information:


This doesn’t sound like a practical way to keep yourself safe at all, does it? Well, perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important piece of advice to follow. Listen to your gut. When you feel that someone or something isn’t right, believe that feeling and get out of the situation as soon as you can. Don’t worry about appearing strange or rude – it’s far better to be thought of like this by someone than to be correct and then be attacked.

This instinct, ‘women’s intuition’ as it is often called (although everyone has it, not just women), is something that has been with humanity since we were living in caves, and it kept us safe from predators back then. It’s like an animal’s instinct, except that, because our brains are bigger, we’ve persuaded ourselves that it’s nothing and that we should ignore it. Don’t do that; listen to that voice that tells you someone is strange and leave as soon as possible.



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Manchester School District Is Right on This Point but Is Deliberately Hiding the Truth on the Converse of It.

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 19:30 +0000

I just keep tabbing interesting stories all the time but never seem to catch up on writing about them. NH Journal had this about the MSD and why it feels that it can brazenly lie to parents about their child’s transgender status (for which they are being sued). Reformatted, emphasis mine:

Citizens may have a lot of questions about Manchester School District’s policy of keeping students’ transgender activity secret from their parents. But thus far, officials in the state’s largest school district are not talking. Asked about the policy, school board officials, including Mayor Joyce Craig, all declined to defend it.

…“(T)his motion can be easily resolved by answering one discrete question:

Do school districts have a legally enforceable duty to inform parents when a student uses a name or gender pronoun different than that assigned at birth? Because the answer to this question is no, the Complaint should be dismissed,”

MSD’s filing states.

The answer is no, there is no current NH Law that says that the District SHALL (meaning it is mandatory to do so) inform parents.  While morally they should, as the Parents are the taxpaying customers of the product public schools produce, the fact that they refuse makes it clear that the “morality” (such as it is) that public schools have adopted from the Transgender Politics/Theology combined with Mob Social Justice that has turned them from being educators to Social Justice Warriors. With this, they also incorporate the Black Live Matter Oppressor/Oppressed model in which Parents are Oppressors and they Oppress their children.  But I digress.

Let’s state the converse:

Can school districts point to an RSA (NH Law) that has been passed by the State Legislature that enables them to lie to parents when a student uses a name or gender pronoun different than that assigned at birth? Because the answer to this question is no, the Complaint should be dismissed proceed,”

They say there is no law compelling them – the more important issue is that in our State, subdivisions of the State (and MSD is one) can ONLY do those things that are enabled in some State statute.  There isn’t one and that is why I am suing my board, the Gilford School Board, for the same thing – they have no Power to lie to parents.  In both cases, MSD and GSD, their scummy lawyers are working hard to not let the cases into the courtroom because they know they’ll lose in a heartbeat.

There are two kinds of States in the nation: Home Rule and Dillon’s Rule. The formers says that subdivisions of the State can do whatever they want as long as they done VIOLATE State and Federal law. IF NH was a Home Rule state, there’d be no case.

But NH is the latter kind. Thus, it means they can’t do what they are – acting is if there WAS a law allowing them to lie to parents.

Summary: cute try at a slight of hand on confirming the negative, MSD, what what is the issue is the positive.

Craig, who chairs the school board, declined requests for comment on the policy. She also would not answer questions about whether she supports the policy. None of the members of the board’s policy committee, Leslie Want, Nicole Leapley, Peter Perich, Sean Parr, or Jason Bonilla, would discuss the matter, either.

Of course they won’t.  They’d rather win than admit they were trying to pass one over wrong. Seems to be going on all over the State.

Truth? Honesty?  No, these Districts are using the courts as a legal cudgel to bankrupt parents. After all, in their eyes, the children belong to the schools and Parents just get in the way when it comes to Policy JBAB (lying to Parents).

It’s the “Woke” way.

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Life for Black Americans Is “Worse” under Biden

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 18:00 +0000

Geeze, it took long enough for CNN commentator (and former Obama WH Special Advisor for Green Jobs) Van Jones to discover and finally admit that life for black Americans is “worse” under Joe Biden and his policies.

They are really hitting the black community hard, and he says people’s hopes for a better life are “deflated.”

What, another shock? Poor black communities filled with the most vulnerable of our citizens are, as they were warned, hit hard by socialism.

Seems Jones is also shocked after, as he says, the black community flexed their voting muscles in 2018 and 2020 on behalf of the Leftist Democrats (aka; Marxists Socialists), and hopes were very high.

My gosh, what did this guy think was going to happen? After a century or more of Democratic politicians promising reform and to make things better, better schools, better housing, jobs, and opportunities every election cycle. However, once the votes are counted and blacks are no longer needed, nothing changes.

What’s also true is Van Jones, and black “leaders” like him will go right back to their cushy lives, photo ops and rubbing elbows with White progressives at swank parties, drink champagne and tell each other how it’s all Trump’s, conservatives, or Republicans fault. Never mind, these Leftists run all those failing cities and have for decades. Never mind that Jones and fellow foot-washing black “leaders” become millionaires outside the inner city squalor.

It’s always someone else’s fault, someone else’s problem.



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So the Gunstock Mountain Sr. Mgt Mass Resignations Was a Planned Political Stunt – The Nuclear Option

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 15:00 +0000

The July 20, 2022, Gunstock Area commission meeting saw more than fireworks. The ‘world-class management team‘ was dissatisfied with the seating arrangement and went for the nuclear option.

You can read the Leftists’ view of events at the site. Or if you want a report with video evidence, hit

The kingpin of the operation, now former commissioner Gary Kiedaisch, signals that he had foreknowledge of the events. On his way out, he says that the commissioners will need to get to the ski area bright and early to stand in for management. And having been a long-time businessman, he should have known the consequences of the management’s decision.

Almost every business owner knows that departing/disgruntled managers are to be walked off the premises immediately. The management team should have known KNEW it would cause significant damage to Gunstock.

We want to thank NH State Rep and Belknap County Delegation Chair Mike Sylvia for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

We feel bad about the fact that this happened because we know how this will affect all you guys here,” said Day. “That’s something we discussed a lot before we made this decision, so hang tight, hang in there. Gunstock is your place. Hang in there, keep your heads down.”

Tom Day also reveals that this was likely a planned maneuver. One might wonder who is included in ‘we.’ Some might call it a conspiracy to damage Gunstock. Gunstock is not an employee own ski area, it is a county asset.

Without skipping a beat, the Democrat-led Citizen for Belknap PAC jumped in with a full-page advertisement in the local paper.



While they say that they ‘stand with Gunstock’s employees,’ they seem to ignore the fact that even a short shutdown of the business will harm the majority of the workers. The management ‘team players‘ are well compensated and can afford a bit of time off in the summer.

On the other hand, the wage earners are counting on every paycheck. The ‘professionals’ quit, and the PAC, with no hint of irony, applauds the political stunt, then claims to stand with the employees. It certainly looks like Alan Posnack thinks you have to expect and accept a bit of collateral damage.

As a reminder, this all started with a Commissioner actually doing his job. When management and former commissioners threw up a stone wall, they thought that would end any queries.

When more questions were asked they began a campaign to rid themselves of those with enough integrity to pursue the truth.

Those who had much to hide are now gone, those who sought the truth will start cleaning up the fallout.



Mike Sylvia is a NH State Rep and the Belknap County Delegation Chair

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Gov. Sununu Needs to Apologize…

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 13:30 +0000

It is not unusual for a Governor to seek the election of legislators who he believes are advancing or will advance his agenda. However, in so doing, a Governor reveals who he is and what he believes.

For example, our Governor has reportedly endorsed Representative Brodie Deshaies (R, Wolfeboro) for reelection. Representative Deshaies’ (R, Wolfeboro) campaign account receipts tell us not only about him and his numerous very generous in-state AND out-of-state union supporter but also about the Governor by association.

Notably, during this term, Representative Deshaies voted in direct OPPOSITION to a huge plank in the State GOP Party Platform supporting “Right to Work,” and AGAINST overwhelming support among New Hampshire Republicans for a “Right to Work” law.

No doubt the Governor will demur and claim with some justification, and to some degree, that the Republican Party ought to be not only tolerant of those with differing views but also welcoming of them.

We want to thank NH State Rep Rev. Paul Terry for this Op-Ed. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

Yet this tolerance and welcoming do not extend so much to some Republicans who are far more conservative than Representative Deshaies (who has just received from the House Republican Alliance a comparatively and absolutely low score of 67.2% on the sixty-six bills considered, which denotes a lack of belief in the NH GOP Platform), particularly and especially to a number of Belknap County Republican Representatives.

Absent all the facts, the Governor precipitously and prematurely has called upon the voters of Belknap County to sack them following the resignations this week of former Gunstock Area Commission Chair Kiedaisch and members of senior staff of Gunstock Mountain Resort.

By attacking his fellow Republicans in the Belknap Delegation (the State House Reps in Belknap County) and members of the Gunstock Area Commission after not having picked up his phone to speak with both the Delegation Chair and the GAC Chair, I believe the Governor has erred by not regarding and following a basic tenet of fairness—seek to hear all sides before issuing an opinion or judgment.

This is a fundamental principle not only for executives (including Governors) but also for parents and every one of us. That the Governor failed to practice this basic executive requirement is disturbing, grievous, and needlessly inflammatory.  I would urge him to immediately recognize his error, apologize and make the phone calls to Representative Sylvia and GAC Chair Peter Ness.

Humility is an essential character quality of a true leader. Upon reflection, I hope and pray he chooses the better way.

Paul Terry
Rev. Paul A. Terry
Member – NH House (Belknap-5)
House Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee
Vice Chair – Belknap County Republican Committee

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Press Release: Gunstock Area Commission on the Status of Gunstock Mountain Resort

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 12:00 +0000

At the Gunstock Area Commission’s monthly meeting last night, the GAC planned discussions with management about ongoing expansion plans. Instead of discussing those plans, the GAC  was met with an unsolicited and spontaneous resignation by senior managers and a commissioner.

The GAC will not speculate as to why those persons took those actions.

The GAC’s duty under New Hampshire law is to manage and supervise the operations of the Gunstock Mountain Resort.  GAC members are elected by the Belknap County Delegation, i.e, those members of the New Hampshire house of representatives representing the taxpayers of Belknap County.

In light of last night’s unprecedented actions, the GAC is developing plans to ensure Gunstock’s continued operations as seamlessly as possible. Gunstock has an important legacy in the ski industry’s history and the GAC intends to maintain that legacy.

We want to thank Gunstock Area Commission Chair Peter Ness for this Press Release. If you have an Op-Ed or LTE
you would like us to consider, please submit it to

The GAC’s objectives are to remain open, continue the employment of valuable staff, provide guests with exceptional experiences and fulfill the GAC’s obligations to the taxpayers by securing the financial stability of the Gunstock Mountain Resort.

Peter G. Ness
Gunstock Area Commission


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Data Point: Gun Production Has Tripled Since 2000

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 10:30 +0000

So much for the gun control-istas, eh?  They are just SO disappointed that most of us are listening to their message that we should just let Government “protect” us:

(H/T: Statista)

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Hunter Biden, Indict Him Now

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 10:30 +0000

Unfortunately, those who care have read the emails, seen the videos, watched the documentaries, listened to his interviews, and know that Hunter Biden should be imprisoned. His father, our President, and his uncle should have adjoining cells. That is not hyperbole. This trio and their supporting and adoring family are as corrupt as any crime family. The difference is that they have jeopardized our national security, so they should pay a heavy price.

Hunter Biden is a low-life individual with more demons than will fit in a double-wide closet. He has addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex, and money, which do not make him guilty of crimes. The combination of his transgressions is the problem. They empowered him to use his father’s name and con many foreign individuals, companies, and governments to pay the Biden Cartel millions of dollars. Foreign entities, sometimes our enemies, paid fortunes to Hunter Biden for two things; exposure and favors from his father, Joe Biden. We see those favors coming to fruition.

The Grand Jury in Delaware has been investigating Hunter Biden for months, and the current term expires this week. The consensus is there is sufficient evidence to indict Hunter on Tax irregularities, making false statements to obtain a firearm, and negotiating with foreign entities without registering with the State Department. These are enough for the DA to bring charges now, so why the delay? Are negotiations behind the scenes to have Hunter plead guilty to lesser charges to insulate his father? Of course, there are, and it stinks.

The Hunter Biden saga has impacted one election and is about to affect another. Joe Biden would not be in office today if the Hunter Biden story were disclosed to voters. The NY Post had broken the story of the laptops and the info on the Biden Cartel in October of 2020. The media and high-tech colluded to bury the story so it would not influence Joe Biden’s move to the White House. There is speculation that any action on Biden by the government now would be too close to the mid-terms. That is nonsense and an excuse that no American should buy.

I am afraid the Biden Justice Department will never let Hunter Biden see a courtroom. If he goes on the stand, his father will be indicted and put on trial. Nobody can argue on behalf of Joe. He is undoubtedly “The Big Guy” in the emails and lied to America when he claimed he knew nothing of his son’s business dealings. It should be a matter of when Joe is charged.

It had been evident to most that Joe Biden had been going soft on China. He has stopped many tariffs against the Chinese government, and when millions of gallons of crude from the strategic reserve were sold to a company in China that had past ties with Hunter, the curtain was pulled aside.

If Joe Biden is in the pocket of Ukraine, Russia, China, and Romania, then our National Security has been jeopardized. We would never let the Gambini Family occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Why should we let the Biden Cartel take up residence? We shouldn’t, and Joe never should have taken a seat behind the resolute desk.


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Notable Quote – “We Refuse to Care about Stupid Democrat Obsessions.”

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 01:30 +0000

Years ago, when the Left was really starting to ramp up their Mob Social Justice outlook (and its concurrent Cancel Culture),Erik Erickson famously said:

“You will be MADE to care”

The tide is turning the other way and will accelerate if this advice is followed (emphasis mine):

We don’t care about climate change. It’s a hoax designed to fill the hole in lib souls that used to be filled with faith, and for the ruling caste, it’s a tool to steal our money and freedom.

We don’t care about some alleged moral necessity to disarm normal Americans. When they whine, “The purpose of guns is to hurt people,” we nod. Yes, they are. Our guns never have and never will hurt anyone who is not a criminal or an aspiring tyrant. But when those categories of bad people get uppity, yeah, we reserve our right to hurt them within the bounds of proper laws and morality.

We don’t care about claims that America was stolen from other people. Like every other patch of inhabitable dirt on the planet, America was conquered from people who conquered it from someone else first. When we make a “land acknowledgment,” it goes as follows: “Yeah, we took it, and now it’s ours.”

We don’t care about their froth-mouthed accusation that America is some sort of racist cauldron of hatred. Many of us served in real racist cauldrons of hatred and have no time for the silly posturing of frivolous ninnies pretending to be white saviors by nattering on about non-existent “white supremacy” – which is a remarkably colorblind concept since anyone who rejects the ideology of the faculty lounge can practice it regardless of race or ethnicity, including people who are black and Latinx – hey, it’s our word now, commies, and we’re never letting you live it down.

We don’t care about any of it. And that is important. The Left can only impose its will when it convinces us to choose to let them do so. They have to make us care. Look at them. They are a gaggle of mutated misfits, neurotic chicks, academic parasites, grievance hustlers, and femmy doofuses who can’t do a push-up. They can force nothing on us. That’s why they attempt to enlist the power of the state to do it for them, but their real power comes from us going along. When you watch some stupid Star Wars spin-off on Disney, you empower them. When you refuse to vote because you are convinced your vote will never be counted – despite huge election reforms in places like Georgia – you help them. When you let yourself think, “Gosh, maybe this androgenous fatty screaming that I am a privileged tool of the patriarchy has a point because s/he/it would never lie to my face,” you let them win.


Instead, fight for what you care about.

-Kurt Schlicter (Them: ‘You Must Care!’ Us: ‘No.’)

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I’m Still Waiting for That Anti-SLAPP Legislation I Wanted … Is 2023 The Year We Get it Done!

Granite Grok - Sat, 2022-07-23 00:00 +0000

We’ve got an election coming up, and with any luck, we’ll have an even more liberty-minded New Hampshire legislature after the November election. One that will craft and pass some Anti-SLAPP legislation protections for Granite Staters.

I asked for this last year, but no one ponied up, and I accept responsibility. I didn’t poke my legislators directly (I have seven Republicans to pester, should I choose). If this doesn’t encourage them or some other legislator/reader to reach out to me, I will fire up the email machine and start nagging.

New Hampshire is the only state in the Northeast without any free speech protection in the form of Anti-SLAPP law, and that’s something we should fix. So how about it?



Well, first, I should probably explain what a SLAPP is, and to do that, we’ll use one of the best resources for that,


The rights to speech and petition are enshrined in the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Free speech and healthy debate are vital to the well-being of a democracy. In fact, the United States Supreme Court has said that the right to petition the government is the very foundation of our democracy.

SLAPP = Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation

SLAPPs are Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation.  These damaging suits chill free speech and healthy debate by targeting those who communicate with their government or speak out on issues of public interest.

SLAPPs are used to silence and harass critics by forcing them to spend money to defend these baseless suits.  SLAPP filers don’t go to court to seek justice.  Rather, SLAPPS are intended to intimidate those who disagree with them or their activities by draining the target’s financial resources.

SLAPPs are effective because even a meritless lawsuit can take years and many thousands of dollars to defend.  To end or prevent a SLAPP, those who speak out on issues of public interest frequently agree to muzzle themselves, apologize, or “correct” statements.


We’ve deforested vast swaths of digital forest on the subject of lawfare on these pages. We even faced down a bill designed to silence us through frivolous lawsuits. I think it’s time we took the steps needed to build some protections for free speech.



The Public Participation Projects exists to help states craft or extend free speech protection through anti-SLAPP legislation. They monitor states and grade them. New Hampshire gets an “F” because we’ve got nothing, nada, zilch, the big donut. That seems like an oversight, so I’m back at the keyboard, setting the groundwork for improvement.

Many states have them, and while that does not mean we need to be like them, in this case, we’re talking about protecting free speech that is in legitimate danger, and that’s something worth emulating.

Any legislator interested in writing a Legislative Service Request for an Anti-SLAPP Bill for New Hampshire can start here and here.


What’s Next?

We’ll work our pages to help rally support for the bill, reach out to like-minded groups, and leverage free speech to help protect free speech. It is, after all, what we do here.

The process also presents opportunities. We may see which groups or factions step up to oppose free-speech protecting legislation in the form of Anti-SLAPP legislation. Exposing them and their motivations is always a good time and good for free speech – which should never be a partisan issue. But lately, some have tried to label political discourse to which they object as hate speech.

There is no hate speech, just speech you might hate. That does not give you the right to silence it. SLAPP suits come about specifically to shut one party up and send a message to bystanders. Don’t let this happen to you.

With a robust Anti-SLAPP law, defendants can terminate meritless lawsuits and recover attorneys’ fees for their legal defense.

The goal is to ensure that while legitimate suits can proceed on merit, nuisance suits get dismissed to clear the docket for cases of value. It also dissuades the easily triggered or outraged from clogging up the system with baseless legal maneuvers that have no actual standing while protecting your right to public participation.

That is the short version – still long for me – but how about it? Who is ready to dig in and get this bipartisan protection done in the 2023 session?


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Friday Open Thread – It’s Hot, It’s Humid and I Can’t Wait for February!

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-22 22:30 +0000

I hate this time – so far, spring was very cool and the first half of July was fine.  Now, we’re paying the piper here in NH and the summer weather has me literally hot under the collar. That’s not even counting the political shenanigans going on locally or nationally!

So, how many of you are with me and can’t wait until it snow???

And per usual, this is YOUR thread so write about what’s bugging YOU – or anything else???

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Inflation Even Hurts the Penguins

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-22 21:00 +0000

A recent video shows penguins at a Japanese aquarium rejecting the cheap fish the aquarium has substituted for the higher quality fish the penguins are used to receiving. The reason the aquarium switched fish is because rampant inflation has made it impossible for the aquarium to afford the higher quality fish.

The penguins’ reaction illustrates the flaw in governments claiming that even if inflation makes it impossible for you (or penguins) to eat steak (or higher quality fish) your quality of life has not been diminished as long as you can afford hamburger (or cheap fish).

Minimizing the impact of inflation by taking a “let the penguins eat lousy fish” approach is the basis of the “chained CPI” that is one of the ways the government underestimates price inflation. According to John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics, the real inflation rate (calculated without the government’s “modifications”) is over 15 percent! While they continue to understate the true rate of price inflation, government officials have been forced to admit at least that price inflation has reached levels not seen in forty years.

This has led the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. But, so far, the Fed’s rate increases have not stopped price inflation. This is why the Fed’s next rate increase may be a rare full percentage point increase. Yet, even if the Fed raises rates by a full percentage point, rates will still remain well below what they would be in a free market. The Fed cannot raise rates anywhere close to market rates because doing so would make it impossible for debt-ridden consumers, businesses, and the federal government to manage their debt.

Fear of causing the bursting of the many bubbles it has created — especially the federal government debt bubble — means the Fed’s efforts to halt price inflation will fail. However, the Fed’s actions will increase unemployment and obstruct economic growth. This will lead to, if it hasn’t already, a return to the 1970s phenomenon of “stagflation,” although this time it will be even more painful.

The problem with the Federal Reserve is not that it pursues “bad policies.” The problem is the very existence of a secretive and unaccountable central bank with the power to manipulate the money supply and interest rates. Money’s function is to provide an objective unit of account, so market actors know the value of goods and services.

When the central bank manipulates the money supply, it arbitrarily changes the value of money, making it impossible for market actors to determine those values. The Fed’s manipulation of interest rates also creates economic chaos by distorting the signals sent regarding economic conditions. This leads to widespread malinvestments, resulting in booms followed by busts. Since this system leaves elements of the market intact, it can survive and even appear to thrive for an extended period of time.

But eventually the fiat money system will collapse.

Since the fundamental flaw with the Federal Reserve is its very existence, reforms, such as making the Fed follow a rules-based policy, will not “fix the Fed.” The only way to return to a rational economic system is to end the Fed. If there is not sufficient support to end the Fed, Congress should still audit the Fed and create competition by repealing the legal tender laws and ending all capital gains taxes on precious metals and cryptocurrencies.


HT | The TenthAmendment Center

Copyright © 2022 by RonPaul Institute. Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit and a live link are given.

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Challenge Accepted – Challenge Won. Ethics Complaint Was Filed with the Laconia Daily Sun

Granite Grok - Fri, 2022-07-22 19:30 +0000

Per usual, running behind. So, to catch up on this, a quick recap from yesterday:

As I said here, I stopped in at the Laconia Daily Sun after the Gunstock Area Commission to file an ethics complaint against Jon Decker after his behavior at the GAC meeting.

Since no one answered my knocking at the door, having driven over, I returned home.  So 10 minutes ago (9:20 pm at the time of this writing and processing the below video) I figured that I’d call and just leave a voice mail.

Surprise, surprise – someone fairly young answered the phone, which caught me off guard. After a fumbled “hello,” (and the voice confirmed “This is the Daily Sun”), I simply said, “I would like to file an ethics complaint against Jon Decker for his behavior at the GAC meeting.

Response: “That ain’t gonna happen, bucko.

Challenge accepted.  That’s a direct quote – did not have to record that conversation.

Challenge won.  Yesterday, I went back to the LDS office and explained to the receptionist that I was there to lodge an Ethics Complaint against Jon Decker; I’d like to talk with Adam Hirshan Hart. While I was told he was out of the office yesterday, I did end up talking with the News Editor, Julie Hirshan.

A pleasant conversation and she said that when I came in, she had been watching the videos of the Gunstock Area Commission on the activities of Mr. Decker. She had been asked by Adam to look into it thus was not surprised.  She said the review would continue and she gave me her business card.

Surprisingly and unexpected, I received a phone call from Adam Hirshan (Publisher) earlier this morning and we talked for almost a half hour about a number of things with it summed by this:

“Just the facts, ma’am to straight up reporting to advocacy reporting”

My words, not his.  Now for the surprising thing. Adam has asked that GraniteGrok come in to have a conversation with staff about that transition.  THAT was unexpected.

Make no doubt about it – we aren’t the typical journalists found in the Old Media. We are of the “blogosphere” and I characterize we Groksters as being political activists that happen to have a blogsite that punches well above it’s weight class (H/T: Greg Moore of Americans for Prosperity NH for that!). surprisingly, Hirshan seems to actually agreed with that, thus the invite.

Nothing is cast in concrete as to when and where as of yet – I’ll mull the offer over.


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