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Sex offense registration for life unconstitutional, says SC Supreme Court

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Sat, 2021-06-12 21:19 +0000

By Meg Kinnard . . . South Carolina’s Supreme Court says a state law requiring sex offenders to register for life without prior judicial review is unconstitutional . . .

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Laws driven by misinformation or by facts — which should we strive for?

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Fri, 2021-06-11 00:00 +0000

By Dwayne . . . You may know someone or have heard through news sources of individuals ordered by courts to attend sexual offender treatment. It is relatively common for courts to mandate forms of “therapy” such as polygraphs, group sessions, and elaborate treatment programs claiming efficacy. While the science community is skeptical of the effectiveness of such schemes, there are defenders with artificial data that cling to it fanatically.

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House Gold Standard – June 3rd and June 4th, 2021

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Tue, 2021-06-01 21:55 +0000

(white) goldstandard-06-03-21-H.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-06-03-21-H-y.pdf

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Senate Gold Standard – May 27th, 2021

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Wed, 2021-05-26 11:05 +0000

(white) goldstandard-05-27-21-S.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-05-27-21-S-y.pdf

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Senate Gold Standard – May 20th, 2021

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Wed, 2021-05-19 09:49 +0000

(white) goldstandard-05-20-21-S.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-05-20-21-S-y.pdf

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Senate Gold Standard – May 13th, 2021

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Wed, 2021-05-12 17:37 +0000

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Incarcerated Men Claim N.H. State Prisons To Blame For Berlin Outbreak

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Mon, 2021-05-10 18:18 +0000

At the start of December of last year, there were no known cases of COVID-19 among the men incarcerated at the Northern New Hampshire Correctional Facility in Berlin. By Christmas, there were 84. The state Department of Corrections says it can’t pinpoint how the virus got in. But now, a group of more than 40 inmates have signed a petition blaming the state Department of Corrections.

Department of Corrections.

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Bill Hearings for Week of 2021-05-09

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Sun, 2021-05-09 20:20 +0000

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  • These are the most liberty-critical hearings for the week.
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  • Bills included in the list below may or may not be included in the Gold Standard.
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April 2021 Board Election Results

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Thu, 2021-05-06 20:42 +0000
The dust has settled and the April 2021 Board election is complete. We are pleased to announce our incoming Board members are Mo Rice as Secretary and Larry Borland as Membership Director. Each ran uncontested and won their seats with ample margins of 72% and 96%, respectively. Both are active members of NHLA and have great enthusiasm for liberty. We look forward to their ideas and leadership!
The election was conducted with approval voting. Of 100 respondents:
1. Secretary: a) Mo Rice — 68 votes
b) None of the above — 26 votes
c) Write-in — 4 votes2. Membership Director:

a) Larry Borland – 96 votes
b) None of the above – 3 votes
c) Write-in – 3 votesThe Board would like to express its sincere appreciation to its outgoing members:

• Secretary, Jaime Prout, who – along with her shrewd input on matters before the Board – was diligent in her mission of keeping the membership up to date on the happenings within the organization.
• Membership Director, Angela Harris, who took her role as token extrovert seriously and brought the NHLA to its first-ever gun show, bringing awareness of its mission to a larger audience.
• Chair, Holly Beene, who rolled up her sleeves and took on the role with gusto, bringing new ideas and renewed energy to the organization. Her dedication has been an inspiration and has kept NHLA moving forward, especially over the past year.Please join us as we wish them all the best in their coming endeavors. We look forward to their continued involvement.

PLEASE NOTE: The position of Chair has NOT been filled. Keep an eye out for updates from the Board soon. In the meantime, if you know of anyone you think would be a good fit for the role, please email us at

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Senate Gold Standard – May 6th, 2021

N.H. Liberty Alliance - Wed, 2021-05-05 17:27 +0000

(white) goldstandard-05-06-21-S.pdf
(gold) goldstandard-05-06-21-S-y.pdf

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Inspections found lacking at NH county jails

Citizens for Criminal Justice Reform – N.H. - Mon, 2021-05-03 18:21 +0000

“. . . the Valley Street Jail, the largest county correctional facility in the state, had a full-blown (COVID) outbreak on its hands: . . . “

When Hillsborough County Commissioner Toni Pappas toured the Valley Street Jail in Manchester last December, as she and fellow commissioners are required to do at least twice a year, she didn’t appear to find any cause for concern.

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Homeschooling 101- A Beginner’s Guide To A Relaxed Approach

Freecoast - Wed, 2021-01-13 18:44 +0000

I never imagined I would homeschool my own children. In fact, I can remember leaving my homeschooling roots behind (I was homeschooled K-8) to attend a traditional high school thinking, “That was great, but I’d never want to do that.” I went on to become a high school English teacher and brought many of my homeschool experiences with me to create an engaging and dynamic classroom. Once my daughter was born, my husband and I found ourselves thinking the same thing my parents probably thought when they decided to homeschool me and my siblings in the ’80s: there’s got to be a better way. 

Maybe you’ve thought the same thing? Maybe the idea of sending your kid into a crowded school, or locked-down classroom or having multiple children on different Zoom schedules doesn’t sound like fun. There’s no doubt that education has taken a radically different form over the past six months as schools, teachers, and parents have navigated the effects of the pandemic. While not everyone has the privilege of choosing to homeschool, it can be a great alternative if you’re feeling like there must be a better way.

Getting Started

If you’re thinking homeschooling might be an option for you and your family you’ll first want to familiarize yourself with your state’s laws regarding homechooling. Every state is different, so it’s important to know what you need to do. You can find a list of laws by state HERE.

Homeschooling Styles

When it comes to homeschooling there are multiple methods and approaches. Our family has opted for a flexible style that allows us the freedom to choose a curriculum that works for each child’s learning style and incorporate our love of the outdoors. However, I was educated at home with the School-at-Home model: we had desks, there was a whiteboard bolted to our family room wall and the structure of our day was similar to a traditional school day.

Keep in mind that every support group you’ll find in the Seacoast and around New Hampshire often reflects a certain style, understanding these styles and finding the one that fits your family best is key to finding your “tribe” and being able to thrive as a homeschooling family. It’s also important to note that you can move fluidly through all the styles of home education until you find a structure and method that works for you.

  • Classical – The classical or traditional approach to homeschooling focuses on grammar, logic and rhetoric and centers around classic texts and the Socratic method. This method is reading-centric and involves rote learning, which can be challenging for struggling readers.

  • Unschooling – The unschooling method is a free-form model where learning is driven by the student’s interest and curiosity. Unschooling is unstructured and does not incorporate evaluation with quizzes and tests, instead focuses on learning through self-guided discovery and exploration.

  • School-at-Home – This homeschooling method is often the first that families try when they start homeschooling. With a traditional school day as a reference, the School-at-Home method often centers around a complete curriculum and follows a similar schedule and structure to a traditional school day.

  • Eclectic Homeschooling – Eclectic homeschooling is a relaxed method that borrows from each of the other methods. This flexible method allows parents to pick and choose curriculum and resources based on their own and their child’s preferences and learning styles. This customized approach can be more work but is often the place where most homeschoolers end up after trying multiple methods and curriculums.

You can find a more in-depth description of these methods and more HERE.

Choosing a Curriculum

Choosing a curriculum is often the most daunting task once you have decided to start homeschooling: how do you know what’s the right fit for you and your child? I was faced with this same decision when we started homeschooling. After requesting multiple catalogs and spending hours online I ultimately decided that instead of purchasing a complete curriculum package (which can get incredibly expensive), I would piece together resources on all of the required subjects. For our daughter’s first year I found various workbooks that I liked and purchased them on Amazon (Handwriting without Tears, Explode the Code, Hooked on Phonics and Mathematical Reasoning). I looked at recommended reading lists, enrolled her in an experiential science class, and found a read-aloud history book that interested all of us. We took a relaxed approach and Sophia passed her end of year evaluation with flying colors.

I tried the same approach with my son Jack with much resistance, he wasn’t the same kind of learner as Sophia and required a totally different technique. At first, I struggled with the fact that he was “behind” where his sister had been at his age and felt as if I was failing him. But just this past year he improved leaps and bounds and closed the gap in the areas where he was behind. Allowing him to move at his own pace has been critical for him in staying encouraged and motivated. This is one of the benefits of homeschooling, if your child is ‘behind’ you can cater to their learning styles and needs, go at their own pace and trust their internal timing. Our third child, Liam is also a learner unto himself. He is just entering school-age this year and we’ve yet to see exactly how he will respond to some of the methods we’ve employed with our other two children.

Now that all of our children are school-aged, we’ve opted to use some online resources (Accellus Academy) along with texts and workbooks that we hand select to piece together a complete curriculum that works for each of our kids.

A complete curriculum (like this one) can be helpful if you’re feeling unsure of your ability to plan the school year and keep multiple children on track at grade level. However, it can be a very expensive way to start and if you make the investment and find out later that it’s just not working, it can be incredibly frustrating. While it is important to cover all the topics required, create a portfolio, and prepare your child for evaluation, the way in which you explore and learn those subjects is entirely up to you!

My suggestion is to start as inexpensively as possible. Begin with your end-goal in mind (these can be grade level bench-marks) and then plan your year in 3-4 weeks at a time, setting smaller goals for each unit. If this detailed planning intimidates you, adopt a more exploratory method. The most important thing is to take the pressure off yourself, any kind of pressure or stress you create will trickle down to your children and in my experience is the source of most resistance, fighting, and struggle.


When my husband and I set out to homeschool our kids (he is now the primary parent at home and shoulders the teaching responsibilities) we had two primary goals that had nothing to do with grade-level or subject matter. At the end of each day, we want our children to feel encouraged and confident. Those are our goals. Our homeschooling philosophy is centered around the idea that if our children are feeling encouraged and confident, that will empower them on their learning journey. Encouraged and confident kids are more curious and more engaged with whatever subject matter they are learning

With encouragement and confidence the priority, the material can often take a back seat. Which as a former teacher,  was hard for me to wrap my head around at times. I tended to focus more on comprehension and often pushed to the point of frustration and tears. What I have noticed is that when my priorities shifted, the learning environment improved: comprehension flows more naturally for a child who is feeling encouraged and confident. The quote from Dr. Jane Nelsen is true, “Kids do better when they feel better.”

Local Resources

Your state is probably full of resources, support groups and classes that are geared towards homeschoolers. A little digging on Google and you are sure to find a homeschool group that jives well with your family. We’ve found some great local resources here in New Hampshire and it’s through these classes we have met many of our close friends. My children have taken science classes at the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire, sailed down the Piscataqua with the Gundalow Company, taken art classes at the Woodman Museum, and bombed down the trails at Gunstock with the Homeschool Ski School.

We’ve been a part of a homeschool co-op where we gathered weekly and each parent took on the responsibility of teaching a topic. I chipped in by teaching PE and creative writing. A co-op is a great way to connect with other homeschool families and can help diversify the way in which you educate your child.

While the current health crisis is sure to impact many of the things we have been a part of in the past, our hope is that these activities will resume soon. Until then, we continue to explore our state and stay in touch with homeschooling friends in a context in which we all feel safe.

You got this

Despite my experience as a high school English teacher, I was seriously intimidated by the idea of teaching a non-reader how to read. Expository essay, Brit Lit, Creative writing–all no problem, but phonics? Not so much. We struggled at times in that first year, but ultimately found our way. Now my daughter is a skilled reader who stays up way past my bedtime with her light on reading and re-reading her favorites.

Homeschooling isn’t easy, but it can be incredibly rewarding to bear witness and be inextricably linked to your child’s learning journey. Watching them become engaged and curious about new topics, struggle through and ultimately comprehend new concepts can fill your parent-heart with joy. Those highs are offset by days when you want to quit, ship them off to some imaginary boarding school where they’ll wear capes and ride brooms and never have to deal with the whining, bickering and complaining again. It’s all real. And it’s all part of the journey.

As with anything in life that is worthwhile, there is often struggle involved. It’s important to acknowledge that struggle is not a sign of failure. I like to think of it as a sign that you and your family are a beautiful work in progress. Whenever I reach that breaking point of frustration–when I want to throw in the towel–I give myself permission to “begin again.” Its a concept I have learned through meditation, that when you become distracted by your own wandering thoughts, you simply reset and refocus on your breath. You choose not to beat yourself up about “getting off track” or failing in your meditation, but instead let the momentary lapse in concentration go and begin again. Homeschooling (or anything for that matter) is the same, there will be lapses and slips and struggle, but the way forward is through grace, reminding yourself of your ultimate goal (for us encouraged and confident kids) and beginning again, over and over and over again.


This article originally appeared on the Sarah Canney Blog and can be found here:


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Twelve Benefits to New Hampshire Independence

Foundation for N.H. Independence - Fri, 2021-01-08 02:54 +0000

If New Hampshire were to leave the union and no longer be one of the ‘Divided States‘ of America, would our state be better off? Would it even survive? After all, it receives millions of dollars each year from the federal government and the state only has 1.3 million people! There is no way it could survive on its own. Even if it did, would its citizens’ quality of life improve if the U.S. government was no longer in their lives?

Originally published on The Liberty Block, the following is a guest post by Alu Axleman, which represents the personal opinions of the author, and not necessarily that of the Foundation.

1) No more federal taxes

Currently, the state of New Hampshire has no general income tax or sales tax. The average property tax for a home is around $5,000 in New Hampshire. In addition to property taxes, the average worker might pay roughly $1,000 in sales taxes per year on food and other small expenditures. Comparatively, the average New Hampshire worker may have around $15,000 stolen from them each year by the federal government via ‘income taxes’. Federal gas taxes, federal payroll taxes, and all of the other federal taxes, could push that figure well above $30,000 or even $40,000 annually. If New Hampshire left the union, workers could expect to save $15,000-$40,000 per year right off the bat. What could you do with that kind of money each year? Help your aging parents? Upgrade your home or car? Buy those firearms (and ammo and accessories) you’ve been longing for? Take your loved ones on a vacation?

2) No more gun laws

Considering New Hampshire has no restrictions on firearms, accessories, or ammunition (yes, it’s almost as if ‘anarchy’ isn’t as dangerous as your public school teacher made it out to be), all of the many gun laws that Granite Staters are forced to obey only come from D.C. Once New Hampshire secedes, all of those unconstitutional, illegal, immoral, ineffective, anti-freedom laws disappear. Get ready to enjoy fully automatic guns, suppressors, SBRs, and anything else you can imagine, and forget about ever needing to fill out NICS forms, tax stamps, or any other type of permission slip from politicians before obtaining firearms! Imagine – you could shoulder a brace and sell a short shotgun without worrying about the ATF killing you.

3) No more federally-funded police state

One of the many ways that politicians and ‘law enforcement’ officials in New Hampshire terrorize, control, extort, and abuse us is by utilizing federal ‘grants‘ to obtain tools that make tyranny much more effective. Among such tools are the BEARcats and other military vehicles that police in New Hampshire have been given by the U.S. government. The U.S. government also gives money to law enforcement agencies in New Hampshire and many other states for the express purpose of establishing suspicionless sobriety checkpoints. Most recently, the Portsmouth police were given seven new drones by the federal government. Remaining in the ‘Socialist Authoritarian State of America’ also allows federal agents to establish immigration checkpoints anywhere they desire in New Hampshire whenever they want to. As with sobriety checkpoints, these suspicionless searches violate natural rights to freedom and privacy and violate the U.S. and N.H. Constitutional protections of those rights. These illegal checkpoints all go away once we leave the union. While police in New Hampshire should do the right thing and refuse the federal (read: taxpayer) money, wouldn’t you love to see that temptation be removed?

4) Federal Department of Education

The U.S. government extorts money from individuals and uses $70 billion each year to mandate exactly how nearly every child must be taught. The Federal Department of Education is perhaps the biggest contributor to the decline in the academic success, economic success, culture, and freedom in the U.S. since its establishment in 1980. Parents in New Hampshire are currently part of the small number of parents in the U.S. who can still legally educate their own children. Within the coming years, the U.S. government will make it 100% mandatory that every child attend a government-operated school. Once that happens, do you want to be part of the U.S. or do you want to have the ability to ignore the ridiculous law that would be irrelevant to your sovereign nation?

5) Federal Reserve

The U.S. government currently allows the Federal Reserve to control monetary policy via complicated maneuvers, which include setting the interest rates that apply to the US government and nearly all banks in the U.S. The Federal Reserve’s board members are appointed by the president, but they enjoy the privilege of functioning as a ‘non-governmental’ entity, which allows them to be nearly 100% unaccountable to voters. The Federal Reserve may be the biggest reason that the U.S. is currently $22 trillion in debt. The Federal Reserve and the U.S. government also oppose alternative/competing currencies. Being that New Hampshire is the cryptocurrency capital of the U.S., it is inevitable that the U.S. government will begin to attack New Hampshire for allowing its people to use the currency of their choice.

6) National ID

Within a year, New Hampshire citizens will be forced by the U.S. government to obtain a national ID card if they wish to continue to fly domestically without a passport. Within a few more years, everyone in the U.S. will be forced by D.C. politicians to obtain a ‘REAL ID‘, regardless of whether they want to use airplanes. While such a federal law might seem benign to some, nationalizing yet another significant institution would be one more large step towards the politicians’ goal: A singular American state.

7) Perpetual foreign interventionism

Millions of people – perhaps billions of people throughout the world, believe that peace and an end to perpetual war is the most important issue facing humanity. Tulsi Gabbard is the most popular candidate on the Democratic side in the U.S., and among many Americans, largely because she loudly condemns the culture of perpetual foreign interventionism. I used to support the military and all it does abroad; however I am beginning to consider that maybe some foreign people do resent Americans because ‘our’ (read: the politicians’) military has been occupying their land and abusing them for decades. If the U.S. military maintains a presence in 185 countries, maybe we’ve gone too far. If we have been fighting the ‘war on terror‘ against a few primitive terrorists in the Middle East for 20 years with few signs of winning or slowing down, maybe the U.S. politicians don’t really have an interest in winning. As George Orwell famously said, “The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous.” As a sovereign nation, we could choose to have a truly defensive military and we would be free to create our own alliances.

8) Domestic surveillance

Between the NSA, CIA, FBI, and hundreds of other federal agencies, the U.S. government conducts massive amounts of illegal spying on innocent individuals. Over the past few years, Americans have largely realized that the government is a serious threat to our privacy. Americans have lost a ton of faith in these once-respected agencies. Do you enjoy being forced to pay politicians and their agents to spy on you and other innocent civilians? If not, you should support New Hampshire secession.

9) Civil asset forfeiture

While nearly everyone in the United States strongly condemns civil asset forfeiture once they learn what it is, few people know that it is a federal program. If not for the U.S. government, it would not exist. Civil asset forfeiture is the federal law which allows government agents to extra-judicially confiscate any property (money, drugs, guns, cars, houses, etc.) from people who have not been convicted of any crime. A person could have his property stolen by government agents without even being charged with a crime. When a Texas state senator proposed a bill that would require a person to be convicted before police could steal his property, President Trump and Sheriff Harold Eavenson openly discussed whether to ‘destroy his career‘. The U.S. government justifies this blatant theft by arguing that if any type of property may be connected to a crime in the past, present, or future, law enforcement should be able to seize it as soon as possible in order to prevent the suspect from committing additional crimes with the property. The U.S. government extended permission to state and local police to participate in this program – as long as they share their spoils with the Feds. They call it ‘equitable sharing’. Cops have utilized this tyrannical law to confiscate houses on the grounds that the homeowner’s teenage grandson may have once sold a bit of cannabis to a friend on the property. Police regularly use ‘civil asset forfeiture’ to steal whatever they desire, from drugs, to guns, to cars.

10) IRS

As is the case with many federal agencies, the IRS can use its power to target its political enemies. Under President Obama, the IRS unfairly targeted conservative groups. The abuse was so severe that even Obama’s IRS director admitted to it. As social media, technology, government surveillance, and data collection of individuals in the U.S. increase, it would seem entirely realistic that the IRS could target individuals as well as groups with unfair scrutiny and punishments. Do you want to remain in the union when the Warren-Castro administration directs the IRS to target pro-freedom individuals like yourself? I sure as hell don’t.

11) Economic regulation

A thriving, prosperous economy is the most important priority to many individuals. Those who have engaged in any type of business understand that the best thing for a society’s economy is lack of government restrictions. It’s the reason that our economy quickly became the best in the world. It’s the reason that New Hampshire’s economy is infinitely better than New York’s. It’s the reason that Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, and Japan, are booming while North Korea, Cuba, and Venezuela struggle.

President Obama utilized the mass hysteria caused by global warming propaganda to pass 4,000 new environmental laws. The EPA is only one example of politicians using regulations to destroy economies. When constituents become too prosperous, they threaten the government due to their increasing independence, weaponry, and overall influence. Therefore, politicians often seek to worsen economies and then swoop in and ‘save the day’ with yet another taxpayer-funded welfare program. Obama’s damage to the U.S. economy was so severe that the number of Americans requiring food stamps (ultra-poor) increased from 34 million to 44 million during his presidency. Politicians love having an excuse to increase welfare programs. It makes them appear very generous.

Regulations imposed by the FDA harm the economy and our health. Run by politicians and their cronies, the FDA regularly chooses winners and losers in the health and pharmaceutical industries. Many people remain unaware that the FDA was likely the primary reason for the massive EpiPen scandal of 2016. Due to their corrupt, strict requirements, it takes an average of 2.5 billion dollars and 12 years to bring a new medication to the market. This is not the case in other countries. No wonder companies have to charge a fortune for their medications! And we are forced to pay $4 billion every year to fund the agency.

Politicians since the inception of the US have passed seemingly infinite amounts of restrictions, each of which makes the economy more difficult to navigate. Now that politicians have illegally appointed unaccountable bureaucrats to do the dirty work for them, regulations are being created more than ever before. Depending on the estimate, federal regulations on businesses cost Americans around $2 trillion every year. Once New Hampshire separates from D.C., our economy – which is currently the best in the U.S. – would certainly improve dramatically.

12) Activists’ time, money, & resources

While it’s probably impossible to calculate exactly how much time and money New Hampshire’s passionate liberty activists spend on federal issues and candidates, we are certain that it’s significant. Every two years, pro-freedom activists in New Hampshire spend a lot of time and money on the state’s two U.S. House races. They always come up short, but even if they were successful in electing the ‘better’ congressional candidate, the U.S. Congress would remain largely unchanged. Even if New Hampshire could miraculously elect two Massies, the U.S. House would still be controlled by around 430 authoritarian socialists. The same goes for the U.S. Senate races and presidential elections.

Unfortunately, many activists in New Hampshire do not yet understand the multiple reasons that federal politics is a lost cause. If you think that New Hampshire’s domestic politics is teeter-tottering right now between good and evil (Democrats do win roughly half of the state’s elections) imagine how much better the state would be once we formally separate from D.C. Those millions of man-hours and the millions of dollars wasted by great liberty activists would begin to be used only on elections that occur inside of New Hampshire, like the race for governor, state house, state senate, executive council, and local races. The anti-freedom voters and politicians would begin losing so badly that they might deport themselves from New Hampshire to anti-freedom states like Massachusetts.

Any individual who lives in New Hampshire and values freedom and prosperity or who distrusts the politicians from D.C. should support the notion of New Hampshire governing itself. Such a declaration would free this great state from the control of people like Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush, McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer, and the like. Leaving the union would also improve the quality of life for New Hampshire’s residents in nearly every way. Citizens of a sovereign New Hampshire would enjoy keeping thousands more dollars of their own income each year. They would enjoy defending themselves without any federal infringements on their self-defense tools and accessories. New Hampshire would thrive once free from the trillions of dollars worth of economic regulations established by D.C. politicians. If you want to be free from the corrupt central government that spends trillions on foreign interventions, forces you to pay for the massive amounts of welfare programs and unconstitutional agencies, and makes you a criminal for buying a firearm, talk to your legislator about New Hampshire independence today!

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NHExit launches podcast, interview series

Foundation for N.H. Independence - Thu, 2021-01-07 00:14 +0000

NHExit, a grassroots group supporting independence for New Hampshire, has launched a podcast and interview series, now into its sixth episode.

Listen to the latest episode over at, on YouTube, or subscribe to their feed via RSS with your favorite podcast app.

The NHExit Podcast is hosted by Russell Kanning, former publisher of the New Hampshire Free Press and a longtime advocate for the Granite State’s freedom from D.C.

(Note: NHExit is a separate, unaffiliated organization from the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence.)

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Human Action Foundation Expands Supporters Program

Freecoast - Thu, 2020-09-24 15:39 +0000

The Human Action Foundation announced a new suite of donor programs today.

The HAF Supporters program now offers three levels: Bronze, at $30+ a month; Silver, at $60+ a month; and Gold, at $120+ a month. The goal is to include a wider span of donors in the community with specific programs to recognize their ongoing contributions.

The Foundation also revamped its Sponsors program, switching from set packages to custom offerings for each business.

The Benefactors Club continues to recognize the Foundation’s top donors every year.

For details on the Foundation and its new donor programs, visit:


Editor’s Note: The Freecoast is published for our community as a volunteer effort. If you appreciate our work, please pay it forward by making a contribution to our favorite charity, the Human Action Foundation.

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Events – The Freecoast Liberty Calendar

Freecoast - Sun, 2020-08-16 08:00 +0000

Latest Update: July 5, 2021

Here is the upcoming events calendar for the Freecoast Liberty Fellowship. Newcomers are always welcome! Events are the best way to get to know the local liberty community.

Questions? Contact us!

Featured Events Stay tuned for upcoming Featured Events!


Recurring Events Monthly
Second Saturdays 2-5pm • Freecoast Market Day • The Praxeum

Every second Saturday, the Freecoast gathers for a day of fun and free trade at the Praxeum.


Past Events

September 12, 2020 • Freecoast Day!
August 15, 2020 • Freecoast Holiday: Obon Festival
August 12, 2020 • Seacoast New Movers Picnic
August 8, 2020 • Homeschool Community Market Day
July 31, 2020 • Homeschool Curriculum Flip-Through
July 11, 2020 • Freecoast Market and Independence Day Celebration
July 01, 2020 • Seacoast New Movers Picnic
June 13, 2020 • Freecoast Blood Drive
May 9, 2020 • Freecoast Blood Drive
March 28, 2020 • Freecoast Blood Drive
February 8, 2020 • Freecoast Market Day
January 15, 2020 • New Movers Potluck
January 11, 2020 • Freecoast Market Day
December 14, 2019 • Free State Project Calling Party
December 14, 2019 • Freecoast Market Day
December 1, 2019 • Feast of The Freecoast
November 16, 2019 • NHLA Training, Review NH Bills
September 22, 2019 • Friends of The Freecoast Bonfire
September 3-8, 2019 • The Sixth Annual Freecoast Festival
August 21, 2019 • New Movers’ Potluck
January 5, 2019 • Blood Drive
November 25, 2018 • Feast of the Freecoast
September 7-9th, 2018 • Freecoast Festival ’18
July 15, 2018 • Freecoast Powwow
May 5, 2018 • Spring Potluck
April 15, 2018 • April Powwow & Sunschool: Colonization, Empowerment, & Semiotics
April 8, 2018 • Portsmouth Seasteading Monthly Meetup
April 6, 2018 • Secure Your Cryptocurrency With Multisignature Wallets
March 18, 2018 • Freecoast Powwow
February 18, 2018 • Freecoast Powwow
February 16, 2018 • Praxeum Benefactors Soireé
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The Freecoast Celebrates Obon!

Freecoast - Thu, 2020-08-13 11:11 +0000

Every month, the Freecoast community gathers as a whole to reconnect, break bread, and celebrate a holiday together. This month we’re celebrating Obon, the Japanese Buddhist festival honoring those who came before us.

Whether biological, intellectual, or spiritual, many of us have ancestors worthy of remembrance and respect, those who symbolize our deepest values and made possible the life we live today. Obon is a time set aside for their memory, a time to thank them and reflect on their impact on us. With the help of community members who have attended the festival in Japanese communities, we will be using some traditional elements, such as hanging lanterns, to bring the meaning of the day alive.

As with all Freecoast holidays, we’re also planning to use this time to enjoy each other’s company, have great conversation, and watch our children play together. Come for the symbol or come for the people, whatever the reason we’d love to see you this weekend! We’ll be meeting on Saturday starting at 6 PM at the Praxeum, bring your own picnic foods. More details available on Facebook.

The post The Freecoast Celebrates Obon! appeared first on The Freecoast.

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