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Peace, Gold, Liberty / Love. Rand Paul Watch
Updated: 17 min 43 sec ago

Vote Rigging Scottish Independence Vote

4 hours 23 min ago

Vote Rigging in Scottish Freedom Vote

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Alleged ISIS Photo Controversy Engulfs Sen. John McCain

4 hours 30 min ago

Alleged ISIS Photo Controversy Engulfs Sen. John McCain

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and his aides swear the Syrian "rebels" he was pictured last year with weren’t ISIS members or supporters, and the mainstream media is by and large buying the 2008 GOP presidential nominee’s story.

But a closer look at the situation tells perhaps a different story than McCain’s office or the mainstream media have pushed.

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The History of ISIS Beheadings: Part of the “Training Manual” of US Sponsored Syria “Pro-Democracy” Terrorists

4 hours 36 min ago

"For how could the fear, the hatred, and the lunatic credulity which the Party needed in its members be kept at the right pitch, except by bottling down some powerful instinct and using it as a driving force?" ~Orwell 1984

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Help Kickstart the WWIII Project

5 hours 14 min ago

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Blinded By The Lies: Glaucoma and Cannabis

5 hours 33 min ago

"Believe it or not, the federal government sends free pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes to a special, but dwindling group of patients on a regular basis beginning in 1976 with Robert Randall. It all started when Robert was arrested for growing cannabis on his back deck and had to prove that this medicine was essential in to prevent his progressive loss of vision from glaucoma."
Key phrase here: "PREVENT his loss of vision."

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When War Erupts Patriots Will Be Accused Of Aiding "The Enemy"

8 hours 51 min ago

Very interesting article from ZH:

Submitted by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market blog,

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VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Argues Against U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels on Senate Floor - 9/18/14

15 hours 9 min ago

VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Argues Against U.S. Arming Syrian Rebels on Senate Floor - 9/18/14

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Senate Passes Obama's War Resolution 78-22 - Rand Votes NO!

17 hours 21 min ago

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky called the plan “ludicrous” on the Senate floor before the vote.

“No one knows where these arms are going to wind up … We don’t even know who these groups are.”

Paul — known for his non-interventionist approach — said “we need to stay the heck out of their civil war … It is their war and they need to fight it.”

More here...

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Ukraine Forces Burn Swastikas Into Prisoners

Thu, 2014-09-18 22:06 +0000
Meanwhile this speech got a standing ovation from special joint session of Congress today for the Kiev coup puppets, 'Porky and the Oligarchs'.

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Dude, where's my cash?

Thu, 2014-09-18 22:06 +0000

Missing Money: Uncle Sam’s Accounting is Suspect

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Scotland Decides: official results live

Thu, 2014-09-18 21:24 +0000

0% to 0% right now but this is the tracker for BBC


Yougov exit poll of sorts/final poll in last 30 min

Latest YouGov poll suggests Scottish Referendum exit poll results are 54% No, 46% Yes. Counting underway. No results expected soon

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Cliven Bundy Sued By School Teacher Who Killed One Of His Cows

Thu, 2014-09-18 21:18 +0000

On April 12, a triumphant Cliven Bundy and his supporters chased away federal authorities and set the rancher’s impounded cattle free once more to roam public land in northeast Clark County.

Two days later, a car collided with one of Bundy’s cows on Interstate 15, about 10 miles from his Bunkerville ranch, killing the animal and sending the vehicle careening down an embankment.

Now a Las Vegas woman injured in the crash is suing Bundy for negligence.....

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So, I was in line at the bank today and an AirForce Pilot stepped in line behind me...

Thu, 2014-09-18 20:37 +0000

He had his green flight suit on and when he got close to me, I leaned toward his ear and said...hey man...just so you know, none of us want you guys to go off to fight yet another war for the bankers.

He smiled and said "Thank You!"

I didn't expect him to say that so it caught me a little off guard and so I replied..."so you know that all these damn wars are for the international bankers?" He smiled at me again and said..."Oh yeah, we know...BELEIVE ME...We Know!"

It was my time to head off to the teller so I just said something like...that's great or that's excellent...and walked away.

When I got back to my car I was telling my wife about the conversation I just had with the young fighter pilot. She said, I bet he loved your shirt...I had completely forgotten that I had on one of my Ron Paul Revolution T-Shirts.

Regardless, it made my day!

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ANOTHER building collapse...9/12/14. Did you hear about this?

Thu, 2014-09-18 20:02 +0000

Can anyone validate this video?

If this is not an intentional demolition, then how WEIRD.

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Why we should support Scottish Independence

Thu, 2014-09-18 19:58 +0000

Smaller, more local government, is being accepted as a universal belief!

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I made the funny papers - letter-to-the-editor 9/18/14

Thu, 2014-09-18 18:25 +0000

Here is the published article regarding US radicalization:

Here is the original post I made about this article:

I made the funny papers again!

Peace and Love always.

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Irony-Actual: Sociopathic NSA Nerd gets indignant at Spy Recruiting Jobs Fair at U of NM; Doesn't like being filmed! HaHaHa!

Thu, 2014-09-18 16:58 +0000

This is what happens when lawyers take over a culture: to the NSA govt terrorists, they're technically 'not' "collecting" your data, until they "access" it. So they can bulk-dragnet all data, sit on it, parallel construct[ion] it as needed, and feign ignorance. Yup.

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Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor Episode ZERO(aka The Lions of Liberty Origin Story!)

Thu, 2014-09-18 16:54 +0000

In this episode of the Lions of Liberty Podcast, I invite in some liberty friends (and Daily Paul members!) for another installment of “Libertarians in Living Rooms Drinking Liquor!” In this edition, dubbed “Episode Zero – The Origin Story!”, I am joined by fellow Lions of Liberty contributors Brian McWilliams and John Odermatt, along with fellow liberty-lovers and longtime friends Trent Seaman and Howie Snowdon. We kick back with a few adult beverages and reflect back on how we all became passionate advocates for the ideas of liberty. So grab a drink and a comfy seat, and join the Lions of Liberty for this epic look at the origins of our liberty love!

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The REAL Reason Britain is Freaking Out About Scottish Independence

Thu, 2014-09-18 16:04 +0000

I thought I would create a separate post on this subject to give some insight as to how HUGE this election is

The REAL Reason Britain is Freaking Out About Scottish Independence


In addition, as Max Keiser explained:

(1) The UK can now borrow cheaply using the giant Scottish oil reserves as collateral
(2) If Scotland leaves, the collateral (oil reserves) is no longer available
(3) So the cost of borrowing money for Britain skyrockets

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Scotland Election Watch - 54% No, 46% Yes

Thu, 2014-09-18 15:08 +0000

I thought I'd create a thread so we can all keep up on how things turn out in Scotland.

Scottish independence: Voting under way in referendum
Scotland goes to the polls over independence

People in Scotland are voting on whether the country should stay in the UK or become an independent nation.

Voters will answer 'Yes' or 'No' to the referendum question: 'Should Scotland be an independent country?'

With 4,285,323 people - 97% of the electorate - registered to vote, it is expected to be the busiest day in Scottish electoral history.

Votes will be cast at 5,579 polling stations until 22:00 on Thursday. The result is expected on Friday morning.

Update: Yougov exit poll of sorts/final poll in last 30 min

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