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Peace, Gold, Liberty / Love. Rand Paul Watch
Updated: 21 min 9 sec ago

Are you even surprised? Vote for Republican and Machine switches vote "Calibration ERROR"

3 hours 32 min ago

It does not phase me a bit to read this article. Can you believe it again. I am sorry folks, but it should be paper ballots or NOTHING. And everyone should be required to show REAL identification. I agree with the use of a computer system to track people who voted, and check their ID, and then cross referance if thye have voted in the correct place and if they have voted yet. That is what a good computer system is for. But when it comes to casting a vote. A BLACK PEN and a piece of paper is the only way. And when they are should be video taped, and for all to see.

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The interview was not run

Wed, 2014-10-22 23:00 +0000

(Not the interview that was not run, but an interview nonetheless)

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Video of Gun Battle in Canadian Parliament

Wed, 2014-10-22 21:12 +0000

Wow, I thought this might be a joke, but it looks real. Anyone have any more info? Canadian DP'ers?

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In 2024: James Rickards describes a fictional account of the world's monetary future

Wed, 2014-10-22 19:57 +0000

Between 2018–20, the Group of 20 major powers, the G-20, abolished all currencies except for the dollar, the euro and the ruasia. The dollar became the local currency in North and South America. Europe, Africa and Australia used the euro. The ruasia was the only new currency — a combination of the old Russian ruble, Chinese yuan and Japanese yen — and was adopted as the local currency in Asia.

There is also new world money called special drawing rights, or SDRs for short. They’re used only for settlements between countries, however. Everyday citizens use the dollar, euro or ruasia for daily transactions. The SDR is also used to set energy prices and as a benchmark for the value of the three local currencies. The World Central Bank, formerly the IMF, administers the SDR system under the direction of the G-20. As a result of the fixed exchange rates, there’s no currency trading.

All of the gold in the world was confiscated in 2020 and placed in a nuclear bomb-proof vault dug into the Swiss Alps. The mountain vault had been vacated by the Swiss army and made available to the World Central Bank for this purpose. All G-20 nations contributed their national gold to the vault. All private gold was forcibly confiscated and added to the Swiss vault as well. All gold mining had been nationalized and suspended on environmental grounds.

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HYPOCRITE: 'Rules for Thee, None for Me!' Publicly Anti-Gun Dem.State Senator arrested @ Ferguson... DRUNK & w/Concealed Pistol!

Wed, 2014-10-22 18:48 +0000 | Anti-Gun Missouri State Senator Arrested With a Gun…and Drunk

Credit: KMOV

By Alan Brooks on October 22, 2014

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I feel we are being set up

Wed, 2014-10-22 17:31 +0000

I have a strange feeling the stage is being set. It's hard to explain, given there are so many fronts as far as our current situation goes.

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Taylor Swift parody perfectly describes everything that’s wrong with Obama’s presidency

Wed, 2014-10-22 16:33 +0000

Leave it to a Taylor Swift parody to diagnose what’s wrong with America.
Reason’s Remy responded to President Obama’s latest approval ratings — the lowest yet — with song that cleverly interweaves a series of current events.
The video plays off of Swift’s “Shake It Off.”


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Refuse the Ebola Vaccination!

Wed, 2014-10-22 16:12 +0000

How many of you here will become the recipient of the Ebola vaccination at some point? We all know by now that it will be pushed just as the Flu vaccination is on an annual basis. The question is, regardless of how severe the pressure or consequences that come from a refusal to accept the vaccination, would you refuse it?

I for one do not trust a government or its subsidiary departments to administer anything safe when many of its very departments (EPA, FDA, USDA) allow and approve toxic poisons to reign upon our GMO crops, just as one example.

Refuse to be vaccinated!
Refuse force!

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When You Ask Permission To Exercise Your Rights, You Have Given Consent To The Criminals To Say NO

Wed, 2014-10-22 16:00 +0000

The Law of the Land is the Constitution. Anybody who dismisses/abuses the Law of the Land is the Law-Breaker. There is NO excuse for not knowing the law.

NEVER ask for permission to exercise your natural-born/God-given Rights. Once you do, you have already forfeited them.

NEVER engage in "conversation" with them, or even acknowledge them. Continue to do your business and ignore the Law-Breakers. Let THEM make the first move, for you have done nothing wrong.

Prior to going wherever you are going to exercise your freedom to speak, it would be helpful to bring along the following:

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Noam Chomsky at United Nations: It Would Be Nice if the United States Lived up to International Law

Wed, 2014-10-22 14:37 +0000

After world-renowned scholar Noam Chomsky gave a major address on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the hall of the United Nations General Assembly last week, Amy Goodman interviewed the world-renowned linguist and dissident before an audience of 800 people.

If you want to watch the UN speech itself (Advance to 8:50):

Best speech I have heard this week.

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Preventing Taxpaying Milk Cows from Seeking Greener Pastures

Wed, 2014-10-22 13:48 +0000

Preventing Taxpaying Milk Cows from Seeking Greener Pastures

The US government continues to tighten the noose on US taxpayers.

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Silver Demand Surges, Yet The Price Continues to Fall- Supply/Demand Analysis

Wed, 2014-10-22 12:24 +0000

Silver demand hit record levels in 2013 as the prices dropped. The trend continues in 2014.

Silver demand at the US Mint is on pace to pass last year's record year (e.g. the US mint sold 715K Silver Eagles yesterday alone) and silver demand for use in solar and electronics remains strong.

Silver supply, however, at low prices may become further depressed as at least one silver miner, Mexico's First Majestic has withheld production.

Here is an extensive report on silver supply and demand:

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Gun Control for Dummies

Wed, 2014-10-22 12:03 +0000

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School Inoculates Third Grader in ‘Vaccine Pilot Program’ without Parental Permission

Wed, 2014-10-22 11:59 +0000

The nurse understands how the boy got the consent form in his hand... but I don't. Explain it to me.

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Their shiny black boots firmly on our soft necks

Wed, 2014-10-22 05:50 +0000

In well lit rooms
They assemble like a pack of wolves
Their fat lips
Holding Cuban cigars

Their visible and invisible barbed wires
Cover our hands minds and tongues
Their phony evil currencies
Gift us chains
Of debts

Our husbands
And our wives
Abandon us
Seeing our empty wallets

Their untouchable banks
Their political parties
Their crooks politicians
Their media talking heads

Their theatre's
Their never-ending lies
They let us enjoy coffee times
On the streets of their towns

They let us watch dancing with the stars

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VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on CNN's 'Situation Room' W / Wolf Blitzer 10/10/14

Wed, 2014-10-22 04:10 +0000

VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on CNN's 'Situation Room' W / Wolf Blitzer 10/10/14


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Michigan governor (R) signs protectionist bill favoring GM, banning direct Tesla sales in state

Wed, 2014-10-22 04:01 +0000

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has signed into law a bill that reinforces laws against the direct-sales model that Tesla Motors employs, effectively barring the automaker from selling its wares in the state.

According to the letter sent to legislators from Snyder's office announcing the signing of Public Act 354:

This bill does not, as some have claimed, prevent auto manufacturers from selling automobiles directly to consumers at realign in Michigan. That is because this is already prohibited under Michigan law. The current law states that a manufacturer shall not "[s]ell new motor vehicle directly to a retail customer other than through its franchised dealers…"

The current language states plainly that a manufacturer can only sell new vehicles to consumers through its own network of franchised dealers. House Bill 5606 detest the word "its" from this sentence. This change would appear merely to allow manufacturers who do not have their own franchised dealers to sell through another manufactuerer's [sic] network of franchised dealers. But in any event they will be required, just as they are now, to sell through a franchised dealer, and not directly to consumers. House Bill 5606 does nothing to change this fact. At most, it clarifies the existing requirement in Michigan law.

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Wed, 2014-10-22 03:46 +0000


History will define the Obama administration as the Bald administration because it has no hair.

It had no hair because it had no:





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VIDEO. Cops Harass Citizen for Filming Police in Public

Wed, 2014-10-22 03:11 +0000

NOT ME IN THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!! On Friday Oct. 17th I saw what appeared to be a police swat team raid in Tracy, Ca. I just so happened to live behind the house that was being raided when I was a kid 15 years ago. Our landlord from when we lived there owned and lived in the house that was being raided.I dont know if he still does or not, but he was a friend of my Aunts. So I had a particular interest to film what was going on.

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When Should Citizenry defend, vs Cops? How 'bout WHILE 33 CA Oink-Oinks MURDER a Bankrobber's Hostage w/ SIX-HUNDRED Bullets!?

Wed, 2014-10-22 02:39 +0000

Oh and by the way, keeping up with the murderous govt terrorist oink oink morons' average, out of the SIX HUNDRED JHP launched, 'only' 10 landed inside the body of the intended, INNOCENT, 1st DEGREE MURDER victim: Misty Holt-Singh, RIP.

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